‘Racism’ and Crime in America. Destroying the fabric of our society one piece at a time!

The entire ‘Racism’ movement be waged by the left against establishment America is dragging the minorities backwards at an alarming rate. Instead of trying to live to a civil standard, the movement seeks to excuse any antisocial action of one of the privileged class (minority) members as being ‘innocent intent’ even if it is obvious that the actions that preceded any police intervention were anything but.

George Floyd encountered the police for passing a counterfeit 20. He refused to comply with their orders. We all have witnessed what happened subsequent to that. This was outside the place where he passed the bill and the store clerk noticed that Floyd appeared to be drunk and was behind the wheel of the car. We know that impaired drivers present a danger to society. That coupled with passing a counterfeit bill gave the police more than adequate reason to arrest him. It was Floyd’s actions that led directly to his death.

13 yr old Adam Toledo (latino) was shot at 230 in the morning in Chicago after discharging a firearm multiple times. Neighbors called the police out of a concern for their safety and the police responded. They encounters Toledo. He was approached by police (who had no idea how old he was) and told him to stop and drop the weapon. He ran and refused to comply. The presence of the weapon and refusal to stop and drop it gave the police no choice when he finally stopped but refused to show his hands or comply to orders.

The most recent case is the shooting of a 16 year old black girl, Ma’Khia Bryant in Columbus who was ready to skewer another black girl with a readily visible knife. She was ordered to stop and drip the knife by police and did not. She was thrusting the knife at a girl she had pinned against a car when the officer shot her to stop the attack. Had the officer not reacted after his warnings went unheeded this girl who was against the car would have been gravely if not fatally injured.

In all of these cases each of these victims engaged in illegal activity willingly and refused when confronted to stop and or comply with orders of law enforcement. I cannot understand how anyone would expect a positive outcome of their interaction with police if they ignore or refuse to comply with law enforcement orders and this is made all the worse when deadly weapons are involved. This is stupid behavior and my only explanation is that either they did not learn that you have to obey laws or that these people are just plain stupid.

To date 103 law enforcement officers have lost their lives this year in the line of duty. That is many times more than the number of lives lost that the race hustlers are complaining about police causing. In reality the number of ‘unarmed deaths due to cops’ of blacks numbers less than ten a year. The fact is that the vast majority of black people who are shot by police are dangerous and armed and non-compliant to orders when they are finally confronted.

No law enforcement officer goes to work with the idea they are going to kill someone that day. The likelihood of a law enforcement actually removing his or her weapon from their holster is remote and in many careers this never happens in the line of duty. To make it sound like this happens all the time is just wrong.

I think that in today’s society the outcry of the left and the media about any police using excessively violent tactics upon minorities has emboldened many in the minority communities to challenge them and their authority instead of complying. This has had deadly outcomes as we have seen and as long as the left keeps beating this drum it will only get worse.

I was raised to not break laws or act in ways that harmed others. In my long life I have had encounters with the police in traffic stops and other situations and have complied and been as polite as I could be in that moment. At no time did I resist or refuse because that is not how I was raised.

My only conclusion is that these people who run, resist, brandish a weapon openly at a police officer or otherwise disobey our laws and the orders of law enforcement are anti-social at a minimum and criminals at worst. For whatever reason they did not learn the decencies of life and the importance of the rule of law. They intentionally run afoul of the law and then become indignant and resistant when caught. I cannot say if it was their home life as a child, education or lack of moral living that have brought them to these situations but I can say that as long as people continue to act in manners such as this they will encounter law enforcement and the outcomes will not be good more often than not.

Thing is, our conduct in society is not part of some role playing game. It is real-time and real-life and very dangerous if you are acting with violent intent. Holding a firearm in your hand while fleeing law enforcement is ‘violent intent’. There is no reason to not drop a weapon when commanded to by law enforcement and if you are fleeing even more so. Law enforcement are going to stop because you are suspected of having either committed a violent act or show violent intent. If anything they will increase the number of police seeking to stop you. Lesson: DROP THE DAMN GUN AND DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD!!!!!

One possible solution to all of this.

Stop policing black and latino neighborhoods and let them kill each other. Why put the entire nation through these trials which play out not only in the courtrooms but in our living rooms as well. Let these illiterate and antisocial idiots play the game until there is only one left standing. I cannot see how we can justify the risks to our law enforcement in trying to bring civility to these neighborhoods if the people there cannot appreciate the effort. Unfortunately this punishes those who do abide our laws by subjecting them to the antisocial behaviors of those who run afoul of the law. Thus, even though this would minimize the interactions of police and violent offenders it would do nothing to stop the violent acts these people commit.

Ultimately I believe this all stems from two major problems rampant in our society that can be fixed.

One is single parent families where the father is not in the house (if he is known to the children at all) and these kids are not mentored in ways that provide them with the social tools to succeed in life. Adding a father figure restores a degree of hierarchy and discipline in the home and helps build strong character and better work ethics. Having discipline in the home increases the odds of the children raised there to be positive and good citizens of their communities. Outcomes are better and there is less crime overall as a result.

Another is to get back to Christian morals and values. So many families these days do not have a religious affiliation of any kind and do not attend services at all. These practices instill moral values and offer parables of the virtues of respectful living. These teachings and values underpinned the founding of our nation and allowed us to live in a peaceful society that flourished until the notion of Christianity became a no no to the left. With the drive to push Christian values out of our homes, schools and communities we have seen the degradation of our social lives with the ever increasing rise in violent crime in our nation. We are reaping the harvest of antisocial and immoral behavior as a result of our turning away from these essential and proper values.

If we continue to follow this path into socialism and anarchy we will see crime proliferate in our society.A fractured society serves the purposes of the left as it makes it easier for them to split us apart as a society and then they can institute socialism as the cure for our societal woes. Sadly, socialism is even less morally grounded than where we are at present.

Time is running out and we are headed into a maelstrom of violence and increased hatred in our society and we need to return to our long held values and morals in order to restore our nation to true long term prosperity. To do anything else is to continue tearing this nation apart.