The US has been under attack since 1991

Our Culture has been under attack since the end of WWII and probably longer than that. What has changed is that while previously we were being attacked in a decentralized way, the efforts now are far more focused and much larger in scale.

The media along with academia are leading the charge to completely erase our unique culture. Our culture is based on freedom of the individual from the government and government controls. There is no other nation on earth that had embraced such personal liberties as the United States of America did from our founding.

Historically the rest of the world is built on former monarchies and dictatorships of one sort or another. They may have ‘adopted’ civil rights and a popularly elected government but their foundations are all in fiefdoms of power and control.

What do you think happens when the monarchy falls or is displaced by a ‘democratic’ government? Do you think these vassals and underlings of the ruler simply are erased or disappear? The answer is no.

These movers and shakers of influence and corruption simply find new niches to crawl into to continue their activities under the new governing system. As a result, these societies who thought they had embraced democracy actually have embraced a new more refined form of controls and limitations. It just takes a few years for the new/old system to resurface. The elites of these nations are the academics and the corporate leaders along with the government approved media outlets.

What threatens the status quo in these old world nations is the upstart United States of America where there never was a monarchy that was the godhead of the land prior to the creation of that nation. There were tribal entities across the continent but they were not unified in any way and fought among themselves for territory and control of resources. As the American nation grew these disparate groups were either absorbed or swept aside as they were the primitive tribes which in most all the world have been made extinct by evolution of man and his social systems.

With the US founded as a free society all other citizens of the world who are aware of the controls and limitations put upon them by their own governments see that a nation can flourish without the despotism and tyranny of excessive rule. This, in the eyes of the elites in the old world, must be stopped. Since it has been proven that destroying your own citizenry does not work in suppressing this belief, (the end of USSR is but one example) there had to be another way to maintain control of their societies.

The solution was to infiltrate and destroy the freedoms of Americans by destroying the culture that embraces them. To this end I have seen the increasing indoctrination of students in the academic realm along with the media being totally co-opted by foreign interests with their emphasis being moved away from an America centric message to one of globalism and the old world mindset being the more ‘refined’ way of thinking. The academic avenue or the media avenue would not work on their own., Only by using both at the same time can any meaningful movement towards the old world socialism can be accomplished.

I trace this latest hard push towards socialism to the end of the USSR and the fall of the iron curtain. While the politburos and various governments all were superseded with quasi-democratic forms the political actors who were the key players in the past before this transformation still exist within the new governments. Putin was an active agent of the state before the fall of the USSR and he is now premier of Russia and is likely as powerful as any former USSR leader was in the past. These elites do not surrender their power when systems change. They merely find new ways to manipulate and operate within the new system.

So, today we see our culture and our freedoms which are an essential part of our heritage under direct assault with the sole purpose being to eliminate them from our ethos. I trace back this movement to the onset of ‘political correctness’ in the 1990s and the active implementation of a take over plan of our society by the socialist elites who seek to attain and keep high positions of authority and power within our nation.

You can see the changes starting actively during the Clinton administration with the press being one of the first targets as political correctness is enforced by the press. Subsequently the press acted as the point of the movement throughout the Bush years and when Obama came to office he became the titular head of the new socialist United States. The left thought they had won until Trump beat Hillary and shocked them to their core. With the ascent of Trump a movement back to original founding values was underway and this is when the elites who are seeking to destroy us decided to go all in with their assault on our American traditions and values. The coordinated theft of the 2020 election was the culmination of this accelerated activity on the left.

Now, we are living under a president who by all definitions is a senile old man who is being manipulated and controlled to fast track the agenda of destroying America as quickly as possible. Bear in mind that they know they cannot co-opt the majority of the citizens over 40 so instead of trying to convert us and our way of thinking to the new ‘enlightened’ socialist system they espouse they have decided to marginalize us and destroy us in any way possible. Don’t think for a minute that Covid was not aimed at eliminating the older generations who are more susceptible to its affects. All of the posturing by Fauci and the governors was to create the us versus them mindset in the people in an effort to further isolate and ostracize the patriotic freedom loving Americans who would not submit to edicts that they believed violated their rights.

Recently we have seen the claims that white Americans are the new terrorist group that needs to be eradicated. This is just another salvo by the elitists who have seized control of our media and government in their effort to erase the Bill of Rights, our heritage and our traditions. All of the minority activism is a smokescreen and Trojan horse being used to try to suppress the Patriotic American who believes in freedom; that the election was stolen in 2020 and that Trump has been the greatest president in our generation.

This war will continue. It is a war of American uniqueness and American culture versus the global cabal of socialist elites who otherwise control the rest of the world and cannot have an upstart nation such as the USA standing as a beacon of freedom and hope for the rest of the world.

Our only hope is to win back control of the government and then eradicate the globalist agenda from our nation starting with Education and on through the bureaucracies of our federal and state governments. Only when we know we are teaching the next generation of freedom loving Americans the truth about our founding and our gifts of freedom that we fought for and won; who hear of the goodness of our nation in the news and in our media; only then we can relax and know we will carry on at least for a few decades more until the globalists try again. They will NEVER STOP TRYING…


The key word we need to concentrate on regarding CRT and CT is the word Critical. It infers that the system is inherently defective and has no hope of equalizing.

CRT condemns our system. Just as CT did in the past, the notion that the promise our nation holds is moot based on assessment of the past abandons hope for the future. No where within the millions of words written in support of either of these does the aspiration or hope of a better future occur at least not without continued condemnation of the past.

I am old enough to know that you cannot live a productive life with happiness if you constantly are reminded of your failures and inadequacies in your past. In essence you do not deserve any credit for having overcome these negative times in your life. This applies to your behaviors and decisions…..

Imagine if you applied the same logic to someone who suffered a horrible accident or was stricken with a debilitating illness? This person struggles and betters their lives and according to the rules of CRT and CT must never have any positive beliefs of their overcoming hardships and inequities that have befallen them. Makes no sense because we all know that to over come a serious negative handicap it takes character and personal strength. Ah….there is the real purpose the socialists are attacking.

Character and personal strength are assets used to improve ones life as well as the lives of those around you. How can the government be the give all and only source of stability if they allow people to shine and excel on their own?????

Thus, the purpose of CRT and in the past, CT is to suppress the independent citizen who is self realizing and self sufficient.

The socialist democrats are putting the entire citizenry back on the plantation where they rule and control who does what when and who gets more or less based on their decisions and regardless of what the individuals can do for themselves.

I, for one, refuse to submit to their false claims and accusations of unfairness. I know this nation allows people to do as best as they can according to their own abilities. That was the promise of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution and Bill of Rights. I intend to see that this continues.

Freedom Is Just Another Word...


The lie is that you are either oppressed or you are the oppressor. This is the only choice you have.

With the crap they are ‘teaching’ in today’s Government run indoctrination centers, soon CRT will stand for ‘Can’t Read’ Though’! Which is already a problem with today’s youth..

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This is written as a response to an inane remark by Joe Biden and should be considered a work of fiction.

Civil War 2 phase one:    

Biden says we will need F15s and nuclear bombs to deal with the government if we decide to revolt.  Funny thing is that it is not the government directly that we are opposed to.  Let me spell out how things might play out if a ruckus gets started.

First of all as a citizen described as being a “deplorable right wing terrorist threat to my nation” I will say the enemy I despise the most are the people who directly oppose me and those who are making my life difficult by over regulation and meddling.  I am talking about state government, elected officials and the masses of Antifa and BLM who hate our nation as founded who are destroying our communities.  Oh, don’t forget the press too.  They are as complicit in this cabal as the rest of them.

The first phase of any revolt will be to destabilize the machinery of the left at the local and state levels to start the collapse of their house of cards of lies and deceit.   If you knock the blocks out of the foundation the house will tumble down.

Next, if I am going to make a statement in an effort to stop the destruction of my nation it will be first to strike at those who are actively trying to tear it down.  The people I mentioned are high on my list.  This list includes everyone in Congress who voted for or actively worked to destroy Trump and his policies including democrats and Rinos.  If I am to be successful I need to disrupt their activities and their lives to such an extent that my cause cannot be ignored any longer.  I want to see to it that those who have actively sought to destroy my lifestyle and my nation end up cowering behind fences and razor wire afraid to venture into the cataclysm that they had such a big hand in creating.  Let them become the people who are oppressed if only by their own fears.

Certainly the government will get involved in trying to protect these socialists and they will use both police and military but the problem is I and people like me can melt back into the community and become invisible to them.  Even if they have an idea where we might be, we will not be alone and we will not be the only actors that they seek as I am one of millions who are totally fed up with what is going on in DC. The depth of those who see the tyranny and corruption are in the millions and we are losing patience and the willingness to tolerate the endless meddling and denigration of our people by the powers that be in DC, states local governments and in the press.

So, you can dispatch an F15 and send a nuclear bomb to my area but the innocent collateral damage will be far more than the value of wiping out a few of the millions who want to see a return to our founding.  If anything, overreach by the feds will ensure bad press and more momentum for our movement to end the socialist takeover of our nation.

The media are whores.  I say this in referring to their desire to be best friends with the side that they expect to win.  Once it is obvious that the establishment deep state types cannot win against a guerilla type onslaught against the machinery of government they will quickly change sides if only to try to insure that they do not have any repercussions for their previous activities…..Oh, if it were only that simple.  I have good memory and can recall hundreds of times good patriotic Americans were defamed and ridiculed by the press and by the specific reporters who went way beyond the call of honest reporting to do these biased acts.  This will not go unnoticed as the time goes ahead and the walls of the deep state come tumbling down there will be a comeuppance.

Biden can hide in the White house or Camp David or anywhere for that matter.  He is not the target.  Neither is his Vice President.  They are the unfortunate dupes who were chosen to act as figure heads for the socialist cabal as they attempted to finalize their takeover of America.  If anything, they are victims of their own stupidity and intellectual avarice for power that they did not rightfully win. 

We are a huge portion of the population and we do not need to mass and march upon any building, city or institution.   We can make our presence known in thousands of places and in hundreds of ways that will make life in the ivory towers that our socialist overlords live in unbearable rather quickly.  We are the cogs in the machinery that feed and power our nation.  We are the links in the chain of supply and production that allow liberals to live their lives of leisure inside their socialist enclaves such as San Fran and Portland and Chicago and Boston and New York City and a hundred other socialist run cities that are almost out of control already.  All we need to do is give them a push towards anarchy and the residents of their own communities will do the rest. We are intimately aware of the little things that can be done that would disrupt the entire system and set people in the cities upon each other rather quickly. All we need to do is watch once this has started.  Keep in mind, we will protect our own and if necessary move to places where it is safe. Add to this that once we have separated ourselves from the chaos and acrimony we will be able to see the socialists and their minions coming from miles and miles away.

One last thing.   I am not the creator of this plan to take back the government.  No, all I am doing is copying the plans used by the idols of the socialists when they took over the free societies they did.  What our socialist overlords conveniently forget is the bloodshed that accompanied those takeovers and the innocents who were slaughtered in the millions by the likes of Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Castro, Che and countless others who saw power and did whatever they had to in order to get it; all in the name of socialism and fairness.  The primary difference being we are aspiring to return to a free and just society as our nation was founded and not some illusory fairness for all socialist system that ended up being anything but. History has proven beyond a doubt that socialism is a fraud and only serves the leadership and their chosen few,

To President Biden, Joe, send in your F15s and nukes and it will merely seal your doom along with the rest of your cabal of socialist overlords.

Remember, this is all a fiction and is as valid a set of statements as Biden telling me he will send F15s and Nuclear bombs if I or anyone else decide to revolt…..

Fiction…….Make Believe…….what if……….I will add though, this is how it has been done before…….

The Future…Things that I believe will come to pass

You would have to be oblivious to everything to not see the unrest in the nation both overt and unstated. We see active protests in various cities from the likes of BLM and ANTIFA who are merely the latest agents of the socialist left provocateurs. Their activists have had many names but their goal has remained as originally defined when the communists promised to bury us. They wish to destroy the US as founded and institute their version of socialist utopia which in reality is simply a new form of discrimination where the government chooses the winners and losers or rather, the leadership elite get to do this. We see these activities for what they are. I say ‘we’ referring to patriotic and founding loving Americans. While the left wishes to usurp our form of governance, I believe that when things get close to the left achieving their goal a great movement of patriotic Americans will rise up and thrash them royally. You cannot keep poking the bear that is our love of freedom and not get a reaction. As long as we are an armed citizenry the left cannot prevail and they know this.

My concerns are not about stopping the socialists. In actuality while the process of stopping them will be bloody it will be quick and direct and they will crumble once they meet the might of the patriotic Deplorable nation. You see, winning elections will not restore our nation to its founding roots. It will take a cleansing in order to root out the anarchists and the revolutionaries who want to see us become the United Socialist States of America. This cleansing will be one of intense violence as the forces that love our founding and freedoms root out the infiltrators and the traitors. We know about these people and what they want to do. We can fight them directly and eliminate them rather quickly. No, my concerns are about what comes after that.

Obviously there will be a sincere effort put forth to restore the full meaning and purpose of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. As simple in principle this sounds, the actual execution will be quite problematic and fraught with peril. Keep in mind that once the left is defeated and their soldiers on the field are routed, there will remain a huge colony within our population of left minded socialist wannabes who will be waiting to start yet anew in their efforts to conquer our nation from within using the tools of freedom and free governance against us.

Included in those left wing ranks will be the schemers and plotters of the socialist movement who have rarely been seen in the light of day. These people are chess masters who use others to accomplish their goals of attaining and holding power. History shows that the socialists have used the unrest and recent revolts in many nations to their advantage repeatedly in the past. Pretty much every ‘communist’ nation we know of arose out of the ashes of recent democratic revolt. They allow patriots to oust an illegitimate regime only to oust the patriots once the peace is secured and then they institute their version of socialism which in effect is totalitarianism.

The problem we face as citizens, even as patriotic citizens, is that while we most likely can be a viable and successful fighting force, few of us are the kind of strategists needed to ensure we survive the peace that follows such an event as a civil war or revolution. Having great intentions is not enough. Understanding the scenario and the risks as well as how to quickly and with fairness establish a viable and functioning republic without falling victim to either self imposed paranoia or outside threats is a task of a high order. To ensure that our nation is allowed to rebuild an impartial system of justice we will be faced with removing thousands of people from government who by their actions or lack of action have abetted the left in their current conquest of our nation. This will be emotional, tedious and difficult work that many will not have the stomach for. In this process we must be careful to not allow imposters to take positions of authority in pursuit of a ‘new nation’ who actually seek to infiltrate our government before it starts again with socialist communist sympathizers who will initiate the seeds of our future defeat while we rebuild. This process will be very tumultuous and as difficult as it was in 1783, imagine how it dramatic and fraught with controversy it will be today with the media we currently have along with the social platforms all pushing their own agendas.

As much as we may compare ourselves to the founders we are not made of the same material. These leaders after the revolution could have established a very powerful and centralized government benefiting themselves most of all and yet, they did not do this. Their aim was to create a central government that was powerful enough to protect the nation, preserve the peace and yet be just strong enough to do that and no more. These days, our technology and communications provide a fertile ground for despots in waiting who would leap at the chance to empower themselves and their cronies all supposedly for the public good but in reality more focused on their protection and preservation of their power. In essence I am saying we do not have the virtue our founders did and we need to be mindful of this.

So, the great risk we face is not the socialists at present. It is the time of uncertainty that would surely follow a period of great civil unrest and upheaval. As I view the future honestly I do not fear for my freedoms because I am one of millions who will not allow them to be taken away, nor will we tolerate any more erosion on them. We will stand and fight and drive the controlling socialists from our midst. It is in that unknown beyond that time that I see we being our time of real trial where our hopes and desires will be put to task. Those days will be the true test of our resolve to re-establish a truly free nation upon this earth and we will be challenged to do so in a way that has the permanence of our original founding.

As Expected …

The violence every time a black criminal gets shot doing something stupid is not going to end anytime soon. It is being encouraged by those who seek to destabilize the nation and divide the American people. The agitators are creating an us versus them mentality and it is pervading our society.

Black people are being misled with sentiments that are rooted in anger and revenge. This is why they destroy neighborhoods willingly in these riots. Any white owned property can be destroyed. Any black owned property can be destroyed because these blacks sold out to the whiteys. Asians are the same.

I can only imagine where this will all lead as time goes on. An enraged minority population can cause havoc but eventually there will be pushback and it will be savage. Those Americans who are law abiding and respectful will at some point snap and then it will be game on as far as retaliating against those who are committing acts of insurrection and wanton destruction. People who respect order can only be pushed so far.

What will happen then? I can only guess. I tend to think that the left will use this as an excuse to start rounding up people and weapons (all white and legally owned firearms) in their ‘effort to quell the violence’ all while blaming the whites for the carnage. It will look bad for those who resist BLM and ANTIFA because the media will make sure it does. This is why the socialists cornered the media and hollywood before starting these latest antics of violence and destruction in society.

It’s all part of a plan to overthrow our nation from within and without an army. The socialist left have perverted our institutions and value systems to such an extent that they do not resemble at all what they were when I was a teenager in the 60’s.

My greatest fear is not for tomorrow or next month but for when the shit hits the proverbial fan. While it is very likely that the Deplorable nation will win the conflict I fear the skulking socialist tyrant who will wait in the wings not for the coming violence but for the instability that will follow after the BLM ANTIFA agitators are put down along with a lot of political types who egged on the violence.

Lenin took over after the Tsar was deposed and a ‘democratic government’ took his place. The same is true in China. Hitler rose to power after the German monarchy was deposed. When a powerful system is destroyed there is a vacuum that invites overthrow. The new government is ripe for fraud and deception as the institutions that had reliably although corruptly toiled along for centuries did protect itself and a new regime will not have the experience and system in place to protect itself quick enough to avert a take over attempt.

Thus, I do not fear the coming conflict and violence as much as the peace that will follow. In that peace are the real dangers that we will face as a nation. The agents of socialism who we should be concerned with are not the political figure heads who we see spouting nonsense on a daily basis. It is the sneaky conniving types that lurk in the shadows pulling the strings of these puppets. These people are truly dangerous as they will not hesitate to eliminate any threat to their power whereas once the violence is initially over, the American will want to heal and return to our tolerant society which is to be honest our undoing.

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

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Musings on a Sunday

BLM and ANTIFA RACISM Transgenderism in our society disrupting our lives WHY

I think that the dividing point from civil discussion and respected opposing viewpoints occurs when one side decides to nullify the other and then acts to castigate and ostracize them from society. It does not matter which opinion elects to take this path. Once chosen by a side it is the prelude to a societal war.

What we miss in getting lost in the issues of gender or other bias is that the purpose of the escalation is not the protect the view point of one side. It is to drive society into a crucible of violence that only firm government control and protections can stop. This is the socialist police state in waiting.

As a society we have tolerated many differing lifestyles with the caveat of ‘you can do whatever you want as long as I am not forced to participate’. This worked for over 200 years. Yes, there are moral objections to some behaviors and life choices but to deny people who object a platform to voice their opinions is as draconian an approach as it is to mandate 100% societal participation in what is being objected to.

The only reason we are being pushed into this conflict is to allow the true socialist activists, who almost always hide behind their issues based spokes people, a chance to grab the reins of power in a nation. Put he classes at war with each other and then take over. Look up the histories of Russia, Germany, Italy, China, Cuba and a host of other nations that have fallen to the iron fist of control that real socialism represents. The path to power is as plain as can be seen by those who can see past the issues to where we will end up.

Transgendered women in women’s sports….Olympics etc…..A solution to who can and who can’t play

This is a simpler issue to resolve than it seems. Here is the question that all transgender (Male to Female) athletes must answer ‘NO’ to in order to compete.

“Have you ever been under the influence of normal ‘male’ levels of testosterone???”

If the answer is ‘YES’ then it should be impossible for this athlete to compete in the woman’s events. After all, it is illegal for women to take testosterone and compete so why should it be legal for transgendered athletes who had testosterone in their systems at full levels for years (affecting irrevocably their body’s development) compete with women who have not?

Recounts…..will they really make any difference?????

We are witnessing a recount in Maricopa county that will likely overturn that county’s totals to Trump. There are other places getting ready to do forensic recounts in many other states. For those who believe the election was stolen by the democrats this is vindication of that belief and that an illegitimate president was sworn in on January 20th 2021. Suppose this all comes to pass and it becomes obvious to all that the election of 2020 was stolen. What would come of it?

Nothing. Or at least not what we want.

No, Donald Trump would not be sworn in. There is no method or legal procedure that would provide that as a conclusion to any recount. Once the Secretary of State of each state certifies the election results and the Electoral College votes the election is over.

That does not mean that indictments would not fly and people would be carted off to jail and otherwise banished from their elected positions if such an individual is found to be complicit in election thievery. I am sure that there would be some ceremonial convictions if and when this all comes to be. The election of 2020 is over and we must not get lost in reliving that event instead of looking forward at where we are going. 2022 and 2024 are close at hand and are more important than ever to out nation’s future as it was founded.

Andy Cuomo….soon to be ‘pariah’ for the democrats

While his sexual predator activities do not disqualify him for office the combination of the Nursing home scandal and the 10 accusations of groping and suggestive behavior combined will render the ‘Enforcer’ for Maria Cuomo’s campaigns a has been washed up and un-electable hack.

Does this mean he will never be involved in government again????? Oh hell no!!!! Andy will do the penance dance, like Clinton, Gore and a host of other politicians, and then return in some capacity or another for the democrats most likely at the federal level. That is about all he can do because the families of the grandparents he killed with his orders during the first year of Covid will not let the memory of his cruelty go without notice if he dare stick his hat into any political contest in NY.

The Loud Mouth bully from NYC is done. 3 terms and out, just like daddy Cuomo…..

(P) Resident Biden…..will he last for 2 years let alone 4?????

Our Sniffer in Chief is quite obviously suffering diminished capacity of this I am sure there is no doubt. However, he is still manageable as a human being (puppet like for the most part) and therefore will continue in office as it is convenient to the plotters behind him to have a man in the oval office that cannot answer questions honestly or any questions for that matter. As long as they can keep the fences up around Biden keeping him from being grilled in the same fashion Trump was, the illusion of him being president will continue.

It is more and more apparent that Kamala Harris is not president material despite her barbs and jabs during the debates back when. An accomplished actress Harris can read a script as well as the best of them but she gets stage fright when she is confronted with real issues and pressures to actually perform. Consider her laughing at questions as proof of her stage fright…..

Her history in the Senate is fairly indicative of someone who was there solely based on elect-ability and not on any real leadership ability. She is not a leader in the sense that she cannot control the cabal of power hungry jackals that is the democrat party leadership. Always a bit player she is not ready for prime time and this will not change.

What we need to keep in mind is not the office of the president at the moment. We need to keep our eyes on the committee of socialist anarchists that are pulling the strings that manipulate him. Nothing goes on the teleprompter without their approval and none of the executive orders that have been signed came from anyone but these weasels. You have Obama, Val Jarrett, and a laundry list of activists who all want to see the US become the United Socialist States or the USS. This is a dream come true for them as Hillary was never going to be a pushover like ‘Lyin’ Joe Biden’ has been. While Trump may have derailed Hillary, his departure opened the door for some real radicals and we are seeing the results of their manipulations.

It’s the Economy Stupid….

We will soon start down the rabbit hole of high inflation and real economic stress towards the end of the summer. When the numbers from the second quarter do not indicate much growth if any at all, the interest rates for lending will start to climb and the prices already rising will zoom up as our dollar becomes virtually worthless on the international market. This is keeping with China’s stated intent of ridding the world of the US dollar as a standard. They made this known during Obama’s reign of error and it is now coming to pass due to the intended destruction of our national economy and our rising unemployment numbers which by fall will be more than obvious.

I suggest that people start cutting back and setting aside food and other staples that are essential as we head towards winter of 21-22. Things are going to get bumpy within 3 or 4 months.

Civil War II will it come to pass?

We have left the original republic we were founded as behind as we are moving ahead. Any notion that the citizen’s rights are sacred and unalterable are gone with the ascension of the state in this Covid crisis. Stupid as it is the man-made virus from China has given the bureaucrats the power they needed to implement all sorts of controls and behavioral limits that they need to further deny us our rights.

As a result of what has happened we are facing a choice as red state, free Americans. Do we knuckle under and continue to surrender our freedoms or do we make a stand and bear the cost of doing so?

The jury is out in my mind. The decision to fight back is a huge one and cannot be made by one man or woman or even one state. It is a decision that must be collectively made. Once made it initiates an irrevocable path of potential violence that once started must be taken to its logical end.

As we stand today, keep in mind we have no organization as a group of upset Americans.

We have no leaders who are willing and able to take us into a battle for our rights and freedoms no matter how that battle plays out either in Congress, the courts or in the fields.

We have no Plan of how to get from here to there as far as fighting off the socialist barbarians and driving them from our halls of government and our institutions of government.

We are upset for sure and we all see the problems. The worst thing we can do to advance our opinions and beliefs is to charge off without a clear path to victory. I don’t care if it is political or otherwise. If we are not united and organized we will be consumed by the bureaucracy that is the socialist state and they will use any and all means at their disposal to pick us off one or two at a time if at all possible knowing that in an all out confrontation they cannot win. This is the insidious nature of creeping socialism. It is like germ warfare. Infect one part of the whole and then spread.

Keep your ears open and pay attention to the news. Not the mainstream media. News from all sources besides the MSM. Avoid social media. Avoid any organization or internet source that filters or monitors what you say or read. Some of that is unavoidable but consider the internet as being ‘bugged’ and avoid using it for information exchange and keep that face to face if at all possible.

I close by offering that today is Mother’s day and not ‘Birthing person’ day. It is an American tradition and we need to promote our heritage and avoid any attempt to rename or relabel any tradition by the left.

‘Racism’ and Crime in America. Destroying the fabric of our society one piece at a time!

The entire ‘Racism’ movement be waged by the left against establishment America is dragging the minorities backwards at an alarming rate. Instead of trying to live to a civil standard, the movement seeks to excuse any antisocial action of one of the privileged class (minority) members as being ‘innocent intent’ even if it is obvious that the actions that preceded any police intervention were anything but.

George Floyd encountered the police for passing a counterfeit 20. He refused to comply with their orders. We all have witnessed what happened subsequent to that. This was outside the place where he passed the bill and the store clerk noticed that Floyd appeared to be drunk and was behind the wheel of the car. We know that impaired drivers present a danger to society. That coupled with passing a counterfeit bill gave the police more than adequate reason to arrest him. It was Floyd’s actions that led directly to his death.

13 yr old Adam Toledo (latino) was shot at 230 in the morning in Chicago after discharging a firearm multiple times. Neighbors called the police out of a concern for their safety and the police responded. They encounters Toledo. He was approached by police (who had no idea how old he was) and told him to stop and drop the weapon. He ran and refused to comply. The presence of the weapon and refusal to stop and drop it gave the police no choice when he finally stopped but refused to show his hands or comply to orders.

The most recent case is the shooting of a 16 year old black girl, Ma’Khia Bryant in Columbus who was ready to skewer another black girl with a readily visible knife. She was ordered to stop and drip the knife by police and did not. She was thrusting the knife at a girl she had pinned against a car when the officer shot her to stop the attack. Had the officer not reacted after his warnings went unheeded this girl who was against the car would have been gravely if not fatally injured.

In all of these cases each of these victims engaged in illegal activity willingly and refused when confronted to stop and or comply with orders of law enforcement. I cannot understand how anyone would expect a positive outcome of their interaction with police if they ignore or refuse to comply with law enforcement orders and this is made all the worse when deadly weapons are involved. This is stupid behavior and my only explanation is that either they did not learn that you have to obey laws or that these people are just plain stupid.

To date 103 law enforcement officers have lost their lives this year in the line of duty. That is many times more than the number of lives lost that the race hustlers are complaining about police causing. In reality the number of ‘unarmed deaths due to cops’ of blacks numbers less than ten a year. The fact is that the vast majority of black people who are shot by police are dangerous and armed and non-compliant to orders when they are finally confronted.

No law enforcement officer goes to work with the idea they are going to kill someone that day. The likelihood of a law enforcement actually removing his or her weapon from their holster is remote and in many careers this never happens in the line of duty. To make it sound like this happens all the time is just wrong.

I think that in today’s society the outcry of the left and the media about any police using excessively violent tactics upon minorities has emboldened many in the minority communities to challenge them and their authority instead of complying. This has had deadly outcomes as we have seen and as long as the left keeps beating this drum it will only get worse.

I was raised to not break laws or act in ways that harmed others. In my long life I have had encounters with the police in traffic stops and other situations and have complied and been as polite as I could be in that moment. At no time did I resist or refuse because that is not how I was raised.

My only conclusion is that these people who run, resist, brandish a weapon openly at a police officer or otherwise disobey our laws and the orders of law enforcement are anti-social at a minimum and criminals at worst. For whatever reason they did not learn the decencies of life and the importance of the rule of law. They intentionally run afoul of the law and then become indignant and resistant when caught. I cannot say if it was their home life as a child, education or lack of moral living that have brought them to these situations but I can say that as long as people continue to act in manners such as this they will encounter law enforcement and the outcomes will not be good more often than not.

Thing is, our conduct in society is not part of some role playing game. It is real-time and real-life and very dangerous if you are acting with violent intent. Holding a firearm in your hand while fleeing law enforcement is ‘violent intent’. There is no reason to not drop a weapon when commanded to by law enforcement and if you are fleeing even more so. Law enforcement are going to stop because you are suspected of having either committed a violent act or show violent intent. If anything they will increase the number of police seeking to stop you. Lesson: DROP THE DAMN GUN AND DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD!!!!!

One possible solution to all of this.

Stop policing black and latino neighborhoods and let them kill each other. Why put the entire nation through these trials which play out not only in the courtrooms but in our living rooms as well. Let these illiterate and antisocial idiots play the game until there is only one left standing. I cannot see how we can justify the risks to our law enforcement in trying to bring civility to these neighborhoods if the people there cannot appreciate the effort. Unfortunately this punishes those who do abide our laws by subjecting them to the antisocial behaviors of those who run afoul of the law. Thus, even though this would minimize the interactions of police and violent offenders it would do nothing to stop the violent acts these people commit.

Ultimately I believe this all stems from two major problems rampant in our society that can be fixed.

One is single parent families where the father is not in the house (if he is known to the children at all) and these kids are not mentored in ways that provide them with the social tools to succeed in life. Adding a father figure restores a degree of hierarchy and discipline in the home and helps build strong character and better work ethics. Having discipline in the home increases the odds of the children raised there to be positive and good citizens of their communities. Outcomes are better and there is less crime overall as a result.

Another is to get back to Christian morals and values. So many families these days do not have a religious affiliation of any kind and do not attend services at all. These practices instill moral values and offer parables of the virtues of respectful living. These teachings and values underpinned the founding of our nation and allowed us to live in a peaceful society that flourished until the notion of Christianity became a no no to the left. With the drive to push Christian values out of our homes, schools and communities we have seen the degradation of our social lives with the ever increasing rise in violent crime in our nation. We are reaping the harvest of antisocial and immoral behavior as a result of our turning away from these essential and proper values.

If we continue to follow this path into socialism and anarchy we will see crime proliferate in our society.A fractured society serves the purposes of the left as it makes it easier for them to split us apart as a society and then they can institute socialism as the cure for our societal woes. Sadly, socialism is even less morally grounded than where we are at present.

Time is running out and we are headed into a maelstrom of violence and increased hatred in our society and we need to return to our long held values and morals in order to restore our nation to true long term prosperity. To do anything else is to continue tearing this nation apart.

I am calling for a A National Congress of Free Americans!

What is going on in our society today is an example of a parallel set of standards that are being applied.  One set is reserved for those that the left wing, socialist establishment deep state supports and the others are for those they wish to see gone; namely We freedom loving Americans.

I am talking about a Left who supports violence and destruction in our streets and against their fellow citizens.  As an example all the actions of the BLM and ANTIFA have been abetted and excused by the left.  Violence, destruction of millions if not now BILLIONS of dollars of real estate and earning potential.  All of this has been supported by the left.   Those people arrested in the commission of these acts have been bailed out of jail by the left and or had charges dropped by left wing judges.  Further, the left has opened our borders wide to the illegal immigration of people from all over the world without any questions are to the safety or wisdom of allowing anyone into our nation at present. The danger of undocumented illegal entrants into our society is well known and presents a risk to all citizens. I can also say that having millions of illiterate and dependent people in our society is a burden financially we cannot afford.

On the side of law and order and respect for our nation, millions who have rallied to support President Trump and our cause have been called racists, insurrectionists and accused of TREASON.  It is hard to imagine a group of citizens who cherish the founding of this nation and only wish to see it continue be labeled ‘Treasonous’ and ‘Traitors’.    This double standard is intended to deny us our rights and freedoms all in the left’s pursuit of a socialist society. 

What is at work here are the actions of  the socialist cabal that is the media and the democratic party along with the deep state and various corporate actors.  They consider any opposition to their intended plans to turn our nation into Europe West as treason.  We freedom and America loving patriots are in their way and if we do not act to protect ourselves and our beliefs we will eventually be eliminated one way or another.

In my mind, those on the left are the real traitors.  They are committing treason daily by abandoning the core values and laws of our land as it was founded. No where does it say these rights and laws are ‘Not Absolute’. These founding documents created the freest nation on earth, that is until the left has decided to unmake them as we have seen in the past 40 years.

They, the left democrats and socialists, are the ones who are committing treasonous acts.    I see that the actions they endorse beyond protesting peacefully are a violation of the rights and sovereignty of the rights of the community and a breach of the peace with intent.  In another word, Treason by fomenting insurrection.

I have written before that we are not going to fix this chasm between our side and the left with elections.  They have rigged the system and brazenly cheat and do so with a smile on their faces all the while accusing us of either cheating or suppressing voters rights.  That strikes me as odd when you consider that flooding the ballot box with illegitimate votes is suppressing voter’s rights but to the left winning at all costs is more important than the truth.  Again Treason.

We are faced with a no win scenario. Fundamentally we are at a cross roads where those of us who disagree with this cabal must make a choice. We are either going to embrace our being ‘Traitors’ and take the conflict to whatever level the left is willing to go (or forces us to go to or), or we will surrender our beliefs and our faith in the founding and submit to their demands of compliance to their grand utopian dreams of a socialist empire.

Just like you cannot argue with a deranged mind you cannot argue with a zealot and that is what the left has become: Zealots.  The history of socialism is full of Zealots who used force to ensure that no one got in their way. The lives of millions of innocent men, women and children have been destroyed in the pursuit of achieving socialist nations. You can look at the histories of the USSR, China, Cuba, Venezuela, Vietnam, Cambodia, and a host of other nations that have suffered under the banner of socialism if you need proof.

You have to realize that at this time we cannot gain the upper hand and drive this treasonous poison out of our nation by voting and demanding changes.  It is too late for that. The left has entrenched itself in every aspect of our government and this prevents our voting our way out. We would be overwhelmed by sheer (and illegitimate) numbers in every election where the counting process is what they control.  Stalin said that it was not how many votes he got that mattered. It was who controls the counting of the votes that does. The left is doing what every insurgent socialist movement has done in the past which is to seize the elective process to advance their cause. Fair and impartial elections are now a thing in our past.

We are currently in a state of insurrection in our nation.  The left is openly waging a war upon our long held values and founding beliefs. They are now in the open in their declarations of their intent to end our nation as it was founded and institute a socialist one in its place. What will come of this situation depends of what you are willing to do to stop them from doing so.  

Time is a wasting.   Every day, the left gets a little stronger and they pick off a few more people and force them into their conformity.  The longer we wait, the harder it will be to stop them and begin the process of returning our nation to what it was meant to be.

We could stage a revolt to re-establish a constitutional republic and while I do believe we would persevere in the long run, it would be messy and have lingering aftereffects that most likely would simply allow this process of globalism and socialism start over again in a few years.  The cost in terms of lives and animosity would be great and this path is not one to be entered into lightly.

We could secede several states from the present USA and institute a new republic as the USA used to be many years ago.  This would cost less in terms of blood and hardship initially but in the end I wonder if the socialist left wing democrats could stand us not being a part of their vision of a new ‘amerika’.  I believe they would endeavor to try to force us back into their fold if we were to declare a separate nation of states. China is doing exactly this by trying to force Taiwan back into the nation of China some 70 years after the revolution. You have to understand that socialists demand conformance and in our case the left could not stand to see a part of the nation broken away and independent while they are standardizing and homogenizing the nation they do control.  They cannot allow freedom and independent thought to exist in America. This must be destroyed in the socialist’s minds. Ultimately this would lead to great bloodshed.

We have more than enough cause to want to rid ourselves of the burdens and restrictions of a socialist future that we are being forced into. How we determine what to do next is of the utmost importance.It is time to call a “National Congress of Free Americans” open to all who believe we are as a nation going away from the principles and concepts that our nation was founded upon.  Only those who support the Bill of Rights and the Constitution as written should attend.  This is the standard that we must adhere to in order to be a unified group.

This Congress would be dedicated to deciding what to do to protect our founding principles, our cherished founding documents and their proper authority within our society.  Only a group of citizens who are of like mind and who have the support of their fellow Americans have the right to make such decisions as to what to do about the insurrection and treason we are facing today from those bent on installing socialism in our nation as a government and rule of law. Only a representative Congress will have the proper authority to determine our path forward.

This is a serious and life altering decision that we face. I would add that this is not an issue to be decided lightly. The choice to be made will be as dangerous and potentially destructive as the choice our founders made in 1776. They did not enter into the revolution lightly and when they made their decision to revolt it was made as a group of free men assembled to determine the future of the colonies. They did so knowing it would be costly to not only themselves but to their fellow Americans.

Our decision should be made with the same retrospection as no individual or small group of individuals have the right to put their fellow citizens at risk without consent. To make a choice to fight is to commit an act of treason ourselves if we are not the victors in the end.While this would be akin to establishing a political party it is fundamentally acting outside of the political process that we see in our daily lives. This process is tainted and polluted with special interests and agendas that are not aligned with our founding principles. Our Congress needs to avoid the entanglements of such political wranglings. It must be aligned as closely as possible to the people it represents and nothing else.

The sooner we join together and debate this matter as a group of unified citizens the sooner we can begin whatever process we determine is our best choice to go forward in an effort to preserve our rights and freedoms. Only by acting as a unified block can we achieve anything long lasting and worthwhile.

There are two Americas………. But not for much longer!

You would  have to be absolutely unconscious to not be aware of massive divide in our nation these days.  The left seems to think that they are right and the rest of us need to get with their program.  Then there is the right who say we do not need ‘your program’ and will not change without a fight.

Used to be that the two sides co-existed in some sort of truce like scenario where either would get the upper hand for a bit only to hand it back to the other side.  Each would make gains in what they call their agenda and when they went back into the minority most of their gains were lost or minimized.

Starting in the 80’s with Bush senior this all changed.  Why might you ask?

Normally when a president took office all of the political appointees submitted their resignations.  Bush 41 decided that was not necessary.  This process of political appointees to all the departments falling on their proverbial swords every party change had the effect of keeping the bureaucracy somewhat neutral. With the policy of Bush 41 this changed.  Mind you, Obama demanded the resignation of every republican appointee upon taking office.  So there goes a ‘nobler’ more intelligent way of leading as embraced by the deep staters Bush both 41 and 43.

Worse yet, the process of making a political appointee a permanent government employee was made significantly easier over the years allowing a gradual shift of the supposedly neutral government bureaucracy towards the left.  This more than many other aspects of our government and its laws and policies has had far more to do with the creeping socialism that is infesting our society.

Bush 43’s ‘No Child Left Behind’ program sounded like a good idea until you realize that the nationally required standards that all students must meet is so skewed to the left and away from traditional American values and concepts that we have seen the acceleration of this shift not only in government but now in the products of our grade schools.  This is the current problem we face as the ‘State’ (government mandated curriculum) has created a bunch of socialist wannabes with our kids who are now of voting age and they provide a huge block of support for our left wing opponents.

So, on our side today we have the traditionalist, self sustaining, gun loving, hard working home schooling families and individuals who are facing the juggernaut of the left who have not only coerced a generation of two of our children but also have infested and taken over corporate America and the media in practically every form it exists. 

Our solution is as simple to see as it can be and yet, to implement it is hard. VERY HARD.

Simply put,

We must drive the socialists out of our nation.  Out of power.  Out of the bureaucracy.  Out of the corporations and media.  Drive them back to Europe and the corporate cabals that exist there.  This sounds easy but doing so is anything but.

We could vote them out but……..We could win every election for the next 50 years and still be faced with what Rush Limbaugh called ‘Long-Haired, Maggot Infested, Dope-Smoking FM Rock ‘N’ Roller Types’ still inhabiting a sizeable portion of the bureaucracy and school faculties just aching to start the process all over again.  The problem we face is that Socialism promises free lunch and free everything else to the masses and this appeals to those who have not learned to take care of themselves (or refuse to). Socialism promises to be fairer but is anything but fair.  You can look at historical predecent to see where every time socialism has been implemented it has done more to impoverish the citizens than anything else.

This is the elemental difference.  Who made you successful?  The person you are…. or the nation? If you are like me it was your hard work and your actions and decisions that brought you to where you are.

So, if we cannot destroy the enemy in the form of socialism in the voting booths how do we at a very minimum:

Force them to leave us alone? 

Better yet,

Eliminate them from our society.

The answer to this falls onto those who read this and are compelled because of our present circumstances to ask themselves the same questions. 

How far are you willing to go to preserve the nation you have grown to love?  What cost are you willing to pay?  How deeply do you love the Bill of Rights and are you willing to surrender any of them to the left wing mob?

Our problem is we ‘Conservative Americans’ are by nature, polite, respectful and tolerant of others not like ourselves.  As such, we are the best that America has ever made because we embody all of the virtues of being an American our founders embraced. 

As a result of our ‘politeness’ the left has become expert at playing us like a bunch of saps all the while advancing their agenda a piece at a time knowing we will smile, maybe complain but otherwise keep to ourselves and go on with our lives too busy working to support our families and pay our bills. Mind you, all the we are paying the taxes to support give away programs of the left. 

As a example in contrast of our placid compliance, all Trump had to do is say something in jest that offended the liberal agenda and thousands of left wing supporters all march and riot and destroy private property in complaint.  Definitely not respectful Americans I might add.

Does this mean we should do the same?  Well, no.  It is not our nature to harm other people’s property or to inconvenience them.  If we did as we did when we marched unarmed on the capitol on the 6th of January without burning and pillaging, we were called ‘Insurrectionists’ and ‘Murderers’. This in regards to the 6th, even though to the best of my ability no one died as a result of the actions of a Deplorable America Loving Patriot.  Unfortunately 5 people died but the only one who died of an aggressive act was Ashley Babbitt who was shot by a still unnamed capitol police officer and for what reason we still do not know.

No, any action we take that would resemble those of the left would be labelled traitorous and we would be hunted down and locked up en masse’ for daring take any overt action to protest for our cause against the left wing deep state cabal.

Sadly, our situation has been narrowed to such an extent that we truthfully have only one choice to preserve the original nature and promise of our United States of America.  It is to insist that our rights be protected and that our beliefs and values remain un-fettered by unreasonable laws and excessive regulations.  It is to take a stand, not unlike the one at the Bundy ranch.  It is to be prepared to stand our ground, unflinching and unwilling to back up an inch. 

It is not wrong to protect your rights and property.

It is not wrong to want your children and grandchildren to grow up in a nation that offers as much opportunity as it did you.  

It is not wrong to be proud of your nation and its heritage and to teach that to your children. 

It is not wrong to stand and be prepared to protect the Flag, the Constitution and Bill of Rights along with the promise of the Declaration of Independence.

What is wrong is to accept that any of these are bad or should be changed. 

It is wrong to accept that we must change. 

It is wrong to allow any of these things to be changed.

The hard choices are upon us and we will be forced by others to make a choice as to how to react to the next unbearable act that our enemy of our freedom wishes to impose upon us. Be it the doddering senile man who is currently installed as president (illegitimately in my opinion)  or one of his ‘minions’ who issues the next edict designed to eviscerate our rights further we must make a decision when and where we will draw an unmovable line in the sand that no man or government will be able to erase or cross. 

We must present ourselves and our beliefs as being unwavering and undeniable by anyone.  We must do so with purpose and resolve and with the understanding that we will not back down.  We must do this as a large and unified block of citizens who stand together with one intent.

We must not use force unless we are duly provoked.  However, if the state, using whatever agency or department that it choose, seeks to suppress us with force it will be time to demonstrate that we will not be driven into that dark night that is the hell that Europe is becoming by allowing the policies of underachievers, religious zealots and lay-abouts become the law of our land. 

America was built by hard industrious, creative, compassionate and dedicated citizens all to build a better society.  These Founders resolved that in order to be a free and fair and just society we were forced to declare our independence from the Crown and be prepared to fight, to the death if need be, to preserve our freedoms.

We must uphold our heritage and emulate our founders in our resolve.  To do less is to surrender our nation to the socialist cabal that wants to impose soft fascism upon the world.

The Republic is dead

We are in the end times. Our nation has been intentionally and vigorously dissected into pieces for easy assimilation by the left. They gobbled up the metro areas and now with firm control of the government will attempt to subdue the remaining fly over regions.

Whether they will do so without bloodshed remains to be seen.

Our nation is broken and cannot stand much longer in its original form. A Republic requires the consent of all governed and at this point a huge portion of the population has denied their consent and will not comply with the future edicts of the central government. Only a totalitarian government can force disparate portions of a nation to co-exist in one entity. The left knows this all too well.

Largely the divide is due to the near religious devotion of the left to diversity to such an extent that unity is lost. That is their goal by the way. They are using the cause of ‘diversity’ to create divisions in our society so as to separate those who will accept their dictates and controls from those who say they have gone too far. In the past we as a nation maintained unity with each other by embracing our diversity within our unity. That cannot happen now when the diverse minorities promoted by the left refuse to acknowledge or accept the majority. Such is the state of our Republic where the government and its diversity coalitions have demonized the majority who refuse to accept the new ‘programming’.

This cannot go on forever. As a nation we will either enter into a warlike exchange while we fight over whether the portion of the population who disagrees with the minorities are allowed to continue to exist……….


We will see the demise of the traditional American Republic and the values associated with that heritage and the nation we were will cease to be. This will be when the deniers of the left’s agenda are eliminated as an organized force within our society.

I hope that readers of my thoughts understand that at this time patriots like myself are being driven from our nation and will become extinct in a generation or so if we do not make a stand. I loathe the thought of the fomenting of violence in the pursuit of survival of my beliefs but I always keep in mind that we are being pushed into this situation by the corruption that is the deep state cabal of politicians and bureaucracy. They are doing this intentionally in order to complete their acquisition of total control over our nation and population. In essence the left has declared war on us; our very existence; our unique American nature.

God help us because I do believe we are heading into the sporty times really soon. I say this because I refuse to surrender my beliefs and my rights in order to become a part of this new ‘multicultural-diversity driven’ society. I will stand and fight for what I know to be the best and most successful nation as it was founded originally.