The over emphasis of self in society today; This is the Liberal ethos

If you consider all of the various changes that have happened in society in the last 50 years or so you can see that the major shift in people’s behavior is that the concern for self has become more important than family, or children or a spouse.  While those loves and concerns still exist, the emphasis in society is to free yourself and do what you want to do.

Contrast this with the Greatest Generation who gave their lives to fight tyranny and then gave the rest of their lives to raise families to live better than they did.  That generation of parents saw their duty to their nation and their family to be superior to their own interests most all of the time.  Only after their responsibilities to both were met did they consider themselves.  This is not an absolute and there are levels of this dedication but in general, you had stronger family bonds in the families that arose following WWII.

The sixties were a decade of revolution if not via military conflict it was in societal values.  The youth rejected their parents values as they rejected Vietnam  and the traditional world of  their parents.  Free love, free expression, and the drug culture all contributed to fragmenting the family unit and weakening the bonds.  Abortion on demand in the seventies with the final upheavals resulting from the end of the Vietnam war era and then the energy crisis all fueled this deterioration of the family and the bonds that were the most important a generation ago.  As the millennia played out, no fault divorce, single parent families and people living without marrying all made the traditions of their parents all the more meaningless.

Today, we see the left championing every fringe belief, sexual orientation and any other marginal aspect of life today as being the new normal.  The importance of SELF.  All of this is the promotion of the individual over the family.  While the family unit still exists, none of the adult members have the backgrounds that the parents of the 50’s and 60’s into the 70’s did.  The bonds are not there in the same quality and strength that they once were.  As a result the core of our society and America as a whole is dying.

With this lack of tradition we also have the reality that individuals tend to think that their feelings about things matter more than substantive facts and realities.  Because someone is frightened by another’s words or actions, the left has concluded that the person causing this fear is wrong even if the fear is hyper-sensitivity or strictly mental in nature.  That is not based on any real apparent threat.  This ‘victimhood’ is the ultimate affect of the me generation that we see dominating the left’s political supporters.  Their selfishness and lack of maturity in dealing with people and free speech is crippling our nation and marginalizing many people who feel strongly that this movement in emphasizing selfish concerns and worries is going to destroy our freedoms and our society.

As I watch the nonsense that emanates from the herd of democratic candidates for president along with the stupid lawsuits and issues arising from presumed discrimination (the cake baker case comes to mind) I cannot help but think that this preference of protecting feelings over reality is terribly wrong for government and is not what our government ought to be doing.  Yet, it seems apparent that the democrats are running headlong into this morass of hurt feelings and fears looking to champion these soft skinned ‘Victim Class’ people over the rest of the nation who are trying to live for more than themselves.

If you were to have explained to me back in the 80’s the way our society is today I would have laughed at the nonsensical behaviors of these ‘Victims’.  The heroes of the WWII generation did all those amazing and unbelievable acts of self sacrifice at home and abroad and they were the same age or younger and I doubt seriously you could hurt their feelings or at least they would never let you know you did.  Those people;  Americans by the multimillions; all stood up and faced death and tyranny; real threats against their lives and their way of life and did what was necessary to preserve the nation.  They would not understand the behaviors of the kids and young adults of today.

So the ‘Me Too’  ‘Victim Class’ ‘Woke’ college students and recent graduates have managed  (with a lot of liberal help) to make our national discussion a joke compared to the real issues that my parents and grandparents had to cope with.

Never has so little been done by so many in order to get so much out of our society.

This path we are on will not end well.  You cannot make every member of a society a victim and keep the society whole.  Someone has to stand up, pull on their adult pants and get to the business of keeping this society going and if they are accused of being ‘hurtful’ or ‘threatening’ and are banished nothing will get done.

I close by saying that people who want to make their lives work can find ways to do so and do not need to sponge off of parents and the government in order to find their way.

It is one thing in society to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

It is quite another to protect those in society who can protect themselves.

The priorities of self over responsibility is ruining this nation.  Every time I hear about social justice, I want to throw up.  When I hear Bernie talk about forgiving college debt, it angers me.  These issues are pure politics masquerading as policy and are manipulating the people of this nation for purposes that have nothing to do with our success in the future and everything to do with changing everything that we have ever known.

This movement either will stop, or will be the undoing of all the sacrifices Americans have made during the life of this nation to preserve it.



From Nuclear Family to the Woke generation. How did we get here?

At the founding and for about 200 years, life was determined for pretty much everyone as a relationship based on needs. At the outset, if a person wanted to survive past adolescence it was necessary to form some sort of dependent relationship with someone. Yes, there were independents who chose to live alone and they all represent a small proportion of the society as a whole. If you look at the main stream this relationship was marriage and the family.   The nation grew and flourished with this traditional form of society dominating the society.

The seeds of the situation we find ourselves in today were sown as the concept of ‘media’ came of age. Starting with newspapers and evolving into radio and ultimately to where we are today, the gradual idea of living independently grew and grew. While not a specific type of strategy or attack was in motion, nonetheless the valid arguments for traditional family were being peeled away like the layers of an onion.

The things we saw starting in the sixties, burning bras, women’s lib, the sexual revolution, gay and lesbian relationships and in our present times the gender factions are all symptoms of the ongoing notion of personal freedom that was initiated some 100 years ago. It is the ability to gain knowledge and identify with lifestyles other than the historic types that have spurred the erosion of our society.  In many ways this parallels any of the former cultures that flourished and then fell apart.  As society developed the very things that created the society fell away one at a time until what was left was untenable.

The effect is the virtual elimination of the need for a classic nuclear family in order to survive. This is due to the push within society to eliminate that need. i.e.  Various programs that support single parenthood. The acceptance of children into society who are not from a married couple along with the removal of the social taboo on divorce have further watered down the classic American family.

What is unfortunate is that while marriage is still a very common builder of family units, it seems that media and society’s activists all think that the ‘new family’ types deserve more support. In these days the nuclear family enjoys little advantage over single parent households as far as emotional and resource support. If anything, the concept of ‘single mothers’ has become a rallying cry for dozens of programs aimed at making the lifestyle of being a single parent easier and also with more comparable perks as compared to the nuclear family that we knew in the 50’s and 60’s.

The answer is to find some way to make the classic family unit more desirable. The idea of throwaway relationships has to end and people need to learn to find ways to work together to make the family unit flourish and be a desirable place in life to be.  People have to learn to make relationships work and that the respect that exists within the family extends outward into the society around them.  The need to learn that the long term benefit of a family setting is worth the effort.

In the bigger picture this issue is very similar to guns and the push for gun control as well as the condemnation of Christianity.   There are few models in society that portray these as being enjoyable or respectable. All too often the family is shown in a negative and abusive light. The same is said for firearms and gun ownership.   Christianity and its incumbent moral values are also depicted as old fashioned and negative not deserving respect or acknowledgement.

Imagine a nuclear family based sitcom, located in the heartland, where the the dad or both the dad and mom take their kids to the shooting range or their safe place to shoot and then show them exercising the safety and respect for the firearms that the left ignores; The same family going to church on Sunday and the values they have are reinforced by their experience. In these cases, the family, firearm ownership and Christianity are all shown in a positive light.

Well, I can imagine it but it will never happen. It does not fit the mantra of the activist left who have taken advantage of this erosion of American families to push their agenda. They, the left, did not start the erosion but they are taking advantage of it while they can.  Like all separatist movements, they seek fractures in society and exploit them to suit their own agenda which in this case is to attain power, control and wealth.

The only way that these values can be promoted is by living them and demonstrating to society that the nuclear family and the traditional values of America are valid and worthy pursuits and the the fruit of those values is worth leaving the ‘self gratification’ movement behind. Portraying the rearing of children and living a family lifestyle as being enjoyable in spite of the notion that a large portion of society tends to think that children and older values are a burden. Only by setting the example can we gain any foothold in today’s ‘woke’ ‘me too’ younger generations.

Be careful liberals lest ye bring about the Wrath of Patriots

We live our lives quietly and without comment. We are polite and keep to ourselves. We practice what we preach and are assets to our communities. Our children are raised with our respect instilled in them along with our values of hard work and caring for others.

We are the silent Second Amendment adhering patriots who have been the backbone of this nation since its inception.

We are facing a foe that is remarkably similar to the British at the outset of the American Revolution. The British sought to disarm us. They sought to tax us and penalize us for breaking arbitrary rules. They seek to control our lives and how we can pursue commerce and our own fortunes.

‘Americans’ have existed from the moment that our forefathers set foot on this continent which was occupied by semi-nomadic aboriginal tribes who had a primitive culture. Our survival relied on our strength of character and our perseverance. The self fulfilling American and the American Dream were born at the same time.  America grew from our vision and determination from the wilderness.

Now we are faced with a force made up of fellow citizens who have abandoned the American Dream and are now obsessed with the globalist agenda of foreign interests. The concepts and ideas brought into their discussions are not American in origin and are the exact opposites of the American Dream. These people speak of collective ideas for the whole and penalize anyone for their success by making them share the fruit of their labors. These citizens seek to squelch the fires of our industry and put a halt to our development of our own resources. They seek to completely re-write our Constitution and take away many of our guaranteed rights that were protected by the Bill of Rights in 1783.

Even in the face of what could legitimately be called a rebellion, we have maintained our calm and resisted any provocation to violence. Now we are being challenged on many fronts and it is painfully obvious that the time to rise and protect our homes, our livelihoods and our liberty is soon to be upon us.

When this next phase of our nation begins; a phase that rivals the period of the War between the States; is really up to our foes. We are here to defend the rights of the American people and not interested in starting any conflict. By the same token, we will not sit back if any of our fellow Americans are attacked.  We are those Americans who believe in the legacy of the founding of our nation.

I can only deliver the warning to those who prefer a globalist society that we will not go quietly into the night. Rhetoric will not deter our fervent love of our nation and our rights and liberties. Making threats against our God given Rights will not deter our faith in who we are and our heritage. We stand resolute in our purpose and determined to hold our ground.

The next move is up to you, globalists and socialistic liberals. Think carefully about what you are about to cause if you pursue your anti-American agenda. You will be the cause of the next inner conflict of our nation if you do not heed the warnings.  These warnings reflect a determined group of Patriots who will resist your tyranny.

Living in the Kingdom of New York i.e. ‘Flyover Country’ a cautionary tale.

I have lived all but 2 years of my life in New York State.  I live in what I derisively refer to as the ‘Fly Over Counties’ in sympathy with the Fly Over States we have in our nation.  In both cases we refer to the fact that we do not matter to the big political powers that be.

In New York State we are blessed with a Dictator reminiscent of Mussolini as far as his arrogance and cocky nature.  There is not a shred of humility in Andrew Cuomo.  He lacks the humanity of his father.  He lacks the intuitiveness of his father.  All he knows is power and control and his ego cannot get enough of both.

We have had a slew of regulations and requirements shoved upon us without any say or rather, that we were not even considered in the decision making process.  You can ask if our elected officials have fought for our rights and I know that they have.  The problem is once the democrats got a majority in the Legislature we lost any input in any legislation.  This change in majority is due to the burgeoning population of the metro NYC area along with a population shrink upstate as the people who can, leave to make a better living.  Many have done just that; left.  The traditional balance in this state was that the Assembly was democrat held and the Senate was republican held.  This created both a political and philosophical check and balance on any proposals and on spending.  This balance was lost and since that time, the state is going broke like a runaway train headed for the cliff.  I would leave but my life and my connections are here and I am too old to make starting over an easy proposition.

My intention in this post is to offer that there is something drastically wrong in America and it is beyond simple politics.  The movement towards socialism is a part of this dictatorship I am experiencing here in NY.  This is the model that you will see forced onto every state in the union if these liberal democrats get their way.  This is a warning.  California and its rampant dysfunction is a warning.  The rampant crime in our major cities is a warning.  This is the world of the liberal socialists and they are happy to let it burn in the process of solidifying their power and control over the entire nation.

Know that any national agenda driven item is a means of gaining control.  The environmental proposals are all designed to remove choices from the states and ultimately the citizens of the states.  These states have voted against such drastic and unnecessary policies and yet are overruled by the liberal courts.  On top of this are the myriad of bureaucratic regulations (from democratically appointed bureaucrats) that they will force upon all of us.  We are a generation away from starting down the same road to destruction and starvation as Venezuela and remember,  they voted themselves into the crisis they are in.

Gun control is merely one of many societal controls that the left needs to implement to take over our lives.  Free and unbiased communication is under attack.  Our privacy is gone.  If you are online everything you do is being monitored.  The idea of social scoring (ala China and their ‘Social Credits’ system) based on how you post and what you see online is real and Google, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are already well on their way to creating a grading system to punish those people who post or visit locations that reflect conservative, libertarianism or pro-gun and anti-socialist ideals.

Many, including myself, have posited the notion of a coming violent conflict within our nation between those intent on forcing socialism upon our nation and those of us who do not want it.  We are already fighting this battle every day and if you pay any attention at all to the main stream media (MSM) you are more than aware of the fact that they have been co-opted by the socialist activists and you cannot rely on the MSM for any objective reporting or opinions.  How many blogs or bloggers do you know who have been outlawed by this social networking cabal???  How many websites or videos are gone that reflected pro-conservative and anti-socialist messages??  This battle is already going on and we are just beginning to see the negative impact on our lives and rights that the future would have as the left would like it.  They are getting brazen in their open desires to disarm and disenfranchise us.

It is not too late to do something about this.  One election did make a huge difference and also exposed the left and their evil plans for our once free nation.  President Trump has managed to prove that the left and the actions that they have taken over the last 30 years are all for the purpose of ending American freedoms and rights under our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  They seek to institute a socialist form of government where the common people are equal; yes, equal in misery as the top elites will live like royalty and we will starve like Venezuela.  Remember, we still can stop this cabal.

We need to be sure to vote.  We need to elect conservatives in every position from Dog Catcher to School Board positions to villages, cities and  towns as well as counties plus elected state and federal representatives. We need to be sure to get every person we know who believes as we do, to vote.  We need to pester and remind these elected officials that we are not happy.  We need to gather when it is necessary to make our positions known.  The TEA Party is a good start.  We need to make it bigger.  We need to make it clear we are not going into that dark future of socialism willingly.

Try read or review on a daily basis as many blogs that reinforce our freedoms that you can.  Keep informed of the things going on without listening to the propaganda that the MSM offers.  Radio shows like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and others are great sources of reinforcing opinion that also keep you informed of what is going on.  Do not be afraid to calmly talk in public about your beliefs and values and always let the loony tunes lefty get berserk and do not rise to their bait.  Be the confident freedom loving American that you are.  The simple facts of what we see every day reaffirm our beliefs that the left is acting to take over the nation and end the Great American Experiment.

Reinforce each other.  Keep in contact.  It is my deepest hope we can stop this political coup before it gets any further.  The options if things get further down this socialist hell hole are far fewer and more difficult to pursue.

I am a Legacy American and I am proud of this!!!!

Gun Control Storm watching

I have Blogged before mentioning a coming apocalypse. I am referring to the second civil war we are likely facing.

If you live in a coastal area you pay close attention to the weather and the trends that are developing because your life and property are at risk.

If you live up north and there is a sleet storm, you might opt to stay in instead of venturing out in a car and risking getting injured or worse.

If you live in an area prone to wildfires, you pay close attention to the weather and the status of any fires that could threaten your safety and home.

All three of these are acts of observation, analysis and action.

I am watching the storm that is national politics concerned about the possibility that I could be harmed and my possessions taken away if things go a certain way.

I know that there is a slippery slope out there and it behooves me to be cautious about jumping right into the fray as I could be hurt or I could lose my property or see it rendered unusable.

I see a fire burning already in several states and I am in one of those states and I am extremely concerned about getting burned or my properly and rights being consumed by this fire.

The storm, weather and fire are the national debate over people’s rights and the preservation of same. Only an idiot would ignore these and this idiot would ignore them because they are oblivious to the impact any further restrictions upon speech and gun ownership would have on the real ‘Freedoms’ we have.

I will also add, I do not want to see any conflict arise as I am well aware of the potential for harm that such a conflict might cause. I am not eager to prove anything to anybody but will respond if provoked.

Our nation is at a turning point that is more than reminiscent of the election of 1860 and the national debate that was raging at that time. 600,000 people died as a result of that disagreement with both sides unwilling to compromise to gain a mutually agreeable solution.

Our present national debate is seemingly as polarized as it was 159 years ago. There is a huge difference, however, in the nature of the debate. In the present the faction that feels that it is being oppressed is not enslaving or otherwise harming anyone. They are peaceful, responsible and moral people who are demanding their rights of liberty as defined in the Bill of Rights be respected.

They are opposed by a group of people who insist that their vision of how our rights should be limited because of random acts of people who are not mentally stable or normal.  They continue to justify their positions even though the people being oppressed have done NOTHING to deserve any restriction of their rights. In many states where this fire is already raging there has been a total lack of desire of the political elites in power to seek the opinions of those who they are affecting negatively with their restrictive actions.

ALL Americans are entitled to due process with the apparent exception of when the liberal socialists want to take away your rights.

Think about that. Has there been any discussions with the law abiding citizens regarding the left’s desire to take away or seriously modify their rights. In a word: NO.  We are insulted and described as Nazis and Fascists and many other derogatory and disparaging terms that are used without any merit.

Being disenfranchised is more than losing your voting privileges. It is a total disregard of your rights as defined in our founding documents. Such was the genesis of the Civil War, and such it will be if this continues into our immediate future.  In essence, the lack of an intelligent discussion and the rampant disrespect of our rights as citizens is tantamount to being Disenfranchised.

In this game of politics the left is either going to propagate a war or they will back off of their desires to terminate the rights of legal, law abiding and morally correct US Citizens.

Keep a weather eye on this continuing storm as it may grow into one that the left has no idea how big it will be and it is wise to be ready for anything.

I have a solution to the illegal immigration problem and they, the illegals, will love it

For decades our southern border has been as porous as a spaghetti strainer.  There is no easy way to keep people from crossing without spending a shitload of money.  Well, I have an idea and I know that the red staters will love.

Let’s give California back to Mexico.  Lock stock and barrel.  Any red staters in California want to move out we can help them.  Hopefully a bunch of liberals and illegals will move to California to enjoy the new province of Mexico.  That way there will be plenty of jobs and housing for the refugees from California who do not want to stay once the transfer is made.

We hear of how California is a sanctuary state, well now it will be a sanctuary.  How Mexico will rule over the state/province is of no concern of mine as I would rather concentrate on helping the conservatives relocated into red state areas.

I would suggest we renegotiate the trade agreement with Mexico in light of this change.  Yes, they will have many beautiful places added to their territory but don’t forget, we will be eliminating 50,000,000 probable democrats all in one fell swoop.  Oh, the power from the Hoover dam…well, nah…..The water from the Colorado river….well, we’ll keep that too.

The beauty of the idea is that we do not have to provide any foreign aid to help them resettle California or Mexifornia if you will.  There is plenty of developed property there and lots of jobs that the illegals are already doing.  We would be rid of the Hollywood liberals all at once.  We can control their travels into the United States as they would be foreigners and need visas.  Oh, I forgot.  Those who stay in California when it is being deeded to Mexico become Mexican citizens just like an anchor baby is supposedly a US citizen.

Most important will be to build that border fence along California’s border with the United States.  Without the liberal politicians from California we will be able to pass legislation to build that fence finally.  Imagine a Congress without that denture chewing cow Pelosi and the rest of the communists from California…….It would be great.  We get all the power that is lighting LA and San Fran to use to help reduce our fossil fuel sourced energy and all that water.  Imagine what we can grow here In the United States and not in Mexifornia?????

Is this a pipe dream???? Yes..I will confess that I dreamed this all up.  Is it possible???? Well, there are reports of 10 million illegals in California alone.  Keep letting them in and the state will be a Mexican province if it isn’t for all intents and purposes already.

The new public mental health problem is DTS….Democratic Tantrum Syndrome

While I recognize the public mental health problems caused by TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) I believe we have another less known but equally or perhaps more serious problem.

The problem I have identified is DTS. Yes, I realize the initials are similiar to the TDS  I just mentioned but this disorder is in my opinion far worse in its public impact.

DTS or Democrat Tantrum Syndrome is a mental disorder that seems to affect the typical modern democrat regardless of the particular portion of that party they inhabit.

It is the behavior these people exhibit when they do not get their way.  Much like a 2 year old who has his favorite toy taken away, these Democrats go into conniption fits of near or full rage if their agenda is not moved forward. Other stimuli include losing elections, hearing opinions that are not in agreement with theirs and worse yet, when an appeals court they packed is overruled.

Not just limited to the political class directly this syndrome affects news reporters and tv show anchors with very similar triggers and results.

We first saw this DTS rear its ugly head during Reagan’s presidency and it has risen from time to time since depending on the issues. Generally it is worse when an unexpected setback at the voting booth occurs. The 2001 and 2004 elections as well as the 2016 where President Trump won are good examples of this with the 2016 election results being particularly upsetting to the rank and file democrat.

Also affected are non-politican and non-media younger democrats who have begun reacting violently if they are confronted with any differing opinion.  This can happen on the street, in the public square or even at a private gathering where they barge in uninvited.  Those with the worst cases of DTS label themselves as Antifa who are known to inhabit their parent’s basements long after they should have moved on with their lives.  Another identifying trait is that most of these citizens commonly referred to as ‘Snowflakes’ all seem to have massive college debts incurred in their useless pursuit of their Arts or Gender Studies degrees.  If you encounter one of these younger sufferers of DTS keep a wide berth as this particular subset of the sufferers is very dangerous.

Be warned, when you confront a democrat in full blown DTS you must stay a safe distance away as there is the definite possibility of being struck by their flailing arms or by any object they can grab and throw that is nearby.

There is no cure for DTS. However you can support research to fight this crippler of weaker minded citizens by donating to your local or national Trump re-election campaign committees. Remember to give and give generously as we have a lot of work to do to eradicate this terrible disorder from our nation.