The democrat’s Seven ‘Dorks’

And now, for your consideration, my list of the 7 ‘Dorks’ of the democrat party.

Mooshell         Grumpy

Avenatti           Horny

Ocasiocortez    Loopee

Pelosi                Googley

Warren             Phoney

Schumer            Snarky

Gillibrand          Little snarky


Obviously I am open to any suggestions….I hope we can create a accurate list!!!


GLOBALISM: errr, No Thanks!

Every time I hear the ‘globalist’ issue come up I wonder what the advocates of a globalist government seek to create.  The problem with an all controlling central government is that the people who run the government create their own hierarchy within the government with all the corruption and behind the scenes dealing that exists everywhere else in society, except that the stakes are drastically higher.

Globalism is the salesman’s dream sales pitch.  This notion is portrayed as the panacea that will make the world safer and fairer and stop global warming and end hunger and stop discrimination etc.  etc.  etc.  Don’t believe it!  The truth is that the all the failings of the world will be made worse as a result of the corruption of men.  Accountability is the only antidote to corruption and when a system gets so big that those in power can control the news, accountability is lost.

In the end, corruption will make any centralized system collapse.  Anarchy results and then the process repeats itself in re-constructing another oligarchy with the failings that accompany same.

The purpose of national governments in a global setting is to limit the damage a totalitarian leadership can do to a small portion of the whole.  By unifying governance worldwide, you make the stakes all the higher as far as damage to the collective society.   A Hitler in Germany while undesirable and dangerous is far less so than a totalitarian in charge of the world.

No man;  No committee;  No political party; No nation or alliance of nations should have absolute power.  The failings of man are amplified by the concentration of power.  If there is an original sin it is the presumption that goodness is a universal constant.  Yes, goodness does exist in man but without the fear of retribution, it can be suppressed by other sins that are destructive and dangerous to all.

The founders designed checks and balances in our government for reasons that are obvious not solely pertaining to the American experience but throughout the world.

If you look at the US today you see a predominantly liberal bias in the news media which reinforces my belief that the larger the government the more corrupt it will become.  When the states held more power in our society, the news could be corrupted regionally but other areas would posit alternate versions providing a counterbalance to the propaganda.  Now that the federal government has become so powerful the ability for contrary news to find the light of day is getting more and more difficult.

If the corruption of an election is not laid out for all to see, then elections stop being impartial and the power of the people is diminished.  What is happening here in the US will spread to any world governance.  As I said, mankind is flawed; by design.  Only by the debate and legitimate consideration of opposing ideas will fairness and equal access to the law and governance be supported.

Globalism is an idea that is based on a false framework of ‘fairness’.  All it will ever do is make powerful people more powerful and the rich richer all while convincing the common man that they are better off with the elite in power instead of governing themselves.  There is not a shred of altruism in this at all.

Globalism and the conquest of sovereign nations must be stopped for the sake of the people of the world.



Million democrat math made easy

If you have followed my blog you know I live in what I like to call:  Flyover Upstate NY.  I am not alone in my perception of our relationship with the metro NYC areas as being one of supporting them with no real representation in our state government.  In other words, the metro areas control the state.  Here are some numbers that back that up.

I did some research and while these numbers are not absolutely precise, the basic math of the situation is accurate.
The recent governor’s race in New York went for Cuomo which is no surprise.

Here are some interesting stats from that election.

Out of the 5.7 million total votes cast in the 2018 NY gov race, Cuomo won just shy of 60% of the vote. for a total of 3.36 million votes

The 13 districts that are the NYC and upstate major metro areas of the state cast a total of 4,151,000 votes of which Cuomo got 2,789,449 votes or about 68%. These  numbers seem reasonable.

The important fact is that 74% of the total votes cast in the state are below the tappan zee bridge along with the metro areas upstate. That leaves the rest of the state casting 1,549,000 votes. Are you seeing a pattern yet?????

In order for Cuomo to guarantee that he would win he needed to get 50% of the total vote or 2,850,000 votes plus 1.

Cuomo only needed 60,551 more votes out of 1,549,000 upstate votes to win or 3.9% of the votes cast outside the metro areas.  Let me clarify and repeat that:

All any democrat need do to win the governorship is receive the typical democratic vote support from the metro areas and then less than 5% of the vote upstate to win.

That means that even if 95% of what is essentially rural upstate vote AGAINST the democrat, we still cannot elect a republican. 95%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We complain of a lack of representation in our state’s government and it is entirely true.

Democrats and the Four F’s:

Where our nation is headed!

The democrats are crowing about their recent victories at the polls.  Nothing new here.  In many ways this reversal of fortune for the republicans was inevitable.  It was because of the democrats and their 4 “F”s.

The first is FEAR.  They accuse the republicans of wanting to take away benefits and rights and even though these are all either lies or impossibilities, the whip up their base and motivate them to vote and encourage others as well.

The second is FALSEHOODS.  The democrats campaign on Falsehoods.  They are either offers of benefits that cannot ever be made or they are bald faced lies that are so over the top that any semi literate citizen can see through them.  However, the rather illiterate base for the democrats:  ‘The Gimmie’s’ all follow their words syllable by syllable and swallow every exaggeration and absolute fallacy as if it were the gospel.

The third is FRAUD.  By this I am not talking the things you see and hear.  I am referring to the dead voting more than once and illegals voting as well as the shenanigans that go on in places like Broward County Florida where boxes of ‘provisional ballots’ were found mysteriously by a teacher the day after the polls closed (guess what party the teacher belongs to) and oh my goodness, these have to be counted even though no one can explain where they came from and should have been taken to.

The last is an easy one.  FREEBIES!  The democrats promise all sorts of things.  Free college.  Free healthcare.  Forgiving student loans.  Tax cuts (remember Bill Clinton after his election in 1992).  Fones, food, free housing…..this reads like a wish list for deadbeats.  The fact is that the democrats will offer anything that sounds like they care in order to get the votes they need to win.

We laugh at these to an extent but they are real and they are used every election cycle.  I would like to know when the republicans decided to stop participating in the political side of elections???  100 years ago, this standing by idly while your opponent lies and spreads falsehoods would not have  happened or been tolerated without a response in kind.  Somewhere, sometime, and for what reason I do not know, the republicans decided to get neutered and stop fighting for their constituents and just sit back and suck up all the freebies themselves.

The deplorables managed to get Trump elected.  It sure as hell was not the republicans.  They got a republican in the white house who started doing the things he promised which were promises made in the past by other republican candidates.  After starts doing this, he is literally abandoned by the majority of the congressional republicans.  What the hell??????

The problems we face as conservative/libertarians is how do we actually stop this destruction of the Constitution by the active democrats and the passive republicans?  This is serious stuff.

I have been through 12 presidential elections and the aftermaths that followed.  I have seen our nation descend into one that is filled with non working citizens living off the government and the rights of those who are left are being stripped by the courts constantly.  At this time more than 50% receive some sort of government benefit.  I am not talking about social security benefits.  I am talking food stamps, subsidies, earned income credit.  The remaining MINORITY support these benefits and the people who receive them with ever increasing taxes and fees from their governments.   This ongoing process does not have a good future and ultimately I fear our nation as founded will be lost to the pandering 4F democrats.

The virtue of the American Experiment was that the founders were looking to empower EVERYBODY and the founding documents of our nation reflect that.  They also feared tyranny.  Again, the founding documents reflect that.  Now we are faced with an aggressive foe in the form of liberal democrats who are dragging this nation into a government controlled socialistic state where independence is not as important as conformity  with their rules regarding everything from speech to choices about healthcare and everything else they can think of.

Personally, I do not wish to live in such a place and I am quite certain that I am one of millions who feel this way.  I am not interested personally in creating a national movement to resist this process per se, but I am more than aware that if we do not act soon it will be too late.

The vast majority of this nation is red.  You can look at maps of the votes cast for any election and see the obvious truth.  It is that the coasts and a few metro areas inland control the rest of us.  Roughly 5% of the landmass controls the  resources of 95% of the nation.  The people of the red be damned.

As I said, the time of choosing is coming.  We will either resist this usurpation of the rights of millions of hard working, honest, decent caring men, women, and children of our nation or we might as well take our firearms to the police station and surrender them and our free speech as well.

Red vs. Blue: The Ayn Rand strategy

We deplorables are more than aware of the push by the democrats to weaken if not remove our ability to influence elections.  The call for the popular vote for President in just an example.

We in fly over country have gun laws shoved down our throats and burdensome environmental regulations all designed to either annoy or dis-empower us.  These are passed against our wishes and without concern for the economic impact they cause on the rural citizens.

New York is a classic example.  We have a governor who won without a vote from upstate and even if upstate voted against him 100% he would still win with the vote from below the Tappan Zee bridge.

Cuomo is the symptom of what is going to happen everywhere else in the nation so that the coasts and in particular the cities along the coasts plus the metro areas  as islands in the interior will select our leadership in Washington.  Don’t discount this.  I am not alone in my concerns.

How to fight this?  I propose the “Ayn Rand” method.

The ‘deplorables’ need to go on strike.  Not for a day.  Not just a week.  I figure two weeks would get the blue elitists attention.

No truck deliveries.  No sales of crops.  No food.  Nothing will be sent  into any of the deep blue areas of our nation.  No fuel.  Cut the electricity.  Isolate them like they are planning to isolate us.

Now, I am realistic and am more than aware that this notion is not practical.  It is important to remember that we stand to lose our franchise (vote) if the blue coasts and elite get their way.  If we wait until it is fact it is too late.

The war between the left and the right

We are engaged in a battle between ideals here in the US.  It is a fundamental fight over the contemporary interpretation of the constitution and how to apply this understanding to policy and our rights as citizens in the United States.  The two sides offer polar opposites with the right looking at our founding documents as they are intended to mean whereas the left wishes to have the luxury of adapting the language and intent to suit their current policy agendas.

The problem with this battle is not the information.  Both sides points of view could be considered valid depending on your point of view.  The problem is with how the battle is swaying towards the left and why.

You can argue the points of view all day.  The problem is that this is not a war of information and logic, but a war of attrition.  Much like how Grant defeated Lee in the Civil War, the left is wearing us out and in the process gaining slowly and gradually a majority of the population to support their constitutional agenda.  By slowly brainwashing the youth of America in our educational systems they are creating the majority they will need to make their agenda SCOTUS proof if not SCOTUS approved.  This is why they are so upset with the appointment of Kavanaugh who is an original intent advocate.

Educating a youth and indoctrinating them is easier than re-educating adults about the true founding of our nation and what the founders intended.  By shading the predisposition of the next generation of high school students on their way to becoming adults the left is playing the long game while we on the right are constantly playing catch up.  Our position is much harder to maintain because the process of re-education meets resistance from those who need the re-education much like trying to retrain a dog to do a different trick with the same command.  Further, we need to re-educate every man or woman who has passed through the indoctrination process of public schools.

Rush called the fight ‘a battle in the arena of ideas’ and that is exactly what it is.  Our point of view comes into focus on issues like gun control and immigration.  Otherwise we leave people to their own pursuits.  Our ideas are not founded on actions by the government but instead on the permissiveness of the government.

The left manages to blend its touchy feely agenda into everything and tries to instill that their supporters should ‘feel good’ because they are better people for supporting the left.  Their tactic is to provide positive reinforcement to their supporters.  It is very hard to pry someone out of this feel good club because they will be denying themselves this positive reinforcement of their being when they change their points of view.

Just like the notion of a government taking care of its citizens, the left uses positive feedback to reinforce their control.  Our position based on independent thinking and self reliance is a satisfying endeavor in and of itself but society is far less self contained these days by design.  The dependence on government by the millennials is part of the long term strategy of the left.  This weakens our position in the face of the drones on the left.

Faced with this situation, we are in for a long haul if we are to effect a somewhat permanent change in our society and how we are treated by government.  Beyond the immediate issues of free speech, gun control and immigration, we have a corrupt deep state in the government along with the public education system and the college level too.  This is no easy task.

It took over 100 years to bring our society to the situation we are in now.  It will take nearly as long to reverse the process and this will be fought in the face of opposition from the globalists who are pushing the world into a socialist model.

Are we up to the task?????

To Arms! To Arms! Our nation is under attack!!!

For the last few years the United States are under attack.  No, not a military attack.  An attack nonetheless.

Unfettered Immigration.  The promotion of every possible group of self designated ‘minorities’  Accusations of racism or some sort of favoritism.  The promotion of ideals that are not compatible to the nation.

All of the above issues cause division within the nation.  All of these issues put citizens against citizens.  All of these polarize our society in ways that create huge rifts that weaken our society as a whole.

All of this dissension has been brewing for years.  At first glance, you cannot see a common thread in all of this.  The agenda goals of all of these movements are self centered and do not mesh with the other group’s ideals.  For all intents and purposes we are supposed to believe that these movements are self driven by the self interests of each group.


What we are seeing is the multipronged assault upon our republic  by organizers who seek to alter the basic fabric of our nation.  Their goal is to create enough dissension and dissonance within our nation to initiate a civil war like struggle.  They want to see our nation start coming apart.  When they see that the time is ripe, they will enter the fray positing a new, ‘fairer’ government based in socialism so that ‘all peoples’ are treated fairly.

The outward appearance of this notion will seem to be practical and the only answer to the problems so as to end the violent conflicts.  That is the candy coating to the proposed solution.  The insidious part of the plan that is buried behind the rhetoric is a highly controlling totalitarian form of government with far more power being wielded by the ‘executive’ branch of the government much like the governments we see in Russia and China.

It has to be understood that since the toppling of the monarchy in Russia there has been an international movement to institute socialism throughout the world.  The movement is driven by two forces that would otherwise be in conflict with each other.

You have the citizen activists who see the world through the lens of sharing wealth.  Their view is predominantly focused on the economic side of the issue and they resent the governments who allow or promote a class system where there are wealthy citizens who can increase their wealth by the utilization of labor and the exploitation of natural resources.  This is the ‘populist’ side of the movement.

The other faction is much smaller.  This faction represents the conspirators and organizers of this push towards socialism.  They may or may not be known to the rest of the people.  There is tremendous power and wealth under the control of this group although these machinations are transparent and unseen by society.  This faction views the populists as being a tool for the pursuit of their plans.  These masterminds prod and poke the situation to keep the ‘ball rolling’.  They utilize a multifaceted approach in their efforts to tear the fabric of the capitalist societies apart.  The use of populist messaging is designed to attract those who otherwise would be against any change in their system of government.

The multifaceted attacks we are seeing upon what we would think of as ‘traditional society’ is a coordinated plan that is working far better than I would like to see.  The democrat party has bought into the process and are acting in ways to further the dissolution of our nation whether they are aware of that goal or not.  Too many republicans have bought into this ‘globalist’ philosophy and are acting to further the destruction to our nation.

Trump was elected by people who know that our nation is under attack.  Not all can identify what or where the attack is coming from but they know things are not right.  Trumps power and appeal stem from his firm position of fighting back against ‘globalism’.  We are on the eve of midterm elections that will either serve to verify that Trump is right and has the support of the people or if the results are not supportive of Trump that the insidious cancer-like damage to our nation is getting worse and that we are farther down the path towards the end of the US as founded.  If this is the case after the election, we freedom oriented individuals will have far fewer choices as to how we can act to preserve the union than we thought.

Anyone who reads my essay and agree with my thoughts will ask, ‘What can be done?’ and the answer is as it has been for many years.  Be vigilant.  Spread the word about freedom and what is going on.  Urge likeminded people to vote and to actively support the cause.  We have been blessed with the election of Trump much to the chagrin of the left.  We cannot squander this turn of fortune we have as things will get so much more difficult for us if we do.  I pray that we can achieve our goals of a government that protects the rights of all people instead of promoting special interests at the expense of the majority.

Our nation was founded upon the ideal of freedom.  We are a representative Republic and have set an example of a free society that has inspired the world.  I do hope we can fight to keep it.