The ‘Cloward-Piven strategy’ has been turned on its head

We are seeing a very critical time in our country’s history at present and it is the culmination of years of planning by nefarious parties on the left.  They have long sought to destroy our nation as a republic of freedom and free people and replace it with a totalitarian socialist society.  Now they are close to achieving this and it is notable as to how they are implementing the last step of their plan.

The left has used the Cloward-Piven strategy of overwhelming the system for years.  Now it seems, they are implementing their last phase which if allowed to continue will spell the doom of our nation.  They have succeeded in populating our hierarchy of leadership in DC with incompetents and bumbling fools who otherwise would find themselves never in such positions of authority.  By enabling the ascension of these ineffective people to high office they have ensured the collapse of the nation.

By infesting every office and every department with a bunch of incompetent idealists who have no real management skills other than achieving their own personal goals they have insured that the wheels of government will slowly grind to a halt.  Eventually things will get so bad that the general population will react and once there is any social uprising the enforcement apparatus will swing into motion creating a new quasi police state for the public safety and this will never go away once it is in place.

Many businesses have been crippled by the proliferation of incompetence in the management of that business.  Managers who cannot see or recognize the big picture cannot come up with actions and orders that will serve the bigger needs.  By putting ‘Small Minds’ into big positions you guarantee that the overall health of the nation will decline as the lack of vision and managerial skills takes its toll slowly but surely.

Topping this off they managed to seal this fate by installing a man who is barely able to walk from a helicopter to the White house without getting lost.  They guaranteed no long term managed strategy of any importance will emanate from his leadership for as long as they can keep him propped up by the puppet media and his handlers.  Biden is dementia ridden and it is obvious to anyone who has spent any time around people with this condition.  Biden is carefully handled so he can perform the minimal physical activities of president.  His press conferences are scripted carefully and he is fed answers either by teleprompter or ear piece.  Keeping him on script is obviously getting more difficult as the outbursts and irrational comments that are more frequently coming from his mouth.  I would add that  Biden’s penchant for ice cream reveals a known tool for manipulating dementia patients; i.e. the reward that most effective for manipulating people with this condition. 

So we see the inclusion in the administration of a host of ineffective and incompetent individuals who on their own are not all that dangerous but as a group they are the equivalent of a moving clusterfuck that renders any institution or agency it infests  into ineffectiveness as rapidly as possible.  Most all the appointed actors in this administration are unknown as far as having accomplished much of anything outside of being elected.  Keep in mind that being elected is a popularity contest at least for the first time around.  Slick packaging and great sound bites do not always translate into effective leadership.  Need proof, consider the poor election statistics of lieutenant governors and vice presidents when they try for the big chair.  There are plenty of people who rose into positions of ‘relative authority’ on the coattails of others only to fail when it came to their time to rise to the top.   

So with the continuing collapse of Afghanistan you are seeing the incompetence on parade with the lives of at least 10 thousand Americans and probably 100 thousand Afghanis all on the line and our president is taking a break in Delaware hiding yet again in his basement where his mumbling and rambling disconnected mind and erratic behavior cannot be seen by anyone but his personal handlers.  Biden’s departure from DC in a time of crisis should be grounds for Impeachment but the cabal that is running things will not allow that.  Only when Biden cannot even remotely appear to be functional will they pull the ripcord and install the vice president Kamala Harris who is equally out of her league in terms of being able to lead the nation although it is due to her general lack of abilities and not a mental defect that is her failure.  Keep in mind she will not be as easily ‘managed’ as Biden is so the powers that be are loath to put her at the desk in the Oval Office any sooner than they have to.

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