Antifa, Disarmament and Socialism

Before the government of Japan took their nation into wars with other nations, they disarmed its Samuris. It took a military type of force to do this. Military forces can overwhelm groups of citizens and force them to comply with orders. WWII and the Holocaust are classic examples.

Antifa has the purpose of maintaining unrest and violence. Their hope is to incite a violent response not from law enforcement but from other citizens. This is the global strategy that the underlings of the Antifa do not understand or have not been told.

Once the right, conservative pro-Americans take to the streets that is when the democrat mayors and governors will use all the forces at their disposal to arrest and put down the violence. Not of Antifa but of the pro-Americans who are fighting to stop the destruction and violence that Antifa started.  I am sure in the process firearms will come into play and therefore create the cause of total disarmament of our nation otherwise known as the revocation of our Second Amendment rights.

The left is aching for an excuse to force us, the conservative pro-American, to comply with their edicts. They thought 8 years of the black messiah Obama would get us upset enough to act out in some way but we did not take that bait. Now, they have upped the ante with overt and focused attacks on our institutions and traditions including violence in the streets. This is bait and nothing else.

Insurrectionists use social unrest as a tool to drive a wedge between various portions of a nation in order to reduce and eventually remove any resistance to their take over of the government. They may state their goals at first but these are a smoke screen to what really will happen once they have control.

Need proof? Lenin talked of fairness and yet, millions starved and many were outright murdered as he solidified his power, all the while Lenin and his cronies were living a lifestyle none of his fellow Russians could.

Hitler convinced the German people that the Jews were the cause of their economic suffering. He finally secured control and then proceeded to murder and cause the deaths of 100,000,000 people across the world. Again, he and his leadership faithful all lived well while the masses suffered.

Mao promised to feed his nation and blamed the existing government for the woes the Chinese were suffering at the hands of the Japanese and government. He finally attained power and millions were left to starve as a result.

The moral to my story is that we are seeing the ‘sales pitch’ of the pro-socialists but the reality of what these people would do to our nation is not seen by most people nor would they suspect it. Gathering their paramilitary forces is just the start. If they attain power they will disarm the people. It is essential to their plans and historically, it was done in Russia, Germany and China once the socialists came into power and for the very same reason.

America has been secure in its borders from outside invasion but we are facing an insurrection that is using our own legal system as well as our media to convince the masses that socialism and their vision for our nation is the way to the future. We have lost this phase of the war and the longer we wait to react the smaller our numbers will become. It is only a question of time before we will not be able to reverse this march to our own demise.

We are coming to a point of no return where freedom will begin the long steady and unstoppable slide towards totalitarianism that socialism portends.  The pandemic we are in at present is just another weapon the left is using to force compliance and to make the idea of forcing people to behave in certain ways palatable to the masses.

The hypocrisy of the left is obvious to many but the power of the MSI and MSM is more than mere blogging and community activism can counter.  Only if we can continue the process we saw started when Trump was elected can we see the potential reversal of some of these very troubling trends.  Short of taking up arms, the political theater is the current war zone.  If the election goes against us, our choices will be very limited if we desire to keep our freedoms.


Living in the Kingdom of New York i.e. ‘Flyover Country’ a cautionary tale.

I have lived all but 2 years of my life in New York State.  I live in what I derisively refer to as the ‘Fly Over Counties’ in sympathy with the Fly Over States we have in our nation.  In both cases we refer to the fact that we do not matter to the big political powers that be.

In New York State we are blessed with a Dictator reminiscent of Mussolini as far as his arrogance and cocky nature.  There is not a shred of humility in Andrew Cuomo.  He lacks the humanity of his father.  He lacks the intuitiveness of his father.  All he knows is power and control and his ego cannot get enough of both.

We have had a slew of regulations and requirements shoved upon us without any say or rather, that we were not even considered in the decision making process.  You can ask if our elected officials have fought for our rights and I know that they have.  The problem is once the democrats got a majority in the Legislature we lost any input in any legislation.  This change in majority is due to the burgeoning population of the metro NYC area along with a population shrink upstate as the people who can, leave to make a better living.  Many have done just that; left.  The traditional balance in this state was that the Assembly was democrat held and the Senate was republican held.  This created both a political and philosophical check and balance on any proposals and on spending.  This balance was lost and since that time, the state is going broke like a runaway train headed for the cliff.  I would leave but my life and my connections are here and I am too old to make starting over an easy proposition.

My intention in this post is to offer that there is something drastically wrong in America and it is beyond simple politics.  The movement towards socialism is a part of this dictatorship I am experiencing here in NY.  This is the model that you will see forced onto every state in the union if these liberal democrats get their way.  This is a warning.  California and its rampant dysfunction is a warning.  The rampant crime in our major cities is a warning.  This is the world of the liberal socialists and they are happy to let it burn in the process of solidifying their power and control over the entire nation.

Know that any national agenda driven item is a means of gaining control.  The environmental proposals are all designed to remove choices from the states and ultimately the citizens of the states.  These states have voted against such drastic and unnecessary policies and yet are overruled by the liberal courts.  On top of this are the myriad of bureaucratic regulations (from democratically appointed bureaucrats) that they will force upon all of us.  We are a generation away from starting down the same road to destruction and starvation as Venezuela and remember,  they voted themselves into the crisis they are in.

Gun control is merely one of many societal controls that the left needs to implement to take over our lives.  Free and unbiased communication is under attack.  Our privacy is gone.  If you are online everything you do is being monitored.  The idea of social scoring (ala China and their ‘Social Credits’ system) based on how you post and what you see online is real and Google, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are already well on their way to creating a grading system to punish those people who post or visit locations that reflect conservative, libertarianism or pro-gun and anti-socialist ideals.

Many, including myself, have posited the notion of a coming violent conflict within our nation between those intent on forcing socialism upon our nation and those of us who do not want it.  We are already fighting this battle every day and if you pay any attention at all to the main stream media (MSM) you are more than aware of the fact that they have been co-opted by the socialist activists and you cannot rely on the MSM for any objective reporting or opinions.  How many blogs or bloggers do you know who have been outlawed by this social networking cabal???  How many websites or videos are gone that reflected pro-conservative and anti-socialist messages??  This battle is already going on and we are just beginning to see the negative impact on our lives and rights that the future would have as the left would like it.  They are getting brazen in their open desires to disarm and disenfranchise us.

It is not too late to do something about this.  One election did make a huge difference and also exposed the left and their evil plans for our once free nation.  President Trump has managed to prove that the left and the actions that they have taken over the last 30 years are all for the purpose of ending American freedoms and rights under our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  They seek to institute a socialist form of government where the common people are equal; yes, equal in misery as the top elites will live like royalty and we will starve like Venezuela.  Remember, we still can stop this cabal.

We need to be sure to vote.  We need to elect conservatives in every position from Dog Catcher to School Board positions to villages, cities and  towns as well as counties plus elected state and federal representatives. We need to be sure to get every person we know who believes as we do, to vote.  We need to pester and remind these elected officials that we are not happy.  We need to gather when it is necessary to make our positions known.  The TEA Party is a good start.  We need to make it bigger.  We need to make it clear we are not going into that dark future of socialism willingly.

Try read or review on a daily basis as many blogs that reinforce our freedoms that you can.  Keep informed of the things going on without listening to the propaganda that the MSM offers.  Radio shows like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and others are great sources of reinforcing opinion that also keep you informed of what is going on.  Do not be afraid to calmly talk in public about your beliefs and values and always let the loony tunes lefty get berserk and do not rise to their bait.  Be the confident freedom loving American that you are.  The simple facts of what we see every day reaffirm our beliefs that the left is acting to take over the nation and end the Great American Experiment.

Reinforce each other.  Keep in contact.  It is my deepest hope we can stop this political coup before it gets any further.  The options if things get further down this socialist hell hole are far fewer and more difficult to pursue.

I am a Legacy American and I am proud of this!!!!