We, as Free Americans,  are running out of time and options

We are heading into the final crisis for our nation. The process we are in will be non-reversible soon if in is not already. Our nation as it was founded is going to cease to exist.  

I am all too aware of the tens of millions of us who are beyond unhappy with our government and the assault on our freedoms.  We are not limited to small areas.  We are everywhere in our nation including blue states.  Despite our dissatisfaction and our efforts in various elections we end up having our rights as free self determining Americans eroded in ways that our previous generations would have never tolerated. In many cases, we have simply allowed all of this to happen for ‘the good of the nation’ and for ‘safety for our people’.  This was especially true after 9-11. Problem is the government has gone too far in too many ways.

We see eavesdropping on the average citizens by various federal agencies become rampant and this oftentimes is an abuse of federal power.  We see spying and covert operations being conducted WITHIN our borders illegally for ‘national security’. 

Funny thing is that I believe that there is or would not be any domestic threat that is not the direct result of the actions of the very government who has decided to do whatever it takes to protect its authority. I say this aside from the hordes of foreign terrorists who have been allowed into our nation this very same government.

As a result, the  present times are the turning point for the those on the left and the rest of us on the right.  The left has almost won the war of attrition of our rights and freedoms as citizens.  Despite our realization of this we as citizens are quite limited as to our options in terms of ways to reverse this erosion of our nation as founded.   As such we are at a pivotal moment in our nation’s history.

The crisis we are on the verge of is one of a constitutional basis.  Used to be the courts would stop any abuse of the powers of the government but the Roberts court has demonstrated that it is more concerned about politicians and the media than it is the people or the written laws. This court has sided with the government on many recent decisions on government actions that 30 years ago would not have seen the light of day and would have never been enacted by Congress.  Now we have the equivalent of a runaway Jury by black robed judges who do not faithfully follow the written Bill of Rights or the Constitutional limitations that have been in place for 240 years.  I say the whole court, but I have to admit that there are a few associate justices who do follow these honored documents but there are too many members of the court who will ignore them for reasons that mystify many Constitutional Scholars.

The abuse of power and the accumulation of almost dictatorial authority in DC is the biggest travesty in our nation’s history and it is something that has gone on long enough that we cannot simply elect a new Congress and President and see it reversed.  Too many bureaucrats are lodged permanently in government positions will not go quietly into the night.  They owe their jobs to patronage from political hacks and union influence who are aligned with the socialist agenda and they will fight mightily to keep them and use the power of the various agencies they are employed in to stop any organized resistance and that includes us.

The left are the globalists and socialist wannabes who seek to destroy our free republic once and for all and they want to strip us of our God given rights to live free and safe from oppression.  They are perverting our nation’s traditions and our borders all in their effort to swamp our nation with a new dependent class of foreign citizen who will take generations to assimilate into our society or rather, what is left of it.  This conspiracy is not limited to the democrat party as I can count many high ranking republicans who are in line with this agenda and this is frightening to be honest.  These are people who were or are elected to high office who ran on a platform of shrinking government only to see them support massive growth of our national bureaucracy and national debt. This cabal of socialists want total control.

I say all of this because it is becoming more and more apparent that we will not be able to vote our way out of the coming autocracy in the form of a socialist central control society that these tyrants in DC are promoting.   It is obvious that elections do not have consequences when republicans win as we have not seen any of the bloated national workforce reduced at all nor have we seen the over reach of the federal government pared back in any meaningful way.  It is plain that what happened to Trump because he was an outsider is proof of my belief.  They rallied to stop Trump and his efforts to protect their agenda.

We can be highly politically motivated and have literally hundreds of thousands come out for rallies and events and see an election stolen by the underhanded and illegal activities of the deep state politicians and their union and billionaire allies.  I am not limiting my condemnation to solely the democrats.   There are hundreds of republicans who are complicit in this if only by sitting on their hands and not speaking up.  The  few who do speak up and challenge the authority and the validity of how things are being done are pilloried and ridiculed by the propaganda arm (the main stream media) of the junta that is pushing our nation over the brink of socialism and away from our founding.

The ‘system’ wants to be bigger and to take over everything.  Anyone who resists or is not part of their plan will be destroyed.  You can look at how the January 6th protestors are being treated and know that habeas corpus has been effectively suspended for anyone who dares step out of line and even set foot inside their temple of authority and defy the leadership. Used to be we had to be at war for Habeas Corpus to be suspended. We are not at war officially but it is obvious the left is at war with US!

I ask, what will happen when freedom loving people have had enough?  This time is coming and if you do not see it you have been ignoring all the obvious signs.  The tripling of our national debt since 9-11.  The almost doubling of the workforce who are sworn to protect the government and not necessarily the citizens.   The destruction of our military as an effective fighting force turning it into a social experiment.  Our nation is less safe;  less free; and this will only get worse if things continue in the manner in which they are. What will happen when they start raiding people’s homes to confiscate firearms? Will you sit by? Could you sit by? What could you do to resist this? So suppose it comes to pass that after seeing abuse after abuse of our rights as American Citizens ignored or trampled upon the people  have had enough?   What happens if we rise up against the powers that control us?   What happens if there is a civilian call to arms?

In small groups we would be decimated by the federal military with resulting lock-downs and restrictions making any subsequent attempt to resist the authority of the federal government very costly.   If we try to organize our forces as independent citizens, no doubt our FBI will have infiltrators and informants everywhere and the same result will occur.  Don’t think for a minute that the deep state and its leaders have not thought of every possibility and planned to suppress us.

It may be that the only viable means of effectively demonstrating our dissatisfaction with the federal government will be as states.  A state can overrule the federal government within its borders and therefore there would be some degree of protection for the citizens of that state.  Even so, it may be too late already. Additionally all the people who are located in blue areas will either be forced to relocate or be forced to submit to government overreach and tyranny.

The federal government has never been bashful about sending in federal troops out into the states to ‘keep the peace’.  Segregation, the Bonus riots, various strikes in the past.  Various ‘rebellions’ against unfair taxation.  Each and every time, the troops marched out and were armed and prepared to quell any and all resistance regardless of the violations of citizens rights and the failures of the government itself to follow its own legislation and the failures government has made in not keeping its promises to do what the government said it would do. In many cases, patriotic Americans who dared to disagree with the edicts from DC were killed and imprisoned on inflated charges of sedition and prosecuted to the fullest of the federal government’s ability. That is how our government who is supposed to protect our freedoms deals with dissent. Organized dissent and dissent that could cause an incident will be crushed regardless of the merits of their movement.

We  free thinking, freedom loving Americans are between a rock and a hard place.  The forces aligned against us who wish to usurp our rights as originally granted are massive and are growing larger daily as a result of socialist and deviance indoctrination in our schools and our media.  This is made all the worse by each and every foreign national who is admitted into our nation to disappear into our social safety nets all the while supporting the hand that feeds them; namely the federal bureaucracy. Making this worse are the politicians who push for more and more social programs engineered to create more and more people who both support these programs as well as the overreaching government that controls them.  It is a never ending cycle that will continue as long as the government in its present form exists. Most of these foreign nationals are here for the social safety net and most if not all will never become citizens barring a national amnesty like what happened under Reagan.

I refuse to think of my manner of describing the present situation as being ‘radical’.  If anything, I am looking at things the same way my forebears would.  Only a new indoctrinated ‘generation’ of ‘Americans’ would think that independence and freedom from government regulations would be radical. 

Our ancestors would think our beliefs are right and proper.  Our antecedents had a dim view of those in power with an inherent skepticism that made for a cautious government who knew the people were the supreme authority by law. Only in today’s times do we see the government acting with impunity against the people whenever it has the desire to with virtually no risk of being stopped.

No, I am merely seeing the corruption and self serving agenda of the leaders of our nation for what it is.  It is an organized and carefully crafted scheme to finally and completely destroy our republic and freedoms once and for all.  Nothing else could have brought us to the present state of affairs we find ourselves in.

The leadership in DC all belong to an exclusive club of millionaires who got rich AFTER being elected to office. Amazing how someone on a salary of less than 200K a year can become a millionaire in just one term of two years. It has happened over and over with new congress representatives.

I wonder how they did it? Corruption and inside trading? We will never know if things stay the way they are at present.

So, what is next?

We freedom loving Americans are an endangered species……

Don’t forget this.

We are their enemy.

The powers in DC want to destroy us and our way of thinking.

We are not the radical thinkers in this situation.  We are proud and founder loving Patriots.

The government has pushed us to this point where our future and our livelihoods as free citizens is imperiled. We are those who embrace the founding rights that were supposed to be protected from tyranny by our Bill of Rights. We did not abandon these principles. The government has by doing everything it can to take our rights and our sovereignty away from us.

The only real radicals are those who are acting to destroy our nation from within the government.

As patriots, our backs are being pressed to the wall…..

I strongly suggest you ponder my words for a bit….. time is short

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