Antifa, Disarmament and Socialism

Before the government of Japan took their nation into wars with other nations, they disarmed its Samuris. It took a military type of force to do this. Military forces can overwhelm groups of citizens and force them to comply with orders. WWII and the Holocaust are classic examples.

Antifa has the purpose of maintaining unrest and violence. Their hope is to incite a violent response not from law enforcement but from other citizens. This is the global strategy that the underlings of the Antifa do not understand or have not been told.

Once the right, conservative pro-Americans take to the streets that is when the democrat mayors and governors will use all the forces at their disposal to arrest and put down the violence. Not of Antifa but of the pro-Americans who are fighting to stop the destruction and violence that Antifa started.  I am sure in the process firearms will come into play and therefore create the cause of total disarmament of our nation otherwise known as the revocation of our Second Amendment rights.

The left is aching for an excuse to force us, the conservative pro-American, to comply with their edicts. They thought 8 years of the black messiah Obama would get us upset enough to act out in some way but we did not take that bait. Now, they have upped the ante with overt and focused attacks on our institutions and traditions including violence in the streets. This is bait and nothing else.

Insurrectionists use social unrest as a tool to drive a wedge between various portions of a nation in order to reduce and eventually remove any resistance to their take over of the government. They may state their goals at first but these are a smoke screen to what really will happen once they have control.

Need proof? Lenin talked of fairness and yet, millions starved and many were outright murdered as he solidified his power, all the while Lenin and his cronies were living a lifestyle none of his fellow Russians could.

Hitler convinced the German people that the Jews were the cause of their economic suffering. He finally secured control and then proceeded to murder and cause the deaths of 100,000,000 people across the world. Again, he and his leadership faithful all lived well while the masses suffered.

Mao promised to feed his nation and blamed the existing government for the woes the Chinese were suffering at the hands of the Japanese and government. He finally attained power and millions were left to starve as a result.

The moral to my story is that we are seeing the ‘sales pitch’ of the pro-socialists but the reality of what these people would do to our nation is not seen by most people nor would they suspect it. Gathering their paramilitary forces is just the start. If they attain power they will disarm the people. It is essential to their plans and historically, it was done in Russia, Germany and China once the socialists came into power and for the very same reason.

America has been secure in its borders from outside invasion but we are facing an insurrection that is using our own legal system as well as our media to convince the masses that socialism and their vision for our nation is the way to the future. We have lost this phase of the war and the longer we wait to react the smaller our numbers will become. It is only a question of time before we will not be able to reverse this march to our own demise.

We are coming to a point of no return where freedom will begin the long steady and unstoppable slide towards totalitarianism that socialism portends.  The pandemic we are in at present is just another weapon the left is using to force compliance and to make the idea of forcing people to behave in certain ways palatable to the masses.

The hypocrisy of the left is obvious to many but the power of the MSI and MSM is more than mere blogging and community activism can counter.  Only if we can continue the process we saw started when Trump was elected can we see the potential reversal of some of these very troubling trends.  Short of taking up arms, the political theater is the current war zone.  If the election goes against us, our choices will be very limited if we desire to keep our freedoms.


2020; OUR time of Choosing

Reagan said in 1964 in his famous speech referring to our being in a ‘time of Choosing’ indicating that the nation was facing choices that would have long term affects upon liberty and freedoms. Today, in 2020 we are most certainly in a time where our choices made in the near future will have long term affects on our nation. Further, if in our efforts to preserve the republic we are thwarted at the polls by what appears to be obviously nefarious means, we will have the choice to sit back and wait or to act as our forebears did to preserve freedom and liberty for all.

We are seeing a war upon our nation being fought foremost in the area of information and what is actually being allowed out to the public. As a conservative, I know enough to not rely on any ‘MSM’ or any of the big Internet sites such as facebook, twitter etal (MSI aka Main Stream Internet) . We are seeing the expert filtration of our news through all of these sources to promote the idea that Trump and all of society that supports him are fascists and that democrats/liberals/protestors are all good.

The problem is that there is a sizeable portion of our society (probably 20-25%) that is just too busy or too lazy to find the truth for themselves and they sit and digest this PAP from the left verbatim and assume it is correct and honest. This group is not a majority but is sizeable enough to sway the election even if they themselves would disapprove of the protests and violence. They never see it in context.  They only see and hear what the left wants them to.

We are approaching a turning point of which if we fail to continue the course of freedom and individual rights we will likely NEVER get them back. We are already seeing our rights being usurped by elected leaders who allow protests but ban religious assembly. We are not allowed to pursue our own economic interests due to an exaggerated response to a virus that is now approaching a hoax like epidemic status as most people see as being non-existent. Even red states are restricting the rights of its citizens illegally and for reasons that do not actually exist.

Again, all of this is due to the left and their control over information processing and delivery systems. Truth has no meaning when it cannot see the light of day. In the recent past (75 years) we have seen the perversion of truth and accepted values being used to control massive populations such as Germany in WWII and Communist Russia and China before and after WWII. Millions were exterminated all in the name of the state and the truth they, the controllers of the media purported to be true.

Unfortunately we have lost our free press and now have a instrument of information delivery controlled by forces bent on destroying our nation. Our form of government was set forth from the start with the existence of a free press to ensure that all sides of any issue would see the light of day and that the citizens could make their own determinations to what they felt was truth.  This was a check and balance built into our Bill of Rights.

There is little else that should be as important as keeping our nation as the republic it was founded to be and to preserve individual freedoms and liberty for our future generations. They, the socialism loving left, are fighting a war with us at present and will not stop. The war has moved from being solely in the world of politics and information into riots and violence in the streets of our cities and will carry on into the suburbs and rural regions if it is left unchecked.

Our parents and grandparents were confronted with the times of Reagan and the political choices at hand.  At present we are staring down the barrel of the juggernaut of the Soros funded, Islam sympathetic, socialism loving, totalitarianism sanctioning, forces including the democrat party, Antifa, Black Lives Matter all of whom are marching to tear down our society and they have said as much.  I maintain we are approaching the ‘Minute Man’ moment of our times where our response to aggression in our communities and across our nation will determine our future.

Be prepared.  Be forewarned that evil forces are at work to destroy our nation.  Keep informed and not by any MSM (Main Stream Media) or MSI (Main Stream Internet) sources.  Watch, listen, know what is going on both in your community and in the nation.  We may be called upon by our heritage to rise to protect our future.

Battling Black Lives Matter and Socialism

As soon as you give the BLM any credence at all you have surrendered. Their tactic is to co-op the morals and values of the nation in order to cultivate insurrection. They know that they have to de-legitimize the established rules and values in order to replace them.

By creating the notion that there is ‘Systemic Discrimination’ against blacks you knee cap the police and everything they do. The fact that there is not such a systemic problem is of little concern to the organizers of the protests. They will act and proceed as if there is and defy anyone to say and prove there isn’t. Anyone who tries to do so, is vilified in the media as being ‘racist’.

The real problem is that we do not have an objective media in this nation. It has long since been co-opted for propaganda purposes by the left. If there were true objectivity, the riots would be painted with the foul colors of hate and political aspiration that they are full of.

What we are witnessing is a tactically managed gradual revolt being fomented by the elite left who are orchestrating these protests, the Covid19 epidemic and response, and a myriad of other disruptive social issues all in order to unseat our republic and replace it with an elite run top down socialist society. While the roots of this date back all the way to the late 1800’s the real foothold was established in the 60’s and has grown like a cancer ever since.

Sadly, the tactics of the left are not all set to be on the battle field.  They control the media and the moral high ground despite our protests to the contrary.  They dictate who is right and who is wrong and who should be the subject of moral outrage.  In the case of George Floyd, the entire right can agree that his death was wrong and that it should not have happened and it does not matter because we have been already lumped in as being part of the problem regardless of our actual sentiments on the issue.  Thus we are a part of the ‘problem’ even if we are not.

Conservatives tend to be loners as far as embracing their beliefs and movement.  We only band together when it becomes absolutely necessary.  We will do so to celebrate and demonstrate our faith to our movement but when the street brawling starts, we are not in the streets but at home, taking care of our loved ones.  Meanwhile the left, consisting of college indoctrinated radicals, yuppie soy boy types along with opportunistic looters all gather in the street and move as a unit looking for soft targets to destroy or pillage.  Mobs are like that because they are like water looking for the easiest path to the ocean.

It seems to me that the time for conservatives to amass in order to protect not only their own property and loved ones but for the sake of protecting the union is nigh.  It is obvious that our police are being effectively neutered and will not act to stop these mobs as anything they do other than submit is interpreted as being ongoing racist discrimination.  So, who is still standing and keeping watch to keep the barbarians from our gates?

Yet, I know if a thousand red state conservatives marched towards the Anifa/looter mob they would be labelled racist and militia and other descriptive s meant to demean and belittle anyone who is not overtly supportive of the BLM/Looter movement.  If this were to occur, there is no doubt in my mind who would be sent running from the field of battle.  That is why the media is pre-emptively acting to destroy the conservative/red state movement.  They cannot allow us to enter the battlefield.  They would lose if we did.

So we are in the battle for our nation and yet our strongest forces are not engaged.  Our Tea Party, Second Amendment supporting, conservative, patriotic citizens are huddled hoping that the mobs stay away.  There may be noises of bravado saying things like ‘Let them try that in my neighborhood’ and such but for the most part, what violence is going on is not in our towns or cities.

We are coming to the time where it will be very costly to end this insurrection in terms of blood and suffering. It is unlikely that the left will relent of their total control of the media anytime soon. It is equally unlikely that they left will surrender their domination of the government bureaucracy anytime soon either. These two control practically all of our lives and what we hear as news/truth and anything that does not meet the long term agenda is squashed before it sees the light of day. Evidence of this includes the fact that even FoxNews has surrendered to these forces.

So, the time of choosing is actually upon us, even if we prefer it were not.  We will lose this nation as founded in short order if we do not respond strongly enough to drive these forces of socialism back.  Even if we do this now, they will not stop.

The problem with the elitist types who wish to ‘manage society’ because they are in their minds, the only ones smart enough to do it, is that they do not go quietly into the night when you bloody their noses.  They lurk and plot and scheme because that is how they gained their wealth and power to begin with; by plotting and scheming.  Most people live their lives honestly and simply but there always will be a few who seek to gain power and wealth ( wealth is control) by not doing the work but by manipulating others.  This is the scourge that the founders sought to prevent from taking over our nation.

So, we can accept that there are forces dedicated to deleting the founding of this nation and replacing it with a pseudo-euro-socialist one where the people are not in control, or we can resolve to halt their advance and perhaps shove them back a few decades.  In my lifetime, I can see the incremental gains the left has attained.  With as far as they have come, I see only a short time before their success will be assured no matter how hard we wish it were not so.  Barry Goldwater saw this in his speech in 1964 “A Time for Choosing” where he recognized the forces aligned against our nation.  Reagan saw it.  Trump sees it.  Our greatest advantage at present is that we have an ally in the White House.  We should rally to make use of this now because it will be too late if we do not.


The left and class warfare

With the death of George Floyd while in custody of Minneapolis Police we have seen outrage from all quarters.  I do not think anyone who has seen the 8 minute and 46 seconds where an officer has his knee on Floyd’s neck would disagree with the idea that Floyd’s death was wrong, avoidable and criminal.   What has arisen from this besides an almost universal disdain for the actions of the police in this matter is an opportunity for Antifa and other factions to take to the streets and riot and pillage and destroy public and private property without any regard to the losses or the injuries and lives they take in the process.

In my mind, this movement to riot and act violently is being prodded by the left and by a few very well funded below the radar organizations who are benefactors of the new world order types (Soros, Gates etal).  They see this as a chance to split our society even further into classes of good people; i.e. progressives and liberals leaning socialist and bad people; i.e. Conservatives, republicans and those who support Trump who need to be destroyed.

The election in November 2020 is critical to the advancement of the left wing agenda and if Trump is re-elected there is a possibility that more of their clandestine activities of anti-American actions will be exposed.  This is in reference to the coup attempt that was started against President Trump from before the election of November 2016 to just recently where it all was blown up and exposed to be at the behest of Obama and his administration.

Our society is deeply divided due to many reasons from biased news reporting along with a biased education in our public schools to social bribery with welfare and giveaway programs to indoctrination in our high learning institutions where citizens become convinced of the invalidity of the United States as we were founded.  These people who are convinced of the faults of the founding of our nation will act willingly to weaken and destroy our foundations of our nation’s strength and heritage.  The war on our Christian heritage along with the black listing of many of our historic leaders from before and after the Civil War has made being a ‘Patriot’ of the classic sense unpopular to huge swaths of society.

As we see cities burning during this unrest we are still locked down fighting an imaginary virus that obviously is not the deadly contagion it was purported to be or at least not as dangerous and the rioters have been towards their fellow citizens and the police.  Our nation has been put in this situation by both acts of intention with the Covid19 and actions of poor judgement bordering on criminality by lone police officers who have provided a convenient excuse for the radical among us to lash out and disrupt our lives even more.

I believe that we are denied honest news reporting and we are bombarded by left wing politicians with lies and innuendo that all are part of this war on our nation.  As I described this is a class war being fomented solely to overturn our nation as founded to allow the globalists to reshape our nation as a Euro-styled socialist society with top down controls led by the elites who are the movers and shakers behind what we have experienced for the last 2 and a half months as well as the rioting of the last few days.

Our only hope is to hold the line and take back our schools and promote our ideals and heritage as often as possible along with working to win ever election as if we do not we will resume the head long fall into our demise.  This is not an easy path but anything worth keeping is worth fighting for.  Better to fight the fight than to surrender to the likes of George Soros and Bill Gates as well as the globalist elites who will never live the lives they wish to force us to.