Riots, occupations and oppression of the conservatives.

I am sure you both have noticed the elevated agitation that is the current state of affairs for the nation. There is more hatred ginned up at present than should be. While I cannot argue that the death of George Floyd is a travesty and unnecessary, I do believe the response of the din-du-nuffins is way beyond the circumstances. I have mentioned before that the pent up frustration of being cooped up at home is fueling some of this and I also believe that the left and Antifa are seeing an opportunity to disrupt society and are making the best of it. I would imagine the three of us could opine for a while on these issues.

My concern (beyond my own safety) is one that is more oriented towards the possible usurpation of our election process if this constant barrage of unrest and demonstrations carry on into November. If we, the right, lose this election you can expect that they left will follow through on their promises to ‘disarm’ the nation as it is necessary for their implementation of systemic socialistic policies that none of us will accept willingly. We can all make statements like from my cold dead fingers and the like but reality is that they (Soros funded and managed) politicians and activists are much farther ahead than we might want to admit.  They would welcome our holding fast to that proposition all the way to our gravesides if necessary.

The SCOTUS refusing to hear appeals of several anti gun regulations and laws is beyond troubling as it indicates that even with 2 new pics on the court by Trump, we are not represented as far as our ‘Original intent’ beliefs go in regards to the second amendment. The current ruling interpreting a law passed in 1964 to include new age ‘gender’ definitions as being ‘protected’ by the law maker’s original intent is a slap in the face as you compare the over reach in that case against the unwillingness to protect our rights under the Second Amendment. Both rulings are pure politics and have nothing to do with interpreting law by the words that were passed. It is frustrating.

To be honest, I thought it was the end of times when Obama came into office and while it seems impossible, it actually seems worse now. Before I feared Obama and his minions. Now, I see that we need to fear the rabble-rousers too as they seem to be immune from any legal liability if they torch stores or injure others. While I do not foresee a march through my home town of leftists wanting to take on those of us who are conservatives and libertarians, I see the impact of their activities elsewhere having effects here via the convenient rubber stamp of liberal lawmakers. They would love to ban all sorts of firearms if they could.  Anything that they can do to isolate and further suppress the rural conservatives is definitely on their agenda.

I lived through the summer of 68 and it was a tumultuous period in our history and it seems we are going to have another one worse than that. We can laugh at the inane statements of the leaders of ‘CHAZ’ or ‘CHOP’ or whatever that 6 block area in Seattle is called at this moment but the thing is that the people doing that have millions of allies in the 20 something to 40 something crowds who all are brainwashed and do not know or understand what this nation was, should be and could be. All they have been told is that anyone who is not like them are racists and that includes all of us. We are to be dealt with and not to be tolerated.

While my life style is not under assault I can see the writing on the wall if we give much more ground to the left. When the rights of individuals are sacrificed for the good of the whole you will have lost your freedom and your heritage.

When I was young, I took my freedom for granted. I did not consider the large scale effects of any actions of the government that I noticed and my point of view at the time was very small. Only after being in business interacting with various agencies and departments did I see the reality of what bigger government really means. Now, I see every new law, regulation and requirement as being an intrusion upon my freedoms and right to choose. A large scale example of our giving up our right to choose is this Covid19 scam that we are still enmeshed in. Mandatory masks. No gatherings. No events or concerts. Government mandating isolation for people who are simply exposed to a virus and not actually ill. We all accepted this without a complaint or at least an official one. Now our food supply is all messed up and will be for the foreseeable future and we are not done with government controls over us for Covid19. The CDC is threatening another round of infectious outbreaks which they can create with their faulty accounting of the people ill or who have died along with bogus studies to create higher degrees of panic. This is all very unacceptable to me to be quite honest and yet, I can do nothing to stop the insanity including being forced to wear a stupid noneffective mask if I want to buy food.

Sorry to rant. I just see bad things and no one is standing up to the left wing leaders and telling them they are wrong. Everyone is so ‘politically correct’ it makes me sick. I can see why some people do make a stand if only because they cannot take any more of this socialist meddling. Problem is we, as a society, punish those who do not conform. Elder people are warehoused after they are deemed incompetent even if they make more sense than any politician.