America is at an Awkward stage……

America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards. On the road to tyranny, we've gone so far that polite political action is about as useless as a miniskirt in a convent. ... Something's eventually going to happen. Government will bloat until it chokes us to death, or one more tyrannical power grab will turn out to be one too many. ... Maybe it'll be one more round of

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My thoughts…….

As we plummet towards our national oblivion the divide between sides is getting clearer and more obvious.  Even so, the conservative, patriotic America is reluctant to rise up and resist actively.

Will this reticence to act in the offense be our undoing?

Why are we waiting to take the fight to our enemies?

What will it take for patriots to take up arms and fight for our freedoms?

Our founders most likely went through the same phases as subjects of the crown.  Their tolerance for governmental meddling compared to our present tolerance makes us look like pikers for not having done anything already.  They declared independence and fought a revolution over 2 or 3 percent tax on some goods. 

Yes, there were other issues that do not get much written about them such as industrial restrictions and mandatory purchases of manufactured things from English sources thus guaranteeing the home country a healthy income from the burgeoning colonies.   There were rules and other restrictions that were also factors but the main issues were the duties and fees imposed by the crown without the consent of the colonies.

Today, we wait.  For what I am uncertain.  For all of our military might in our past we are essentially a peaceful people who have been raised and educated to trust the government to protect and perpetuate the nation as founded.

What is not discussed in any popular and mainstream manner is the invasion of our nation by foreign philosophy of governance and policies.  Our spirit of freedom and liberty has been watered down and polluted by these alien values and beliefs weakening our backbones ever so gradually. As this enemy infiltrates and occupies our schools and government agencies as well as the media, they all use these various forums to promote the socialist mindset and to condemn the past we used to cherish so deeply.

So, when will we pull the trigger?  More importantly, when will we unify and prepare to engage what will be the total military might of our government if we elect to refuse to participate in this socialist take over any longer?

If we do not organize and prepare we will be swept from the field rapidly and with great prejudice by the very government we have loyally followed and supported all our lives.  Our futures as individuals is going to be short if we continue to be individual islands in the stream.  Our future as an allied group; unified and prepared to stand our ground can be long and productive.  We need to consider the immense consequences of any actions we contemplate and prepare properly if we are to succeed in any worthwhile manner.

It is one thing to complain and be politically active. It is quite something else to consider acting in any way outside of politics and the public forum. Actions in these theaters are far more serious and the consequences are life changing and very negatively if they go poorly.

How deeply do you feel about your freedoms and personal liberty?

This is a question that we are being forced to face by these invading socialist activists who know just as we do how dangerous our responses can be.

The Future…Things that I believe will come to pass

You would have to be oblivious to everything to not see the unrest in the nation both overt and unstated. We see active protests in various cities from the likes of BLM and ANTIFA who are merely the latest agents of the socialist left provocateurs. Their activists have had many names but their goal has remained as originally defined when the communists promised to bury us. They wish to destroy the US as founded and institute their version of socialist utopia which in reality is simply a new form of discrimination where the government chooses the winners and losers or rather, the leadership elite get to do this. We see these activities for what they are. I say ‘we’ referring to patriotic and founding loving Americans. While the left wishes to usurp our form of governance, I believe that when things get close to the left achieving their goal a great movement of patriotic Americans will rise up and thrash them royally. You cannot keep poking the bear that is our love of freedom and not get a reaction. As long as we are an armed citizenry the left cannot prevail and they know this.

My concerns are not about stopping the socialists. In actuality while the process of stopping them will be bloody it will be quick and direct and they will crumble once they meet the might of the patriotic Deplorable nation. You see, winning elections will not restore our nation to its founding roots. It will take a cleansing in order to root out the anarchists and the revolutionaries who want to see us become the United Socialist States of America. This cleansing will be one of intense violence as the forces that love our founding and freedoms root out the infiltrators and the traitors. We know about these people and what they want to do. We can fight them directly and eliminate them rather quickly. No, my concerns are about what comes after that.

Obviously there will be a sincere effort put forth to restore the full meaning and purpose of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. As simple in principle this sounds, the actual execution will be quite problematic and fraught with peril. Keep in mind that once the left is defeated and their soldiers on the field are routed, there will remain a huge colony within our population of left minded socialist wannabes who will be waiting to start yet anew in their efforts to conquer our nation from within using the tools of freedom and free governance against us.

Included in those left wing ranks will be the schemers and plotters of the socialist movement who have rarely been seen in the light of day. These people are chess masters who use others to accomplish their goals of attaining and holding power. History shows that the socialists have used the unrest and recent revolts in many nations to their advantage repeatedly in the past. Pretty much every ‘communist’ nation we know of arose out of the ashes of recent democratic revolt. They allow patriots to oust an illegitimate regime only to oust the patriots once the peace is secured and then they institute their version of socialism which in effect is totalitarianism.

The problem we face as citizens, even as patriotic citizens, is that while we most likely can be a viable and successful fighting force, few of us are the kind of strategists needed to ensure we survive the peace that follows such an event as a civil war or revolution. Having great intentions is not enough. Understanding the scenario and the risks as well as how to quickly and with fairness establish a viable and functioning republic without falling victim to either self imposed paranoia or outside threats is a task of a high order. To ensure that our nation is allowed to rebuild an impartial system of justice we will be faced with removing thousands of people from government who by their actions or lack of action have abetted the left in their current conquest of our nation. This will be emotional, tedious and difficult work that many will not have the stomach for. In this process we must be careful to not allow imposters to take positions of authority in pursuit of a ‘new nation’ who actually seek to infiltrate our government before it starts again with socialist communist sympathizers who will initiate the seeds of our future defeat while we rebuild. This process will be very tumultuous and as difficult as it was in 1783, imagine how it dramatic and fraught with controversy it will be today with the media we currently have along with the social platforms all pushing their own agendas.

As much as we may compare ourselves to the founders we are not made of the same material. These leaders after the revolution could have established a very powerful and centralized government benefiting themselves most of all and yet, they did not do this. Their aim was to create a central government that was powerful enough to protect the nation, preserve the peace and yet be just strong enough to do that and no more. These days, our technology and communications provide a fertile ground for despots in waiting who would leap at the chance to empower themselves and their cronies all supposedly for the public good but in reality more focused on their protection and preservation of their power. In essence I am saying we do not have the virtue our founders did and we need to be mindful of this.

So, the great risk we face is not the socialists at present. It is the time of uncertainty that would surely follow a period of great civil unrest and upheaval. As I view the future honestly I do not fear for my freedoms because I am one of millions who will not allow them to be taken away, nor will we tolerate any more erosion on them. We will stand and fight and drive the controlling socialists from our midst. It is in that unknown beyond that time that I see we being our time of real trial where our hopes and desires will be put to task. Those days will be the true test of our resolve to re-establish a truly free nation upon this earth and we will be challenged to do so in a way that has the permanence of our original founding.

It is not a Political Struggle any longer…….

HR127 is a symptom of a larger problem and it is not a political one. It is the opening salvo of a long range plan on the part of the socialists to complete the takeover of our nation and the complete subjugation of the population.

Those of us who are advocates of the Second Amendment and unfettered rights emanating from all of the Bill of Rights and our laws are unified and represent a substantial block in our nation. We are 75 million voters who in actuality represent at least 150 million people including ourselves. As such, we are despised as citizens by the socialist left. Our values and beliefs are ridiculed. Our love of our nation is mocked. Our religious beliefs are also mocked. Our embrace of patriotism is laughed at. In short we are not respected AT ALL!!!!

We are no longer engaged in a political battle. A political battle requires a modicum of respect for the opposition. There is no respect for us by any of the politicians in DC for the most part. This includes many of the republicans there who are deep state members of the swamp. No, this battle is now one of survival.

The left means to destroy us. If they cannot change our mindsets they will endeavor to marginalize our way of life and our values until we are not considered citizens deserving any respect or representation. This is because our very existence threatens their plans to supplant our founding documents and traditions with a globalist manifesto of tyrannical socialism. We are in their way and must be dealt with.

Any law they propose that would restrict our Second Amendment rights is not designed to control firearms but is actually an attempt to goad us into a reaction that they can use to justify locking us up. Taking our kids away. Denying us any civil liberties.

We are called Deplorables and a host of other negative stereotypes. We are Bitter Clingers. We are red neck, racists, homo-phobes, and a myriad of other negative descriptors all intended to denote our being a lessor form of life and not deserving any respect or rights. This is exactly what Hitler did to the Jews in the 1930’s. He denigrated them and then denied their rights and ultimately tried to extinguish them. The way is being prepared to do the same to us.

While I see no imminent plans on the part of the left to act with violence to suppress us it is as plain as the nose on your face that we are to be ostracized and demonized as much as possible to negate our impact as a political force in our nation. We are called insurrectionists because we believe the election was not on the up and up. We are considered to be prone to violence even though we have not carried on in any manner that would deserve such a reputation.

We are no longer fighting over policy or procedural issues pertaining to government. We are fighting now to preserve our way of life and our values. The time is rapidly approaching where we will be forced to choose a path. One will be submission to the will of the globalist agenda and the other will be to resist and otherwise refuse to comply with any edicts coming from Washington DC or even our state capitols in some cases.

We hear of talk of a second civil war and to be quite honest, we are being forced into such a mindset by the discrimination we are suffering at the hands of those who claim to be for everyone’s rights…well, everyone except us. We are supposedly the problem. We and our love of our heritage and our love of our country. All we ever wanted then and now is to be left alone. To be respected and accepted for who we are. We are following the traditions of our forebears and as such express the ideal of a free people who will respect anyone who respects us and all we ask is to be left alone. Sadly, the globalist/socialist/democrat deep state will not allow this.

At this point I am waiting for the next shoe to drop. Waiting for the left to reach too far. To push a little too hard. I am waiting for the left to start the war.

No sane person would ever seek violence but by the same token, they should always be ready because sometimes aggressive and pushy people bring violence to you. Rather than sit there are claim foul and demand special protections (which is what every special protected group does that the left supports) we should be prepared to respond in kind. This is because we are marked to be eliminated by the deep state socialist cabal and the sooner we understand and accept that our only way to survive is to stop them, the better off we will be.

I am not calling for anyone to act in an aggressive manner nor should we initiate any conflict. That is not who we are. The left will continue to follow the path of tyranny and just like the socialists did in Russia, Germany, Italy, China, Cuba and Venezuela, they will eventually come for us. Their patterns have repeated themselves historically and no doubt they will eventually follow their plans of domination and control which will bring them to our doors. The left represents the corruption that evolves from power being vested in too few for too long. Once the elite find out that they can enrich themselves and stay in power they are loathe to give it up ever.

We need to do as we have been for the last many years.

Have patience.. Prepare…..Stay informed…..Keep your mouths shut…..Only trust those people you know.

These are trying times and we need to keep our heads about us. We are far better prepared to protect ourselves than the left would like. Lets keep it this way.

The Current state of Affairs January 7th, 2021

Based on the events of not only yesterday, January 6th 2021 but also including the events of the last 4 years I have to assume the following are true.

Due process means nothing.

Evidence means nothing

The rule of law is now subjective and not based on facts and evidence.

Justice is now meted out by the power elite and is devoid of impartiality.

A huge portion of the nation’s citizens have been disenfranchised.

The media is no longer an independent organization from the political process.

The Bill of Rights is dead.  They are no longer considered binding by our government.

Our Republic as founded has been eliminated by corrupt politicians who have established a tyranny of control over every aspect of our lives.

Our Choices?????

Are we ready to fight for our beliefs?

How much do you love freedom?

Is it time to form a new nation of patriots?

Have the first shots of the second civil war been fired?

My Thoughts????

We either resolve to continue our movement to restore a lawful and honorable government rid of corrupt career politicians or we surrender to the fact that our future as a nation of truly free people is gone.  How this fight is conducted is largely up to the corrupt government we are confronted with.  What is not up to them is our level of resolve to continue and persevere this fight for honor and freedom.  It is what our forefathers fought for throughout our nation’s history.

As I said, you have to consider where your heart is in all of this.  Whether you are willing to do what it takes no matter what that may be to protect and preserve our freedoms and our heritage as American Patriots. We either make the conscious choice to take up the cause and pursue it with all our vigor accepting the consequences of our actions what ever that may be or we surrender our principles and conform to the expectations of the government and its political actors.

We have seen this future coming for many many years. It is now upon us. What we do next will determine our fates.

Virginia, 2020, the Second Amendment and a time of choosing

The current controversy in Virginia created by the governor and his cronies all democrats has occupied the news cycle for a while now.  The crux of the battle is preserving and protecting our rights as protected by the Second Amendment.  Massive rallies have taken place in Virginia and elsewhere in support of the rights of gun ownership and against the latest proposed restrictions that have been the topic of discussion and dissension.

What is at stake in Virginia is the freedom we are endowed with by our creator to defend and protect ourselves free of any restrictions from government.  Trust me when I say that if anything that is proposed by the anti-gun crowd in Virginia is upheld it will be a harbinger of laws of a similar bent all over the nation.

There is massive opposition to the new regulations from the NRA and the pro gun community.  This opposition is all over the nation and it is also a harbinger of what could be.

It is time that the end of gun control and the removal of all illogical and unfair gun regulations become a national movement.  This should be a platform issue for the upcoming Trump campaign.  This needs to be the issue that all patriotic and freedom loving Americans rally behind with the goal of removing all gun regulations that are obviously meant to disarm the American people.

I have written before of how unique our nation is as one founded in freedom having never had its lands carved up as a monarchy with the appurtenant caste system.  This does not mean we have not had discrimination in our history but it is the strength of our founding documents that have allowed and promoted the freedom for all in our nation and to see any of our freedoms limited not only limits our rights specifically but also our freedom as a whole.

We need to take the fight in Virginia national.  We need to band together as a political force and demand that our rights not be infringed.  We need to remind those who are elected to not govern against the will of the people.  Virginia is one of many states who have enacted partial bans on Second Amendment rights and our abilities to use them.  We need to reverse these and all regulations meant to disarm the American people and render them as subjects to the state.

American Exceptionalism: Unification in the name of Freedom.

Before the American Revolution a citizenry had never united as a group without a single charismatic leader.  Yes, I am sure someone will point out some other nation but that may not be the equal to what I am talking about.

What I am saying is that we unified in an idea we hold in common led by an elected group of people who selected a General who reluctantly took the job of leading us who also refused any idea of leadership afterwards without election.  We found our freedom not by following a ‘revolutionary but by following a dream and a vision of freedom for all.

Americans unified to fight the British for our independence and won the war.  We then did not settle for a dictator or central control government.  We stayed free as people who elected representatives.  We remained unified in the name of freedom.

As an American I am blessed with this heritage.  I am blessed with the recognition of my inalienable rights in our Bill of Rights.  As an American aware of this I am committed to the founder’s vision of our nation and the Legacy they left for us.  Call me a traditionalist.  Call me a Constitutionalist.  Call me anything you want but be sure to call me first and foremost a Patriot.

Patriots fought for our rights.  Patriots fought to preserve freedom from oppression by a illegitimate government.  Patriots fought for the cause of freedom and made sure that was the future of our nation instead of falling in line behind  a zealot or charismatic leader who would then rule to preserve their power instead of preserving the people’s power.

Today, we see a government that seemingly is dedicated to returning us back to the days of monarchy where the wrong words can get you arrested and the wrong acts can get you killed.  Our political class is pandering now to smaller and smaller groups instead of protecting the rights of all.  They confiscate the right of freedom of speech to ‘protect’ the feelings of a few.  This is tyranny.

You can mandate preferential treatment of a few but it is far better to preach acceptance and understanding on a voluntary basis as this unifies a society whereas mandates only drive wedges between peoples.

We see the leadership of our nation actively seeking to disarm the population with ever increasingly restrictive regulations.  A free people unified in their love of freedom do not need to be protected by the government.  They by virtue of their freedom can protect themselves.  If the government embraced FREEDOM they would encourage the people to be self reliant and able to protect themselves and the nation if need be.  Instead, they seek to restrict FREEDOM using laws and regulations limiting behavior and speech and the rights to bear arms.  These types of restrictions are what we fought a war against to become a great nation unified in our love of freedom and independence.

Only Tyrants fear the people.  Only tyrants use restrictions to protect the state and its ‘preferred peoples’ from the rest of the population.  It seems that our government is heading down this path towards tyranny and will result ultimately in a revolution if the people wish to stop the tyranny.

States with firearm restrictions are leading this charge against freedom.  They claim that their intent is to make the public safer except that the fact is a disarmed public are no longer citizens but are instead, subjects:  People who are subjected to laws they do not like and cannot resist without penalty and in the most recent cases threats of violence against them by the state.

It has long been time to return to our fundamental roots as Americans and embrace our individual freedoms.  A society that is armed is a respectful society.  We need to unify as a people and make it clear that we will not be subjugated by our governments with laws and regulations that fly in the face of our inalienable rights as given by our creator and guaranteed by our Bill of Rights.

It was exceptional in the world in 1776 that a people united in the quest of freedom for all would fight the most powerful army in the world and win freedom.  It is time that exceptional people come together again dedicated still to that same very purpose.  We are facing, yet again, the most powerful army in the world if our efforts to protect and preserve our freedom comes into conflict.

Our fight at present is in the political arena and it is up to our government to remember that we citizens are free people and it is not the government’s role to define what freedom is.  Let us work to unify as Americans and make it clear to all that we will not surrender what our forefathers fought so desperately for.  FREEDOM.

Be careful liberals lest ye bring about the Wrath of Patriots

We live our lives quietly and without comment. We are polite and keep to ourselves. We practice what we preach and are assets to our communities. Our children are raised with our respect instilled in them along with our values of hard work and caring for others.

We are the silent Second Amendment adhering patriots who have been the backbone of this nation since its inception.

We are facing a foe that is remarkably similar to the British at the outset of the American Revolution. The British sought to disarm us. They sought to tax us and penalize us for breaking arbitrary rules. They seek to control our lives and how we can pursue commerce and our own fortunes.

‘Americans’ have existed from the moment that our forefathers set foot on this continent which was occupied by semi-nomadic aboriginal tribes who had a primitive culture. Our survival relied on our strength of character and our perseverance. The self fulfilling American and the American Dream were born at the same time.  America grew from our vision and determination from the wilderness.

Now we are faced with a force made up of fellow citizens who have abandoned the American Dream and are now obsessed with the globalist agenda of foreign interests. The concepts and ideas brought into their discussions are not American in origin and are the exact opposites of the American Dream. These people speak of collective ideas for the whole and penalize anyone for their success by making them share the fruit of their labors. These citizens seek to squelch the fires of our industry and put a halt to our development of our own resources. They seek to completely re-write our Constitution and take away many of our guaranteed rights that were protected by the Bill of Rights in 1783.

Even in the face of what could legitimately be called a rebellion, we have maintained our calm and resisted any provocation to violence. Now we are being challenged on many fronts and it is painfully obvious that the time to rise and protect our homes, our livelihoods and our liberty is soon to be upon us.

When this next phase of our nation begins; a phase that rivals the period of the War between the States; is really up to our foes. We are here to defend the rights of the American people and not interested in starting any conflict. By the same token, we will not sit back if any of our fellow Americans are attacked.  We are those Americans who believe in the legacy of the founding of our nation.

I can only deliver the warning to those who prefer a globalist society that we will not go quietly into the night. Rhetoric will not deter our fervent love of our nation and our rights and liberties. Making threats against our God given Rights will not deter our faith in who we are and our heritage. We stand resolute in our purpose and determined to hold our ground.

The next move is up to you, globalists and socialistic liberals. Think carefully about what you are about to cause if you pursue your anti-American agenda. You will be the cause of the next inner conflict of our nation if you do not heed the warnings.  These warnings reflect a determined group of Patriots who will resist your tyranny.