Understanding human behavior and how socialism is incompatible with it!!

While socialism has been a relatively new idea of perhaps 300-500 years what has been a constant throughout mankind’s history is the tendency of organized man to create monarchies and tyranny.

Consider that prior to the establishment of the American Nation there had been no nation, or organized group of mankind that had ever considered that the rights of man are bestowed upon the citizens by their creator or at birth if you prefer.  In all the history of man, limits were always placed on opportunities and freedoms of the vast majority of the citizenry based on the desires of the leader of their community.  In a monarchy you lived at the pleasure of the monarch.  If you were a noble man you have far more rights than the servant or lower classes.  For instance, a field worker could not decide to quit tending the fields and start a business because businesses were the sole province of the higher classes.  Likewise, you would never be able to move up the social stratum no matter how capable or resourceful you were.  Your fate was decided at your birthright based on the community, nation, tribe or otherwise you lived in.  It does not matter if you were in a tribe or a kingdom.  Before our revolution and freedom from England, no nation had ever embraced freedom so completely and to the purpose of reducing government power over the citizens within that nation.

The notion of shared assets and shared resources was novel and in all honesty flies in the face of basic human instinct.  People naturally seek to collect and protect their own property and resources and do not wish to share them based on any decisions other than their own.  To establish a governmental system of socialism may sound well and good but despite the great sales pitch the self centered nature of man will still exist and people will when the opportunity allows act for their selfish interests to the detriment of the socialist system.  In this way no socialist system has actually succeeded that has been tried no matter how determined or how idealistic the leadership was.

The leadership classes no matter what system is in place whether it is monarchy, tribal, totalitarian, or otherwise all seek to protect their power and control thus preventing upward mobility of the masses. In the process these leaders also claim an unfair portion of the pie in terms of resources and the bounty of the labors of the lower classes.  The government sees itself as being more important than the citizen and this is the core of our present problem here in the United States.  In the past prior to our revolution this was universally true. Those that control a government go to great pains to see to it they will always control the government. That seems especially true today with the current democrat party in DC as well as all of the deep state and too many of the republican party.

Historically, our Declaration of Independence was not just a statement of freedom but also a declaration of war. It served as well as the death warrant for all that signed the document and also all who fought to win our freedom.  Our timing was very critical in our success in winning our freedom. France was at war with England and had the majority of the British military tied up in the prosecution of that war.  Had we declared independence at a time when this was not the case it is more than likely we would have lost our bid for independence and we would remain today a satellite of the British Empire. I wonder if the founders who have dared such a dangerous act had this not been the case but that is a subject for another time.

After we won the war our founders set forth to create a government unlike any that had been on the earth previously.  They set forth to enshrine in our founding documents the guarantee of individual liberty from the government and any potential interference from the leaders and legislative bodies.  They knew of the corrupt nature of men in power and sought to create a system where these greedy people in power could not enslave the citizens of the United States of America by decree.  Quite obviously we have seen this notion be put to a severe test and especially so as of late.

The problem that our founders feared is real and they knew that if a greedy corrupt politician, bureaucrat or leader could they would do all they can to create a system in our nation where the powerful get more and more power and the average citizen in more and more in servitude to the government which is the opposite of what was intended.  Despite their best efforts we have fallen in the very trap they knew could befall us if our freedoms from excessive government controls were infringed.

Today we see people who use the phrases socialism and justice to rationalize the gradual stripping away of our rights as citizens of this nation as they were intended to be at the outset of our founding.  These politicians are corrupt, career types who will stop at nothing to ensure they remain in power and cannot be held in check by the people.  The latest election thievery is proof of their having accomplished their goals.  We are now facing the loss of our freedom of expression, and our freedom to keep and bear arms as well as the constant erosion of the security of our borders and the appurtenant risks to our health and safety within our own communities due to the lack of control over immigration and the illegal drug trade flourishing in the void of where our borders are not secure.

We are fast approaching a time where we will be forced to choose to defend our rights with whatever force and determination is required or to surrender them once and for all to the government thereby ending the unique and special nature that our nation had at its founding.  If we choose to fight we will see great opposition from the establishment founded by the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats in our capitals.  They stand to lose everything that they have illicitly gained by corrupting our system of governance.  This is the real problem we face because if it comes to a scenario where we will be facing the forces of the government aligned to stop us from being free Americans we will be required to not only subdue the armed forces aligned against us but also to deal with the corrupt individuals who have perverted our nation into what it has become today.  I say we will be forced to physically confront the government because even if we elect 10 Trumps in a row these power hungry weasels will still be lurking. You cannot leave a socialism loving politician to act freely within our nation and not expect that they will simply do what they did to us at present all over again.  This is testament to the corrupt nature of many and the greed that accompanies that. Sadly, we are well past that point of a political resolution of our problems. The deep state bureaucracy and the corrupt politicians are just too vast and there are too many of them to overcome in order to reset our nation to what it was intended to be.

Socialism has been proven to not work.  It may see as if it is a noble, fair, and caring way to run a society but in the end the ones who reap the benefits without doing their fair share of the work are the ones who support it the most.  This is why it is so easy to sell the notion of socialism to a bunch of people who for whatever reason feel that it is not fair to have to work for your own future and for people to be responsible for their decisions good or bad in their past.

In reality, the freedom to create and make for oneself a future that is better than it is at present is the great motivator that created the most prosperous nation in the world that our nation was up until recently.  People will not work as diligently or as efficiently if they are expected to give up a major portion of their earning solely so others who do not work as hard can have the same benefits and lifestyle.  That flies against human nature which is to do and act to improve your lot in life.  In contrast, a capitalistic system allows for upward mobility based on abilities and dedication of an individual as well as self fulfillment in the process.

Having been an employer at one time in my life I learned that people are inherently self centered and that if they do not have a need to produce they will not endeavor to do so.  They will seek acceptance of excuses in lieu of their performing their tasks fully and yet still expecting their salary.  This is more than enough for me to know that a socialist system will attempt to spread the wealth but will only succeed in increasing the number of people who for one reason or another did not produce as well as reducing normally productive people’s desire to produce. 

Ultimately, we cannot hope for an idealistic system to work that is predicated on people acting against inbred self centered human characteristics.  People will not act with a virtuous nature if their reward is to not be what they believe their efforts deserve.  In a socialist system you are not allowed to set your price for your labors and worse yet, you are expected to contribute to support others who do not produce as much value (if any at all)  per work period as you do. Eventually the system will collapse under its own weight of non-productiveness and bureaucracy.

Ultimately the only way to accept the basic human behaviors and allow for people to succeed and have freedom is to use a system that we already have but has been completely perverted by the left and the deep state.  You cannot expect people to surrender their freedoms, their fruits of their labors and their rights to free speech and self protection and create a society that will be successful.  It may seem that it is at the outset but eventually there will be an uprising.  This is because people know the difference between being a subject who is held accountable by the government system and a free person who holds their government accountable to them.  The government may try to purge every mention of freedom and the founding from our kids educations but truly freedom loving people will always make sure their descendants know of the special nature of our nation’s founding and why it was unique and a bright and shining light to all.

A quick historical note:  After the American Revolution and our success, the French staged a revolution and the people took over and held the bureaucracy and royalty as well as the aristocracy responsible for their centuries old subjugation and  proceeded to fire up the Guillotine in the center of Paris and kept it busy for quite some time.  They saw that the American people were free and they wanted to be free themselves.  They also wanted to ensure that the bureaucracy could not return.  Our leadership class might better take notes as they are creating a similar potential situation as occurred in the late 1700’s in France.

Our unique founding was a blessing created by men of vision who saw that the corrupt nature of leadership required limits and that a free people could be the happiest people and that any suppression of the people would create unfairness.  Even in light of this some people say our founding was flawed because it did not outright ban slavery but you have to recognize that our enshrined freedoms that people recognized and cherished were the motivations that led to the Civil War and the emancipation of all slaves.  Had our founders not been so determined to create a set of documents that would promote freedom over all else this would likely not have happened.  You can condemn the thinking of men almost 250 years ago but you have to admire their ability to see that the idea of a free people is a contagious one and it has spread not only throughout our nation but throughout the world as a result. Prior to the creation of our nation and our founding documents the idea of absolute personal freedom in a nation did not exist.

We are coming to a crossroads  and soon we will be forced to choose.  Will we remain the beacon of freedom for the rest of the world or will we surrender to the monarchical system that a highly controlling government presents?  I myself prefer freedom over that and as Patrick Henry so eloquently stated, ‘Give me Freedom or give me death!!!’.  I cannot agree more with that notion.

Cuomo, the Emperor, demands ventilators; or how you ask for something means a lot!!

Today, our Emperor, Generalissimo Cuomo, demanded ventilators from upstate hospitals to treat some of his ‘Peeps’ in the metro NYC area.  Demanded.  Ordered.  How ever you put it, he did not ASK for them.  He DEMANDED that they be used in NYC.  He is sending the National Guard to get them.  Totalitarian Hunta anyone??????

If there was anyone who needed further proof that we upstate New York residents do not count in the minds of Cuomo and his elite democrat leadership, well, here it is.  He did not ask for the ventilators.  He did not discuss the need hoping for upstate medical facilities to offer them.  He ORDERED that they be sent to NYC.

It is easy to say as a person who lives upstate that we do not count or that we count little in the overall scheme of things.  It is quite another to see in our governor’s own speech that we do not matter and that everything that we have here for our needs will go to New York without question or any resistance from us. We are the bastard step children of the state’s elite democratic leadership and we get scraps from the sumptuous table they serve themselves and their favorite New Yorkers in the metro NYC area.

It would have been nice to have been asked.  It would have been nice to have been given the respect of being asked to help instead of being ordered to give up our specialized medical equipment for use in Metro NYC where they have not shut down the subways or mass transit so the spread of the Covid19 has gone on unabated. Our economy is shut down.  Theirs not so much.

The Colonies revolted due to policies forced upon them by the crown.  What we are seeing is a repeat of the same scenario where a remote political entity is  controlling another without regard for those being controlled wanting these policies or not.  We fought a revolution in order to establish that we as Americans, would not live under such rule. You may argue that today we have an emergency and back in 1775 they had an emergency in England as well due to the ongoing war with France.  The Covid19 battle is in essence a war.

In life you can make friends and you can use people but you cannot use your friends because after a while, they do not want to be your friends any more.  Upstate NY has had it with being a colony for the city of New York.

Seeing our resources scavenged for use in New York City as well as our taxes and our health services is tantamount to being a colony back in 1775 and dealing with King George in the personage of Andrew Cuomo.  He acts the role of a monarch and is destroying the state for the sake of his being important and able to order people around.  This is a man who has never had to have humility or respect people and it is painfully obvious that he never will understand those concepts.

I will add that senators Schumer, Gillibrand and for that matter all of the democratic leadership in both the state of New York as well as Washington DC all have this autocratic attitude that we in fly over country owe them everything.  Truth is we do not and we are sick of their attitudes.

the United States of America and the socialist horde trying to take it away from US

America is Unique in the world of the first world nations in that our land was never ruled by the monarchy, vassal and serf system. Our ancestors could dream and reach as far as they dared in their desires and hopes led them and our nation into the most successful nation in terms of personal freedom that has ever existed.

Barack Obama said he wanted to ‘fundamentally change’ our nation as he preached his messianic prose of hope and change. The phrase ‘fundamentally change’ is code for re-train and re-model our society to one based on the marxist/socialist model. Obama was not the first Saul Alinsky trained anarchist that has held positions of power in our nation. The most recent one that I can think of that preceded him and also succeeded him is Hillary Clinton who shares the same radical set of societal values.

Ever since the USA started flexing our muscles world wide we have been the target of the socialists who want to gain control of our nations vast resources. If you need to ascertain a reason it is pure jealousy and the quest for power. Any politician who advocates socialism has never nor will they ever live the lives they are advocating for the people. They portray themselves as being in league with the common man and trust me, the truth is far, far different than that.  None of them have worked for a living where every day; every paycheck; every choice and every result were as important as they are to the working people of this nation.

If you look at most all the politicians who advocate for socialism, they are either academics, political activists, or political leaders who are trying to stay in power. Woodrow Wilson was the president of Princeton before entering the political world. You can identify him as being the first socialist that attained high office in our nation. People like Bernie Sanders have an academic past before he became a political agent climbing the rungs of power. Hillary Clinton and Bill are both ivy league alumni who advocated the socialist tenets that were prevalent during the late 60’s and early 70’s. Always aggressive Hillary was one of the attorneys for the democrats in the work up they were doing to impeach Nixon. She was fired for lying. To her, the goal of destroying the opponent was more important than any truth. Trust me, she has not changed from this at all.

The damage that Bush II did to our nation is only partially coming to light and there is much more to unravel as time goes on. Common Core is one of his accomplishments which in effect turned the education system over the the bureaucrats in DC. Further, his open borders policy did nothing to help us gain control over our southern border and the massive drug problem that exists as a result of smuggling. Bush was really Clinton, LIGHT in that he really was not that different than Bill as far as his being a part of the deep state bureaucratic elite. The people who populate this class of citizen are far more concerned with the stability of government and its ability to control the population than anything else.

Trump is saddled with the task of beating all of this back and he is really on his own as far as the national political stage goes. He has some allies but remember that anyone who is a part of the political or bureaucratic elite is not going to do anything to harm their power and financial security. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.  The resistance he is getting to the people from the business world he appoints to any position should be a big clue as to what he is fighting.

The bureaucracy we see in today’s society is no different than the monarchy we fought in 1776. England was at that time a nation with a class system where you could not rise above the level you were born to. In much the same way we see the descendants of previous politicians and bureaucrats all entering ‘the family business’. George W. Bush; Andrew Cuomo; Al Gore; and a host of others are all using the patronage of their parents and relations to attain vast power whether they deserve it or not.  People can rise into their ranks, if they toe the line as far as preserving and protecting the elite goes.  Any outliers are sidelined and banished by the political parties or the bureaucracy.

In much the same way we see the perpetuation of the control of Washington over the nation being no different than the English monarchy. We are gradually becoming subjects again as opposed to free citizens.

Donald Trump offered a new idea and a hope to break this pattern of leadership and policy in our government. He has been met with fierce resistance and illegal tactics in an effort to usurp the vote of the people. He faces a media whose bread is buttered by the political and bureaucratic elite and they give no quarter to him and ridicule and spread misinformation with impunity. As the ‘Deplorables’ champion he is very likely the last hope we have for a peaceful correction to our nation’s course to steer it away from socialism.  If we do not take this opportunity to keep pushing back, we will end up fighting a much more deadly and difficult fight in order to regain our freedoms.

The most recent education policy changes he has made will do a lot to help the local citizenry regain control over their schools. Even so, if the next election does not re-elect him you can expect a rapid unraveling of the changes Trump has made and a doubling down on forcing socialism upon the nation.

To say we are at the precipice of disaster as far as the situation goes regarding our nation’s adherence to the precepts of our founding is a huge understatement. We are leaning hard to the left and serfdom under the socialistic overlords we hear in the news daily. They are licking their chops in anticipation of their regaining power and we, the deplorables, will pay dearly for our sin of electing Trump. If they get their way, the second amendment will be gone. The first will be severely curtailed, and many other aspects of our lives will be micromanaged by the political/bureaucratic deep state.

I will offer this now before it is made illegal to pray in any public way.

God, please help us find the strength to continue our fight against these unholy anti-Christian forces.