There are two Americas………. But not for much longer!

You would  have to be absolutely unconscious to not be aware of massive divide in our nation these days.  The left seems to think that they are right and the rest of us need to get with their program.  Then there is the right who say we do not need ‘your program’ and will not change without a fight.

Used to be that the two sides co-existed in some sort of truce like scenario where either would get the upper hand for a bit only to hand it back to the other side.  Each would make gains in what they call their agenda and when they went back into the minority most of their gains were lost or minimized.

Starting in the 80’s with Bush senior this all changed.  Why might you ask?

Normally when a president took office all of the political appointees submitted their resignations.  Bush 41 decided that was not necessary.  This process of political appointees to all the departments falling on their proverbial swords every party change had the effect of keeping the bureaucracy somewhat neutral. With the policy of Bush 41 this changed.  Mind you, Obama demanded the resignation of every republican appointee upon taking office.  So there goes a ‘nobler’ more intelligent way of leading as embraced by the deep staters Bush both 41 and 43.

Worse yet, the process of making a political appointee a permanent government employee was made significantly easier over the years allowing a gradual shift of the supposedly neutral government bureaucracy towards the left.  This more than many other aspects of our government and its laws and policies has had far more to do with the creeping socialism that is infesting our society.

Bush 43’s ‘No Child Left Behind’ program sounded like a good idea until you realize that the nationally required standards that all students must meet is so skewed to the left and away from traditional American values and concepts that we have seen the acceleration of this shift not only in government but now in the products of our grade schools.  This is the current problem we face as the ‘State’ (government mandated curriculum) has created a bunch of socialist wannabes with our kids who are now of voting age and they provide a huge block of support for our left wing opponents.

So, on our side today we have the traditionalist, self sustaining, gun loving, hard working home schooling families and individuals who are facing the juggernaut of the left who have not only coerced a generation of two of our children but also have infested and taken over corporate America and the media in practically every form it exists. 

Our solution is as simple to see as it can be and yet, to implement it is hard. VERY HARD.

Simply put,

We must drive the socialists out of our nation.  Out of power.  Out of the bureaucracy.  Out of the corporations and media.  Drive them back to Europe and the corporate cabals that exist there.  This sounds easy but doing so is anything but.

We could vote them out but……..We could win every election for the next 50 years and still be faced with what Rush Limbaugh called ‘Long-Haired, Maggot Infested, Dope-Smoking FM Rock ‘N’ Roller Types’ still inhabiting a sizeable portion of the bureaucracy and school faculties just aching to start the process all over again.  The problem we face is that Socialism promises free lunch and free everything else to the masses and this appeals to those who have not learned to take care of themselves (or refuse to). Socialism promises to be fairer but is anything but fair.  You can look at historical predecent to see where every time socialism has been implemented it has done more to impoverish the citizens than anything else.

This is the elemental difference.  Who made you successful?  The person you are…. or the nation? If you are like me it was your hard work and your actions and decisions that brought you to where you are.

So, if we cannot destroy the enemy in the form of socialism in the voting booths how do we at a very minimum:

Force them to leave us alone? 

Better yet,

Eliminate them from our society.

The answer to this falls onto those who read this and are compelled because of our present circumstances to ask themselves the same questions. 

How far are you willing to go to preserve the nation you have grown to love?  What cost are you willing to pay?  How deeply do you love the Bill of Rights and are you willing to surrender any of them to the left wing mob?

Our problem is we ‘Conservative Americans’ are by nature, polite, respectful and tolerant of others not like ourselves.  As such, we are the best that America has ever made because we embody all of the virtues of being an American our founders embraced. 

As a result of our ‘politeness’ the left has become expert at playing us like a bunch of saps all the while advancing their agenda a piece at a time knowing we will smile, maybe complain but otherwise keep to ourselves and go on with our lives too busy working to support our families and pay our bills. Mind you, all the we are paying the taxes to support give away programs of the left. 

As a example in contrast of our placid compliance, all Trump had to do is say something in jest that offended the liberal agenda and thousands of left wing supporters all march and riot and destroy private property in complaint.  Definitely not respectful Americans I might add.

Does this mean we should do the same?  Well, no.  It is not our nature to harm other people’s property or to inconvenience them.  If we did as we did when we marched unarmed on the capitol on the 6th of January without burning and pillaging, we were called ‘Insurrectionists’ and ‘Murderers’. This in regards to the 6th, even though to the best of my ability no one died as a result of the actions of a Deplorable America Loving Patriot.  Unfortunately 5 people died but the only one who died of an aggressive act was Ashley Babbitt who was shot by a still unnamed capitol police officer and for what reason we still do not know.

No, any action we take that would resemble those of the left would be labelled traitorous and we would be hunted down and locked up en masse’ for daring take any overt action to protest for our cause against the left wing deep state cabal.

Sadly, our situation has been narrowed to such an extent that we truthfully have only one choice to preserve the original nature and promise of our United States of America.  It is to insist that our rights be protected and that our beliefs and values remain un-fettered by unreasonable laws and excessive regulations.  It is to take a stand, not unlike the one at the Bundy ranch.  It is to be prepared to stand our ground, unflinching and unwilling to back up an inch. 

It is not wrong to protect your rights and property.

It is not wrong to want your children and grandchildren to grow up in a nation that offers as much opportunity as it did you.  

It is not wrong to be proud of your nation and its heritage and to teach that to your children. 

It is not wrong to stand and be prepared to protect the Flag, the Constitution and Bill of Rights along with the promise of the Declaration of Independence.

What is wrong is to accept that any of these are bad or should be changed. 

It is wrong to accept that we must change. 

It is wrong to allow any of these things to be changed.

The hard choices are upon us and we will be forced by others to make a choice as to how to react to the next unbearable act that our enemy of our freedom wishes to impose upon us. Be it the doddering senile man who is currently installed as president (illegitimately in my opinion)  or one of his ‘minions’ who issues the next edict designed to eviscerate our rights further we must make a decision when and where we will draw an unmovable line in the sand that no man or government will be able to erase or cross. 

We must present ourselves and our beliefs as being unwavering and undeniable by anyone.  We must do so with purpose and resolve and with the understanding that we will not back down.  We must do this as a large and unified block of citizens who stand together with one intent.

We must not use force unless we are duly provoked.  However, if the state, using whatever agency or department that it choose, seeks to suppress us with force it will be time to demonstrate that we will not be driven into that dark night that is the hell that Europe is becoming by allowing the policies of underachievers, religious zealots and lay-abouts become the law of our land. 

America was built by hard industrious, creative, compassionate and dedicated citizens all to build a better society.  These Founders resolved that in order to be a free and fair and just society we were forced to declare our independence from the Crown and be prepared to fight, to the death if need be, to preserve our freedoms.

We must uphold our heritage and emulate our founders in our resolve.  To do less is to surrender our nation to the socialist cabal that wants to impose soft fascism upon the world.

3 thoughts on “There are two Americas………. But not for much longer!”

  1. What has descended upon this land is mass psychosis not all that different from lemmings rushing towards the cliff. As a result, we’ve become strangers in our own land. Our logic and very existence are proof of our sin and our allies have been likewise neutered. The religious right cannot even comprehend what has happened let alone respond with strength. And likewise, the deplorables in flyover country do not understand what has happened. And should any of us succeed, or prosper, let alone act, it will only be taken as proof of our sin and justification for the state to use excessive force.

    If there is a solution it is not part of our current toolbox – it is something that we will have to create. And like the way we’ve been blindsided, a solution first and foremost needs to blindside our enemy yet still be beyond reproach. Perhaps Mr. Smith can offer some suggestions.


  2. You are correct that we are strangers in our own land. This is the intention of those set to take over and drive us out. Our solution is that we must coalesce around a leadership who can coordinate our passions and our love of our nation. The difficult part will be when the time of sacrifice is upon us and we will be asked as our forebears had been in 1776 to risk our lives and our possessions in an attempt to secure freedom and liberty once more.


  3. If you over-react, you could become the very problem you’re fighting. Nothing happens over-night. As I look back, though I grew up when America was still number one educationally in the world, I can see propaganda and the use of the media to alter behaviors. The founding fathers provided the U.S. Constitution, but it’s the people that make it work. As such, life is always in transition. Like one friend said, you’re either getting better or worse. There’s no standing still. You communicate, you learn, research, and share. You struggle to inform, work, provide for your family. And you keep going, hoping what we do today helps the next generation. But it’s not about you or me. It’s what we do each day: all of us.


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