There are really only two kinds of people

If you have been watching the current state of affairs in DC everything you hear in the news would lead you to believe that our president is a Nobel Laureate who is brilliant.  This is despite the obvious deterioration of Biden’s mental faculties even since the end of campaign.   By the same token, Trump, who is a self made billionaire, obviously is of above average intelligence at a minimum  is universally regarded by the media and the democrat opposition as being a caveman mentally who is incapable of conducting any of the  affairs of state let alone even interacting with the press or deep state employees.  In creating these two absolutely incorrect assessments you see the evidence of two completely polar opposite frames of mind of the people involved.   While you can attribute a lot of this to political party agendas the reality is that they point out what I see as two basic states of mind of mankind itself.

On the one side there are people who attempt to be objective and to create evaluations based on facts and obvious situations.  On the other are people who use their point of view to shape a reality that is more created to suit an agenda as opposed to any sense of being honest.  Both sides use honesty but they select how and what they regard as the truth quite differently.  This is not specifically a result of the American government system nor is it the result of capitalism or any other economic format.  I believe that this divide is attributable to the essence of man and perhaps is a measure of quality of character that is often times brutal in how you can judge it.

Getting away from the political arena lets think of how we consider the term honesty  and how willing are we to submit to being critiqued on our conduct.

Most people have some sense of honesty.  They willingly offer honest answers on certain levels of behaviors or issues.  However as you leave basic concepts of right and wrong and enter into more subjective areas involving an individual’s ‘faults’ some people are far more ‘evasive’ in how they respond reflecting a variable sense of their own honesty. In other words, they are comfortable lying about some things and usually those things serve their personal interests and agenda.

One aspect of Christianity is that we believe we are being judged by God and that we cannot lie to either ourselves or to God because God will know.  Those of us who identify as Christian or having true Christian beliefs hold honesty in high regard and expect anyone we are involved with in a sincere way to hold a similar belief.  This way we can interact without presumption of any false premises. This is because we would like our interactions will be frank and direct without any misleading or false pretenses. 

Unfortunately, we live in a world where honesty is a rare commodity at times.  I believe that this is a boundary that we are seeing between those who are saying that our nation is being led in an acceptable manner and those of us who see that it is not.   Some people will believe and spread a lie to suit an agenda and some of us, will not.

One of the reasons that Christianity is under fire from the left is because we will not accept their lies.  We refuse to participate in their charade.  They know we will not and yet, they believe that WE, on the right, are wrong and that we are the liars. 

Yet, you cannot hold the left accountable without hearing a litany of lies and misrepresentations in their in their efforts to spin the facts in order to avoid admitting they are wrong.  They have the audacity to accuse us of lying and being racists and other derogatory things ignoring how moral or virtuous our lives actually are.  The lies spread by our opposition include character assassinations of anyone from our side who dares oppose and worse yet, expose the left and their lies and moral failings.

Our founders knew that there would always be people who would do and say whatever they needed to in order to get ahead and to gain power and privilege.   The system of checks and balances in our governmental system was intended to keep people of this persuasion from getting too much power in our nation.  However, they never foresaw that our nation  would abandon our Christian values. This erosion of our founding core values is destroying our nation from within. It does not matter that our freedom  was born directly from  these basic values of Christianity.  The left wishes to abandon these and then have a society that will do and be whatever they please so that the democrats and socialists can hold complete power over our society.  The conservative ‘deplorable nation’  is holding tight to our core  beliefs as we face the onslaught of the entire government and media system is trying to tear us down and get rid of our values.

History reveals that in almost any society you will have people who will do anything for any reason without any inking of conscience. In some this greed and lust for power and control went too far. Unfortunately these societies that departed living decent Christian values pretty much all ended up in ruins. It took years even centuries for this to befall these nations but once you depart from the path of morality and honesty it is inevitable that the corruption of the people who dwell in these nations will result in their eventual destruction.

So, ultimately we are in a simple conflict that is very plain.  We have people clinging  desperately to power and control by doing anything they have to in order  to maintain that power. The rest of us see their amoral behavior as a negative human behavior and refuse to ignore these failings and worse yet, we call them on this. This makes us their mortal enemies.  

As far as I am concerned, in order to be a liberal you have to ignore truth.  You have to ignore the lies and rationalizations made to advance your agenda.  In other words, liberals and democrats who promote the progressive agenda are lying to themselves constantly. They spread these lies to every citizen in the nation as well as to God while they do it and they do not care.  These are amoral people and in some cases immoral too.

 We on the side of truth and belief in God and we see them for what they are.  Even those moral people who are not Christians can see the lies.  In our nation we moral people still are a majority of the population. Despite this, the news media and the left wing politicians all try to assert that we are the liars and are racists and immoral. They claim to be in the majority even though truth be told, they are a small minority.

 I will say this.  If we allow the left to carry on and to continue their movement to remove our values from our society then we will be as guilty as they are in the destruction of our nation.  To sit by and let these lies and immoral policies carry the day and destroy our nation’s future is abandoning our core beliefs and accepting the lies ourselves. This is something I am unwilling to do.

It is time we stood on the basic principles of decency as we know them from our beliefs and insist that our government return to basic concepts of right and wrong. 

Right and wrong are not subjective concepts. Most issues are pretty much black and white and only someone whose agenda is more important than the truth will say otherwise.

Further, if we are to correct the course of our nation we must work to remove any and all in government (elected officials and employees)  who will not ascribe to a basic set of values and integrity that we can all agree upon.  Term limits are essential. It is time that this bloated portion of our federal and state governments all went on a diet.

The rights of parents should supersede any government policy or objectives and the right of the family to raise its children to embrace the values that they hold without interference is essential for a civil society.

Lastly, we cannot allow our nation to be corrupted by foreign money and by the desires of fringe elements of our society. Billionaires with agendas have no place in our political system. They are citizens equal to all the other citizens of our nation and they have no right to use their amassed wealth and corporate control to steer our political process.

Just as we should live and let live with our neighbors in peace, we must also insist on a safe and moral society to raise our families in that protects the people from the criminal elements and also ensures that children are safe from exploitation by those whose agendas are not in keeping with our Christian values. We must safeguard our freedoms and our borders from invasions of all kinds.

Time is running out. We must return to values that support and grow the strength of our nation.

We cannot allow people who play fast and loose with the truth to hold sway in our society any longer. To tell a lie is a sin. So is repeating that lie to serve an agenda. To live these lies and in an amoral or immoral society will serve to destroy this great nation.

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