The US Government relies on the cooperation of the masses.

The federal government is one bad executive order or legislation act away from open revolt.

They know it.

They know that a huge and very well armed portion of the population is not happy at all with the status quo and the deep state rule. 75 million voters that translates into about 150 million people counting non voting family of those voters.

The only power they state holds over us is that we Willingly cooperate.

In order for their power to exist, we are to cooperate and only if we do can they govern. This is a vital piece of information that we must not forget. They can only rule over us if we allow them to. Only if we cooperate can their policies move forward. If we en masse’ refuse to participate in some new program or policy they are powerless to stop us.

Yes, they can force small groups to abide with unpopular orders but if a group of citizens the size of which went to DC on the 6th of January had any desire to physically remove the government they could and there is nothing that could be done to stop them short of the powers that be ordering thousands of troops to fire upon them. I would add that in saying government I am talking about the corrupt politicians, A group of 200,000 Americans who are armed and unwilling to cooperate is an army…not a bunch of insurrectionists.

The divide in the nation at present makes the divide during the Vietnam war look like a child’s game. The differences in the situation are vast. Back in the 60’s if someone did not want to go to war they could refuse. They could go to Canada. They could do many things to avoid compliance.

Our government has gone from one that serves at the consent of the people to one that is a huge bureaucracy of bloated departments of civil servants who are more concerned about control and avoiding dealing with the average citizen who they despise. It is self serving and therefore unconcerned about our cooperation at least up until recently.

In our present time, the government is not waging an illegal or unreasonable war upon an enemy state. They are waging a war upon the people that disagree with them with the stated intent of forcing them to either conform or be eliminated. Don’t believe me just look at the statements about re-education camps and feeding MAGA children into wood chippers. Do a search these will come up all too often spoken by government supporters and other left wing radicals.

No, the result of Donald Trump being elected in 2016 and the subsequent actions that they made to try to depose him is that the dividing line in our society has been made glaringly clear. You are either a supporter of government socialism and globalism (deep state) or you are an ‘insurrectionist’.

In the past it was a political argument over policies. Not anymore. Now it is about accepting and following government orders and policies without question. Anyone who does not comply is to be punished. Anyone who criticizes the government is to be punished. Worse yet, anyone who exposes the government corruption is to be destroyed. Censorship, loss of employment and social privileges. Banishment if possible with public humiliation as one of the major tools of enforcement.

As a proud insurrectionist I say I will not comply. I will not go quietly into that dark night. I am more than capable or refusing and with force if need be. I also know I am not alone in my beliefs and I am speaking both nationally and also locally. I have allies in my immediate area that would rally to my aid if the government decided to make an example of me, and the same is true for anyone i know and trust. Don’t even try it.

So, To make my answer crystal clear…. I will not follow the diktats of a corrupt and unjust government set to deny me my rights and freedoms.

Bring it on if you dare

HR127 and the Globalists in our government

In the seemingly never ending rage of overreach the left has tipped its hand as far as the ultimate goals they seek. There is only one reason to create a database of firearms and it has nothing to do with public safety.

Why would they want a database? The existence of such a resource would do nothing to prevent crime. Nothing to prevent gun violence. Nothing to improve safety of gun ownership.

The fact is that aside from crimes committed in a few cities by largely illegally obtained firearms we do not have a gun violence problem. We have a mishandling of statistics problem. If the left was willing to isolate the inner city gun violence in a few metropolitan areas from our national numbers they would not have any case to use to promote draconian laws such as HR127 proposed by the ‘worst person in congress to work for’ as voted by staffers in the name of Rep. Sheila Jackson Leigh. She is purportedly a lawyer but in my mind is probably the dumbest orator in the democrat party.

So, HR127 would do nothing to make neighborhoods safer nor would it decrease gun violence in the home. It would not remove firearms from the hands of gang bangers and it would not take them from drug lords. Those people who live outside the law do not worry about registration or legally owning said firearms. Only legally owned firearms and already law abiding firearms owners would be subject to the terms of HR127.

What the proposed law would do is make confiscation very simple for the government. To be honest, I fear that the paper work we already fill out for purchases of firearms (and now in some states ammunition too) is already assembled into a database and if my suspicions are correct the legally owned firearms are already cataloged and known to the government. So forcing people to add those ‘legacy’ firearms to the list merely completes the process of inventory before the confiscation can begin in earnest. I say confiscation because only a government that has the intent of ruling AGAINST THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE would need to disarm the populace in order to maintain control of society and prevent an uprising that could succeed in ousting sitting corrupt politicians.

You add the hyperbole that is circling around the events of January 6th and put those remarks with the intent of HR127 and it is plain for all to see that the government has plans for us we are not going to like. They have gone out of their way to marginalize any supporter of Trump who stood for freedom more than anything else. We are the primary targets of this proposed law.

We have been approaching this point in our nation for many years and it has been predicted by many political experts as being the end goal of the globalist socialists in our government. Now, this time is upon us and if any aspect of this proposal gets moved into law we will need to make the choice of whether we sit back and allow the ‘death by a thousand cuts’ tear our rights away from us and turn us from being free people into slaves to the government or we plant our feet firmly on the Constitution and Bill of Rights and say NO.

It is painfully obvious that we will be forced to move as a unified group and be willing to forcefully say to our elected officials, “NO!!!!! You have gone too far!!!! Now we will reset our nation back to the form it was with the liberties promised when it was founded.”

To do anything else is to surrender to the greed and power hungry elitists who have been scheming to take over our nation since its founding. You cannot bargain with tyrants. History bears me out on this.

Politicians are necessary but should never be allowed to act as anything other than representatives of the people. Term Limits are needed to keep the likes of Schumer and Pelosi from have decades to plot and scheme to destroy our nation. That phrase:


scares the living daylights out of all corrupt career politicians…..

It is not a Political Struggle any longer…….

HR127 is a symptom of a larger problem and it is not a political one. It is the opening salvo of a long range plan on the part of the socialists to complete the takeover of our nation and the complete subjugation of the population.

Those of us who are advocates of the Second Amendment and unfettered rights emanating from all of the Bill of Rights and our laws are unified and represent a substantial block in our nation. We are 75 million voters who in actuality represent at least 150 million people including ourselves. As such, we are despised as citizens by the socialist left. Our values and beliefs are ridiculed. Our love of our nation is mocked. Our religious beliefs are also mocked. Our embrace of patriotism is laughed at. In short we are not respected AT ALL!!!!

We are no longer engaged in a political battle. A political battle requires a modicum of respect for the opposition. There is no respect for us by any of the politicians in DC for the most part. This includes many of the republicans there who are deep state members of the swamp. No, this battle is now one of survival.

The left means to destroy us. If they cannot change our mindsets they will endeavor to marginalize our way of life and our values until we are not considered citizens deserving any respect or representation. This is because our very existence threatens their plans to supplant our founding documents and traditions with a globalist manifesto of tyrannical socialism. We are in their way and must be dealt with.

Any law they propose that would restrict our Second Amendment rights is not designed to control firearms but is actually an attempt to goad us into a reaction that they can use to justify locking us up. Taking our kids away. Denying us any civil liberties.

We are called Deplorables and a host of other negative stereotypes. We are Bitter Clingers. We are red neck, racists, homo-phobes, and a myriad of other negative descriptors all intended to denote our being a lessor form of life and not deserving any respect or rights. This is exactly what Hitler did to the Jews in the 1930’s. He denigrated them and then denied their rights and ultimately tried to extinguish them. The way is being prepared to do the same to us.

While I see no imminent plans on the part of the left to act with violence to suppress us it is as plain as the nose on your face that we are to be ostracized and demonized as much as possible to negate our impact as a political force in our nation. We are called insurrectionists because we believe the election was not on the up and up. We are considered to be prone to violence even though we have not carried on in any manner that would deserve such a reputation.

We are no longer fighting over policy or procedural issues pertaining to government. We are fighting now to preserve our way of life and our values. The time is rapidly approaching where we will be forced to choose a path. One will be submission to the will of the globalist agenda and the other will be to resist and otherwise refuse to comply with any edicts coming from Washington DC or even our state capitols in some cases.

We hear of talk of a second civil war and to be quite honest, we are being forced into such a mindset by the discrimination we are suffering at the hands of those who claim to be for everyone’s rights…well, everyone except us. We are supposedly the problem. We and our love of our heritage and our love of our country. All we ever wanted then and now is to be left alone. To be respected and accepted for who we are. We are following the traditions of our forebears and as such express the ideal of a free people who will respect anyone who respects us and all we ask is to be left alone. Sadly, the globalist/socialist/democrat deep state will not allow this.

At this point I am waiting for the next shoe to drop. Waiting for the left to reach too far. To push a little too hard. I am waiting for the left to start the war.

No sane person would ever seek violence but by the same token, they should always be ready because sometimes aggressive and pushy people bring violence to you. Rather than sit there are claim foul and demand special protections (which is what every special protected group does that the left supports) we should be prepared to respond in kind. This is because we are marked to be eliminated by the deep state socialist cabal and the sooner we understand and accept that our only way to survive is to stop them, the better off we will be.

I am not calling for anyone to act in an aggressive manner nor should we initiate any conflict. That is not who we are. The left will continue to follow the path of tyranny and just like the socialists did in Russia, Germany, Italy, China, Cuba and Venezuela, they will eventually come for us. Their patterns have repeated themselves historically and no doubt they will eventually follow their plans of domination and control which will bring them to our doors. The left represents the corruption that evolves from power being vested in too few for too long. Once the elite find out that they can enrich themselves and stay in power they are loathe to give it up ever.

We need to do as we have been for the last many years.

Have patience.. Prepare…..Stay informed…..Keep your mouths shut…..Only trust those people you know.

These are trying times and we need to keep our heads about us. We are far better prepared to protect ourselves than the left would like. Lets keep it this way.

Getting down to the core of the issues facing Free Americans

The current debate in DC over the various actions of the government and individuals stemming from the election and aftermath are political theater but I feel most people do not comprehend the real battle that is going on.  In order to better prepare ourselves in our efforts to be ready to protect our beliefs I believe one must understand the bigger picture.  Knowing the depth of the conflict one can understand what we need to do or rather, what we will need to be prepared to do, to fight off the threats.

First, you have to abandon the issues that are at stake and get down to the purposes of those who propose any changes to our lives.  It is not complicated but it is not simple either. 

Consider the left as a religion as opposed to a political movement.   Religions require conformity to doctrine.  Conformity is also a form of control.  What really is the motivation for control in a religion?

 You could argue that it is for the good of the congregation.  In some lofty idealistic ways this is true. 

Sadly, you will find throughout  history where religion is used to control people not for their good but for the protection and perpetuation of the organizers of the religion itself.

Taking this to the socialist movement, what is really their goal?  No, it is not to protect people or communities.  It is to protect the leadership and organizers of the movement.  Nations built on socialism all demonstrate a stratification of citizens to layers that are obvious to all to see.  The leadership sits on top living in comfort and free from any threat and they demand  loyalty and conformance by the citizenry who live regimented and controlled lives usually lacking in many things.  By comparison, the leaders live opulent lives and are at standards that their citizens can only dream of.  Yet, due to brainwashing done in their education systems the populace will fight to the death to protect what is a fraudulent society model where there is no real equality; only the privileged and the suppressed masses.

In the debates in our nation at present you have to ask yourself what is really at stake for us?  We adhere to founding beliefs that our forebears enshrined in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution and Bill of Rights.  These all hold the notion of individual freedom of beliefs, speech and actions and to be ensured that the citizens would be free from interference from the government in these practices.  We see these rights being trampled on by the actions of our leaders in DC and our various states as well as the courts who have allowed these infringements to go forward instead of protecting us.  These are our area of concerns.

The left is marching towards us as a nation towards an orthodoxy of conformance to their expectations.  They will champion this cause and that all for the stated purpose of protecting rights when in fact they are seeking our complete conformance to their controls.  These controls are masked as being for the good of society but in fact, are simply more and more layers of restrictions and infringements upon our basic rights and freedoms. All of this is to protect the leadership’s reign over us and not anything to do with ensuring real freedom.

In essence, we are in a holy war.  Our beliefs are that a man is free to do as they please with the proviso that it not limit another person’s freedom in the process.  The left’s creed is social conformance.  With the latest actions of social media platforms in banning people and beliefs that disagree with the left’s agenda it is plain to see the enforcement of conformance at work.  These are the actions of totalitarian leaderships of tyrannies and not the actions of a freedom loving belief system.

In the end, we will be faced with the reality that either we make a stand on our beliefs insisting that our inalienable rights are protected and unfettered or we continue to surrender to this globalist cabal of conformance mandating socialists who ultimately seek our conversion to their ethos or religion.  Much like Islam, we will be faced with the choice of conversion to their ‘religion’ or extermination.  In essence, we will be forced to defend our beliefs or surrender them.

 Trump was a champion of freedom and he had made his fortune acting as a free businessman and entrepreneur.  He understands that principle of freedom and the threats that the left and their socialist restrictions and policies pose to freedom.  Even with control of the presidency, the House and Senate we saw this vision dashed as they would not carry forward the movement to return us to our freedom based roots.  Why?

Because the deep state and the majority of the political agents are all on board with the socialist agenda of control and conformance.  They are a part of the elite leadership class who are essentially unaffected by the rules we are expected to live under.  Our compliance with their social planning is insurance to them that they will never live the kinds of lives we are expected to.  To protect themselves they seek to limit our ability to stop them with rules regarding guns and free speech all in  order to prevent an uprising that might unseat them from their positions of privilege.

This is not a battle that can be won politically. We have seen repeatedly in the last 30 years where every gain we have achieved politically with the hopes of arresting this ongoing encroachment on our founding beliefs has been erased or compromised by people supposedly elected to protect us.

Faced with this reality, we have few choices as to how to respond.  If we are to survive, we must be respected and allowed to live and act in ways that conform to our beliefs in our inherent freedoms.  I seriously doubt we will see that.  Being labeled deplorables and bitter clingers is just an indication of how non-existent any degree of respect is held for us by the left.   The current panic in the democrats in DC is because they realize that we ‘deplorables’ and ‘bitter clingers’ could actually storm the capitol and take over and that we are so very  opposed to their agenda that we might actually do this. 

Certainly we should continue to be active politically but beyond this we need to make a decision as to what will be our line in the sand that we will not allow them to cross.   If we are disarmed and not allowed to freely communicate our ability to resist this organized and constant threat to our freedoms will be reduced to such levels the agenda of the left will become difficult to stop.  So, I ask anyone who reads my words:

“Do you believe in the founding and the inherent freedoms that were enshrined therein?”

“What is your idea of an un-crossable line in the sand that you are willing to say cannot be broached by any law or government?”

And lastly:

“What are you willing to do to protect them?”

The time to answer these questions  is NOW…….

HR127 and what this really means to free Americans

The latest salvo in the left’s ongoing war on the Second Amendment is a serious threat against one of our cherished rights. It is symbolic of a struggle we have been in for decades and yet, we are facing a Goliath of an opponent who is using our own values and beliefs against us in their march towards their goals for our Republic. As a result, the reality is that we are an endangered species. Not because of our lack of numbers. It is because we believe in law and order and our opponents do not.

The left will continue to press and push and drive their agenda home because they know we will not rise en masse’ to stop them. We will carp and complain. We will elect people who promise to stop this encroachment on our rights only to see them fail over and over. We will march, politely, over and over all the while they will continue to move their agenda forward.

We are not fighting against a political idea. That fight could be fought and won in a government meeting room. No, we are fighting against against a corrupt and power hungry monolith of elected and appointed people who only seek complete control over our nation and our way of life solely to ensure their continued wealth and luxurious way of life. This is why the rules of fairness do not apply to them. This cabal controls the processes of government and the media as well as the media and can paint our cause as being archaic and simpleminded and homophobic and racist at will and there is literally nothing we can do to alter the widespread opinions of our fellow citizens to the contrary.

Actions such as this proposed bill are merely the steps they are taking to eliminate free choice and free thought in our society. Orwell was prophetic in his novel 1984 in that what he saw as a possible future way back in 1949 was so close to what we see today. It was because he understood the corruption of power better than we do.

Our government has gotten too powerful and centralized too much of the management of our daily lives. They have destroyed home rule and we have only one recourse left to seize it back. Unfortunately the route to restoring our Republic is one fraught with violence and heartache and it will take a level of resolve that I am unsure we as a portion of our nation are willing to put forth.

It is one thing to talk about resistance and it is quite another to actually take the steps required to mount an effective and successful campaign to win back the freedoms we were born to that are enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. Thomas Paine famously wrote “These are the times that try Men’s souls” in his pamphlet “:The American Crisis” and it is as apt a statement now as it was back in 1776. Are we brave enough and determined enough to see this through to victory or defeat?

It is obvious we are rapidly approaching a time where we will either choose to conform to any and all new regulations or to say enough is enough and draw a line in the sand that we are not willing to allow anyone, government or individual, to cross.

When the Pendulum swings against you (You on the left)

We are at present seeing the results of a purge of conservative voices in the social media and real media world.  This is spreading down into the economy as well. The left are absolutely over the moon with glee as we conservatives are being dropped and banned en masse’.   What they fail to understand or even consider is that eventually this juggernaut of corporate and global interests will come for them as well if this radical movement is left unchecked.

What the left fails to see is the tyranny that is the silencing of opponents and worse yet, conformance of thought that they would like to see being forced on a very large portion of the population.  They think that the move to completely implementing their agenda is a victory. Someday in the future when they end up disagreeing with the very globalists and socialist leaders that they have been supported by they too will be ostracized and silenced just as we are now. 

The lack of dissent in a political process as well as throughout a society is the goal of tyrants.  Historically, we have seen this play out in our modern history over and over.  Starting in the early 1900’s all the way to today we see minorities who were singled out and eliminated solely for being of a different mindset than the leadership   USSR.  Nazi Germany.  Italy.  China.  Cuba.  Venezuela.  I would add that there are many many more cases of a smaller scale including the middle east where dissent is generally not allowed at all.  Just ask the Christians who have been murdered.

This pendulum is not one of political thought but of a swing from freedom and democratic speech to completely government controlled societies where are dissenting words could make someone disappear permanently.  It is the growth of evil and greed controlled by a select few who are the most ruthless and cruel leaders any country could imagine. They refer to their movements as being just and right but in reality they are only acting to secure total and complete control over a nation or nations.

So, to any progressives and Bernie bros and other types like Antifa and BLM I suggest you take a minute and read your history of just the last 120 years.  You will see when the freedom of speech is cancelled in any society that pain and suffering always follows.  100 million people have died in the last 120 years which proves my point. 

It is far better to be willing to tolerate disparate opinions in any society than to see what has been started in the US with the installation of the present government and political powers. Time will tell but the words of some of the leaders on the left smack of Mao and Hitler in terms of their obvious intolerance of dissenting opinions and thoughts. It can only get worse if this goes on unchecked.

As a Patriot, I have resolved as I am sure many others have as well that I will not go into the night quietly. I will not surrender my rights or freedoms without resisting in whatever way I can. I owe my ancestors as much as I have to give as they did offer exactly the same on my behalf. It is the very least I can do.

There is light at the far end of the tunnel….(hard as it may seem to believe)

No doubt, today marks a turning point in our nation.  Not so much the end of an era.  It is the beginning of the ‘Enlightenment’.

Those of us who understand why Trump’s vision for America is better than Biden’s or any other democrat and/or socialist already know that there is a light ahead no matter how dim it appears today.  We do not need the enlightenment.

The drones.  The minority communities.  Everyone other than a lifelong democrat (and even then some of them as well)  need to see what an oppressed economy due to over regulation looks like.  Many had grown up during O’Barky’s administration and just assumed that a sluggish economy with high taxes is the norm.  They just figured that the Trump Bump in the economy was not due to Trump and that it was just time for a upswing or some kind of fluke.  Now, they will see what a real socialist economy looks like with stagnant job growth and modest to negative earnings on investments.  They will learn that economic opportunity and success are derived from less government and more freedom. They will learn what it is like when the citizens rights are secondary to the will of the government.

You cannot lead someone from darkness until they understand the difference between light and dark.  This is why we must endure this next 4 year period.  It is for the benefit of those who as yet, do not understand.   I do believe that in 2024 we will have a candidate who represents our beliefs and values and with a much larger and wiser group of citizens supporting him or her, we will march out of the darkness forever. 

I will add that it is possible that due to circumstances beyond our (we deplorables) control, the nation could be plunged into an internal conflict.  This would only happen if the democrats overreach and try to take away our rights and freedoms.  Then, the course our nation takes into sacrifice and worse yet, bloodshed, is entirely up to them and the blame for such a horrible event is on them.

What is not negotiable is our resolve to not surrender our freedoms to anyone without a fight.  After all, it is how our nation was founded.  Not in peace and harmony but in the crucible of revolutionary war in order to rid ourselves of an unjust and illegitimate government.  I hope and pray that we do not need to repeat that type of ordeal again.

In the days up to the Inauguration of Biden

Been reading and hearing about the FBI reporting planned protests at state capitols and at the US Capitol. Scuttle butt like this is being reported all over.

I am more than certain this is a TROJAN HORSE operation to try to suck deplorables into an event that will be used to push the anti gun anti free speech agenda by the socialists and deep state.

DON’T GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t give these libtards the excuse they need to start rounding us up.

Look, we are in this for the long haul. At this point we are facing the beginning of a new administration and as Mark Steyn put it so eloquently the merger of the deep state and social media and the democrat party as a single unit. This is what we knew would happen when Biden was announced as the winner. I don’t like it and I am sure you do not either.

Here’s the deal. We do not have a plan. We are all upset but do not think for a minute that any of us can individually or as local groups can change anything.

All we would accomplish would be to reveal ourselves to the left and offer them the chance to ID us and potentially confiscate our arms and do or order who knows what to suppress us and keep us from ever protesting or resisting ever again.

We have to see how things are going to be in the next few weeks. No amount of demonstrating will change anything. We tried that already and it did not work. It will not work now either.

Keep your powder dry. Keep up on the news and the scuttlebutt but stay home. Wait and see who might be rising to the fore to lead a movement to push back.

Again, do not go to any protests at all. Not now. Stay home. Wait. Listen.

Understanding where True American Patriots really stand in today’s nation

We have been referred to by many liberal politicians as anything but good Americans. We have been called ‘Bitter Clingers’ by Obama. ‘Deplorables’ by Hillary. ‘Bubbas’ by Senator Moynihan. ‘Racists’ by Biden and his cronies. I could go on but this list is not what is important here.

What we must understand is that we are not considered to be a part of the American people by the powers set to take over in DC. While we may scoff at this notion understand we just had our election stolen from us openly and brazenly and to be quite honest, the left does not care one bit as to what we think or how we feel about that.

What kind of citizenship do we really hold in today’s America? Are we equals? Are we respected at all? Do our opinions count? Well, you already know the answers to all of those questions and you are acutely aware of everything I have mentioned thus far.

Let me pose a question that we need to really think about.

What do you think they, the controlling left wing politicians, have in store for us?


Are you willing to take whatever policies and sanctions that they impose upon us?

You do not have to be a mind reader to know they are coming for our guns. They are going to drive our religious beliefs out of our communities as well as our cherished heritage. We are to be eliminated much like the Jews were targeted in Germany up to and during WWII. Need proof? Just compare the media, lapdogs of the democrats, and what is constantly said about us. The lies, exaggerations and misrepresentation of our beliefs and core values. The ridicule. We are accused of being the enemies of the left’s agenda. We are considered a burden on society.

Our leader has been vilified, lied about, and has had his reputation sullied all in their efforts to suppress any notion of American pride and our heritage as being noble and a strength. Donald Trump will be lucky if he is not brought up on charges for the incidents on the 6th even when it is becoming more and more apparent that Antifa were the ones leading that entire debacle at the Capitol Building. I think that it is 50-50 that Trump does not finish his term of which there are only 12 days left.

This is how much the left hates us. As Trump said and was so accurate when he referred to this; we citizens who believe in the goodness of America and our traditions as being the real targets of the left and that he is standing in their way.

This war upon our kind has been openly declared and now the left will dare us to respond to any of their attacks and actions that they will be imposing to try to drive us out of existence. They have already brainwashed our children in their socialist indoctrination centers we used to know as public schools. We are mocked openly by the media and by the very entertainment we see produced by the left wing media networks. If the left could, they would march us off to re-education camps just like the Chinese communists do in their country. This is how this socialist cabal want to deal with dissension.

When Obama was elected I thought we were headed to a fight but I was wrong. While he riled up many of us, Obama did his real damage to the actual government structure and the people who make up the civil servants in our various government agencies. By driving out anyone who resisted the socialist agenda, Obama altered the mindset of the government employees to one that supports the left wing agenda only. So much so that they willingly and brazenly engaged in illegal surveillance on American citizens, including Trump and his staff and his family.

This is how corrupt the government has become. We are not facing a political challenge any more. It is now one of survival.

Don’t think you can just hunker down and wait this one out. By the time the first two years of the Biden presidency is over they will have started the purge of our way of life from this nation. They will use their acolytes in state government as well to implement as many restrictions upon our rights as they think that they can get away with. Appealing to the Supreme Court will not do us any good. All of the institutions we were brought up to believe in as being righteous and as bulwarks of fairness in our nation are gone.

I will not say I think that we should initiate some sort of conflict to regain our nation. I cannot advocate for that as it is a decision to be made by a consensus of like minded citizens and not in any other way.

I will say we need to organize. We need to establish a new major national political party. I think that the ‘American Patriot’ party has a nice ring to it. If everyone who supported Trump and his agenda; all 75 million of us; were to sign on we would immediately become an organized serious political threat to the deep state politicians and this would be a great start. We could quickly put true patriots in office and start spreading the truth about American greatness and how the left is destroying our nation.

Our voices are being censored on the internet and we need a public forum where we cannot be ignored. A viable political party would force the media to cover us and our position statements.

Beyond all of this, be aware of what they, the socialists, intend to do. Prepare. Stock up. Be vigilant.

Know and understand the ultimate intentions of our enemy. The anti-American Socialists

The Current state of Affairs January 7th, 2021

Based on the events of not only yesterday, January 6th 2021 but also including the events of the last 4 years I have to assume the following are true.

Due process means nothing.

Evidence means nothing

The rule of law is now subjective and not based on facts and evidence.

Justice is now meted out by the power elite and is devoid of impartiality.

A huge portion of the nation’s citizens have been disenfranchised.

The media is no longer an independent organization from the political process.

The Bill of Rights is dead.  They are no longer considered binding by our government.

Our Republic as founded has been eliminated by corrupt politicians who have established a tyranny of control over every aspect of our lives.

Our Choices?????

Are we ready to fight for our beliefs?

How much do you love freedom?

Is it time to form a new nation of patriots?

Have the first shots of the second civil war been fired?

My Thoughts????

We either resolve to continue our movement to restore a lawful and honorable government rid of corrupt career politicians or we surrender to the fact that our future as a nation of truly free people is gone.  How this fight is conducted is largely up to the corrupt government we are confronted with.  What is not up to them is our level of resolve to continue and persevere this fight for honor and freedom.  It is what our forefathers fought for throughout our nation’s history.

As I said, you have to consider where your heart is in all of this.  Whether you are willing to do what it takes no matter what that may be to protect and preserve our freedoms and our heritage as American Patriots. We either make the conscious choice to take up the cause and pursue it with all our vigor accepting the consequences of our actions what ever that may be or we surrender our principles and conform to the expectations of the government and its political actors.

We have seen this future coming for many many years. It is now upon us. What we do next will determine our fates.