Battling Black Lives Matter and Socialism

As soon as you give the BLM any credence at all you have surrendered. Their tactic is to co-op the morals and values of the nation in order to cultivate insurrection. They know that they have to de-legitimize the established rules and values in order to replace them.

By creating the notion that there is ‘Systemic Discrimination’ against blacks you knee cap the police and everything they do. The fact that there is not such a systemic problem is of little concern to the organizers of the protests. They will act and proceed as if there is and defy anyone to say and prove there isn’t. Anyone who tries to do so, is vilified in the media as being ‘racist’.

The real problem is that we do not have an objective media in this nation. It has long since been co-opted for propaganda purposes by the left. If there were true objectivity, the riots would be painted with the foul colors of hate and political aspiration that they are full of.

What we are witnessing is a tactically managed gradual revolt being fomented by the elite left who are orchestrating these protests, the Covid19 epidemic and response, and a myriad of other disruptive social issues all in order to unseat our republic and replace it with an elite run top down socialist society. While the roots of this date back all the way to the late 1800’s the real foothold was established in the 60’s and has grown like a cancer ever since.

Sadly, the tactics of the left are not all set to be on the battle field.  They control the media and the moral high ground despite our protests to the contrary.  They dictate who is right and who is wrong and who should be the subject of moral outrage.  In the case of George Floyd, the entire right can agree that his death was wrong and that it should not have happened and it does not matter because we have been already lumped in as being part of the problem regardless of our actual sentiments on the issue.  Thus we are a part of the ‘problem’ even if we are not.

Conservatives tend to be loners as far as embracing their beliefs and movement.  We only band together when it becomes absolutely necessary.  We will do so to celebrate and demonstrate our faith to our movement but when the street brawling starts, we are not in the streets but at home, taking care of our loved ones.  Meanwhile the left, consisting of college indoctrinated radicals, yuppie soy boy types along with opportunistic looters all gather in the street and move as a unit looking for soft targets to destroy or pillage.  Mobs are like that because they are like water looking for the easiest path to the ocean.

It seems to me that the time for conservatives to amass in order to protect not only their own property and loved ones but for the sake of protecting the union is nigh.  It is obvious that our police are being effectively neutered and will not act to stop these mobs as anything they do other than submit is interpreted as being ongoing racist discrimination.  So, who is still standing and keeping watch to keep the barbarians from our gates?

Yet, I know if a thousand red state conservatives marched towards the Anifa/looter mob they would be labelled racist and militia and other descriptive s meant to demean and belittle anyone who is not overtly supportive of the BLM/Looter movement.  If this were to occur, there is no doubt in my mind who would be sent running from the field of battle.  That is why the media is pre-emptively acting to destroy the conservative/red state movement.  They cannot allow us to enter the battlefield.  They would lose if we did.

So we are in the battle for our nation and yet our strongest forces are not engaged.  Our Tea Party, Second Amendment supporting, conservative, patriotic citizens are huddled hoping that the mobs stay away.  There may be noises of bravado saying things like ‘Let them try that in my neighborhood’ and such but for the most part, what violence is going on is not in our towns or cities.

We are coming to the time where it will be very costly to end this insurrection in terms of blood and suffering. It is unlikely that the left will relent of their total control of the media anytime soon. It is equally unlikely that they left will surrender their domination of the government bureaucracy anytime soon either. These two control practically all of our lives and what we hear as news/truth and anything that does not meet the long term agenda is squashed before it sees the light of day. Evidence of this includes the fact that even FoxNews has surrendered to these forces.

So, the time of choosing is actually upon us, even if we prefer it were not.  We will lose this nation as founded in short order if we do not respond strongly enough to drive these forces of socialism back.  Even if we do this now, they will not stop.

The problem with the elitist types who wish to ‘manage society’ because they are in their minds, the only ones smart enough to do it, is that they do not go quietly into the night when you bloody their noses.  They lurk and plot and scheme because that is how they gained their wealth and power to begin with; by plotting and scheming.  Most people live their lives honestly and simply but there always will be a few who seek to gain power and wealth ( wealth is control) by not doing the work but by manipulating others.  This is the scourge that the founders sought to prevent from taking over our nation.

So, we can accept that there are forces dedicated to deleting the founding of this nation and replacing it with a pseudo-euro-socialist one where the people are not in control, or we can resolve to halt their advance and perhaps shove them back a few decades.  In my lifetime, I can see the incremental gains the left has attained.  With as far as they have come, I see only a short time before their success will be assured no matter how hard we wish it were not so.  Barry Goldwater saw this in his speech in 1964 “A Time for Choosing” where he recognized the forces aligned against our nation.  Reagan saw it.  Trump sees it.  Our greatest advantage at present is that we have an ally in the White House.  We should rally to make use of this now because it will be too late if we do not.


Red Versus Blue: Who is stoking the fires of hatred and intolerance?

As we approach 2020 and what will be the most important election of my life I see a political battlefield that is especially turbulent.  Political battles are nothing new and our nation has had plenty of them over the years and you can say that a vigorous political debate is good for the Republic.

These days there is a component of our political debate that is not something that can be ignored or explained away as simple fervor.  There is a palpable and especially vicious hatred within the debate.  This emotional force is not one that is confined to the topics at hand but permeates our society in many ways.  Hatred is an ugly word and an ugly sentiment and I use this word with the respect that is due if one is to toss an accusation into a discussion containing such an implication.

It is beyond apparent that the left and especially the activists for the left that they hold a disregard for the Conservative/Deplorable/Red State citizens that goes far outside of what would be called a conversation in the body politic.  The disdain is a hatred of all things emanating from the Red state nation.  There are uncountable examples of blue state/liberal/socialist activists aggressively attacking Red state citizens with threats and verbal language and assaults that are beyond firm evidence of this hatred and disrespect.   From the day after Trump beat Hillary, the rhetoric started and has risen in intensity ever since.  There was violence in the streets the day of Trump’s inauguration in DC with acts of destruction of private property recorded on film for the news at 11.

I would take a moment to reflect back upon the reaction of the red state people after the half black messiah was elected in 2008.  Obama was universally despised by the right for his policies and agenda as well as his disrespect for our heritage and nation.  Even so, I cannot recall violence in the streets.  I cannot recall any red state citizen destroying property.  Even with the rise of the TEA Party who opposed Obama and his tactics their rallies were peaceful and they cleaned up after themselves in ways none of the blue state citizens have done.  While the red state citizens were absolutely devoted to their beliefs, they never expressed blatant hatred of the blue state citizens.  The issue was the president in office at the time and it was confined to political activism and not directed personally towards any Obama supporters.

Today we are embroiled in a faux impeachment process that is illegal in its nature and operating behind closed doors which is contrary to the original intent of our founders.  We have blue state activists (Antifa) attacking citizens with whom they disagree with them and causing these people bodily injuries.   President Trump’s rally in Minnesota had blue state activists attack red state Trump supporters with several blue state activists attacking single individuals and causing injuries upon them.  None of this was provoked by any physical act.   The only provocation was the mere presence of people who support President Trump.

As we head to the 2020 election the activities of the left are obviously full of hatred for the right.  Not just the president but the people who support him as well.   The leadership of the left in congress have done nothing to reduce the violence nor have they said anything to condemn it.  The rhetoric from the democratic/blue state/left is fueling this violence and it will only get worse.  If things get really out of hand, people will end up being injured seriously or worse.

I have written of Civil War II and it seems more likely to come about than ever before as I consider the situation we are in.  The unbridled hatred of the left for their opponents and President Trump has spilled into our communities across the nation and I am quite sure it will only get worse.  All the while, the ones who are making this situation worse by acting in more and more aggressive ways including violence is the left/blue/liberals.  I cannot recall an incident where a conservative/red/deplorable did anything to deserve such violent and active hatred.

The left is tearing this nation apart.  They are willing to destroy the civil debate in order to silence their opposition.  Only a desperate and ruthless individual or group of individuals would consider this to be healthy or even permissible in a civil society.  I am left with the conclusion that in the very near future this hatred will spawn a battle between the opposing parties that will be without precedence in our history with the exception of the shelling of Fort Sumter in 1861.   That was an act of war without any question and if the left continues their violence and hatred, we will end up in the same place.  CWII.

Only a fool, or an evil genius would encourage open violence and warfare between political enemies and they would do it purely to manipulate the situation in an effort to use it to their advantage.  That I am even considering thoughts such as this reflects the awareness I have of the serious and deadly threat that continued violence by the left poses.  It is the likes of Antifa and others who are raising the level of discord and violence and not the red/deplorable/conservatives.  Where our nation goes from here through the next election is up to the left as far as whether it  will be more violence and hatred or not.  If deaths and massive damages occur as a result of their misplaced aggression, it is the democrats fault for not maintaining a civil and decent conversation.

Impeachment or, the democrats long game and how this affects Red State Deplorable Legacy Americans

We see the ongoing charade of Impeachment by Schiff and his merry band of anarchists.  Many of us are more than suspicious of their activities and we are as generally dubious of democrats and many republicans in general.  All of this is deserved and does not need explanation.

What my questions start with is what is their end game for their inquisition?  This inquiry will end at the end of this congressional session.  Depending on the results of the election it may be continued or not following November 2020.  So, are they trying to influence the 2020 election or is there another plan at work here?

My second question has more to do with the long term plans of the globalist/socialist/liberal factions who control the political narrative via their political and media assets?  This question is important as it has far more  impact on red state deplorable Legacy Americans than anything else.

I know that there are several strategies at work at present there is the direct frontal assault upon the government by the activist liberal socialist forces.  AOC, Bernie and the host of democratic candidates and activists all want to fundamentally change our nation to a socialist one.  This we see every day.

There is the middle distance threat of voter manipulation and rigged elections that hang over the future polls where the course of the nation could be ‘stolen’ from the majority via nefarious schemes.  This has happened before and will happen again as it is endemic with political power.

The long game.  First the reality.  Red State Deplorable Legacy Americans number in the millions.  We are a sizeable voting block.  We will not be swayed by the silver tongue orations of the socialist activists.  We are here to stay or at least for now.  We also see the truth about DC and the corruption and are sick of it.  We are determined to keep our values despite any attempts to change us.   Faced with our intransigence the powers in control of the movement to socialism must have a plan to defeat us if not in the short or middle term , then in the further along future.

My best guess is that they will wait us out.  We are potentially a dying breed.  Our children are educated in their socialist indoctrination centers called public schools.  They are bombarded with socialist messaging and are controlled by socialist media such as facebook and twitter and a host of other popular sites that young people frequent.

Our typical generation is 40 and older.  I use this reference not as an absolute but based on the lack of social media until about 25 years ago.  In 1994-5 the first vestiges of social community were starting on services such as AOL and within 10 years had exploded into the forerunners of today’s internet forms.  A person born in the late 70’s represents the last generation to get educated and to mature without the affects of the internet clouding their community roots and family traditions and beliefs.

I am not saying that there are no people under 40 who are of the same mindset as we are.  All I am saying is that it becomes far less likely to find someone who holds traditional and conservative views the younger you get from 40.   So, if we cannot be subdued in the short or middle term, the left will wait us out.  Let our lives play themselves out and then they will have total control without actually being challenged in any meaningful way.

With this knowledge, we are faced with a choice or two.  We can try to change the narratives and end the social indoctrination of the young in this nation but this is a difficult fight and especially if we are in the political minority.  Even if we educate our children and keep them in the fold of conservative traditional beliefs and values they are still bombarded with the socialism mantras of the left all day long just as we are.  The difference being that the youth are far more easily swayed in their opinions due to their search for conformity that their young age typically engenders.

Another possibility is that the eruption of CWII occurs and we find ourselves bearing arms to protect our beliefs.  There are many other sage individuals on the web who posit this as a definite possibility and I concur.  The divisions within our nation are so profound and so opposed that it is unlikely that there is any possibility of a negotiated settlement.  I say this because our opinions and values run diametrically opposed to those of the left.  Our nation came to a similar junction in the road in the mid 1800’s and the result was 600,000 dead from a bloody civil war that still divides this nation in many ways.  It is doubtful that our nation would survive a second conflict of this type and remain unified.  This is how fundamentally deep the values of the right run and how immovable we are from these.

Keep a weather eye upon the actions of the left both overt and what you may see as rumor or secondary movements.  The left is equally as determined to eliminate us as we are determined to survive.   I suppose that might also reveal the greatest difference between our positions.

I only wish to be left alone and allowed to live as I want to and raise my family as I want to.  I am sure most if not all who are of a like mind wish for nothing more themselves.

The left has conquest on their minds.  They seek control over not just themselves but everyone else.  Power is a corrupting influence and you cannot argue that the left does not wish to change everybody in our nation and the world in fact.

The future is as of yet unwritten and it is the future that we must always be concerned with.

America needs to divorce….The battle of red state and blue state beliefs

It is more than obvious to anyone who pays the minimum amount of attention to the news that there is something very wrong right now in our nation politics and even locally.  We see two sides set against each other unwilling to bend or compromise.  It is my estimation that we are at a crossroads that we last approached during the failure of the Articles of Confederation that originally bound the 13 free states together.  The process that the states entered into resolve that state of discord is reflected in the ‘Federalist Papers’ and the ‘Anti-Federalist papers’.  These are viewpoints expressed by the differing opinions of the founders.  Eventually a compromise was worked out and our Bill of Rights are the result.  Those founders who were very hesitant to create such a powerful national government that we now have insisted on a set of rules that would preserve the people’s rights as granted them by their creator.

Fast forward 243 years and we are in a national uproar over many issues but one that has created a lot of animosity is the desire of some to weaken the rights of the citizens as described in the Second Amendment.  Consider for a moment that our nation’s federal government is huge and if the founders were to see what their vision of federal government has ballooned to they would be horrified.  The power vested in this central government goes so deeply into our lives that we literally cannot exist in this nation without complying at least in one way with some regulation or law in every aspect of our lives.  The founders feared being ruled by a government that would be tantamount to a sovereignty.  This to them was tyranny and what the Revolutionary War was fought to eliminate.  Facing down a Monarch and his armies were the people and their fight for their rights including to keep and bear arms.  The Second Amendment was important as they felt that there may come a time where the people faced with an overgrown and too powerful government will have to remove said government as it is and then start anew.

The entire notion of facing down the federal government is pretty mind boggling if you think about it.  Most deplorables, i.e. Red State citizens, cherish their rights and especially the Second Amendment.  Even so, the notion of taking up arms against what is considered to be a tyrannical government is still something that we may say brave things about but if push came to shove, things might actually be quite different in what one might actually do.

As we delve into what the founders felt was important, let us consider why this debate about the Second Amendment is such a hot issue.  The liberal or ‘Blue State’ point of view is that Guns are dangerous and should be restricted or banned depending on who you might talk to.  They cite the public good as justification for gun control legislation and yet, cannot point to one statistic that represents a saving of lives as a result of all the laws already in existence.  It seems that data and statistics are less important to the average liberal than feeling good about something they have done.  This is the big myth regarding the efficacy of Gun Control laws.

One question I have for any liberal is why do you fear us, the deplorables, as much as you do?  Your regard for us is equal to one of a gentry class as they view the peasants.  Believe me when I say that I see this.  Pretty much anyone who thinks like me sees this.  Every word we hear from your media (It sure as hell is not ours anymore) is negative about us and our beliefs as well as our representatives that we have put into office.  If anyone on the left is wondering why we are so damn irritated with them this is certainly near to the top of the list.  I will say that I do not hate anyone for their political beliefs or their social attitudes.  I do not hate the person but I do vehemently disagree with their proposed rules and society that they want to bring about.  I may not like or even respect them.  But, I still do not hate them.  I know confidently that I am not alone in this perception of our opponents politically.

Even while gun violence is not an issue for 99.999999% of the legal gun owners in the nation, the left still wants to limit all of our (100% of the safe gun owners) access and ability to own arms.  I think that they are missing the point as to what the real issue is.

It is sad to say that there are bad and evil people in the world.  These people do horrible and despicable things.  They act violently and without regard to the lives they destroy.  This element of man has existed eternally.  You can see that they will act and use whatever is at hand to commit their acts of violence.  If a gun is not available, a knife or machete will do.  If these are not available explosives will do.  It is not the weapon that is dangerous.  It is the antisocial person and these people hide and are among us many are not known to anyone as to being of this mindset.

As to gun control, the real effectiveness of any of the gun regulations in place in the nation is unknown.    You have to remember that criminals do not buy guns legally and they do not have to pass background checks.  The only people that are affected by any gun law are the ones who legally own them and statistics prove they are not the source of the problem that the liberals claim is the issue.

The battle that is going on is going to get much worse as people who are conscientious and safe gun owners do not want nor do they need any further regulations to keep the public safe from their firearms.  The ineffectiveness of the existing gun laws should be more than enough evidence to convince anyone that adding more regulations will not make a meaningful difference.

This brings me to the crux of my discussion.  What is the only recourse when a couple in a marriage just cannot make their relationship work any longer????  Divorce.  Each goes their separate ways and once the estate is settled they live independently of each other.

I do not think the left realizes how upset the deplorables are with their policy agenda.  This includes their ongoing push to allow unfettered immigration into our nation along with Medicare for all and other ‘social programs’.  I do not think that they realize how frustrated we are with what has been going on for quite a while.  We have sat back and bided our time waiting for an opportunity to elect someone we support and who supports us.  President Trump is this someone.

We see the attacks against the president as disrespectful and the illegal actions of the left in their efforts in trying to unseat him from his legally elected office is evidence of that.  We are more than aware that these attacks are not just aimed at President Trump and that they are also directly aimed at us:   Gun loving, deplorables, conservatives, and God loving Americans.  These attacks are  just one more straw on the camel’s back and there is already quite a load on their from what we have already endured from the left.

There is a lot of speculation on the possibility of a second civil war.  The differences of opinion between the sides at present rivals the animosity that was the state of the union in 1860 when Lincoln was elected.  The first state to secede was South Carolina and they did so before Lincoln was sworn in.  That is how polarized the nation was in 1861.

At present, the differences  in terms of personal freedoms from Blue states to Red states are pretty substantial.   From gun control to land use regulations to education to the right to work, there is a solid line between the two parties.  The real question is this:

Are the liberals willing to go to war?  I do not think that compromising our values and priority is on the table as a negotiable item.  Red state deplorables are very frustrated and have had about as much as they can tolerate in the social agenda as well as the notions regarding healthcare and further societal controls that are being bandied about by the current crop of Democratic presidential candidates.

So, do we retreat to our appropriate battle lines and at a point in time start the war?  Do we allow a secession of Red States into a separate nation?  As long as the left insists on growing the federal government in giving it more and more power we on the right will not agree to anything they propose.

So, like the movie ‘War of the Roses’ do we keep battling until we all die or do we get smart about it and do something that would avoid such a turn of events????

The time to decide is fast approaching.  2020 will be a battle and could become much more than just politics and policy.  In reality there is not much time left before it is going to get critical.


America and Socialism are incompatible. Here is why:

America was founded with the principles of freedom and liberty to pursue and accomplish as you’re capable and what you desire.  Citizens were from the beginning all entrepreneurs and self starters.  People who did not work did not eat.  There was no safety net other than the family and church.  Government’s job was to provide a safe nation and otherwise was to stay out of the way.

Contrast this with socialism which is a top down hierarchy of controls and involuntary redistribution.  I say involuntary because taxing someone is not a voluntary act on the part of the person being taxed.  They are taxed regardless of their opinions of being taxed and of what the taxes are used for and why.

So, socialism advocates cry out about ‘unfairness’ as being why we need to take in all these illegals and provide for them.  They intend on taking working Americans’ money and giving it to people who are both not citizens and not doing anything to provide for themselves.  Add that they break the law by their existence within our borders without permission.  Essentially we are rewarding lawbreakers.

The spirit of America is hard work and compassion for those who need a break.  Not those who are taking a break on purpose.  Our social programs have run amok and are overfilled with unemployed and never to be employed people who will, as long as the tap is flowing with benefits and money, stay sitting on their backsides while hard working Americans are paying their way.

The pro-socialism movement has proposed paying all college debts off and taxing the financial industry for the money to do this.  Who do they think provides the money to the financial industry to pay these new taxes???   You got it.  Hard working Americans.

The pro-socialism movement wants to allow as many people into our nation as want to come.  None of these people have any money or any skills that would translate into a job that they could use to support themselves.  So, the million dollar question is who will provide food, medical care and shelter to these people????  Social services of course!  They are the official Santa Claus for pro-socialism advocates.  Where does the money come from????  Not money trees….these don’t exist just like the fact that unicorns don’t exist.  No, the money will come from that favorite group of citizens; hard working Americans.

Do you recognize a theme here?  On the one side is a group who wants to give away things to people without any regard to their status as citizens, as criminals, or as drug dealers.  They want to provide for these people and also for college students who will have their loans paid for them.  As an aside, will I be reimbursed for my college loans?  Just thought I would throw that one in there.

The other part of this theme is that anyone who works will pay more.  It does not matter which income group the  tax increases are targeted at, all the people end up paying for it just like increases to the minimum wage.  Money has to come from somewhere and the only people allowed to print money are the federal government as we saw during the  emperor Obama years where the national debt doubled.  No, all increases in the cost of living are paid by the working class at all levels.

American values are incompatible to socialist values.  Socialism requires conformance to rules and government control of an ever increasing portion of the gross national product which includes earnings and savings.  Americans do not like this idea.  I say this referring to patriotic Constitution and Bill of Rights loving Americans.  The socialist that claims they are American is really saying they hate America as founded and want to change it within the system.

If the system had not been gamed by the liberals for the past 100 years we would not be having this conversation.  But, since the liberals have managed to add a new law giver to our society namely the courts who can supersede the Congress and the Executive branch.  We have seen the steady march of the likes of Karl Marx and Mao Tse Tung represented by liberal democrats as they destroy this nation one piece of our founding heritage at a time.

There is a problem, however, with the current situation.  The right despite the efforts of a bunch of RINOs managed to get Donald Trump elected as president.  By doing so they have created a situation where the liberals are not able to hide their agenda anymore and red state conservatives are not all that happy with the idea of reward people for breaking the law, crossing the border or simply not working.  Whatever comes to pass in the coming years, it will be far more difficult for the liberals to force their agenda upon the America people.

The conflict over this has already started and it remains to be seen how it will play out in the long run.  I do know that red state people are not going to cave to the liberal/socialist/communists.  There will be resistance and how that takes form will depend on how the game is played.  Since the left has managed to take control of how the game is played via their dutiful servants in the media, the next play is up to them.  The 2020 election will be a turning point regardless of who wins the presidency.  Red state citizens are not going anywhere.,  We are aware and concerned and will not tolerate any nefarious actions of the left.

Patriots love this nation and how it was founded.  They love their founding documents and the wisdom of the founders themselves which was the basis of these documents.  Anyone who presumes to think their way of running things is better has a fight on their hands.  Socialists, you are warned.

The Divided States of America

The disconnect between the red and blue states is something that the left has been promoting as they have sought to gain control over the nation via population growth in the coastal areas.  Various means are at work in this including immigration and a shift of population from the rural areas to the urban as well.  This and the continuous indoctrination via the democrat controlled media helps sway the tide.


The Urban drones are fully programmed and perform their function of voting democrat, regardless of any issue, perfectly.  The drones are so well programmed they even show passion for their socialist beliefs even if they are not sure what that all means or even know what the future will be in their supposed ‘utopia’.


It is frightening that our nation has arrived at a place where many of us concerned about the future see this huge gulf that exists between the main political philosophies.  I would say parties but the Rinos that occupy the republican party as just as bad as the democrats themselves.   No, this gulf is between citizens and it is not politically motivated.  It is one set of values set against another.  This is the crisis that the democrats have sought for 100 years.  Problem is that they may not like how it gets sorted out.


At present, the left will take the fight to the right citizens.  Organized mobs like Antifa and the riots in DC after the inaugural prove the left is willing to fight physically for their goals.  The right, on the other hand, presumes the fight is against the government which to a great extent it is but, the true believers in the left’s rank and file are more committed and more dangerous.  What has changed lately is that the right is beginning to see the light as far as what they are truly up against.


While novels about a 2 nation solution to this problem provide entertainment and levity perhaps in the face of true danger, we cannot forget the gruesome reality the left would impose on the entire nation and in a heartbeat if they could.  They would rule against the will of the red states and do it gleefully.   Such is their desire for this absolute control that we see the continuing attack upon Donald Trump and his administration due to the democrats losing the 2016 presidential election.  This symbolizes more than anything else how the left will go all in after their goal of domination.


As a red state person behind enemy lines in upstate New York I am reminded of this fact daily as we live with the edicts of Emperor Cuomo II (Andy, (my girlfriend owns our house.)  Son of Mario the Pious) .  We are subjects to be governed and not voting citizens to this current monarchy that exists in Albany in the great castle of government.  Witness the recent budget agreed upon by the democrats.  There are hundreds of tax increases and new restrictions that are included.  None of this is approved by a large portion of the state’s population.  New York is what the democrats want to do to the rest of the nation.


I am not alone as a red stater here in enemy territory.  Practically all of the people in my town, county and the surrounding counties are all basically red stater’s too.  There are pockets of democrat intolerant drones upstate, say in Hamilton where Colgate is as well as Ithaca and Cornell as well as the large cities that occupy the valley from Albany to Buffalo.  For the most part however, the region is solidly red state.  A divided NY has been floated as a way to resolve the lack of representation the red state people have in Albany.  This is a fantasy.  The democrats will not give up anything in the process of re-inventing America including NYS.


While the notion of a separate ‘nation’  for the red state people and one for the blue, the reality is that interspersed within both ‘zones’ are plenty of people who are not like those typically associated in their respective areas.  People as these including myself are in a quandary as to how to survive and not abandon either tradition and home and family and move to the area associated with my beliefs (red states) or to adopt the enemy’s mantra whichever one you are confronted with.


Wars have been fought for less differences than we are seeing in today’s society.  In many ways, the system of governance devised by the founders was far ahead of its day in the ability of government to accommodate many widely diverging views.  This is being taxed (good choice of words actually) to the limit by the polar opposites that the sides represent.


It is my hope that things will not come down to such drastic measures to keep the peace.  We live in perilous times and the choices made by the voters and the elected officials carry serious consequences.  I dearly pray that both sides learn to abide with the other in peace.  If we cannot live in peace together, I hope we can live in peace apart.