America and Socialism are incompatible. Here is why:

America was founded with the principles of freedom and liberty to pursue and accomplish as you’re capable and what you desire.  Citizens were from the beginning all entrepreneurs and self starters.  People who did not work did not eat.  There was no safety net other than the family and church.  Government’s job was to provide a safe nation and otherwise was to stay out of the way.

Contrast this with socialism which is a top down hierarchy of controls and involuntary redistribution.  I say involuntary because taxing someone is not a voluntary act on the part of the person being taxed.  They are taxed regardless of their opinions of being taxed and of what the taxes are used for and why.

So, socialism advocates cry out about ‘unfairness’ as being why we need to take in all these illegals and provide for them.  They intend on taking working Americans’ money and giving it to people who are both not citizens and not doing anything to provide for themselves.  Add that they break the law by their existence within our borders without permission.  Essentially we are rewarding lawbreakers.

The spirit of America is hard work and compassion for those who need a break.  Not those who are taking a break on purpose.  Our social programs have run amok and are overfilled with unemployed and never to be employed people who will, as long as the tap is flowing with benefits and money, stay sitting on their backsides while hard working Americans are paying their way.

The pro-socialism movement has proposed paying all college debts off and taxing the financial industry for the money to do this.  Who do they think provides the money to the financial industry to pay these new taxes???   You got it.  Hard working Americans.

The pro-socialism movement wants to allow as many people into our nation as want to come.  None of these people have any money or any skills that would translate into a job that they could use to support themselves.  So, the million dollar question is who will provide food, medical care and shelter to these people????  Social services of course!  They are the official Santa Claus for pro-socialism advocates.  Where does the money come from????  Not money trees….these don’t exist just like the fact that unicorns don’t exist.  No, the money will come from that favorite group of citizens; hard working Americans.

Do you recognize a theme here?  On the one side is a group who wants to give away things to people without any regard to their status as citizens, as criminals, or as drug dealers.  They want to provide for these people and also for college students who will have their loans paid for them.  As an aside, will I be reimbursed for my college loans?  Just thought I would throw that one in there.

The other part of this theme is that anyone who works will pay more.  It does not matter which income group the  tax increases are targeted at, all the people end up paying for it just like increases to the minimum wage.  Money has to come from somewhere and the only people allowed to print money are the federal government as we saw during the  emperor Obama years where the national debt doubled.  No, all increases in the cost of living are paid by the working class at all levels.

American values are incompatible to socialist values.  Socialism requires conformance to rules and government control of an ever increasing portion of the gross national product which includes earnings and savings.  Americans do not like this idea.  I say this referring to patriotic Constitution and Bill of Rights loving Americans.  The socialist that claims they are American is really saying they hate America as founded and want to change it within the system.

If the system had not been gamed by the liberals for the past 100 years we would not be having this conversation.  But, since the liberals have managed to add a new law giver to our society namely the courts who can supersede the Congress and the Executive branch.  We have seen the steady march of the likes of Karl Marx and Mao Tse Tung represented by liberal democrats as they destroy this nation one piece of our founding heritage at a time.

There is a problem, however, with the current situation.  The right despite the efforts of a bunch of RINOs managed to get Donald Trump elected as president.  By doing so they have created a situation where the liberals are not able to hide their agenda anymore and red state conservatives are not all that happy with the idea of reward people for breaking the law, crossing the border or simply not working.  Whatever comes to pass in the coming years, it will be far more difficult for the liberals to force their agenda upon the America people.

The conflict over this has already started and it remains to be seen how it will play out in the long run.  I do know that red state people are not going to cave to the liberal/socialist/communists.  There will be resistance and how that takes form will depend on how the game is played.  Since the left has managed to take control of how the game is played via their dutiful servants in the media, the next play is up to them.  The 2020 election will be a turning point regardless of who wins the presidency.  Red state citizens are not going anywhere.,  We are aware and concerned and will not tolerate any nefarious actions of the left.

Patriots love this nation and how it was founded.  They love their founding documents and the wisdom of the founders themselves which was the basis of these documents.  Anyone who presumes to think their way of running things is better has a fight on their hands.  Socialists, you are warned.


Democrat’s self loathing and their hatred of America

It occurred to me that the only way someone would act to destroy the very means of their lifestyle and existence would be as a result of pure self hatred and the belief that they do not deserve what they have.  Only this kind of negative self-loathing animus would be sufficient to commit an act equal of sinking your own life boat.  Worse yet, in shark infested waters.

When someone mentally enters into a self destructive rage it is almost impossible to reason with them.  This is the same nature as the Antifa movement as well as the present crop of democratic candidates for president.  It’s bad enough that they are intent on sinking the life boat that is the United States but they also want to drag the entire nation down with them.  They have openly stated their goal of ending the country as it was founded and creating a new full governmental control system they call socialism.  What they are ignoring is the history  of socialist nations and how they fall into tyranny rather quickly.

Just how determined are these liberals??  You have to wonder because some of them are willing to resort to violence in order to defeat the civil order and gain control.  I cannot recall a movement that advocated violence as it sole means of persuasion like Antifa does.  Maybe in the 60’s there were a few small groups but in Antifa we are looking at a nationwide movement abetted by the democratic party.  To me, this resembles insurrection but hey, I am only a conservative.  What do I know?

It would be very easy to liken the current political atmosphere with that of pre-communist Russia or pre-Nazi Germany.  A political party that is using intimidation and condemnation as tactics to move their agenda forward.  While the genocide that followed both of those movements does not seem to be in the offing, I am alarmed at how willingly the democrats have gone all in with the notion of condemning America the very nation that has provided for them and allowed them to pursue their own desires.

So, as well as looking at the present scenario in the nation be aware of the democrats wish to drag us down with them in the dissolution of the founding of our homeland.  How far will the democrats and their minions go I am not certain but I am quite sure we have not seen the worst they will do yet.

Revolutions started in the recent past in the same manner that we see our politics going in the present.  Some unrest and demonstrations followed by some civil disobedience (Antifa goes way beyond this already) and then direct attacks meant to destabilize the nation.  Coupled with a constant political diatribe of anti America propaganda we see the coordinated attack upon our home and source of our liberty and freedoms.

Always keep in mind that our futures are tied to those of these liberal miscreants and if they get their way we will suffer for sure under their ‘green new deal’ or whatever they call their new ‘utopia’.  Be vigilant and connected and we will see where or how far this goes.

Musings on the 4th of July, 2019

We live in a blessed age.  We are blessed with prosperity and comfort.  We are blessed with security of our selves and loved ones and we are blessed with happiness and the pursuit of same.  Whether you are left or right, you cannot argue that a person cannot achieve these blessings.

We are in the beginning phases of a presidential election and like all elections there are diverging opinions and beliefs in the discussion.  Many people have decided to campaign for the presidency and this only adds to the greatness our nation represents.   While other nations across the globe can boast of some of the same attributes our nation has I doubt any have all the freedoms we enjoy as a normal part of our daily lives.

We celebrate the 4th as the ‘Founding of our Nation’ as the result of the creation and ratification of the Declaration of Independence that was presented to the people of the colonies as well as the crown on this day.  It took both extraordinary courage on the parts of the delegates as well as perseverance by  the colonists to see the war of independence through to the very end.

With the brouhaha regarding President Trump’s decision to have our military display their equipment as well as the troops in the capital on this day I am reminded of the significance of our armed forces and what we owe them.

We would not be free had we not fought for our freedom in 1776 and again in 1812.  We would not be free as a nation had we not fought for freedom for all in 1861-65.  We would be the only free society on earth had we not fought in 1918 and 1941-45 to drive tyranny out of a majority of the rest of the free world.  We owe much to the bravery of our men and women in the past and present service to our nation.

We seem to be heading into a time of great disagreement between the factions within our nation regarding how our freedom should be enjoyed and who should share in it.  The debate is at times vicious and debasing.  We are allowed if not encouraged by our founding documents to engage in these heated debates we should not lose sight of the privilege this is in a world full of regimes who tolerate little in the form of dissension.

We are blessed to be Americans and anyone who is a citizen has either inherited this due to their and their ancestors sacrifices or by asking and in a process, becoming a citizen and pledging to support and defend this nation and its heritage.  If  you think that this is a trivial notion of citizenship, why are millions trying to come here, not to express their home culture, but to become Americans?

There is a huge difference between an emigrant who recognizes at the outset the challenge of becoming a citizen and vows to follow that course and a mass of people prodded by outside forces being marched to our borders and storming in.  On the one hand you have a person who is known and is willing to follow a course and the other is a lawless mass of people who do not in their hearts want to be citizens as much as they just want to be here.  These latter people are at a minimum parasites and at the worst invaders and infiltrators.

I close with this hope that the people who love this nation and who have fought and/or are willing to fight for it; that these are the people who persevere in this current political uprising.  If a consensus is not reached and soon, this ‘unpleasantness’ in our nation will grow into an argument and an argument that will become bloody.  Hopefully this celebration of our nation’s founding inspires people to bear witness to the founders and stay the course and keep America a land of free people who love and cherish all that this nation represented in 1776 and represents today.

Freedom-Opportunity-Equality: 1776 versus 2019

Our forefathers fought a revolution to rid the colonies of a foreign rule where they had no say in government.   Among the things they fought for were Liberty, Opportunity and Equality.  These values were enshrined in the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Somehow, the meaning of these values has been altered and in many ways to the detriment of the people.

When the founders used the term Liberty they meant that they could live and prosper in a community where their government did not interfere with the day to day lives of the citizens.  This government would be responsible to the people via the legislative process.

When the founders thought of Opportunity they were referring to their ability to adapt, move or otherwise avail themselves of the abilities and assets they could attain in order to make their way in life.  Freedom to acquire land and resources without a government’s consent.

When the founders thought of equality they did not think of the notion that every member of their society would be taken care of by the government.  They felt that equality was the virtue of each person have the Opportunity and the Liberty to pursue their own destiny; to take care of themselves.  At no time did these concepts ever be thought of as a mandate for the government doling out the assets of others to those who chose not to find their own means of support.  The revolution was fought and won to stop government from taking money from the people for uses the people did not approve of.

One of the human frailties that the founders accepted without question is the reality that some people are more able to achieve than others due solely to their personal abilities and intelligence.  Not everyone was destined to be business leaders of the best craftsman.  Knowing this, the founders still put a high value on the work ethic and that a person could support themselves if they desired to.  For the infirm and the for those who had a profound lack of abilities and who could not do this, family and the church were the resources that would act to provide for this small group within society.

In modern times we find that these three values have been perverted into all manners of definitions in order to justify the re-distribution of wealth within society.  You have to ask yourself why this should be a priority in our society and government today.  Especially since we have left the concept of freedom so far behind us.

In many ways society is not rewarding those who are truly skilled and capable; in fact, the government is penalizing these people for their success using the justification that their wealth is unfair to those who cannot achieve as well.  The founders would be absolutely aghast at the concept of welfare and the social services system we have today.

There were ‘wealthy’ landowners in revolutionary times as there are now.  There were the most highly skilled and therefore high earning professionals in the revolutionary era as there are now.   Life is inherently NOT FAIR.  Let me repeat.  Life is not always fair!

What we see in society today is that the government is in the business of rewarding those who choose do not to work and taxing the rest to support them.  All of this is under the concept of making things ‘FAIR’.  I would like someone to explain to me how choosing to not work is justification for the rest of the people being taxed to support them?  All of the concepts that the founders had fought for are being destroyed by these programs of doling out money and food stuffs along with lodging to those who do not work.

You cannot help but accept that the entire notion of the government playing Robin Hood is politically motivated.  Most of those who receive the largess of government vote. Knowing this the politician who does not respect of value of the founding concepts can use the ‘DOLE’ to buy votes.  In the interest of maintaining an election advantage keeping the economy on the skids serves to reward the party and politicians who advocate and lobby for doling out even more to the unemployed and the supposedly ‘unemployable’.  IF you need proof, look at the 8 years we lived under president obama and how weak the employment market was and how much the social programs grew.  He even told us that our best days as a nation were behind us.  Looking at the flourishing economy under President Trump my suspicion that obama was wrong has been proven to be correct.

We have strayed so far from where our nation started and now we see the push to remove firearms from the hands of the citizens.  The one thing that the founders wanted the government to always be aware of was that the people had the power to take their government back if for some reason those who served in the government were failing to do as the people desired.  By disarming the people, we will all become SUBJECTS who are controlled by the elite and then we cannot do anything to stop the government from running roughshod over those who they tax.

Our runaway deep state government bureaucracy is  strangling our freedoms and I can say with some confidence are ruling against the will of the people.  The vast majority of this cabal are appointed and cannot be removed without evidence of illegal or improper behavior.  This means that once a person makes it into the federal government workforce they are in effect on the dole for the rest of their lives.  I will admit there are valuable members of the bureaucracy but they are far outweighed by the chaff and waste that is the majority of the government.

We need to assert our rights and demand that they not be revoked or impaired by any governmental action or legislation.  Our nation depends on the concepts that we were founded upon and the farther we drift from those due to legislative manipulation the worse our society will get.  If the welfare state is allowed to continue to grow unabated we are doomed.  It is just a question of time until the revolution will start.

As it has been said by many notable and far better versed than I, The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.  The liberals do not want to discuss this particular problem that exists with their giveaway policies.  I strongly suggest that they be forced to deal with this now and not later.



Thank a Democrat

Has your local drug problem gotten worse?  Thank a Democrat!

Has violence been on the rise in your area?  Thank a Democrat!

Have your Taxes gone up???  Thank a Democrat!

Has your local homeless problem gotten worse?  Thank a Democrat!

All of these issues are related to illegal immigration and our porous border.

The flow of illegal immigrants across the border has a side effect.  It is the importation of drugs including Heroin, Cocaine, and Fentanyl.   With a wide open border for hundreds if not thousands of miles criminals can carry vast quantities of illegal drugs without any resistance.  Our Border Patrol shuts down one corridor and another opens up in a different area and the flow continues.

Since when is it being fair to allow undocumented people along with illegal activity across the border?  Democrats say it is fair to those from less  developed and more needy nations.  Democrats say we have a responsibility to ‘share’ our wealth and good fortune with the less fortunate peoples of the world.  We used to do this with foreign aid.  Now we do this by letting people in our country without vetting them or limiting immigration for health or political reasons.

A wall would establish a barrier that would force much of the traffic in human beings to be through established portals or crossings.  It would also limit the unfettered importation of illegal drugs.  It would provide a layer of security we presently do not have.

The Democrats are against a wall.  Forget that all through the Obama years and from before, they were FOR A WALL.  It is interesting that as we head into the next federal census we see the push to let anyone in that can get inside our borders.  The illegal immigrants do not disburse to the country side.  They generally end up in urban areas and a good portion of them end up on welfare and Medicaid along with food stamps.  Besides  increasing social services expenditures they also swell the population which increases the number of people in these urban districts thereby increasing the number of elected representatives in both the state houses and Congress.  While the illegals cannot vote, the remainder of the people in these urban areas generally are Democrats so the entire process of illegal immigration adds Democrats to our governing bodies as the number of districts is determined by the population with no distinction to whether they are citizens or not.

I cannot possibly say enough how much the illegal border traffic is affecting my area.  When I moved here in 2001 there was a murder or two in the nearby city  and this was per year.  We did not have an epidemic of drug deaths and the amount of petty crime was far lower than it is now.   The county I live in had a murder maybe every other year.  Now we see murders and violent assaults practically weekly.  This is all due to the influx of drugs and the criminals who sell them.

This all costs me and my fellow tax payers money as well as a lack of peace of mind.  18 years ago, these issues were not even talked about as they were so infrequent.  Now I see our Dictator ‘Emperor Cuomo II’ has decreed that illegal immigrants can be issued or rather, must be issued driver’s licenses.  Never mind we cannot verify their identity or their criminal background.  I would add that a citizen has to jump through hoops to get a driver’s license via the federal ID laws that have been added since 9-11.  No, they will issue these licenses to these people, illegal as they are, based solely on who they say they are.

When Democrats such as ‘Emperor Cuomo II’ as well as the high ranking Democrats in both the state and federal governments refuse to fund a wall that a majority of the citizens of this nation do want there is only one reason.  Political power.   They see the growing numbers of illegal immigrants as a tool to force the nation over to their liberal rule.

Never mind all the caterwauling about human rights or compassion.  There are many ways to offer these values and rights besides bringing those who seek them here.  It involves spending money which the Democrats excel at.  Adding these people to our own population simply gives them a political benefit as well as the foreign campaign contributions that they seem to get funneled through various special interest political action committees; PACs.

As a conservative citizen who has seen the degradation of my area and my state all due to Democratic control I am sick and tired of listening to their preaching and looking down their noses at me as Obama did for 8 years.  I have rights and I have political opinions that are as valid as theirs and deserve to be heard in the public square, online, on college campuses and anywhere else I care to spread my values.  There are millions of other citizens who are exactly like me in this respect.  The current wave of censorship by the major social network corporations is fundamentally in contrast with our freedom of speech as established in the 1st Amendment.  This is probably the biggest issue we are facing in the coming election cycle.  An unfair lack of access to the various social media platforms that exist.

All of these issues and their negative results are the fault of the Democratic Party.  They for whatever reason have been co-opted and subjugated to the socialist movement which hopes to control the world as a sort of ‘New World Order’ government.  This all benefits these Democratic politicians personally as they will never have to live with the consequences of their actions as they safely reside behind the walls of their estates.

It is one thing to advocate for a cause and live the reality of that cause.  It is quite another to advocate for a cause and live like a king in contrast to the general population.  Every one of the talking heads from the Democrat party live a life that bears no resemblance of ours here in fly over counties;  in my case, New York but there are thousands more across the land.  It is time to bring them back to reality.  If this trend continues and is not addressed things are not going to go peacefully.  The ground swell of frustration and disappointment with the federal government will not go away.  Of this I am sure.

If and when the manure hits the rotating device, blame a Democrat!!!!


‘Infringement’ A 2nd Amendment issue

Typical dictionary definition of the word ‘Infringe’ is as follows:

verb (used with object), in·fringed, in·fring·ing.

to commit a breach or infraction of; violate or transgress: to infringe a copyright; to infringe a rule.

verb (used without object),in·fringed, in·fring·ing.

to encroach or trespass (usually followed by on or upon): Don’t infringe on his privacy.


Maybe I am too old to have the patience to parse words with liberals? Yea and I don’t act ‘woke’ either. However, I am a person who had enough of an education to know that words have specific meanings and to argue that they mean other things is both disingenuous and just plain wrong. I bring this up because I am having a problem with those democrats and liberals who insist that the 2nd Amendment does not grant free and unfettered ownership of firearms.

The 2nd Amendment is a ‘fail-safe’ clause in the Constitution.  The founders were very cognizant of the failings of man.  They were determined to establish a nation that could not sabotage itself by virtue of its very existence.  To this end they included divisions of power and checks and balances into the essential nature of the government created by this document.   These divisions were not enough for many to warrant replacing the Articles of Confederation.  The state leaders wanted a further guarantee that any run away government could be stopped by the people.  Elections not being enough they wanted to ensure that the people could resist a tyrannical government.

Thus was born the 2nd Amendment.

In the time of the founding of the nation the vast majority of American forces were militia.  While militia were sponsored by government it was the local citizenry that these organizations arose from.  It was the citizen, carrying his own weapon, who made up the cadre of militia.  At the time, the citizen carried a weapon that was superior in many ways to that of the British soldier.  Accurate and with the citizens experienced in taking game, the muskets of the revolutionary war were deadly.

In viewing the nation, the founders must have foreseen the rise of the ‘professional’ elected class in government along with a ‘national armed force’.  They could have stated that the right to keep and bear arms by the national force shall not be infringed.  They could have stated that the militia was to be a component of the national force therefore falling under control of the government.  For any advocate of the 2nd Amendment, they know that these concepts are not including in the wording of this Amendment.  I am not going to recite the Amendment here as anyone who cares about this issue knows it by heart.  I am going to point out that the phrase “Shall not be infringed” has a very specific meaning if you respect common definitions of the word ‘infringe’.

I started this discussion with the dictionary definition of the word ‘infringe’.  In regards to history the definition has been weakened as I am sure the founders saw the notion of infringe as being absolute in that it is a hindrance or encumbrance of something.  It has become the habit of those who disagree with the original intent of the Amendment to parse or otherwise ‘re-interpret’ words to suit their own purposes.  Lawyers make their living doing this.  As a side note, what profession primarily makes up the governing class elected to Washington DC????   It is no coincidence I assure you.

Rush Limbaugh has said that ‘words mean things’ in his over 30 year quest to save this nation from the socialists and liberals.  He is absolutely right that words do have meanings.  As I started out with infringe I think that this word is the crux of all 2nd Amendment discussions.  Since the liberals have not been able to bypass this fundamental right of the people they have sought to parse its meaning.  We hear the term ‘militia’ used as a way to limit who can bear arms.  They parse every word they can to try to limit or eliminate private ownership of firearms.  By doing so they seek to remove the purpose of this Amendment from our founding laws.

We must make it clear that liberals want to eliminate our ability to own firearms.  This flies in the face of the word ‘infringed’ and cannot be tolerated.  We are citizens not subjects.  We were granted the right to protect our home, lives and loved ones from illegal or unreasonable forces.  Freedom of Speech will not stop someone assaulting you.  A firearm locked in a safe will not protect you from someone bent on harming you.  Ammunition that is locked up in a safe place removed from the locked firearm will not be of any use if the time arose.  Safety is not something that can be mandated.  You can create laws and restrictions all day long and things happen that are outside of those parameters.

It is time to insist that the interpretation of the 2nd Amendment is to be unfettered and unlimited.  No where in the original text are their any qualifications.  It is a simple statement of law.  The ongoing effort to neuter the 2nd Amendment needs to be stopped.

We should refuse to be ‘Subjects’ of any government.  It is bad enough I live in one of the fly-over counties of New York.  I am a subject here to the whims and fancies of the Emperor Andrew Cuomo. I am not alone in that I resent the over control of the state upon the essentially rural counties of the state.  All citizens of this nation need to be enlightened and prepared.  The juggernaut of the left (socialists, communists) is intent on destroying our nation.  Our only hope is to rely on the 2nd Amendment to potentially curb the actions of a runaway government.  The ‘fail-safe’ of the 2nd Amendment cannot be infringed as our freedom is dependent on its very existence.

Why the 2nd Amendment is vital to our future as a Free Society

While the politicians spew sound bites regarding disarming the population “For our own good” I cannot help but ponder why they fixate on an issue that is not as ‘prominent’ as they make it out to be. Then I extend my curiosity to the real motivation as to why the left wants to disarm us.

Perhaps it is a ‘woke’ notion of egalitarian nobleness that they hold? The idea that ‘intelligent’ societies do not have weapons as they are not necessary. Yea, a few of them believe this.

Perhaps it is a desire to honestly end gun violence by simply getting rid of all guns? Maybe, but it will be impossible to truly eliminate guns from society. A lot of other countries have earnestly tried and it does not work. Innocent people still die.

Perhaps it is out of a fear of guns? A couple of generations ago I would have laughed at this idea but with the brain washing that we see in schools and media, this one has some merit.

The previous notions reflect an emotional logic that I can understand even though I vehemently disagree with the basic premises.

Sometimes we need to consult recorded patterns of societal behavior from history in order to understand behavior we see in the present.

Venezuela banned guns. Venezuela is starving despite having a huge oil reserve that could be tapped to support their society. Why did Venezuela ban guns? To stop the citizens of that country from overthrowing the ‘Dictatorial regime’ that is starving their nation with ‘Socialism’.

WWII. Hitler disarmed the population of every country they occupied including Germany. Once disarmed the citizens could not resist the orders of the leadership that led to the murder of over 10 million people and this is outside of the casualties that arose from the combat that was waged as a result of the aggression of the German leadership.

Russia and the resulting USSR. Lenin inspired the populace to revolt and they ousted the monarchy and also eliminated an entire class of citizenry perceived to be ‘upper class’. Once government domination was achieved, firearms were outlawed with a very few exceptions. Once disarmed the population faced the point of a bayonet at the end of a rifle controlled by the state and this proved deadly for many million Russian citizens who during Stalin’s purges disappeared into Siberia never to be seen again;.

In China following the revolution, gun ownership was restricted to ‘party approved’ organizations which basically limited firearms ownership to people who the party could control. The history of socialist China is fraught with famines and up until the 70’s isolation from the rest of the world. Their society is a very tightly run nation with conformance to the norms essentially mandatory. The concept of a population in China actually rebelling is far from any notion of reality.

In 3 of the 4 previous examples, firearms were used to secure power but once domination was achieved the ownership of firearms became either impossible or only by state sanctioned groups. In Venezuela, the socialist government was elected to power and after a few years outlawed firearms and now the nation is embroiled in starvation and shortages along with absolute control of society by the military controlled by the government.

My point is that banning guns is the equivalent of disenfranchising the people. When the ballot box fails to remove a undesirable element ruling the nation the only option left to the people is revolt and reset the government.  This is only possible by a people being armed comparably to the state.   The state will quickly lose its respect for the people once the people cannot confront the state with their grievances and that the people must have the means to overthrow government if the need arises.

The founders knew that any government has the propensity to abuse its power. Our government is intended to be a support and protector of the people but in time it has become an entity unto itself and the preservation of the concentration of its power and influence has moved its agenda to one where the people are less important than the system of government itself.   This ‘deep state’ is the tyranny that our founders feared would rise up in our nation.

We are faced in today’s political arena of discussion the idea that the people should be disarmed or at least severely restricted in firearms ownership.  One politician goes so far as to say that gun ownership of smooth bore muskets should be the only allowed weaponry.  This is based on an antiquated view of not only the Second Amendment but the entire notion of citizen’s rights in general.

Since there is no argument that has any merit that argues that eliminating firearms in society will end gun violence then the only logical assumption is that eliminating firearms from society serves to protect those in power.  This in effect prevents any uprising if the government rules against the will of the people.  Simply put, the government fears the armed citizen.  This is as it should be.

Our problem is that the government via its socialist political activists all are trying to convince the people to disarm.  Looking at Venezuela I am not really all that enthusiastic about giving the government full control over society and my safety and well being.

History proves that disarmed people are subjects and not citizens.  Subjects are a class of people who are in essence, subject to the whims of the the controlling group in society.  My advice to any who care at all about their future and the future of their progeny is to not surrender any weapons willingly and to put the leadership on notice that we stand armed and will defend the Constitution with force in order to preserve our rights.

This is as the Founders intended things to be.  The time they arose from was full of tyranny and dictatorial governance and they sought to ensure America would remain a nation of free citizens.  They invested their hope in framing our Constitution and Bill of Rights in such a way that the citizens that followed would be free.

We owe it to our ancestors as well as our future generations that we hold our ground on this issue.