Roe V Wade overturned……wait for the explosion on the left.

The unlimited murder of the unborn has been tossed by SCOTUS and now we have the individual states making laws that reflect their beliefs and values…..How is this bad? It isn’t but don’t think the left will not tell you it is.

All I can say is that abortion should be the LAST OPTION and not the first. I realize that abortion is still legal and accept that. I think that using the termination of life of the unborn as birth control is abhorrent and an evil choice if that is how it is made. Being responsible is not hard and there are a host of ways to avoid pregnancy short of the murder of an unborn.

I know we will be faced with hysterical people screaming about their rights being infringed by this ruling and any state laws that inhibit abortion. All I can say about it is to offer this question to anyone who is pro-abortion at any time during pregnancy……

I have a 1 month old baby but I decided I really don’t want a baby right now so I am going to kill it.

Are you as a ‘Pro-abortion’ advocate OK with my choice and is it my right?

These people will dodge and evade answering this but to my way of thinking any abortion in the time after about 6 weeks is the same. MURDER…..No doubt about it.

“Will there be some bloodshed?

My comments regarding a blog post on ‘Freedom is just another word’

This is not the first time the college activists have called for revolution. As a matter of fact it is a recurring theme since about the 60’s or so with a few groups resorting to terrible violence as a result.

The abortion issue is the current call to arms for the quasi militants on campus. Young skulls for of mush is what Rush used to call them. He also identified the college campus as an indoctrination center for socialism. The older I get the truer his words become.

The left is always on the ‘moral outrage’ side of practically every issue while at the same time, any conservative that rises to such a level of upset is labeled a nazi, fascist or worse.

Our present situation finds that we have lost any fair representation in the media. We have no say on any of the major internet social media sites where any comment or remark by a conservative is labeled false by the ‘mods’. We are suppressed in or local school board meetings and we are considered enemies by our law enforcement officials at at least the state and federal levels. Yes there are exceptions but for the most part our point of view is being driven out of the public square. Taking our place are tiny groups of activists who get inordinate amounts of air time and repetition on any social web site.

As a founding loving conservative, I see a future where we will either rise up and demand to be accorded the same level of respect and an equal amount of time to explain our grievances and our positions on issues or else we will in another generation become virtually extinct. It will not matter if pockets of citizens that believe as we do at present still exist in 25 years. What the annals of history will show is that we were the radicals and insurrectionists who had to be eliminated ‘for the good of the nation’.

If we rise up, we need to be prepared to do whatever it takes to perpetuate our values and beliefs in the face of tremendous opposition from the federal government and the state governments of many if not most of the states in the country. Prior to anything we do it must be understood we are ‘persona non grata’ to the deeply entrenched bureaucracy and it is not the politicians we must deal with. It is the deep state itself.

The leadership of this nation is more complicated than just the elected officials we see. While elections do have consequences, so do the ever burgeoning civil service union membership rolls. These people owe their livelihoods to the power that the bureaucracy has in perpetuating the power of government over the people and their ability to create taxes and fees to be implemented by their lackeys who they help to get elected. This massive cabal is the true enemy we face.

Any attempt to reshape and remodel the government back to a simpler form and one that is designed to more resemble the original intent of the founders is a direct threat on the millions of employees of federal and state governments as well as many local communities as they see their position and power as not to be challenged or questioned. These agencies all have in the last couple of decades created their own police forces. Why would the SSA have a swat team? Good question. Practically every federal agency has done just that, created paramilitary enforcement teams. Just who do you think they are looking at as the reason to need such forces? You got it. US.

Ultimately we will either die a death by a thousand paper cuts from ever increasing regulations and restrictions that will make our positions so difficult to maintain or we will stand up and be ready to do what ever it takes to press our agenda forward. The left is playing the long game and has been eroding our lives and our beliefs in every arena they can. We are now a minority and in the history of societies minorities are rarely the victors nor do they long survive when the majority in power turn against them. Keep in mind numbers of citizens are not as important as who controls the policy agenda and the press. I say we are a minority because we have been de-platformed and driven from the public square by the socialist elites who have been planning this for a century or so.

If you question my thinking, I suggest you replace the protestors demanding a revolution because of abortion with people from our side demanding a revolution to restore our rights under the Bill of Rights, We would be arrested and charged with treason in a heart beat. Don’t believe me, ask the people rotting away in jail from the January 6th protests. They dared to openly challenge the authority of the deep state. That is what the government will do, only worse, if we dare stand up to them and their authority. So, be aware, we face annihilation if we rise and fail in our efforts to return our nation to its original path.

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

 Certainly.” Students at Syracuse University call for bloody revolution

Look out! The Soi Bois and Latte Girls, I’m assuming they are, but ..

Are getting upset!!

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Regarding the Uvalde tragedy

There are people born every day that have a defect in their brains that allows them to harm others without conscience.

They are antisocial, asocial and usually poorly adapted to school and other community settings.

 In nearly all cases these people are known to others and they act out in different ways long before they commit their horrible acts of violence that cause so much pain in our communities.

I believe we all too often try to ‘mainstream‘ these individuals into society with the belief that it will help them ‘fit in’ and yet, some of these individuals will never fit in.

In the past troubled children who became destructive either to others, themselves or both usually were removed from the academic environment and treated and educated in environments where their behaviors could be closely monitored and their ability to acquire dangerous implements was controlled.

Now these troubled individuals are ‘counseled’ and ‘supported’ by the school and its specialized staff of psychologists etc. While this is a noble thought, the fact remains that we have dangerous individuals in school populations who have unpredictably acted out violently and the result is death and destruction of people’s lives. This has been happening since Columbine back in the 90’s.

Perhaps it would be better to move the mental health staff and programs out of our community schools in order to protect our treasures; AKA our children.

It is not the weapon (gun, knife, explosives) that is the problem with these unbalanced and amoral individuals. It is their lack of remorse or values that sees them act in ways to harm and kill others that is the true weapon we need to regain control of.

Keep in mind that 40 years ago, these things did not happen in our schools. It is the change in how our schools and communities deal with mentally ill individuals (especially including students) that has brought this trail of death to our communities.

Perhaps the modern new age way of dealing with mentally ill people is not working out and needs to be changed. The ‘experiment’ that our liberal politicians and their supporters have turned our society into destroying our values and traditions needs to end and end NOW.

We, as Free Americans,  are running out of time and options

We are heading into the final crisis for our nation. The process we are in will be non-reversible soon if in is not already. Our nation as it was founded is going to cease to exist.  

I am all too aware of the tens of millions of us who are beyond unhappy with our government and the assault on our freedoms.  We are not limited to small areas.  We are everywhere in our nation including blue states.  Despite our dissatisfaction and our efforts in various elections we end up having our rights as free self determining Americans eroded in ways that our previous generations would have never tolerated. In many cases, we have simply allowed all of this to happen for ‘the good of the nation’ and for ‘safety for our people’.  This was especially true after 9-11. Problem is the government has gone too far in too many ways.

We see eavesdropping on the average citizens by various federal agencies become rampant and this oftentimes is an abuse of federal power.  We see spying and covert operations being conducted WITHIN our borders illegally for ‘national security’. 

Funny thing is that I believe that there is or would not be any domestic threat that is not the direct result of the actions of the very government who has decided to do whatever it takes to protect its authority. I say this aside from the hordes of foreign terrorists who have been allowed into our nation this very same government.

As a result, the  present times are the turning point for the those on the left and the rest of us on the right.  The left has almost won the war of attrition of our rights and freedoms as citizens.  Despite our realization of this we as citizens are quite limited as to our options in terms of ways to reverse this erosion of our nation as founded.   As such we are at a pivotal moment in our nation’s history.

The crisis we are on the verge of is one of a constitutional basis.  Used to be the courts would stop any abuse of the powers of the government but the Roberts court has demonstrated that it is more concerned about politicians and the media than it is the people or the written laws. This court has sided with the government on many recent decisions on government actions that 30 years ago would not have seen the light of day and would have never been enacted by Congress.  Now we have the equivalent of a runaway Jury by black robed judges who do not faithfully follow the written Bill of Rights or the Constitutional limitations that have been in place for 240 years.  I say the whole court, but I have to admit that there are a few associate justices who do follow these honored documents but there are too many members of the court who will ignore them for reasons that mystify many Constitutional Scholars.

The abuse of power and the accumulation of almost dictatorial authority in DC is the biggest travesty in our nation’s history and it is something that has gone on long enough that we cannot simply elect a new Congress and President and see it reversed.  Too many bureaucrats are lodged permanently in government positions will not go quietly into the night.  They owe their jobs to patronage from political hacks and union influence who are aligned with the socialist agenda and they will fight mightily to keep them and use the power of the various agencies they are employed in to stop any organized resistance and that includes us.

The left are the globalists and socialist wannabes who seek to destroy our free republic once and for all and they want to strip us of our God given rights to live free and safe from oppression.  They are perverting our nation’s traditions and our borders all in their effort to swamp our nation with a new dependent class of foreign citizen who will take generations to assimilate into our society or rather, what is left of it.  This conspiracy is not limited to the democrat party as I can count many high ranking republicans who are in line with this agenda and this is frightening to be honest.  These are people who were or are elected to high office who ran on a platform of shrinking government only to see them support massive growth of our national bureaucracy and national debt. This cabal of socialists want total control.

I say all of this because it is becoming more and more apparent that we will not be able to vote our way out of the coming autocracy in the form of a socialist central control society that these tyrants in DC are promoting.   It is obvious that elections do not have consequences when republicans win as we have not seen any of the bloated national workforce reduced at all nor have we seen the over reach of the federal government pared back in any meaningful way.  It is plain that what happened to Trump because he was an outsider is proof of my belief.  They rallied to stop Trump and his efforts to protect their agenda.

We can be highly politically motivated and have literally hundreds of thousands come out for rallies and events and see an election stolen by the underhanded and illegal activities of the deep state politicians and their union and billionaire allies.  I am not limiting my condemnation to solely the democrats.   There are hundreds of republicans who are complicit in this if only by sitting on their hands and not speaking up.  The  few who do speak up and challenge the authority and the validity of how things are being done are pilloried and ridiculed by the propaganda arm (the main stream media) of the junta that is pushing our nation over the brink of socialism and away from our founding.

The ‘system’ wants to be bigger and to take over everything.  Anyone who resists or is not part of their plan will be destroyed.  You can look at how the January 6th protestors are being treated and know that habeas corpus has been effectively suspended for anyone who dares step out of line and even set foot inside their temple of authority and defy the leadership. Used to be we had to be at war for Habeas Corpus to be suspended. We are not at war officially but it is obvious the left is at war with US!

I ask, what will happen when freedom loving people have had enough?  This time is coming and if you do not see it you have been ignoring all the obvious signs.  The tripling of our national debt since 9-11.  The almost doubling of the workforce who are sworn to protect the government and not necessarily the citizens.   The destruction of our military as an effective fighting force turning it into a social experiment.  Our nation is less safe;  less free; and this will only get worse if things continue in the manner in which they are. What will happen when they start raiding people’s homes to confiscate firearms? Will you sit by? Could you sit by? What could you do to resist this? So suppose it comes to pass that after seeing abuse after abuse of our rights as American Citizens ignored or trampled upon the people  have had enough?   What happens if we rise up against the powers that control us?   What happens if there is a civilian call to arms?

In small groups we would be decimated by the federal military with resulting lock-downs and restrictions making any subsequent attempt to resist the authority of the federal government very costly.   If we try to organize our forces as independent citizens, no doubt our FBI will have infiltrators and informants everywhere and the same result will occur.  Don’t think for a minute that the deep state and its leaders have not thought of every possibility and planned to suppress us.

It may be that the only viable means of effectively demonstrating our dissatisfaction with the federal government will be as states.  A state can overrule the federal government within its borders and therefore there would be some degree of protection for the citizens of that state.  Even so, it may be too late already. Additionally all the people who are located in blue areas will either be forced to relocate or be forced to submit to government overreach and tyranny.

The federal government has never been bashful about sending in federal troops out into the states to ‘keep the peace’.  Segregation, the Bonus riots, various strikes in the past.  Various ‘rebellions’ against unfair taxation.  Each and every time, the troops marched out and were armed and prepared to quell any and all resistance regardless of the violations of citizens rights and the failures of the government itself to follow its own legislation and the failures government has made in not keeping its promises to do what the government said it would do. In many cases, patriotic Americans who dared to disagree with the edicts from DC were killed and imprisoned on inflated charges of sedition and prosecuted to the fullest of the federal government’s ability. That is how our government who is supposed to protect our freedoms deals with dissent. Organized dissent and dissent that could cause an incident will be crushed regardless of the merits of their movement.

We  free thinking, freedom loving Americans are between a rock and a hard place.  The forces aligned against us who wish to usurp our rights as originally granted are massive and are growing larger daily as a result of socialist and deviance indoctrination in our schools and our media.  This is made all the worse by each and every foreign national who is admitted into our nation to disappear into our social safety nets all the while supporting the hand that feeds them; namely the federal bureaucracy. Making this worse are the politicians who push for more and more social programs engineered to create more and more people who both support these programs as well as the overreaching government that controls them.  It is a never ending cycle that will continue as long as the government in its present form exists. Most of these foreign nationals are here for the social safety net and most if not all will never become citizens barring a national amnesty like what happened under Reagan.

I refuse to think of my manner of describing the present situation as being ‘radical’.  If anything, I am looking at things the same way my forebears would.  Only a new indoctrinated ‘generation’ of ‘Americans’ would think that independence and freedom from government regulations would be radical. 

Our ancestors would think our beliefs are right and proper.  Our antecedents had a dim view of those in power with an inherent skepticism that made for a cautious government who knew the people were the supreme authority by law. Only in today’s times do we see the government acting with impunity against the people whenever it has the desire to with virtually no risk of being stopped.

No, I am merely seeing the corruption and self serving agenda of the leaders of our nation for what it is.  It is an organized and carefully crafted scheme to finally and completely destroy our republic and freedoms once and for all.  Nothing else could have brought us to the present state of affairs we find ourselves in.

The leadership in DC all belong to an exclusive club of millionaires who got rich AFTER being elected to office. Amazing how someone on a salary of less than 200K a year can become a millionaire in just one term of two years. It has happened over and over with new congress representatives.

I wonder how they did it? Corruption and inside trading? We will never know if things stay the way they are at present.

So, what is next?

We freedom loving Americans are an endangered species……

Don’t forget this.

We are their enemy.

The powers in DC want to destroy us and our way of thinking.

We are not the radical thinkers in this situation.  We are proud and founder loving Patriots.

The government has pushed us to this point where our future and our livelihoods as free citizens is imperiled. We are those who embrace the founding rights that were supposed to be protected from tyranny by our Bill of Rights. We did not abandon these principles. The government has by doing everything it can to take our rights and our sovereignty away from us.

The only real radicals are those who are acting to destroy our nation from within the government.

As patriots, our backs are being pressed to the wall…..

I strongly suggest you ponder my words for a bit….. time is short

There are really only two kinds of people

If you have been watching the current state of affairs in DC everything you hear in the news would lead you to believe that our president is a Nobel Laureate who is brilliant.  This is despite the obvious deterioration of Biden’s mental faculties even since the end of campaign.   By the same token, Trump, who is a self made billionaire, obviously is of above average intelligence at a minimum  is universally regarded by the media and the democrat opposition as being a caveman mentally who is incapable of conducting any of the  affairs of state let alone even interacting with the press or deep state employees.  In creating these two absolutely incorrect assessments you see the evidence of two completely polar opposite frames of mind of the people involved.   While you can attribute a lot of this to political party agendas the reality is that they point out what I see as two basic states of mind of mankind itself.

On the one side there are people who attempt to be objective and to create evaluations based on facts and obvious situations.  On the other are people who use their point of view to shape a reality that is more created to suit an agenda as opposed to any sense of being honest.  Both sides use honesty but they select how and what they regard as the truth quite differently.  This is not specifically a result of the American government system nor is it the result of capitalism or any other economic format.  I believe that this divide is attributable to the essence of man and perhaps is a measure of quality of character that is often times brutal in how you can judge it.

Getting away from the political arena lets think of how we consider the term honesty  and how willing are we to submit to being critiqued on our conduct.

Most people have some sense of honesty.  They willingly offer honest answers on certain levels of behaviors or issues.  However as you leave basic concepts of right and wrong and enter into more subjective areas involving an individual’s ‘faults’ some people are far more ‘evasive’ in how they respond reflecting a variable sense of their own honesty. In other words, they are comfortable lying about some things and usually those things serve their personal interests and agenda.

One aspect of Christianity is that we believe we are being judged by God and that we cannot lie to either ourselves or to God because God will know.  Those of us who identify as Christian or having true Christian beliefs hold honesty in high regard and expect anyone we are involved with in a sincere way to hold a similar belief.  This way we can interact without presumption of any false premises. This is because we would like our interactions will be frank and direct without any misleading or false pretenses. 

Unfortunately, we live in a world where honesty is a rare commodity at times.  I believe that this is a boundary that we are seeing between those who are saying that our nation is being led in an acceptable manner and those of us who see that it is not.   Some people will believe and spread a lie to suit an agenda and some of us, will not.

One of the reasons that Christianity is under fire from the left is because we will not accept their lies.  We refuse to participate in their charade.  They know we will not and yet, they believe that WE, on the right, are wrong and that we are the liars. 

Yet, you cannot hold the left accountable without hearing a litany of lies and misrepresentations in their in their efforts to spin the facts in order to avoid admitting they are wrong.  They have the audacity to accuse us of lying and being racists and other derogatory things ignoring how moral or virtuous our lives actually are.  The lies spread by our opposition include character assassinations of anyone from our side who dares oppose and worse yet, expose the left and their lies and moral failings.

Our founders knew that there would always be people who would do and say whatever they needed to in order to get ahead and to gain power and privilege.   The system of checks and balances in our governmental system was intended to keep people of this persuasion from getting too much power in our nation.  However, they never foresaw that our nation  would abandon our Christian values. This erosion of our founding core values is destroying our nation from within. It does not matter that our freedom  was born directly from  these basic values of Christianity.  The left wishes to abandon these and then have a society that will do and be whatever they please so that the democrats and socialists can hold complete power over our society.  The conservative ‘deplorable nation’  is holding tight to our core  beliefs as we face the onslaught of the entire government and media system is trying to tear us down and get rid of our values.

History reveals that in almost any society you will have people who will do anything for any reason without any inking of conscience. In some this greed and lust for power and control went too far. Unfortunately these societies that departed living decent Christian values pretty much all ended up in ruins. It took years even centuries for this to befall these nations but once you depart from the path of morality and honesty it is inevitable that the corruption of the people who dwell in these nations will result in their eventual destruction.

So, ultimately we are in a simple conflict that is very plain.  We have people clinging  desperately to power and control by doing anything they have to in order  to maintain that power. The rest of us see their amoral behavior as a negative human behavior and refuse to ignore these failings and worse yet, we call them on this. This makes us their mortal enemies.  

As far as I am concerned, in order to be a liberal you have to ignore truth.  You have to ignore the lies and rationalizations made to advance your agenda.  In other words, liberals and democrats who promote the progressive agenda are lying to themselves constantly. They spread these lies to every citizen in the nation as well as to God while they do it and they do not care.  These are amoral people and in some cases immoral too.

 We on the side of truth and belief in God and we see them for what they are.  Even those moral people who are not Christians can see the lies.  In our nation we moral people still are a majority of the population. Despite this, the news media and the left wing politicians all try to assert that we are the liars and are racists and immoral. They claim to be in the majority even though truth be told, they are a small minority.

 I will say this.  If we allow the left to carry on and to continue their movement to remove our values from our society then we will be as guilty as they are in the destruction of our nation.  To sit by and let these lies and immoral policies carry the day and destroy our nation’s future is abandoning our core beliefs and accepting the lies ourselves. This is something I am unwilling to do.

It is time we stood on the basic principles of decency as we know them from our beliefs and insist that our government return to basic concepts of right and wrong. 

Right and wrong are not subjective concepts. Most issues are pretty much black and white and only someone whose agenda is more important than the truth will say otherwise.

Further, if we are to correct the course of our nation we must work to remove any and all in government (elected officials and employees)  who will not ascribe to a basic set of values and integrity that we can all agree upon.  Term limits are essential. It is time that this bloated portion of our federal and state governments all went on a diet.

The rights of parents should supersede any government policy or objectives and the right of the family to raise its children to embrace the values that they hold without interference is essential for a civil society.

Lastly, we cannot allow our nation to be corrupted by foreign money and by the desires of fringe elements of our society. Billionaires with agendas have no place in our political system. They are citizens equal to all the other citizens of our nation and they have no right to use their amassed wealth and corporate control to steer our political process.

Just as we should live and let live with our neighbors in peace, we must also insist on a safe and moral society to raise our families in that protects the people from the criminal elements and also ensures that children are safe from exploitation by those whose agendas are not in keeping with our Christian values. We must safeguard our freedoms and our borders from invasions of all kinds.

Time is running out. We must return to values that support and grow the strength of our nation.

We cannot allow people who play fast and loose with the truth to hold sway in our society any longer. To tell a lie is a sin. So is repeating that lie to serve an agenda. To live these lies and in an amoral or immoral society will serve to destroy this great nation.

The erosion of the notion of God given rights and how the left is doing this.

The left has convinced a large part of the population that there is a need for laws, policies and regulations that are specifically oriented to provide protection to a very small subset of our population.  There is a huge problem that we are now seeing as a result of their agenda and it is constitutional in nature.

Our Constitution was created along with the Bill of Rights with the intent of protecting the rights of all citizens.  You can assert that this is not true because slavery was retained as a part of these documents but I would point out that it is because of the essential core values of freedom embedded in these documents that eventually led to slavery being repealed.  A creed that enshrines freedom will eventually free all people.  This is the common core belief that our founders held and their vision is underappreciated in our times.

Since our rights are inherent, we as individuals do not need to have them specifically outlined and protected separately from our founding documents.  We have seen actions of government and government like agencies that protect distinct groups, either racial, ethnic or by some other social aspect and set them apart from the whole and present their rights as being uniquely distinct from the rest of the population.  On the face of it, this is wrong.  It enshrines a subset of people as being more deserving of government protection than everyone else.  This is effectively discrimination on the face of it AGAINST the majority and is a violation of the core beliefs of the founders and their written legacy of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

I am including the intrusion of government into the schools and their curriculums as well as into the advocacy of various agencies for specific subset groups in our society along sexual orientation lines.  All of these actions are outside of the purview of any government element including Congress, State Legislatures, and any of their component agencies and officials.

When President Bush pushed the No Child Left Behind legislation the goal was the performance of students at various grade levels with the intent of insuring that our children are being educated in a functional and useful manner.  Unfortunately the deep state along with their teacher’s union allies saw this as a chance to inject their social agenda into our schools via the ‘official curriculum’.  While the initial notion of making sure kids get a useful education is noble, the follow on is in and of itself unconstitutional and evil as it has become the indoctrination tool of the left and had given them rights as administrators of this program that the rest of the population has no access to.  In essence, we, the majority, are being denied rights as parents and concerned citizens so a minute minority can have their agenda and desires advanced in an unfair and discriminatory way.  This is the reverse of the intent of our founding that all people are equal in our society.

We are seeing the advocacy of the LGBTQ etc consortium being advanced now as a part of this education cabal which is the same degree of discrimination against the majority that the original consolidation of education under the federal government has become.  We are seeing our schools being forced to indoctrinate our children with notions and beliefs that are only held by a minute fraction of our society.  They are not teaching that people cannot discriminate against all others in regards to what are legal behaviors.   No, instead they are indoctrinating our children that these behaviors are normal which by definition of normal would mean common and ordinary. 

I doubt seriously that most Americans see gay lifestyles and transgenderism as being the norm.  Statistics indicate that these particular choices of people represent 7 percent in our recent census and I am certain that this number is highly inflated.  How is it ‘EQUAL’ in terms of rights to set this subset of our population apart and above reproach in our society and yet ridicule and condemn and use legal means if necessary against the majority of they do not believe and endorse the same??????   This is in and of itself Unconstitutional in its design and implementation.

Our rights as American citizens are ultimately to be able to live free and unencumbered as citizens in our nation provided we are living within the law.  In my lifetime I have seen numerous actions in court cases and in the repeal of local laws and state laws that outlaw behaviors of various kinds and this serves to protect the masses and their freedoms.  This is how slavery was eliminated as well as the bans on Gay marriage.  It is not the right of the government in any level to determine what rights the people have and what they do not unless they are all treated equally.  The abolition of these laws and regulations that were contrary to our being a free people is a just a proper use of government authority and I can find no problem in my mind with this. Government actions that provide equal rights and eliminate discrimination across the spectrum are proper and just use or power. We may disagree with other’s moral decisions but provided they do not demand we endorse them and or participate with them we must agree to live and let live. We have gone far from living and letting others live as we have been the victims of overreach by our government in its efforts to curtail the rights of some to enhance the rights of others.

Sadly, with the excessive growth of the bureaucracy has led to them being referred to as the 7th estate consisting of the hordes of government officials and agencies all designed to implement their own version of ‘fairness’ and to supposedly protect our rights as citizens.  What has happened since the growth of the power of the federal government is that this massive unelected portion of our society who comprise the members of these agencies have been co-opted by social activists and political activists with the intent of using this all powerful arm of government to steer society and the conversations in their preferred directions. 

This is the ultimate evil we face as free citizens of our nation.  These agencies choose what to teach our children.  They choose how to enforce the laws and what regulations should be in place to support the actions of the legislature.  The bureaucracy of our nation’s government has written all of our environmental law and regulatory laws for every and all industries with out any supervision or ratification. This has led to the decline of the very industrial heart of our nation that has made us fruitful and blessed as a society. In addition, the executive branch has assumed a much larger amount of control in our government and as such has removed the process that creates the bureaucracy from the Congress. Almost all of this power runs unchecked and without restraint against the very principles of our founding. So, to bring it full circle, the actions of the bureaucracy in many ways are violating our rights as citizens so they can anoint their selected few with power and privileges that we must tolerate at a minimum and support economically as well as endorse tacitly as a population.

This is unconstitutional and a complete violation of our rights as they were originally conceived by the actions of our founders,.  Nowhere does it say in the Constitution and Bill of Rights that a small portion of the population will have the right to tell the rest what to do, how to live and work and how they must accept the behaviors of others and grant them special rights that they, the majority, do not enjoy. This is a restriction upon our freedoms if nothing else.

I have written before about the minority (and a small one at that) is effectively controlling the rest of society.  I will include the social media giants in the mix as they are the so-called 6th estate but keep in mind that when one group or collection of activists control both the 4th estate (press), the 6th estate (social media) and the 7th estate (government bureaucracy) they no longer are isolated and separate aspects of our society and all have become a font of corruption and anti-majority activity and as a result they lose their legitimacy in our society. (5th Estate are the independent bloggers and writers)

People have said that FaceBook and Twitter are a platform of free speech but as soon as they develop an agenda and that their agenda is aligned with activist political and social organizations, they lose that immunity and become subject to the regulation of their behaviors because their actions are not that of a independent and unaligned entity and therefore they become no different than any other corporation whose behaviors are regulated so as to not harm the environment. 

You cannot tell me that either of these entities is not harming some aspect of our society with their policies. It may be speech on the face of it but when only some speech is allowed they then assume the position of advancing an agenda and then they are no different than any other media organization. By removing any protections from legal penalties from Twitter and Facebook they would then become equal to any other corporation entity and their actions could be rebuked in court when it is necessary. (See Nick Sandman and CNN)

Freedom is a right that we will only be able to enjoy if we are vigilant in how we allow incursions against them.  We have sat back and watched as activists have altered our society and our education system as well as our community safety all as they advance their agenda. 

It is time we asserted our God given rights and demand our rights be unfettered by any action of government or government like entity such as FaceBook and Twitter.

It is time that real American Patriots take a stand and rise up against tyranny.

The tyranny of excessive government regulation.

The tyranny of the government take over of our schools.

The tyranny of powerful corporate organizations taking freedom out of the public square to serve their own agenda.

The tyranny of empowering a few with rights and freedoms that others are prevented from expressing and enjoying.

Lastly, the tyranny of an ever bloating government bureaucracy that answers to no one except the private interests that bribes and connives its way towards enacting an agenda not voted on nor approved by the people.

7 Percent…probably less.  That is how big the group is that is running everything

We are being inundated with a gay/transgendered/lesbian/bi-sexual etc agenda constantly these days.  As my title notes, according to the Census bureau, people who self describe as being part of the ‘minority’ total to 7 percent of our population.  SEVEN PERCENT!!!

So, I would ask anyone who reads my thoughts to tell me why we are now seeing this massive push to ‘include’ people who make up this small percentage of our society in every production, series, movie or special event we see in our media and our government?

I am not one who has had my head under a rock all my life.  I am aware of the existence of people who are different than the 93 percent of the rest of us who do not identify in any of those descriptions.  These people have existed probably since time began. I will add, that kind of life style would not be viable when we were subsistence cultures as the greatest importance in those days were not just family units but communities that could support each other.  Those who did not procreate were not blessed with children to help out on the farm or whatever trade or occupation the family was in.  So, the rise of the alternate lifestyle is directly coupled with the rise of the no child families and the industrial age we are in. 

Part of our heritage that allowed the growth and development of our species is the strong family unit.  The dedication of adults to their children and to their elders.  This latest trend socially has single adults living with their parents up to and beyond their thirties with their parents supporting them at least in part.  Further, families are now much smaller having one or two kids as opposed to the 5 or more from only 50 years ago.  Tell me please, how does the erosion of our traditional family structure strengthen our society??

It doesn’t.

We are being force fed a diet of alternate lifestyles by the 7 percent.  They act as if they are entitled to this.  I cannot see how.  We are letting them do this.  What they are doing is not by public demand.  It is solely  because they are activists who are courting activists. No matter how you add up their numbers, people like Pete Buttgieg are in the 7 percent and not a percentage more and probably less.

I am a live and let live person.  If you treat me with a modicum of respect and you respect my values I will treat you with respect in the same way.  This is a live and let live policy we have pretty much always held as a Christian people.  It has never been necessary to approve of another’s lifestyle.  All that was necessary was to not interfere with each other.

Now, our schools are indoctrinating our children and our media sources are bombarding us with alternate lifestyle content and if we say a word to complain we are racists, homophobes, anti trans and every other accusation in the book.  Just because as a member of the 97 percent we would appreciate not having alternate lifestyles being shown as being the norm when they are ONLY  the 7 percent.

Keep in mind, the 7 percent thing is much more than the alternate lifestyle issue.  It is a numerical expression that appears in other ways in our society.

For example:

We are being led by a few wacko liberals in the Senate and House into a super liberal state with policies that are tearing our nation’s economy apart and setting us back in the world as a lead nation.  We are seeing our futures and the futures of our children and grandchildren being ruined by the democrats running the printing presses of government as if there is no tomorrow.  All of the money they are printing and spending is weakening our dollar and our futures. 

I know that in reality, it is about 7 percent of the population who are actively pushing this agenda.  It is not now nor has it ever been  majority that advocates and wants things like the green new deal or ending the use of petroleum and gas products.  These policies are being pushed by a tiny minority.

Consider our nation as a voting group.  When it is election time, perhaps 20 percent will vote demo-rat regardless of the candidates.  30 percent or so are republican or conservative and will vote against the demo-rats.  The remaining 45-50 percent are the so called undecided middle.  These people do not hold firm convictions.  They vote emotionally.

The 7 percent of the liberals have learned how to motivate and urge the undecided middle to vote for their agendas by damning and ridiculing the values and agendas of the conservative side.  It is never about issues and data.  If it were the liberals would lose every time. 

No, it is about emotions and how these middle voters ‘feel’ about a candidate.  Add the lies and constant ridicule of any noted conservative and how can you expect to see them elected or re-elected?

The 2020 election was stolen as much by misinformation and lies passed as propaganda by the left as it was by their bogus absentee voting operations that they used to stuff ballot boxes.  It was the Orange Man bad mantra and the constant sniping such as Russia Russia  Russia that swayed a group who, had they simply looked at the numbers of the economy and the best unemployment numbers we have seen in my lifetime, they would have voted to reelect and it would have been a lock for Trump to be re-elected.

It is really amazing how the 7 percent have locked up the deep state in DC, the media  and now our entertainment industry and all despite the fact that they only represent 7 measly percent of our population.  The ‘power of pull’ was described by Ayn Rand who identified it over 60 years ago as being the true commodity of politics:  aka  influence.  We are seeing her predictions play out in our society albeit in a manner that more matches our times than her predictions of our world in the future. Even so, the results and the corruption are the same.

If we  as the 30-40 percent of more traditional Americans  were  to act as a body to reject the future and the content that the 7 percent are offering we could alter the dynamics.  We could force  change in the reality we are being fed.  It would take our being willing to do without if we stop using those services and stop spending our money with  companies that do not reflect our values and beliefs.  I say do without because at first there will not be much else to take the place of some of this that we consume either as media and entertainment or literally as food and merchandise.  Despite the lack of alternate sources, we need to decide if we truly do want to change things and make our society reflect our values.

If we are not willing to stand our ground in the market place now, eventually we will probably end up standing our ground on the battle field because our nation will not survive as it was founded if we allow this hijacking of our government to go on too much longer.

It has been said that the squeaky wheel gets the grease.  It is more than apparent that the 7 percent have been making the most noise and getting far more than their share of attention in the marketplace and entertainment industry. This seven percent is not acting without a plan or a purpose.  Ultimately it is about power and control over the rest of us in perpetuity. 

I for one have no desire to submit to their plans nor will I surrender my rights because they demand it.

Wake up people.  We are the majority and it is time we started acting like it.

Biden, Harris and how the screw will turn

We all know that Biden is not all there. We all know Harris is an empty suit. We also know that the democrats are going to get plastered in the fall 2022 election. Keep in mind, no political party willingly commits suicide in terms of ceding power. I have a theory of how the king makers in the democrat party are going to move their players in the near future.

Let’s set the table.

It is obvious Harris is not president material. She would be destroyed in a presidential election and her collapse would take another hundred democrat seats in the house and Senate. Add to this the fact that Biden would likely do the same if he is even remotely capable of running in 2024. This is a problem for the democrats because the last time they faced a scenario like this was Carter in 1980 and they were sent to the woodshed in that election and even worse in the 1984 and 1988 elections. It took years for them to get even close to having a grip on the power over policy in this nation. The democrats do not want to fall into this pit again.

Here is how things are going to go as I can see it.

Since Biden is more desirable to the public than Harris despite his dwindling faculties, I believe sometime in mid September Harris is going to have something come up, either political, legal or health wise that will cause her to resign. This will create an opportunity for Biden to select a VP and one that could make a credible run in a presidential election with some ability to perhaps win in 2024. Additionally, Harris stepping down will provide a ‘sympathy vote’ for the democrats that might lessen the shellacking they are going to get in the fall.

Biden will wait to nominate a Veep until after the fall election. This is so the candidate selected does not sway the election which we all know will be bad for the democrats at a minimum and much worse if any more bad publicity comes out. Waiting also allows the selection of a controversial candidate that given time could fight the narrative effectively for a 2024 run.

It is crucial for Biden to wait until after the election but act quickly once it is past so the nominee can be ratified by the senate before the swearing in of the new congress in January 2023. This avoids having to deal with a republican majority in the senate and ensures approval of the nominee in short order.

Who is waiting in the wings to be the presumptive democrat candidate in 2024????? Your guess is as good as mine. Michelle Obama? Hillary? Who knows?

This is the only way, however, that the democrats can get any chance of winning in 2024. They know as we do that neither Biden or Harris has a prayer and that does not even take into account the increasing odds that Biden does not make it to 2024 as a sitting president. His deterioration mentally is more and more obvious and the democrats do not want the risk of a 25th Amendment challenge to his mental abilities to ever enter the stage. Having a newly sworn in VP who is an anathema to the republicans pretty much ensures that Biden will finish his term even on life support as opposed to allowing a truly hated figure into the office before the 2024 election.

The Demise of unfiltered information on the web.

Duck Duck Go has started filtering their search responses. As far as I know they were the last truly free source of information on the internet. I am not saying that the information is not out there. I am saying that you cannot search and find it. You have to know where it is. By controlling the search, you control what people see and learn. The powers that are controlling our internet are focused on one goal: Global socialism and controls.

There are very powerful and hugely wealthy financial forces at work here and sadly, we freedom loving and liberty seeking individuals and all the people who think like us are their mortal enemies and we will be discriminated against.  Ultimately, this will play out in open society and perhaps could escalate to conflicts that are regional and these could create difficulties and potentially end up with some violence.  A large portion of the world is aware of these forces and their insidious plans to create a global socialist cabal that believes it knows best for all of us. We are seeing this play out in real time in Ukraine where a despot ‘Putin’ wants to suppress another nation and put them under his control. He may say he wishes to restore Russia as it was under the USSR but in all honesty it is about greed and controlling the masses. The proof, no one under his control is any better off than they would be under a free and open government that is dedicated to preserving individual rights. No one.

 I realize that someone who is rich is not solely ‘lucky’ or ‘extremely talented’.  Not these days anyways.  In order to be rich today you have to be conniving and scheming and be willing to destroy others to increase your wealth and power.  Greed has always been one of mankind’s worst sins and has caused multitudes of wars and millions of deaths all to protect and increase the power of despots and these people are both in government and business. 

I am personally offended by the presumption of people like this that I am incapable of planning my future and that I, and people like me are better off being led by the morally bankrupt people such as Soros and Gates and the political cabal we have in DC.  While my intentions for my future are generally pure and decent, I have serious doubts about the moral values of these wannabe despots who are steering our futures by manipulating information and the news media all to advance their devious plans.

If their plans are legitimate and decent, why don’t they come out and tell us openly and admit they are steering our futures and in essence usurping our rights of free choice and liberty? 

The reason they cannot and will not do this is because  their plans for us will limit our rights and liberties.  They know we will resist if not refuse to comply if they were blatantly honest about what they are doing. 

This is why politics is used to pave the way for the future.  Politics is the process of convincing people that what a leader says we could do is a good idea even when they know we won’t like it. Look at what is going on in our nation right now and you can see a perfect example of ruling against the will of the people all the while the leaders and their representatives are telling us it is for the better and we cannot go back to the way things used to be.

The thing with tyrants is they realize that when enough of the people in their control say no, they lose their power.  The other thing about tyrants is that when one is toppled, there are a hundred standing in the shadows waiting to take the stage and start the process all over again. Greed and lust for power will always exist and we must always be on the lookout for such evil forces, even in America. Our founders warned us about these forces and tried to create a safe guard against them with our Bill of Rights.  We were created as a nation unique in the world as the people’s rights were protect from actions of the government with our founding documents. This is the freedom we were born into.

I have said before that America is a unique nation on this earth as we evolved as a free people, never having lived in America in a tiered monarchy or empire.  Our forefathers came here and created a free nation out of a wilderness and then fought the world’s largest super power (England) at that time to be rid of their controls and live as free peoples.  No other nation’s heritage on earth is derived purely from the pursuit and preservation of freedom but ours. 

Other peoples of the earth saw what true freedom from arbitrary rule was like and have fought to be free themselves.  This is the beacon on a hill that Reagan spoke so lovingly of. As a shining example of a free society to the rest of the world we must be stopped by the same greedy forces that kept people subservient to monarchs and despots all throughout history.  This is what the Soros and Gates and the politicians of the world represent.  Subservience of the masses to their will. 

Our politicians in DC are the very equal of the crown of England who we fought against for our liberty in 1776.  People who live in those orbits just believe they know better than their constituents (us).  They rule as they see fit without any concern for our opinions.  Even when we vote one out, another despot in training takes their place.  On the rare occasions where we actually elect an outsider who refuses to join the tyrant class, these people are ostracized and rendered ineffective as they are so outnumbered and boxed in they cannot really make much of a difference.

Losing an unbiased source of information is far more important than most people are aware of. We need to establish places on the web where we can share links and information that otherwise would be suppressed. Yes, this will lead to false reports and erroneous information but better to have the choice to believe or not to believe what we are seeing and hearing than to surrender to the globalists who want to regulate and limit our access.

We either fight and work to be free or by our lack of effort we become slaves to the globalist state. As we see yet again the march of oppression on the world as well as the suppression of our rights of free speech which also includes hearing things that some may disagree with or may despise. That is the price of freedom and if you agree to censorship of any kind you are signing the death warrant for our nation as a home for truly free people.

Putin and Ukraine….shades of the 30’s just before WWII

I cannot help myself from making what I believe are accurate comparisons to the situation we are seeing play out in Ukraine and what went on in the years before WWII. Putin has attacked a peaceful non-threatening neighbor with allegations of ‘fascism’ being his justification. Before he launched his attack he made it clear he was going to do it. Further, Putin has ‘visions’ of reassembling ‘mother Russia’ and bringing all of the independent republics back under rule from Russia and Putin himself.

Hitler also spoke of assembling a 1000 year Reich with Germany as the leader and center of all governance. He threatened his intentions of taking over his neighbors before actually doing so. The only difference is that I can see is that the leaders of Europe agreed to the annexation of Austria before it happened and essentially surrendered the nation to Hitler. Putin did not get such concessions and has resorted to a full on assault. Keep in mind, Putin already took over the Crimea with virtually no questions of comments by the world powers. Perhaps that was the equivalent of Austria????

Anyone who tries to tell me that this is a false comparison needs to read their history. Megalomaniacs such as Putin and Hitler do not have the same set or values or any comparable reasoning to a normal person. They become so invested into their fantasy that they cannot see any way to go forward without acting to fulfill this delusional belief. They, both Putin and Hitler, will resort to anything and everything to accomplish their goals of conquest.

We sit on the sidelines afraid to act as a nation because of the threat of nuclear retaliation by Putin if we dare to interfere. The problem with this logic is that tyrants are never satisfied. Hitler was not satisfied with Austria and Czechoslovakia and eventually attacked Poland. Hitler, not satisfied with that conquest took on western Europe including England and France as well as trying to take on Russia. Hitler’s ambition was boundless. I believe Putin’s is boundless as well. Worse yet, Putin will only see his successes as justification for his next target. So will China when they attack Taiwan. Don’t think for a minute that Xi isn’t watching this and how the world reacts to the aggression as he plans taking over Taiwan.

Bullies gotta Bully. This is human nature and you can look at history and your own experiences to see that there are some people who just will not abide by any rules whether they are social or international law. Putin is a bully; a thug; a goon; a tyrant. So is the premier of China, Xi Jinping. Neither see international outrage for their actions as anything to be concerned about.

We have seen lesser tyrants in our recent history and some have been eliminated by their own people and some had to be removed by outside forces. In any if these cases, the citizens under their control suffered and were oppressed all in the name of national unity and for the support of the leadership. We saw fit to act in a few cases where it was safe and there would be no repercussions.

Now we are seeing the beginning of the eventual World War III and we are sitting on our hands worried more about the immediate risks and ignoring altogether the ramifications of the continued aggression by these two world leaders. These two are already coordinating and I would not doubt that if they are confronted they will establish an Axis of tyranny just as we faced the Axis of Germany, Italy and Japan in WWII. Right now we have a choice to stand and demand that this aggression in Ukraine stop and be willing to take actions that have teeth that will be a penalty for Putin or we can sit back and wait for his next act of aggression which will only be a bigger target and far more difficult to deal with.

History repeats itself. If you study it at all you know that dictators with ambitious plans bring the nations around them into wars that demand a terrible price in terms of human lives before they are over. One other aspect of history also tells us that eventually the tyrant and their nations fall but only after years if not centuries of suffering and oppression. The Greeks and Romans are but only two of the constant process of bullies and their ultimate demise happening over and over. The thing that history does not really teach as well as it ought to is the terrible human costs these tyrants caused in their quest for their fantasy kingdoms. Our nation was founded on Freedom and laws that limit government and we have seen these concepts grow around the world. Even so, the threats to these essential human values are real and are a true danger to all free people. It is the equivalent of surrendering our freedom if we do not act to protect and preserve freedom and free people around the world. The longer we wait to act to suppress the threat, the more likely this threat will come after us. We will either confront Putin and challenge his aggression now and potentially risk global war and a nuclear one possibly, or we will ultimately end up fighting Putin or his heir in a much more difficult situation where we are less able to fight back and the threat of nuclear war will still be there.

About the risks of global nuclear war, honestly, Putin is a megalomaniac but he is not suicidal. Much like the big bully on the block, bloody Putin’s nose and I am quite sure he will step back. Keep in mind, he knows that if he initiates global nuclear war, his world ends too. There is no sense having the nuclear weapons if you are unwilling to use them or threaten to use them if a truce is not immediately initiated. We will either fight while the free world is strong or we will wait and the number of nations who are able to fight will get smaller and smaller as the tyrants keep taking over more and more. We need to face this threat and this choice now because it will be all the more difficult if we wait until later.