The US Government relies on the cooperation of the masses.

The federal government is one bad executive order or legislation act away from open revolt.

They know it.

They know that a huge and very well armed portion of the population is not happy at all with the status quo and the deep state rule. 75 million voters that translates into about 150 million people counting non voting family of those voters.

The only power they state holds over us is that we Willingly cooperate.

In order for their power to exist, we are to cooperate and only if we do can they govern. This is a vital piece of information that we must not forget. They can only rule over us if we allow them to. Only if we cooperate can their policies move forward. If we en masse’ refuse to participate in some new program or policy they are powerless to stop us.

Yes, they can force small groups to abide with unpopular orders but if a group of citizens the size of which went to DC on the 6th of January had any desire to physically remove the government they could and there is nothing that could be done to stop them short of the powers that be ordering thousands of troops to fire upon them. I would add that in saying government I am talking about the corrupt politicians, A group of 200,000 Americans who are armed and unwilling to cooperate is an army…not a bunch of insurrectionists.

The divide in the nation at present makes the divide during the Vietnam war look like a child’s game. The differences in the situation are vast. Back in the 60’s if someone did not want to go to war they could refuse. They could go to Canada. They could do many things to avoid compliance.

Our government has gone from one that serves at the consent of the people to one that is a huge bureaucracy of bloated departments of civil servants who are more concerned about control and avoiding dealing with the average citizen who they despise. It is self serving and therefore unconcerned about our cooperation at least up until recently.

In our present time, the government is not waging an illegal or unreasonable war upon an enemy state. They are waging a war upon the people that disagree with them with the stated intent of forcing them to either conform or be eliminated. Don’t believe me just look at the statements about re-education camps and feeding MAGA children into wood chippers. Do a search these will come up all too often spoken by government supporters and other left wing radicals.

No, the result of Donald Trump being elected in 2016 and the subsequent actions that they made to try to depose him is that the dividing line in our society has been made glaringly clear. You are either a supporter of government socialism and globalism (deep state) or you are an ‘insurrectionist’.

In the past it was a political argument over policies. Not anymore. Now it is about accepting and following government orders and policies without question. Anyone who does not comply is to be punished. Anyone who criticizes the government is to be punished. Worse yet, anyone who exposes the government corruption is to be destroyed. Censorship, loss of employment and social privileges. Banishment if possible with public humiliation as one of the major tools of enforcement.

As a proud insurrectionist I say I will not comply. I will not go quietly into that dark night. I am more than capable or refusing and with force if need be. I also know I am not alone in my beliefs and I am speaking both nationally and also locally. I have allies in my immediate area that would rally to my aid if the government decided to make an example of me, and the same is true for anyone i know and trust. Don’t even try it.

So, To make my answer crystal clear…. I will not follow the diktats of a corrupt and unjust government set to deny me my rights and freedoms.

Bring it on if you dare

HR127 and the Globalists in our government

In the seemingly never ending rage of overreach the left has tipped its hand as far as the ultimate goals they seek. There is only one reason to create a database of firearms and it has nothing to do with public safety.

Why would they want a database? The existence of such a resource would do nothing to prevent crime. Nothing to prevent gun violence. Nothing to improve safety of gun ownership.

The fact is that aside from crimes committed in a few cities by largely illegally obtained firearms we do not have a gun violence problem. We have a mishandling of statistics problem. If the left was willing to isolate the inner city gun violence in a few metropolitan areas from our national numbers they would not have any case to use to promote draconian laws such as HR127 proposed by the ‘worst person in congress to work for’ as voted by staffers in the name of Rep. Sheila Jackson Leigh. She is purportedly a lawyer but in my mind is probably the dumbest orator in the democrat party.

So, HR127 would do nothing to make neighborhoods safer nor would it decrease gun violence in the home. It would not remove firearms from the hands of gang bangers and it would not take them from drug lords. Those people who live outside the law do not worry about registration or legally owning said firearms. Only legally owned firearms and already law abiding firearms owners would be subject to the terms of HR127.

What the proposed law would do is make confiscation very simple for the government. To be honest, I fear that the paper work we already fill out for purchases of firearms (and now in some states ammunition too) is already assembled into a database and if my suspicions are correct the legally owned firearms are already cataloged and known to the government. So forcing people to add those ‘legacy’ firearms to the list merely completes the process of inventory before the confiscation can begin in earnest. I say confiscation because only a government that has the intent of ruling AGAINST THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE would need to disarm the populace in order to maintain control of society and prevent an uprising that could succeed in ousting sitting corrupt politicians.

You add the hyperbole that is circling around the events of January 6th and put those remarks with the intent of HR127 and it is plain for all to see that the government has plans for us we are not going to like. They have gone out of their way to marginalize any supporter of Trump who stood for freedom more than anything else. We are the primary targets of this proposed law.

We have been approaching this point in our nation for many years and it has been predicted by many political experts as being the end goal of the globalist socialists in our government. Now, this time is upon us and if any aspect of this proposal gets moved into law we will need to make the choice of whether we sit back and allow the ‘death by a thousand cuts’ tear our rights away from us and turn us from being free people into slaves to the government or we plant our feet firmly on the Constitution and Bill of Rights and say NO.

It is painfully obvious that we will be forced to move as a unified group and be willing to forcefully say to our elected officials, “NO!!!!! You have gone too far!!!! Now we will reset our nation back to the form it was with the liberties promised when it was founded.”

To do anything else is to surrender to the greed and power hungry elitists who have been scheming to take over our nation since its founding. You cannot bargain with tyrants. History bears me out on this.

Politicians are necessary but should never be allowed to act as anything other than representatives of the people. Term Limits are needed to keep the likes of Schumer and Pelosi from have decades to plot and scheme to destroy our nation. That phrase:


scares the living daylights out of all corrupt career politicians…..

It is not a Political Struggle any longer…….

HR127 is a symptom of a larger problem and it is not a political one. It is the opening salvo of a long range plan on the part of the socialists to complete the takeover of our nation and the complete subjugation of the population.

Those of us who are advocates of the Second Amendment and unfettered rights emanating from all of the Bill of Rights and our laws are unified and represent a substantial block in our nation. We are 75 million voters who in actuality represent at least 150 million people including ourselves. As such, we are despised as citizens by the socialist left. Our values and beliefs are ridiculed. Our love of our nation is mocked. Our religious beliefs are also mocked. Our embrace of patriotism is laughed at. In short we are not respected AT ALL!!!!

We are no longer engaged in a political battle. A political battle requires a modicum of respect for the opposition. There is no respect for us by any of the politicians in DC for the most part. This includes many of the republicans there who are deep state members of the swamp. No, this battle is now one of survival.

The left means to destroy us. If they cannot change our mindsets they will endeavor to marginalize our way of life and our values until we are not considered citizens deserving any respect or representation. This is because our very existence threatens their plans to supplant our founding documents and traditions with a globalist manifesto of tyrannical socialism. We are in their way and must be dealt with.

Any law they propose that would restrict our Second Amendment rights is not designed to control firearms but is actually an attempt to goad us into a reaction that they can use to justify locking us up. Taking our kids away. Denying us any civil liberties.

We are called Deplorables and a host of other negative stereotypes. We are Bitter Clingers. We are red neck, racists, homo-phobes, and a myriad of other negative descriptors all intended to denote our being a lessor form of life and not deserving any respect or rights. This is exactly what Hitler did to the Jews in the 1930’s. He denigrated them and then denied their rights and ultimately tried to extinguish them. The way is being prepared to do the same to us.

While I see no imminent plans on the part of the left to act with violence to suppress us it is as plain as the nose on your face that we are to be ostracized and demonized as much as possible to negate our impact as a political force in our nation. We are called insurrectionists because we believe the election was not on the up and up. We are considered to be prone to violence even though we have not carried on in any manner that would deserve such a reputation.

We are no longer fighting over policy or procedural issues pertaining to government. We are fighting now to preserve our way of life and our values. The time is rapidly approaching where we will be forced to choose a path. One will be submission to the will of the globalist agenda and the other will be to resist and otherwise refuse to comply with any edicts coming from Washington DC or even our state capitols in some cases.

We hear of talk of a second civil war and to be quite honest, we are being forced into such a mindset by the discrimination we are suffering at the hands of those who claim to be for everyone’s rights…well, everyone except us. We are supposedly the problem. We and our love of our heritage and our love of our country. All we ever wanted then and now is to be left alone. To be respected and accepted for who we are. We are following the traditions of our forebears and as such express the ideal of a free people who will respect anyone who respects us and all we ask is to be left alone. Sadly, the globalist/socialist/democrat deep state will not allow this.

At this point I am waiting for the next shoe to drop. Waiting for the left to reach too far. To push a little too hard. I am waiting for the left to start the war.

No sane person would ever seek violence but by the same token, they should always be ready because sometimes aggressive and pushy people bring violence to you. Rather than sit there are claim foul and demand special protections (which is what every special protected group does that the left supports) we should be prepared to respond in kind. This is because we are marked to be eliminated by the deep state socialist cabal and the sooner we understand and accept that our only way to survive is to stop them, the better off we will be.

I am not calling for anyone to act in an aggressive manner nor should we initiate any conflict. That is not who we are. The left will continue to follow the path of tyranny and just like the socialists did in Russia, Germany, Italy, China, Cuba and Venezuela, they will eventually come for us. Their patterns have repeated themselves historically and no doubt they will eventually follow their plans of domination and control which will bring them to our doors. The left represents the corruption that evolves from power being vested in too few for too long. Once the elite find out that they can enrich themselves and stay in power they are loathe to give it up ever.

We need to do as we have been for the last many years.

Have patience.. Prepare…..Stay informed…..Keep your mouths shut…..Only trust those people you know.

These are trying times and we need to keep our heads about us. We are far better prepared to protect ourselves than the left would like. Lets keep it this way.

There is light at the far end of the tunnel….(hard as it may seem to believe)

No doubt, today marks a turning point in our nation.  Not so much the end of an era.  It is the beginning of the ‘Enlightenment’.

Those of us who understand why Trump’s vision for America is better than Biden’s or any other democrat and/or socialist already know that there is a light ahead no matter how dim it appears today.  We do not need the enlightenment.

The drones.  The minority communities.  Everyone other than a lifelong democrat (and even then some of them as well)  need to see what an oppressed economy due to over regulation looks like.  Many had grown up during O’Barky’s administration and just assumed that a sluggish economy with high taxes is the norm.  They just figured that the Trump Bump in the economy was not due to Trump and that it was just time for a upswing or some kind of fluke.  Now, they will see what a real socialist economy looks like with stagnant job growth and modest to negative earnings on investments.  They will learn that economic opportunity and success are derived from less government and more freedom. They will learn what it is like when the citizens rights are secondary to the will of the government.

You cannot lead someone from darkness until they understand the difference between light and dark.  This is why we must endure this next 4 year period.  It is for the benefit of those who as yet, do not understand.   I do believe that in 2024 we will have a candidate who represents our beliefs and values and with a much larger and wiser group of citizens supporting him or her, we will march out of the darkness forever. 

I will add that it is possible that due to circumstances beyond our (we deplorables) control, the nation could be plunged into an internal conflict.  This would only happen if the democrats overreach and try to take away our rights and freedoms.  Then, the course our nation takes into sacrifice and worse yet, bloodshed, is entirely up to them and the blame for such a horrible event is on them.

What is not negotiable is our resolve to not surrender our freedoms to anyone without a fight.  After all, it is how our nation was founded.  Not in peace and harmony but in the crucible of revolutionary war in order to rid ourselves of an unjust and illegitimate government.  I hope and pray that we do not need to repeat that type of ordeal again.

Election 2020 the fix was in

We are seeing the election of 2020 and the fraud that it was being enshrined as legitimate by the media and the political class in DC including most republicans. The fix was in. The questions of fraudulent activities have mostly gone unacknowledged with the exception of a few brave people in Congress. Since the evidence to me is pretty compelling, I wonder why this has gained no traction.

I think the fix we are seeing now was started back during the Clinton crime era in Washington. (1992-2000) Consider this as a possibility as to why no one has allowed any court case or motion to move forward in this situation that could have threatened the election results.

Speaking of the Clinton era, remember Jeffrey Epstein?????

Jeffrey Epstein was someone who it is hard to determine how he made his money. He had a business in the Virgin Islands and we have all heard of his pedophile flights to his remote private island. Without a specific audit trail you have to wonder what he did to make his fortune? There is no consensus as to how exactly he made his fortune. That is puzzling to say the least.

As Epstein started cozying up with DC types he also cozied up with the Clintons. We all wonder how Hillary got the nomination in 2016 when she was not the clear favorite. The same could be said about Biden as well in 2020.

Suppose she and a few in the inner circle of power on the left and deep state got a hold of Epstein’s little black book regarding his pedophile flights and island including video tapes of various political bigwigs from both political parties as well as members of the present day judicial branch. If this was in their possession you could then understand the how in many of the present political capitulations to the corrupt election occurred. If this is true, this is why SCOTUS as well as every federal court passed on every fraud case regarding the election of 2020. It has been reported that Chief Justice Roberts was a visitor to pedophile island on at least one occasion. I am quite certain that there are many well known names in that book including a lot of prominent republicans sufficient to induce them all to not support any attempts to identify and correct any corruption in this election.

All of this I say because I think the republic has lost its mind. How else can you explain the complete disregard for due process and the value of evidence? In essence, there is no logic or honesty in play and no one seems to care except the deplorables who don’t count anyways. The seeming death grip that seems to be over the media and the political class as well as the deep state points to some sort of compelling control that these organizations and people cannot or will not resist.

The result is that truth and facts no longer matter when it comes to policy agendas and elections. You cannot rig elections without complicity of a sufficient number of people within government and the media or else you risk gaining unwanted scrutiny and that just has not been allowed to happen this election cycle. No, the FIX was and still is in.

People who wield such power over others do so because they have an agenda and that always includes consolidating power and control over as large a group as possible including the entire nation. Dissidence will not be tolerated. Non compliance will be punished. Authority cannot be questioned. Evidence: Dr. Fauci and the epidemic response and the shaming of anyone who questions their controls. You can add the push for the green agenda, Socialist policies and social conformance by all. Normally it is healthy to have a meaningful discussion of the merits of any policy agenda but not these days.

If this all is the case, or anything similar to this, keep in mind they are coming for us. Not specifically us as individuals just yet. They will come for our free speech; our kids’ educations; our access to unbiased news and information; and eventually, our guns. We deplorables are a serious threat to their plans. Trump was proof we are a force to be reckoned with. They will not allow us to grow in numbers and political strength.

In order for a socialist tyranny to get full control, the peasants must be subjugated. The democrats and those republicans under their control will not proceed in any what that makes them look like they are directly attacking or discriminating against us. They will do it with their lapdog media with publicity campaigns designed to make anyone who questions their intentions as being illiterate and disruptive to society. In other words they will make us out to be criminal in nature and anti society all while making their social planning look like nirvana. Truth will not matter.

I do not think that this will get very far before there is some considerable push back from deplorable nation. How far that push back proceeds from that point is unknown at present. I do think we have a pretty good idea of what we will face. The media is aligned against us and any claims of unfairness and discrimination from those on our side will fall upon completely deaf ears. The use of force against us will be justified and accepted as being our fault and have nothing to do with the usurpation of our rights.

If we fail to effect change within the system our only recourse is outside the system. The election and the aftermath are proof that our route within the system is blocked.

It is easy to call for a revolution or a civil war but when the real shit hits the fan then it is a bit more serious than many would like to see. Some claim to welcome such things but I think most would hope we could avoid it if possible. And yet, somehow, I feel that eventually it will come down to a fight. A free citizen who is aware of the worth of their freedom will not surrender it willingly. If we are pushed too far, there will be retribution.

The ball is proverbially in their court at present.

Meanwhile, keep up on current events. Find and use several sources and methods to exchange information and current events. Don’t rely on the MSM.

Keep your powder dry and your firearms well oiled. Stock up on provisions.

Keep your opinions to yourself when around strangers. The fifth column will become a bigger and bigger threat as time goes on as the deep state will try to infiltrate any suspected group of deplorables even if they are not really organized. We know that the deep state is our major enemy but never ignore the threat of infiltration. They would rather tear us apart piece by piece than to face us as an organized group.

Lastly, as Ole Remus always said, Avoid crowds.

Politics Scam-demic The Road ahead Secession?????

We are heading into the main part of the holidays and the new year.  Political conditions are not good.  We are hated by the left.  No longer is there any respect for those who oppose the socialist agenda.  This includes attitudes and actions by both democrats and republicans who have signed onto the globalist scheme.

The scam-demic will continue if only because the left loves to control people.  The mask mandate nationally is a likelihood if slow Joe gets into office.  So are new taxes and restrictions on ‘assault weapons’ even though a rock or a Molotov cocktail is as deadly and more likely to be used than any lawfully owned firearm.  (More people die of hammer attacks in a year than firearms).  Further, legally owned firearms are highly unlikely to be used in assaults unless you charge victims who defend themselves…. 

Societal control is one of the major objectives of the left so they can solidify their grip on everything and not face any real resistance.  For references see Russia 1917, Germany 1939 and Communist China 1951. (there are many other tyrannies that follow the same pattern)  The same game plan was in use including the scapegoating of societies woes on specific groups much like the democrats are blaming republicans and more specifically deplorable nation for every discrimination and ‘racism’ incident we see today or in our past.

In the days ahead our people and our lifestyles will become endangered.  It is obvious that they are willing to provoke a sizeable group of red state deplorable citizens in order to justify confiscation of firearms and anything else they deem to be a ‘danger’ to society.  This would include children of people who disagree with them.  All of this will be legally done; of course.  They are experts at shaping judicial opinions to suit their agenda.  Witness the refusal of SCOTUS to hear the case from Texas regarding the voter fraud. That decision was more due to the possibility of mass riots than anything else and you know who fomented the riots……

Trump may yet prevail and I do hope he does but regardless of that situation, we are target number one.  Trump is our symbol and a symbol of freedom loving Americans but make no mistake about it;  Deplorable nation is on the kill list.  If Trump manages to overturn the phony election he will suffer ten times the number of attacks, personal, political and probably physical.  One cannot help but hear the venom in the words of those on the left from the political and the journalistic sides as well as the average lefty citizens.  They have been goaded into not only disagreeing with Trump but also they have been convinced that Trump and people who support him are why whatever is wrong in the nation.  As a result, we are target one.  We must be eliminated and if that is not possible we must be neutralized as a political and social force.

I have spent a good deal of time pondering the ramifications of a portion of the nation seceding from the Republic.  One reality I see would set the tone of any situation that arose from any serious movement to this regard.

The coastal areas and the inland metropolitan areas cannot survive without red state nation.  There are several reasons for this.

Power and fuels.  The power that feeds the coastal areas is generated for the most part at sites that are far away.  The transmission lines crisscross red state America.  In the same way, so do the transportation corridors including rail, highway and waterway.  All of these arteries pass through red state nation. Also, the mines and petroleum production are for the most part located in red state areas. Don’t forget hydro power production sites are largely within the hinterlands far from the coasts and elite enclaves.

In the same bent, a lot of the food that is produced and distributed to the coastal areas is grown and processed in red state nation.  Crops and  livestock are all raised in areas far removed from the leftist enclaves and if red state nation were to part ways with the rest we would control these commodities as far as their production or transit.  All imported products either food, industrial and manufactured pass through red state territory. In very simple terms, the coastal elites cannot survive without our production and transportation industries.

All of this having been said, I would offer that any attempt for red state nation to secede would be met with furious resistance.  Keep in mind that while a lot of the defense resources of our republic are located in our regions, the buttons that launch the weapons are securely based in DC.  I would add that the officer corps are largely in control of the aircraft and tactical decision making and they are not as universally aligned with the conservative, founder loving principles as we are.  Obama went to great lengths to eradicate the conservatives from the higher echelons of the military and if you recall the massive number of somewhat early retirements during Obama’s reign of error you will agree.  So, we cannot count on the military to defend our rights or our principles nor is it likely they will stand by and refuse to fire upon any organized group who are committed on seceding from the nation.

If the decision is made to try to secede, there is a nagging issue for those of use stuck behind enemy lines.  For instance, I reside in fly over NY.  That is the part of the state upstate that is largely forgotten by the leadership as we are outvoted by the metro areas.  People here, and in other similar areas of the nation would be faced with a dilemma if a movement, a serious movement, to secede came to pass. It would be unlikely that upstate could successfully secede from the downstate region without a serious battle.

Would you stay and suffer the wrath of the left as they solidified their controls as they sought to end any notion of secession or would you sever  irrevocably your life and connections to move to an area within the red state enclave?  I would add that there are lots of people who live in the elite areas who are also of deplorable nation who would along with anyone who decides to relocate lose all connections and economic support with the departure from their present situations.  This is not a trivial situation to consider.

As I said, the climate we are heading into will be very stormy and the socialists are going to still be on the march regardless of who is in the Whitehouse.  Batten down the hatches and clean your weapons and check you equipment.  I do not think that things will develop quickly as much as it will be a steady encroachment on our way of life as they attempt to either destroy us or force us to comply with their agenda.

As Ole’ Remus used to say…..stay away from crowds….

Our Republic died yesterday !!

We have entered the Dark Times.  Our Republic has died.  What has emerged is nothing that resembles our founding and our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

They are coming for us.  We, the believers in inherent human rights.  Believers in the rights of the individual over the rights of the collective.  If they cannot subdue us with their laws and regulations they will resort to the sword.

Our last line of defense (within the framework of a civil society), the Supreme Court, has decided that the citizens of the nation cannot have a hearing regarding the corruption and malfeasance of those who conducted the recent election.  They would not allow a discussion on the obvious cheating having taken place which has put the veracity of the election completely in question.  Apparently, politics has infiltrated the highest court in the land rendering it to be the equivalent of a kangaroo court more likely to be found in some banana republic than in our once great nation.

The left has started the process of reversing the Trump economy and taking us to the worst of the Obama years in one fell swoop.  It is obvious that our economy will go into a massive recession within weeks of Lyin’ Biden’s inauguration.   This will make the collapse in 2008 look like a minor bump in the road.  The left wants this.  They want people looking to the government for rescue.  Then they will hold all the cards.

Ultimately this is not about policy; it is about control.  In order to create their utopian socialist state they must gain control over the population.  They will do so with coercion and propaganda.  This has been started in our schools and has gone on for over 20 years now so it is well underway.  They also realize that there is a large contingent of citizens who will not comply.  They have planned for this.

They are coming for our guns…believe it!!! 

If we are armed, we are dangerous.  If we are armed we can deny them control over our lives.  If we are armed we can potentially overturn their regime.  We are more dangerous to them than any other nation on earth.  Disarming us ‘For the good of society’ is their only way of getting universal control over our society. 

Once we are disarmed, we will be dealt with based on our level of cooperation, much like the Chinese and how they deal with dissidents.  Those who persist in critiquing the government and society will be ‘relocated’ to a ‘safe’ area in order to protect them from the rest of the citizens.  Yeah; right.  Need proof, look at the Uighurs in China who have been treated poorly, isolated, ostracized and starved and worked to death in ‘re-education camps’.

What is the best way to create a rebellion that restores the Constitution and Bill of Rights?  I do believe that a regional approach will have the quickest and most successful path.  Pockets of resistance will be isolated and eliminated with great prejudice.  Only by unifying in large areas and by creating an organized force can our values and beliefs be kept safe from the globalists.  Secession is definitely on the table.

I pose the final and ultimate question to all true patriots.

If you live in an area that is blue controlled and there was a rising and developing red state movement to free the nation of socialist tyranny, would you relocate to that area to support and fight for freedom? 

As I said, it will be tantamount to suicide to stay in areas such as upstate NY if the proverbial SHTF.  The socialists will either come and kill every resistor or isolate and starve them out by denying food, power, and any medical or technology from getting to that area of resistance.  They will encroach gradually on the area until a pitched battle erupts and then the military will be called in to destroy the rest.  Don’t believe for a minute that our military will not strike against US citizens.  The left has purged as many conservative officers as they can and to the enlisted holding the axe of food and housing over a soldier’s family is a big threat.  Keep in mind, Officers make up most of the pilot contingent.

So, barring a miracle, we will see the nation accelerate towards the eventual socialist crap hole we fear with the attendant discrimination and expectations of conformity.  Even if by miracle Trump serves a second term, this process is still ongoing.  The goals of the left are plain and will not be altered by the presence of the bad orange hair man.

Whether this battle starts soon like shortly after a Biden inaugural or later it is still upon us. We will decide when it starts.

Reflecting on the novel ‘Atlas Shrugged’ by Ayn Rand and the recent election

Ayn Rand must have had some sort of gift for seeing the future.  Well, she got so much right about where we were going as a nation oh so many years ago.  There is one thing, however, that she miscalculated on and even so, I am sure she would be happy with her mistake.

In the novel John Galt is the mystery man who upon learning that his rights as an individual to earn and keep what he produced was being stripped away decides that he cannot abide with that and he then dropped out of society.  Further, he sought to prove to the rest of society that without people who were the lynch pins of society working constantly to make the system function the economy would crumble.  Once the economy crumbled the society would collapse in on itself because of a lack of production as well the lack of leadership.

He then started a process of removing those business and community leaders who were the inspiration and energy for their respective enterprises.  As a result the system, as corrupted by socialism as ever, started to crumble.  This is a short assessment of the gist of the novel and I am not presuming it is completely to the point.  I am merely illustrating the theme to get to my point.

What I see as being more important and a correction upon the theme that Ayn Rand described in her novel is that today our ‘KEY’ people do not number as few hundred or a few thousand of critical movers and shakers in our society.  Unlike the novel, I see our numbers in THE MILLIONS.  As I wrote a few days ago, we ‘Dirt People’ are the backbone and the human machinery of our nation.  Without our efforts on a daily basis the nation would come to a complete stop.  Millions of  us, who all see the same horizon ahead as the socialists move their plans ahead to enact controls and limitations on the individuals for the good of society. We do not agree with that policy.

In the novel a few hundred stopped the nation in its tracks.  In reality we could stop the nation for real.  Our situation is not like the novel with a nice story about essential truths of life.  We can actually bring this nation to a complete and utter halt. It is ludicrously simple for us to do as well.

Imagine if all 90 some million of us quit working?

Imagine that we stopped using our creativity and ingenuity to make the system work?

If we did, once the supplies and reserved stores are gone who would make more?  Making our position even stronger is the fact that the majority of the privately held businesses that do the excavating, logging, building, plumbing, car repair, car parts manufacture, transportation and a myriad of other service based industries are owned by ‘Dirt People’ just like you and me. 

Just imagine how would Biden cope with that? 

How would AOC and her cronies fix this?

The answer is that they cannot.  You cannot train and start new businesses up to replace the production and equipment and tools without taking months to prepare, train and equip every worker and every process.  If the socialists decide that they are going to get ‘Tough’ on the strikers and start using strong arm tactics, well, Civil War 2 would ensue rapidly as we also pretty much own all the guns and have been preparing for such an event for many years now.  Our unity and determination needs to remain strong and together we can push back in ways that the left has no way to counter.

Ayn Rand’s novel is sort of a wishful thinking exercise where the good guys strike back.  Our world and our nation has created a situation where we have an opportunity to resist the very socialist juggernaut Ayn described in her novel and do it at a level that is in multiples of her vision in terms of the results. 

We must not allow the left to tear us apart and trust me that the statements about creating lists of Trump supporters to be dealt with by the new administration is their expression of fear. They fear that we will not go quietly into the night and will start pushing back in very meaningful ways. They know we are a threat and while they openly ridicule us and mock us, they honestly live in the fear that one, we are right about personal self interests being the fuel for a prosperous economy and improved lifestyles and two, that if we unify and act as a group they cannot stop us.

I would christen this movementThe John Galt Projectwith the express goal of proving once and for all that individual freedom and enterprise IS the true source of our nation’s greatness and that any attempt to reshape this will end up in utter failure.  We are the army of individuals who can act as one and shut this nation down.  Our actions require the easiest thing we can do which is that we do nothing!!! 

Pick a day.

Tell everyone it is  coming and will last as long as it needs to and then when that day comes,


Ayn Rand’s army of individuals numbered in the hundreds.  We number in the millions.  Ayn would be proud that so many of us see the truth she was illustrating in her novel. 

All we need to do is follow the blue print that she posited in ‘Atlas Shrugged’.  Simple…..

Time to go on STRIKE!!!!!

The Gauntlet has been thrown down….The Rebellion has started. We are the Resistance.

The rebellion has begun.  It was not started by those of us on the red side.  We were happy as things were with Trump and how the nation was fairing.  What started this was the actions of the left in stealing the 2020 presidential election.

We have seen this type of behavior by the socialists before.  Never have we seen it with such massive proportions.  It is one thing to steal votes to become dog catcher.  That affects local people and everyone knows who did it and eventually the perpetrator will pay price as ALL CHEATERS DO!!!!  Dishonesty has a way of coming back to haunt the person or people who act in such a devious manner.

It is entirely another to steal a national election.  It takes brass balls for one and a willingness to be despised and hated by a large number of citizens who abhor such treachery.  The democrats have made it clear that they are willing to challenge and confront us in their quest to destroy our nation. As Trump said, we are in their way.

The gauntlet has been thrown down my fellow DIRT PEOPLE.  We have been directly challenged by the left who are sitting back counting on the fact that our respect for law and order will stop us from acting out like the left’s drones in Antifa and BLM are destroying our cities.  Deplorables don’t do that.  We love our country.  The left counts on our allegiance to the law and the orderly operation of our society. They know we will not rise up and start destroying other people’s things and property.

So, what are we to do?

Well, maybe it is time that all 70 million of us who cannot ignore the actions of the left go on strike.  Shut the nation down for a week.  No trucks move.  No trains.  No planes.  NOTHING gets made or repaired.  Businesses that are on our side, shut down.  Let’s bring this society to a standstill and let the pampered elite find out what it is like when they cannot get their food, gas, or any other thing that they normally expect every day.  I am sure the antifa wannabe will not be happy when they cannot get their double triple latte mocha whatever when the supplies stop coming to make it.

We are the rebellion.  We have power.  We must use it to demonstrate how unhappy we are with how our candidate was treated.  We can force people to acknowledge that we are important and valuable to society and not throw away people as Hillary and Obama and the rest of the democrats think of us. We are the bedrock of this nation. We built it; we operate it; we maintain it; we are far more essential than some petty functionary in an office that wants that socialist utopia that honestly can never exist.

Face it folks, we do not want the kind of society that essentially sentences the elderly to death because the money is better spent on the young when it comes to providing health care services.  I am 65 and I demand my place at the table and my right to receive treatment is as absolute as my right to live as my forebears destined. The government has no right to tell me or anyone to take a pill and wait to die like Obama said it does.

If we do not stand up and force these people to reckon with us, it is a question of time before we will be forced to do it with far more lethal means.  Better we unify and start making noise now then to wait and have circumstances force us to get very aggressive as far as demanding attention. The sooner we start asserting ourselves en masse’ the sooner we can start the momentum to shove this filthy cabal of liberal socialist scum back and out of our nation. Socialism has no place in a free society.

If we do not pick up the mantel of freedom now and do whatever it takes to force the government to respect and leave the rights of the people alone, we will become drones ourselves with little recourse in the face of an ever burgeoning leviathan that the federal bureaucracy has become. 

The socialists use bureaucracy to isolate themselves from the masses.  We are as far removed from their lives as they can get us.  Our presence to the left elites is alarming and to them, disgusting because we are essentially ‘Dirt People’ who cling to Bibles, Guns, the Bill of Rights, Christianity, Tradition and the flag.  We are loathed and despised for who and what we are.  The thicker the layer of government between us and the leadership elite, the less impact we have.

We need to use the tools we have at our disposal to demonstrate our determination to replace this socialist; for the good of all over the individual; society with one founded on freedom and liberty.  As I said, we have had the gauntlet thrown at us.  Now is the time to organize and start the resistance.

Hello fellow Dirt People

I use the term dirt people because as far as I can tell, this is what the left thinks of those of us who voted for Trump and supported his policies.  We are the red neck Bible toting, gun loving, American Flag loving, Veteran supporters, Christian, Anti socialism Citizens who despise the agenda that Biden and the rest of the prominent democrats endorse.  They call us Deplorables.  They call us Walmart people.  They describe us as ‘smelly’, illiterate, backwards, gun loving, violent, racist, homophobe, Confederacy loving, primitives who do not deserve any respect at all.  They go out of their way to find ways to demean our beliefs and way of life.  They seek to control our language and speech in public. They force us to tolerate social behaviors of some people due to their religion while openly suppressing ours. In other words the left despise us for who and what we are as well as our Christian place in our society as well as the documented Christian heritage of our nation.

If you look at a map of the nation with the color red for areas we live in and love you will see we occupy the huge majority of the land of this nation.  We are the people who do the work that these ‘Elite socialists’ don’t want to do.  We are the farmers, builders, manufacturers, drivers, garbage haulers, miners, mechanics, utility maintainers, and just about everything else that is done including business owners, entrepreneurs, and hard working people.  It is on our backs that the left controls the nation.

If we stopped working, the left would literally starve to death.  If we shut down transportation into the cities, the left would starve to death and if we shut down the utilities to these cities, the left would die of exposure.  They cannot do what we do.  They consider what we do to be ‘beneath them’.  We are supposed to kowtow to their agenda and never complain and just support them because they are the ‘politically correct’ Americans and we are deplorable.

We are witnessing the most obvious and blatant theft of an election in the history of the United States.     The left has such little respect for us that they are openly and defiantly committing fraud by stuffing the ballot box and gaming the systems to get their senile candidate in off. Once their candidate is in office their intent is to finish destroying what was the founding of our nation which they have openly said that they hate. They seek to irrevocably alter the fundamental nature of our society. They actually use those terms. They openly admit that they seek to change everything.

I am less concerned from here as to where we go as to when the war starts.  You cannot suppress the will of the producers of everything that is essential to a society without fomenting a confrontation.  It is not a question of will we tolerate this.  It is a question of when will we put our proverbial foot down and say enough is enough.  We will not be their servants.  We will not be their slaves.  We will not continue to do what we do that benefits them if all we receive is condemnation and ridicule.

We are conflicted in this because as we love our nation and our founding we also abhor the notion of defying our government as it is not the act of a civil society.  Even so, there will come a time when the left takes that one step too far; the straw that breaks the camel’s back so to speak. 

Will it be mandatory registration and massive ownership taxes for semi automatic weapons?  Will it be a ban on certain types of firearms? Will it be an outright gun registration and eventual ban?  Will it be mandatory inoculations?  Will it be the total re-write of our education system that deletes all mention of American greatness? (They are already well on the way to this one) Will it be a move to single payer government rationed healthcare?  Somewhere along the path that the left has laid out for our nation in their announced agenda we will come to a place where collectively we ‘dirt people’ will say ‘Enough is enough!’ and the lead will start to fly.

There is one immutable fact about mankind that the left refuses to acknowledge and admit it is suffering from.  This fatal flaw is that the human lust for power and control. This corrupts everything someone does.  Once the lust for power and control starts running unchecked tyranny follows automatically in line with it.  Power and control relies on uniformity and single mindedness of the citizenry. Ultimately, the consequences of such addictions are chaos and dissent.  This leads to economic recessions and depressions all at the hands of those who claimed would ‘fix it’.

Imagine having gasoline back to 5 dollars a gallon.  Imagine that our combined taxes rise to levels that we only see in the most restrictive nations in Europe where freedom is merely a ghost of the past.  Imagine that all gasoline automobiles are banned and our only resource would be electric cars or public transit of which neither exists in any quantity that would satisfy need?

Keep in mind, in my 65 years, I cannot recall a time during a democrat administration where our economy was robust.  JFK/LBJ led us into a recession as the war in Vietnam would down.  Carter was an absolute disaster.  Clinton may have balanced the budget but it was on the merits of a republican Congress and not due in any way to his skills.  The economy stumbled along during his 8 years.  I must add that both Bush presidencies weren’t picnics either as they lacked the fundamental basics of what we have seen in the last 4 years.  Both Bushes were deep state advocates who were as linked to the corruption as the democrats are.  Remember too, the RINOs in the republican party who have not lifted a finger to help Trump during his presidency or during this election.   They are as much a part of the problem as the democrats we are seeing who are orchestrating this farce that is an election count. Obama went out of his way to suppress our economy intentionally to force the memory of winning our of our mindsets. His 8 years demonstrated that we can be forced to lose if the government wants us too. The only people that won during his presidency were those on welfare and in the inner circle of influence who profited mightily during his years. This is what we face.

Trump was a blessing if only because he reminded the nation how good we can be at succeeding in everything.  He taught a lesson in American greatness that had been forgotten.  He encourage the nation to grow and prosper. As a result our economy flourished picking up every citizen of all races along the way. In fact, the entire world flourished. This is who we, as Americans, can be!!!!!!

 My fellow ‘dirt people’, we are facing this future and it is not an ‘If’.  It is a ‘WHEN’ will this arrive.  I had hoped that my grandchildren would not be forced to see the coming rebellion that will occur sooner now than I had hoped.

Perhaps it was wishful thinking on my part that I thought that maybe if we show the drones who support the democrats how good life could be with a thriving economy that maybe they would see the virtues and join in.  Sadly, no.  The drones will always be drones until they are forced by starvation and lack of a place to live into understand and fighting and working to support their needs.   No, we need a rebellion in order to weed out those who do not have loyalty to the promise that our forefathers gave us.  These tyrants are committing treason on a daily basis all so they can garner more control and power to alter and reshape our nation into a perversion of what it once was and still can be.

We dirt people hold the power.  It comes down to whether we are determined and brave enough to wield it in such a way that we assert the control over the rest of the nation so as to force them to respect our desires and our dreams for America too.  Our unity and determination can be used to demonstrate our ‘dissatisfaction’ with how our nation as well as how we are being treated. If they still choose to deride us we will have to resort to taking back our nation by force.  We don’t want to do this but, we are being given little choice  by the democrats and rinos and their actions to deny us any voice.  While I fear for my loved ones, I do not fear for my fellow like-minded citizens.  We will prevail.  It is just a question as to how and when it all starts.