Antifa, Disarmament and Socialism

Before the government of Japan took their nation into wars with other nations, they disarmed its Samuris. It took a military type of force to do this. Military forces can overwhelm groups of citizens and force them to comply with orders. WWII and the Holocaust are classic examples.

Antifa has the purpose of maintaining unrest and violence. Their hope is to incite a violent response not from law enforcement but from other citizens. This is the global strategy that the underlings of the Antifa do not understand or have not been told.

Once the right, conservative pro-Americans take to the streets that is when the democrat mayors and governors will use all the forces at their disposal to arrest and put down the violence. Not of Antifa but of the pro-Americans who are fighting to stop the destruction and violence that Antifa started.  I am sure in the process firearms will come into play and therefore create the cause of total disarmament of our nation otherwise known as the revocation of our Second Amendment rights.

The left is aching for an excuse to force us, the conservative pro-American, to comply with their edicts. They thought 8 years of the black messiah Obama would get us upset enough to act out in some way but we did not take that bait. Now, they have upped the ante with overt and focused attacks on our institutions and traditions including violence in the streets. This is bait and nothing else.

Insurrectionists use social unrest as a tool to drive a wedge between various portions of a nation in order to reduce and eventually remove any resistance to their take over of the government. They may state their goals at first but these are a smoke screen to what really will happen once they have control.

Need proof? Lenin talked of fairness and yet, millions starved and many were outright murdered as he solidified his power, all the while Lenin and his cronies were living a lifestyle none of his fellow Russians could.

Hitler convinced the German people that the Jews were the cause of their economic suffering. He finally secured control and then proceeded to murder and cause the deaths of 100,000,000 people across the world. Again, he and his leadership faithful all lived well while the masses suffered.

Mao promised to feed his nation and blamed the existing government for the woes the Chinese were suffering at the hands of the Japanese and government. He finally attained power and millions were left to starve as a result.

The moral to my story is that we are seeing the ‘sales pitch’ of the pro-socialists but the reality of what these people would do to our nation is not seen by most people nor would they suspect it. Gathering their paramilitary forces is just the start. If they attain power they will disarm the people. It is essential to their plans and historically, it was done in Russia, Germany and China once the socialists came into power and for the very same reason.

America has been secure in its borders from outside invasion but we are facing an insurrection that is using our own legal system as well as our media to convince the masses that socialism and their vision for our nation is the way to the future. We have lost this phase of the war and the longer we wait to react the smaller our numbers will become. It is only a question of time before we will not be able to reverse this march to our own demise.

We are coming to a point of no return where freedom will begin the long steady and unstoppable slide towards totalitarianism that socialism portends.  The pandemic we are in at present is just another weapon the left is using to force compliance and to make the idea of forcing people to behave in certain ways palatable to the masses.

The hypocrisy of the left is obvious to many but the power of the MSI and MSM is more than mere blogging and community activism can counter.  Only if we can continue the process we saw started when Trump was elected can we see the potential reversal of some of these very troubling trends.  Short of taking up arms, the political theater is the current war zone.  If the election goes against us, our choices will be very limited if we desire to keep our freedoms.


The Gauntlet that is Coronavirus

Face it folks, we are facing a peril that permeates our communities and citizenry.  It is invisible and unstoppable anywhere but in closed sterile quarters. We can practice excessive hygiene and scrub our hands until they bleed and it still is there.  We can wear masks and self isolate and it is still there.  As long as the virus can find a host it can propagate.

How do you stop an infectious disease?  You immunize for it or you experience it and build your own immunity.  Either way, it is impossible to eradicate a virus just as it is impossible to get rid of the common cold.

The only way to get past this epidemic is to go through it.  No amount of isolation, shut down, or sanitizing will stop this virus.  The only way it is stopped is when the host organisms start killing it.  This is immunity.  In a nation this is Community Immunity.

America would be better off heading straight into this storm.  Here we are shut down hunkered in our houses hoarding toilet paper and food acting as if we can just wait this our longer than our neighbors we will be ok.  Sorry, no, you will experience this virus one way or another.  It does not go away because you are hiding.

So, what to do?  Protect the elderly.  Protect the weak.  Treat the sick.  The rest of us will have to face the gauntlet.  That unavoidable path through danger and possible discomfort in order for the majority of us to gain the ability to kill the virus.  This is the only way forward until a vaccine is developed and the shortest time period for that is so long that our economy will never recover if we continue to play hide and seek with the virus.

There is a reason why the Swine flu epidemic of 2009 went away.  Same with H1N1 in 2015.  The reason is not inoculations of vaccines.  It was that the masses all experienced the viruses and got better each becoming a pandemic virus killing machine.  Every citizen who recovered from the virus became a death knell to the virus killing every molecule that came their way with the anti-bodies they naturally built up in their bloodstreams.  We need to do the same now.

Enough hand wringing and panic about the Coronavirus.  Lets use our greatest asset we have to defeat it.  Our healthy American people.

Coronavirus Hysteria…’s a real thing

I just heard that our Generalissimo CUOMO has decreed that all restaurants close effective tonight. There are bans on mass gatherings.  The schools are closed.  Retail stores are no longer 24/7 and there are some shortages depending on what you need and what people are hoarding.

My first question is ‘How does this eliminate Coronavirus?’  Yes, it slows down the spread but the virus remains.  It is not going anywhere and I am quite sure there are enough people who are carriers who will still be carriers a month from now to continue the spread.

Second:  ‘What if they MANDATE TESTING of all state residents here?’  Would you comply?  What would the state order you to do if you test positive?  What would they do to you if you refuse?

A virus is very difficult to kill.  They also mutate readily.  You can create a ‘Flu Vaccine’ to protect against a certain flu variety and before you can distribute this vaccine, the virus has mutated and is still rampant in society.  The fact is that even with annual ‘Flu Shots’ people still catch and many die from the seasonal flu.

I cannot be the only one who sees these facts and has these questions.  I am quite sure that any person who is in government knows these facts and realizes these issues will arise.  So, why is our Dictator Governor Cuomo (Silver spoon Andy) ordering the closure of literally hundreds of thousands of businesses and the closure of schools and the cancellation of mass events of all types?

If I had to guess I would say that the democrats are trying to tank the economy.  The media is generating mass hysteria.  The political leaders in democrat led states are ordering various actions all designed to suppress commerce and potentially bankrupt businesses if these go on long enough.  Add the parents who normally send their kids to school now having to find child care for their kids who will I am sure ultimately spend a significant portion of July in school this year if this carries on much longer.

The democrats have been on the hunt for a some sort of calamity to cripple the Trump administration and derail his re-election.  They could not gin up any dirt on him from their Russia hoax dossier and they have not found any chargeable offenses they can use to impeach him successfully.  Now, the only hope they have for 2020 is to tank the economy.  If the economy crashes, Trump will be vulnerable and they will do their damnedest to get Biden elected with a potential Hillary as a VP candidate dancing in the wings when Ole’ Gropey Joe’s mental faculties come into question.  This is their ONLY HOPE.

So, you can count on increasing levels of hysteria and additional executive orders from the likes of  Cuomo and his fellow democratic governors to further stifle commerce and push their senile candidate to the finish line.

Coronavirus; they Hype and the reality

I saw this on Facebook and it speaks very directly on what we really should be concerned with regarding the Coronavirus……

Regarding the Coronavirus. I will agree that it will spread throughout the nation and is a health hazard. However, I disagree as to how we as a nation should react.

Truth is that the vast majority of us could ‘catch’ the virus and survive the exposure with no effect. The statistics support this and the overall mortality rate is 1% of those who come down with the Influenza that this virus causes. This statistic is also the same as the mortality rate of the seasonal influenza outbreak we are experiencing already. So far this winter, 16,000 Americans have died as a result of this flu and yet, I see no panic in the streets regarding this ‘old’ flu bug.

At present, people are literally panicking at the prospect of actually being exposed and catching this influenza virus. People are buying and hoarding toilet paper, hand sanitizer and bottled water all in anticipation of a nationwide epidemic of death. The facts do not support this and yet our media and political leaders are doing nothing to present the facts as they are for the vast majority of people.

According to the statistics that have been recorded from the actual results of this virus, the bulk of the fatalities due to this viral infection are among those over 50 and some younger: the very small portion of society who are ‘at risk’ due to medical conditions they already have. The most recent death of a victim in NYC was an 80 year old emphysema sufferer who was one of those who came into contact with the lawyer or people he associated with that lives in Westchester county. She was hospitalized on the 3rd of March and died today. She was over 50 and at risk.

Our best efforts should not be to avoid contact with the virus as it will be pretty much impossible to do so. You cannot avoid the common cold; at least and live a normal life. This virus will spread through our communities regardless of shutting schools, cancelling sports events and banning mass gatherings. We should endeavor to protect our loved ones who are at risk. This cannot be done by these aforementioned methods.

We should not fear the virus but whether we do or do not come down with the flu we should do the following.

Stay away from the elderly. Nursing homes and loved ones.

Stay away from people who are medically at risk.

Stay at home if you are sick until you are cleared to go back out into society.

In time as the weather warms and the virus runs its course we will see the infection rates drop to nearly zero and then life can resume normal status.

Lastly, do not Fear this virus. It is from all appearances no more deadly than the seasonal flu we are already exposed to.

Buying all the toilet paper and sanitizer and bottled water and hoarding only causes hardships on those who may really need to gather extra supplies and isolate themselves from society because they are at risk.

Panic is an ugly behavior that is selfish and does nothing but make working together more difficult.