Emergency at our border??

Let’s start with some knowledge first from the Oxford English Dictionary.



  • 1A serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action.

‘personal alarms for use in an emergency’

mass noun ‘survival packs were carried in case of emergency’

We have several issues today that I would classify as an ‘Emergency’.  President Trump has declared an emergency regarding illegal immigration and the effects it has in our society  in order to have the necessary abilities to stop illegal immigration at the border.  Let’s take a look at the reasons why this is a legitimate declaration and why we should support it.


We have people dying every day due to illicit drug use where these drugs come across our unguarded border.  The costs of dealing with this public health menace are staggering.

New Report Estimates Illicit Drug Use Costs U.S. Economy More Than $193 Billion Annually

Source:  https://drugfree.org/learn/drug-and-alcohol-news/new-report-estimates-illicit-drug-use-costs-u-s-economy-more-than-193-billion-annually/

The people pay for this crisis and not the users and certainly not the dealers.  Our porous border contributes to this problem substantially.


Illegal Immigrant crime

Illegal Immigrant Crime Costs American Taxpayers $16.1 Billion Every Year

Source:  https://nationaleconomicseditorial.com/2017/05/24/cost-illegal-immigration-crimes/

This is a very conservative estimate of just the costs of crime by those who enter our country illegally through a non-existent border barrier.  One citizen’s life lost should be enough to warrant closing the border for real.  More than one person dies in a year due to an illegal immigrant and we owe their families and loved ones that we do our upmost to stop illegal immigration so no more American families need suffer a tragedy such as we have seen all too often in the news.


Illegal immigrant costs in terms of welfare and other programs

The Fiscal Cost of Unlawful Immigrants and Amnesty to the U.S. Taxpayer

There are approximately 3.7 million unlawful immigrant households in the U.S. These households impose a net fiscal burden of around $54.5 billion per year. Amnesty for unlawful immigrants can pose large fiscal costs for U.S. taxpayers including public education, welfare benefits, and other benefits and services.

Source:  https://www.heritage.org/immigration/report/the-fiscal-cost-unlawful-immigrants-and-amnesty-the-us-taxpayer

This amount is staggering considering that it would not exist if illegal immigrants could not get inside our nation’s borders.

President Trump has declared an emergency in order to facilitate the construction of a real border barrier.  We are spending approximately a QUARTER of a TRILLION DOLLARS in response to the illegal intrusion of immigrants into our nation.  This is an emergency in many ways.

If this were costs to the nation due to gun ownership the left would have found a way to ban them regardless of what anyone said all due to the ‘emergency’ they would be causing the nation.

The facts are substantial and incontrovertible as far as proving that our border needs to be secured and not just with arresting those who come in but by stopping their entrance altogether.  This is not to say we would stop ‘legal immigration’.  That process is by far the best way to vet and otherwise identify those individuals who seek to enter the US for legitimate reasons.  By all means we would continue accepting requests for immigration and asylum.

You have to wonder why the democrats resist the border wall as much as they do.  It has been suggested that they, the democrats, are receiving substantial amounts of money from interests that are benefited by illegal immigration.  This amounts to profiteering from crime by the democrats.

I would hate to believe this is true but I cannot find a logical reason for the policy issue changes from the democrats from wanting a wall to not wanting a wall all in about 4 years time.  This is an issue that should rise above politics and should be dealt with in a manner that reflects the wishes of the American people but  apparently people like Schumer and Pelosi do not consider the opinions and the election of Trump to be a valid reason to comply.



The United States of America. Where we came from and where exactly are we going?

If you are old enough you got a smattering of the history of our nation and learned about some of the beliefs of the founders and what they hoped to accomplish once the nation had been secured with the end of the Revolutionary War in our favor.  For those of you who read this who did not learn any of this, I would ask that you take the time to discover the history of our nation and do not do this at the altar of the liberals as they have an agenda that they imbue with their views that takes away much of what needs to be understood.

Our nation was founded on the principle of freedom.  The leaders of the time saw the intrusion of a monarch some 3,000 miles away as being intolerable to their way of life and way of thinking.  I am not going to get in the weeds with discussions of how the crown viewed the colonies and vice versa.  It does not matter.  What does matter is that those people who advocated for revolution risked their lives and property as well as the lives of their family in their desire to seek independence from Great Britain.

We won the war and won the peace and then set forth to create a system of governance that would preserve the freedoms the nation had fought for.  The first attempt did not succeed.  The articles of confederation provided for state’s rights but left the national interests somewhat unorganized.  The need for a better system led to the genius that is our Constitution and Bill or Rights.  The type of government created was new to the earth.  They conceived of a ‘representative republic’ with enumerated powers and 3 distinct branches of government with built in checks and balances in the desire of preventing over reach by any part of the government.

Essential to the plan and necessary to the ratification of the Constitution were the Bill or Rights.  Many states would not ratify the Constitution without these protections of the citizens rights from government infringement.  Much of the tumult in today’s political theater is based on the arguments over the ‘meaning’ of these specifically iterated rights.

This brings me to what I want to pose as a discussion item.  For uncounted generations we felt as a nation that the rights of the citizens were protected from compromise by the founding documents of our nation.  The general sense of our nation was that we were righteously Americans and proud of our heritage.  When I was a child and into my young adulthood this was the prevailing sentiment.  The virtues of our protections from governmental interference were unquestioned.

The eruption of the Vietnam war and the protests by the youth of America opened the door to alternate thinking as to what our nation should and should not be.  You can add the civil rights movement as well as the environmental movements as having originated in this tumultuous decade of the 60’s.  Many influences made themselves known in our society and the notion that the USA is not correct in the idea that we were and are justified in our own existence.  Dissent and foreign influences injected alternate notions of what a citizen’s ‘rights’ are and should be.  The idea of people being ‘owed’ shelter and food as well as medical care began and gradually became a larger and larger aspect of our political discussions.

At this point we need to ask ourselves  can we sustain our nation as a representative republic or are we unavoidably headed into a European socialist form of government?

I tend to believe that many who are willing to compromise our rights for the ‘public good’ are already mentally living in the Northern Hemisphere’s version of France or Britain.  They have already made the leap of faith to accepting that the form of government existing in those nations is more ‘legitimate’ than the one we were founded to be.  To people of this mindset it is only a formality that we abrogate the second amendment completely and that we adopt socialized medicine immediately.   They view those citizens of the US who disagree with their decision as being ‘reactionary’ and ‘primitive’ ‘racists’ who should be forced to accept the decision they have already made.

We are standing at a crossroads as a nation.  For many of us, the idea of going full Euro-socialist society is abhorrent and a fate we are willing to confront with whatever we need to in order to prevent this from coming to pass.  We see that the gradual slide that has been going on in our nation turning into a runaway train if we do not put the brakes on NOW.

In the present national scene, my greatest concern is that this process of forced ‘compromise’ continues until those aspects of our heritage and founding that represent the independent American ideal are so diluted that we cease being a free nation.  Much like the analogy of the frog and the frying pan we can see what the efforts of the left have been to gradually creep their agenda into place.  President Trump is the last bulwark we have at the highest level to stop the demise of our great nation.  Previous republican presidents with the exception of President Ronald Reagan did little in my lifetime to stem the growth of the politically active bureaucratic class along with the growth of giveaway programs that have altered the psychology of the very people who should be fighting against the degradation of the nation.

With the adoption of various abortion rights laws along with laws regarding social issues that have no place in government we see the further deterioration of the founding principles of the nation.  In many ways you could describe the aspects of these new ‘protections’ as being barbaric and still be understating the truth.  The mandating of acceptance of a myriad of what are deviations from the norms of society serves to further degrade our society of free people as we all are forced to knuckle under to the socialist thumbs of the liberal left.

New laws designed to disarm ‘supposedly dangerous people’ are the newest means in which the left can seize the rights of honest citizens without due process and protection of their rights.  These portend to be what might be the ‘last straw’ that may break not just  the backs of the people but the peace within the nation.  Increased regulations pertaining to our second amendment rights are adding fuel to an already burning bonfire within a large portion of the population.

The urban left cannot understand the notions of the rural right.  They see their lives and lifestyles as being the ‘correct’ way to live in the world today.  Many of these people have been fed many years of anti-American thinking by the education system and various organizations within our society.  These people seem to think that the founding of this nation is in today’s time, flawed.  They view the nation as founded as being an anachronism that should be replaced.  This is their choice for our future.

The rural right sees freedom as the core value that is the most important issue.  We point to the dysfunction of the cities and the prevalent crime as proof that the left’s ideas are not all that enlightened as they would pretend they are.  We see the failures in the urban areas as being representative of the mistake that our gradual slide into socialism is causing.  Our beliefs cannot allow for our not being able to protect ourselves, our family and our property.  We see our self reliance as being a virtue and not anachronistic and that our unwillingness to give up our rights is a statement of our resolve to prevent the left from adopting  anymore of their agenda.

We are at a crossroads.  Our nation is going to either snap back to an acceptable version of what we were founded to be or, we will descend the rest of the way into Big Brother’s world of politi-speak and controlled behavior within society.  The exact time when this will be sorted out is not absolute and depends on many factors and event that are as of yet, not known.  In any event we should prepare to defend our beliefs.  A responsible citizen can do no less.

How socialism has become an agenda in our society.

When you are young (somewhere up until you finally start making a living and paying taxes for real) making sure those less fortunate than you are cared for and that the government should see to it makes sense. This is the result of your growing up as a child and not having the vantage point of looking at life at the source but as a consumer. You generally come away with the opinion that resources are somewhat plentiful and that it is only by demanding ‘fairness’ that your parents or teacher get or give you something that everyone else has. Once you pass across the threshold of adulthood for real and better yet, have kids of your own, you then begin to see how making someone ‘earn’ their way is far more instructive and worthwhile than to just provide it and hope they learn that lesson at some point.

So, when you are inexperienced you would tend to think that distributing things ‘equally’ is fair based mostly on your childhood experiences. Do you remember ‘sharing’ in school? How about ‘taking turns’? What you fail to see as a young person is that in a ‘social setting’ these actions are desirable but, these have nothing to do with learning to accomplish things independently or valuing your own efforts in the real world. So, when we see protests for socialism it is hard to not think that these kids are spoiled brats when in fact, they simply are uneducated despite their having spent upwards of 16 years in school.

There is a simple reason why we see this misconception regarding the value of work and practical selfishness as a dominant attitude among a large portion of our society. It is because they are not being taught these values in the academic institutions we sponsor. Ultimately the fault is ours of only for not paying close enough attention to the goings on in these institutions. Times have changed and the advent of copious amounts of leisure time and the lack of any need for kids to earn an allowance or money that they can use (because mommy and daddy support them already) has left us with a generation that sees need as a social problem and not a financial one.

The answer is not pretty and will come at a terrible cost. The battle will be against the entrenched socialists who make their living off of spoiled uneducated kids who do not know what life is really about. These socialists are in education and government in a big way as these are havens for people who have the luxury of spending lots of time spouting and spreading socialism when they should be producing tangible results. Much like evicting the 20 something from your basement, these people will not go quietly into the night.

AOC (Little Che’) and the Green New Deal (part 3)

Following along my previous discussions regarding the proposed ‘Green New Deal’ I have to take this to the conclusion that is at the heart of the this proposal.

Much of what makes our nation different from anywhere else on earth is our freedoms.  Our abilities to travel and act and do as we would like (staying within the boundaries of common sense of course) are virtually unparalleled in the world.  Few countries that enjoy the remarkable amount of technological development that we do allow unfettered life within their borders.  We should see this as our greatest attribute but here is where the huge separation between the liberal socialist left and the libertarian conservative shows its true face.

If you look at the contents of what was put forth by AOC in her proposed plan you see that within all of it there is a lot of destruction of what has already been done and that with the restrictions of energy use and transportation you find that controlling the people is more the object than controlling the nation’s infrastructure and energy policies.

As I mentioned in my first discussion on this you cannot replace the mobility of our citizenry at present by utilizing trains instead of planes.  The concept is entirely unfeasible in every way you can consider it.  The over-reach is obvious and the foolishness of the entire idea becomes laughable. 

Imagine if all of the proposal comes to pass.  Our entire nation would literally be torn down and what the new infrastructure would look like has not been mentioned.  If, the goal of the policy agenda is to make things ‘equal’ for all citizens, you can imagine that the allocation of resources in order to reconstruct the nation would not reflect the amount of labor and ingenuity that was used to create these personal wealth confiscated to build these structures.  In fact, this confiscation of wealth is at the heart of the ‘Green New Deal’.  As a result your posh townhouse would be replaced with a ‘government approved’ dwelling.  The entire premise of the proposal is to level the social strata irrespective of the energy, time and investment that people used to make their personal wealth and property.

In essence we would be relocated from our present lifestyles and conditions and allowed to live in a manner only if it is approved by our liberal socialist overlords masquerading as Congressional representatives.  In order to implement the notions of ‘equality’ within the society, access and usage of all manner of energy, technology, medical services, and education would be rationed so that each member of society would have the same access.   This would be done without any regard to how much each citizen produced to benefit society.

Karl Marxl the father of modern communism and its bigger brother socialism  is quoted as saying:

” From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs “

The essence is that you WILL SHARE ALL of your assets and attributes with EVERYONE else and this would be enforced as needed.  There would be no personal fortunes amassed if the ultimate plan that is behind the ‘Green New Deal’ were to be realized.  All you need to do to see this is to read the transcripts of AOC or Bernie Sanders speeches.  It’s all there in black and white and while these notions may sound almost foolish, these people are true believers and they really do want all of this to come to pass.  They pay lip service to an idea of restricted capitalism but in the end, making a fortune in a socialized society regulated stringently by the government would be extremely difficult.

You have to keep in mind, all of this proposed government programs are meant more to control the people than anything else.  The other thing to remember is that all the while you are being forced to hand over your wealth and property and then live in a government issued ‘house’ our overlords in Congress and the deep state will be living high on the hog.

There is a reason why the USSR fell apart and also why capitalism is invading China and other repressive societies.  It is because free markets and capitalism are reflections of the best of what we humans are.  Enterprise.  Energy and Creativity.  Nothing that has been proposed by AOC and her ilk affords people the right to be as wealthy as they can be for themselves.

Socialism is a buzz word to attract followers who are kept oblivious to the economic reality that is actually at the core of this type of governmental system.  Only when you look at the previous examples of socialism do you see the failures such as the USSR and Venezuela.  Once you remove incentive from a society, the spiral of declining production starts and it is only a matter of time before the entire system falls apart.  The sad thing is that besides the personal suffering of the citizens, the people

AOC (Little Che’) and the Green New Deal (part 2)

In my last post I took a concept from AOC’s Green New Deal speech yesterday and illustrated that it is unworkable.  Thing is, the purpose behind AOC’s plan is not for anything to actually work.

The entire premise of the Green New Deal is not to fix anything.  It is not to save the environment.  It is not a jobs program.  You may hear those and other code words throughout the speech that would make some think that the environment is the driving force behind the plan.  Sorry to say but the purpose of the plan is to seize control over the entire economy and immediately instituting an economic system modeled on a socialist governance whose purpose is to keep the liberal politicians in power in perpetuity.

It’s too easy to tear AOC’s plan apart from so many different aspects that have been discussed.  That the plan over-reaches is intentional.  The effort in proposing this plan is to appeal to the ‘greenie weenie’ ‘eco-warrier’ young adult who either graduated from high school or college recently or will be graduating who universally believe that we are killing the planet and that global weather change of one sort or another will doom us to extinction.  Keep in mind that the education system is controlled by and is the indoctrination wing of the liberal socialist movement.

The socialist movement needs soldiers for it to succeed.  Just as Mao had an army who marched with him across China, AOC and the other socialists in Congress need to mobilize a force to push their movement along.  It does not matter if the force is fairly small at first.  It is the spreading of propaganda that they need these people to do.  The ‘Green movement’ is not an ecology movement.  It is just another finger of the socialist dogma that is being foisted upon us in an effort to co-opt our nation and to take over.

There are many theories and concepts that have been written describing how a determined communist or socialist force can cripple and then take over a nation.  All require that the institutions of the nation be over run with any and every possible problem, issue or conflict that can be put forth.  AOC’s plan is not any different.

We are witnessing the democratic -party attempting to essentially perform a ‘Soft Coup’ of the United States by rescinding many of our founding values and replacing them with systems that will mesh with the global government scheme that is well afoot at present.  The semblance of a policy shift by the democrats from supporting a border wall as recently as 2015  to not being willing to do so is really not a change at all.  The only time any liberal ‘deep state’ politician supports a concept like a border wall or re-pealing Obamacare is when there is no chance at all that it would come to pass.  All these positions are pandering to the base by the politicians; democrat and republican alike.

The fact is we are in a time where the ‘deep state’ is showing its true face to the public; that is, if you are objective enough to see it.  Many politicians from the republican party have come out in support of a deep state take over if only by their refusal to enact any of the policies that are supported by the people.  Former speaker of the house Paul Ryan comes to mind as he did not follow through on his promise to pass funding for the border wall.  That is about as blatant an example of the globalist deep state influence in our government as you will ever see.  The same goes for the repeal of Obamacare.

The election of Donald Trump was not supposed to happen.  He may be an international businessman but he was never not ever supposed to be in control of the nation.  PDJT is not a member of the deep state.  The ongoing firestorm of investigations and false accusations against he and his staff are evidence of the power of the deep state and how duplicitous the political actors are from both parties as it pertains to actually doing what the voters sent them to Washington to do.

So, it’s no mistake that we see one of the most junior members of the house proposing what is obviously an over the top; pie in the sky; rainbows and unicorns type of program.  As usual, we must keep our eyes on the real goals of people like her which is to obtain and keep power and suppress the people until we are all equal;  Equally miserable.  That is the promise of their socialism and nothing else.

The collapse of the economic system of Venezuela is a prime example of what the combination of liberal socialism and corrupt politicians do to a society.  A nation blessed with massive oil reserves has been reduced to a banana republic with the people eating dogs to keep from starving.  Imagine our liberal politicians living the high life while we out here in the real world suffer the consequences of their hunger for power.

Every time you hear about the ‘Green New Deal’ just think about Venezuela and how well it is working there.  The Venezuelans voted in that government with the promise of fairness and better policies.  How is that working out for them???????


AOC (Little Che’) and the ‘Green New Deal’

At first blush, this sounds like one of Stalin’s 5 year plans. There were 13 in total in the USSR and in the end, the nation collapsed. Does not say much about the plans does it???

AOC says 12 years and then 10 years and on and on. Typical socialist BS.

Problem is we do not presently need a ‘blue collar’ jobs plan. Further you could not staff all the new jobs due to our being close to full employment. Oh, but I am sure there will be millions of people out of work within the first 6 months. I forget that the basic socialist plan includes destroying the economy first.

I am very glad that the left is laying this out for all to see. It is not just democracy that would die. Freedom would die too.

Let’s just for a second imagine the lives of people who could not fly from coast to coast and would have to take a train. In 2016, USA today calculated that 76,329 flights of all types of aircraft flew during April 1st in a 24 hour period. Conservatively that is over 7 million passengers.

Now, imagine what kind of train network would be needed to haul say half that number assuming that for many trips people went both ways in a day. Typical long distance train carries somewhere near 200 people. The change from planes to trains would necessitate 19,000 trains to accommodate that many people. That is just the first day. It takes 3 days to cross the country by train. You can triple that number to 57,000 trains running one way or another every day.

Here is where the numbers will sink in. In order to carry that many people there are 28,000 trains in each direction. In figuring traffic density for the railroads there would be 9,800 miles of passenger trains running each way constantly. Taking this absurd notion to a conclusion, we have 5 transcontinental routes at present. The traffic would be such that there would be a continuous train from coast to coast and we would need 7 more transcontinental tracks to even do this. Even if my calculations are 2 times what would be required to handle the people who need to travel, this is not feasible in any way and in ten years it is ridiculous.  I have not factored in the freight traffic into my thinking and that already pretty much ties up the trans-con routes now.  Put that in your socialist utopia 10 year plan pipe and smoke it!!!!

If I can take the transportation portion of the socialist’s plan and destroy it in 5 minutes without having to do more than a couple of web searches and some basic math, I am quite sure the rest of the plan will as easily be destroyed.

I swear that liberals and in particular socialist liberals love to spew out these impossible schemes to ‘mesmerize’ their followers. Just think back to ‘Barky’ (Obama) and his Greek columns and the seas will start to fall …blah…blah…blah….

Not one thing he mentioned came true and in actuality we saw the opposite come to pass.

At Last!!! A Wall the democrats will approve!!!!

I finally figured it out.  The wall that is.  Yes, I know what wall the democrats will approve and where they will approve its being built.  Its easy if you think about it.

The democrats would all be on board building a wall around us deplorables to keep us out of ‘their’ country.

Where would they approve this wall????

Doesn’t matter as long as it is in some underpopulated red state a long ways away from DC.

The only security the democrats are for is policies that stop them from losing elections.