Globalization; Immigration and the Industrial Revolution part 2

The left’s desire to enslave the masses as drones is nothing new.  The initial phases of the industrial revolution involved 7 day work weeks with 12 hours a day being common.  Children were worked as well as the adults.  While we view the Industrial Revolution as freeing the masses, it actually has enslaved them.  Only more recently have we seen the ability of the working man to exercise freedom.  This is just as the left wants to drag us all back into the new-age mines and factories producing environmentally friendly Unicorn farts and whatnot.


Studying climate is studying long term patterns of weather.  While you can theorize within the near term of say 10-20 years, it takes decades if not hundreds of years to verify a pattern existed during a specific time.  Anyone who asserts that a distinct pattern has emerged within the short term is spouting nonsense.  The people who claim climate change are spouting theories and not fact.  They have a reason to do this.


Normally when a theory is espoused a vigorous discussion and additional evaluations are taken to augment or disprove the theories.  All of this requires an honest and open dialogue.  The left does not want an open and vigorous dialogue except when it is in ratification of their thinking.  Otherwise, anyone who disagrees is a crank or denier.  Science is the realm that climate change is originating from but you cannot use totalitarianism to control the process; that is unless you control the media and the left does.


It seems that the left is using a very simplistic logic for every issue that they are proposing.  Climate Change.  Immigration.  Gun Control.  Racism.  Abortion.  The left’s position on all of these is absolute and simple.  They will not brook any discussion on the merits or demerits of their policy stance,.  While I am pretty sure the manipulators of the left, behind the scenes, knows that the positions taken are shallow and simplistic and that there is reason to doubt them, they advocate the ignorant behaviors of their minions in the field.


The never trump right uses a similar tactic keeping their statements very simple and take every opportunity to condemn Trump.  That there is little difference between the never Trump left and right is notable as it points to the common goal that both believe in.  The world economy with unlimited immigration.


If we could unmask the real manipulators of the politics of the world we would see a despicable gallery including the likes of Soros and his contemporaries who all seek wealth and control over everything.  Worse yet are the political types who think they are a part of the bigger plan.  Jphn McCain, Schumer, Maxine Waters and a host of others not only from the US but the world in general all think that they are on the inside of the ruling elite and they are immune to the chaos they control.  Woe be if for them if the master plan ever is completed.  Their usefulness will be gone and they will be cast back into the sea of faceless people that make up the drone class.


It is funny that in many ways, we are repeating the beginning of the Industrial Revolution all over again.  We see the subjugation of the masses into the machinery of industry controlled by the overlords.  The more ‘freedom’ the left offers, the less ‘Liberty’ we have.


Participation Trophies and the Nobel Prize Socialism versus Capitalism

Suppose you just played the best game of softball ever?  Suppose your team won decisively?  Suppose you had worked hard to be as good as you could be?


Now suppose that instead of winning the big trophy and getting the praise and accolades for having been the best, you get a participation trophy?
How does that feel?


Welcome to socialism.  This is where mediocrity is rewarded the same as excellence.  Those with the greatest skills are no better than those with the worst.  The geniuses are lumped in with the everyman.


This is what happens when you extinguish excellence.  This is what happens when need no longer drives performance.  This is what happens when everyone’s outcomes are the same.


The left makes a major point about including every possible self identified minority group and equates their marginal qualities as being the ‘norm’ and equal in their collective.  Note the word ‘Collective’.  It is the gender neutral, sexual orientation ambiguity, color blind, ethnically blind society that they claim is the way our society should be.


The problem with a collective identity is that you automatically extinguish ambition.  What possible motivation could you have to make the most or grow the most or invent the best when your efforts are watered down and filtered throughout society and all of your efforts including those made above and beyond what society expects of you are not noteworthy?


You can argue that people will excel for the good of their society.  That works on paper and in the most ideal situations.  As soon as the crops fail and natural resources run out this society would revert back to a winner takes all contest in a heartbeat.


The fact is that mankind has always been a survival of the fittest and it has only been since the arrival of Marxism and Socialism have we seen anyone dare to think otherwise.  Neither of these concepts have worked when tried.  I refer to the fact that even when these governments were or are at present, in power, their countries still had or have starvation as well as a well rewarded elite leadership class.  As a matter of fact, poverty is the herald of socialism and Marxism.  They do not distribute the fruits of society equally.  What does distribute the rewards is political power and not the people.


Conservatism is anchored firmly in capitalism.  Merriam Webster defines this as:


an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market


Notice that the decision making process is driven by non-government or ‘private’ individuals or corporations.  Corporations are small groups of people who are of like mind in seeking to produce the most wealth in the form of products and profit possible.  What is important is that the individual is the engine that drives the system.


Each person can find their own niche and pursue their happiness and personal productivity and that the rewards for their success are directly bestowed upon them.  The desire for more wealth and productivity can and does drive them to do more; learn more; make more.  The rewards to society are cutting edge concepts and efficiency that improves the entire society.


The Nobel Prize is awarded to the best and most creative or inventive in their respective fields.  This is as opposite a participation trophy you can get.  Rewarding the best is a result of our development from a hunter gatherer society to an industrial and technological one.  With the increased productivity of such a society people have the ability to learn and be what they choose to be.  The capitalist society encourages people to excel.


All too often the word Conservative is used to describe a capitalist.  While the two words are related  the difference lies in how social values are manifested within society.  On a purely economic point of view there is as much tolerance of diverging lifestyles within a capitalist system as there is in Socialism.  As I mentioned, people are measured by their productivity and only by themselves as people are encouraged to pursue their dreams and passions with their own ingenuity.


The difficulties we see in the political discussions of today occur when the morality of a specific group is applied to the whole of society.  These morals often originate in religion.  The current conservative is faced with balancing their capitalistic beliefs with the  moral values of their subset or ‘community’.


The concept of community is a definition of a group which can be as large as a nation, or limited to a small subset of that society.  In the past, the concept of group rule mandated conformance to the morals of the majority.  With the freedoms outlined in our Bill of Rights along with a history of judicial decisions and legislative actions that further protected the rights of the individual we see a more open society than we have before.  The laws serve to protect the individual however personal opinions are or should not be limited or regulated as they are the provenance of the free mind.


No society is perfect or even remotely so.  All systems have flaws and will continue to.  What is most important is that we all seek to find excellence in our lives and that we can earn and be whatever we want.  Further, that our public discussion should always be civil as a civil society is one that can change peacefully and with consensus.  A society that fractures along ideas and morals is one that will dissolve given enough time.


Capitalism is by far the most productive system man has established for the production of what society needs.  Success is the reward to those who achieve.   Socialism has been tried and has failed often.  It fights against the basic drive of mankind to achieve to accumulate for the individual or family.


One system rewards success with the Nobel Prize.  The other offers a Participation trophy for all who attend.  One creates miracles of human achievement.  The other rewards everyone the same regardless of their efforts.


Which one do you want to be in?????

The Need for Term Limits

The failings of the European nations prior to the establishment of our independent nation was due to the leadership of those nations losing their need to answer to the people. By this I am saying that monarchs and their vassals need not worry about their popularity much as they are given lifetime appointments to their prestigious positions.  There was no means of summary redress by the people upon their rulers.

We set forth in the founding of this nation to establish a system of governance that would persevere and preserve the rights of its citizens.

87 years later Lincoln would summarize in his Address at Gettysburg the real purpose of our government here is a portion of his speech:

— that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the
people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.:


Lincoln saw clearly that the government owed its duty and purpose to the citizens of this nation and to no one else.


Today we find ourselves on a path careening towards a second Civil War.  It is a debate of government control versus a free society where the rights of the individual hold sway over all.


One distinct trend we see in the government of today is the career legislator.  Along with this group of individuals we see also a career bureaucracy that threatens to choke out our liberty.  It is to these evils we must address our efforts.


For if our nation is to be truly a nation dedicated to the preservation of the rights of the individual we must therefore ensure that citizens lead this nation and not the fatted professional politician who owes his soul to his financial supporters and not to the people.   Further, the roles of those who serve to administrate the will of this nation should also consist of average everyday citizens and not professional civil servants whose allegiance is to their comrades in employment and nowhere else.


We need to enact across this land term limits where the citizenry are protected as those elected to office shall serve for a limited set of terms in government as a representative.


Further, that the body of civilians in service to the government of this nation shall also be limited to how long they serve until they return to the society to resume their roles as productive citizens of this nation.


The eternal doctrine embodies the concept of man living such that the corrupt ideas that stem from collecting too much power for the individual do not happen.  We cannot allow power to be vested too deeply in any one or any group of men.


It is imperative that no individual nor group of individuals should ever act as rulers over the remainder of society.  To do so would be to return to that form of government our forefathers crossed an ocean to get away from.


Our founders believed that no one would wish to serve as an elected citizen as a career.  This belief perhaps is the one failing of our Constitution.  Had they included limits upon the number of terms an individual may serve, we would not have found ourselves where we are at present.


I hope and pray that the wisdom of the average citizen can prevail over the corruption of the government.  That the citizen can demand a limit to the number of terms to be served by an individual for the government in all capacities.  It is vital to our nation that this come to pass.


Our survival as a nation depends upon it.

The Immigrant says let us all in!!!

So what you are saying is that the US should let anyone in????? As many as want to come?????

What about the dreams of the citizens of this nation who pay taxes for programs they approve of and not for an endless stream of immigrants?

Immigrants who will flood the unskilled job market and create poverty??

It does not matter whether the immigrant works or the immigrant takes government support. If the immigrant takes a citizen’s job the citizen ends up on welfare. If the immigrant does not work, they end up on welfare.

Either way, the society will be forced to assist one party or the other.

We, as citizens of the United States have the right to a secure border and are under no obligation whatsoever to provide for, support, accept or otherwise condone the entrance of anyone from outside our nation.

Just because an immigrant says we should let them in is no reason at all to force us to.

My advice. Go home. Fix your own nation. Your coming here says so much about your lack of character and is even more justification for not letting you in.


Affirmative action; disability accommodation; minority groups advocacy

All you hear in the news these days is how this group is being discriminated against or that this entity is racist, biased, homophobic, etc……  There are more letter designated ‘groups’ or disadvantaged people all trying to gain access to every program, benefit or service that is available.  Worse yet, this has been pushed upon the military by all sorts of political advocates.

Let’s take the most disadvantaged group we can think of.  Say TS/TG; blind, disabled; hard of hearing; Hispanic; American Indian; socialist; impoverished; under-educated; and police averse.  I will abbreviate this as ‘STBDDHAISIUEPV’.  This is not meant to exclude any group or faction so if you are not in my list feel free to believe that you are.

Now, let’s look at the various governmental agencies, organizations or services to see if they are up to date on their EEOC policies.

Now, I must ask if there are any Air Traffic Controllers who are of this minority group ‘STBDDHAISIUEPV’??????

How about the FBI????    Any ‘STBDDHAISIUEPV’ in any of the service academies???

National Park Service???????  Any ‘STBDDHAISIUEPV’ involved with the NASA Astronaut corps?

Maybe the Coast Guard??????  Any ‘STBDDHAISIUEPV’ in the US Marshalls?????

Are there any ‘STBDDHAISIUEPV’ in the Food and Drug Administration??????

The FAA????? Are there any ‘STBDDHAISIUEPV’ in the GSA??? GAO????DOJ??????

Any ‘STBDDHAISIUEPV’ in any official governmental agencies???

Now, to illustrate the absurdity of using criteria like this to decide hiring or in making policy let’s take it to the extreme.

How about the US ARMY???????

Do they consider any of the ‘STBDDHAISIUEPV’ group for inclusion in the service?????

How about the NAVY????  Are the aircraft carriers Handicap accessible per the ADA??????

How about the aircraft themselves.  Does the B2 stealth bomber have proper facilities to accommodate the ‘STBDDHAISIUEPV’ service member???????

Are the Abrams tanks ‘STBDDHAISIUEPV’  handicap  accessible or operable?????

I think you are beginning to see the satire in this.

We cannot run our society on quotas and mandated access for each and every special interest group.  You can call the system of trying to do that an attempt to reward the grievance lobby for their persistent efforts to finagle their way into every part of our government.  Practicality says a blind man or woman cannot be an Air Traffic Controller.  Being able to interpret aircraft location data is as of this time, visual only.  Military service requires people who are physically able to effectively defend the nation and should never anything but this.  I would add that adding gender ambiguous people to the mix is no help either.

Fact is that in life, there are consequences for all manner of things.  I say this including those things that are a result of fate and those of our own making.  Unfortunately these consequences have a cost personally.  Some issues can be resolved in court.  This is why there are trial lawyers for those injured at the hands of others.  Some are just what they are:   Challenges to be faced and dealt with as best you can.

To deny the results of life events is to ignore evolution and I know how difficult that is for the anti-creation types.  The fact is that America is not a gigantic Petri dish full of experimental programs to facilitate every subset and super minority-minority individual who demands to be included in any and all programs that exist.  Beyond the utter stupidity of even assuming this is remotely possible, look at the wasted resources and time spent so we can reduce the effectiveness of whatever program, organization, or service that we are trying to ‘experiment’ with.

In no way am I advocating ignoring the needs or desires of people who either believe they are being discriminated against or who have suffered some sort of misfortune that has made their lives difficult.  I know many people who have dealt with lifelong disabilities who to a great extent agree with my thinking here.   One attribute that most handicapped have is a virtue.  Most are very realistic about what their choices are.  This is not to say that some do not challenge the status quo.  But, just because one person or a small group of people can eventually succeed at some challenge that otherwise a person with their problems would normally not be able to deal with  does not mean everyone should try the same nor should we mandate programs to facilitate them..

In society, we see exceptional people every day doing amazing things.  Some overcome disabilities with a perfect example being the late Professor Stephen Hawking who wrote seminal works long after his ability to physically record his thoughts was possible.  With the results of the actions in Iran and Afghanistan we see veterans both men and women out in society minus arms legs and sometimes more than that and they succeed.  Help is given as they need it but in the end it is not the program that succeeds.  It is the person who defines their abilities and not a committee or a board sitting in some government agency.

If we are honest with ourselves, pretty much every accomplishment throughout history is the result of someone doing something that had not been done before and they were singularly suited for their moment of success.  There are no master committees sitting and determining who should invent synthetic rubber or a new alloy of steel.  These acts are the result of individual achievement and over whatever obstacles that arose.  This is important.

What society should remember is that you should never judge a person by their apparent physical abilities or appearance or background or ethnic origin, or their past.  Attitudes that support these kinds of pre-judgments are what kept slavery alive; denied women the vote; discriminated against various ethnic groups.  People should be weighed and measured by their unique abilities.

This same reasoning says that people who are to come live here from other lands should be equally vetted and determined to be worthy of receiving the unique gifts America has for its citizens.  The same logic that says judging someone by their ethnicity is wrong also applies in that just because you are of a differing ethnic group does not mean you automatically should be allowed in.  To argue for ethnic inclusion is as wrong as arguing ethnic factors would deny admittance.

I will add that poverty, discrimination, misfortune or any other man made cause is not such to allow entry into our nation.  If these people are unable to improve their lot in life where they are from how can they bring anything of value to our nation?

I admit we are a nation of immigrants.  Our Pilgrim ancestors took exile over death or punishment, however, they were not wretched refuse.  These pioneers brought the hope of a great life and eventually a great nation was born out of their hard work and determination and not just because they were let in.   They had to earn their keep or die. Our nation was founded on entrepreneurial spirit driven by our ability to accomplish what we set our eyes upon including wining a revolutionary war with the super power of the time.

This is not a nation of the lost and hopeless.  This is a nation of accomplishment and pride.

Never forget that.

The Civil War II battleground

As I surveil the current political scene you hear calls for ‘resistance’ by democrats against Trump and his administration.  Indirectly this also includes republicans as they are a part of the leadership.  There have been urges to get in people’s faces and to protest them in their homes.  As a thought, imagine if we did that to Obama?

The current state of affairs has been likened to a soft civil war.  There is a distinct divide between those who are liberals and the right.  Dialogue has broken down and all that remains is insults and protests.  Merriam Webster defines civil war as follows:

a war between opposing groups of citizens of the same country

By this definition we are at war.  War can be fought physically and also by suppressing opposing views to such an extent that violence can break out.  The left is upset at so many aspects of Trump’s agenda and policies it is hard to list them all without leaving anything out.  Suffice it to say that the left has started acting physically in their demonstrations of their dissatisfaction.

It has been since the 60’s that we have seen violence as a tool of rebellion in America.    At the time we had hundreds of soldiers dying every month in Vietnam and the untold death toll of the civilians in that country.  The left started burning buildings and bombing federal buildings.  There were deaths as a result of these actions.  There were several left wing groups who claimed responsibility for these acts.  Among the perpetrators are Bill Ayres and Bernadette Dorn both of whom are Obama’s neighbors in Chicago and the original sponsors to his run for the presidency.  These people are serious anti establishment.  Note the connection from the past violent leftists and today through Obama and his influence on the democrat party.

The difference now from the 60’s is that back then, people were dying due to the government’s war policy.  At present more people die due to the actions of the thousands of illegal immigrants in the country.  This has resulted in a push for a reduction in immigration by conservative elements which is probably the number one issue that the democrats and liberals are all pissed off about.

This is the scene we have for the growing ‘war’ between the sides.

Let’s take the mental leap and assume this goes to a place where there is a violent confrontation where both sides bring deadly force.  This event spurs others and the violence spreads across the nation.  Would this be a civil war??? Well, no, not in the classic sense.

Civil war generally involves territory in dispute or at least as a border line.  The problem in our age is that the political divide exists within states and not just between them.  You can see definite divides in states like California, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Illinois and practically every other state in the union.  The divide seems to coalesce between urban areas and rural areas.  There are exceptions but this is not worth dealing with in discussing this scenario.

If this political disagreement flowers into battle, what would the federal government do?  It would depend heavily on who holds the majority.  If the democrats were to attain a majority they would use the power of the federal government to subdue any resistance to their agenda.  If the republicans are in power as they are now, I am uncertain if there would be as quick a reaction to subdue one side of the disagreement.  The republicans always concerned about how they appear in the press would be very hesitant to step into the fray and especially on one side and one the MSM does not approve of.

There would be tremendous pressure from the deep state to side with the democrats and you can bet your boots that incidents that favor the cause of the liberals would be publicized far more than the conservative.  There would be substantial pressure to quell the violence with  no penalty to the liberals and by coincidence, a lot of penalties against the red-staters’ and/or Deplorables.

While I will state absolutely that I would not like to see a fighting conflict between the sides in our debate, I also see as inevitable an elevation of the tension and potentials for said violence occurring in the near future.

So, if a battle breaks out, I tend to believe that it will not be state on state but region on region.  These will likely be very intense skirmishes that will be breathlessly reported by the MSM and with the spin they are known to put on things.  I suggest that it will start as a protest like the one that occurred on inauguration day for Trump only it will not be the police that come to suppress it.  It will be Deplorables who will rally to defend their own.

From this point, everything is up in the air.  A lot will depend on what actually occurs.

The real issue at present is where do you come down on this????

I count myself as being a Deplorable.  Where do you come down on this?.

Living in a Pre-Post Civil War 2 America

The title might seem odd but I have a reason as to why I chose it.  If past is prologue we will find ourselves at a place similar to the America that existed in 1866 onward.

It is not necessary to consider the causes and the results of a second civil war to understand the fractured society that would exist after such an event.  If you consider the south and north you see that the ‘ideals’ of the south that were such as to spur the first civil war existed long afterwards although in a far more subdued and localized manner.  Likewise, the north kept meddling in the affairs of the rest of the nation for decades before the weight of the remainder of the union was such that this New England puritanical ethos was set aside.

Corruption is the common denominator of all politics.  Once strong opinions are established there are always those who will bribe or sell a vote in one way or another.  Once this pandering begins it becomes an epidemic that taints the entire system.  From the most local elections to the federal elections, corruption is there poisoning the system.  Opinions can be bought and dissent can be organized.  It is in this light that we see that what is currently the political action du Jour  is merely a continuation of the strategies of the past.

So, looking beyond the moment, you have to recognize that a huge schism has been created between the parties.  This gulf is unusual as compared to the past as it is not between two political parties specifically but is in fact between a political entity and the common citizen.

The deep state embodies the eternal corruption that lived on past the civil war and will through our times.  It will still exist even if a second civil war is waged against it.  The deep state embodies corruption.  Corruption is as inevitable as sin is to us as individuals.  Despite all rhetoric claiming a new path with the greatest of intentions, sin will follow close behind.

This systemic sin is powered by individual greed and lust for power.  It is driven by jealousy and sloth.  It is driven by false pride and deception.  The deep state is the worst of human kind embodied in a bureaucratic group.

These things are constants.  Conflict is a constant.  Harmony is an illusion.  Peace is a temporary cease fire.  There will always be an opposition as opinions cannot live in a vacuum.  There must be a counterpoint.  We are human.

If you can see how the system works, you can see that political action is a tool and not an end.  The people who perform these acts of resistance are merely tools of a larger group regardless of any other claims.

The one risk that all major actors in this political passion play face is a third party undermining and usurping power at a strategic moment.  Look to China before Mao, or Tsarist Russia before Lenin.  Both communist regimes arose out of a conflict to take power in the vacuum of consensus among the peoples of both nations.  After Lenin and Mao came to power their body  count is in the millions.  No one wins.

We are ripe for the picking with the conflicts at present.  All that is needed is a smooth talking svengali who says just the right things to manipulate lesser minds into putting them in power..  The deep state cannot protect itself from an outside force.  This is why Trump worries them so.  All this outlier revolt needs is conflict and people in need.  Once an outsider can convince the masses that they can take care of the needs of the people, the current warring factions will be cast aside like the chaff from wheat.

`           The millennials of our society are themselves, ripe for the picking.  They have been taught to not believe in the American dream and that the dream never existed.  This is how thorough their indoctrination of the academic class has been upon them.  They want security but do not know how to attain that for themselves.  The complain of a lack of fairness when they have to work at minimum wage like every other new hire.  In short, the millennial is ready to sign up for whatever system that will tell them it will take care of their needs.  Scary…..

So, our pre-post civil war 2 America is not all that different than it was before or what it will be.  The biggest takeaway that I can see is that we are in a far more perilous state than we know.  It is not the left we should fear the most.  It is an out and out socialist who promises to ‘reform’ America.  Be very wary of such a figure.