The Tyranny of Covid laws; The lure of power; The redeeming virtue of Christian morals.

   Of late there have been many regulations and proposed laws regarding our current Covid epidemic that are draconian in their nature. I know that a good many of those are unconstitutional and will not stand if enacted.  That will take time and during the wait the Junta in control can do many things to the people that no one will like.

    I have studied the vaccines and for the life of me cannot find anything as to their ultimate good.  They may in the very short term affect how you react to the Covid virus but that aspect of their effect is somewhat short lived.  What is not known is what the long term aspects of fiddling with someones RNA does.  I do believe that this is known but no one is talking….

    Of late are proposed draconian like laws in New York regarding covid vaccinations and privileges for citizens not vaccinated. As to the actions of the communists in the Assembly and Senate of NY I can say that these types of actions are coming to a state near you as well.  Maybe not Florida or other red states but the creep of communism is like a cancer.  All of the politicians who are advocating laws like these are power hungry animals and they are attracted to positions of authority like moths to a flame. They are not virtuous in their actions despite their claims as such. They are acting to empower the government over individuals in ways that are contrary to our original concepts of personal freedom in our founding. 

    While we typically associate these kinds of laws with democrats, you can expect to start seeing republicans proposing laws like these as they succumb to the lure of perpetual power that the authoritarian communistic laws like these offer.  The fact is that the hardest thing a politician has to resist is the lure of gaining and holding more power and control over the citizens in the area that they are elected in.  This inherent and sinful nature of political activists affects all and only those who respect a higher authority (God) understand the poison that it poses and therefore they can resist.  This is why the left is trying to drive God out of our communities.  They know that any moral authority higher than their own is a threat to their ultimate control.

    What these power hungry elected officials fail to see is that once the communist agenda has full control and is centralized they will be forced to comply and live as everyone else and that their perks and power will be stripped from them because only the elite central leadership will be privileged and everyone else will be treated the same and will live the same minimal lifestyles.  All you need to do to verify this is to read the histories of any communist/socialist state and you will see that once in power only those in the closest inner circles have any real authority and privilege.

    Ultimately we are watching sinful man destroy himself which is in fact a repeat of every other time a powerful nation has existed on this earth.  Eventually the temptations of ever increasing power will ultimately cause the collapse and destruction of the nation and anarchy and other horrible events will follow.  No matter how strict the central control of any government is, the lure of power and the fallible nature of man will always lead to corruption and ultimately the end of the regime.  History bears this out.

    The only hope is to follow a moral code that prohibits such individual flights of egotism and even then it will take the self discipline of those in power as well as all of the citizens to avoid falling into this trap.  We need the moral code of Christianity imposed in a non-sectarian way within our society in order to survive.  You can be a non-Christian and accept the virtue of a decent moral code that guides a nation.  When you start fiddling with this you tempt the ultimate disaster of a failed nation that will be set upon itself like vultures on the carcass of a dead beast fighting to scraps and position in order to feed.

    The atheist actions of our politicians (all in the name of separation of Church and state) are eroding the ethos that originally built America.  They falsely claim it is how our founders intended things to be but that is the opposite of what they sought.  The founders were above all else believers in the idea that we all are obligated to live respectful lives to a moral and legal  code that was inalienable.    You can say this code emanated from a godhead or from a higher wisdom but no matter, the code was how we should live.

    In the last century we have drifted so far afield from our moral standards.  As we move forward the evil selfish nature of man living to his own individual code is rising up and is consuming us.  Only if we return to a way of life that places personal honor and respect of all ahead of personal ambition can we find our way back to our thriving society of our past.

    It is without a doubt that we have failed each other as citizens in the past.  It is also without a doubt is the fact that this code our nation was founded with also forced us to reconsider and change our ways.

  The issue of slavery is just one aspect of our past that we have dealt with and we were only able to because of our fundamental code set forth in our founding.  This is why it is wrong to condemn our founders and strike their impact upon our history as being bad because of mistakes that were made.  We must strive to learn that these men did understand that the sin of slavery did already exist at the time of our founding but that they knew in time it would be resolved by the efforts of the good citizens who followed them.  Had they not set on writing in our Constitution and Bill of Rights the means in which these changes could be made you could condemn them. However, they did put in these documents the ability for our virtue to shine in our efforts to better our society to provide an equal opportunity for all.

    As I look at today, I see the sins of the British leaders as they ruled our colonies is coming back to the fore again.  Our politicians exhibit the same lust for power and wealth cossetted in the mantle of virtue and compassion all of which all rings hollow when compared to the good our nation represented before these usurpers rose to their positions of authority. 

Keep in mind that once a citizen is convinced to look to the politician for their relief as opposed to looking to themselves and their own opportunities they are lost as freemen and have become in effect slaves to their masters.  This is the current state of our nation as we see the people seeking benefits from the government for themselves.

    Only by adhering to the Christian code of our founding can we find true lasting prosperity.  In following this code we must cast off those rules and laws of our government that were conceived by those who were in the pursuit of power and control. These are contrary to keeping to the values of our origins.  We must as people also be willing to admit we make mistakes and also suffer the consequences of our own bad choices.  You cannot ask society to make this atonement for you.  To do so is to ask for a privilege others cannot enjoy.  This is the essence of the power hungry politician and political activist.

    Lastly, we as a nation are coming to a crossroads.  There is a large contingent of our citizenry who seek the gifts of power and another larger contingent that want the return to the original compact of our nation’s origin and these two forces are direct opposites of the spectrum of our society.  It is highly unlikely that those who are in power who relish their power will yield to any individual or group thus, the inevitable conflict will occur.  I say this because if it does not, we are doomed as a nation of free people. 

If our nation is not restored to its original path, the controlling powers of a socialist and communistic nature will take over and only for a short time before they too are cast asunder. When absolute power is not vested in the people and a superior moral code the result will always be tyranny and eventually anarchy.

It has been said that those who disregard history will be condemned to repeat it….

I suggest that any who doubt this read a bit of history and they will see our ultimate doom if we do not do something to alter our course.

Our NATION is in chaos;  Can you see the bigger picture??????

Our nation is in a world of hurt right now with the rising levels of inflation and the government over reach on the pseudo epidemic as well as a myriad of other insults and attacks upon our institutions of all types.   I do not think any patriot would say things are good right now nor would they consider the current direction of our national policies to be in our best interests.  It is amazing how quickly things can go to shit when evil people get a chance to bring their plots to fruition. 

So, where is your focus?  Are you solely focused on one or two issues or do you have your eye on the ball so to speak?

I would offer that it is not just how our government is dealing with Covid or what is going on with the costs of everything.  I believe we are witnessing a much larger more comprehensive plan being put into action by the plotters on the left who believe they are on the cusp of taking over our nation.  When I say taking over what I mean is that they will be able to alter our fundamental values and beliefs as we were founded to a system that is quite foreign to our past.  They do not just hope to do this.  They are planning on doing this. They are committed and they have massive resources from shady if not criminal sources

We see catch and release policies that are turning our streets into war zones in many areas with violent crimes rising massively in the last year.  We are seeing sentencing of violent offenders being reduced to such levels that murder is now a short stint in prison in many places in the nation.

Violent crimes in our schools are on the rise due to disrupted communities caused by year long school closures and again, violent teens not being kept out of their  communities when it is obvious they will repeat offend.

Drug deaths and drug importation across our borders is massively up and the costs to our communities is very dear in terms of lives lost and futures crushed.  This leads to massive increases in petty crimes that hurt the people who can least afford it the most. We have a  major problem with uncontrolled immigration and the relocation of indigent and in most cases illiterate people being re-settled all over the nation without regard or permission of the citizens of the communities they are dropped off in.

The fact is that the PEOPLE, that is the typical tax paying respectful, working, decent, god fearing AMERICANS have NO SAY in what is going on.

Why do you suppose this is all happening at once????

We need to stop focusing on individual issues and realize this is much larger than just one problem.  Additionally we must also recognize that the source of this problem is not originating in the communities.  It is emanating from Washington DC and our state capitals across the rest of the nation.  The people perpetrating this upon us are liberal democrats who are actually socialist/communists who are moving forward an agenda designed to destroy our safe and free nation and drive us into their waiting arms of control and managed society; a.k.a. SOCIALISM top down micro managed society.

If you look at the media, social media and how they are controlling the message to the people you can see the liberal controlled propaganda machine hard at work selling the future that they are ready to spring on us. They eliminate dissent and opposing opinions and do their very best to demonize anyone who does not agree and label them terrorists and insurrectionists.

Their answer to increased crime in our communities will be to ban guns and repeal the second Amendment.  They will blame the gun, not the criminal every time.  Don’t even think about protecting yourself because soon enough the federal government will establish laws that prohibit firearm use in self defense. 

They are trying to force a crisis and a conflict between the people they refer to as deplorables and the state and they will use EVERYTHING at their disposal to put down any resistance against their plans. 

 They want us to react. 

They want to put us down, once and for all.

If we do not concede and follow their rules they will isolate us, and remove us from society.

We cannot win this in the political arena or at least it will be VERY HARD to win this politically.

They (the left) will do anything they can to put any popular candidate we propose out of office and out of politics. Trump was exactly right when he said they were not after him.  They are after us.  He was  standing  in their way. 

You witnessed their agenda full bore when the impeached Trump TWICE!!! Once for a scam perpetrated by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the FBI, Justice Department and the CIA. They knew it was a scam and a pack of lies and they impeached him anyways!!!!

The second time they impeached him AFTER he left office!!!! An illegal use of parliamentary procedure outlined by our Constitution by the democrats who are for all intents and purposes the equivalent of the Communist party at this point. They will do the same to DeSantis if they need to and any other charismatic leader from our side who does not conform to their plans.

The path to a political solution to resolve this is most likely gone because of the corruption of our government in the higher levels with like minded socialists in every agency and department who will do the democrat’s bidding all in the effort to gut our Constitution and Bill of Rights in order to force us to accept their ‘New Agenda’ of green laws and politically correct rules and perverted society. Keep in mind that pretty much all of the career republicans in DC are a part of the deep state as well and that makes them part of the cabal.

If we are to focus on the bigger picture we will need to accept that we must remove not only every socialist elected democrat in office in the government but also every one of the socialist leaning deep state functionaries in government if we are to stop this erosion of our rights and freedoms so as to restore the original intent and purpose of our founding documents and traditions.

This is not just a battle against CRT in our schools or against the left’s driving God from our communities and traditions or the uncontrolled rush of illegal immigrants into our nation or the rising epidemic of crime or the over reach of the government regarding everything.  It is for the survival of our Republic. The stakes are as vital and critical as they were for the Founders in 1776.

So, don’t focus on one key issue.  See the bigger picture and understand the time is coming when you will be called to action to fight back against the cabal that is trying to take over our nation from within.  Your future and your children’s futures will depend on your stepping up when it is needed.

What will you be asked to do?  I cannot tell you as it is uncertain as yet how we will drive these invaders from our shores and from our government.  It will not be easy and it will not be a short term effort.  It may get very unpleasant and have serious costs for all of us if we do decide to fight for our Republic but freedom has never been free and has always extracted a cost but in the past Americans who love our nation were always ready to pay the price.  I do not see anything that tells me we are not equally up to this task.

Keep your eye on the BIG PICTURE and remember that if we back away from the coming fight, we will most likely never have as good a chance again to take back our nation.

Power Grab ..

And creating 2nd class citizens….

This is a power-grab by the federal government, and the virus just happens to be a convenient excuse.

— Convention of States (@COSProject) September 9, 2021

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My Thoughts………..

This power grab has been in motion for a very long time and the forces that are behind it are playing a very extensive strategy in order to implement their goals of changing our nation into a socialist one. This has been in process for a very long time and since about 1980 and with the appearance of the ‘Moral Majority’ the left’s agenda in response has become more and more obvious. This coalition of Christians and conservative citizens managed to take control of the nation and steer its course for 12 years. The left had been active up to this time but lacked a unified front to rally its followers behind. The unification of the right provided the nudge that the left needed to become more overt and bolder in their efforts to push their belief system upon our nation.

With the Clinton years we saw the notion of ‘Political Correctness’ come along providing a banner for the supposedly aggrieved to rally behind. This was one of the first actions that really started to coalesce the left and its power as a force in our politics and nation. With the politics of pandering to aggrieved citizens the left also co-opted the media giving them a vehicle to use to spout their agenda and create ridicule and disapproval against those who disagree with them.

Add to the this current activities, you can go back starting over 100 years prior where the left had been infiltrating the academic halls including public schools and local institutions. As time went on the left gradually occupied more and more local government agencies and elected bodies always pushing their agenda within these institutions with the aim of changing how citizens looked at their government and also how they viewed their individual rights.

The Obama years gave rise to the notion of institutional racism became a rallying cry for those who perceive themselves as being discriminated against. This contrived racism was used to drive wedges into our society labeling people as either being righteous and good citizens or to be demonized as being horrible people who did not deserve the live in our society as free people with the rights that were endowed upon them and all of us by our founding.

Fast forward to the past couple of years and this insidious scheme of the socialists has started to bear some serious results. This so called epidemic (99.999% survival rate is not an epidemic) was the perfect excuse to implement the most aggressive steps taken to date by the left in their efforts to divide our society and get even more control. This came following the period of the greatest amount of personal equality our nation had ever had under President Trump. Minorities had enjoyed the greatest economic and social freedoms since the end of the Civil War in 1865. This epidemic was ‘perfectly timed’ to destroy this period of success and prosperity and take our nation apart socially.

Government agencies promoting the notion of mandatory vaccines and mandatory masking and isolation as well as shutting down the economy was the perfect excuse to apply pressure to the citizenry to separate into factions that either followed blindly the recommendations of the government and to force those who know that these tactics are not effective who will not readily comply with these mandates to be viewed as being selfish and harming others. By isolating them they can be accused of being anti-safety and anti-society and even insurrectionists. Once they assign such labels to a large portion of the nation they can then act to deny them rights and freedoms that we were endowed with at the founding of this nation. These policies have created economic hardship for those who are independent business owners and operators while the portion of society that looks to government suffered far less due to directed economic policies that reward the people who complied with their agenda directives all while punishing those who could not qualify or afford to follow such a path without suffering catastrophic economic harm. This ‘coincidental epidemic’ along with the actions of the government resulted in tipping the election towards the democrats putting a senile old man in the office of the president with the result that the federal government has acted with little restraint since.

Now we are seeing governmental actions that border on authoritarian and dictatorial by various states and agencies. The federal government has mandated various policies and compliance requirements upon every aspect of our nation they can including the military, governmental employees and agencies as well as healthcare and human services. This has created a reaction of resistance by many who do not believe that these policies and actions will do any appreciable good and that these violate our rights as free citizens.

I am uncertain if we can stop this process and return to our original values and beliefs and do this within the political arena. It has been implemented outside of this process and by merely changing the people we elect we still are faced with millions of obedient programmed agents of the left who occupy legitimate positions in all levels of government and our society. Keep in mind that even if we were fortunate enough to oust every liberal and socialist in our governments in one election cycle we would still be fighting the ‘true believers’ who are the brainwashed citizens who see the American experience as being flawed from the start and who are unwilling to accept anything but the socialist utopian ideals that have been implanted in their heads over the years.

We see a power grab at present and only by recognizing that it is not just the actions of today that are in question but that this has been an ongoing process can we begin to comprehend the depth of this corruption and understand the gauntlet we face in order to restore our nation to the promises of liberty and freedoms that we were born into as Americans.


Freedom Is Just Another Word...

And creating 2nd class citizens….

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The ‘Cloward-Piven strategy’ has been turned on its head

We are seeing a very critical time in our country’s history at present and it is the culmination of years of planning by nefarious parties on the left.  They have long sought to destroy our nation as a republic of freedom and free people and replace it with a totalitarian socialist society.  Now they are close to achieving this and it is notable as to how they are implementing the last step of their plan.

The left has used the Cloward-Piven strategy of overwhelming the system for years.  Now it seems, they are implementing their last phase which if allowed to continue will spell the doom of our nation.  They have succeeded in populating our hierarchy of leadership in DC with incompetents and bumbling fools who otherwise would find themselves never in such positions of authority.  By enabling the ascension of these ineffective people to high office they have ensured the collapse of the nation.

By infesting every office and every department with a bunch of incompetent idealists who have no real management skills other than achieving their own personal goals they have insured that the wheels of government will slowly grind to a halt.  Eventually things will get so bad that the general population will react and once there is any social uprising the enforcement apparatus will swing into motion creating a new quasi police state for the public safety and this will never go away once it is in place.

Many businesses have been crippled by the proliferation of incompetence in the management of that business.  Managers who cannot see or recognize the big picture cannot come up with actions and orders that will serve the bigger needs.  By putting ‘Small Minds’ into big positions you guarantee that the overall health of the nation will decline as the lack of vision and managerial skills takes its toll slowly but surely.

Topping this off they managed to seal this fate by installing a man who is barely able to walk from a helicopter to the White house without getting lost.  They guaranteed no long term managed strategy of any importance will emanate from his leadership for as long as they can keep him propped up by the puppet media and his handlers.  Biden is dementia ridden and it is obvious to anyone who has spent any time around people with this condition.  Biden is carefully handled so he can perform the minimal physical activities of president.  His press conferences are scripted carefully and he is fed answers either by teleprompter or ear piece.  Keeping him on script is obviously getting more difficult as the outbursts and irrational comments that are more frequently coming from his mouth.  I would add that  Biden’s penchant for ice cream reveals a known tool for manipulating dementia patients; i.e. the reward that most effective for manipulating people with this condition. 

So we see the inclusion in the administration of a host of ineffective and incompetent individuals who on their own are not all that dangerous but as a group they are the equivalent of a moving clusterfuck that renders any institution or agency it infests  into ineffectiveness as rapidly as possible.  Most all the appointed actors in this administration are unknown as far as having accomplished much of anything outside of being elected.  Keep in mind that being elected is a popularity contest at least for the first time around.  Slick packaging and great sound bites do not always translate into effective leadership.  Need proof, consider the poor election statistics of lieutenant governors and vice presidents when they try for the big chair.  There are plenty of people who rose into positions of ‘relative authority’ on the coattails of others only to fail when it came to their time to rise to the top.   

So with the continuing collapse of Afghanistan you are seeing the incompetence on parade with the lives of at least 10 thousand Americans and probably 100 thousand Afghanis all on the line and our president is taking a break in Delaware hiding yet again in his basement where his mumbling and rambling disconnected mind and erratic behavior cannot be seen by anyone but his personal handlers.  Biden’s departure from DC in a time of crisis should be grounds for Impeachment but the cabal that is running things will not allow that.  Only when Biden cannot even remotely appear to be functional will they pull the ripcord and install the vice president Kamala Harris who is equally out of her league in terms of being able to lead the nation although it is due to her general lack of abilities and not a mental defect that is her failure.  Keep in mind she will not be as easily ‘managed’ as Biden is so the powers that be are loath to put her at the desk in the Oval Office any sooner than they have to.

Covid………the ongoing debate The coming conflict ‘CWII’ We are on our own

The Covid pandemic is ongoing and will be for as long as the left can keep it there.  The new ‘Delta variant’ outbreak was and is predictable as we have not deployed a true ‘Vaccine’ as the various injections offered do not create antibodies in the person injected. 

The so called vaccines create spike proteins that supposedly ramp up our immune response to the virus but do not kill it directly.  This is all but forgotten in the hubbub of the CDC and the Executive branch as well as their willing accomplices in the media. This fact that the Vaccine is not truly a vaccine means that both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated still pose a risk to each other as neither have any resistance to the virus itself. This is true unless they have had Covid and recovered and in the process developed natural antigens to the virus. 

Don’t forget it is a cold virus so it lives and transmits through pretty much all organisms it comes in contact with. Because this virus can exist in species other than humans, this virus will NEVER be truly eradicated from our society. This makes the notion of deploying a vaccine that does not develop antigens in the people vaccinated the equal of a fool’s errand. Physiologically the only way to eradicate the virus as a factor in the community is to build antigens in the majority of the citizens and unfortunately the only way we can do this at present is for people to contract the virus and defeat it organically in their immune systems. 

The intended result of the vaccine is to better empower the body to fight the Covid virus if becomes infected. It would be just as effective to promote vitamin D and Zinc for people at risk and use HCQ and Ivermectin in those who have been infected along with the Vitamin D and Zinc supplements. These have been proven internationally as being effective in reducing if not eliminating the worst effects of Covid19. As we have seen any protocols other than a vaccine and ventilation have been discouraged if not outright banned by the government.

This government sponsored pro-vaccine discussion is totally devoid of any mention of the complications and deaths from the vaccine. These are not even being considered which makes me wonder if the people who are in charge of all this are simply pushing a narrative that is devoid of facts on purpose.  You have to wonder how much influence do the major pharma companies have over our policies and the government itself? I think this is a valid question that needs to be answered. As for me, I am not vaccinated myself and until a vaccine is developed that actually creates antigens in my body I will remain un-vaccinated. 

There is a new video of a doctor explaining the dynamics of the Covid virus and how we are not really protecting anyone with either the vaccine or the masks we are being asked or forced to wear and it is worth watching.   Here is a link

Civil War II

The conflict between the socialist elements of our society who control the government and those who are what I would call ‘American Patriots’ is coming whether we want it to or not.  I am talking about  a conflict that goes way beyond the polls or arguing with liberal drones on the internet.  I am referring directly to an armed situation where violence will be the common denominator. It is inevitable because those of us who are patriots will not surrender to the will of the left and give up our firearms and our rights when they demand we do. 

Bear in mind that when this time comes, we will not face the likes of Antifa and BLM.  These groups are no match for the American Patriot when it comes to sporty times. They will fold like paper rather quickly once the ground is covered with their blood.

No, it will be the paramilitary law enforcement and then the military itself.  The leadership on the left has no plans of defending their agenda and power lust themselves physically.  They will use proxies as in history the tyrants of the left always have done. If you look at who fought and won the battles for Lenin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao Tse Tung you see the organized military and paramilitary with the elites of the movements safely away from the battles themselves.

Whether the rank and file of the law enforcement community stands with the left and their agenda or defects to the cause of the patriots is to be seen.  The same can be said for the military members who will find themselves on the same fence. 

Any ‘defectors’ from either organization will be branded traitors as we ‘American Patriots’ will be when we refuse to turn in our ARs and ammo when it is demanded by the tyrannical government all in the supposed purpose of quelling the rising levels of violence in our society. Trust me that historically this is how tyrants take over.  Reread your histories of the Russia and Germany, China, Cuba and Cambodia if you need a refresher. In order for the socialist left to attain total control, the general population must be disarmed.

So when the battles finally start it will be very deadly and costly especially for the patriots as we will be initially very disorganized when things go hot and those who remain with the military and law enforcement who are under the control of the left are trained and prepared to wage combat in a coordinated and more effective way. They also have access to much more deadly weaponry than the average citizen does.

Does this mean we should give up?  Heavens no!!!  Should we organize?  I am not sure how we can do this beforehand without subversive federal and state infiltrators in the ranks which may cost more lives as a result.  We have seen the FBI as instigators in many notable events in the last year instead of actually preventing violence.

We should prepare as we have been doing for the past years.  Gather ammo, food and necessary support equipment and supplies  and keep your weapons well oiled and keep your skills up to date and effective.  I know that many who are patriots are ex-military and I hope when the time comes they can coalesce as a core that can help train and manage the amateurs that a very large number of us are to help make our efforts more effective and less costly.

I see no way to vote our way out of this coming conflict as much as I wish that were an option.  The left has been waging this war upon our nation and its founding for over 70 years perhaps longer and they are way ahead of us as far as contaminating and altering the basic societal foundations of our nation. 

If we are truly determined to keep the nation as it was founded we will as Thomas Jefferson most eloquently said:  “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. “   Here is the context it was pulled from:     The entire contents of the letter from Jefferson to William Stephens Smith. Son in law of John Adams is well worth the time it takes to read it and it reflects directly on the times we are in today.

We are truly Alone!!!!

Lastly, I need to reinforce to all that we are on our own.  The political people on our side in DC cannot help us because the system they are trying to change is so corrupt and so polluted with socialist and radical left leaning bureaucrats that it cannot be swayed from the course they have put this nation upon without a radical change occurring in our nation and especially in the apparatus of government itself.. 

You can remember that Trump tried to shift the center of the government to the right and we can see how well that worked out.  Two impeachments, constant ridicule in the press and on social media, and constant harassment via the courts and any democrat state legislatures. Keep in mind that the cabal that is the left is global in nature and has infiltrated every aspect of our lives, our children’s lives and the very systems we rely on to carry on our daily affairs. 

You see censorship marching forward with the consent of the government who have essentially empowered private entities with the powers of a utility and yet without any need to answer to the general public.  This insulates the social media companies from any legal action driven by those who have been silenced unjustly.

 This is the plan and has been the plan for many years.  You can put in this power elite cabal all of the major technology companies, social media conglomerates as well as online retailers.  The left took over the corporations first and then went for the government.  The likes of AOC and the squad along with the current push towards a truly socialist society would not have occurred without this takeover having been accomplished first.  You must understand that this push is international against us and when the time comes to fight it for real in the streets we will face a worldwide resistance.  The socialist elites of the likes of Soros and Zuckerman as well as Gates and Bezos all know that if they are to remain in charge they must be the ones who control and steer the movement towards socialism because if they were not they would be consumed by the movement otherwise.  This is why they are all in with the socialist aggression in our nation we see today.

Nobody in their right minds would want a violent conflict to occur if it could be avoided.  Ask yourself if you think the likes of AOC, Schumer, Pelosi, and the rest of the leftist cabal will surrender their power willingly?  How about the socialist titans of the corporate world?  How about the socialist verging on communist academic establishment?

Face it, none of these are going to simply quit and go home.  There is real power and control at stake and these people will fight to the death or send people to fight to the death to protect them and their empires. Power does corrupt and especially those who can wield it to control others.

We are alone.  We are merely citizens.  We are citizens who are upset and fed up with the changes we see that violate the intent and the words of the Bill of Rights and Constitution as well as the Declaration of Independence.   We either choose to fight to preserve these documents and the promises they have for all Americans or we surrender and they are run through the socialist shredder and are gone forever.

The time for all good citizens who believe in America to stand and face this force aligned to destroy our homes is rapidly coming upon us.

‘Racism’ and Crime in America. Destroying the fabric of our society one piece at a time!

The entire ‘Racism’ movement be waged by the left against establishment America is dragging the minorities backwards at an alarming rate. Instead of trying to live to a civil standard, the movement seeks to excuse any antisocial action of one of the privileged class (minority) members as being ‘innocent intent’ even if it is obvious that the actions that preceded any police intervention were anything but.

George Floyd encountered the police for passing a counterfeit 20. He refused to comply with their orders. We all have witnessed what happened subsequent to that. This was outside the place where he passed the bill and the store clerk noticed that Floyd appeared to be drunk and was behind the wheel of the car. We know that impaired drivers present a danger to society. That coupled with passing a counterfeit bill gave the police more than adequate reason to arrest him. It was Floyd’s actions that led directly to his death.

13 yr old Adam Toledo (latino) was shot at 230 in the morning in Chicago after discharging a firearm multiple times. Neighbors called the police out of a concern for their safety and the police responded. They encounters Toledo. He was approached by police (who had no idea how old he was) and told him to stop and drop the weapon. He ran and refused to comply. The presence of the weapon and refusal to stop and drop it gave the police no choice when he finally stopped but refused to show his hands or comply to orders.

The most recent case is the shooting of a 16 year old black girl, Ma’Khia Bryant in Columbus who was ready to skewer another black girl with a readily visible knife. She was ordered to stop and drip the knife by police and did not. She was thrusting the knife at a girl she had pinned against a car when the officer shot her to stop the attack. Had the officer not reacted after his warnings went unheeded this girl who was against the car would have been gravely if not fatally injured.

In all of these cases each of these victims engaged in illegal activity willingly and refused when confronted to stop and or comply with orders of law enforcement. I cannot understand how anyone would expect a positive outcome of their interaction with police if they ignore or refuse to comply with law enforcement orders and this is made all the worse when deadly weapons are involved. This is stupid behavior and my only explanation is that either they did not learn that you have to obey laws or that these people are just plain stupid.

To date 103 law enforcement officers have lost their lives this year in the line of duty. That is many times more than the number of lives lost that the race hustlers are complaining about police causing. In reality the number of ‘unarmed deaths due to cops’ of blacks numbers less than ten a year. The fact is that the vast majority of black people who are shot by police are dangerous and armed and non-compliant to orders when they are finally confronted.

No law enforcement officer goes to work with the idea they are going to kill someone that day. The likelihood of a law enforcement actually removing his or her weapon from their holster is remote and in many careers this never happens in the line of duty. To make it sound like this happens all the time is just wrong.

I think that in today’s society the outcry of the left and the media about any police using excessively violent tactics upon minorities has emboldened many in the minority communities to challenge them and their authority instead of complying. This has had deadly outcomes as we have seen and as long as the left keeps beating this drum it will only get worse.

I was raised to not break laws or act in ways that harmed others. In my long life I have had encounters with the police in traffic stops and other situations and have complied and been as polite as I could be in that moment. At no time did I resist or refuse because that is not how I was raised.

My only conclusion is that these people who run, resist, brandish a weapon openly at a police officer or otherwise disobey our laws and the orders of law enforcement are anti-social at a minimum and criminals at worst. For whatever reason they did not learn the decencies of life and the importance of the rule of law. They intentionally run afoul of the law and then become indignant and resistant when caught. I cannot say if it was their home life as a child, education or lack of moral living that have brought them to these situations but I can say that as long as people continue to act in manners such as this they will encounter law enforcement and the outcomes will not be good more often than not.

Thing is, our conduct in society is not part of some role playing game. It is real-time and real-life and very dangerous if you are acting with violent intent. Holding a firearm in your hand while fleeing law enforcement is ‘violent intent’. There is no reason to not drop a weapon when commanded to by law enforcement and if you are fleeing even more so. Law enforcement are going to stop because you are suspected of having either committed a violent act or show violent intent. If anything they will increase the number of police seeking to stop you. Lesson: DROP THE DAMN GUN AND DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD!!!!!

One possible solution to all of this.

Stop policing black and latino neighborhoods and let them kill each other. Why put the entire nation through these trials which play out not only in the courtrooms but in our living rooms as well. Let these illiterate and antisocial idiots play the game until there is only one left standing. I cannot see how we can justify the risks to our law enforcement in trying to bring civility to these neighborhoods if the people there cannot appreciate the effort. Unfortunately this punishes those who do abide our laws by subjecting them to the antisocial behaviors of those who run afoul of the law. Thus, even though this would minimize the interactions of police and violent offenders it would do nothing to stop the violent acts these people commit.

Ultimately I believe this all stems from two major problems rampant in our society that can be fixed.

One is single parent families where the father is not in the house (if he is known to the children at all) and these kids are not mentored in ways that provide them with the social tools to succeed in life. Adding a father figure restores a degree of hierarchy and discipline in the home and helps build strong character and better work ethics. Having discipline in the home increases the odds of the children raised there to be positive and good citizens of their communities. Outcomes are better and there is less crime overall as a result.

Another is to get back to Christian morals and values. So many families these days do not have a religious affiliation of any kind and do not attend services at all. These practices instill moral values and offer parables of the virtues of respectful living. These teachings and values underpinned the founding of our nation and allowed us to live in a peaceful society that flourished until the notion of Christianity became a no no to the left. With the drive to push Christian values out of our homes, schools and communities we have seen the degradation of our social lives with the ever increasing rise in violent crime in our nation. We are reaping the harvest of antisocial and immoral behavior as a result of our turning away from these essential and proper values.

If we continue to follow this path into socialism and anarchy we will see crime proliferate in our society.A fractured society serves the purposes of the left as it makes it easier for them to split us apart as a society and then they can institute socialism as the cure for our societal woes. Sadly, socialism is even less morally grounded than where we are at present.

Time is running out and we are headed into a maelstrom of violence and increased hatred in our society and we need to return to our long held values and morals in order to restore our nation to true long term prosperity. To do anything else is to continue tearing this nation apart.

I am calling for a A National Congress of Free Americans!

What is going on in our society today is an example of a parallel set of standards that are being applied.  One set is reserved for those that the left wing, socialist establishment deep state supports and the others are for those they wish to see gone; namely We freedom loving Americans.

I am talking about a Left who supports violence and destruction in our streets and against their fellow citizens.  As an example all the actions of the BLM and ANTIFA have been abetted and excused by the left.  Violence, destruction of millions if not now BILLIONS of dollars of real estate and earning potential.  All of this has been supported by the left.   Those people arrested in the commission of these acts have been bailed out of jail by the left and or had charges dropped by left wing judges.  Further, the left has opened our borders wide to the illegal immigration of people from all over the world without any questions are to the safety or wisdom of allowing anyone into our nation at present. The danger of undocumented illegal entrants into our society is well known and presents a risk to all citizens. I can also say that having millions of illiterate and dependent people in our society is a burden financially we cannot afford.

On the side of law and order and respect for our nation, millions who have rallied to support President Trump and our cause have been called racists, insurrectionists and accused of TREASON.  It is hard to imagine a group of citizens who cherish the founding of this nation and only wish to see it continue be labeled ‘Treasonous’ and ‘Traitors’.    This double standard is intended to deny us our rights and freedoms all in the left’s pursuit of a socialist society. 

What is at work here are the actions of  the socialist cabal that is the media and the democratic party along with the deep state and various corporate actors.  They consider any opposition to their intended plans to turn our nation into Europe West as treason.  We freedom and America loving patriots are in their way and if we do not act to protect ourselves and our beliefs we will eventually be eliminated one way or another.

In my mind, those on the left are the real traitors.  They are committing treason daily by abandoning the core values and laws of our land as it was founded. No where does it say these rights and laws are ‘Not Absolute’. These founding documents created the freest nation on earth, that is until the left has decided to unmake them as we have seen in the past 40 years.

They, the left democrats and socialists, are the ones who are committing treasonous acts.    I see that the actions they endorse beyond protesting peacefully are a violation of the rights and sovereignty of the rights of the community and a breach of the peace with intent.  In another word, Treason by fomenting insurrection.

I have written before that we are not going to fix this chasm between our side and the left with elections.  They have rigged the system and brazenly cheat and do so with a smile on their faces all the while accusing us of either cheating or suppressing voters rights.  That strikes me as odd when you consider that flooding the ballot box with illegitimate votes is suppressing voter’s rights but to the left winning at all costs is more important than the truth.  Again Treason.

We are faced with a no win scenario. Fundamentally we are at a cross roads where those of us who disagree with this cabal must make a choice. We are either going to embrace our being ‘Traitors’ and take the conflict to whatever level the left is willing to go (or forces us to go to or), or we will surrender our beliefs and our faith in the founding and submit to their demands of compliance to their grand utopian dreams of a socialist empire.

Just like you cannot argue with a deranged mind you cannot argue with a zealot and that is what the left has become: Zealots.  The history of socialism is full of Zealots who used force to ensure that no one got in their way. The lives of millions of innocent men, women and children have been destroyed in the pursuit of achieving socialist nations. You can look at the histories of the USSR, China, Cuba, Venezuela, Vietnam, Cambodia, and a host of other nations that have suffered under the banner of socialism if you need proof.

You have to realize that at this time we cannot gain the upper hand and drive this treasonous poison out of our nation by voting and demanding changes.  It is too late for that. The left has entrenched itself in every aspect of our government and this prevents our voting our way out. We would be overwhelmed by sheer (and illegitimate) numbers in every election where the counting process is what they control.  Stalin said that it was not how many votes he got that mattered. It was who controls the counting of the votes that does. The left is doing what every insurgent socialist movement has done in the past which is to seize the elective process to advance their cause. Fair and impartial elections are now a thing in our past.

We are currently in a state of insurrection in our nation.  The left is openly waging a war upon our long held values and founding beliefs. They are now in the open in their declarations of their intent to end our nation as it was founded and institute a socialist one in its place. What will come of this situation depends of what you are willing to do to stop them from doing so.  

Time is a wasting.   Every day, the left gets a little stronger and they pick off a few more people and force them into their conformity.  The longer we wait, the harder it will be to stop them and begin the process of returning our nation to what it was meant to be.

We could stage a revolt to re-establish a constitutional republic and while I do believe we would persevere in the long run, it would be messy and have lingering aftereffects that most likely would simply allow this process of globalism and socialism start over again in a few years.  The cost in terms of lives and animosity would be great and this path is not one to be entered into lightly.

We could secede several states from the present USA and institute a new republic as the USA used to be many years ago.  This would cost less in terms of blood and hardship initially but in the end I wonder if the socialist left wing democrats could stand us not being a part of their vision of a new ‘amerika’.  I believe they would endeavor to try to force us back into their fold if we were to declare a separate nation of states. China is doing exactly this by trying to force Taiwan back into the nation of China some 70 years after the revolution. You have to understand that socialists demand conformance and in our case the left could not stand to see a part of the nation broken away and independent while they are standardizing and homogenizing the nation they do control.  They cannot allow freedom and independent thought to exist in America. This must be destroyed in the socialist’s minds. Ultimately this would lead to great bloodshed.

We have more than enough cause to want to rid ourselves of the burdens and restrictions of a socialist future that we are being forced into. How we determine what to do next is of the utmost importance.It is time to call a “National Congress of Free Americans” open to all who believe we are as a nation going away from the principles and concepts that our nation was founded upon.  Only those who support the Bill of Rights and the Constitution as written should attend.  This is the standard that we must adhere to in order to be a unified group.

This Congress would be dedicated to deciding what to do to protect our founding principles, our cherished founding documents and their proper authority within our society.  Only a group of citizens who are of like mind and who have the support of their fellow Americans have the right to make such decisions as to what to do about the insurrection and treason we are facing today from those bent on installing socialism in our nation as a government and rule of law. Only a representative Congress will have the proper authority to determine our path forward.

This is a serious and life altering decision that we face. I would add that this is not an issue to be decided lightly. The choice to be made will be as dangerous and potentially destructive as the choice our founders made in 1776. They did not enter into the revolution lightly and when they made their decision to revolt it was made as a group of free men assembled to determine the future of the colonies. They did so knowing it would be costly to not only themselves but to their fellow Americans.

Our decision should be made with the same retrospection as no individual or small group of individuals have the right to put their fellow citizens at risk without consent. To make a choice to fight is to commit an act of treason ourselves if we are not the victors in the end.While this would be akin to establishing a political party it is fundamentally acting outside of the political process that we see in our daily lives. This process is tainted and polluted with special interests and agendas that are not aligned with our founding principles. Our Congress needs to avoid the entanglements of such political wranglings. It must be aligned as closely as possible to the people it represents and nothing else.

The sooner we join together and debate this matter as a group of unified citizens the sooner we can begin whatever process we determine is our best choice to go forward in an effort to preserve our rights and freedoms. Only by acting as a unified block can we achieve anything long lasting and worthwhile.

There are two Americas………. But not for much longer!

You would  have to be absolutely unconscious to not be aware of massive divide in our nation these days.  The left seems to think that they are right and the rest of us need to get with their program.  Then there is the right who say we do not need ‘your program’ and will not change without a fight.

Used to be that the two sides co-existed in some sort of truce like scenario where either would get the upper hand for a bit only to hand it back to the other side.  Each would make gains in what they call their agenda and when they went back into the minority most of their gains were lost or minimized.

Starting in the 80’s with Bush senior this all changed.  Why might you ask?

Normally when a president took office all of the political appointees submitted their resignations.  Bush 41 decided that was not necessary.  This process of political appointees to all the departments falling on their proverbial swords every party change had the effect of keeping the bureaucracy somewhat neutral. With the policy of Bush 41 this changed.  Mind you, Obama demanded the resignation of every republican appointee upon taking office.  So there goes a ‘nobler’ more intelligent way of leading as embraced by the deep staters Bush both 41 and 43.

Worse yet, the process of making a political appointee a permanent government employee was made significantly easier over the years allowing a gradual shift of the supposedly neutral government bureaucracy towards the left.  This more than many other aspects of our government and its laws and policies has had far more to do with the creeping socialism that is infesting our society.

Bush 43’s ‘No Child Left Behind’ program sounded like a good idea until you realize that the nationally required standards that all students must meet is so skewed to the left and away from traditional American values and concepts that we have seen the acceleration of this shift not only in government but now in the products of our grade schools.  This is the current problem we face as the ‘State’ (government mandated curriculum) has created a bunch of socialist wannabes with our kids who are now of voting age and they provide a huge block of support for our left wing opponents.

So, on our side today we have the traditionalist, self sustaining, gun loving, hard working home schooling families and individuals who are facing the juggernaut of the left who have not only coerced a generation of two of our children but also have infested and taken over corporate America and the media in practically every form it exists. 

Our solution is as simple to see as it can be and yet, to implement it is hard. VERY HARD.

Simply put,

We must drive the socialists out of our nation.  Out of power.  Out of the bureaucracy.  Out of the corporations and media.  Drive them back to Europe and the corporate cabals that exist there.  This sounds easy but doing so is anything but.

We could vote them out but……..We could win every election for the next 50 years and still be faced with what Rush Limbaugh called ‘Long-Haired, Maggot Infested, Dope-Smoking FM Rock ‘N’ Roller Types’ still inhabiting a sizeable portion of the bureaucracy and school faculties just aching to start the process all over again.  The problem we face is that Socialism promises free lunch and free everything else to the masses and this appeals to those who have not learned to take care of themselves (or refuse to). Socialism promises to be fairer but is anything but fair.  You can look at historical predecent to see where every time socialism has been implemented it has done more to impoverish the citizens than anything else.

This is the elemental difference.  Who made you successful?  The person you are…. or the nation? If you are like me it was your hard work and your actions and decisions that brought you to where you are.

So, if we cannot destroy the enemy in the form of socialism in the voting booths how do we at a very minimum:

Force them to leave us alone? 

Better yet,

Eliminate them from our society.

The answer to this falls onto those who read this and are compelled because of our present circumstances to ask themselves the same questions. 

How far are you willing to go to preserve the nation you have grown to love?  What cost are you willing to pay?  How deeply do you love the Bill of Rights and are you willing to surrender any of them to the left wing mob?

Our problem is we ‘Conservative Americans’ are by nature, polite, respectful and tolerant of others not like ourselves.  As such, we are the best that America has ever made because we embody all of the virtues of being an American our founders embraced. 

As a result of our ‘politeness’ the left has become expert at playing us like a bunch of saps all the while advancing their agenda a piece at a time knowing we will smile, maybe complain but otherwise keep to ourselves and go on with our lives too busy working to support our families and pay our bills. Mind you, all the we are paying the taxes to support give away programs of the left. 

As a example in contrast of our placid compliance, all Trump had to do is say something in jest that offended the liberal agenda and thousands of left wing supporters all march and riot and destroy private property in complaint.  Definitely not respectful Americans I might add.

Does this mean we should do the same?  Well, no.  It is not our nature to harm other people’s property or to inconvenience them.  If we did as we did when we marched unarmed on the capitol on the 6th of January without burning and pillaging, we were called ‘Insurrectionists’ and ‘Murderers’. This in regards to the 6th, even though to the best of my ability no one died as a result of the actions of a Deplorable America Loving Patriot.  Unfortunately 5 people died but the only one who died of an aggressive act was Ashley Babbitt who was shot by a still unnamed capitol police officer and for what reason we still do not know.

No, any action we take that would resemble those of the left would be labelled traitorous and we would be hunted down and locked up en masse’ for daring take any overt action to protest for our cause against the left wing deep state cabal.

Sadly, our situation has been narrowed to such an extent that we truthfully have only one choice to preserve the original nature and promise of our United States of America.  It is to insist that our rights be protected and that our beliefs and values remain un-fettered by unreasonable laws and excessive regulations.  It is to take a stand, not unlike the one at the Bundy ranch.  It is to be prepared to stand our ground, unflinching and unwilling to back up an inch. 

It is not wrong to protect your rights and property.

It is not wrong to want your children and grandchildren to grow up in a nation that offers as much opportunity as it did you.  

It is not wrong to be proud of your nation and its heritage and to teach that to your children. 

It is not wrong to stand and be prepared to protect the Flag, the Constitution and Bill of Rights along with the promise of the Declaration of Independence.

What is wrong is to accept that any of these are bad or should be changed. 

It is wrong to accept that we must change. 

It is wrong to allow any of these things to be changed.

The hard choices are upon us and we will be forced by others to make a choice as to how to react to the next unbearable act that our enemy of our freedom wishes to impose upon us. Be it the doddering senile man who is currently installed as president (illegitimately in my opinion)  or one of his ‘minions’ who issues the next edict designed to eviscerate our rights further we must make a decision when and where we will draw an unmovable line in the sand that no man or government will be able to erase or cross. 

We must present ourselves and our beliefs as being unwavering and undeniable by anyone.  We must do so with purpose and resolve and with the understanding that we will not back down.  We must do this as a large and unified block of citizens who stand together with one intent.

We must not use force unless we are duly provoked.  However, if the state, using whatever agency or department that it choose, seeks to suppress us with force it will be time to demonstrate that we will not be driven into that dark night that is the hell that Europe is becoming by allowing the policies of underachievers, religious zealots and lay-abouts become the law of our land. 

America was built by hard industrious, creative, compassionate and dedicated citizens all to build a better society.  These Founders resolved that in order to be a free and fair and just society we were forced to declare our independence from the Crown and be prepared to fight, to the death if need be, to preserve our freedoms.

We must uphold our heritage and emulate our founders in our resolve.  To do less is to surrender our nation to the socialist cabal that wants to impose soft fascism upon the world.

The Fundamental Divide….. Why Conservatives cannot bargain with socialists

We see politics play out year after year and election cycle after election cycle and yet even when we ‘win’ we seem to lose in the end.  We support candidates that promise to change things and yet in the end when the opposition comes back into power we are farther back down the road than we were after all that effort and our hopes and dreams being dashed yet again on the rocks.  It seems futile and to a large extent it is.  People who believe in freedom need to learn what the differences are between us and the socialists beyond the party descriptions.

As a conservative I am one who believes in the founding and freedoms we inherently have just from being born in this nation and as a human being.  I loathe big government and abhor government overreach like pretty much everyone who thinks of themselves as conservative, libertarian or simply just free Americans.

Our dreams are of a free nation unencumbered from onerous government regulations and that our fellow citizens all enjoy the prosperity and self determination we do in a safe and peaceful society.  We want our nation to be the ‘Beacon on the Hill’ that it has aptly been described as in the past.  ‘Land of the Free’ and ‘Home of the Brave’.  We want to see term limits and the purge of career politicians from our Congress and the thinning of the bureaucracy to the bare minimum needed to maintain the peace and to keep our borders safe and closed to any illegal migration and trade.  To us these are simple and comprehensive ideals that ought be easily put in place if our elected officials had the guts and determination to.  We know who we are.  Our beliefs are elemental and beautifully simple.  We understand this.

Who or perhaps more importantly What is our enemy?

Our enemy comes with the party name of Democrat but that is a name and not their purpose.  Our enemy is socialism and beyond that, tyranny.  Tyranny of bloated government and tyranny of leadership that does not answer to the people.  The democrats of late use the term socialism and we need to understand what that means.  It is more than sharing wealth.

Socialism is the system coined by a fellow named Thomas Moore back in the early 1500’s.  Moore described a ‘Utopian’ society that would include all the notions of socialism and none of the drawbacks of greed and envy.  People were to be altruistic and work for the common good.  This was expounded upon by Karl Marx in the 1800’s who offered an alternative version called communism.  All of this, whether it is socialism or communism looks great in print but leaves the essential human behavior characteristics out.  It is the failings of man that create the corruption and misery that humankind has endured for ages.  Greed.  Envy.  Nefarious plots and plans.  Wars and suffering all emanate from the pursuits of power and property by the state.

Our current crop of democrats preach socialism and forget to mention the failings of that system.    If you look at the current leadership in DC you see a bunch of democratic and republican politicians who have decades of time in office each all clamoring to stay in office and hold onto their power and influence. 

Ever wonder why no newcomer outside of Trump has ever made it to the presidency????  It is this cabal of power hungry politicians who will tell you anything to stay in power.  Just because we change the name of our type of government or society this has no effect upon the true collection of elites who hold the reins over our society.  These leaders claim to be acting in the public good but in fact, they are acting to protect their power and controls.  See the fences and razor wire in DC?  That is a perfect example of what I am talking about. That all serves to keep the common citizens away and so the elites all are safe as they plot and scheme to keep their power and all the while expand it.

Prior to the creation of the United States of America there had never been a ‘free’ society on earth.  Never had there been a society where the government was forbidden to usurp the rights of the citizens.  Prior to our inception nations were monarchies and despotic regimes or tribal societies which are in essence monarchies.  They all shared traits of leadership controlling the masses and therefore perpetuating their hold on power.  These leaderships could be somewhat benign or ruthless.  The people had little choice but to survive as they could within the framework of their nation-state.

America was founded as a free nation but yet today we see the erosion of our rights and the ever increasing size of the governing class who rule over us.  The notion of the government serving us is long gone these days.  We serve them by supporting their economic plans and paying taxes for programs and actions we disapprove of and yet, even when we win elections we cannot stop them completely.

Our enemy, therefore, is not the democrats but the constant growth of government and the lack of accountability of the elected classes to the people.  As I mentioned in my previous essay, we are fighting against greed and the hunger for power and our only hope of achieving our goals is to eliminate the corruption that exists in DC and our state capitals as well as even in our cities, towns and villages if need be.  How this would take place is a very good and yet, difficult to answer question.

You can add to this list of elites all the brainwashed true believers (citizens) who embrace socialism all the while saying, ‘It will be different this time’, ‘Our leaders will do it right this time’ while ignoring the human factors of greed, lust and envy that permeates our history and all of the leaders you can read about.  You cannot convince these drones that the failings will remain and they refuse to believe that an armed citizen is the best insurance against totalitarianism.  These drones are themselves as dangerous as the elites because they willingly surrender their rights that could otherwise protect them from an unjust government.

It is more than doubtful that any of the leadership in DC will allow a meaningful term limits legislation to be passed and all that would do is slow them down.  They, the socialists, are too well organized and funded to go quietly into the night and all this would accomplish if term limits were imposed is that they would run carbon copy candidates one after another to replace the last all with the same agenda goals in mind which are to disarm the populace so as to maintain complete control over society without ever the threat of being overthrown in a revolution.  They have read of the French Revolution inspired by America’s new found independence and the frequent use of the guillotine by the peasants as they exacted their revenge upon the higher classes for hundreds of years of economic and societal abuse.

If you understand that the enemy is not a political party  and that it is the hunger and quest for power and wealth by the political elite you then begin to understand why it is so damn difficult to advance a freedom loving agenda in our nation.  They have gone to great lengths to erode our freedom and are now in the process of trying to take our last means of resisting them away from us.  I am referring to the neutering of the Second Amendment and our freedom to keep and bear arms.

If this last essential freedom is rendered moot we are fairly well done for as a free nation.  They will crow about a safer and better place to be but in the end when the only ones holding a lethal weapon are the government in the form of its soldiers and law enforcement, you are not free.  You are a prisoner.

Once a person understands that we are fighting the oligarchs just as the founders fought the crown of England you begin  to see the reasons why bargaining and reasoning with the political class in DC is pointless.  We could not negotiate with the crown in 1775 just as we cannot change anything in 4 years of Trump because we are fighting not just the 535 elected representatives but also the entire bloated carcass of government agencies and officials in DC as well as our state capitals and our local communities.  At some time we will be forced to decide whether we stand as a united group of citizens who oppose any further erosion of our rights in any location within our nation regardless of what has already been enacted to suppress our rights or we will surrender our remaining freedoms piecemeal to an ever burgeoning corrupt leadership class that honestly cares more about staying in power than anything else. We need to restore our nations founding beliefs and reset the government to what it was intended to be: A citizen politician who serves one or two terms and goes home. We must end this class of political elites who have taken our rights away from us a piece at a time.

It is getting to the times when we will be asked to stand and defend the founding of our nation as it was intended.  Little else we will be able to do will make any more of a difference than our readiness to resist these oligarchs in DC who are ruling outside of the intent of the founders and who are conspiring to end the United States of America as it was founded, once and for all.

Understanding human behavior and how socialism is incompatible with it!!

While socialism has been a relatively new idea of perhaps 300-500 years what has been a constant throughout mankind’s history is the tendency of organized man to create monarchies and tyranny.

Consider that prior to the establishment of the American Nation there had been no nation, or organized group of mankind that had ever considered that the rights of man are bestowed upon the citizens by their creator or at birth if you prefer.  In all the history of man, limits were always placed on opportunities and freedoms of the vast majority of the citizenry based on the desires of the leader of their community.  In a monarchy you lived at the pleasure of the monarch.  If you were a noble man you have far more rights than the servant or lower classes.  For instance, a field worker could not decide to quit tending the fields and start a business because businesses were the sole province of the higher classes.  Likewise, you would never be able to move up the social stratum no matter how capable or resourceful you were.  Your fate was decided at your birthright based on the community, nation, tribe or otherwise you lived in.  It does not matter if you were in a tribe or a kingdom.  Before our revolution and freedom from England, no nation had ever embraced freedom so completely and to the purpose of reducing government power over the citizens within that nation.

The notion of shared assets and shared resources was novel and in all honesty flies in the face of basic human instinct.  People naturally seek to collect and protect their own property and resources and do not wish to share them based on any decisions other than their own.  To establish a governmental system of socialism may sound well and good but despite the great sales pitch the self centered nature of man will still exist and people will when the opportunity allows act for their selfish interests to the detriment of the socialist system.  In this way no socialist system has actually succeeded that has been tried no matter how determined or how idealistic the leadership was.

The leadership classes no matter what system is in place whether it is monarchy, tribal, totalitarian, or otherwise all seek to protect their power and control thus preventing upward mobility of the masses. In the process these leaders also claim an unfair portion of the pie in terms of resources and the bounty of the labors of the lower classes.  The government sees itself as being more important than the citizen and this is the core of our present problem here in the United States.  In the past prior to our revolution this was universally true. Those that control a government go to great pains to see to it they will always control the government. That seems especially true today with the current democrat party in DC as well as all of the deep state and too many of the republican party.

Historically, our Declaration of Independence was not just a statement of freedom but also a declaration of war. It served as well as the death warrant for all that signed the document and also all who fought to win our freedom.  Our timing was very critical in our success in winning our freedom. France was at war with England and had the majority of the British military tied up in the prosecution of that war.  Had we declared independence at a time when this was not the case it is more than likely we would have lost our bid for independence and we would remain today a satellite of the British Empire. I wonder if the founders who have dared such a dangerous act had this not been the case but that is a subject for another time.

After we won the war our founders set forth to create a government unlike any that had been on the earth previously.  They set forth to enshrine in our founding documents the guarantee of individual liberty from the government and any potential interference from the leaders and legislative bodies.  They knew of the corrupt nature of men in power and sought to create a system where these greedy people in power could not enslave the citizens of the United States of America by decree.  Quite obviously we have seen this notion be put to a severe test and especially so as of late.

The problem that our founders feared is real and they knew that if a greedy corrupt politician, bureaucrat or leader could they would do all they can to create a system in our nation where the powerful get more and more power and the average citizen in more and more in servitude to the government which is the opposite of what was intended.  Despite their best efforts we have fallen in the very trap they knew could befall us if our freedoms from excessive government controls were infringed.

Today we see people who use the phrases socialism and justice to rationalize the gradual stripping away of our rights as citizens of this nation as they were intended to be at the outset of our founding.  These politicians are corrupt, career types who will stop at nothing to ensure they remain in power and cannot be held in check by the people.  The latest election thievery is proof of their having accomplished their goals.  We are now facing the loss of our freedom of expression, and our freedom to keep and bear arms as well as the constant erosion of the security of our borders and the appurtenant risks to our health and safety within our own communities due to the lack of control over immigration and the illegal drug trade flourishing in the void of where our borders are not secure.

We are fast approaching a time where we will be forced to choose to defend our rights with whatever force and determination is required or to surrender them once and for all to the government thereby ending the unique and special nature that our nation had at its founding.  If we choose to fight we will see great opposition from the establishment founded by the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats in our capitals.  They stand to lose everything that they have illicitly gained by corrupting our system of governance.  This is the real problem we face because if it comes to a scenario where we will be facing the forces of the government aligned to stop us from being free Americans we will be required to not only subdue the armed forces aligned against us but also to deal with the corrupt individuals who have perverted our nation into what it has become today.  I say we will be forced to physically confront the government because even if we elect 10 Trumps in a row these power hungry weasels will still be lurking. You cannot leave a socialism loving politician to act freely within our nation and not expect that they will simply do what they did to us at present all over again.  This is testament to the corrupt nature of many and the greed that accompanies that. Sadly, we are well past that point of a political resolution of our problems. The deep state bureaucracy and the corrupt politicians are just too vast and there are too many of them to overcome in order to reset our nation to what it was intended to be.

Socialism has been proven to not work.  It may see as if it is a noble, fair, and caring way to run a society but in the end the ones who reap the benefits without doing their fair share of the work are the ones who support it the most.  This is why it is so easy to sell the notion of socialism to a bunch of people who for whatever reason feel that it is not fair to have to work for your own future and for people to be responsible for their decisions good or bad in their past.

In reality, the freedom to create and make for oneself a future that is better than it is at present is the great motivator that created the most prosperous nation in the world that our nation was up until recently.  People will not work as diligently or as efficiently if they are expected to give up a major portion of their earning solely so others who do not work as hard can have the same benefits and lifestyle.  That flies against human nature which is to do and act to improve your lot in life.  In contrast, a capitalistic system allows for upward mobility based on abilities and dedication of an individual as well as self fulfillment in the process.

Having been an employer at one time in my life I learned that people are inherently self centered and that if they do not have a need to produce they will not endeavor to do so.  They will seek acceptance of excuses in lieu of their performing their tasks fully and yet still expecting their salary.  This is more than enough for me to know that a socialist system will attempt to spread the wealth but will only succeed in increasing the number of people who for one reason or another did not produce as well as reducing normally productive people’s desire to produce. 

Ultimately, we cannot hope for an idealistic system to work that is predicated on people acting against inbred self centered human characteristics.  People will not act with a virtuous nature if their reward is to not be what they believe their efforts deserve.  In a socialist system you are not allowed to set your price for your labors and worse yet, you are expected to contribute to support others who do not produce as much value (if any at all)  per work period as you do. Eventually the system will collapse under its own weight of non-productiveness and bureaucracy.

Ultimately the only way to accept the basic human behaviors and allow for people to succeed and have freedom is to use a system that we already have but has been completely perverted by the left and the deep state.  You cannot expect people to surrender their freedoms, their fruits of their labors and their rights to free speech and self protection and create a society that will be successful.  It may seem that it is at the outset but eventually there will be an uprising.  This is because people know the difference between being a subject who is held accountable by the government system and a free person who holds their government accountable to them.  The government may try to purge every mention of freedom and the founding from our kids educations but truly freedom loving people will always make sure their descendants know of the special nature of our nation’s founding and why it was unique and a bright and shining light to all.

A quick historical note:  After the American Revolution and our success, the French staged a revolution and the people took over and held the bureaucracy and royalty as well as the aristocracy responsible for their centuries old subjugation and  proceeded to fire up the Guillotine in the center of Paris and kept it busy for quite some time.  They saw that the American people were free and they wanted to be free themselves.  They also wanted to ensure that the bureaucracy could not return.  Our leadership class might better take notes as they are creating a similar potential situation as occurred in the late 1700’s in France.

Our unique founding was a blessing created by men of vision who saw that the corrupt nature of leadership required limits and that a free people could be the happiest people and that any suppression of the people would create unfairness.  Even in light of this some people say our founding was flawed because it did not outright ban slavery but you have to recognize that our enshrined freedoms that people recognized and cherished were the motivations that led to the Civil War and the emancipation of all slaves.  Had our founders not been so determined to create a set of documents that would promote freedom over all else this would likely not have happened.  You can condemn the thinking of men almost 250 years ago but you have to admire their ability to see that the idea of a free people is a contagious one and it has spread not only throughout our nation but throughout the world as a result. Prior to the creation of our nation and our founding documents the idea of absolute personal freedom in a nation did not exist.

We are coming to a crossroads  and soon we will be forced to choose.  Will we remain the beacon of freedom for the rest of the world or will we surrender to the monarchical system that a highly controlling government presents?  I myself prefer freedom over that and as Patrick Henry so eloquently stated, ‘Give me Freedom or give me death!!!’.  I cannot agree more with that notion.