Virginia, 2020, the Second Amendment and a time of choosing

The current controversy in Virginia created by the governor and his cronies all democrats has occupied the news cycle for a while now.  The crux of the battle is preserving and protecting our rights as protected by the Second Amendment.  Massive rallies have taken place in Virginia and elsewhere in support of the rights of gun ownership and against the latest proposed restrictions that have been the topic of discussion and dissension.

What is at stake in Virginia is the freedom we are endowed with by our creator to defend and protect ourselves free of any restrictions from government.  Trust me when I say that if anything that is proposed by the anti-gun crowd in Virginia is upheld it will be a harbinger of laws of a similar bent all over the nation.

There is massive opposition to the new regulations from the NRA and the pro gun community.  This opposition is all over the nation and it is also a harbinger of what could be.

It is time that the end of gun control and the removal of all illogical and unfair gun regulations become a national movement.  This should be a platform issue for the upcoming Trump campaign.  This needs to be the issue that all patriotic and freedom loving Americans rally behind with the goal of removing all gun regulations that are obviously meant to disarm the American people.

I have written before of how unique our nation is as one founded in freedom having never had its lands carved up as a monarchy with the appurtenant caste system.  This does not mean we have not had discrimination in our history but it is the strength of our founding documents that have allowed and promoted the freedom for all in our nation and to see any of our freedoms limited not only limits our rights specifically but also our freedom as a whole.

We need to take the fight in Virginia national.  We need to band together as a political force and demand that our rights not be infringed.  We need to remind those who are elected to not govern against the will of the people.  Virginia is one of many states who have enacted partial bans on Second Amendment rights and our abilities to use them.  We need to reverse these and all regulations meant to disarm the American people and render them as subjects to the state.

American Exceptionalism: Unification in the name of Freedom.

Before the American Revolution a citizenry had never united as a group without a single charismatic leader.  Yes, I am sure someone will point out some other nation but that may not be the equal to what I am talking about.

What I am saying is that we unified in an idea we hold in common led by an elected group of people who selected a General who reluctantly took the job of leading us who also refused any idea of leadership afterwards without election.  We found our freedom not by following a ‘revolutionary but by following a dream and a vision of freedom for all.

Americans unified to fight the British for our independence and won the war.  We then did not settle for a dictator or central control government.  We stayed free as people who elected representatives.  We remained unified in the name of freedom.

As an American I am blessed with this heritage.  I am blessed with the recognition of my inalienable rights in our Bill of Rights.  As an American aware of this I am committed to the founder’s vision of our nation and the Legacy they left for us.  Call me a traditionalist.  Call me a Constitutionalist.  Call me anything you want but be sure to call me first and foremost a Patriot.

Patriots fought for our rights.  Patriots fought to preserve freedom from oppression by a illegitimate government.  Patriots fought for the cause of freedom and made sure that was the future of our nation instead of falling in line behind  a zealot or charismatic leader who would then rule to preserve their power instead of preserving the people’s power.

Today, we see a government that seemingly is dedicated to returning us back to the days of monarchy where the wrong words can get you arrested and the wrong acts can get you killed.  Our political class is pandering now to smaller and smaller groups instead of protecting the rights of all.  They confiscate the right of freedom of speech to ‘protect’ the feelings of a few.  This is tyranny.

You can mandate preferential treatment of a few but it is far better to preach acceptance and understanding on a voluntary basis as this unifies a society whereas mandates only drive wedges between peoples.

We see the leadership of our nation actively seeking to disarm the population with ever increasingly restrictive regulations.  A free people unified in their love of freedom do not need to be protected by the government.  They by virtue of their freedom can protect themselves.  If the government embraced FREEDOM they would encourage the people to be self reliant and able to protect themselves and the nation if need be.  Instead, they seek to restrict FREEDOM using laws and regulations limiting behavior and speech and the rights to bear arms.  These types of restrictions are what we fought a war against to become a great nation unified in our love of freedom and independence.

Only Tyrants fear the people.  Only tyrants use restrictions to protect the state and its ‘preferred peoples’ from the rest of the population.  It seems that our government is heading down this path towards tyranny and will result ultimately in a revolution if the people wish to stop the tyranny.

States with firearm restrictions are leading this charge against freedom.  They claim that their intent is to make the public safer except that the fact is a disarmed public are no longer citizens but are instead, subjects:  People who are subjected to laws they do not like and cannot resist without penalty and in the most recent cases threats of violence against them by the state.

It has long been time to return to our fundamental roots as Americans and embrace our individual freedoms.  A society that is armed is a respectful society.  We need to unify as a people and make it clear that we will not be subjugated by our governments with laws and regulations that fly in the face of our inalienable rights as given by our creator and guaranteed by our Bill of Rights.

It was exceptional in the world in 1776 that a people united in the quest of freedom for all would fight the most powerful army in the world and win freedom.  It is time that exceptional people come together again dedicated still to that same very purpose.  We are facing, yet again, the most powerful army in the world if our efforts to protect and preserve our freedom comes into conflict.

Our fight at present is in the political arena and it is up to our government to remember that we citizens are free people and it is not the government’s role to define what freedom is.  Let us work to unify as Americans and make it clear to all that we will not surrender what our forefathers fought so desperately for.  FREEDOM.

CW 2 or WW 3…You have to look at the Bigger Picture.

What follows is a collection of my thoughts regarding the drive towards socialism by the left and how it contrasts to our nation and why this movement is using every tool at its disposal in their efforts to end our representative republic.  We are facing an enemy that is both foreign and domestic and the sooner we recognize what and why this is happening the sooner we can effectively stop it.

From the outset of Christianity mankind has improved their quality of life and community.  From that time to 1750 years later when we founded our nation, beginning our independence, we flourished as a Christian nation, offering freedom with the expectation of moral conduct of all our citizens.  150 years later, socialists started agitating and acting to destroy our nation.  In just under another 100 years we find ourselves at this threshold where we are staring down socialism and collectivism and the end of our Christian society.

Remember, before the US became free, no nation ON EARTH  had the freedom we did at the conclusion of the Revolutionary War.  Since that time, some have approached it but not quite attained it.

The controlling powers that existed before our independence are still vying for control today.  The power elite from back in the late 1790’s still exists in one form or another and it is jealousy and greed (fear of losing control too) that drives all of this.  Not by large groups of people seeking wealth but by small groups manipulating people and economies to the that end.  The loud mouthed lefties we see are merely tools and are being manipulated to serve those who are behind all of this.  This power elite is nameless and moves behind international governance.

This political/militant movement is steadily at work trying to usurp a large portion of the world and convert it to socialism by force if necessary.  The push to destroy Christianity and to promote islam is a tool in this fight.  The massive migrations of illiterate and culturally alien peoples into other nations is another.  This is all not by accident.  If you were to militarily stop these three movements within a very short time, violence would break out being promulgated by those who seek to control the world.  While the goal of these people seems to be socialism it is really to create a single caste society with a ruling  elite who are the very rich and powerful and they are in control worldwide and they also live completely insulated from the masses.  The Hunger games is a good example to compare to.

The forces at work in our nation are not necessarily from within our nation.  They are a cancer that has grown across the earth, destroying and consuming prosperity as it goes all in the name of fairness or global warming or climate change.  It matters little what the cause is that is being promoted.  The results are the same.  prosperity and freedom is destroyed and oddly enough, those who propose and promote the movement seem to be insulated from its effects.  Since pressure from within the US has not been sufficient to destroy us, now we are faced with international organizations and movements to assist in weakening and destroying our nation.

Our nation, our heritage of freedom and our prosperity is in opposition to their plans and we must be destroyed in order to move forward.  Our system is being overloaded by these welfare émigrés who come here and either suck off our social services or become drug racketeers.  The other option these people take is undocumented workers who pay no taxes and undermine our systems.  Additionally, we see the violence of islamic society being imported into our nation as another means to destroy our heritage and culture.   We must be destroyed as a beacon of freedom because our mere existence encourages people to try to duplicate our success which is a roadblock to their agenda.

The values that made our nation what it is are under attack.  The sense of self preservation and protection along with personal entrepreneurial spirit built our nation and in order for the US population to be subjugated it must be destroyed.  This is why guns must go.  This is why there are so many official ‘victim classes’ these days.  If we cannot protect ourselves and cannot speak our minds we have lost most of our ability to drive back tyranny and injustice.

In essence, the government is now defining justice to be contrary to what we know as heritage Americans is really justice.  The longer this goes on and is forced on our society the harder it will be to get back to where we were even only 50 years ago.

Despite claims to the contrary, it is not selfish to keep all of your earnings to guard against a shortage.  It is not wrong to use the resources you are given to take care of your needs.  It is not selfish or apathetic to allow cultures to destroy themselves via violence and starvation if after offering help they refuse to reform their ways.  Our responsibility to others only is to do what is reasonable but never to such an extent we destroy our own way of life and prosperity.  In fact we are encouraged to be fruitful and multiply as Christians upon the bounty of our labors.   We are to care and be mindful of others but not the extent that we neglect our own interests.

Climate Change is a tactic.  Food re-distribution is a tactic.  We are being attacked for our prosperity and accused of being ‘selfish’ because we do not share with every other shit hole in the world.  These are the methods of the ELITE global controllers who wish to use global socialism to ensure their lifestyles.

One common thread of all of these socialists is that they ignore Darwin’s concept of ‘survival of the fittest’.  If we follow their lead we will continue to overpopulate the world until we literally cause our own extinction.  Much like the over grazed meadow where species that thrive in that environment over produce to such an extent that they cause a die off, we would do the same.  However, the elite would survive because they will insulate themselves from the reality of life of the masses.

If you look at our situation at present, every notion, concept and faith that has acted to destroy us has been imported into our nation from Europe and elsewhere.  We have strayed so far from our founding.  The very notion that we need to look outside our nation for salvation is in and of itself treasonous and blasphemous.  While we can never ignore the rest of the earth and its activities and problems, we must protect ourselves from the very plagues and dysfunction that is destroying them and keep these problems from occurring here.

While we have had some success exporting our ideals, on average, it has been less than 50% success when you look at our track record since WWII.  It is time we set our foreign aid standards high enough that nations that do not follow our lead are left to their own devices.  Some say letting nations fail will increase the number of wars we fight to protect ourselves but it is better to fight a foe who is not supported militarily with our own foreign aid than to fight a nation we sent billions to in aid.  If you think of it, pretty much all of the enemies of our nation in the last 40 years are benefactors of our foreign aid.  Let that sink in.  You can count all of the terror sponsoring nations on this list among with many others not ‘friendly’ to our national interests.

I close with the idea that we owe ourselves freedom and security and not anyone else.  This applies both internationally and also within our nation.   If crime is a problem in Chicago, it is far more likely due to the actions and decisions of those community leaders there and not due at all to any decisions or actions from anywhere else.

Much the same can be said for ideas of Gun control.  Any laws proposed are meant to deal with problems in very small regions of a large state.  It is beyond illogical to blame the residents of areas outside of these trouble zones for these problems and then mandate they suffer a loss of freedom to resolve these problems.  It is time to use brutally simple and honest logic against these socialist politicians.

Just as it was in 1776, we have more than adequate laws upon the books regarding illegal behavior in society and singling out a God given right to be eliminated in the pretext of stopping crime that is actually being caused by social engineering makes no sense at all.  As I said, the problems in crime ridden areas are due to policies and programs in those same areas.  We cannot allow the blame for the failures of political leaders in those areas be passed onto our shoulders with the resultant loss of our rights.

If we lay down our arms in the face of the demands of a tyrannical government if we allow registry or confiscation of arms to government; ANY GOVERNMENT; we will be surrendering our rights and therefore our freedom that was fought and won for us in 1776.  Our ancestors would be ashamed.  Our very existence as free citizens would be no more if we allow government to take our rights as guaranteed by our Bill of Rights away.


The Democrat’s approach to safety in Society or the parable of the pool noodle

Ever been to a pool with a bunch of kids in it???  I am sure you have.   Now, add a bunch of multi colored pool noodles.  You know, those foam tubes that you typically find at pools and such.  OK.  The stage is set.

The kids start bashing each other with the pool noodles.  As it would typically be, some start crying and complaining about being hit.  Others revel in the mayhem.  Others go along doing whatever everyone else is doing.  At some point, a ‘lifeguard’ decides that this has gone on far enough.  Now, mind you, no one asked the ‘lifeguard’ to do this from the pool, or at least only one or two out of a herd of kids.

So, what can the ‘lifeguard’ do to stop the mayhem.  First is a set of rules about pool noodles and how they may be used.  No more hitting on the head or face.  You may not hit anyone who is not looking at you and if you break the rules you lose your pool noodle.  Life goes on at the pool and the mayhem or what appears to be mayhem carries on.

The ‘lifeguard’, not happy that a small number of kids are unhappy, decides to restrict pool noodles.  Now, you may only use one hand to hold the pool noodle when hitting another kid.  If a pool noodle breaks it is more likely to hurt a kid if you hit them with it because of the shorter length so these may not be used by kids who have hurt others and only can be used if the ‘lifeguard’ approves you having it.   Further, you may not take or use anyone else’s noodle if they leave the pool or let theirs go.  If you do you lose your pool noodle rights and if need be will be taken out of the pool.

Keep in mind, that the only one who sees the need to fix this is the ‘lifeguard’ or at least the person who assumes they are the ‘lifeguard’.   No one in the pool asked for a ‘lifeguard’.  Keep in mind also that all of the kids can swim and would not be there otherwise so is there really a need for a ‘lifeguard’???

Ultimately, the ‘lifeguard’ decides enough is enough and bans Pool Noodles.  Now, you have a bunch of kids in the pool who were doing just fine on their own until the ‘lifeguard’ decided to change things.  I will add that none of the ‘new rules’ are posted at the pool and the rules that are there are being complied with.   As a matter of fact, the rules also state that no one can take over the pool because it is everyone’s.

You see in this comparison that from the outset, everyone was doing what they wanted to and with the exception of a couple of kids who did not want to play with the pool noodles (and that is fine if that is what they wanted) everybody was getting along fine and complying with the pool rules.

As soon as one person decided to start making rules about the use of pool noodles they could not stop.  Ultimately, the person could not control the pool noodle use to their satisfaction and this person elected to ban the pool noodles.  This was without asking the kids if this was OK by them.  I will add that pool noodles have another use.  They are a flotation device so when a kid gets tired they can hold on to their pool noodle to stay safe.  Now there are no flotation devices to allow the kids that need them to float and rest.

The democrats approach the entire nation as if we are not capable of making our own decisions.  Much like the ‘lifeguard’ they make choices because they think they are needed even if society knows otherwise.  An otherwise small problem in our society gets blown out of all proportions by the democrats who fail to see the potential good that the equivalent of a pool noodle (firearm) provides society.

So when you hear some democrat spouting off about more gun control, just remember that A-hole ‘lifeguard’ from your youth who seemed to enjoy sucking the fun out of everything for reasons that no one could decipher.  Perhaps it was the fact that the power this individual had went to their heads.  Just like today and gun control, the democrats have convinced themselves that they alone are the only ones who should make any decisions regarding this and yet, this notion is all in their heads.  There is no need for any new laws or for most all the laws on the books already for guns.  High crime rates in urban areas and rare and random shootings do not justify any of the rules they have set forth and none of these rules have done anything to make things safer because there will always be a tiny fraction of a percentage of people in our national ‘POOL’ who will do something dangerous and harmful, special ‘pool’ rules or not.

We are hated by the Left!

While we look upon the political scene these days we hear a lot of what I would call socialist and/or radical anti freedom policies proposed by all sorts including presidential candidates as well as from certain members of congress and the various pundits.  We see ongoing threats to the second amendment that we can no longer ignore.  All of this points to a deep divide in this nation.

As a deplorable I have come to accept that the left hates our values and beliefs.  I know hate is a strong word and I rarely use it but I have in this case.  The left wants our guns gone.  The left wants our Christian values gone.  The left wants our traditions and family values gone.  They have been very open about this and they have not toned down the rhetoric.  If anything, they have ramped it up.

We, as deplorable, red state, conservative, Christian, flag waving, country loving Americans have to understand that the left truly and without any hesitation HATES US!!!

We are the stumbling block to their goal of socialism.  We are considered to be backwards.  Ignorant.  Uneducated.  Ungrateful hicks.  One California professor made a statement recently that we should all be forcefully relocated to urban areas because our rural areas lack the culture and social institutions that they have in the urban areas and that is why we believe what we do.

It used to be that democrats and republicans both believed in the freedoms of our nation and the rights of the people should not be infringed upon.  These days, I am beginning to believe that there is a huge cabal of democrats, republicans and the deep state that see our founding documents as a roadblock to their governance.

All of the gun control legislation is opposed by we deplorables and the left knows this and attempts to pass more and more restrictions and in many places they succeed.  All of this in spite of our disagreement with the laws and with the knowledge that these laws do not regulate criminals, but make criminals our of all of us who are deplorables.  In fact, this is their goal.

The sooner we wake up and readily admit that we are detested and hated by the left and the establishment politicians of both parties the sooner we can effectively mount a resistance to their ongoing agenda of altering this nation into a Europe like socialist government.  This is not a time where we can compromise at all.  We see a president we duly elected under attack on a daily basis and as president Trump said, he is under attack because he is standing between us and the liberal democrats and their socialist agenda.  This is very uncomfortably true.

The proper name for this is discrimination.  We are being discriminated against.  Our values and cultural traditions are being suppressed.  We being are forced to ‘convert’ to their definitions of society and their values.  We, the ones who mind our own business and are peaceful members of society.  Forget the violent illegal immigrants entering our country on a daily basis.  The left embraces them.  Meanwhile, they the left, hate us; law abiding citizens who work, pay taxes and serve in the military.  If you cannot see the hypocrisy of this well, there may not be hope for you.

We are falsely accused of being; i.e. Nazis fascists, neo-cons, and worse.  Meanwhile, the left’s minions are acting like Nazis, Fascists and anarchists and are far more destructive and a danger to society.  The elements of antifa along with the crimes committed by illegal immigrants dwarf any actions taken by members of deplorable nation: a.k.a. Legacy Americans.

Wake up!!!  We are directly under attack.  Our lifestyles and values are under attack.  They mean to destroy our way of life.  This has been coming a long time and the horizon is within sight.

We did not ask for this conflict.  We did nothing to cause it.  We would rather be left alone.  This is not how things are going.  They, the left-deepstate-rinos brought it to us.  We cannot allow them to take any more of our rights and freedoms away.


Virginia is poised to take another step towards servitude to the state: SENATE BILL NO. 64

The state of Virginia has initiated the next step on the left wing agenda for taking over America which is to disarm us. i.e.:

VA Senate Bill 64

Every proposed law has the potential to add more ‘rules’ to the law to make it more comprehensive. How long until shooting at human shaped targets is illegal???

You have to look at the intent of the law to understand the implications. Why would a government seek to prevent anyone from learning how to properly handle their firearm and especially in a theoretical combat scenario? You and I know the answer to this. In order for the left to convert our nation by mandatory means to a socialist form of governance and society they must subdue any resistance and by methodically and step by step elimination of the intent of the Second Amendment they will achieve this goal.

Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Mao….they all confiscated firearms in their take overs of the nations they led. Their track record is dismal as far as preserving the rights of their citizens, even though their excuse to confiscating the weapons was for ‘Public Safety’. Our leftist, progressive democrats along with their deep state allies are following this path that has been blazed before them.

We, deplorables, conservatives, libertarians, who identify and cherish the Bill of Rights as being a sacred boundary between government acts and the people’s God given rights are an impediment to their plans. We are to be subjugated or eradicated. Whichever comes first.

The left is threatened by our existence and they HATE US!! We are to be eliminated. We are the last line of defense for the Bill of Rights, The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and by the policy goals they have already issued they seek to alter these sacred contracts with the people of this nation. They use propaganda and indoctrination via public schools to convince the illiterate masses that freedom is the problem and that by surrendering their rights under the law they, the sheep, will be taken care of.

100 years ago, what we are seeing would be opposed as it would be deemed sedition by those proposing these laws. So far we have come since the germs that are socialism were planted back in the late 1800’s onward.

The United States is unique in the world in one respect. We did not evolve out of the feudal system of Europe. We were created into a nation of equals without the caste system that continued to pervade regions of Europe for another 125 years. We are a free people. Our founding was based on that underlying principle.

Everyone should be aware of the critical import of any new gun laws.  Things are bad enough now that we see Second Amendment Sanctuary counties and States.  This is not a paranoid claim of there being an ongoing war upon the Second Amendment but is in reality, PROOF that such a war exists.  Do not be surprised to see replicas of these regulations being proposed in other anti-second amendment states such as MA, NY or NJ.

There is a time of reckoning coming and it is not due to our wanting it.  The left is forcing us to make a choice.  I dearly hope that we are up to the challenge if the left keeps this up.

The battle over our Second Amendment

You have to be wondering how far is the left willing to take their anti second amendment push???

I think about this a lot. I do because it is a turning point in the making for our nation. The gradual incremental approach the left has been using to limit our rights under the second amendment has come up against a pretty firm wall of resistance as of late.

The real question beyond my first is this: Is the left willing to risk civil war over their policy objectives including disarming America? Further, are the deplorables willing to wage war to protect their rights?

It is one thing to project that you are willing to fight for your rights and cry MOLON LABE at the thought of your gun rights being taken away. It is then again quite another to pull the trigger while aimed at an agent of the government who has been sent to deny you your rights. In the scheme of things, it is far easier for the left-tard leaders to send agents of the government to do their dirty work than it is to be citizens who are pressured into engaging in lethal acts to protect themselves.  As such, the second amendment advocate has far more skin in the game than the hordes of left wing politicians who are seeking to destroy our second amendment rights.

While I cannot tell anyone what to do nor would I try, I can tell you that the problem of the left regarding the second amendment along with a host of other agenda issues is not going away. The left is obviously unwilling to yield on their increasing demands to disarm the citizenry of this nation. Of this I am quite sure.

When I was growing up, the Russians and communism were things we saw as threats to our nation. Now, 40 years later we face the threat of socialism and totalitarianism from WITHIN OUR BORDERS!!!! My how the times change.

Many books have been written about a theoretical end of our nation due to various reasons. While they all explore the conflict following a collapse typically, less time is devoted to how the conflict started.  We are coming to a crossroads where our choices will be to surrender our freedom or fight to the death, if necessary, to protect them.  In one we sacrifice our dignity and choices and the other we offer our blood if need be. Civil war is a bloody and catastrophic process where, as in the past, families are torn apart and neighbors will fight neighbors in order to decide ultimately which path our nation will take going forward.

Of one thing I am sure, when this conflict comes, if the left wins, the United States as a republic founded upon personal freedom and self determination will be gone. If they lose, the nation would gain a reprieve but the cancer that is liberal thinking and socialism will not be eradicated by defeating their forces in a war. That type of thinking will continue to exist as long as our lives allow time for such flights of fancy in one’s thoughts.