We do not have a political party. The republicans have abandoned us.

Where did they go? The republicans? You know, the party from the Reagan era?

It is bad enough we are enduring this Kung Flu epidemic and then you add in the massive voter fraud of the 2020 election. Now, when the people who gathered and elected Trump and then re-elected President Trump only to see the election stolen right from under our noses, why hasn’t the republican party said a meaningful word about this?

It is patently obvious that our national political scene is as follows:

Democrats. We know who they are and they want socialism and hate guns and the flag. I could go on but anyone who is not a democrat knows exactly what I am talking about.

Republicans. These used to be conservative, NRA supporting, individual rights supporting people but now should be labelled instead: ‘Democrat Lite’.

We deplorables do not have a national party. I am talking about Trump supporters. We conservative Traditional Americans do not have a national representation anywhere other than our President. It is obvious that once the left (including the republicans) get rid of Trump, we are next. We are to be subjugated and forced to conform to their globalist agenda.

They are serious about getting rid of guns. They are serious about curbing free speech everywhere. They are serious about the new green deal and the massive changes and increased cost of living that will cause. They are serious about flooding this nation with illiterate refuges from all over the world. They are serious about banning any expressions of Christianity anywhere private or public.

The incoming leadership (if Trump cannot prevail) is determined to end our nation as it was founded and create a new socialist utopia where the government and its massive civil service cadre will rule this nation with an iron fist of complicated regulations and prohibitions.

We ‘Dirt People’ are under a serious and deadly attack. We will see our lives altered permanently and in ways that will suppress our faith and love of country and tradition. Our children will be force fed socialist dogma in propaganda sessions in what used to be free public schools where we learned about our heritage and founding. Our kids and grand-kids will be taught that freedom is bad and that they should always trust the government. The exact opposite of what we knew was the truth when we were young.

So, what are we to do? The notion of taking the republican party back seems unlikely due to the massive corruption of the members of the higher echelons who are as deeply in bed with the global elitists as all the democrats are.

We could form a new political party and this would be a way of reinforcing our beliefs and members but as a potent political force this is a non starter. Our history shows that third parties do not generally succeed and are marginalized rather quickly. Our political system used to exist of two parties divided on differing opinions over interpretations of the Constitution and our Bill of Rights. This is how it was in the past but these days we see that they differ more on how to milk the system and the people of more and more of their money. A third party has no way to compete economically in the national political arena.

I do know a few things that are for certain.

One, we are not going anywhere. We will not surrender our rights or our freedoms. We will not go quietly into the night as they would prefer we do. We will stand together and resist the draconian changes that are in store for us in the future. We will stand together to fight against the tyranny of the state and its massive power that by no reasonable thinking it should have. We will resist the will of socialists and their plans for our future.

We must remember that we are alone in this fight. President Trump, if he is not confirmed for a second term, will be ostracized and isolated by the press and the political parties. If he is seated for a second term we will still be on our own aside from his concerns for us. The system is aligned against us completely and no president can change that in one term.

Our nation was founded and sustained by people taking care of themselves and we must remember that. We must work to solve our own problems and the problems that the government creates.

We must be prepared to fight and defend our way of life and our freedom. We must keep in mind the four boxes of freedom as they pertain to our liberty.

The Soap box where our ideas and beliefs are offered in our discussions including politics.

The Ballot box where we can elect our choice for president.

The Jury box where those who act to usurp the rights of the people and the processes that exist to protect those rights.

Lastly, the Ammo box because when the first three are used and tyranny still exists, all that is left for a free people to defend themselves is the ammo box.

Violence is normally not the answer to solving problems but when tyrants co-opt the power of government to their own selfish purposes, rebellion and demonstrating our dissatisfaction with their actions and the state of the union is the only way to defeat them and restore the rule of law and the Constitution in our nation.

Many have written of the coming Civil War. I believe with the actions of the government and the global elitists that it has become inevitable and it is now a question of when and how it will start. As long as there are freedom loving patriots we must band together and be ready to fight to restore our nation to the long lost bastion of freedom that it was and should always be.

We’re being played against ourselves!!!

Hey fellow dirt people!

We all can see the obvious cheating by the democrats and that our president is fighting them in court as he can.  Anyone political or in government who rallies to Trump’s defense will be a non-person afterwards as they will never ever seen any opportunities in government again.  This is how deep the left is within our bureaucracy.  I am sure everyone is aware of all this.

My point is this:  Consider if the circumstances were reversed? 

Remember 2016?

 Pussy hat riots?

 Vandalism on the night of the inaugural? 

Cars burning in the streets of DC?

This was the leftists protesting what was a legitimate election.  Imagine if there was obvious cheating on our part in the vote count that denied their favorite candidate the office of the presidency?

There would be blood.  There would be unrest like you have never seen before.  All sponsored, organized and executed by the democrats who see their destiny is something that elections are not allowed to interfere with.

So in relating to my title, one this is obviously apparent.

While the left knows we are very angry.  They also know that we will not destroy property or act violently because unlike their followers, we cherish the law of the land and the Constitution and we will not act in a way that compromises our beliefs.

They effectively have boxed us in a corner with our own beliefs.

These beliefs are the same ones that allow our ‘people’;  ‘The Deplorables’ or as I like to think of us: ‘Dirt People’ this allow us to safely and legally own Millions of firearms and billions of rounds of ammo and yet, we don’t shoot the town up every night like they do in Chicago or any other urban disaster managed by a democrat. 

We are self policing and self managing unlike the disrespectful drones of the left.  We care about not just each other but all citizens of our nation.  It is this act of self management that gives the left the nerve to flaunt their voter fraud in our faces without any fear that anything violent would happen to them being perpetrated by us.

We believe in the civil society and the value of living by a code.  Our code is a combination of Christian ethics and morals along with the traditions of our nation and its founding.  Understand that our opponent believes in none of this.  They are using our own character against us.

This is why they can float gun control arguments and no matter how much they lie and exaggerate and falsely portray guns and our use of them we will not retaliate other than writing letters to our congress members which to be honest, hit the trash as soon as they see who we are and what our opinions are.

This entire situation is very much ironic in that all the while we are demonstrating levels of decency within our nation with a profound lack of civil violence on our parts we at the same time are projecting what is one of the most feared militaries in the world.  We are known for being lethal on the battle field.  Yet, our political enemies do not fear us at all, except and only if we finally lose it and go rouge. 

Be assured that Civil War 2 will not go well for the democrats as long as we are still armed and able to use them to contest such a war. Remember too that a large percentage of battle hardened veterans are among our cadre who swore an oath offering their lives in order to protect our freedom.  My sons both served and still take their oaths seriously even after leaving active duty. I am quite certain that all veterans do.

So, if you are wondering how the democrats think that they can get away with their shenanigans it is because they know without any doubt that we will not act in any way that actually would cause them any reason to stop.  In essence, the democrats are bullies.  Bullies who know the kid they just stole their lunch from cannot or will not do anything.  Face it gang, we are the dirt people.  We get pushed around for being who we are and we do nothing when it really matters.   Sure, we can do boat parades and gather for rallies but when the time comes and the votes are being counted and mis-counted we are all standing back grumbling and that is all we will do.

I am not saying we need to start a violent campaign or anything like that.  I am simply trying to illustrate that our nation is not that fair playing ground when it comes to the government.  We have allowed people who we thought we could trust (democrats) a chance to infiltrate the bureaucracy and in the process take our supposedly impartial government away from us leaving us a huge juggernaut of massive proportions that has far more control  over our lives than any of our founders ever could have envisioned. 

If you wonder what will be the cause of a potential second civil war it will be the abuse of this massive power that the left will go finally too far.  Only then will we be stirred up to take up arms to defend the nation we were born in all to try to bring it back to where it should rightfully be in our society.  Not a tool for politicians to abuse in order to gain wealth and power.

Thomas Jefferson wrote to the son in law of John Adams and in this letter of 1787 he was discussing the new Constitution.  This quote was made in reference to the difficulties in keep liberty.  I have included the preceding sentences to try to illustrate not just the simple essence but also the context of what it was made:

“……What country before ever existed a century and half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve it’s  liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure…….”

Here is a link to the entire letter. https://www.monticello.org/site/research-and-collections/tree-liberty-quotation#:~:text=In%20a%201787%20letter%20to%20William%20Stephens%20Smith%2C,leave%20through%20you%20to%20place%20them%20where%20due.

 Jefferson was more than aware that governments by their very nature beget tyranny.  His awareness as well as the rest of our founders was such that the Second Amendment was included in our Bill of Rights not with the government’s consent for us to bear arms but that it will be a fact that we will be armed and should be considered capable of a rebellion if the government gets out of hand.  Our being armed was intended to stop an unruly and unjust government from trampling our rights.

Fellow Dirt People, I present to you the evidence that we are rapidly approaching a point where either we will consent to give away our liberty by not acting to resist this obvious effort of both the democratic party and the government to disenfranchise us, or we will be forced by their actions to take the initiative to force this corrupt practice and poisonous cabal to cease and be gone from our society.

Reflecting on the novel ‘Atlas Shrugged’ by Ayn Rand and the recent election

Ayn Rand must have had some sort of gift for seeing the future.  Well, she got so much right about where we were going as a nation oh so many years ago.  There is one thing, however, that she miscalculated on and even so, I am sure she would be happy with her mistake.

In the novel John Galt is the mystery man who upon learning that his rights as an individual to earn and keep what he produced was being stripped away decides that he cannot abide with that and he then dropped out of society.  Further, he sought to prove to the rest of society that without people who were the lynch pins of society working constantly to make the system function the economy would crumble.  Once the economy crumbled the society would collapse in on itself because of a lack of production as well the lack of leadership.

He then started a process of removing those business and community leaders who were the inspiration and energy for their respective enterprises.  As a result the system, as corrupted by socialism as ever, started to crumble.  This is a short assessment of the gist of the novel and I am not presuming it is completely to the point.  I am merely illustrating the theme to get to my point.

What I see as being more important and a correction upon the theme that Ayn Rand described in her novel is that today our ‘KEY’ people do not number as few hundred or a few thousand of critical movers and shakers in our society.  Unlike the novel, I see our numbers in THE MILLIONS.  As I wrote a few days ago, we ‘Dirt People’ are the backbone and the human machinery of our nation.  Without our efforts on a daily basis the nation would come to a complete stop.  Millions of  us, who all see the same horizon ahead as the socialists move their plans ahead to enact controls and limitations on the individuals for the good of society. We do not agree with that policy.

In the novel a few hundred stopped the nation in its tracks.  In reality we could stop the nation for real.  Our situation is not like the novel with a nice story about essential truths of life.  We can actually bring this nation to a complete and utter halt. It is ludicrously simple for us to do as well.

Imagine if all 90 some million of us quit working?

Imagine that we stopped using our creativity and ingenuity to make the system work?

If we did, once the supplies and reserved stores are gone who would make more?  Making our position even stronger is the fact that the majority of the privately held businesses that do the excavating, logging, building, plumbing, car repair, car parts manufacture, transportation and a myriad of other service based industries are owned by ‘Dirt People’ just like you and me. 

Just imagine how would Biden cope with that? 

How would AOC and her cronies fix this?

The answer is that they cannot.  You cannot train and start new businesses up to replace the production and equipment and tools without taking months to prepare, train and equip every worker and every process.  If the socialists decide that they are going to get ‘Tough’ on the strikers and start using strong arm tactics, well, Civil War 2 would ensue rapidly as we also pretty much own all the guns and have been preparing for such an event for many years now.  Our unity and determination needs to remain strong and together we can push back in ways that the left has no way to counter.

Ayn Rand’s novel is sort of a wishful thinking exercise where the good guys strike back.  Our world and our nation has created a situation where we have an opportunity to resist the very socialist juggernaut Ayn described in her novel and do it at a level that is in multiples of her vision in terms of the results. 

We must not allow the left to tear us apart and trust me that the statements about creating lists of Trump supporters to be dealt with by the new administration is their expression of fear. They fear that we will not go quietly into the night and will start pushing back in very meaningful ways. They know we are a threat and while they openly ridicule us and mock us, they honestly live in the fear that one, we are right about personal self interests being the fuel for a prosperous economy and improved lifestyles and two, that if we unify and act as a group they cannot stop us.

I would christen this movementThe John Galt Projectwith the express goal of proving once and for all that individual freedom and enterprise IS the true source of our nation’s greatness and that any attempt to reshape this will end up in utter failure.  We are the army of individuals who can act as one and shut this nation down.  Our actions require the easiest thing we can do which is that we do nothing!!! 

Pick a day.

Tell everyone it is  coming and will last as long as it needs to and then when that day comes,


Ayn Rand’s army of individuals numbered in the hundreds.  We number in the millions.  Ayn would be proud that so many of us see the truth she was illustrating in her novel. 

All we need to do is follow the blue print that she posited in ‘Atlas Shrugged’.  Simple…..

Time to go on STRIKE!!!!!

The Gauntlet has been thrown down….The Rebellion has started. We are the Resistance.

The rebellion has begun.  It was not started by those of us on the red side.  We were happy as things were with Trump and how the nation was fairing.  What started this was the actions of the left in stealing the 2020 presidential election.

We have seen this type of behavior by the socialists before.  Never have we seen it with such massive proportions.  It is one thing to steal votes to become dog catcher.  That affects local people and everyone knows who did it and eventually the perpetrator will pay price as ALL CHEATERS DO!!!!  Dishonesty has a way of coming back to haunt the person or people who act in such a devious manner.

It is entirely another to steal a national election.  It takes brass balls for one and a willingness to be despised and hated by a large number of citizens who abhor such treachery.  The democrats have made it clear that they are willing to challenge and confront us in their quest to destroy our nation. As Trump said, we are in their way.

The gauntlet has been thrown down my fellow DIRT PEOPLE.  We have been directly challenged by the left who are sitting back counting on the fact that our respect for law and order will stop us from acting out like the left’s drones in Antifa and BLM are destroying our cities.  Deplorables don’t do that.  We love our country.  The left counts on our allegiance to the law and the orderly operation of our society. They know we will not rise up and start destroying other people’s things and property.

So, what are we to do?

Well, maybe it is time that all 70 million of us who cannot ignore the actions of the left go on strike.  Shut the nation down for a week.  No trucks move.  No trains.  No planes.  NOTHING gets made or repaired.  Businesses that are on our side, shut down.  Let’s bring this society to a standstill and let the pampered elite find out what it is like when they cannot get their food, gas, or any other thing that they normally expect every day.  I am sure the antifa wannabe will not be happy when they cannot get their double triple latte mocha whatever when the supplies stop coming to make it.

We are the rebellion.  We have power.  We must use it to demonstrate how unhappy we are with how our candidate was treated.  We can force people to acknowledge that we are important and valuable to society and not throw away people as Hillary and Obama and the rest of the democrats think of us. We are the bedrock of this nation. We built it; we operate it; we maintain it; we are far more essential than some petty functionary in an office that wants that socialist utopia that honestly can never exist.

Face it folks, we do not want the kind of society that essentially sentences the elderly to death because the money is better spent on the young when it comes to providing health care services.  I am 65 and I demand my place at the table and my right to receive treatment is as absolute as my right to live as my forebears destined. The government has no right to tell me or anyone to take a pill and wait to die like Obama said it does.

If we do not stand up and force these people to reckon with us, it is a question of time before we will be forced to do it with far more lethal means.  Better we unify and start making noise now then to wait and have circumstances force us to get very aggressive as far as demanding attention. The sooner we start asserting ourselves en masse’ the sooner we can start the momentum to shove this filthy cabal of liberal socialist scum back and out of our nation. Socialism has no place in a free society.

If we do not pick up the mantel of freedom now and do whatever it takes to force the government to respect and leave the rights of the people alone, we will become drones ourselves with little recourse in the face of an ever burgeoning leviathan that the federal bureaucracy has become. 

The socialists use bureaucracy to isolate themselves from the masses.  We are as far removed from their lives as they can get us.  Our presence to the left elites is alarming and to them, disgusting because we are essentially ‘Dirt People’ who cling to Bibles, Guns, the Bill of Rights, Christianity, Tradition and the flag.  We are loathed and despised for who and what we are.  The thicker the layer of government between us and the leadership elite, the less impact we have.

We need to use the tools we have at our disposal to demonstrate our determination to replace this socialist; for the good of all over the individual; society with one founded on freedom and liberty.  As I said, we have had the gauntlet thrown at us.  Now is the time to organize and start the resistance.

Hello fellow Dirt People

I use the term dirt people because as far as I can tell, this is what the left thinks of those of us who voted for Trump and supported his policies.  We are the red neck Bible toting, gun loving, American Flag loving, Veteran supporters, Christian, Anti socialism Citizens who despise the agenda that Biden and the rest of the prominent democrats endorse.  They call us Deplorables.  They call us Walmart people.  They describe us as ‘smelly’, illiterate, backwards, gun loving, violent, racist, homophobe, Confederacy loving, primitives who do not deserve any respect at all.  They go out of their way to find ways to demean our beliefs and way of life.  They seek to control our language and speech in public. They force us to tolerate social behaviors of some people due to their religion while openly suppressing ours. In other words the left despise us for who and what we are as well as our Christian place in our society as well as the documented Christian heritage of our nation.

If you look at a map of the nation with the color red for areas we live in and love you will see we occupy the huge majority of the land of this nation.  We are the people who do the work that these ‘Elite socialists’ don’t want to do.  We are the farmers, builders, manufacturers, drivers, garbage haulers, miners, mechanics, utility maintainers, and just about everything else that is done including business owners, entrepreneurs, and hard working people.  It is on our backs that the left controls the nation.

If we stopped working, the left would literally starve to death.  If we shut down transportation into the cities, the left would starve to death and if we shut down the utilities to these cities, the left would die of exposure.  They cannot do what we do.  They consider what we do to be ‘beneath them’.  We are supposed to kowtow to their agenda and never complain and just support them because they are the ‘politically correct’ Americans and we are deplorable.

We are witnessing the most obvious and blatant theft of an election in the history of the United States.     The left has such little respect for us that they are openly and defiantly committing fraud by stuffing the ballot box and gaming the systems to get their senile candidate in off. Once their candidate is in office their intent is to finish destroying what was the founding of our nation which they have openly said that they hate. They seek to irrevocably alter the fundamental nature of our society. They actually use those terms. They openly admit that they seek to change everything.

I am less concerned from here as to where we go as to when the war starts.  You cannot suppress the will of the producers of everything that is essential to a society without fomenting a confrontation.  It is not a question of will we tolerate this.  It is a question of when will we put our proverbial foot down and say enough is enough.  We will not be their servants.  We will not be their slaves.  We will not continue to do what we do that benefits them if all we receive is condemnation and ridicule.

We are conflicted in this because as we love our nation and our founding we also abhor the notion of defying our government as it is not the act of a civil society.  Even so, there will come a time when the left takes that one step too far; the straw that breaks the camel’s back so to speak. 

Will it be mandatory registration and massive ownership taxes for semi automatic weapons?  Will it be a ban on certain types of firearms? Will it be an outright gun registration and eventual ban?  Will it be mandatory inoculations?  Will it be the total re-write of our education system that deletes all mention of American greatness? (They are already well on the way to this one) Will it be a move to single payer government rationed healthcare?  Somewhere along the path that the left has laid out for our nation in their announced agenda we will come to a place where collectively we ‘dirt people’ will say ‘Enough is enough!’ and the lead will start to fly.

There is one immutable fact about mankind that the left refuses to acknowledge and admit it is suffering from.  This fatal flaw is that the human lust for power and control. This corrupts everything someone does.  Once the lust for power and control starts running unchecked tyranny follows automatically in line with it.  Power and control relies on uniformity and single mindedness of the citizenry. Ultimately, the consequences of such addictions are chaos and dissent.  This leads to economic recessions and depressions all at the hands of those who claimed would ‘fix it’.

Imagine having gasoline back to 5 dollars a gallon.  Imagine that our combined taxes rise to levels that we only see in the most restrictive nations in Europe where freedom is merely a ghost of the past.  Imagine that all gasoline automobiles are banned and our only resource would be electric cars or public transit of which neither exists in any quantity that would satisfy need?

Keep in mind, in my 65 years, I cannot recall a time during a democrat administration where our economy was robust.  JFK/LBJ led us into a recession as the war in Vietnam would down.  Carter was an absolute disaster.  Clinton may have balanced the budget but it was on the merits of a republican Congress and not due in any way to his skills.  The economy stumbled along during his 8 years.  I must add that both Bush presidencies weren’t picnics either as they lacked the fundamental basics of what we have seen in the last 4 years.  Both Bushes were deep state advocates who were as linked to the corruption as the democrats are.  Remember too, the RINOs in the republican party who have not lifted a finger to help Trump during his presidency or during this election.   They are as much a part of the problem as the democrats we are seeing who are orchestrating this farce that is an election count. Obama went out of his way to suppress our economy intentionally to force the memory of winning our of our mindsets. His 8 years demonstrated that we can be forced to lose if the government wants us too. The only people that won during his presidency were those on welfare and in the inner circle of influence who profited mightily during his years. This is what we face.

Trump was a blessing if only because he reminded the nation how good we can be at succeeding in everything.  He taught a lesson in American greatness that had been forgotten.  He encourage the nation to grow and prosper. As a result our economy flourished picking up every citizen of all races along the way. In fact, the entire world flourished. This is who we, as Americans, can be!!!!!!

 My fellow ‘dirt people’, we are facing this future and it is not an ‘If’.  It is a ‘WHEN’ will this arrive.  I had hoped that my grandchildren would not be forced to see the coming rebellion that will occur sooner now than I had hoped.

Perhaps it was wishful thinking on my part that I thought that maybe if we show the drones who support the democrats how good life could be with a thriving economy that maybe they would see the virtues and join in.  Sadly, no.  The drones will always be drones until they are forced by starvation and lack of a place to live into understand and fighting and working to support their needs.   No, we need a rebellion in order to weed out those who do not have loyalty to the promise that our forefathers gave us.  These tyrants are committing treason on a daily basis all so they can garner more control and power to alter and reshape our nation into a perversion of what it once was and still can be.

We dirt people hold the power.  It comes down to whether we are determined and brave enough to wield it in such a way that we assert the control over the rest of the nation so as to force them to respect our desires and our dreams for America too.  Our unity and determination can be used to demonstrate our ‘dissatisfaction’ with how our nation as well as how we are being treated. If they still choose to deride us we will have to resort to taking back our nation by force.  We don’t want to do this but, we are being given little choice  by the democrats and rinos and their actions to deny us any voice.  While I fear for my loved ones, I do not fear for my fellow like-minded citizens.  We will prevail.  It is just a question as to how and when it all starts.

Even if we win this election the war will go on……

The power grabbing elite will not rest until the controls of socialism are in place in our nation. They use their puppets in the media and education system to brainwash the young into thinking that our founding and our past is flawed and needs to be replaced. They support politicians who advocate the disarmament of the people thereby making the seizure of power easier and less likely to fail. This is the enemy.

We may win this election and the next but the socialism poisoned arrow has been let loose and unless we seriously make an effort to eradicate this treasonous influence from our nation and our government specifically, we will not ever be secure or safe from tyranny. This ‘war’ on our nation started over 100 years ago, perhaps longer, when the elite decided we were not European enough with the introduction of foreign born professors in our universities in the late 1800’s. This began the socialist enlightening that has corrupted the American ideals.

The sad reality is that unless their is an uprising that brings the forces of socialism in direct confrontation with the forces of freedom loving Americans there will be no end to this. Only with the cataclysmic event such as CWII would we see the re-establishment of our founding in earnest. Short of this we would see actions that would be merely panaceas towards the needed actions and the socialist element will survive and continue to grow.

The lure of socialism is a lie. One thing I have learned is that there are no good men or women when it comes to wielding power. No matter how carefully you vet them, they will have a tendency towards some aspect of governing that will result in the birth and nurture of corruption somewhere within society and the government. This human failing our founders understood and they sought to protect our nation from tyranny by the creation of a Constitution and Bill of Rights. Knowing man could not be trusted, this was their attempt to avoid the corruption of power.

Socialism is snake oil masked as a form of government. The side show salesmen knew their product was flawed but the lure of money and power was their reason for selling it as the miracle cure for whatever ails you. They lure the uninformed and the unsuspecting into buying their product and voting them in all based on the promise that things will be better. Once they are in power massive changes take place to totally disrupt the society to such an extent that life is never the same.

Socialist proponents sell their system as being fair and just and yet, history says otherwise. Those governments that are stable such as the Scandinavian nations are not socialist societies but actually forms of democratic socialist governments with predatory taxes levied to pay for all of the programs that are provided. The people can vote and select different political parties and candidates and alter the arrangements as they wish too. They voted the programs in piecemeal and can remove them in the same manner. The people still have a high degree of control there.

The socialist societies where the wealth has been taxed and confiscatory wage taxes levied along with government take overs of various industries are much less freedom oriented and the examples of this such as USSR, Communist China, Hitler’s Germany, Mussolini’s Italy, Venezuela, Cuba, and a host of other nations are all examples where the government attained more power than the people and kept it that way either until the nation failed or in the case of a few are still in existence in this form.

What is truly sad is that those people who are desirous of socialism are missing the point of our American nation and our founding. Our founders wanted to promote opportunity for all citizens and all that is required is that you try. Each person has limitations however and one cannot aspire to be a industrial tycoon if they do not have the skill set. What has happened in our time is that people have been encouraged to desire rewards and benefits without the accomplishment on their parts. They seek a parental like government to see to their needs.

This turn away from personal accomplishment to a society of wants without concern for personal achievement is in part the result of social planning by our socialist politicians who have been nurturing this dependent class within our society since the 60’s. From providing a minimum quality of living standard we have seen this grow to the welfare class of citizens we see today who in some cases have been living off the government and their fellow working neighbors for generations. Making this worse is the ever expanding government dedicated not to preserving the founders vision of society and our nation but instead to increasing their power and control over the people and the lands they own.

The last 4 years have shown how a government that does not play the heavy on the business sector can promote opportunity and prosperity for all. This terrifies the socialist wannabes because this improves the lives of all of the people without the socialists being in control. Thus we see the massive attacks being made upon Trump, and the nation as a whole as the socialists have been threatened in a way that has not happened since the Eisenhower administration.

Ike warned us of this ‘military industrial complex’ which is the conglomeration of business leaders and government who hold massive sway over the policies and management of society. Many mistake this as solely being about the military but it is in fact about the co-opting of our government by the likes of Bill Gates, George Soros and the Social Media barons. These massively wealthy people have gotten control over our media and our government agencies via bureaucracy and policies and we are seeing them deployed against Trump and we deplorables on a daily basis.

There is a conflict coming and it will start at the voting booth, move to the streets and depending on how violent it gets may turn into a civil war. The problem I have is that we freedom loving citizens may end up fighting both the socialist wannabes in Antifa and BLM along with fighting the government if the democrats win in November. If we win, we may end up fighting the Antifa and BLM anyways. Keep in mind, even if we prevail this year, these power mad socialists are not going away and this is merely one round in the ongoing battle we are in.

‘It is good to be king’ so it has been said. The power of control is the most corrupting aspect of the human condition and has not been eradicated by the development of mankind. If anything those who crave control have been made more powerful with the dawning of the post industrial revolution age. Our information technology has given these wannabe tyrants direct access to the masses and it is doubtful the likes of Gates, Soros and Zuckerberg will change their tune from pro-socialism to pro-individual freedom ever. They are the points on the spear of tyranny and if we want to eventually live with less of a threat from socialism and its tyranny we will need to deal with the overwhelming power that individuals can possess in our nation.

What I really Fear Nov 3 and beyond.


    We are heading into very uncertain times.  You know of what I speak.  The divide between the left and right in this country is farther apart than I have ever seen it.  Where when we were kids the idea of a socialist sympathizer running openly for the presidency or any of the members of congress leaning in such a way would have been a cause for their ouster in the next election.  Now we have people who have openly vowed to end our republic and replace it with a socialist democracy where if history is any indicator we will see the leadership elite rewarded and every one else penalized and their lifestyles degraded to such an extent that Venezuela may look like a picnic in a few years.  As I mentioned, you are fully aware of all of this.

    What do I fear??????   The answer is far simpler than it might seem.

    I fear big government.

    I fear the tyranny of the majority when it comes to the rights of the minority.  Despite the claims of the left for the need for equality somehow our futures as freedom loving and founding loving Americans are the things that the left needs to eradicate.  We are a serious threat to them because we will not go quietly into the night and we will fight against their usurpation of the founding of this nation with all our might.

    In the future if we lose, the likes of AOC, Bernie, and the rest of the pseudo communists will see to it that our kind will rapidly become extinct.  Just as the ‘opposition’ vanished after the ascension of Lenin, Mussolini, Hitler, Mao, Castro and all the other tyrants of the 20th century the ability of the citizens of all those nations to resist the unreasonable mandates of their consolidated socialist governments was destroyed and thus, so were their freedoms.  These peoples were both the cause and victims really.  Victims of the snake oil peddlers who sought to obtain and consolidate total control over their societies.  These people believed that the words of these tyrants that their lives would be far better under their governmental control only to find out that once they willingly surrendered their votes and actions to these leaders they also surrendered their freedoms and in time, their prosperity.

    This is the enemy we face in this election and all those elections that are coming in our future.  The socialist movement will not stop because it is fueled by the corruption of those people who lead it.  They thrive and flourish by feeding on dissension that they create and nourish.  This dissension is what they utilize to widen the divide between those of us who cherish freedom and opportunity and those who want the government to be their caretakers and providers.  The fool those who want the government to be the big daddy for them into believing that if elected they will do that.  Little do these people know what lies in their future if their leaders come to power. These snake oil peddlers want control more than anything else. Control which will provide them luxurious lifestyles while their fellow citizens starve.

    I fear the government because it is the tool of these wannabe tyrants who see me and all those like me as obstacles in their quest and lust for absolute power.  The power of government with their accomplices in the media can be used to destroy anyone or anything who stands in their way.  Their use of the bully pulpit along with punitive actions of their agencies can remove obstacles in their way including people and Amendments like the 1st and 2nd in our Bill of Rights.

The people we see rioting and causing all the destruction are pawns in this game and the real enemy is the actions of the government and the forces it can exploit and control.  Little do they know that the things we fear are intended for them as well once we are out of the way.

    My final thought is we need to vote and encourage every patriot you know to vote and vote against the rise of tyranny.

    In the days following the election we will see more violence and our vigilance will be our greatest asset.

    As Ol’ Remus always said, be alert and stay away from crowds.

One if by land……….We are under attack!!

    I am sure you are about as disgusted as I am with with antics of the left and how things are going leading to November 3rd.  The latest is the arson setting forest fires in Oregon and who knows where else. 

    The left has encouraged a small portion of their constituency that are true antisocial destructive people and it would seem that they are losing control of the situation.  To the hard core socialists who are trying to overthrow the government this is of little consequence.  In their way of thinking, the worse things get the easier it will be for them to take over.  For the rest of us the cost of living will increase and the amount of aggravation will increase as well as life goes forward.  In the end, if the left wins I seriously doubt that this kind of insurrection will result in anything less than a firing squad as they will seek to consolidate their control and eliminate undesirables from both extremes of the political spectrum.

If the right wins (I expect Trump will win) we can expect ever worsening riots and insurrection to such an extent that I think Trump will have to use the federal Insurrection act to put them down.  This will merely whet the appetite of the left and it remains to be seen how bad it will get before the mid term elections.  I wonder how we can rid our society of such rabblerousers without creating further divisions.  I have no problem with vigorous political discourse.  I do have a huge problem with violence and wanton destruction of property.  When this escalates to such an extent that it mirrors an attack on a community like you would see in a war, then it is time to clamp down on the situation and do so with great vigor bordering on zealotry.

    Ultimately, the real issue we face is not unfairness in our society.  Yes, we have problems.  Yes, things could be better.  All you need to do to see that we are not that bad is to go anywhere else in the rest of the world and see how difficult things are there as compared to the opportunities here.  No, it is not patterned unfairness that is driving this.

    We are under attack.  We have an element of revolutionaries agitating within our society that are fomenting revolution and anarchy as a means to accomplish their goals of socialist conquest.  These people are a menace and 50 years ago would have been arrested for their activities.  Instead, due to politically correct ‘tolerance’ we are letting these people roam freely and not only that but we have some of these agitators who are given pulpits to preach their anti-American dogma on our main stream media who are complicit with them in their efforts.  As an American who understands and loves our founding principles, I see this damage and the erosion to our country and I believe we will be called to stand and fight to preserve our union.  In many ways, the sooner the better.

    So, the insanity of our national conversation is wearing on me like it is on everyone who cares at all about  how people are living.  I see the tactics of the left as plain as day.  First, start educating the children that America is bad.  Second, disarm as many citizens as possible to reduce resistance against the movement of socialism.  Third disrupt our social institutions as much as possible to create divisions and distrust within our culture so as to weaken it even more.   Fourth, infiltrate as many ‘institutions’ as possible displacing as many patriots and conservatives as possible from these organizations and governmental agencies.

They have succeeded with all of these and are heading into the home stretch of their conquest of our nation.  This cannot go on unanswered and have our nation remain as founded.  We are rapidly approaching a turning point and we are not doing anything to stop this or reverse our course.

If we wait for the government to do something it is not going to happen soon enough to save us from a bloody conflict. To prevent an out and out war, we need be prepared and ready to face this force aligned against us.

To do so we need to establish and reinforce friendships and alliances that strengthen our communities. We need to stay vigilant and on top of current events and prepared to fend off invaders in our communities who are only there because they want to disrupt our normal lives to bring that element of anarchy into our communities. We need to be ready to do what is necessary if the situation goes critical. If armed conflict starts we are the fundamental roots of our nation and our heritage. We need to be willing and ready to stand up and hold the line if need be. The government is not going to stand up to these people because it has been co-opted by the left the deep state will delay and otherwise hinder any meaningful response until it is almost if not too late.

Politics are a distraction at this point. The hyping of various supposed incidents is pure strategy by the left to advance their agenda and has nothing to do with improving society or bringing us together. Do not expect a peaceful period once the election is over. If anything, things will get worse….much worse….no matter how they go.

I see the reality in the current situation and hope you do as well. All we have to preserve our heritage is each other. I hope my fellow patriots are ready. This is not going to get any easier nor will it go away anytime soon.

The deaths in Kenosha and Portland….CWII has started

It has begun…….

The last few days have given proof that a shooting war has started in our nation.  A civil war between factions, not states.

The battle is over political philosophy and doctrine and not over a singular social issue.  There is a faction who  have decided they are unhappy with the system that brought us from 1776 to the present and they want to completely replace it with socialist based concepts that are truly foreign to our original system of government set forth by the founders.

One problem is that the socialists have done the same thing as Mao and Lenin by claiming that the system in place is patently unfair and that if they are given power they will ‘distribute’ the wealth of our nation out ‘fairly’.  They are the arbiters of what is fair or not and to a great extent this is a revenge based movement and not one dedicated to promoting a fruitful society.

Just as we have seen in Venezuela that the people voted their way into a system like this only to find that they are starving to death, we will inevitably see our nation follow the same path.  This is also what happened in Russia and China.  Once you slay the motivation of making your own way in life and earning as much as you can and replace it with government defined ‘equality’, you find people are not willing to put the effort forth if they cannot reap the benefits of their hard labor and creativity.  You cannot mandate people to excel solely for the benefit of others.

The socialists had to wait until the WWII generation as well as most of the Korean war generation were gone before they could take their movement to the mainstream.  It would not have been tolerated by those who remembered the brutal actions of governments supposedly dedicated to equality as were seen before and during WWII, and after in nations such as China, Cuba and various eastern European nations that were crushed under the Soviet thumb after WWII.

Problem is that even if we can stop the drive of the socialists this time around, as long as they are a viable political entity we will have to keep fighting them and they will up the ante seeking more and more violent confrontations so as to create martyrs to use as symbols of society’s unfairness.  This is even if these supposed ‘martyrs’ are criminals and had been engaging in criminal acts at the time they met their fate.

Our nation had the red scare and despite the awareness of the dangers of communism and socialism now we see them as a threat not just in our society but in our government leaders.   This presence in our government by people professing these beliefs that are antithetical to our founding actually is the threat is the end of our freedoms as we understand them.   You have to understand that to the left, freedom is unfair because they do not control it.  Only when everyone is equally imprisoned in a economic and socially controlling systems will they supposedly be free and equal.  I would add that they are they generally unable to fight their way out of the controls they find themselves in as well.  You see, disarmament is merely one aspect.  Curbs on free speech for some as well as the mandatory activities directed by the state are controls such as in our public schools  are used to maintain order in a socialist society.

Our founders would be spinning in their graves if they knew of the treachery afoot in our nation today including within our government.  Everything we are hearing from the BLM and ANTIFA and socialist representatives is in diametric opposition to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.   Those founding concepts and documents are the hindrances that the left seek to destroy.

We are in a shooting war now.  Blood has been spilled in socialist controlled cities with only the conservative (founding documents) based individual being held accountable.  This is the pattern we should expect to continue until these revolutionaries are pushed out of power and their followers either arrested, driven from the field or put down whatever way is necessary.  We can no longer sit back and expect others to pull our weight along with them in protecting and preserving our nation.  It is time to stand and be ready to do what is necessary to protect the republic.


Gov. Cuomo’s ‘Mein Kampf’

It is pretty certain you have heard of Andy Cuomo’s plan to write a book about his experiences in his handling of the Covid19 crisis.  I am sure he will do double back flips patting himself on his back complimenting his conduct of New York’s Official response to the epidemic.  He will assign blame to  President Trump for every death we had in our state.  Problem is none of this is true.

Hitler wrote ‘Mein Kampf’ excoriating the Jews as being the reason post WWI Germany was in such a recession.  Never mind that Germany started WWI and this resulted in millions of deaths in all quarters of Europe.  Never mind that the Weimar republic was at best inept and at worse counter productive to the betterment of the German economy.  Never mind that ‘Mein Kampf’ was the prelude to the goal of exterminating an entire ethnic population solely because of the delusions of Hitler.

So, Andy ‘Death Camp’ Cuomo is going to write about his ‘challenging’ experiences.  Consider that our death numbers in NY are as massive as they are due, in large part, to his, Governor Cuomo’s, inept policies including mandating Nursing homes accept Covid19 positive patients essentially turning them into ‘Death Camps’.  Add that no visitors were allowed and residents really could not leave meaning that introducing the flu virus into these homes was the same as gassing Jews in the death camps of Germany.  They knew the virus was dangerous if not fatal if they caught it and could not leave or do anything about it.

I know it sounds severe if not ghoulish to refer to Cuomo and use terms like ‘Death Camp’  and make direct references to WWII and Hitler.  Problem is that it is essentially the same scenario.  You have a confined group of people and you introduce a deadly pathogen in their environment.  No one who cares about these residents would have ever suggested doing this.  Despite the complete lack of logic in the notion of sending Covid patients to nursing homes, Cuomo ordered it and they could not refuse.  This was massive and negligent endangerment  of  our senior citizens.   If anything, Cuomo should be charged with Manslaughter.

Worse yet Cuomo, by banning visitors to these facilities, denied family members opportunities to identify dangers and perhaps protect their loved ones who could not protect themselves.  Instead we had senior citizens dying without any loved ones at their sides thousands of times over.  If this is not an execution in reality and by design, I do not know what else it could be.

Add that early on, when it could have made a huge difference, Cuomo did not quarantine the regions that were immediately affected by Covid in Westchester and in the city. Cuomo could have also stemmed the spread of the virus by banning travel out of that area. Cuomo could have closed the airports. Cuomo could have shut down mass transit for a week, and  shut down the business activity in the quarantine area and possibly have stopped the massive spread of the virus in its tracks.

Instead, it was business as usual until it was too late and NY residents had unknowingly  spread the virus throughout the city and across the nation.  Then (finally), Cuomo shut down businesses but not mass transit in NYC.  This is after the disease had spread across the state and across the nation.  This is all on Cuomo’s shoulders.  This is not good management of a emergency situation.

So, as Cuomo writes his version of ‘Mein Kampf’ just keep in mind that his opinions and recollections of a ‘struggle’ that he was faced with was largely of his own making and a result of decisions he made that killed THOUSANDS in New York and across the nation!!!!

The man is delusional if he thinks he made things better.  It is beyond obvious that he made things worse for the entire nation.  It is this level of self delusion that puts Andy Cuomo in the same league as Adolf Hitler.  Another delusional figure that  caused the deaths of 100 million people.