Our NATION is in chaos;  Can you see the bigger picture??????

Our nation is in a world of hurt right now with the rising levels of inflation and the government over reach on the pseudo epidemic as well as a myriad of other insults and attacks upon our institutions of all types.   I do not think any patriot would say things are good right now nor would they consider the current direction of our national policies to be in our best interests.  It is amazing how quickly things can go to shit when evil people get a chance to bring their plots to fruition. 

So, where is your focus?  Are you solely focused on one or two issues or do you have your eye on the ball so to speak?

I would offer that it is not just how our government is dealing with Covid or what is going on with the costs of everything.  I believe we are witnessing a much larger more comprehensive plan being put into action by the plotters on the left who believe they are on the cusp of taking over our nation.  When I say taking over what I mean is that they will be able to alter our fundamental values and beliefs as we were founded to a system that is quite foreign to our past.  They do not just hope to do this.  They are planning on doing this. They are committed and they have massive resources from shady if not criminal sources

We see catch and release policies that are turning our streets into war zones in many areas with violent crimes rising massively in the last year.  We are seeing sentencing of violent offenders being reduced to such levels that murder is now a short stint in prison in many places in the nation.

Violent crimes in our schools are on the rise due to disrupted communities caused by year long school closures and again, violent teens not being kept out of their  communities when it is obvious they will repeat offend.

Drug deaths and drug importation across our borders is massively up and the costs to our communities is very dear in terms of lives lost and futures crushed.  This leads to massive increases in petty crimes that hurt the people who can least afford it the most. We have a  major problem with uncontrolled immigration and the relocation of indigent and in most cases illiterate people being re-settled all over the nation without regard or permission of the citizens of the communities they are dropped off in.

The fact is that the PEOPLE, that is the typical tax paying respectful, working, decent, god fearing AMERICANS have NO SAY in what is going on.

Why do you suppose this is all happening at once????

We need to stop focusing on individual issues and realize this is much larger than just one problem.  Additionally we must also recognize that the source of this problem is not originating in the communities.  It is emanating from Washington DC and our state capitals across the rest of the nation.  The people perpetrating this upon us are liberal democrats who are actually socialist/communists who are moving forward an agenda designed to destroy our safe and free nation and drive us into their waiting arms of control and managed society; a.k.a. SOCIALISM top down micro managed society.

If you look at the media, social media and how they are controlling the message to the people you can see the liberal controlled propaganda machine hard at work selling the future that they are ready to spring on us. They eliminate dissent and opposing opinions and do their very best to demonize anyone who does not agree and label them terrorists and insurrectionists.

Their answer to increased crime in our communities will be to ban guns and repeal the second Amendment.  They will blame the gun, not the criminal every time.  Don’t even think about protecting yourself because soon enough the federal government will establish laws that prohibit firearm use in self defense. 

They are trying to force a crisis and a conflict between the people they refer to as deplorables and the state and they will use EVERYTHING at their disposal to put down any resistance against their plans. 

 They want us to react. 

They want to put us down, once and for all.

If we do not concede and follow their rules they will isolate us, and remove us from society.

We cannot win this in the political arena or at least it will be VERY HARD to win this politically.

They (the left) will do anything they can to put any popular candidate we propose out of office and out of politics. Trump was exactly right when he said they were not after him.  They are after us.  He was  standing  in their way. 

You witnessed their agenda full bore when the impeached Trump TWICE!!! Once for a scam perpetrated by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the FBI, Justice Department and the CIA. They knew it was a scam and a pack of lies and they impeached him anyways!!!!

The second time they impeached him AFTER he left office!!!! An illegal use of parliamentary procedure outlined by our Constitution by the democrats who are for all intents and purposes the equivalent of the Communist party at this point. They will do the same to DeSantis if they need to and any other charismatic leader from our side who does not conform to their plans.

The path to a political solution to resolve this is most likely gone because of the corruption of our government in the higher levels with like minded socialists in every agency and department who will do the democrat’s bidding all in the effort to gut our Constitution and Bill of Rights in order to force us to accept their ‘New Agenda’ of green laws and politically correct rules and perverted society. Keep in mind that pretty much all of the career republicans in DC are a part of the deep state as well and that makes them part of the cabal.

If we are to focus on the bigger picture we will need to accept that we must remove not only every socialist elected democrat in office in the government but also every one of the socialist leaning deep state functionaries in government if we are to stop this erosion of our rights and freedoms so as to restore the original intent and purpose of our founding documents and traditions.

This is not just a battle against CRT in our schools or against the left’s driving God from our communities and traditions or the uncontrolled rush of illegal immigrants into our nation or the rising epidemic of crime or the over reach of the government regarding everything.  It is for the survival of our Republic. The stakes are as vital and critical as they were for the Founders in 1776.

So, don’t focus on one key issue.  See the bigger picture and understand the time is coming when you will be called to action to fight back against the cabal that is trying to take over our nation from within.  Your future and your children’s futures will depend on your stepping up when it is needed.

What will you be asked to do?  I cannot tell you as it is uncertain as yet how we will drive these invaders from our shores and from our government.  It will not be easy and it will not be a short term effort.  It may get very unpleasant and have serious costs for all of us if we do decide to fight for our Republic but freedom has never been free and has always extracted a cost but in the past Americans who love our nation were always ready to pay the price.  I do not see anything that tells me we are not equally up to this task.

Keep your eye on the BIG PICTURE and remember that if we back away from the coming fight, we will most likely never have as good a chance again to take back our nation.

The Republic is dead

We are in the end times. Our nation has been intentionally and vigorously dissected into pieces for easy assimilation by the left. They gobbled up the metro areas and now with firm control of the government will attempt to subdue the remaining fly over regions.

Whether they will do so without bloodshed remains to be seen.

Our nation is broken and cannot stand much longer in its original form. A Republic requires the consent of all governed and at this point a huge portion of the population has denied their consent and will not comply with the future edicts of the central government. Only a totalitarian government can force disparate portions of a nation to co-exist in one entity. The left knows this all too well.

Largely the divide is due to the near religious devotion of the left to diversity to such an extent that unity is lost. That is their goal by the way. They are using the cause of ‘diversity’ to create divisions in our society so as to separate those who will accept their dictates and controls from those who say they have gone too far. In the past we as a nation maintained unity with each other by embracing our diversity within our unity. That cannot happen now when the diverse minorities promoted by the left refuse to acknowledge or accept the majority. Such is the state of our Republic where the government and its diversity coalitions have demonized the majority who refuse to accept the new ‘programming’.

This cannot go on forever. As a nation we will either enter into a warlike exchange while we fight over whether the portion of the population who disagrees with the minorities are allowed to continue to exist……….


We will see the demise of the traditional American Republic and the values associated with that heritage and the nation we were will cease to be. This will be when the deniers of the left’s agenda are eliminated as an organized force within our society.

I hope that readers of my thoughts understand that at this time patriots like myself are being driven from our nation and will become extinct in a generation or so if we do not make a stand. I loathe the thought of the fomenting of violence in the pursuit of survival of my beliefs but I always keep in mind that we are being pushed into this situation by the corruption that is the deep state cabal of politicians and bureaucracy. They are doing this intentionally in order to complete their acquisition of total control over our nation and population. In essence the left has declared war on us; our very existence; our unique American nature.

God help us because I do believe we are heading into the sporty times really soon. I say this because I refuse to surrender my beliefs and my rights in order to become a part of this new ‘multicultural-diversity driven’ society. I will stand and fight for what I know to be the best and most successful nation as it was founded originally.

To Arms! To Arms! Our nation is under attack!!!

For the last few years the United States are under attack.  No, not a military attack.  An attack nonetheless.

Unfettered Immigration.  The promotion of every possible group of self designated ‘minorities’  Accusations of racism or some sort of favoritism.  The promotion of ideals that are not compatible to the nation.

All of the above issues cause division within the nation.  All of these issues put citizens against citizens.  All of these polarize our society in ways that create huge rifts that weaken our society as a whole.

All of this dissension has been brewing for years.  At first glance, you cannot see a common thread in all of this.  The agenda goals of all of these movements are self centered and do not mesh with the other group’s ideals.  For all intents and purposes we are supposed to believe that these movements are self driven by the self interests of each group.


What we are seeing is the multipronged assault upon our republic  by organizers who seek to alter the basic fabric of our nation.  Their goal is to create enough dissension and dissonance within our nation to initiate a civil war like struggle.  They want to see our nation start coming apart.  When they see that the time is ripe, they will enter the fray positing a new, ‘fairer’ government based in socialism so that ‘all peoples’ are treated fairly.

The outward appearance of this notion will seem to be practical and the only answer to the problems so as to end the violent conflicts.  That is the candy coating to the proposed solution.  The insidious part of the plan that is buried behind the rhetoric is a highly controlling totalitarian form of government with far more power being wielded by the ‘executive’ branch of the government much like the governments we see in Russia and China.

It has to be understood that since the toppling of the monarchy in Russia there has been an international movement to institute socialism throughout the world.  The movement is driven by two forces that would otherwise be in conflict with each other.

You have the citizen activists who see the world through the lens of sharing wealth.  Their view is predominantly focused on the economic side of the issue and they resent the governments who allow or promote a class system where there are wealthy citizens who can increase their wealth by the utilization of labor and the exploitation of natural resources.  This is the ‘populist’ side of the movement.

The other faction is much smaller.  This faction represents the conspirators and organizers of this push towards socialism.  They may or may not be known to the rest of the people.  There is tremendous power and wealth under the control of this group although these machinations are transparent and unseen by society.  This faction views the populists as being a tool for the pursuit of their plans.  These masterminds prod and poke the situation to keep the ‘ball rolling’.  They utilize a multifaceted approach in their efforts to tear the fabric of the capitalist societies apart.  The use of populist messaging is designed to attract those who otherwise would be against any change in their system of government.

The multifaceted attacks we are seeing upon what we would think of as ‘traditional society’ is a coordinated plan that is working far better than I would like to see.  The democrat party has bought into the process and are acting in ways to further the dissolution of our nation whether they are aware of that goal or not.  Too many republicans have bought into this ‘globalist’ philosophy and are acting to further the destruction to our nation.

Trump was elected by people who know that our nation is under attack.  Not all can identify what or where the attack is coming from but they know things are not right.  Trumps power and appeal stem from his firm position of fighting back against ‘globalism’.  We are on the eve of midterm elections that will either serve to verify that Trump is right and has the support of the people or if the results are not supportive of Trump that the insidious cancer-like damage to our nation is getting worse and that we are farther down the path towards the end of the US as founded.  If this is the case after the election, we freedom oriented individuals will have far fewer choices as to how we can act to preserve the union than we thought.

Anyone who reads my essay and agree with my thoughts will ask, ‘What can be done?’ and the answer is as it has been for many years.  Be vigilant.  Spread the word about freedom and what is going on.  Urge likeminded people to vote and to actively support the cause.  We have been blessed with the election of Trump much to the chagrin of the left.  We cannot squander this turn of fortune we have as things will get so much more difficult for us if we do.  I pray that we can achieve our goals of a government that protects the rights of all people instead of promoting special interests at the expense of the majority.

Our nation was founded upon the ideal of freedom.  We are a representative Republic and have set an example of a free society that has inspired the world.  I do hope we can fight to keep it.