Davos and the world economic forum

We have heard plenty from the snobs that have gathered in Davos over the last few days. All of it scolding us for our energy loving ways. Chiding us to go green and use electric cars and eat bugs. All of this coming from group of people who in my opinion, have no idea what the lives of the average person are like.

Let me add that I don’t envy or dislike rich people. I do not condemn anyone for living well as long as they pay their own way. However,

I hate people who lecture me and especially rich people who think they are smarter or better than me and all the rest of us who are more or less just like me.

I hate them.

They are the pompous asses that royalty and despots become once they are ensconced in power. They are loathsome creatures whose self awareness has run amok of their senses to such an extent that they are the truly ignoramuses of our world. For all the intelligence they have, their egos lust for power exceed that.

People like John, I served in Viet Nam, Kerry think that they know better how we should live, all the while themselves are living in the lap of luxury flying in their private jets all over the world to chide us for our carbon footprints ignoring their own.


They are all hypocrites.

So, as far as I am concerned, they can pound sand. Especially Klaus Schwab who sounds more like a tyrant explaining why his subjects must die. He sounds like pure evil in the form of a rich snob. Hitler-esque in my opinion.

Then, I look at our elected elites in DC. They are just like this ignorant morons in Davos. They live lives completely isolated and above ours. They are pampered and privileged whose lives are nothing like our own.

As I said, I do not envy people of privilege or wealth.

I do hate the ones trying to tell me what to do.

This includes the likes of Schumer, Pelosi, McConnell, Gavin Newsom, Kathy ‘study hall monitor‘ Hochul and any of our ex-presidents who preach the same crap and assume they are smarter therefore better than we are. They are all isolated elites who think they are better and smarter than us and therefore have the right to tell us what to do.

In the French revolution a lot of elites like these met the guillotine because they partnered with arrogant rulers and even if they may have been decent people they chose the side of control and dictatorships over the rights of the masses and did so when it counted the most to the people.

In much the same bent, these elites of today are doing the same thing and it is getting exponentially worse in the recent years.

People are fed up not because of a lack of basic needs but because they believe they have basic rights and these snobs are telling us they are going to take them away and the reason stated is:

“For our own good”

what BS.

The revolution is coming and coming a lot faster than I thought just a couple of years ago. Back then it looked as if that prospect was probably after I had passed from this world. That was because Trump had been elected and reset some of the problems to a place where I thought things would take a while to build up to that level of dissent and distrust. Now with the Alzheimer affected groper in chief in the White House and his cadre of new green dealers we are far ahead of where we were in 2016. Davos just seals the deal as far as proving beyond a doubt that the time to remove the career bureaucrats is now upon us.

No society can last when its leaders exist in a world unrelated and unaffected by the policies and agendas they promote. Just as an army cannot be led by a person who cannot understand and appreciate sincerely what they are asking of their soldiers, no leader in any government can lead a nation if they themselves are truly not a resident of that same nation in the same manner as their fellow citizens.

These leaders do not live in our world. They do not experience any of the problems or aggravations we do. They do not even experience the lives they want us to live.

They live in a bubble of their own making and they can perpetuate that bubble due to the power they have amassed at the expense of the people.

This must end.

It can end peacefully with the elites simply resigning their power and returning to living their lives without controlling ours as a society. If it does not transition in this manner the other course is not so pretty and not very peaceful.

In the past revolutionaries used the anger of the people for the elites as a means of seizing power for themselves and then they assumed the same position that they had just used the masses to depose. That led to my oppression and frustrations of the people until these ‘revolutionaries’ were deposed themselves.

I believe we need not a revolution, but a reset of our nation and our government back to the form it was envisioned as by our founders. A citizen government where people serve a term or two and then return to normal everyday life. A government not bloated with various agencies and bureaucracies that rule the citizens by lifetime civil servants who have no accountability to the masses they essentially rule over.

The time of this coming upheaval is rapidly approaching as the elites seem to think they have the approval of the masses. They do not.

Be prepared. Be vigilant. Look to the founding as our blueprint for our future and not some new deal pie in the sky new age government system or people’s republic. That is just elitism masked as plurality.

We are better than the people we are being led by. We are grounded in moral and Christian values and respect the heritage we were brought up on.

That is more than our current leaders have.

Never forget that.

A “True Public Health Crisis”?

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It is so difficult these days to separate the political dogma from fact in our society.  Any medical professional who postulates gun control is the answer to murders by firearm in our society has to deliberately ignore the monster in the room in order to say this.

The monster is a combination of policies that have shattered our urban poor families and made almost all populated areas in our nation crime zones.

The growth of single parent families in our urban slums in particular fatherless families has destroyed the hopes of a huge number of black families in the US.  This is due largely to the growth of welfare and social welfare programs that have essentially made ‘fatherhood’ obsolete.  A woman does not need a second earner in the family because Uncle Sam is more than eager to step in and make sure she can stay in cigarettes, crack, and any other things she wants all based on how many ‘chillun’ she has in her home.  The young men that grow up in these homes have no idea how a mentally healthy and successful male should act.  I would add, many of the young women in these homes do not have role models either.  These children all grow up more the product of the media they are exposed to than any parenting.  This is not solely a problem of the urban poor as it affects us as a nation across all racial and economic strata.

Gun violence is a manifestation of the rap culture we have been immersed in for the past 20 years or so.  When all these young people hear is how ‘tuff’ their favorite artist claims to be in his lyrics these kids all do what every other kid did time immortal.  They seek to emulate their heroes.  When I was a kid, many teenage boys I knew wanted to be like Mickey Mantle or some other sports star.  Back then things were less theatrical and more like life everywhere and this included our usually modest sports figures.  As the culture of discontent rose with the evolution of flower power into a pro-socialist agenda we saw the evolution of these heroes into other figures but in general there was little violence as a result.  Only as the Rap culture has flourished and been broadcast throughout our homes via videos have we seen the ‘gun’ become a form of expression of emotions instead of an item to be regarded as to be used only with caution and care.  MTV and the rise of the internet has taken the moral education away from the family and placed it firmly in the hands of the media stars and the establishment that promotes their product.

Compounding this is the current fashion by the liberal democrats of NO BAIL for charges of criminal offenses.  This has removed the last cause of reason from the minds of the petty criminal as well as the seasoned felon.  Getting caught used to mean spending time in jail, perhaps years, until freedom was regained.  This was a massive deterrent to committing many crimes and especially for violent offenses.  Used to be if you committed a felony you might not get bail or bail would be so high you could not afford it.  This had far more impact on the poor and urban criminals which is exactly where we see the current crime wave starting in.  Now, there are crime waves in rural counties in the states where these no bail laws have been adopted.  Shop lifting and petty thefts are commonplace and if you were to monitor the local police channels on a radio you would hear over and over the same types of crimes occurring in the same stores and the typical descriptions are all the same.   It is a crime wave designed and perpetrated by the democrats upon our society.

I will come to my last point.   Drugs are more rampant now than ever.  Why?  Dealers are not in jail when they are caught.  They benefit from the no bail laws and they are back on the streets in hours.  Accompanying this is the proliferation of overdoses.  Now, when someone ODs they are revived with Narcan and in literally moments they are able to sign off on the emt that comes to save them and they are not charged or otherwise held accountable for their overdose.  I have heard repeated calls the same address on the local emergency services frequencies over a period of weeks obviously for the same individual who keeps ODing.  Now, where do you suppose these people get the money to buy the drugs??????  Ahhhh petty crimes.  catch and release OD and release.   All of this cheapens the value of good virtues and makes being honest less enticing than getting high and stealing stuff.

You mix a lack of moral responsibility, a lack of a role model, no penalties for crimes and then insert a violent subculture into the entertainment stream and you have the perfect makings of a violent group of people in our society and this has spread beyond the youth into the fabric of our communities.

The doctor diagnosed the patient as being a victim of a gun but not why.  Other cultures with a prevalence to violence have high murder rates and in some guns are not the tools of the murderers.  It does not matter much when the values of a society place little importance on the lives of those around you.  Taking a weapon out of the hands of a murderer will not stop their desire to kill someone.  It only forces them to find a different means of accomplishing their goal of killing that person.

I find great fault with the pro-violence nature of our media in our times.  I find fault with the lack of consequences for committing crimes on our communities.  I find fault with the destruction of the family unit in our nation.   Lastly, I find fault with the movement to drive Christian values out of our society.

These faults all lay primarily at the feet of the democrats.  If you want to stop crime and murders and unneeded deaths, vote a democrat out of office.  Go to church. Stay home and do things with your kids and don’t let them spend all their time watching videos and playing violent games.

The answers to our society’s problems are in our past.  They are in our heritage if we choose to learn and abide with them.  At one time our nation was mostly peaceful with gang and mob violence being the source of practically all gun related deaths in our borders.  Now we see that people have been numbed to the notion of death, killing and harming others.  Look to why that is and you will find the smoking gun as it were.  There is the reason for all of this.  No where else.

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The Three Traits of Tyranny …..


The post from https://maddmedic.wordpress.com/ referencing the three traits of tyranny is a summary of the status of our current national situation. We are, as a free people, under direct attack by corrupt and power hungry forces who are acting to gain an irrevocable amount of control over our society. Control is the operating word here as when people lose their rights to free will and self protection as well as free expression, we become subjects as opposed to being equal and free citizens.

This is the crux of our current state of affairs in our nation. We are seeing the advent and further implementation of the rule of will as opposed to the rule of laws. Further we are seeing the concept of rewarding the public for the private advantage that the loyalties created by such actions providing guaranteed blocks of voters for the democrats and deep state. Lastly, the moves by both the federal and state governments as of late are being done to create loyalty of fringe groups at the expense of individual rights such as freedom of speech and the right to bear arms.

Our government and its leaders have made a conscious choice to leave the traditional values and aspirations of individual freedoms in the pursuit of group think oriented goals of unifying a perpetual block of voters whose allegiance to the power in government that elevated their status is unwavering. Ignored throughout this activity are the legal ramifications of such actions that discriminate against those who have been suppressed by their policies. This is choreographed ‘mob rule’ by the despots in power.

While we still hold elections the true value of these is more and more suspect as we abandon fair and open forms of the exchange of political and policy ideas as we jerry mander districts and coordinate smear campaigns with a willing media. Too many candidates avoid debate running closet or basement campaigns relying solely on the corrupted voting districts as well as the intentional bias of the press to ensure their election. There will never be a repeat of the classic ‘Lincoln Douglas debates’ as we had seen in our history as the candidates for the despots in power cannot legitimately argue in favor of their policies without proving beyond doubt the illegality of those policies.

We are seeing an example of Ayn Rand’s ‘Power of Pull’ being played out in our society today. Those in power who are aligned with the deep state use their enhanced connections to influence the voting public in various regions to re-elect and elect new candidates who echo the party/deep state mantras who will act as rubber stamp votes on any new laws or regulations that the cabal in power seeks to implement. The deeper into this corruption we find ourselves the harder it becomes to attempt to reverse the course and restore the rights of those who have been shoved aside for the sake of guaranteeing power into perpetuity for those already holding the reins of government.

This is far more than the debate of have and have-nots in the public square. We have long ago left any sense of the debate of ideas and entered into the world of tyrants and corruption. When the media has been co-0pted into not reporting on the events ad debates of the day and instead has become the echoing mouthpiece for the power holders all hope of an open political system has been left behind. It is very difficult for the average citizen to determine fact from policy objective from the reporting we see in today’s newscasts. You must be far more informed of the legal ramifications of the actions they are taking to understand how they impact your rights present and the future. Couple this with an educations system now designed to regurgitate deep state advocates as opposed to free thinkers and you set the stage for ongoing dictatorship by voluntary submission of the masses.

In many ways this echoes the rise of Hitler pre-WWII as he was greeted enthusiastically by the masses who had no idea of the evil activities and intentions he harbored or was already implementing. What is eerily similar is the way the media in Germany echoed the government policy agenda with no hint of criticism or any information that might detract or weaken the degree of public support for the government.

We are in very dangerous times. the growing tyranny of our nation and its governmental heavy hand across our society is rapidly expanding while at the same time dissidents are being isolated and removed from society if not physically, they are literally isolated and their impact upon others is negated. The war on contrary opinion is the war we are in at present. It is a fairly bloodless war so it garners little notice in society. This is the active hand of tyranny culling our society and steadily removing any shred of resistance both verbal as well as potentially militia oriented. Our ability to resist the rule of the state has been greatly eroded in the past few decades. This includes the will of the people to stand on Constitutional principles in defiance of governmental policies.

The only reason this is not labelled tyranny is because the government controls any means of introducing and echoing such claims. Our schools turn out mind numbed robots who are the pawns of the state in promoting the agenda of the chosen few who actually hold the reins of power. There is a deep and sinister plan afoot in our society and this has been in motion for a very long time. Starting back well over a century ago we started eroding the American ideal by introducing elements of European socialism/statism that have gradually infiltrated every institution of our nation. The people have been indoctrinated slowly but surely into accepting this agenda as being just and legitimate even as it violates every pretense of our founding and governing laws in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. You do not make such changes quickly. These must be introduced and spread gradually like a cancer invading a host. Such is the depth of the corruption of our tyrannical government.

Tyranny does not exist as an individual person. It is the actions of one or a coordinated few all in the pursuit of ever increasing power and control solely for the sake of those who wield it. You cannot argue that the benefits being doled out by the government outweigh the losses to the individual in terms of the right of free will. These tyrants demand the surrender of rights which are essentially the limitation of the actions of the individuals in order for the individual to receive the benefits promised. Many of these promises made are of abstract or value based policies that actually have little benefit to society in a real sense and only appeal to the emotional beliefs of the people.

Issues of gay rights, discrimination and other special interests have little positive effect on the ability of the individual to achieve and the opportunities available. If anything, these policies reduce said opportunities for the sake of group values. A perfect example is the proliferation of people getting politically correct college degrees at the expense of huge debt amounts who then find out they cannot attain gainful employment that would allow them to retire their debt. The problem is people refuse to recognize that our colleges are engaging in deceptive practices by even offering these degrees. Of what use is a gender studies degree as it applies to a job market? I would argue none as there is no relevant skill or knowledge in that degree that would be applicable to a working business or organization that I can think of. Yet the tyrants in DC want to support this entire thought process by forgiving the student loans of people who decided with the guidance of their college provided counselor to pursue such an illogical field. This is a reinforcement of the tyranny we see being propagated in our education system by the people who seek to control us forever.

The government is now promoting the illusion that it knows what is best for our people as opposed to the people themselves. This is a manifestation of tyranny at its most elemental and brutal form. When a people lose their right of independence and must live in a society where only permitted actions will be allowed they have then reversed the difficult and painful process of liberation that had come from our revolt from such tyranny nearly 25o years ago. What is very doubtful in my mind is if anyone will ever be willing to rise up and stand against such a formidable foe that our government as become. Compared to Great Britain in 1776, we are confronted with a juggernaut of massive proportions who wields much greater power than the King of England had ever imagined.

Tyranny is the result of a man desiring things he has no right to. Power over others is a sin of envy and greed and should be detested in any reasonable society. Sadly, today it is the norm and the sheep that make up a large portion of our population just cannot see the wrong that is inherent in the government we have today.

I pray we are strong enough to resist this in the future to come.

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What Guarantee?????

Following on yesterdays post, I want to consider what is it that give a free person enough reasons to surrender said freedom.

Best I can figure is that the drones of today have been convinced that they will be taken care of. That there is a ‘guarantee’ that they will be taken care of. Their beloved government will see to it that they are not mistreated, never cheated and always safe. This is impossible of course. Any reasonable rational person can see that. Sadly, our education system does not teach those values any longer.

This is a rather new concept historically, this notion of the government taking care of people’s needs. 200 years ago the best the citizen of the average monarchy could expect was some civil defense but even then the average citizen could be impressed into their monarch’s service at practically any time.

The idea of being fed, housed, clothed and medical needs cared for by the same government was unheard of. If anything, it was the reverse. The government demanded loyalty and service, taxes and involuntary labor all to support the hierarchy of the monarchy.

Only after the industrial revolution, driven not by kings and dictators but by individual creativity and initiative did we ever consider or have enough personal wealth to live a life that was not 24/7 geared towards survival. Only due to the likes of the Vanderbilts, Carenegies, JP Morgan, Henry Ford, Dupont and every other hated industrialist who by their own mental prowess and initiatives created the job based society could people ever presume to have time not spent at anything but liesure. Before this and even during the first 150 years most workers had to run a family farm to feed themselves. These industrial pathfinders essentially created the lives we live today by the wealth creation industrial engines they built. Such personal ‘luxury’ had never existed on such a massive scale ever before in the history of mankind.

Developing along side of this amazing large scale revolution of society were the grifters of marxism and socialism. These people saw that they could tap into economic envy of the masses and harness this worker class into armies that would put them, the instigators of revolt, into power. It has been said that there will always be con artists who an convince the average sort of all manners of things from religious cults to pyramid schemes to believing that a government can actually ‘take care of them’. I remember vividly the pony tailed man at the Bush/Clinton debate asking the question of what is the government going to do to take care of people in the throes of a depression. Take care of people. Bush fumbled and stammered. Clinton played right into the question and spieled off a litany of socialist dogma and as a result won the 1992 election. This was a turning point to me as I look back upon the devolution of the American dream as it was founded.

This is the manifestation of the socialism con in our national political discussion in an open and direct way. Before this, no self respecting citizen would be caught dead taking alms from the government if they had any ability to fend for themselves. Welfare was looked down at as a last resort and an undignified one at that. Now, we have people who ‘expect’ services from their government and think it is proper that they do this.

This brings me back to my opening thoughts.

People who surrender their rights do so for the promise of government taking care of them. This can be the only way that people will give up what is such a basic and elemental concept of individual liberty that historically was enshrined in our Bill of Rights.

So if you wonder why the current generation of 20-50 year olds are voting to keep the democrat/socialists in power it is because they believe that they have a guarantee from these politicians that they will be taken care of. Never mind that politicians primarily act to preserve their authority first and deliver any promises second or third, or never. No, these people have willingly become drones, robots or more simply dupes who have traded their soul for promises that will never be delivered. For a guarantee that in reality does not exist.

History has parables about people making such deals and the predictable results of unmet expectations and ultimately disaster. The con game has only gotten worse with the evolution of mass media and I am afraid it will continue to worsen for the foreseeable future.

Those of us who are wise to the scam who know there are no guarantees in life except hard work and eventually death are left to fend for ourselves while our society crumbles under the weight of false promises and pervading laziness in our society.

Control in society. Achieving political goals using human robots

I awoke this morning from a dream about my trying to avoid being controlled by my government. Not voluntary control but some form of automated compulsive control. In my dream I had been trying to get to those already co-opted by the government to see that they were mindlessly obeying orders by showing them the facts and how freedom is so much better than the party line. Shades of 1984 and a zombie movie it would seem.

My strongest recollection from my dream was the frustration I felt as the people I was trying to ‘wake up’ just ignored my words and thoughts. All the while I was being pursued by forces who sought to do whatever they do to make me obey their edicts.

Fact is, today we see a huge portion of our society who are virtual robots for the left. They seem immune to any contrary notion or ideal. They are ‘programmed’ to reject contrary hypothesis out of hand without any consideration.

If you consider the concept of mind control you see that there are two ways to accomplish this. One is by force and negative reinforcement. This is going on in China right now as people who dissent and do not preach the party line disappear and are sent to ‘re-education camps’ some of whom are never seen again.

You see this in a more passive manner with the firing of wrong thinking employees by companies who enforce their woke agenda on their staff.

You see this in the incarceration of Jan 6th protestors whose only fault was to enter the Capitol. They are being held without bail in horrid conditions all on an effort by our government to force them to admit they committed treasonous acts by merely questioning the actions of the ‘system’. They are political prisoners who have no international advocates because they dared to question the deep state.

That all is how mind control is done after the fact.

We see the other form of mind control in our schools, colleges and the media on a daily basis. Kids are not learning about the values of freedom and our heritage. They are learning politically correct pro-deep state mindsets that will better serve the masters of our society. These students are the equivalent of drones in that they do not question any policy that evolves from the ‘experts’ that are touted by the propaganda ministry we call the main stream press and their teachers and professors. Critical thinking is limited to how to criticize those who disagree with set policy and not of the ideas they believe themselves.

Mind control is the ultimate end of a despotic tyrannical government. It is the ideal that they aspire to create in their societies as it makes their holding and keeping power forever virtually effortless.

These despots use harsh enforcement as their tool to rein in any non-conforming thinking. We are seeing this in practice today and what bothers me the most is that over half the citizens in the USA do not see it. They are lost because they cannot accept any ideas that do not originate from the deep state core.

I have written in the past that we are far beyond any chance of voting our way back to where our nation was founded as far as freedoms and individualism. We are so far down this road of mind control that simply speaking up and promoting causes that promote our ideas are in my mind, mostly a waste of our time and resources. We might be better served by using that energy to gather more supplies and commodities that would be more useful in the face of the inevitable government crackdown on us in order to eradicate the freedoms we cherish and love the most.

You will see that the efforts to repeal the second amendment will gain steam in the next few years and more and more states will fall to this agenda item as disarming the citizens is the utopian dream of tyrants who are taking over a once free society. They already have our schools.

This along with suppression of free speech will spell the doom of those who believe like me that our nation is on the wrong path and that we will end up more like the Soviet Union; our enemy for 50 years; than we could have ever imagined.

Take my word to the bank when I say they are coming for us. We do not obey their orders or agenda. We are now the deep state’s number one enemy and they will do whatever is necessary to force us to comply or remove us from society. 600 or so are locked away without a key for daring to walk upon the sacred ground of the deep state on Jan 6th. Whatever makes you think they will stop at that?

Nothing…..we are to be eliminated……

The problem we face as Patriots in America

I consider myself to be a Patriot to our nation.  I believe in the founding of this nation and the virtue of our unique heritage among the rest of the nations of the world.  I see millions of other fellow Patriots in our nation who believe in our cause as I do who also are as alarmed as I am of the current trends in our government.  In looking at my beliefs and the hopes I share with my fellow patriots I cannot help but see a huge problem that we face both as a nation and as Patriots.

We are facing an organized political movement that desires to ‘redefine’ what America is into terms that are completely foreign to our founding and to our beliefs as Patriots.  We see the debate every day in the media and hear the choruses from the left of how racist and biased we are as compared to the new standards that our opponents hold dear.  This reflects a rejection, on their part, of the essential and unique founding principles of our country. This is not just a difference of opinions of the words our nation was founded on.  No; It is a re-writing of what our nation should be and abandons most if not all of the rights, values and hopes our founders had for our future.

Keep in mind that the soldiers on the left we see in the public limelight are merely pawns in this game of world politics.  The likes of Biden, Schumer, Pelosi, etc  are tools for a larger conspiracy of king makers who are playing with the entire industrialized world like a huge chess set.

In order to grasp the depth of this global elite you must understand their purpose.  It is not to bring fairness and equality to the world.  Those words may be bandied about but they are simply catch phrases and slogans to unite the both the power hungry politicians as well as those unaware of the greater plan whom they use as soldiers in their war on our nation. 

I say our nation because America has been since its founding a beacon of freedom and opportunity to the rest of the world.  Our success has spawned revolts and bloody revolutions all over the planet as people who wanted to be free struck down the ruling classes in their nations in their efforts to create their own free nations.  Because we are so free as compared to most of the world and so very prosperous, we are target one for the global elitists in so far as they need to subdue us and reshape our nation into one they can control either directly or indirectly.   We Americans represent the greatest threat to their power and control as well as their wealth. In order for the globalists to maintain their control, we Americans must be like all the rest of the world’s citizens and follow the guidelines they set forth.  Their, the globalists, greed and lust for control drives them to do this just as these same sins have driven every other megalomaniac in history who sought to take over the world or large parts of it. 

Times have changed and so have the tactics of the extremely wealthy and connected world elites.  Now it is a game of peddling socialism as a tool to maintain order and control and nothing else.  We are pawns meant to fulfill our roles in the economies of our nations all so the elites can sit back and marvel at the things they have made us do all in subservience to their whims and fancies all the while keeping them wealthy and powerful beyond any notion we could imagine.

The goal of these elitists is to maintain control and their wealth over ALL NATIONS that represent the industry of the world.  The nations still enmeshed in tribal like civil wars will be left to fight and starve until such time that they develop into a more civilized society.  If they lash out and harm the rest of the world they will be subdued again and again until they learn to live within the rules set forth by  the global elites.  This is why Africa is still enmeshed in tribal wars as well as large chunks of South America.  They are not yet ready to join the larger group of the population and will be allowed to go on killing and starving each other until that works its way out of their system. 

Further, religious based nation-states are being ‘tolerated’ primarily for the assets they provide to the world.   Once their assets are no longer needed they will be similarly campaigned against in a manner not all that different than what is happening in the US in order to force them to submit to the global elites dictates and not those of their religions. Any doctrine of governance outside of that which the globalists dictate will not be tolerated from any accepted industrial nation.

Our dilemma as Patriots is this:  the forces aligned against us politically are not going to change their minds.  The socialist movement has tapped into the weakness of mankind and created  a drone class of government dependent citizens who will not willingly support any movement that threatens their security.  Worse yet, these drones believe their security emanates from the government itself and not from their own labors and efforts.  They want gun control so they are ‘Safe’ in society even if it means banning all guns.  They do not believe that anyone but their beloved government forces should have weapons.  They are drones.  Tools of the left.  They are as mentally inert as you could possibly imagine incapable of imagining living without someone (government) being there to insure they do not have to worry about anything. I believe this is about 40 percent of our nation’s citizens at present.

The left has opened the borders to allow in an unfettered number of immigrants who are all looking for the same thing.  The problem is that outside the US we are seen as the land of plenty with lots of government  freebies that are doled out to the people.  The notion of an industrious independent and minimal government society is gone and has been replaced with this welfare state concept that mimics the Europeans socialist societies.  Sadly, we are well down the road to becoming one of these.  These immigrants are here to bolster the numbers and eventually drown out our movement with sheer numbers.  That is why the border is wide open.

Our problem is not a political one exclusively any longer.  We are target one in the eyes of those who wish to reform our nation.  We are to be eradicated from our society.  If they could pack us all off to ‘re-education camps’ like in China they would do it in a minute.  We are the garlic to their being a vampire.  We represent the stake in their hearts if we persevere in our movement.  We must be disarmed and silenced.  Our opponents do not disagree with us.  They hate us.  They despise us.  They think we are wrong and that we are to be disposed of any way possible.

Our leaders in DC are members of this global elite.  The likes of Mitch McConnell and the other republican leaders are as deeply in bed with the globalists as the democrats are.  To them, it is a game of gradual conquest of the essence that our nation was founded upon.  They spout words that sound ‘patriotic’ but deep down inside they are merely playing a role like an actor on a stage.  They would not be in power  if they did not ascribe to the globalist movement.  We can no more trust the likes of any politician from the beltway than we could trust a starving tiger in the same room we are in not to eat us.  They are meant to consume us and assimilate us into their  world order.

We are rapidly heading to a time where our political efforts will become pointless as the march to destroy us continues unabated.  Even if we elect Trump or another politician like him they will be under constant attack by the opposing political forces even from our side.  Someone who does not ascribe to the new world order agenda must be destroyed anyway possible including assassination.   No matter how much we rally behind a leader who we find embodies our vision of freedom and liberty they will be destroyed.  This is how sinister this battle has become.

Currently our nation is dying the death of a thousand cuts as each little faction and subset of our society that is empowered by the left solely to wage war upon the concepts of our founding are slowly and inexorably eroding the fabric of our society and replacing it with concepts and values we find loathsome if not repugnant.  It is so easy for the left to do this because all they have to do is claim they support such and such group and then by using  a few of their left wing judges mandate changes we detest and as a result they have gained another toe hold in our heritage and destroyed  yet another brick in the foundation of our nation. 

I cannot see any political solution to this process with the circumstances we see today.  The globalists control the media and the internet thereby only allowing information that they deem ‘acceptable’ into the general public.  While we still can post commentary and information that supports our cause keep in mind that the news media and the various outlets of government statements all are aligned with the globalists and get the lion’s share of the airtime and publicity.  For every statement we make there are hundred rebuttals that get far more exposure.   All you need to do to see this in action is browse facebook and see what ads and ‘things you may find interesting’ come up that reflect the new world order agenda and not ours.  It happens on every web page and web site. 

The real question is rather simple.

When we finally realize our cause is hopeless as far as politics go, what will we do then?

 As a force our choices are secession of a few states that are not totally corrupted from the nation as a whole.  This did not work out well in the past and the result of the Civil War was the virtual annihilation of an entire generation of young men from the south who fought and died in that contest.  This served to change the future generations of the south and had massive political impacts as a result. The southern cry of independence was forever stifled and the spirit that drove those men to take up arms was extinguished. 

If we were to follow the same path I doubt seriously we would be allowed to proceed without a fight from the rest of the nation and as bad as it was in 1865 when the Civil War ended it will be much worse for those who take up arms against the might of the globalists today.  There would be a complete eradication of our beliefs and any thought of bearing arms all for the ‘good of society’.  Remember the 40 percent who re drones.  We make fun of them but they will gladly take up arms to stop us.  As inept as they are they can be used as tools of the government to enforce its will upon a rebellious part of society and they will do it without conscience or remorse.

What is left as an option?  I simply cannot say as I cannot see what would be viable.  I would like to think that freedom loving people would band together to challenge tyranny but the equations is not as simple as beliefs in freedom and equality.  It is laden with bias and spin and even if 100 million Americans came down on the side of not wanting to continue in the direction the remainder has chosen, we are still a minority and we do not control the weapons of war that the remaining powers do.  We only control ourselves and while that is a precious and wonderful thing, it may not be enough to advance our cause further into society.

We have yet to see a leader come forth who not only reflects our values but also the awareness of the present situation.  All of those I have seen who agree with us all advocate working within the system and sadly, in my mind that is a fool’s errand designed to slowly and without fail grind us into a pulp that can be remolded into the new world order. 

The recent election is simply more proof of the intricate and vast web of strategies that our opponents are utilizing to force our submission to their agenda.  The same happened in 2020.  Despite massive support for our candidate we were defeated by a bunch of ‘community organizers’ who utilized every loop hole in the book to push their candidate across the finish line.  Even with the apparent anomalies in the counting process it did not matter because the fix was in from the Supreme court all the way down to the local precincts.  The louder we complained and pointed out the flaws, the more we were labeled radicals and insurrectionists.  This is still true to this day.  As I said, we cannot stop this movement by the left through elections alone.

So, after seeing yet another election that seemed to be full of promise for our agenda be watered down and chopped off at the knees by operatives of the left I can see little that offers much promise of better days ahead.  We will see the continued encroachment on our rights by the left as they continue the process of a death by a thousand cuts upon the founding principles of our nation.

Despite all of what I have said is aligned against us, I personally refuse to surrender my love of my nation as it was founded.

God help us in the years to come.

Why is it that Liberal people believe like they do?

This has always puzzled me. What is it that would make people believe in things that are in all honesty, impossible……

Liberals suffer from addictive thinking.

Just as the drug addict must do the drugs they are doing, the liberal creates a alternate socialist reality that can only exist in their minds and in order to feed this fantasy, they cannot tolerate any thoughts or people with thoughts who by there mere existence of reality, destroy the fantasy.

Problem is that economically and behaviorally, socialism cannot work in the real world. It just will not work due to human nature and economic reality about society or any society for that matter.

The liberals will argue that their ideas which they think balance out in their heads would work if we would just try them again and that in the past the wrong people tried to do them or that the rest of the world sabotaged the plans.

Just like an addict who must get his fix, the liberal junkie must have what they crave which is consensus that they are right. It does not matter to them if it works. Only that they are right and that people agree with them.

Problem is that just like a junky disrupts the harmony of the community with their desperate need for their fix (to the exclusion of heeding moral and ethical values), the liberal will destroy society and the values of our nation’s founding in order to get their craving they have for consensus to be fed.

Keep in mind that the eradication of dissenting opinions in the press, electronic media and social networks is being done by the powers that be to sustain their gullible minions in the real world. These manipulators of the masses know that their agenda will fall apart if the people who support their pie in the sky socialism were startled from their fantasy trances into economic and political reality.

The worst thing that the manipulators cannot have out in the public is that their fantasy of a socialist society that creates a utopian society has never delivered the predicted results every time it has been tried in the past or present. Reminders of past attempts along with evidence from the present that prove the fantasy cannot work are the ‘taboo’ conservatives and our founders represent to their promised utopia of socialism. This ‘taboo’ must be eradicated at all costs.

So, the next time you encounter a rabid liberal socialist in the wild, just know they are the same type of person who is rummaging through dumpsters for recyclables or stealing your property to pay for their next fix. They are trapped in a self replicating cycle of socialist delusion that can only be broken with hard facts and a new realization that what they are doing is in fact, insane self destructive behavior.

My thoughts on the State of Our Nation as of Oct. 26th,2022

The huge difference between the members of our elected and deep state government and the lives of the people who pay them.

Never in the history of this nation has the general population lived a lifestyle that is so remote as compared to the rather luxurious and secure lifestyles of our elected representatives.  Add the deep state as a sub class of these privileged few. 

The average American is now scrimping and struggling to pay their heat bills, gas bills and the increased food and other costs that we are now seeing.  Meanwhile the politicians are all enjoying the best healthcare, the best security and massive expense accounts that allow them to live lives we can only dream of.  Worse yet, they make decisions that are harming the financial futures of their taxpaying constituencies and yet these elites feel none of what the average American does. 

As I stated at the outset, this division between those in power and those who must follow the rules these elites make is wider than it has ever been.  The average pay for politicians and the government employees now exceeds the private sector in all areas.  Used to be a person traded the higher wages from the private sector for the security of a government job.  Now, the government job is one of the most sought after positions a person seeking employment can get.

This is not the way our government was supposed to be.

How can I trust an elected official who has never held a real job

I am aware of many politicians in DC and other positions who have never had a job in the real world.  They have never met a budget or made a payroll.  They have not had quotas and performance reviews and are able to wield the power of their positions to ensure they are re-elected regardless of the lack of performance on their parts.  Worse yet, these elected individuals look down their noses at the average citizen as if they are unimportant in the scheme of things.  These unproductive individuals could not hold an entry level job in the real world and even so, these elites get to decide how we, in the trenches, must live our lives.  They manipulate the industries and media to ensure that they will continue to be held blameless for their lack of concerns for the real people of this country.  These elites pick and choose winners and losers without any blow-back upon them for those who are discriminated against by their policies.  These are the immoral actions of people who do not understand what it takes to honestly make a living.  It is high time that this changes.

How can someone who lives in the ‘bubble’ have any inkling of what my life is like

We see the likes of AOC preaching Eco-socialism and she has never lived in the real world.  AOC grew up in the richest part of New York State in a well to do family who put her through an expensive Boston college so she has not ever experienced want or need as compared to the average New York resident.  She, and many other representatives in Congress, live in this bubble existence that does not mirror real life in any way.  Anyone who has grown up and moved into politics shortly after graduating college have not co-existed in the same society that the average American lives in.  These privileged people live in what I call the ‘Bubble’ which insulates them from the ‘Walmart people’ that many of these elites sneer at as being unworthy of their attentions.  The only time they acknowledge the existence of the mere masses is when election time comes and they want to be re-elected back into their isolated bubble existence.  We need people in these positions of authority who understand INTIMATELY the lives of the people they are representing.  All we get now is lip service from people who would not be caught dead spending time in our communities outside of election campaigns.  This must change.

The difference between government dollars and my dollars

When I spend a dollar I know where it came from, how many I had before spending and how long I must make it last until I get paid again.  Further, I know also that there is a LIMITED AMOUNT of MONEY available to me and I have to make serious decisions about my budget and what I choose to do.  These politicians and deep state employees have no understanding of having a limited budget.  They live in the land of plenty where they can either print more money or at the local level, raise taxes to whatever they need to be to cover the costs of their salaries as well as their pet projects that they have created with their authority.  I know of few people who live this way and the only ones I can think of are the wealthy rich business types who, by the way, are the people these politicians hobnob with socially.  Money to the elites has an entirely different meaning as compared to those of us in the trenches.  This lack of respect for the pocket book of the citizen is rampant in government and the attitudes of these elites is patronizing at best and abusive at worst.  Until we have citizens in these positions of power who intimately understand the implications of their actions we will NEVER BE PROPERLY REPRESENTED in the halls of our elected bodies.  This must change.

How uncontrolled criminals are ruining our society

We see the elites have made the decision to release criminals back into society after they are arrested with little or no bail and definitely no assurances to the public that they will not commit any further crimes.  Worse yet, when they do get arrested again, instead of putting them in jail, they are released on little or no bail to continue to wreak havoc in our communities. 

Adding to the problem is the fact that if a  citizen chooses to defend themselves against a criminal who is bent on either stealing their property or in harming them, these victims are arrested and are held while the criminal is set free. 

Murder rates in our major cities are off the charts and well over previous years and this is only getting worse.  Petty crimes are up hundreds of percents.  Taxpaying citizens are left paying the price for the crime and mourning the deaths of the innocents.  It is obvious that not controlling criminals is tearing our society apart.  There is no logical reason to do this other than pandering on the parts of the elite politicians who are more concerned about re-election than they are the safety in their local communities.  This is a true definition of an insane act on our politician’s parts and it is time this ended.  These elites do not live in our communities.  They have private security that protects them from the violent actions of the criminals they have released into our midst after they have already committed serious crimes.  It is time this ends.

I don’t want to be governed by people who act ‘for my own good’ and contrary to my values and desires

I saw a video of Al Gore lecturing us on global warming today and it reminded me of the fact that the hypocrisy of people like Gore and the rest of the elite politicians is not lost on me.  I can see the ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ attitude throughout the policies and agendas of these people.  They think they are smarter and better than we are to such an extent that they feel free to cripple our economy for the sake of a scientific theory that is easily refuted but yet, these ‘deniers’ are silenced by the government;  ‘all for the good of society’.

I have always had a suspicion of those in power who act as if they are elected to make decisions for me instead of representing my choices and opinions.  People like this live in a world of self importance and egotism that justify their flaunting the very rules they demand we obey.  These people are so isolated and remote from the reality of the world they are creating and yet, they don’t care that this is the case.  Further, these elites are adopting an international agenda as policy in our nation despite the fact that the most populous nations in the world are exempt from obeying these regulations.

I have come to the end of my willingness to comply with the edicts of people who do not share the same lifestyle I do.  It is high time this changes.

In light of the increasing distance between the governing elite and the governed, a revolt is almost impossible to avoid

What these political elites do not realize is that the people can see the facts for what they are and can see that the deplorable, Bible and Gun loving, Walmart people are ignored and in the process these elites are sowing the seeds of insurrection and revolution on an epic scale.

Keep in mind, if the socialists win and take over all of these bloated elites who live these lush and lavish lifestyles will end up in the gulag or like the French Revolution, the guillotine.  They think they are insulated from the effects of socialism taking over and they are so wrong.  They will be made examples of and will see their luxury worlds come crashing down, sooner or later.  Even if socialism is held at bay, the true patriot will, when the time comes,  remove the despots from office as the policies of these people have brought misery and ruin upon the people they were sent to represent. 

What the elites do not respect is that there is a limit to the patience of the people and we will not allow government to disarm us in order to control us.  All this will take to be set in motion is an act of violence against the people that is so obviously over the top and unwarranted that there will be push back.   When this happens it will not be sit ins and protests.  It will not be looting and burning of city blocks.  It will be focused and direct towards the origins of the tyranny that our government has become and woe be it to any who resist.

America was founded by 1/3rd of the nation standing up to stop the actions of a monarchical regime that did not respect the rights of the citizens they governed.  There is easily an equal percentage of Americans who are as fed up now, as our forebears were in 1776.  All it took then was a new tax policy levied on the colonies.  All it will take now is a similar overreach on the part of those who reside in the bubble of DC and the results will be the same.  You cannot discount the spirits of 120 Million Americans and expect to remain in office and safe from being cast out in the street.

Lastly, I will not go quietly into the good night.  No, I/We will not agree nor comply with your latest edicts  a.k.a.  You have not earned my respect with how you are doing your job

I speak for myself in anything I write.  I also am well aware of the fact that I am not alone in how I feel regarding these matters.  I am unwilling to submit to the overreach of authority just as millions of other Americans agree with me on that matter.  We are not going away.  We are not going to surrender our arms or stop speaking out against the tyranny of non-representative government.  This situation is one that I seriously doubt we can vote our way out of.

Elections can replace individuals but the system of corruption and influence peddling will remain in place all the while implementing its plans to further control and impoverish society.  I can offer that term limits would be a start but the issue of the deeply vested bureaucratic system that operates without our approval will not be so easily defeated or weakened sufficiently to return us to a nation that has as its representatives people who answer to their fellow citizens.

What we are seeing in our Congress today is wrong and is so far from the nation our founders envisioned.  We are being ruled instead of represented.  We are being compelled to follow policy agendas we do not agree with by people who do not answer to us in any meaningful way.  We are seeing policy changes throughout our government that disagree with the ethos of our society all of these changes designed to appease small special interest groups who are tiny fractions of our society.  It is one thing to be tolerant of those who are different.  It is quite another to advocate for the different lifestyles actively in government itself.  This is idiotic and will lead to the destruction of our law enforcement and military in due time.

I can see these things for what they are.  The actions to appease special interests and not the actions of a government dedicated to representing the people and their values and beliefs.

I am not going to ignore or otherwise forget that these things are going on.  I can’t because they are being rammed down my throat by the media who are representing the elites in power. 

This cannot go on.  There are more people who are better prepared for a time of conflict than there are those who can only look to government for the things they need and for safety.  The longer they keep ruling as an elite subset of our society, the worse it will be when the time of upheaval comes.

I offer all of this as a statement to clarify where I stand and how I view the actions of my elected and bureaucratic representatives.  I am sure I am not alone. 

Be vigilant and always prepared.  I am sure that when the time comes things will move pretty fast.

Americans cannot serve two masters:  The coming choice we all will be forced to make

America was founded on the principle of freedom of the individual to live and do as they choose.  We fought a revolution to win our freedom.  We fought  a civil war to ensure that ALL Americans have freedom.  We fought on within our society for freedoms for all and for the right to live peaceably as we choose.  Now we are faced with a megalith of government and social doctrines that are contrary to our traditional values and beliefs.

The ‘woke enlightened anointed elites among us demand we bow to the altar of their agenda ‘for the good of society’ at the expense of sacrificing our freedoms.  They have yet to demand formerly we surrender our cherished freedoms but they are ever so constantly ratcheting up the regulations upon the individual so as to force compliance. 

The Cake shop case is a perfect example of where the dictatorial nature of the socialist cabal demands that an individual surrender his personal freedom to believe as he chooses for the sake of the aggrieved fractional minority person who ‘demands’ that the shop owner comply with their requests.  This case is a lightning rod for the 1st Amendment debate and depending on what court you find yourself in, a judge will rule for or against depending on how ‘woke’ their interpretation of the Bill of Rights is.  There is an inherent problem that lies within these discussions that is brewing a response from a large portion of the population and this potential response is not lost on the ruling elites who are trying top steer our nation into ‘Euro-socialism’.

The left who comprise the majority of those who seek the adoption of ‘Euro-socialism’ are more than aware of the level of resistance within the portion of the population who outright refuse to submit to their demands.  The left knows without a doubt that this portion of the population is getting more and more fed up with the policies and issues the left advocates.  The left knows that in order to complete their goal of instituting ‘Euro-socialism’ they will have to subdue the resistance by one means or another.

So, the biggest threat those who oppose of socialism have is that they are armed, well armed, and capable of resisting with force and holding out against an enforcement for as long as necessary.  As Japanese Admiral Yamamoto said after the sneak attack upon Pearl Harbor when he was asked about invading America: ‘There will be a rifle behind every blade of grass’ inferring that Americans are armed and will not sit idly by and allow an invasion to succeed.  In the same vein, the left know that in order to force their desired system of governance upon our nation they would encounter that very same resistance that deterred Yamamoto 80 years ago.   This is the reason that the left seeks to end the Second Amendment as we know it.  Keep in mind, none of the European socialist nations have any freedom to bear arms to the same extent that America does.  Because their citizens are used to complying with the rule of the government they have gradually and continually increased the amount of societal control that the bureaucracies have over the people.  Bear in mind that none of Europe was ever conceived solely in freedom as America was.  This is the defining nature of the patriotic American and why we must be eliminated in the eyes of the left. Our ability to resist their governmental force with force is something that must be eliminated. It is the major impediment to their jamming their agenda and controls down our throats all at once.

To take the title of my post into consideration, we free Americans are being forced to choose.  We can choose to remain free, obstinate in our refusal to surrender our freedoms, or we can accept the ever increasing restrictions upon our rights for whatever reasons the left offers as an explanation as to why.  The next question that follows is about whether we will choose to remain steadfast in our beliefs and values:

How far are we willing to go to make our point? To hold the line? To Stop the takeover of our society?

In the last 5 or 6 years we have seen expressions of patriotism and love of our country for its freedoms expressed by millions in the support of Donald Trump who has echoed our values.  We have been castigated as illiterates, rubes, rabble, smelly WalMart people and other denigrations all designed to label us as being unsuitable for a civil society by the left.  The reaction of the left and deep staters to the January 6th protests has been more than indicative of their abject fear of us as a mass entity.  They literally cowered in their chambers when a few hundred unarmed people entered the Capitol on that day and since then the left has moved to suppress any notion that we are allowed to ever protest anywhere near their seat of power again.  The people arrested for the trespass of the Capitol lie rotting in jail in inhuman conditions all to serve a sign so as to warn others to never do that again.  Stalin had a similar policy where he relocated undesirables to Siberia; without trial, I might add.  I am sure the left would love to do the same to the people they can identify as part of the patriotic movement who cling to the traditions of our nation.  We are to be subjugated, isolated and removed from the public square in any way possible.

Understand, we scared them. We showed them that we are unified and of one mindset. We are not going to let them have their way with our nation without doing something about it.

This brings me to our next problem.

The left has started assembling the inventory list of all firearms in America and who has them and what ammo they have purchased.  There is absolutely no reason to do this short of confiscation and imprisonment or death for those who resist.  There can be no other purpose for such a database.  They can argue that they are trying to prevent mass shootings but the facts are that most mass shootings are not committed by typical gun owners and the people who perpetrate such heinous acts are mentally unstable and should not be in society as a free people.  The left would rather lock up every gun owner before they would choose to limit the freedoms of mentally unstable people, not because they love mentally ill people but because they can use the premise of gun violence to take away our guns.  It is all a shell game.  We are going to lose if we rely on the courts and our republican politicians to protect us. We might have a majority in terms of party politics at some point, but never forget that every politician in DC who stays there is a part of this globalist cabal who wants to change our nation.

Every last one.

So, to summarize, we are facing a choice.

Do we surrender our rights a piece at a time and submit to our socialist masters???????


Do we stand fast, resist with vigor and if necessary force, in order to force these forces of socialism back and across the Atlantic to where they originated?

No man can serve two masters.  You cannot have allegiance to the government that promotes taking away your freedoms and still believe and profess that you support the founding principles that our nation was created with. 

I will add, we cannot win this conflict in the voting booth.  The left has infiltrated too many levels of our government installing their toadies who all push for more and more regulations in order to stifle our freedoms one rule at a time.  That possibility of voting our way out was lost many, many years ago.

  Now, we are in the end times.  It is a time of Choosing.  A time to decide what it is you are willing to stand up for.  A time to take on the responsibility that our founders did when they announced to the world, America was a free and independent nation.

Are we to go quiet into the night by submitting piecemeal to the encroaching socialism of our elite leaders?

 Or are we to stand, demand and attain the guarantee of our freedoms for today and for generations to come?

You cannot do both.  To sit by and accept any incursion upon our freedoms is to surrender to the oncoming tyranny that ‘Euro-socialism’ represents. I can see no other choices that can be made.  The time is nigh that we decide what we want to be the course our nation takes next.

Roe V Wade overturned……wait for the explosion on the left.

The unlimited murder of the unborn has been tossed by SCOTUS and now we have the individual states making laws that reflect their beliefs and values…..How is this bad? It isn’t but don’t think the left will not tell you it is.

All I can say is that abortion should be the LAST OPTION and not the first. I realize that abortion is still legal and accept that. I think that using the termination of life of the unborn as birth control is abhorrent and an evil choice if that is how it is made. Being responsible is not hard and there are a host of ways to avoid pregnancy short of the murder of an unborn.

I know we will be faced with hysterical people screaming about their rights being infringed by this ruling and any state laws that inhibit abortion. All I can say about it is to offer this question to anyone who is pro-abortion at any time during pregnancy……

I have a 1 month old baby but I decided I really don’t want a baby right now so I am going to kill it.

Are you as a ‘Pro-abortion’ advocate OK with my choice and is it my right?

These people will dodge and evade answering this but to my way of thinking any abortion in the time after about 6 weeks is the same. MURDER…..No doubt about it.