Regarding the Uvalde tragedy

There are people born every day that have a defect in their brains that allows them to harm others without conscience.

They are antisocial, asocial and usually poorly adapted to school and other community settings.

 In nearly all cases these people are known to others and they act out in different ways long before they commit their horrible acts of violence that cause so much pain in our communities.

I believe we all too often try to ‘mainstream‘ these individuals into society with the belief that it will help them ‘fit in’ and yet, some of these individuals will never fit in.

In the past troubled children who became destructive either to others, themselves or both usually were removed from the academic environment and treated and educated in environments where their behaviors could be closely monitored and their ability to acquire dangerous implements was controlled.

Now these troubled individuals are ‘counseled’ and ‘supported’ by the school and its specialized staff of psychologists etc. While this is a noble thought, the fact remains that we have dangerous individuals in school populations who have unpredictably acted out violently and the result is death and destruction of people’s lives. This has been happening since Columbine back in the 90’s.

Perhaps it would be better to move the mental health staff and programs out of our community schools in order to protect our treasures; AKA our children.

It is not the weapon (gun, knife, explosives) that is the problem with these unbalanced and amoral individuals. It is their lack of remorse or values that sees them act in ways to harm and kill others that is the true weapon we need to regain control of.

Keep in mind that 40 years ago, these things did not happen in our schools. It is the change in how our schools and communities deal with mentally ill individuals (especially including students) that has brought this trail of death to our communities.

Perhaps the modern new age way of dealing with mentally ill people is not working out and needs to be changed. The ‘experiment’ that our liberal politicians and their supporters have turned our society into destroying our values and traditions needs to end and end NOW.

1 thought on “Regarding the Uvalde tragedy”

  1. When the order went out under Carter to release most of our mentally ill (implemented under Reagan) it really screwed things up. While there were reforms that needed to be made, putting these people out on the street didn’t do them any favors.

    I would hope that this incident would put paid to the idea that people can disarm themselves and just call 9-1-1 and have someone from the government come save them. Alas, there are idjits that will think that more restrictions on various tools is the right answer.


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