The Future…Things that I believe will come to pass

You would have to be oblivious to everything to not see the unrest in the nation both overt and unstated. We see active protests in various cities from the likes of BLM and ANTIFA who are merely the latest agents of the socialist left provocateurs. Their activists have had many names but their goal has remained as originally defined when the communists promised to bury us. They wish to destroy the US as founded and institute their version of socialist utopia which in reality is simply a new form of discrimination where the government chooses the winners and losers or rather, the leadership elite get to do this. We see these activities for what they are. I say ‘we’ referring to patriotic and founding loving Americans. While the left wishes to usurp our form of governance, I believe that when things get close to the left achieving their goal a great movement of patriotic Americans will rise up and thrash them royally. You cannot keep poking the bear that is our love of freedom and not get a reaction. As long as we are an armed citizenry the left cannot prevail and they know this.

My concerns are not about stopping the socialists. In actuality while the process of stopping them will be bloody it will be quick and direct and they will crumble once they meet the might of the patriotic Deplorable nation. You see, winning elections will not restore our nation to its founding roots. It will take a cleansing in order to root out the anarchists and the revolutionaries who want to see us become the United Socialist States of America. This cleansing will be one of intense violence as the forces that love our founding and freedoms root out the infiltrators and the traitors. We know about these people and what they want to do. We can fight them directly and eliminate them rather quickly. No, my concerns are about what comes after that.

Obviously there will be a sincere effort put forth to restore the full meaning and purpose of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. As simple in principle this sounds, the actual execution will be quite problematic and fraught with peril. Keep in mind that once the left is defeated and their soldiers on the field are routed, there will remain a huge colony within our population of left minded socialist wannabes who will be waiting to start yet anew in their efforts to conquer our nation from within using the tools of freedom and free governance against us.

Included in those left wing ranks will be the schemers and plotters of the socialist movement who have rarely been seen in the light of day. These people are chess masters who use others to accomplish their goals of attaining and holding power. History shows that the socialists have used the unrest and recent revolts in many nations to their advantage repeatedly in the past. Pretty much every ‘communist’ nation we know of arose out of the ashes of recent democratic revolt. They allow patriots to oust an illegitimate regime only to oust the patriots once the peace is secured and then they institute their version of socialism which in effect is totalitarianism.

The problem we face as citizens, even as patriotic citizens, is that while we most likely can be a viable and successful fighting force, few of us are the kind of strategists needed to ensure we survive the peace that follows such an event as a civil war or revolution. Having great intentions is not enough. Understanding the scenario and the risks as well as how to quickly and with fairness establish a viable and functioning republic without falling victim to either self imposed paranoia or outside threats is a task of a high order. To ensure that our nation is allowed to rebuild an impartial system of justice we will be faced with removing thousands of people from government who by their actions or lack of action have abetted the left in their current conquest of our nation. This will be emotional, tedious and difficult work that many will not have the stomach for. In this process we must be careful to not allow imposters to take positions of authority in pursuit of a ‘new nation’ who actually seek to infiltrate our government before it starts again with socialist communist sympathizers who will initiate the seeds of our future defeat while we rebuild. This process will be very tumultuous and as difficult as it was in 1783, imagine how it dramatic and fraught with controversy it will be today with the media we currently have along with the social platforms all pushing their own agendas.

As much as we may compare ourselves to the founders we are not made of the same material. These leaders after the revolution could have established a very powerful and centralized government benefiting themselves most of all and yet, they did not do this. Their aim was to create a central government that was powerful enough to protect the nation, preserve the peace and yet be just strong enough to do that and no more. These days, our technology and communications provide a fertile ground for despots in waiting who would leap at the chance to empower themselves and their cronies all supposedly for the public good but in reality more focused on their protection and preservation of their power. In essence I am saying we do not have the virtue our founders did and we need to be mindful of this.

So, the great risk we face is not the socialists at present. It is the time of uncertainty that would surely follow a period of great civil unrest and upheaval. As I view the future honestly I do not fear for my freedoms because I am one of millions who will not allow them to be taken away, nor will we tolerate any more erosion on them. We will stand and fight and drive the controlling socialists from our midst. It is in that unknown beyond that time that I see we being our time of real trial where our hopes and desires will be put to task. Those days will be the true test of our resolve to re-establish a truly free nation upon this earth and we will be challenged to do so in a way that has the permanence of our original founding.

We do not have a political party. The republicans have abandoned us.

Where did they go? The republicans? You know, the party from the Reagan era?

It is bad enough we are enduring this Kung Flu epidemic and then you add in the massive voter fraud of the 2020 election. Now, when the people who gathered and elected Trump and then re-elected President Trump only to see the election stolen right from under our noses, why hasn’t the republican party said a meaningful word about this?

It is patently obvious that our national political scene is as follows:

Democrats. We know who they are and they want socialism and hate guns and the flag. I could go on but anyone who is not a democrat knows exactly what I am talking about.

Republicans. These used to be conservative, NRA supporting, individual rights supporting people but now should be labelled instead: ‘Democrat Lite’.

We deplorables do not have a national party. I am talking about Trump supporters. We conservative Traditional Americans do not have a national representation anywhere other than our President. It is obvious that once the left (including the republicans) get rid of Trump, we are next. We are to be subjugated and forced to conform to their globalist agenda.

They are serious about getting rid of guns. They are serious about curbing free speech everywhere. They are serious about the new green deal and the massive changes and increased cost of living that will cause. They are serious about flooding this nation with illiterate refuges from all over the world. They are serious about banning any expressions of Christianity anywhere private or public.

The incoming leadership (if Trump cannot prevail) is determined to end our nation as it was founded and create a new socialist utopia where the government and its massive civil service cadre will rule this nation with an iron fist of complicated regulations and prohibitions.

We ‘Dirt People’ are under a serious and deadly attack. We will see our lives altered permanently and in ways that will suppress our faith and love of country and tradition. Our children will be force fed socialist dogma in propaganda sessions in what used to be free public schools where we learned about our heritage and founding. Our kids and grand-kids will be taught that freedom is bad and that they should always trust the government. The exact opposite of what we knew was the truth when we were young.

So, what are we to do? The notion of taking the republican party back seems unlikely due to the massive corruption of the members of the higher echelons who are as deeply in bed with the global elitists as all the democrats are.

We could form a new political party and this would be a way of reinforcing our beliefs and members but as a potent political force this is a non starter. Our history shows that third parties do not generally succeed and are marginalized rather quickly. Our political system used to exist of two parties divided on differing opinions over interpretations of the Constitution and our Bill of Rights. This is how it was in the past but these days we see that they differ more on how to milk the system and the people of more and more of their money. A third party has no way to compete economically in the national political arena.

I do know a few things that are for certain.

One, we are not going anywhere. We will not surrender our rights or our freedoms. We will not go quietly into the night as they would prefer we do. We will stand together and resist the draconian changes that are in store for us in the future. We will stand together to fight against the tyranny of the state and its massive power that by no reasonable thinking it should have. We will resist the will of socialists and their plans for our future.

We must remember that we are alone in this fight. President Trump, if he is not confirmed for a second term, will be ostracized and isolated by the press and the political parties. If he is seated for a second term we will still be on our own aside from his concerns for us. The system is aligned against us completely and no president can change that in one term.

Our nation was founded and sustained by people taking care of themselves and we must remember that. We must work to solve our own problems and the problems that the government creates.

We must be prepared to fight and defend our way of life and our freedom. We must keep in mind the four boxes of freedom as they pertain to our liberty.

The Soap box where our ideas and beliefs are offered in our discussions including politics.

The Ballot box where we can elect our choice for president.

The Jury box where those who act to usurp the rights of the people and the processes that exist to protect those rights.

Lastly, the Ammo box because when the first three are used and tyranny still exists, all that is left for a free people to defend themselves is the ammo box.

Violence is normally not the answer to solving problems but when tyrants co-opt the power of government to their own selfish purposes, rebellion and demonstrating our dissatisfaction with their actions and the state of the union is the only way to defeat them and restore the rule of law and the Constitution in our nation.

Many have written of the coming Civil War. I believe with the actions of the government and the global elitists that it has become inevitable and it is now a question of when and how it will start. As long as there are freedom loving patriots we must band together and be ready to fight to restore our nation to the long lost bastion of freedom that it was and should always be.

The left and class warfare

With the death of George Floyd while in custody of Minneapolis Police we have seen outrage from all quarters.  I do not think anyone who has seen the 8 minute and 46 seconds where an officer has his knee on Floyd’s neck would disagree with the idea that Floyd’s death was wrong, avoidable and criminal.   What has arisen from this besides an almost universal disdain for the actions of the police in this matter is an opportunity for Antifa and other factions to take to the streets and riot and pillage and destroy public and private property without any regard to the losses or the injuries and lives they take in the process.

In my mind, this movement to riot and act violently is being prodded by the left and by a few very well funded below the radar organizations who are benefactors of the new world order types (Soros, Gates etal).  They see this as a chance to split our society even further into classes of good people; i.e. progressives and liberals leaning socialist and bad people; i.e. Conservatives, republicans and those who support Trump who need to be destroyed.

The election in November 2020 is critical to the advancement of the left wing agenda and if Trump is re-elected there is a possibility that more of their clandestine activities of anti-American actions will be exposed.  This is in reference to the coup attempt that was started against President Trump from before the election of November 2016 to just recently where it all was blown up and exposed to be at the behest of Obama and his administration.

Our society is deeply divided due to many reasons from biased news reporting along with a biased education in our public schools to social bribery with welfare and giveaway programs to indoctrination in our high learning institutions where citizens become convinced of the invalidity of the United States as we were founded.  These people who are convinced of the faults of the founding of our nation will act willingly to weaken and destroy our foundations of our nation’s strength and heritage.  The war on our Christian heritage along with the black listing of many of our historic leaders from before and after the Civil War has made being a ‘Patriot’ of the classic sense unpopular to huge swaths of society.

As we see cities burning during this unrest we are still locked down fighting an imaginary virus that obviously is not the deadly contagion it was purported to be or at least not as dangerous and the rioters have been towards their fellow citizens and the police.  Our nation has been put in this situation by both acts of intention with the Covid19 and actions of poor judgement bordering on criminality by lone police officers who have provided a convenient excuse for the radical among us to lash out and disrupt our lives even more.

I believe that we are denied honest news reporting and we are bombarded by left wing politicians with lies and innuendo that all are part of this war on our nation.  As I described this is a class war being fomented solely to overturn our nation as founded to allow the globalists to reshape our nation as a Euro-styled socialist society with top down controls led by the elites who are the movers and shakers behind what we have experienced for the last 2 and a half months as well as the rioting of the last few days.

Our only hope is to hold the line and take back our schools and promote our ideals and heritage as often as possible along with working to win ever election as if we do not we will resume the head long fall into our demise.  This is not an easy path but anything worth keeping is worth fighting for.  Better to fight the fight than to surrender to the likes of George Soros and Bill Gates as well as the globalist elites who will never live the lives they wish to force us to.

From Nuclear Family to the Woke generation. How did we get here?

At the founding and for about 200 years, life was determined for pretty much everyone as a relationship based on needs. At the outset, if a person wanted to survive past adolescence it was necessary to form some sort of dependent relationship with someone. Yes, there were independents who chose to live alone and they all represent a small proportion of the society as a whole. If you look at the main stream this relationship was marriage and the family.   The nation grew and flourished with this traditional form of society dominating the society.

The seeds of the situation we find ourselves in today were sown as the concept of ‘media’ came of age. Starting with newspapers and evolving into radio and ultimately to where we are today, the gradual idea of living independently grew and grew. While not a specific type of strategy or attack was in motion, nonetheless the valid arguments for traditional family were being peeled away like the layers of an onion.

The things we saw starting in the sixties, burning bras, women’s lib, the sexual revolution, gay and lesbian relationships and in our present times the gender factions are all symptoms of the ongoing notion of personal freedom that was initiated some 100 years ago. It is the ability to gain knowledge and identify with lifestyles other than the historic types that have spurred the erosion of our society.  In many ways this parallels any of the former cultures that flourished and then fell apart.  As society developed the very things that created the society fell away one at a time until what was left was untenable.

The effect is the virtual elimination of the need for a classic nuclear family in order to survive. This is due to the push within society to eliminate that need. i.e.  Various programs that support single parenthood. The acceptance of children into society who are not from a married couple along with the removal of the social taboo on divorce have further watered down the classic American family.

What is unfortunate is that while marriage is still a very common builder of family units, it seems that media and society’s activists all think that the ‘new family’ types deserve more support. In these days the nuclear family enjoys little advantage over single parent households as far as emotional and resource support. If anything, the concept of ‘single mothers’ has become a rallying cry for dozens of programs aimed at making the lifestyle of being a single parent easier and also with more comparable perks as compared to the nuclear family that we knew in the 50’s and 60’s.

The answer is to find some way to make the classic family unit more desirable. The idea of throwaway relationships has to end and people need to learn to find ways to work together to make the family unit flourish and be a desirable place in life to be.  People have to learn to make relationships work and that the respect that exists within the family extends outward into the society around them.  The need to learn that the long term benefit of a family setting is worth the effort.

In the bigger picture this issue is very similar to guns and the push for gun control as well as the condemnation of Christianity.   There are few models in society that portray these as being enjoyable or respectable. All too often the family is shown in a negative and abusive light. The same is said for firearms and gun ownership.   Christianity and its incumbent moral values are also depicted as old fashioned and negative not deserving respect or acknowledgement.

Imagine a nuclear family based sitcom, located in the heartland, where the the dad or both the dad and mom take their kids to the shooting range or their safe place to shoot and then show them exercising the safety and respect for the firearms that the left ignores; The same family going to church on Sunday and the values they have are reinforced by their experience. In these cases, the family, firearm ownership and Christianity are all shown in a positive light.

Well, I can imagine it but it will never happen. It does not fit the mantra of the activist left who have taken advantage of this erosion of American families to push their agenda. They, the left, did not start the erosion but they are taking advantage of it while they can.  Like all separatist movements, they seek fractures in society and exploit them to suit their own agenda which in this case is to attain power, control and wealth.

The only way that these values can be promoted is by living them and demonstrating to society that the nuclear family and the traditional values of America are valid and worthy pursuits and the the fruit of those values is worth leaving the ‘self gratification’ movement behind. Portraying the rearing of children and living a family lifestyle as being enjoyable in spite of the notion that a large portion of society tends to think that children and older values are a burden. Only by setting the example can we gain any foothold in today’s ‘woke’ ‘me too’ younger generations.

Gun Control Storm watching

I have Blogged before mentioning a coming apocalypse. I am referring to the second civil war we are likely facing.

If you live in a coastal area you pay close attention to the weather and the trends that are developing because your life and property are at risk.

If you live up north and there is a sleet storm, you might opt to stay in instead of venturing out in a car and risking getting injured or worse.

If you live in an area prone to wildfires, you pay close attention to the weather and the status of any fires that could threaten your safety and home.

All three of these are acts of observation, analysis and action.

I am watching the storm that is national politics concerned about the possibility that I could be harmed and my possessions taken away if things go a certain way.

I know that there is a slippery slope out there and it behooves me to be cautious about jumping right into the fray as I could be hurt or I could lose my property or see it rendered unusable.

I see a fire burning already in several states and I am in one of those states and I am extremely concerned about getting burned or my properly and rights being consumed by this fire.

The storm, weather and fire are the national debate over people’s rights and the preservation of same. Only an idiot would ignore these and this idiot would ignore them because they are oblivious to the impact any further restrictions upon speech and gun ownership would have on the real ‘Freedoms’ we have.

I will also add, I do not want to see any conflict arise as I am well aware of the potential for harm that such a conflict might cause. I am not eager to prove anything to anybody but will respond if provoked.

Our nation is at a turning point that is more than reminiscent of the election of 1860 and the national debate that was raging at that time. 600,000 people died as a result of that disagreement with both sides unwilling to compromise to gain a mutually agreeable solution.

Our present national debate is seemingly as polarized as it was 159 years ago. There is a huge difference, however, in the nature of the debate. In the present the faction that feels that it is being oppressed is not enslaving or otherwise harming anyone. They are peaceful, responsible and moral people who are demanding their rights of liberty as defined in the Bill of Rights be respected.

They are opposed by a group of people who insist that their vision of how our rights should be limited because of random acts of people who are not mentally stable or normal.  They continue to justify their positions even though the people being oppressed have done NOTHING to deserve any restriction of their rights. In many states where this fire is already raging there has been a total lack of desire of the political elites in power to seek the opinions of those who they are affecting negatively with their restrictive actions.

ALL Americans are entitled to due process with the apparent exception of when the liberal socialists want to take away your rights.

Think about that. Has there been any discussions with the law abiding citizens regarding the left’s desire to take away or seriously modify their rights. In a word: NO.  We are insulted and described as Nazis and Fascists and many other derogatory and disparaging terms that are used without any merit.

Being disenfranchised is more than losing your voting privileges. It is a total disregard of your rights as defined in our founding documents. Such was the genesis of the Civil War, and such it will be if this continues into our immediate future.  In essence, the lack of an intelligent discussion and the rampant disrespect of our rights as citizens is tantamount to being Disenfranchised.

In this game of politics the left is either going to propagate a war or they will back off of their desires to terminate the rights of legal, law abiding and morally correct US Citizens.

Keep a weather eye on this continuing storm as it may grow into one that the left has no idea how big it will be and it is wise to be ready for anything.