The Divided States of America

The disconnect between the red and blue states is something that the left has been promoting as they have sought to gain control over the nation via population growth in the coastal areas.  Various means are at work in this including immigration and a shift of population from the rural areas to the urban as well.  This and the continuous indoctrination via the democrat controlled media helps sway the tide.


The Urban drones are fully programmed and perform their function of voting democrat, regardless of any issue, perfectly.  The drones are so well programmed they even show passion for their socialist beliefs even if they are not sure what that all means or even know what the future will be in their supposed ‘utopia’.


It is frightening that our nation has arrived at a place where many of us concerned about the future see this huge gulf that exists between the main political philosophies.  I would say parties but the Rinos that occupy the republican party as just as bad as the democrats themselves.   No, this gulf is between citizens and it is not politically motivated.  It is one set of values set against another.  This is the crisis that the democrats have sought for 100 years.  Problem is that they may not like how it gets sorted out.


At present, the left will take the fight to the right citizens.  Organized mobs like Antifa and the riots in DC after the inaugural prove the left is willing to fight physically for their goals.  The right, on the other hand, presumes the fight is against the government which to a great extent it is but, the true believers in the left’s rank and file are more committed and more dangerous.  What has changed lately is that the right is beginning to see the light as far as what they are truly up against.


While novels about a 2 nation solution to this problem provide entertainment and levity perhaps in the face of true danger, we cannot forget the gruesome reality the left would impose on the entire nation and in a heartbeat if they could.  They would rule against the will of the red states and do it gleefully.   Such is their desire for this absolute control that we see the continuing attack upon Donald Trump and his administration due to the democrats losing the 2016 presidential election.  This symbolizes more than anything else how the left will go all in after their goal of domination.


As a red state person behind enemy lines in upstate New York I am reminded of this fact daily as we live with the edicts of Emperor Cuomo II (Andy, (my girlfriend owns our house.)  Son of Mario the Pious) .  We are subjects to be governed and not voting citizens to this current monarchy that exists in Albany in the great castle of government.  Witness the recent budget agreed upon by the democrats.  There are hundreds of tax increases and new restrictions that are included.  None of this is approved by a large portion of the state’s population.  New York is what the democrats want to do to the rest of the nation.


I am not alone as a red stater here in enemy territory.  Practically all of the people in my town, county and the surrounding counties are all basically red stater’s too.  There are pockets of democrat intolerant drones upstate, say in Hamilton where Colgate is as well as Ithaca and Cornell as well as the large cities that occupy the valley from Albany to Buffalo.  For the most part however, the region is solidly red state.  A divided NY has been floated as a way to resolve the lack of representation the red state people have in Albany.  This is a fantasy.  The democrats will not give up anything in the process of re-inventing America including NYS.


While the notion of a separate ‘nation’  for the red state people and one for the blue, the reality is that interspersed within both ‘zones’ are plenty of people who are not like those typically associated in their respective areas.  People as these including myself are in a quandary as to how to survive and not abandon either tradition and home and family and move to the area associated with my beliefs (red states) or to adopt the enemy’s mantra whichever one you are confronted with.


Wars have been fought for less differences than we are seeing in today’s society.  In many ways, the system of governance devised by the founders was far ahead of its day in the ability of government to accommodate many widely diverging views.  This is being taxed (good choice of words actually) to the limit by the polar opposites that the sides represent.


It is my hope that things will not come down to such drastic measures to keep the peace.  We live in perilous times and the choices made by the voters and the elected officials carry serious consequences.  I dearly pray that both sides learn to abide with the other in peace.  If we cannot live in peace together, I hope we can live in peace apart.


the United States of America and the socialist horde trying to take it away from US

America is Unique in the world of the first world nations in that our land was never ruled by the monarchy, vassal and serf system. Our ancestors could dream and reach as far as they dared in their desires and hopes led them and our nation into the most successful nation in terms of personal freedom that has ever existed.

Barack Obama said he wanted to ‘fundamentally change’ our nation as he preached his messianic prose of hope and change. The phrase ‘fundamentally change’ is code for re-train and re-model our society to one based on the marxist/socialist model. Obama was not the first Saul Alinsky trained anarchist that has held positions of power in our nation. The most recent one that I can think of that preceded him and also succeeded him is Hillary Clinton who shares the same radical set of societal values.

Ever since the USA started flexing our muscles world wide we have been the target of the socialists who want to gain control of our nations vast resources. If you need to ascertain a reason it is pure jealousy and the quest for power. Any politician who advocates socialism has never nor will they ever live the lives they are advocating for the people. They portray themselves as being in league with the common man and trust me, the truth is far, far different than that.  None of them have worked for a living where every day; every paycheck; every choice and every result were as important as they are to the working people of this nation.

If you look at most all the politicians who advocate for socialism, they are either academics, political activists, or political leaders who are trying to stay in power. Woodrow Wilson was the president of Princeton before entering the political world. You can identify him as being the first socialist that attained high office in our nation. People like Bernie Sanders have an academic past before he became a political agent climbing the rungs of power. Hillary Clinton and Bill are both ivy league alumni who advocated the socialist tenets that were prevalent during the late 60’s and early 70’s. Always aggressive Hillary was one of the attorneys for the democrats in the work up they were doing to impeach Nixon. She was fired for lying. To her, the goal of destroying the opponent was more important than any truth. Trust me, she has not changed from this at all.

The damage that Bush II did to our nation is only partially coming to light and there is much more to unravel as time goes on. Common Core is one of his accomplishments which in effect turned the education system over the the bureaucrats in DC. Further, his open borders policy did nothing to help us gain control over our southern border and the massive drug problem that exists as a result of smuggling. Bush was really Clinton, LIGHT in that he really was not that different than Bill as far as his being a part of the deep state bureaucratic elite. The people who populate this class of citizen are far more concerned with the stability of government and its ability to control the population than anything else.

Trump is saddled with the task of beating all of this back and he is really on his own as far as the national political stage goes. He has some allies but remember that anyone who is a part of the political or bureaucratic elite is not going to do anything to harm their power and financial security. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.  The resistance he is getting to the people from the business world he appoints to any position should be a big clue as to what he is fighting.

The bureaucracy we see in today’s society is no different than the monarchy we fought in 1776. England was at that time a nation with a class system where you could not rise above the level you were born to. In much the same way we see the descendants of previous politicians and bureaucrats all entering ‘the family business’. George W. Bush; Andrew Cuomo; Al Gore; and a host of others are all using the patronage of their parents and relations to attain vast power whether they deserve it or not.  People can rise into their ranks, if they toe the line as far as preserving and protecting the elite goes.  Any outliers are sidelined and banished by the political parties or the bureaucracy.

In much the same way we see the perpetuation of the control of Washington over the nation being no different than the English monarchy. We are gradually becoming subjects again as opposed to free citizens.

Donald Trump offered a new idea and a hope to break this pattern of leadership and policy in our government. He has been met with fierce resistance and illegal tactics in an effort to usurp the vote of the people. He faces a media whose bread is buttered by the political and bureaucratic elite and they give no quarter to him and ridicule and spread misinformation with impunity. As the ‘Deplorables’ champion he is very likely the last hope we have for a peaceful correction to our nation’s course to steer it away from socialism.  If we do not take this opportunity to keep pushing back, we will end up fighting a much more deadly and difficult fight in order to regain our freedoms.

The most recent education policy changes he has made will do a lot to help the local citizenry regain control over their schools. Even so, if the next election does not re-elect him you can expect a rapid unraveling of the changes Trump has made and a doubling down on forcing socialism upon the nation.

To say we are at the precipice of disaster as far as the situation goes regarding our nation’s adherence to the precepts of our founding is a huge understatement. We are leaning hard to the left and serfdom under the socialistic overlords we hear in the news daily. They are licking their chops in anticipation of their regaining power and we, the deplorables, will pay dearly for our sin of electing Trump. If they get their way, the second amendment will be gone. The first will be severely curtailed, and many other aspects of our lives will be micromanaged by the political/bureaucratic deep state.

I will offer this now before it is made illegal to pray in any public way.

God, please help us find the strength to continue our fight against these unholy anti-Christian forces.

Seeing the forest through the trees!

We are living in perilous times.  How can that be with unprecedented economic gains and  success as a nation?  How can we, the most powerful nation on earth, be in danger?  Well, let me tell you.

Our nation and its foundations being undermined and weakened and yet, most of our society either do not see it, do not believe it or do not wish to believe it.   Further, the true American Patriots who believe in the founding of this nation are being isolated or ostracized from the mainstream if not demonized for their patriotism.

The liberal horde that is encroaching upon our nation and our freedom do not care about our heritage.  Evidence of this is the rapid push to eliminate any reference to our past that can be deemed remotely politically incorrect.  Statues representative of many different eras in  our history are being pulled down due to someone taking ‘offense’ at the mere suggestion of said reference.  How long before Mount Rushmore is dynamited because Jefferson and Washington  owned slaves,  Teddy was a nationalist beyond any reality and Lincoln instigated many rights violations during the civil war?

The sad thing is that too many of our young adults do not know the real history of the nation.  Instead of celebrating Columbus day we damn Columbus for finding the new world and spreading European diseases there along with the beginnings of the subjugation of the native (hunter gatherer) tribes.  Forget that exploration and conquest is the common denominator in our human history and DNA.  No, we are supposed to condemn our natural desires and instincts so much so that we are supposed to  despise our own history.

These is a time of choosing coming.  As my title suggests, it will be a choice of looking deeper into the situation we see in our nation or to accept the notion that being ‘woke’ is the way we should be.  With those choices come all the appurtenant side effects that such decisions bring about.

We can stay in our socialist hammock, being lulled to sleep by the echo chamber MSM.  We can ignore the moral decay of our society.  We can ignore the illegal activities of our government.  In essence we can just drift away to our own ‘pseudo reality’ that we construct from our own social media.

The other choice is to see things for what they are.  To not accept that our nation is inherently flawed all the way from our founding.  We can choose to embrace our heritage and history; warts and all.  By looking deeper into our national heritage we can glean the good that our nation has been and can continue to be.

The new generation for the most part avoids conflict.  The socialist leadership teaches them to avoid it.  The media teaches them to be victims and to not fight the system; at least to only fight when conservatives are the targets.  Otherwise, the new agers are supposed to comply with the policies of the leadership.

I compare this to my title.

In one way, you look at the forest and then accept that without question even if it is a facade; i.e. a fake.

The other requires you expend energy personally in looking past the veneer and see if there is any moral substance within the situation.  Along with this, you have to be ready to accept a lot of criticism for ‘doubting’ what you are told to accept.  Such is the role of the conservative/patriot/libertarian/free thinker today.  Along with this curiosity there is a mantle of responsibility inherent with taking ‘ownership; of one’s national destiny.

It’s not too late to save this nation as it was founded.  I say it is not too late but that moment where being able to change things from within the system of government is soon coming to a close.  Choices after that time will become much more costly as far as what it will take to reset our representative republic.  Every day we sit back and allow our nation to deteriorate the harder it will be to see it shine again.

We have to decide if we are going to accept what we see or not.  A true patriot already knows this answer.

Founding Values: The Second Amendment

When a person, or a nation for that fact, is facing a challenge the best bet is to return to their founding values.  It is best to avoid the entangling of bargains and compromise.  It is best to keep to the simplest and fundamental beliefs you have.

Any debate about your core beliefs immediately compromises them  because you now have to explain them.  As soon as your opponent succeeds in forcing you to enter into a discussion regarding your values, they have already stripped you of the premise of unassailable belief.  In other words, they have broken the bond and trust you have with your core beliefs.

Our nation was conceived in the notion of Liberty.  This battle started in order to preserve Freedom of Enterprise as well as Freedom for individuals.  The protests started over tax policies by the crown as well as the forced billeting of soldiers in the colonist’s homes.  When the Revolutionary War was won, the Continental Congress then set out to design a government for the colonies that would protect these inalienable rights.

The final result is the United States Constitution along with the Bill of Rights.  The Constitution would not have been ratified without the Bill of Rights being included and ratified as well.  So important were the concepts of personal and economic freedom that the founders proposed both at the same time.

All of the original 13 colonies which became the first States in the nation ratified these documents.  Thus, our nation was set in motion based on pure and simple core beliefs that were set forth in our founding documents including the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

We must pledge our loyalty to this founding.  We must insist upon respect for the original intent.  We must insist on these principles being honored by all citizens.

We who support the Second Amendment Right to bear arms are modern day Founders.  We carry on the mantle of freedom and responsibility that our forebears granted us.  Let no man presume to deny us our rights and claim to be a loyal American.  It is in insisting on the rights of all citizens to be upheld that we gain our strength and purpose as Americans.

These values are not such that they can be altered or otherwise amended to suit the desires of any without the consent of all Americans.  To cede any portion of our rights is to start the contamination and ultimate decay of our nation into a state where there is no true law over the land.

Our rights require a responsibility for our conduct as well as a responsibility for all citizens to act to preserve and protect all rights for all citizens.  We must stand resolute in our determination of maintaining our rights despite any attempt of a minority to take them away from us.

On the Second Amendment and Freedom

Our society has evolved from one of self reliance to one of government dependence.  As many have said, this increases the government’s power and control.  This is a situation that is not going away any time soon.

There is a huge conflict coming.  It may not be a shooting conflict but it will be intense enough to bring those of us who embrace the second amendment to a high degree of readiness and much higher than we have ever seen.   The forces of the left lined up against us are vast and they seek nothing less than banning guns.

One of the mistakes we have allowed to be perpetuated is that guns are only for sporting use.  Hunting and shooting sports.  Any notion of using a firearm for self protection is ridiculed by the left.

We know that guns are an extension of our belief in freedom.  We own firearms not because we fear or need to hunt to eat.  We own them because we are asserting our Second Amendment right knowingly and with forethought.  It is a statement of independence.  The left hates that.  It negates the need for the left and that cannot stand.  The issue of the Second Amendment is not solely about guns.  It is also about mindset.  It is about extinguishing the belief in personal freedom in the US just like they have in Europe.  A citizenry that can resist government is an impediment to the formation of a socialist society in our nation.

They, the left, as a whole believe ‘government’ will protect them.  We have seen too many times where the ‘protection’ the left envisions they have from their government does not show up or fails to act   If this were true we would not have open borders with and we would not allow anyone to migrate to the US without proper vetting.  No, we have violence in our cities.  We have criminals who are sneaking into our country.  We have illegal drugs entering our nation in vast quantities.  The left refuses to stop this onslaught.  In essence, they are adding danger to our society all in the name of compassion and inclusiveness.  This is the opposite of protecting society and exposes the duplicitous nature of the liberal movement.  They endeavor to fool our society into trusting government and at the same time destroying the very values that our nation was founded upon.

We on the right see the unfettered passage across our border as being a threat to our very existence as a nation.  We see the ongoing war against the Second Amendment as a war against our freedoms as defined by the Bill of Rights.  We see the violence by left wing organizations such as Antifa upon innocent people as a threat to our safety and security of our families and property.  To us, it is obvious that the left really wishes we would go away and that we are an anachronism in their view of our society and an obstacle to their conversion of America to a socialist state.

With all of the dissension and tension, will there be a war?  Not sure.  Depends on how you define it or how it would apply here.  I have heard from folks who are trapped in states like NY that they will fly the flag of Texas or the Gadsen Flag (Don’t Tread on Me) to demonstrate their refusal to accept the oligarchic rule of the liberals in their state.  On principle I agree but also realize actively flying that flag would simply be a target marker for the goons to come and subdue any expression of their individual rights and to isolate them and neutralize them as an opponent to their intentions.

In the long run, that is what this is about.  Not guns.  Not putting a cross in a government cemetery.  It is about the abolition of the Bill of Rights. We are demanding our rights be respected as defined by the constitution.  Guns are only a part of it.

The sooner this notion is brought into the public square for discussion the sooner we can get down to the issue as it really is.  We have a portion of society that has been incrementally working to take away our freedoms supposedly ‘for the good of society’.  Problem is the constitution was not written for the preservation of the good of society.  It was written and adopted as a protection of the rights of the individual.  This is the debate.  Everything else that is discussed dances around the real issue of personal freedom and to be free from government interference.

Better to battle over the issue of being free than to argue semantics regarding word usage in the Bill of rights.  As soon as you allow the discussion to be limited to terms of governmental good we have lost.

This is not something we should approach with a desire for hostility.  We should approach this from the standpoint of being resolute that we will not give in to the demands of the dependent liberal class of citizens in this nation who fail to see the virtues of personal freedom.  These liberals see government being involved in crafting their lifestyles and as such are indispensable.  This is the opposite of Liberty.

Stand your ground.  Resolute.  Firm.

Let the liberals throw the first blow.

Emergency at our border??

Let’s start with some knowledge first from the Oxford English Dictionary.



  • 1A serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action.

‘personal alarms for use in an emergency’

mass noun ‘survival packs were carried in case of emergency’

We have several issues today that I would classify as an ‘Emergency’.  President Trump has declared an emergency regarding illegal immigration and the effects it has in our society  in order to have the necessary abilities to stop illegal immigration at the border.  Let’s take a look at the reasons why this is a legitimate declaration and why we should support it.


We have people dying every day due to illicit drug use where these drugs come across our unguarded border.  The costs of dealing with this public health menace are staggering.

New Report Estimates Illicit Drug Use Costs U.S. Economy More Than $193 Billion Annually


The people pay for this crisis and not the users and certainly not the dealers.  Our porous border contributes to this problem substantially.


Illegal Immigrant crime

Illegal Immigrant Crime Costs American Taxpayers $16.1 Billion Every Year


This is a very conservative estimate of just the costs of crime by those who enter our country illegally through a non-existent border barrier.  One citizen’s life lost should be enough to warrant closing the border for real.  More than one person dies in a year due to an illegal immigrant and we owe their families and loved ones that we do our upmost to stop illegal immigration so no more American families need suffer a tragedy such as we have seen all too often in the news.


Illegal immigrant costs in terms of welfare and other programs

The Fiscal Cost of Unlawful Immigrants and Amnesty to the U.S. Taxpayer

There are approximately 3.7 million unlawful immigrant households in the U.S. These households impose a net fiscal burden of around $54.5 billion per year. Amnesty for unlawful immigrants can pose large fiscal costs for U.S. taxpayers including public education, welfare benefits, and other benefits and services.


This amount is staggering considering that it would not exist if illegal immigrants could not get inside our nation’s borders.

President Trump has declared an emergency in order to facilitate the construction of a real border barrier.  We are spending approximately a QUARTER of a TRILLION DOLLARS in response to the illegal intrusion of immigrants into our nation.  This is an emergency in many ways.

If this were costs to the nation due to gun ownership the left would have found a way to ban them regardless of what anyone said all due to the ‘emergency’ they would be causing the nation.

The facts are substantial and incontrovertible as far as proving that our border needs to be secured and not just with arresting those who come in but by stopping their entrance altogether.  This is not to say we would stop ‘legal immigration’.  That process is by far the best way to vet and otherwise identify those individuals who seek to enter the US for legitimate reasons.  By all means we would continue accepting requests for immigration and asylum.

You have to wonder why the democrats resist the border wall as much as they do.  It has been suggested that they, the democrats, are receiving substantial amounts of money from interests that are benefited by illegal immigration.  This amounts to profiteering from crime by the democrats.

I would hate to believe this is true but I cannot find a logical reason for the policy issue changes from the democrats from wanting a wall to not wanting a wall all in about 4 years time.  This is an issue that should rise above politics and should be dealt with in a manner that reflects the wishes of the American people but  apparently people like Schumer and Pelosi do not consider the opinions and the election of Trump to be a valid reason to comply.


The United States of America. Where we came from and where exactly are we going?

If you are old enough you got a smattering of the history of our nation and learned about some of the beliefs of the founders and what they hoped to accomplish once the nation had been secured with the end of the Revolutionary War in our favor.  For those of you who read this who did not learn any of this, I would ask that you take the time to discover the history of our nation and do not do this at the altar of the liberals as they have an agenda that they imbue with their views that takes away much of what needs to be understood.

Our nation was founded on the principle of freedom.  The leaders of the time saw the intrusion of a monarch some 3,000 miles away as being intolerable to their way of life and way of thinking.  I am not going to get in the weeds with discussions of how the crown viewed the colonies and vice versa.  It does not matter.  What does matter is that those people who advocated for revolution risked their lives and property as well as the lives of their family in their desire to seek independence from Great Britain.

We won the war and won the peace and then set forth to create a system of governance that would preserve the freedoms the nation had fought for.  The first attempt did not succeed.  The articles of confederation provided for state’s rights but left the national interests somewhat unorganized.  The need for a better system led to the genius that is our Constitution and Bill or Rights.  The type of government created was new to the earth.  They conceived of a ‘representative republic’ with enumerated powers and 3 distinct branches of government with built in checks and balances in the desire of preventing over reach by any part of the government.

Essential to the plan and necessary to the ratification of the Constitution were the Bill or Rights.  Many states would not ratify the Constitution without these protections of the citizens rights from government infringement.  Much of the tumult in today’s political theater is based on the arguments over the ‘meaning’ of these specifically iterated rights.

This brings me to what I want to pose as a discussion item.  For uncounted generations we felt as a nation that the rights of the citizens were protected from compromise by the founding documents of our nation.  The general sense of our nation was that we were righteously Americans and proud of our heritage.  When I was a child and into my young adulthood this was the prevailing sentiment.  The virtues of our protections from governmental interference were unquestioned.

The eruption of the Vietnam war and the protests by the youth of America opened the door to alternate thinking as to what our nation should and should not be.  You can add the civil rights movement as well as the environmental movements as having originated in this tumultuous decade of the 60’s.  Many influences made themselves known in our society and the notion that the USA is not correct in the idea that we were and are justified in our own existence.  Dissent and foreign influences injected alternate notions of what a citizen’s ‘rights’ are and should be.  The idea of people being ‘owed’ shelter and food as well as medical care began and gradually became a larger and larger aspect of our political discussions.

At this point we need to ask ourselves  can we sustain our nation as a representative republic or are we unavoidably headed into a European socialist form of government?

I tend to believe that many who are willing to compromise our rights for the ‘public good’ are already mentally living in the Northern Hemisphere’s version of France or Britain.  They have already made the leap of faith to accepting that the form of government existing in those nations is more ‘legitimate’ than the one we were founded to be.  To people of this mindset it is only a formality that we abrogate the second amendment completely and that we adopt socialized medicine immediately.   They view those citizens of the US who disagree with their decision as being ‘reactionary’ and ‘primitive’ ‘racists’ who should be forced to accept the decision they have already made.

We are standing at a crossroads as a nation.  For many of us, the idea of going full Euro-socialist society is abhorrent and a fate we are willing to confront with whatever we need to in order to prevent this from coming to pass.  We see that the gradual slide that has been going on in our nation turning into a runaway train if we do not put the brakes on NOW.

In the present national scene, my greatest concern is that this process of forced ‘compromise’ continues until those aspects of our heritage and founding that represent the independent American ideal are so diluted that we cease being a free nation.  Much like the analogy of the frog and the frying pan we can see what the efforts of the left have been to gradually creep their agenda into place.  President Trump is the last bulwark we have at the highest level to stop the demise of our great nation.  Previous republican presidents with the exception of President Ronald Reagan did little in my lifetime to stem the growth of the politically active bureaucratic class along with the growth of giveaway programs that have altered the psychology of the very people who should be fighting against the degradation of the nation.

With the adoption of various abortion rights laws along with laws regarding social issues that have no place in government we see the further deterioration of the founding principles of the nation.  In many ways you could describe the aspects of these new ‘protections’ as being barbaric and still be understating the truth.  The mandating of acceptance of a myriad of what are deviations from the norms of society serves to further degrade our society of free people as we all are forced to knuckle under to the socialist thumbs of the liberal left.

New laws designed to disarm ‘supposedly dangerous people’ are the newest means in which the left can seize the rights of honest citizens without due process and protection of their rights.  These portend to be what might be the ‘last straw’ that may break not just  the backs of the people but the peace within the nation.  Increased regulations pertaining to our second amendment rights are adding fuel to an already burning bonfire within a large portion of the population.

The urban left cannot understand the notions of the rural right.  They see their lives and lifestyles as being the ‘correct’ way to live in the world today.  Many of these people have been fed many years of anti-American thinking by the education system and various organizations within our society.  These people seem to think that the founding of this nation is in today’s time, flawed.  They view the nation as founded as being an anachronism that should be replaced.  This is their choice for our future.

The rural right sees freedom as the core value that is the most important issue.  We point to the dysfunction of the cities and the prevalent crime as proof that the left’s ideas are not all that enlightened as they would pretend they are.  We see the failures in the urban areas as being representative of the mistake that our gradual slide into socialism is causing.  Our beliefs cannot allow for our not being able to protect ourselves, our family and our property.  We see our self reliance as being a virtue and not anachronistic and that our unwillingness to give up our rights is a statement of our resolve to prevent the left from adopting  anymore of their agenda.

We are at a crossroads.  Our nation is going to either snap back to an acceptable version of what we were founded to be or, we will descend the rest of the way into Big Brother’s world of politi-speak and controlled behavior within society.  The exact time when this will be sorted out is not absolute and depends on many factors and event that are as of yet, not known.  In any event we should prepare to defend our beliefs.  A responsible citizen can do no less.