Cuomo, the Emperor, demands ventilators; or how you ask for something means a lot!! Part 2

One thing that I forgot in my previous post that is probably the most important is this:

Cuomo’s demanding ventilators and not asking for them denies Upstate New Yorkers any sense of ‘Belonging’ to the state as equals.  The very act of not asking is intended to inform those being ordered about that they do not matter nor do their feelings.  And by issuing an executive order to seize the ventilators, it removes any opportunity to upstate NYers to volunteer to help and the satisfaction and the bonds of citizenry that might develop between upstate and Metro NYC if upstate is allowed to assist voluntarily.

Cuomo actively disregards upstate with practically everything he does.  He makes appearances when absolutely necessary in order to satisfy party requirements but as a whole, he does not need upstate to continue his reign over the ‘Empire State’ and that name suits Cuomo to a ‘Tee’ because he is in essence the “Emperor” of New York.

I left this out of my original post perhaps because I wanted to express my anger in a more intellectual way when in fact the real thing that annoys me the most is being taken for granted and having any pride or sense of belonging denied to us repeatedly by Cuomo.

Cuomo, the Emperor, demands ventilators; or how you ask for something means a lot!!

Today, our Emperor, Generalissimo Cuomo, demanded ventilators from upstate hospitals to treat some of his ‘Peeps’ in the metro NYC area.  Demanded.  Ordered.  How ever you put it, he did not ASK for them.  He DEMANDED that they be used in NYC.  He is sending the National Guard to get them.  Totalitarian Hunta anyone??????

If there was anyone who needed further proof that we upstate New York residents do not count in the minds of Cuomo and his elite democrat leadership, well, here it is.  He did not ask for the ventilators.  He did not discuss the need hoping for upstate medical facilities to offer them.  He ORDERED that they be sent to NYC.

It is easy to say as a person who lives upstate that we do not count or that we count little in the overall scheme of things.  It is quite another to see in our governor’s own speech that we do not matter and that everything that we have here for our needs will go to New York without question or any resistance from us. We are the bastard step children of the state’s elite democratic leadership and we get scraps from the sumptuous table they serve themselves and their favorite New Yorkers in the metro NYC area.

It would have been nice to have been asked.  It would have been nice to have been given the respect of being asked to help instead of being ordered to give up our specialized medical equipment for use in Metro NYC where they have not shut down the subways or mass transit so the spread of the Covid19 has gone on unabated. Our economy is shut down.  Theirs not so much.

The Colonies revolted due to policies forced upon them by the crown.  What we are seeing is a repeat of the same scenario where a remote political entity is  controlling another without regard for those being controlled wanting these policies or not.  We fought a revolution in order to establish that we as Americans, would not live under such rule. You may argue that today we have an emergency and back in 1775 they had an emergency in England as well due to the ongoing war with France.  The Covid19 battle is in essence a war.

In life you can make friends and you can use people but you cannot use your friends because after a while, they do not want to be your friends any more.  Upstate NY has had it with being a colony for the city of New York.

Seeing our resources scavenged for use in New York City as well as our taxes and our health services is tantamount to being a colony back in 1775 and dealing with King George in the personage of Andrew Cuomo.  He acts the role of a monarch and is destroying the state for the sake of his being important and able to order people around.  This is a man who has never had to have humility or respect people and it is painfully obvious that he never will understand those concepts.

I will add that senators Schumer, Gillibrand and for that matter all of the democratic leadership in both the state of New York as well as Washington DC all have this autocratic attitude that we in fly over country owe them everything.  Truth is we do not and we are sick of their attitudes.

Generalissimo Cuomo; treat the Metro NYers first. Send them upstate….

Today’s edict from Generalissimo Cuomo is that he wants to send a large number of his Covid19 sick patients upstate because our hospitals upstate belong to him and his peeps.  Calling it one ‘Big Network’ Cuomo ignores the fact that hospitals are sized to regional needs and local hospitals upstate are designed to just barely meet the needs of the immediate community.  By lodging his peeps from the city he takes rooms away from the local communities.

Upstate at present does not have a big problem with Covid19 and while we have quite a few cases we are able to care for them within our upstate network.  Downstate otherwise known as the greater NYC area has a big problem with Covid19.  My question is what is going to happen if they ship hundreds of Covid19 infected patients upstate?

Well, first our beds in our hospitals will fill up with seriously ill people who will tax our resources in the process.  Further, the risk of further spread of Covid19 by the introduction of new cases and thereby exposing more people to the virus is inevitable.  Either by direct contact or contact via contaminated surfaces along with the personnel who treat these patients all becoming potential sources of introduction of this virus into communities where the virus has not been as of yet.   What happened to staying at home and keeping the virus from spreading?  What is the point of shutting down our economy if the virus will simply be shipped here?

Cuomo wants to pretend we are all this big happy family here in NY but the truth be known, we upstate folks are quite sick of subsidizing NYC and its surrounds and dealing with legislation that we have no control over due to population growth within the NYC area (sanctuary city) and population decline upstate due to excessive taxes.

We already provide water and power to the NYC area along with having ‘green-energy’ projects rammed down our throats by state officials who ignore communities who do not want them.  Our lands are governed by state agencies in some areas where we literally cannot develop lands that have been held for generations by the same family due to greenie weenie environmental restrictions that favor gentrification of vacation and recreation areas over local business development.  Large areas of upstate NY are reserved and classified wilderness that were commercial lands 50 years ago.

People who live upstate do not agree with Cuomo and those of us who express conservative views were told rather rudely to leave back in 2014 when Cuomo and his fellow democrats (dictators) passed a totally unnecessary and pointless SAFE Act.  This onerous set of regulations has had no effect other than making normal people criminals by changing established gun laws that had existed for 75 years.  Our taxes go up either by the state or by paying local taxes that have risen due to unfunded mandates from the state.  This is a never ending process and yet again, the budget process plays out without any input from upstate representatives at all.

Generalissimo Cuomo, I will tell you that do not send any more refugees, either illegals, welfare dependent, or Covid19 patients up to our area.  You are not a dictator.  You are not even remotely as charismatic or as eloquent as your father and I would strongly suggest you stop trying to build a legacy because your only achievement in your years as governor are deficit ridden budgets and a series of regulatory actions that are despised by the majority of the people who live outside your personal fiefdom of NYC and the suburbs surrounding it.  We have had enough of your big mouth and your pompous actions.


The Gauntlet that is Coronavirus

Face it folks, we are facing a peril that permeates our communities and citizenry.  It is invisible and unstoppable anywhere but in closed sterile quarters. We can practice excessive hygiene and scrub our hands until they bleed and it still is there.  We can wear masks and self isolate and it is still there.  As long as the virus can find a host it can propagate.

How do you stop an infectious disease?  You immunize for it or you experience it and build your own immunity.  Either way, it is impossible to eradicate a virus just as it is impossible to get rid of the common cold.

The only way to get past this epidemic is to go through it.  No amount of isolation, shut down, or sanitizing will stop this virus.  The only way it is stopped is when the host organisms start killing it.  This is immunity.  In a nation this is Community Immunity.

America would be better off heading straight into this storm.  Here we are shut down hunkered in our houses hoarding toilet paper and food acting as if we can just wait this our longer than our neighbors we will be ok.  Sorry, no, you will experience this virus one way or another.  It does not go away because you are hiding.

So, what to do?  Protect the elderly.  Protect the weak.  Treat the sick.  The rest of us will have to face the gauntlet.  That unavoidable path through danger and possible discomfort in order for the majority of us to gain the ability to kill the virus.  This is the only way forward until a vaccine is developed and the shortest time period for that is so long that our economy will never recover if we continue to play hide and seek with the virus.

There is a reason why the Swine flu epidemic of 2009 went away.  Same with H1N1 in 2015.  The reason is not inoculations of vaccines.  It was that the masses all experienced the viruses and got better each becoming a pandemic virus killing machine.  Every citizen who recovered from the virus became a death knell to the virus killing every molecule that came their way with the anti-bodies they naturally built up in their bloodstreams.  We need to do the same now.

Enough hand wringing and panic about the Coronavirus.  Lets use our greatest asset we have to defeat it.  Our healthy American people.

Screw the ‘Bailout’ Boondoggle

Watching the democrats packing the bailout bill full of pork and special little gifts to their favorite issues I am getting tired and really fed up.  What is the point of a bailout if it is an Omnibus bill in disguise?

First of all I have no use for federal spending as far as beyond the bare minimums.  Funding special projects to reward special interests seems to be the stock and trade of the elected officials in DC.  It is high time we just said NO.

Let the chips fall where they may.  Big corporations take a big hit, let them plead their case individually to the government after the fact.  End the stay at home orders and replace them with strongly worded recommendations for those at risk in order for them to protect themselves.  Why lock the entire population out of work so we can protect a small portion of our citizenry?  I say this being at an age where I am becoming one who may be at risk if not today, sometime soon enough.

No bail out.  No more pork.  No grand spending scheme that will never end once they do it.  BTW the ‘bailout’ of 2009 is now a permanent part of our annual federal budget and we spend the same amount of money or more every year now because once something is added to the federal spending it  never leaves.

Time to act like adults here.  Let the senior citizens take the actions they need to protect themselves.  provide support for them if needed but turn the faucets of commerce back on!


Guarantee…What Guarantee? or Why Socialism seems so great…

It has occurred to me that the divide we are seeing in this current Coronavirus epidemic as far as people and how they are reacting is due to the mistaken assumption by liberals and socialists that somehow society will ‘Guarantee’ that they will be taken care of.  The demands for student loan debt forgiveness, free healthcare, and other assurances by the left of  our society explains a lot as to why we disagree over so many issues.

Millennials and liberals don’t want to worry about the costs of healthcare so they demand a guarantee of healthcare sponsored by the government ‘Just like Canada and Europe’.   They do not see costs and only benefits of these actions and not the confiscatory taxes it would take to pay for this such as a extra 15% sales tax added to everything you buy. (GST in Canada fyi).

Millennials and liberals are afraid of guns and violence and do not or cannot defend themselves so they want a guarantee that they will be made safe by the government banning Guns.   They ignore the fact that criminals get guns anyway and that violence still exists in countries with gun bans.

Millennials and liberals are saddled with massive student loans that they cannot repay as baristas at Starbucks so they want a guarantee that they will not have to pay for it because the government will even if their choice of college degree is in some abstract and useless area of study.

Millennials and liberals all are scared to death regarding the Coronavirus and want a guarantee they will not get it by shutting down and locking everyone in and anyone who is infected will be whisked away and locked up until either they are cured or die.  They want the government to use police and the military and force if need be to guarantee they will be safe.

Millennials and liberals all worry more about themselves than they do others so they buy all the toilet paper and supplies and hoard them at home to guarantee that they will not run out but the hell to everyone else.

This fixation on personal guarantees is what drives the socialist movement.  The leaders of that movement have tapped into this fear of being held responsible of their followers and have promised to alleviate them of this worry as a part of restructuring society.  They play into these fears to drum up resistance to conservatives and politicians like Trump because people who oppose them believe in freedom to choose their own destinies and paths with no implied guarantees which terrifies the living shit out of them; the liberal/socialist wannabee.

Throughout history, political leaders starting from tribal days through monarchies to legislative governments with elected leaders to dictators all sought to be supported in their positions by offering some sort of guarantees to their people.  It is not assured that once power is bestowed to these leaders that any of these promises will be met.  Despite the promises of social guarantees, history has proven that these are almost always compromised and only the foolish cling to these promises when it is obvious that their better choice would be to put their faith in their own abilities and resources.

This is the reality of socialism and liberal governance no matter what they say.

You must learn to rely on your own resources and abilities.  It is the only way to assure oneself that your future will be what you want.


Coronavirus, who is actually afraid?

I just spent a few minutes with my son who is a manager of a local retail store.  He has about 10 employees.  His company has ordered them to shut down as of Tomorrow per the commands of Cuomo the ‘Magnificient’ Generalissimo of New York State.

His staff run in ages from 21 to 63.  Guess who is ‘scared’ of the Coronavirus?????

The Generation ‘Z’ or late Millenial the 21 year old.  She is literally in a panic about the virus.

The older staffers some of whom are at risk due to respiratory issues basically are unimpressed with the ‘epidemic’ and would rather keep working.

I am quite sure the same is true of all of the same age same generation folks in the deep state in both Washington DC and in Albany.  They are panicked.  They are fearful for their lives.  They have never faced a real danger nor has their parents so the ‘We can make it together’ attitude does not exist in their mindsets.

I fear the long term effects of the shut down orders upon the economy will be very negative mostly in how the government will grow in size and power in response to this pseudo ‘disaster’ that in actuality does not exist.  Ultimately the fallout from this virus and its impact upon our nation will be the increased degree of control the government will have over us.

There will be deaths from this outbreak but as evidenced in China, it will not be catastrophic and will ultimately go down as being not as bad as the swine flu of 2009 and 2010.  The government will trumpet how their actions ‘Saved Us’ but if you understand how the liberals use disaster to their advantage.  Growing government ONLY BENEFITS the Liberal/socialists.