One if by land……….We are under attack!!

    I am sure you are about as disgusted as I am with with antics of the left and how things are going leading to November 3rd.  The latest is the arson setting forest fires in Oregon and who knows where else. 

    The left has encouraged a small portion of their constituency that are true antisocial destructive people and it would seem that they are losing control of the situation.  To the hard core socialists who are trying to overthrow the government this is of little consequence.  In their way of thinking, the worse things get the easier it will be for them to take over.  For the rest of us the cost of living will increase and the amount of aggravation will increase as well as life goes forward.  In the end, if the left wins I seriously doubt that this kind of insurrection will result in anything less than a firing squad as they will seek to consolidate their control and eliminate undesirables from both extremes of the political spectrum.

If the right wins (I expect Trump will win) we can expect ever worsening riots and insurrection to such an extent that I think Trump will have to use the federal Insurrection act to put them down.  This will merely whet the appetite of the left and it remains to be seen how bad it will get before the mid term elections.  I wonder how we can rid our society of such rabblerousers without creating further divisions.  I have no problem with vigorous political discourse.  I do have a huge problem with violence and wanton destruction of property.  When this escalates to such an extent that it mirrors an attack on a community like you would see in a war, then it is time to clamp down on the situation and do so with great vigor bordering on zealotry.

    Ultimately, the real issue we face is not unfairness in our society.  Yes, we have problems.  Yes, things could be better.  All you need to do to see that we are not that bad is to go anywhere else in the rest of the world and see how difficult things are there as compared to the opportunities here.  No, it is not patterned unfairness that is driving this.

    We are under attack.  We have an element of revolutionaries agitating within our society that are fomenting revolution and anarchy as a means to accomplish their goals of socialist conquest.  These people are a menace and 50 years ago would have been arrested for their activities.  Instead, due to politically correct ‘tolerance’ we are letting these people roam freely and not only that but we have some of these agitators who are given pulpits to preach their anti-American dogma on our main stream media who are complicit with them in their efforts.  As an American who understands and loves our founding principles, I see this damage and the erosion to our country and I believe we will be called to stand and fight to preserve our union.  In many ways, the sooner the better.

    So, the insanity of our national conversation is wearing on me like it is on everyone who cares at all about  how people are living.  I see the tactics of the left as plain as day.  First, start educating the children that America is bad.  Second, disarm as many citizens as possible to reduce resistance against the movement of socialism.  Third disrupt our social institutions as much as possible to create divisions and distrust within our culture so as to weaken it even more.   Fourth, infiltrate as many ‘institutions’ as possible displacing as many patriots and conservatives as possible from these organizations and governmental agencies.

They have succeeded with all of these and are heading into the home stretch of their conquest of our nation.  This cannot go on unanswered and have our nation remain as founded.  We are rapidly approaching a turning point and we are not doing anything to stop this or reverse our course.

If we wait for the government to do something it is not going to happen soon enough to save us from a bloody conflict. To prevent an out and out war, we need be prepared and ready to face this force aligned against us.

To do so we need to establish and reinforce friendships and alliances that strengthen our communities. We need to stay vigilant and on top of current events and prepared to fend off invaders in our communities who are only there because they want to disrupt our normal lives to bring that element of anarchy into our communities. We need to be ready to do what is necessary if the situation goes critical. If armed conflict starts we are the fundamental roots of our nation and our heritage. We need to be willing and ready to stand up and hold the line if need be. The government is not going to stand up to these people because it has been co-opted by the left the deep state will delay and otherwise hinder any meaningful response until it is almost if not too late.

Politics are a distraction at this point. The hyping of various supposed incidents is pure strategy by the left to advance their agenda and has nothing to do with improving society or bringing us together. Do not expect a peaceful period once the election is over. If anything, things will get worse….much worse….no matter how they go.

I see the reality in the current situation and hope you do as well. All we have to preserve our heritage is each other. I hope my fellow patriots are ready. This is not going to get any easier nor will it go away anytime soon.

The deaths in Kenosha and Portland….CWII has started

It has begun…….

The last few days have given proof that a shooting war has started in our nation.  A civil war between factions, not states.

The battle is over political philosophy and doctrine and not over a singular social issue.  There is a faction who  have decided they are unhappy with the system that brought us from 1776 to the present and they want to completely replace it with socialist based concepts that are truly foreign to our original system of government set forth by the founders.

One problem is that the socialists have done the same thing as Mao and Lenin by claiming that the system in place is patently unfair and that if they are given power they will ‘distribute’ the wealth of our nation out ‘fairly’.  They are the arbiters of what is fair or not and to a great extent this is a revenge based movement and not one dedicated to promoting a fruitful society.

Just as we have seen in Venezuela that the people voted their way into a system like this only to find that they are starving to death, we will inevitably see our nation follow the same path.  This is also what happened in Russia and China.  Once you slay the motivation of making your own way in life and earning as much as you can and replace it with government defined ‘equality’, you find people are not willing to put the effort forth if they cannot reap the benefits of their hard labor and creativity.  You cannot mandate people to excel solely for the benefit of others.

The socialists had to wait until the WWII generation as well as most of the Korean war generation were gone before they could take their movement to the mainstream.  It would not have been tolerated by those who remembered the brutal actions of governments supposedly dedicated to equality as were seen before and during WWII, and after in nations such as China, Cuba and various eastern European nations that were crushed under the Soviet thumb after WWII.

Problem is that even if we can stop the drive of the socialists this time around, as long as they are a viable political entity we will have to keep fighting them and they will up the ante seeking more and more violent confrontations so as to create martyrs to use as symbols of society’s unfairness.  This is even if these supposed ‘martyrs’ are criminals and had been engaging in criminal acts at the time they met their fate.

Our nation had the red scare and despite the awareness of the dangers of communism and socialism now we see them as a threat not just in our society but in our government leaders.   This presence in our government by people professing these beliefs that are antithetical to our founding actually is the threat is the end of our freedoms as we understand them.   You have to understand that to the left, freedom is unfair because they do not control it.  Only when everyone is equally imprisoned in a economic and socially controlling systems will they supposedly be free and equal.  I would add that they are they generally unable to fight their way out of the controls they find themselves in as well.  You see, disarmament is merely one aspect.  Curbs on free speech for some as well as the mandatory activities directed by the state are controls such as in our public schools  are used to maintain order in a socialist society.

Our founders would be spinning in their graves if they knew of the treachery afoot in our nation today including within our government.  Everything we are hearing from the BLM and ANTIFA and socialist representatives is in diametric opposition to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.   Those founding concepts and documents are the hindrances that the left seek to destroy.

We are in a shooting war now.  Blood has been spilled in socialist controlled cities with only the conservative (founding documents) based individual being held accountable.  This is the pattern we should expect to continue until these revolutionaries are pushed out of power and their followers either arrested, driven from the field or put down whatever way is necessary.  We can no longer sit back and expect others to pull our weight along with them in protecting and preserving our nation.  It is time to stand and be ready to do what is necessary to protect the republic.


Gov. Cuomo’s ‘Mein Kampf’

It is pretty certain you have heard of Andy Cuomo’s plan to write a book about his experiences in his handling of the Covid19 crisis.  I am sure he will do double back flips patting himself on his back complimenting his conduct of New York’s Official response to the epidemic.  He will assign blame to  President Trump for every death we had in our state.  Problem is none of this is true.

Hitler wrote ‘Mein Kampf’ excoriating the Jews as being the reason post WWI Germany was in such a recession.  Never mind that Germany started WWI and this resulted in millions of deaths in all quarters of Europe.  Never mind that the Weimar republic was at best inept and at worse counter productive to the betterment of the German economy.  Never mind that ‘Mein Kampf’ was the prelude to the goal of exterminating an entire ethnic population solely because of the delusions of Hitler.

So, Andy ‘Death Camp’ Cuomo is going to write about his ‘challenging’ experiences.  Consider that our death numbers in NY are as massive as they are due, in large part, to his, Governor Cuomo’s, inept policies including mandating Nursing homes accept Covid19 positive patients essentially turning them into ‘Death Camps’.  Add that no visitors were allowed and residents really could not leave meaning that introducing the flu virus into these homes was the same as gassing Jews in the death camps of Germany.  They knew the virus was dangerous if not fatal if they caught it and could not leave or do anything about it.

I know it sounds severe if not ghoulish to refer to Cuomo and use terms like ‘Death Camp’  and make direct references to WWII and Hitler.  Problem is that it is essentially the same scenario.  You have a confined group of people and you introduce a deadly pathogen in their environment.  No one who cares about these residents would have ever suggested doing this.  Despite the complete lack of logic in the notion of sending Covid patients to nursing homes, Cuomo ordered it and they could not refuse.  This was massive and negligent endangerment  of  our senior citizens.   If anything, Cuomo should be charged with Manslaughter.

Worse yet Cuomo, by banning visitors to these facilities, denied family members opportunities to identify dangers and perhaps protect their loved ones who could not protect themselves.  Instead we had senior citizens dying without any loved ones at their sides thousands of times over.  If this is not an execution in reality and by design, I do not know what else it could be.

Add that early on, when it could have made a huge difference, Cuomo did not quarantine the regions that were immediately affected by Covid in Westchester and in the city. Cuomo could have also stemmed the spread of the virus by banning travel out of that area. Cuomo could have closed the airports. Cuomo could have shut down mass transit for a week, and  shut down the business activity in the quarantine area and possibly have stopped the massive spread of the virus in its tracks.

Instead, it was business as usual until it was too late and NY residents had unknowingly  spread the virus throughout the city and across the nation.  Then (finally), Cuomo shut down businesses but not mass transit in NYC.  This is after the disease had spread across the state and across the nation.  This is all on Cuomo’s shoulders.  This is not good management of a emergency situation.

So, as Cuomo writes his version of ‘Mein Kampf’ just keep in mind that his opinions and recollections of a ‘struggle’ that he was faced with was largely of his own making and a result of decisions he made that killed THOUSANDS in New York and across the nation!!!!

The man is delusional if he thinks he made things better.  It is beyond obvious that he made things worse for the entire nation.  It is this level of self delusion that puts Andy Cuomo in the same league as Adolf Hitler.  Another delusional figure that  caused the deaths of 100 million people.




Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 75 years on

Operation Downfall. The invasion plan for the mainland of Japan.  Estimates of at least 50,000 dead and hundreds of thousands wounded on the Allies side. Millions of Japanese soldiers and civilians would also be dead. MILLIONS……

War is cruel. It is the nature of the premise. We found after the occupation began that the mainland of Japan was far more heavily armed and ready to counter an invasion that we had thought. This blows the initial death estimates out of the water. Odds are that the death toll would be multiples higher.

There has not been a war fought that has not escalated in violence and death right up to the end. The rolls of the dead and the wounded attest to this. We did not start WWII. Atrocious and barbaric acts of an enemy sworn to destroy us created this calamity we call WWII. As the war went on it became obvious that both Germany and Japan were fighting to the last man. The tally of casualties rose higher and higher from one battle to the next ever increasing in intensity and ferocity.

This left us with few choices short of making a fragile peace not all that different from the results of WWI which merely set the stage for this calamity.   The chances of a WWIII, essentially repeating WWI and WWII  was something that the Allied leadership did not want to see happen.

Striking a mortal blow was the only choice we had if we wanted to expedite the conclusion of the war in the Pacific. The Atomic bomb and its use was inevitable.

History traces the evolution of weaponry and the Hydrogen bomb that followed the atomic bomb just as well as the precision guided munitions we have today are increases in precision and lethality that are equally inevitable.  That is the nature of technically evolving war. That we used the Atomic Bomb first to end a vicious and stubborn war was a wise choice given our options.

Should we mourn the non-combatants who died in the atomic bombings as a result? Yes, just as we mourn the victims of the Rape of Nanking; the civilian prisoners who died of abuse, starvation and torture in Japanese and German prison camps; the men women and children exterminated by Hitler and his efforts to create a Third Reich; and every other victim of the actions taken by both sides waging this horrific war.

No one deserves to die at the hands of others. We each deserve to live and die as a result of our own choices and destiny.  Once this concept is tossed aside, all bets are off. Nations can act in ways that humans on their own may not choose. This is the failing of rule by consensus. Statistics become anonymous numbers that lose their humanity when nations make essentially what should be human choices.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki along with every other tragedy in the war are lessons hopefully mankind will consider before ever starting such a world wide conflagration again.

We are at War with the Deep State

I was inspired to put these words together in response to a post on Maddmedic’s blog (  which was a reblog of the source.

The issue is the obvious lying and obfuscation of truth by Dr. Fauci in regards to the Covid19 epidemic.

There is little doubt that this ‘epidemic’ is being carefully managed to get the most mileage out of it. The same could be said for the justice department’s handling of the Steele Dossier and how they managed to extend that known pack of lies into an Impeachment proceeding.

We are at war. The people of this nation are at war. Not with each other per se but with the deep state. The government. The powers that be.

There is a controlling group of leadership bureaucrats who are calling the shots. They control congress. They control the courts. They control the executive branch. Whether by direct orders or by skewing and shaping a narrative these deep state leaders are effectively in charge of our nation.

Elections used to have consequences. Ever since Bush 41 elected to not request the resignation of all appointed employees of government, we have seen the creep of socialism and in effect a totalitarian attitude festering in the top leadership ranks of all departments in our federal bureaucracy.

In the last 40 years we have had 6 Republican administrations of the ten terms therein and yet, the deep state is full of democrats who have ensconced themselves in our administrative echelons and altered the fundamental purpose of our federal government from serving the people to serving themselves and expanding their power and control over our nation and our economy.

Donald Trump and his supporters present the biggest threat to this concentration of socialist democrat power since Reagan. As such Trump and all of use who support him must be destroyed. Since they cannot literally shoot us, as much as they would like to, they must take away our individual rights sufficiently to prevent us from being able to threaten their control in any way.

The actions of the democrat politicians are in concert with this deep state cabal of conspirators.  They are an insurgency that must be eradicated from our government once and for all.  No political party should be under the control of the government.  This is the moral equivalent of a dictatorship at the worst, or a ruling Hun-ta at the minimum.

DO NOT make the mistake in thinking the democrats control the government.  It is more than apparent that the actions of the individual democrats as well as those who actually come to power are the choices of the deep state.  How many well intentioned elected congress people find they cannot get their ideas into the discussions of the bodies they are elected to and after a few terms they leave office.  This is the deep state working through the legislative aids and workers to steer the agenda towards the goals they, the deep state conspirators have set.

It is not too late to intervene and start to reverse this trend in our government.  Elections mean things and have consequences and this one is the most important one in my lifetime.   Be sure to vote this November and make sure anyone you know does as well.  This may well be our LAST CHANCE to avoid a socialist government that sees the rights of the governing to be more important than the governed.

Antifa, Disarmament and Socialism

Before the government of Japan took their nation into wars with other nations, they disarmed its Samuris. It took a military type of force to do this. Military forces can overwhelm groups of citizens and force them to comply with orders. WWII and the Holocaust are classic examples.

Antifa has the purpose of maintaining unrest and violence. Their hope is to incite a violent response not from law enforcement but from other citizens. This is the global strategy that the underlings of the Antifa do not understand or have not been told.

Once the right, conservative pro-Americans take to the streets that is when the democrat mayors and governors will use all the forces at their disposal to arrest and put down the violence. Not of Antifa but of the pro-Americans who are fighting to stop the destruction and violence that Antifa started.  I am sure in the process firearms will come into play and therefore create the cause of total disarmament of our nation otherwise known as the revocation of our Second Amendment rights.

The left is aching for an excuse to force us, the conservative pro-American, to comply with their edicts. They thought 8 years of the black messiah Obama would get us upset enough to act out in some way but we did not take that bait. Now, they have upped the ante with overt and focused attacks on our institutions and traditions including violence in the streets. This is bait and nothing else.

Insurrectionists use social unrest as a tool to drive a wedge between various portions of a nation in order to reduce and eventually remove any resistance to their take over of the government. They may state their goals at first but these are a smoke screen to what really will happen once they have control.

Need proof? Lenin talked of fairness and yet, millions starved and many were outright murdered as he solidified his power, all the while Lenin and his cronies were living a lifestyle none of his fellow Russians could.

Hitler convinced the German people that the Jews were the cause of their economic suffering. He finally secured control and then proceeded to murder and cause the deaths of 100,000,000 people across the world. Again, he and his leadership faithful all lived well while the masses suffered.

Mao promised to feed his nation and blamed the existing government for the woes the Chinese were suffering at the hands of the Japanese and government. He finally attained power and millions were left to starve as a result.

The moral to my story is that we are seeing the ‘sales pitch’ of the pro-socialists but the reality of what these people would do to our nation is not seen by most people nor would they suspect it. Gathering their paramilitary forces is just the start. If they attain power they will disarm the people. It is essential to their plans and historically, it was done in Russia, Germany and China once the socialists came into power and for the very same reason.

America has been secure in its borders from outside invasion but we are facing an insurrection that is using our own legal system as well as our media to convince the masses that socialism and their vision for our nation is the way to the future. We have lost this phase of the war and the longer we wait to react the smaller our numbers will become. It is only a question of time before we will not be able to reverse this march to our own demise.

We are coming to a point of no return where freedom will begin the long steady and unstoppable slide towards totalitarianism that socialism portends.  The pandemic we are in at present is just another weapon the left is using to force compliance and to make the idea of forcing people to behave in certain ways palatable to the masses.

The hypocrisy of the left is obvious to many but the power of the MSI and MSM is more than mere blogging and community activism can counter.  Only if we can continue the process we saw started when Trump was elected can we see the potential reversal of some of these very troubling trends.  Short of taking up arms, the political theater is the current war zone.  If the election goes against us, our choices will be very limited if we desire to keep our freedoms.


2020; OUR time of Choosing

Reagan said in 1964 in his famous speech referring to our being in a ‘time of Choosing’ indicating that the nation was facing choices that would have long term affects upon liberty and freedoms. Today, in 2020 we are most certainly in a time where our choices made in the near future will have long term affects on our nation. Further, if in our efforts to preserve the republic we are thwarted at the polls by what appears to be obviously nefarious means, we will have the choice to sit back and wait or to act as our forebears did to preserve freedom and liberty for all.

We are seeing a war upon our nation being fought foremost in the area of information and what is actually being allowed out to the public. As a conservative, I know enough to not rely on any ‘MSM’ or any of the big Internet sites such as facebook, twitter etal (MSI aka Main Stream Internet) . We are seeing the expert filtration of our news through all of these sources to promote the idea that Trump and all of society that supports him are fascists and that democrats/liberals/protestors are all good.

The problem is that there is a sizeable portion of our society (probably 20-25%) that is just too busy or too lazy to find the truth for themselves and they sit and digest this PAP from the left verbatim and assume it is correct and honest. This group is not a majority but is sizeable enough to sway the election even if they themselves would disapprove of the protests and violence. They never see it in context.  They only see and hear what the left wants them to.

We are approaching a turning point of which if we fail to continue the course of freedom and individual rights we will likely NEVER get them back. We are already seeing our rights being usurped by elected leaders who allow protests but ban religious assembly. We are not allowed to pursue our own economic interests due to an exaggerated response to a virus that is now approaching a hoax like epidemic status as most people see as being non-existent. Even red states are restricting the rights of its citizens illegally and for reasons that do not actually exist.

Again, all of this is due to the left and their control over information processing and delivery systems. Truth has no meaning when it cannot see the light of day. In the recent past (75 years) we have seen the perversion of truth and accepted values being used to control massive populations such as Germany in WWII and Communist Russia and China before and after WWII. Millions were exterminated all in the name of the state and the truth they, the controllers of the media purported to be true.

Unfortunately we have lost our free press and now have a instrument of information delivery controlled by forces bent on destroying our nation. Our form of government was set forth from the start with the existence of a free press to ensure that all sides of any issue would see the light of day and that the citizens could make their own determinations to what they felt was truth.  This was a check and balance built into our Bill of Rights.

There is little else that should be as important as keeping our nation as the republic it was founded to be and to preserve individual freedoms and liberty for our future generations. They, the socialism loving left, are fighting a war with us at present and will not stop. The war has moved from being solely in the world of politics and information into riots and violence in the streets of our cities and will carry on into the suburbs and rural regions if it is left unchecked.

Our parents and grandparents were confronted with the times of Reagan and the political choices at hand.  At present we are staring down the barrel of the juggernaut of the Soros funded, Islam sympathetic, socialism loving, totalitarianism sanctioning, forces including the democrat party, Antifa, Black Lives Matter all of whom are marching to tear down our society and they have said as much.  I maintain we are approaching the ‘Minute Man’ moment of our times where our response to aggression in our communities and across our nation will determine our future.

Be prepared.  Be forewarned that evil forces are at work to destroy our nation.  Keep informed and not by any MSM (Main Stream Media) or MSI (Main Stream Internet) sources.  Watch, listen, know what is going on both in your community and in the nation.  We may be called upon by our heritage to rise to protect our future.

The Deep State is behind the call to de-fund the police and tear down our heritage.

Our nation has progressed from a self reliant one to one that is predisposed to having a welfare class.  Any notion of the government to try to wean those on welfare off has resulted in resistance and violence as well as the casting of major lies by the democrats.  Now we see the agents of the socialism acting violently in the streets to tear down our systems of governance and controls  because destroying the self reliance of America leads to poverty and anarchy.  Only those who wish to create a welfare type of socialist state would want to tear them down.

Socialism and its ugly but violent cousin communism has been on the march in one form or another for as long as we have been living in communities. They have existed under many different systems of governance from tribal to community to villages to monarchies.

At present in America, the quest of a few to decide how the rest live is a throwback to the monarchies we thought we had deposed centuries ago.  The leadership class was invested in the elected class of our nation until the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.  With the dawn of an ever expanding ‘professional government worker class’ so has the desire for a socialist system grown.

As a result, we are living with a sort of ‘Elite/Gentry/Politician’ overlord class controlling the rest of the nation for about a century now and our nation has started to spiral the drain as a result. While Teddy Roosevelt  may have been a trust buster he had no problem with a government class being established (a trust unto itself ironically) who owed their allegiance not to the current political party in charge but to the government itself. This is the start of the self fulfilling prophecy of socialism as a uniform system of governance in our nation.  The deeper the ranks of the civil servant class the farther down the road of socialism we go.

While political patronage is in and of itself vulgar, it is far worse to have a class of citizen who for all intents and purposes control the government and ergo control the people. What we are seeing today are the agents of the controlling class of the government acting to grant themselves even more power. Tearing down the vestiges of democracy and the republic merely increases the power of the central government.   I will add that the portion of the civil servant class that seeks total control is small but monarchies are built upon the masses by small groups of citizens who have more power than the masses do.

We cannot resist the edicts of the civil servant class (edicts based on laws and codes written by these very same people) any more than we can resist our most basic instincts.  To stand up to the government is to essentially commit suicide as a citizen as the government can use all the power at its control to force individuals as well as businesses to comply with its orders.

The left leaning socialism wanting liberal activist is an agent of this cabal of deep state high level functionaries.  Those who are used in the protests and violence against some of the institutions we see as stabilizing society are unaware of the power hungry leadership they are committing acts of violence and destruction for.

It seems an oxymoronic remark to blame the deep state for tearing down statues and wanting to destroy the police but if you consider that the next level of authority is the federal government it begins to make sense as now those who crave control hold the reins of the paramilitary forces who are acting on their orders to suppress the very violence they fomented in the first place.   By bypassing local authority, the deep state achieves a form of control over communities that our founders never envisioned nor would they have endorsed.

The leadership of the deep state, comprising of the top bureaucrats in government, certain high ranking politicians and influential and wealthy ‘donors’ all seek to attain complete control of society for the good of ‘humanity’.  Problem is that their definition of ‘GOOD’ is not the same as most peoples.  Control means restrictions and that is the currency of dictatorships.  While it seems to be ironic that the deep state is promoting disorder to attain their controls, it makes ultimate sense because this bypasses all the safeguards we have in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

America did not create slavery in its borders.

We all should know the basic history of America as it was founded to today.  Here are a few interesting points I have gleaned that might shade some folks view of our history.

America was a colony of the British Empire.  We were established by people seeking a place for religious freedom but, we were also established as an economic money machine by the wealthy noblemen of England.

While New England became an industrial economic force, the south was predominantly vast land holdings called plantations where products such as tobacco and cotton were the main crops.  These massive holdings were owned afar by English elites who sought to reap as much wealth from the land as they possibly could.

Slavery was introduced in the south as a means of obtaining a work force that was inexpensive and permanent as well as able to replicate and increase numbers over time.  The Slaves were sold by Africans (blacks) to Dutch traders who then transported them to various locations in the new and old worlds.  They were sold to plantation owners to work the lands.  Please note that as a general rule, the procurement, transport and purchase of slaves was not by freedom seeking American colonists but by absentee landlords who wished to reap the maximum bounty from our continent.  The average colonist who made up the majority of the population outside of the plantations were subsistence living families who could barely afford to buy the products they needed at the British approved and sanctioned shops and these ‘average’ people did not own slaves.  Keep in mind as well, not only blacks were enslaved.  Irish and other peoples of Europe were sold into indentured servancy here as well owned for a specified period of time as chattel no different than the Africans who were imported as well.

Fast forward and the movement to liberate America as a free nation started in the north whose economies were far more affected by British taxes and rules regarding the manufacture of goods in the colonies.  First skirmishes of our revolutionary war took place in the north.  While the leadership of the revolution became a widespread group from all colonies, keep in mind that it was the initial freedom seekers in the north who rebelled against the rule of the Empire which not only included taxes and controls but also the institution of slavery in the colonies.

Once our nation’s freedom was won, the abolition movement began almost immediately as an organized effort to abolish slavery in our nation despite it being allowed under our original founding.  This movement grew to such an extent that in 1860, when Abraham Lincoln, an avowed anti slavery candidate, ran and won office, the states in the south, still embodying the plantation concept of the British from before the revolution, started to secede.  The abolition movement was extremely strong in the north and unified the northern states in their resolve to subdue the ‘Southern Insurrection’ as it was thought of to restore the Union and in the process resolve the slavery issue.  America was one of the first nations in the world to ban the institution of slavery and it took 100 years for most of the rest of the world to banish slavery and yet, in Africa and other places it still exists to this day.

What is important is that the areas of the nation that initially sought freedom, as a colony of England and after as the nation the United States who then sought to establish freedom for all in our nation were the hard working, self reliant families who did not embrace the British model of the Plantation system.  These people were then and are now, the backbone of our nation.

Slavery was never an American Institution.  It was imposed upon our continent by foreign land owners who sought to reap the wealth out continent offered with the least concern for the people who labored to provide it.  Christian, moral and passionate people in America opposed slavery and acted to end it when the time came and did so at a high cost in lives and injury upon the battlefields during the Civil War.  These people’s legacy should not be buried in any effort to condemn slavery and it should always be remembered that Slavery was the result of the British economics and not American in origin.

‘ANTIFA Announces Formation of a Red Army in U.S. The Violent Left Says They Want a Shooting Civil War’ – BLM in the Forefront. By Adina Kutnicki

Freedom Is Just Another Word…

Say when punks..

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Glenda’s thoughts……


I would think that this is a declaration of war upon the United States. Despite that, I also know that the congress would not declare war as existing in response.

There are untold millions of red blooded Americans who are beyond fed up with this BLM Antifa nonsense and eagerly would offer a rifled response to any further provocation by these groups. They would do so at their personal peril however.

It is not that the majority of these patriots would risk injury. It is that the state and its agents all leftists would crucify them in the courts if a single hair on the head of any of these liberal malcontents were injured no matter what provocation they, these liberals, had committed.

The real question is when will the rule of law break sufficiently that a real state of violent war exists, declared or otherwise? There is a point where the threat of prosecution for any act will lose its mettle and at that point it will be ‘open season’ and as I said, there are untold MILLIONS of Americans who are completely and totally fed up with this.

I tend to believe that the left assumes the state will prosecute its war on the nation against the ‘criminals’ (patriots). They may talk of organizing and fighting themselves but statistics of who owns the guns and where they tend to live would indicate that the right is far better armed and prepared to pursue a true ‘war’ than the left themselves.

We are living at present in perilous times. Keep calm, prepared and a finger on the pulse of the nation. Do not rely on media for facts as they have long ago stopped providing any news that is not filtered through their liberal/socialist lens.

Follow a diverse group of blogs that offer both deep and also summary articles on the current events of the day. Do not act as a lone provocateur. All this will do is put another arrow in the quiver of the anti right anti gun crowd.

We will make it through this. Once the election is over the frenzy will die down somewhat depending on who wins. If Trump wins we will see a repeat of early 2017 and if he loses we are in for a long haul and things will change less in public and more in policy and agenda items that will be aimed to destroy us as a potential element of resistance. Either way, stay the course. Be sure to vote. Hang in there.

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