America did not create slavery in its borders.

We all should know the basic history of America as it was founded to today.  Here are a few interesting points I have gleaned that might shade some folks view of our history.

America was a colony of the British Empire.  We were established by people seeking a place for religious freedom but, we were also established as an economic money machine by the wealthy noblemen of England.

While New England became an industrial economic force, the south was predominantly vast land holdings called plantations where products such as tobacco and cotton were the main crops.  These massive holdings were owned afar by English elites who sought to reap as much wealth from the land as they possibly could.

Slavery was introduced in the south as a means of obtaining a work force that was inexpensive and permanent as well as able to replicate and increase numbers over time.  The Slaves were sold by Africans (blacks) to Dutch traders who then transported them to various locations in the new and old worlds.  They were sold to plantation owners to work the lands.  Please note that as a general rule, the procurement, transport and purchase of slaves was not by freedom seeking American colonists but by absentee landlords who wished to reap the maximum bounty from our continent.  The average colonist who made up the majority of the population outside of the plantations were subsistence living families who could barely afford to buy the products they needed at the British approved and sanctioned shops and these ‘average’ people did not own slaves.  Keep in mind as well, not only blacks were enslaved.  Irish and other peoples of Europe were sold into indentured servancy here as well owned for a specified period of time as chattel no different than the Africans who were imported as well.

Fast forward and the movement to liberate America as a free nation started in the north whose economies were far more affected by British taxes and rules regarding the manufacture of goods in the colonies.  First skirmishes of our revolutionary war took place in the north.  While the leadership of the revolution became a widespread group from all colonies, keep in mind that it was the initial freedom seekers in the north who rebelled against the rule of the Empire which not only included taxes and controls but also the institution of slavery in the colonies.

Once our nation’s freedom was won, the abolition movement began almost immediately as an organized effort to abolish slavery in our nation despite it being allowed under our original founding.  This movement grew to such an extent that in 1860, when Abraham Lincoln, an avowed anti slavery candidate, ran and won office, the states in the south, still embodying the plantation concept of the British from before the revolution, started to secede.  The abolition movement was extremely strong in the north and unified the northern states in their resolve to subdue the ‘Southern Insurrection’ as it was thought of to restore the Union and in the process resolve the slavery issue.  America was one of the first nations in the world to ban the institution of slavery and it took 100 years for most of the rest of the world to banish slavery and yet, in Africa and other places it still exists to this day.

What is important is that the areas of the nation that initially sought freedom, as a colony of England and after as the nation the United States who then sought to establish freedom for all in our nation were the hard working, self reliant families who did not embrace the British model of the Plantation system.  These people were then and are now, the backbone of our nation.

Slavery was never an American Institution.  It was imposed upon our continent by foreign land owners who sought to reap the wealth out continent offered with the least concern for the people who labored to provide it.  Christian, moral and passionate people in America opposed slavery and acted to end it when the time came and did so at a high cost in lives and injury upon the battlefields during the Civil War.  These people’s legacy should not be buried in any effort to condemn slavery and it should always be remembered that Slavery was the result of the British economics and not American in origin.

‘ANTIFA Announces Formation of a Red Army in U.S. The Violent Left Says They Want a Shooting Civil War’ – BLM in the Forefront. By Adina Kutnicki

Freedom Is Just Another Word…

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Glenda’s thoughts……


I would think that this is a declaration of war upon the United States. Despite that, I also know that the congress would not declare war as existing in response.

There are untold millions of red blooded Americans who are beyond fed up with this BLM Antifa nonsense and eagerly would offer a rifled response to any further provocation by these groups. They would do so at their personal peril however.

It is not that the majority of these patriots would risk injury. It is that the state and its agents all leftists would crucify them in the courts if a single hair on the head of any of these liberal malcontents were injured no matter what provocation they, these liberals, had committed.

The real question is when will the rule of law break sufficiently that a real state of violent war exists, declared or otherwise? There is a point where the threat of prosecution for any act will lose its mettle and at that point it will be ‘open season’ and as I said, there are untold MILLIONS of Americans who are completely and totally fed up with this.

I tend to believe that the left assumes the state will prosecute its war on the nation against the ‘criminals’ (patriots). They may talk of organizing and fighting themselves but statistics of who owns the guns and where they tend to live would indicate that the right is far better armed and prepared to pursue a true ‘war’ than the left themselves.

We are living at present in perilous times. Keep calm, prepared and a finger on the pulse of the nation. Do not rely on media for facts as they have long ago stopped providing any news that is not filtered through their liberal/socialist lens.

Follow a diverse group of blogs that offer both deep and also summary articles on the current events of the day. Do not act as a lone provocateur. All this will do is put another arrow in the quiver of the anti right anti gun crowd.

We will make it through this. Once the election is over the frenzy will die down somewhat depending on who wins. If Trump wins we will see a repeat of early 2017 and if he loses we are in for a long haul and things will change less in public and more in policy and agenda items that will be aimed to destroy us as a potential element of resistance. Either way, stay the course. Be sure to vote. Hang in there.

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The value of hard work and respect for those who are self reliant

I spend a few minutes every day reviewing the histories of various people born on that particular day. Inevitably, you find that many are actors or entertainment industry folks as the list is generated for people who would be interested in such things. All ages are represented to even those who died long ago.

I have observed that the vast majority of the present day actors and entertainment liberal activists who show up on this list are the children of parents who were/are actors themselves; parents who are in academia; parents who are in politics; or combinations of the above..All are the progeny of wealth and privilege and seem to have embraced the ‘status quo’ that supports their lifestyles over any other point of view.

What is interesting is that a generation or two ago, most actors, musicians and entertainers arose from modest if not impoverished origins and amazingly, they all seemed to be conservative, patriotic, and anti-socialism in their political positions. This is almost a universal constant with the outliers who professed their preferences for socialism or communism being people with European origins such as first generation emigres or children of same.

I think that the significance of this is that those who have struggled and made their fortunes have more respect for the self made individual who did not rely or count on any assistance on their way up the ladder of success. John Voight and Angelina Jolie are an example of first and second generation successes who are polar opposites politically. Also of interest is that the children of conservatives find themselves identifying as liberal/socialist types and you have to wonder why. Is it pressure from their peers that forces them to identify as such to get work? Is in a industrial bias? Probably.

If you take this comparison and apply it to second, third, fourth and so on welfare families you can see how the lack of a hard work ethic has the largest impact upon the political bias of the future generations. If you have been given a lifestyle by a power of some sort or another, you will be hard pressed to bite the hand that feeds you and proclaim that a different philosophy is superior. Thus we see generational welfare families both black and white demonstrating and protesting as they reject the mantra of hard work and self reliance as being ‘unfair’ and ‘unreasonable’ expectations due to perceived discrimination of society. Funny thing is that everything that they receive is supposed to end that discrimination and allow them to achieve self reliance only the vast majority refuse to do so or, they never quite become free of the welfare state of mind even if they manage to find jobs and earn a living.  This mental perception is far more of a handicap for anyone than any material discrimination is.

This bias of mentality is being exploited by the left who know full well that this reliance in a safety net for survival is as much a trap as it is a benefit. They, the left, accuse their opposition of trying to take away the safety net thereby putting these mentally dependent people at risk (in their minds anyways) and create a panic and outrage that is undeserved and exaggerated beyond reality. The truth is that since these programs are all founded in legislation, no executive or simple act of Congress is going to alter them in any meaningful way. In other words, we are stuck with welfare and medicaid and will be doling it out for generations to come.

What can be done to alter this construct?

We need to first take back our schools from the government and return the control of them and the content that is taught back to the local communities. Only by allowing local schools to cater to local educational needs will these institutions return to their functional purpose of preparing students to move out into the world and the workforce. Further, we need to return to a trade school system because not all graduates are college material and there are thousands of careers that are not academic based that need qualified people to fill the employment needs. Included with this is the fact that we need to end the stereotyping of people who are not college graduates as being simpletons and not equal as intellectuals in our society.  All self supporting, hard working people deserve respect.

Second, we need to do everything possible to enhance and promote the establishment and continuity of the nuclear family unit with both parental roles intact in that unit. Single parent families along with hyphenated gender type families are not as stable or as capable of nurturing self reliant children. History bears this out and the continuing trend of non-nuclear family units will aggravate the trend of society towards dysfunctional and dependent lifestyles.  This trend includes increasing dependence upon government for sustenance and survival.

Lastly, we need to be brutally and factually honest about the differences between a dependent lifestyle and one that is self sustaining and fruitful. There may be discrimination in our society but it is not race based in my mind. It is whether or not the individual is a respectful, self reliant person or a parasite who condemns anyone who criticizes their lifestyles. To me, if you choose to be a cis-gendered soy drinking basement dwelling man/woman-child you deserve to be criticized by those who have worked hard to be self reliant without government subsidies. To claim it is discrimination to be criticized is demanding that your failure be rewarded with acceptance even though you have accomplished nothing other than being an outlier in society and a dependent to boot.

I have never condemned anyone who was self reliant. I may disagree with value choices and thoughts and beliefs but it is an individual right to make these choices as long as I do not have to subsidize them. Once I am supposed to support and pay for your lifestyle, I then get the right to criticize it if I choose to. You have to remember, I do not control you nor do I actively interfere with your lifestyle until you shove it in my face and interfere with mine.

As to the Antifa unrest and the Hollywood types bailing them out of jail, that is a sad testament to the folly of a star making system that does not respect working ethics of all people. Just because someone can act like they are smart and hard working does not mean they are the equal of the actual person who is the ‘model’ for the role being played. Real life is hard and real people work hard and are not paid millions to act like they do.  These Hollyweird types who support these parasites are the worst kinds of discriminators because they are actively perpetuating the dependency of the very people they claim they are helping.

Our societal role models need to reflect real working Americans and not people who reflect criminal or immoral behaviors. Rappers and poly amorous Hollywood types need not apply.

Riots, occupations and oppression of the conservatives.

I am sure you both have noticed the elevated agitation that is the current state of affairs for the nation. There is more hatred ginned up at present than should be. While I cannot argue that the death of George Floyd is a travesty and unnecessary, I do believe the response of the din-du-nuffins is way beyond the circumstances. I have mentioned before that the pent up frustration of being cooped up at home is fueling some of this and I also believe that the left and Antifa are seeing an opportunity to disrupt society and are making the best of it. I would imagine the three of us could opine for a while on these issues.

My concern (beyond my own safety) is one that is more oriented towards the possible usurpation of our election process if this constant barrage of unrest and demonstrations carry on into November. If we, the right, lose this election you can expect that they left will follow through on their promises to ‘disarm’ the nation as it is necessary for their implementation of systemic socialistic policies that none of us will accept willingly. We can all make statements like from my cold dead fingers and the like but reality is that they (Soros funded and managed) politicians and activists are much farther ahead than we might want to admit.  They would welcome our holding fast to that proposition all the way to our gravesides if necessary.

The SCOTUS refusing to hear appeals of several anti gun regulations and laws is beyond troubling as it indicates that even with 2 new pics on the court by Trump, we are not represented as far as our ‘Original intent’ beliefs go in regards to the second amendment. The current ruling interpreting a law passed in 1964 to include new age ‘gender’ definitions as being ‘protected’ by the law maker’s original intent is a slap in the face as you compare the over reach in that case against the unwillingness to protect our rights under the Second Amendment. Both rulings are pure politics and have nothing to do with interpreting law by the words that were passed. It is frustrating.

To be honest, I thought it was the end of times when Obama came into office and while it seems impossible, it actually seems worse now. Before I feared Obama and his minions. Now, I see that we need to fear the rabble-rousers too as they seem to be immune from any legal liability if they torch stores or injure others. While I do not foresee a march through my home town of leftists wanting to take on those of us who are conservatives and libertarians, I see the impact of their activities elsewhere having effects here via the convenient rubber stamp of liberal lawmakers. They would love to ban all sorts of firearms if they could.  Anything that they can do to isolate and further suppress the rural conservatives is definitely on their agenda.

I lived through the summer of 68 and it was a tumultuous period in our history and it seems we are going to have another one worse than that. We can laugh at the inane statements of the leaders of ‘CHAZ’ or ‘CHOP’ or whatever that 6 block area in Seattle is called at this moment but the thing is that the people doing that have millions of allies in the 20 something to 40 something crowds who all are brainwashed and do not know or understand what this nation was, should be and could be. All they have been told is that anyone who is not like them are racists and that includes all of us. We are to be dealt with and not to be tolerated.

While my life style is not under assault I can see the writing on the wall if we give much more ground to the left. When the rights of individuals are sacrificed for the good of the whole you will have lost your freedom and your heritage.

When I was young, I took my freedom for granted. I did not consider the large scale effects of any actions of the government that I noticed and my point of view at the time was very small. Only after being in business interacting with various agencies and departments did I see the reality of what bigger government really means. Now, I see every new law, regulation and requirement as being an intrusion upon my freedoms and right to choose. A large scale example of our giving up our right to choose is this Covid19 scam that we are still enmeshed in. Mandatory masks. No gatherings. No events or concerts. Government mandating isolation for people who are simply exposed to a virus and not actually ill. We all accepted this without a complaint or at least an official one. Now our food supply is all messed up and will be for the foreseeable future and we are not done with government controls over us for Covid19. The CDC is threatening another round of infectious outbreaks which they can create with their faulty accounting of the people ill or who have died along with bogus studies to create higher degrees of panic. This is all very unacceptable to me to be quite honest and yet, I can do nothing to stop the insanity including being forced to wear a stupid noneffective mask if I want to buy food.

Sorry to rant. I just see bad things and no one is standing up to the left wing leaders and telling them they are wrong. Everyone is so ‘politically correct’ it makes me sick. I can see why some people do make a stand if only because they cannot take any more of this socialist meddling. Problem is we, as a society, punish those who do not conform. Elder people are warehoused after they are deemed incompetent even if they make more sense than any politician.

The BIG GOON in Albany.

Andrew Cuomo has been governor of this state for a long time just as his father was for 3 terms too.  I guess he thinks he is entitled to be governor.  Maybe it is more that he inherited his father’s  ‘business’ or ‘Syndicate’.

Andrew runs this state like a personal fiefdom.  He picks and chooses who he rewards with policies that makes people happy and who gets the shaft.  In many ways this is no different than some sort of criminal organization where the biggest most discriminatory person in the gang is usually the leader; the Capo;  The Biggest GOON!

Cuomo has made deadly mistakes during this supposed Covid19 crisis that have killed thousands of elderly who would not have died if he had not forced nursing homes ill prepared to accept Covid19  patients who needed isolation but could not provide it as isolation is not something a nursing home is normally prepared to do.  These deaths are on his watch.  These deaths are due in large part to Andrew making choices for these people that obviously were not what they wanted.  Even so, he ordered that it take place.   A furor has ensued as a result of this policy with Andrew denying it at first and then excusing it as being not his idea.  Nothing apparently is Cuomo’s fault.   It seems that  Andrew is the TEFLON GOVERNOR  just like the Teflon Don, John Gotti, in his seemingly endless list of excuses and denials that he has issued when the truth came out about the policy he himself mandated.

Comparing Cuomo to a mob capo or one of the Goons is apt since he acts like he is immune from any real repercussions for his actions.  He continues to run the state as if it is a principality where those in his circle of friends all are treated well.  This would include his peeps in the metro NYC area.  The rest of us Upstate peasants are treated like serfs doomed to pay and pay to the state and never see the largess of the treasury ever be directed towards us other than the absolute minimum required to keep the local democrat enforcers happy that  Cuomo has obligations to.  The rest of us, conservative, bible loving, gun loving upstate fly over New Yorkers are treated as if we are beneath his contempt.

As a nation, we fought a revolution to achieve freedom from the crown over far less in terms of percentages of income and taxes as well as unreasonable restrictions on land and property than we are paying now.  There has been a movement quietly generating momentum for upstate to be declared a separate entity not linked with the metro NYC area.  This has arisen largely due to the legal machinations of the Goon in Albany than it is the taxes per se.

Rapidly passed laws like the ‘Safe Act’ rammed though the legislature in record time with no public input.  Never mind, NY does not have a mass shooting problem or a problem with so called ‘Assault weapons’.  This, along with ever increasing encroachments on local rule with things like Wind Farms being rammed down local community throats without concern for the wishes of the people forced to live in their shadows.  Add Executive orders prohibiting gas well drilling have ensured that upstate areas will remain in impoverished conditions while paying ever higher percentages of taxes to the state to be re-directed to the metro NYC area.

Most recently with the Covid19 debacle we see upstate throttled and shut down even though we have literally a tiny fraction of the cases and do not forget that we upstate people do not live on top of each other like they do in the 5 boroughs.  Despite the statistically lower numbers along with the massively reduced exposures we naturally have in our lower density population area in upstate we have been under his thumb ever since he initially botched the response to the outbreak by not shutting down the germ factories that public transit are.  The infection rate in the city of NY soared and as a result Andrew, the GOON, shut the whole state down.  We are still struggling and I am aware of many small businesses that will NEVER re-open as a result of the loss of revenue and mounting debts from trying to hang on.  These are small businesses owned by families and single proprietors who have lost their entire investments and in some cases life’s savings as well.  No matter, the Goon has decreed we must follow his orders even if they make little or no sense at all.

So, we upstate NYers are in the Cuomo family run state headed by the Capo, Andrew Cuomo, son of Mario.  We are forced to comply with the edicts of the goons in Albany headed by the biggest GOON of them all, Andrew Cuomo…..  I thought racketeering was illegal….??????

Battling Black Lives Matter and Socialism

As soon as you give the BLM any credence at all you have surrendered. Their tactic is to co-op the morals and values of the nation in order to cultivate insurrection. They know that they have to de-legitimize the established rules and values in order to replace them.

By creating the notion that there is ‘Systemic Discrimination’ against blacks you knee cap the police and everything they do. The fact that there is not such a systemic problem is of little concern to the organizers of the protests. They will act and proceed as if there is and defy anyone to say and prove there isn’t. Anyone who tries to do so, is vilified in the media as being ‘racist’.

The real problem is that we do not have an objective media in this nation. It has long since been co-opted for propaganda purposes by the left. If there were true objectivity, the riots would be painted with the foul colors of hate and political aspiration that they are full of.

What we are witnessing is a tactically managed gradual revolt being fomented by the elite left who are orchestrating these protests, the Covid19 epidemic and response, and a myriad of other disruptive social issues all in order to unseat our republic and replace it with an elite run top down socialist society. While the roots of this date back all the way to the late 1800’s the real foothold was established in the 60’s and has grown like a cancer ever since.

Sadly, the tactics of the left are not all set to be on the battle field.  They control the media and the moral high ground despite our protests to the contrary.  They dictate who is right and who is wrong and who should be the subject of moral outrage.  In the case of George Floyd, the entire right can agree that his death was wrong and that it should not have happened and it does not matter because we have been already lumped in as being part of the problem regardless of our actual sentiments on the issue.  Thus we are a part of the ‘problem’ even if we are not.

Conservatives tend to be loners as far as embracing their beliefs and movement.  We only band together when it becomes absolutely necessary.  We will do so to celebrate and demonstrate our faith to our movement but when the street brawling starts, we are not in the streets but at home, taking care of our loved ones.  Meanwhile the left, consisting of college indoctrinated radicals, yuppie soy boy types along with opportunistic looters all gather in the street and move as a unit looking for soft targets to destroy or pillage.  Mobs are like that because they are like water looking for the easiest path to the ocean.

It seems to me that the time for conservatives to amass in order to protect not only their own property and loved ones but for the sake of protecting the union is nigh.  It is obvious that our police are being effectively neutered and will not act to stop these mobs as anything they do other than submit is interpreted as being ongoing racist discrimination.  So, who is still standing and keeping watch to keep the barbarians from our gates?

Yet, I know if a thousand red state conservatives marched towards the Anifa/looter mob they would be labelled racist and militia and other descriptive s meant to demean and belittle anyone who is not overtly supportive of the BLM/Looter movement.  If this were to occur, there is no doubt in my mind who would be sent running from the field of battle.  That is why the media is pre-emptively acting to destroy the conservative/red state movement.  They cannot allow us to enter the battlefield.  They would lose if we did.

So we are in the battle for our nation and yet our strongest forces are not engaged.  Our Tea Party, Second Amendment supporting, conservative, patriotic citizens are huddled hoping that the mobs stay away.  There may be noises of bravado saying things like ‘Let them try that in my neighborhood’ and such but for the most part, what violence is going on is not in our towns or cities.

We are coming to the time where it will be very costly to end this insurrection in terms of blood and suffering. It is unlikely that the left will relent of their total control of the media anytime soon. It is equally unlikely that they left will surrender their domination of the government bureaucracy anytime soon either. These two control practically all of our lives and what we hear as news/truth and anything that does not meet the long term agenda is squashed before it sees the light of day. Evidence of this includes the fact that even FoxNews has surrendered to these forces.

So, the time of choosing is actually upon us, even if we prefer it were not.  We will lose this nation as founded in short order if we do not respond strongly enough to drive these forces of socialism back.  Even if we do this now, they will not stop.

The problem with the elitist types who wish to ‘manage society’ because they are in their minds, the only ones smart enough to do it, is that they do not go quietly into the night when you bloody their noses.  They lurk and plot and scheme because that is how they gained their wealth and power to begin with; by plotting and scheming.  Most people live their lives honestly and simply but there always will be a few who seek to gain power and wealth ( wealth is control) by not doing the work but by manipulating others.  This is the scourge that the founders sought to prevent from taking over our nation.

So, we can accept that there are forces dedicated to deleting the founding of this nation and replacing it with a pseudo-euro-socialist one where the people are not in control, or we can resolve to halt their advance and perhaps shove them back a few decades.  In my lifetime, I can see the incremental gains the left has attained.  With as far as they have come, I see only a short time before their success will be assured no matter how hard we wish it were not so.  Barry Goldwater saw this in his speech in 1964 “A Time for Choosing” where he recognized the forces aligned against our nation.  Reagan saw it.  Trump sees it.  Our greatest advantage at present is that we have an ally in the White House.  We should rally to make use of this now because it will be too late if we do not.


The left and class warfare

With the death of George Floyd while in custody of Minneapolis Police we have seen outrage from all quarters.  I do not think anyone who has seen the 8 minute and 46 seconds where an officer has his knee on Floyd’s neck would disagree with the idea that Floyd’s death was wrong, avoidable and criminal.   What has arisen from this besides an almost universal disdain for the actions of the police in this matter is an opportunity for Antifa and other factions to take to the streets and riot and pillage and destroy public and private property without any regard to the losses or the injuries and lives they take in the process.

In my mind, this movement to riot and act violently is being prodded by the left and by a few very well funded below the radar organizations who are benefactors of the new world order types (Soros, Gates etal).  They see this as a chance to split our society even further into classes of good people; i.e. progressives and liberals leaning socialist and bad people; i.e. Conservatives, republicans and those who support Trump who need to be destroyed.

The election in November 2020 is critical to the advancement of the left wing agenda and if Trump is re-elected there is a possibility that more of their clandestine activities of anti-American actions will be exposed.  This is in reference to the coup attempt that was started against President Trump from before the election of November 2016 to just recently where it all was blown up and exposed to be at the behest of Obama and his administration.

Our society is deeply divided due to many reasons from biased news reporting along with a biased education in our public schools to social bribery with welfare and giveaway programs to indoctrination in our high learning institutions where citizens become convinced of the invalidity of the United States as we were founded.  These people who are convinced of the faults of the founding of our nation will act willingly to weaken and destroy our foundations of our nation’s strength and heritage.  The war on our Christian heritage along with the black listing of many of our historic leaders from before and after the Civil War has made being a ‘Patriot’ of the classic sense unpopular to huge swaths of society.

As we see cities burning during this unrest we are still locked down fighting an imaginary virus that obviously is not the deadly contagion it was purported to be or at least not as dangerous and the rioters have been towards their fellow citizens and the police.  Our nation has been put in this situation by both acts of intention with the Covid19 and actions of poor judgement bordering on criminality by lone police officers who have provided a convenient excuse for the radical among us to lash out and disrupt our lives even more.

I believe that we are denied honest news reporting and we are bombarded by left wing politicians with lies and innuendo that all are part of this war on our nation.  As I described this is a class war being fomented solely to overturn our nation as founded to allow the globalists to reshape our nation as a Euro-styled socialist society with top down controls led by the elites who are the movers and shakers behind what we have experienced for the last 2 and a half months as well as the rioting of the last few days.

Our only hope is to hold the line and take back our schools and promote our ideals and heritage as often as possible along with working to win ever election as if we do not we will resume the head long fall into our demise.  This is not an easy path but anything worth keeping is worth fighting for.  Better to fight the fight than to surrender to the likes of George Soros and Bill Gates as well as the globalist elites who will never live the lives they wish to force us to.

The Silver Lining that is the Covid19 epidemic!

My title may sound a bit ludicrous or cynical but I think if you consider how I am looking at it, that statement makes ultimate sense.  Here we go.

Since the beginning of the Covid19 epidemic (panic) we have seen our economy shut down and a varied response to the threat depending on what state you live in and what party is in charge.  The longer this has gone on, the more polarized the leadership and media has become over the reactions to the ongoing viral epidemic.   There are definitely two opposing camps at this point in this nation and they are resolute.  As time is going on, people are learning more for themselves as to how government is  reacting in response to this epidemic and how that affects their lives directly.

I saw with great interest Elon Mush saying ‘Take the red pill’ and the furor that erupted among the woke who worship the ground he walks on; (or maybe they used to).  He was reacting to the situation no differently than the average citizen who has seen their jobs and businesses suffer with the additional fact that he is losing millions a day with the shut downs of his corporations.  Elon voiced the doubt that so many are seeing in the policies of those advocating continued shut downs based on the actual results of those policies.

This disparity between the reactions to the virus by governments of the states is a portrayal of two distinct mindsets that are the bedrocks of the opposing political movements in the nation.  While these typically follow party lines they are not restricted to one or the other.

There is the belief that the shutdowns have been over reactions to the situation and that they serve no practical purpose at this time.  Perhaps they made a short term difference while the education process played out in the general population but after a couple of weeks citizens were more than aware of how and what to do to protect themselves and their loved ones including those who are at risk.   A lot of people see the continued shutdowns as a punitive measure at this point that is serving only political purposes.  Lesson learned.  Let’s move on please.

Still, there are those who claim we need to stay hunkered down in our homes quaking in the fear of Covid19 and that it is essential we stay this way.    They cling to their socialist agenda and support those politicians who are preaching staying shut down until fall.  This is the blessing in disguise.

We can speak about freedom and about opportunity til we are blue in the face but this government mandated shut down has been an object lesson in real time for the entire nation.  The citizens are seeing the effects of a hyper controlling government and how these policies are being used in an attempt to change fiscal priorities in government along with changing various long standing institutions such as voting and government control.  Never before in my lifetime have I seen the polarity of a situation played out in such obvious and devious ways in government by both elected and non elected officials.  Even Vietnam did not create the gulf of differences in as short a period of time as this has.

The object lesson for many is that government is too controlling to the point of suffocating freedoms and that there are drones who support this type of nanny state even if it means giving up most if not all of your freedoms as defined in the Bill of Rights.  Those in support of these controls by government say it is for our own good and yet, cannot point to a specific fact or policy that has actually been effective in controlling the virus spread.   In fact many actions that have been taken have made things worse.

If anything, some of the broadsword like actions of governors in NY NJ and MI as well as OR WA and CA have been negative to the point of being disastrous in some places.  All of this has been on open display in the daily news and commentary with the interactions of citizens demonstrating for their rights being arrested on the evening news and a huge number of websites.  Government overreach is on full display for all to see.

None of us who cherish freedom could get this much air time or as many prime time opportunities to educate people on the real nature of socialism and its inherent controls as we have seen in the last two months.  While there will always be a portion of the left who, as drones, obey their masters regardless the independents have seen the left for what it is and are not amused.

If I were to predict the immediate future, I suspect there will be a huge movement to open the US for business and to get these shutdowns behind us asap.  The longer we wait, the more damage and negative publicity will be caused by the shutdowns and the harder it will be for the left to sell their brand of socialism and government controls.  That is the silver lining in the Covid19 epidemic.  The liberals are on full display with their agenda causing damage and little else.

I am hoping for a quick restart of our economy however while it is the worst thing for our businesses and citizens, the best thing I can think of in regards to the fall elections is the democrats keep insisting that we continue to stay shut down.  Just remember Nancy Pelosi standing in front of her $20,000 freezers full of designer ice cream and imagine how that will play in November.  Add in the statistics of seniors dying in NY due to Cuomo’s malfeasance and a the litany of businesses that have been financially destroyed by the prolonged shutdown.  Add in the business owners desperate to salvage their businesses before it is too late being arrested and fined for opening their doors.  This is nothing but bad press for the democrats.

If the recent special elections are any indicator we will see an opportunity for the right to take back a huge portion of both houses of Congress strengthening the majority in the Senate and taking back the House.   The democrats and their insistence to stay shut down keep driving the point home that if you want to be free, don’t elect them.  You cannot buy advertising that makes this point and the longer the democrats keep beating that drum, the worse it will be for them in Novemeber 2020.

Obamagate and how to Cement it into the History Books

As we have learned of late there is definite proof of Obama’s meddling in the 2016 election and that he, Biden and a host of others in administrative posts all participated, lied under oath and did other activities that are nothing short of Treason.

For those of us who loathed Obama from the beginning none of this is outside of what we expected from him and his administration.  Some of my mindset would love to see Obama in an orange jumpsuit but, we know this will never happen and AG Barr went as far to say it will never be brought into a court of law due to the impossibility of getting a quick verdict and also that it will make Obama a hero to his small faithful adherents.

I have come up with a plan to ensure that Obama will be remembered throughout history for his heinous actions in office along with his VP Biden.


Trump should act to Pardon both Obama and Biden as soon as possible.  Here is why I think this should happen.

  1.  It will forever put Obama in the history book as the SECOND PRESIDENT TO BE PARDONED!!!  This will read in bold letters and years from now will be the only thing he is remembered for.  Obamagate, its crimes and violations and his Pardon for his actions.
  2. It will forever stain everything he did or does in the future.  He will not be able to avoid it and if he tries to refute the accusations or deny he needs a pardon, he just digs his own hole deeper.
  3. Biden would be pardoned on the notion that this would help ‘clear the air’ so he can campaign without fear of indictment  or further investigation.  I would add, it would do the same for Biden’s long term historical references as it would for Obama.

When your enemy has stepped in dog shit, you don’t let them ignore it.  This preemptive strike would put a permanent stain on every aspect of Obama and his legacy along with every actor in his cabinet and administration.

Why not set in solid black and white in the national records that Obama was Pardoned?

I can think of little else that would make sure his corruption will never be forgotten.

Andrew Cuomo, merchant of death

I think of Cuomo as Charon, the ferryman across the river Styx to Hades. He is grim. He is ruthless. He is pitiless. He is difficult to look upon without feeling a level of revulsion.

In this current tragedy that Cuomo turned the Covid19 epidemic into, he has overseen the ferrying of thousands to their deaths amid claims of great compassion and ability that are false and hollow. In my opinion, he never really thought about actually saving lives of the people as much as he did his own. Gutless and spineless he is nothing like his father. He is a silver spoon fed rich kid who never had to account for anything of any real importance who was given control of a situation so far beyond his pay grade that it probably scared him more than anything else.

People like Nipsy, Andrew the ineffective, Cuomo do not ever get held to account. They are programmed at birth that they are above all of that and that he owes the peasants nothing. Any investigation into his decisions and executive orders will result in dissembling and other avoidance’s on his part and will prove ineffective in the end.

This covid19 epidemic has a silver lining. It has given society a glimpse of a few years into our potential future and the people have seen how desperately the socialists in our government want to subdue us and take away our freedoms. It has taken weeks for the truly disastrous results of the ill conceived shutdown to come to light and now we see the horrendous damage that this policy has caused in so many places in our nation. The resentment and frustration of the working people is something that the lib socialists did not anticipate and they had expected people to simply stay home and take whatever the government threw their way as manna from heaven. Instead people yearn to be free and able to earn their own way unfettered by government. They see the shutdown for the destruction it has caused and have had enough.

Politicians like Cuomo tend to survive on tradition and not on accomplishment. Perhaps, this epidemic will be his undoing in the next election along with a host of other officials all pretty much democrats who have breached the compact of trust with their citizens that they protect their civil rights too. Trump should latch onto this movement of discontent and run with it. He cannot lose any votes and may gain many more if he does.