America is at an Awkward stage……

America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards. On the road to tyranny, we've gone so far that polite political action is about as useless as a miniskirt in a convent. ... Something's eventually going to happen. Government will bloat until it chokes us to death, or one more tyrannical power grab will turn out to be one too many. ... Maybe it'll be one more round of

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My thoughts…….

As we plummet towards our national oblivion the divide between sides is getting clearer and more obvious.  Even so, the conservative, patriotic America is reluctant to rise up and resist actively.

Will this reticence to act in the offense be our undoing?

Why are we waiting to take the fight to our enemies?

What will it take for patriots to take up arms and fight for our freedoms?

Our founders most likely went through the same phases as subjects of the crown.  Their tolerance for governmental meddling compared to our present tolerance makes us look like pikers for not having done anything already.  They declared independence and fought a revolution over 2 or 3 percent tax on some goods. 

Yes, there were other issues that do not get much written about them such as industrial restrictions and mandatory purchases of manufactured things from English sources thus guaranteeing the home country a healthy income from the burgeoning colonies.   There were rules and other restrictions that were also factors but the main issues were the duties and fees imposed by the crown without the consent of the colonies.

Today, we wait.  For what I am uncertain.  For all of our military might in our past we are essentially a peaceful people who have been raised and educated to trust the government to protect and perpetuate the nation as founded.

What is not discussed in any popular and mainstream manner is the invasion of our nation by foreign philosophy of governance and policies.  Our spirit of freedom and liberty has been watered down and polluted by these alien values and beliefs weakening our backbones ever so gradually. As this enemy infiltrates and occupies our schools and government agencies as well as the media, they all use these various forums to promote the socialist mindset and to condemn the past we used to cherish so deeply.

So, when will we pull the trigger?  More importantly, when will we unify and prepare to engage what will be the total military might of our government if we elect to refuse to participate in this socialist take over any longer?

If we do not organize and prepare we will be swept from the field rapidly and with great prejudice by the very government we have loyally followed and supported all our lives.  Our futures as individuals is going to be short if we continue to be individual islands in the stream.  Our future as an allied group; unified and prepared to stand our ground can be long and productive.  We need to consider the immense consequences of any actions we contemplate and prepare properly if we are to succeed in any worthwhile manner.

It is one thing to complain and be politically active. It is quite something else to consider acting in any way outside of politics and the public forum. Actions in these theaters are far more serious and the consequences are life changing and very negatively if they go poorly.

How deeply do you feel about your freedoms and personal liberty?

This is a question that we are being forced to face by these invading socialist activists who know just as we do how dangerous our responses can be.

Christianity and Liberty

‘It is not an accident that our liberty as human beings is linked to our Christian heritage’

If we look at history we can see the lack of consistent rights of the citizens in their respective kingdoms  or tribes until the development of the vast empires in the centuries before the presence of Christ on this earth.  With the growth of these empires we saw the development of government coincided which was necessary for the development of large societies. This was the result of the fact that citizens had to be protected and provided avenues of endeavor by the overseeing government in order to maintain a productive economy and to keep an air of legitimacy. This was essential to continue ruling over these peoples.  As is evidenced by the rise and declines of many early empires the behavior of the governments did not always behave in moral and decent ways towards their citizens and most definitely caste systems did exist throughout these times and on-wards.

All of these empires had value systems and varied levels of individual rights based on the attitudes and natures of those in charge.  Religion was often a part of the governing systems with the leader of that government either the godhead of that nation or else they were the ‘selected individual’ who interpreted their religion for the nation.  From the Pharaohs of Egypt to the Greek and Roman empires, these leaders were considered holy individuals whose reigns were beyond criticism or debate.

With the ascension of Christianity we saw the adoption of a set of morals and standards for adherents that were based on a set of ‘Commandments’ that dictated acceptable behaviors along with the teachings of Christ that advocated the care and love of your fellow man and respect for all.  This Christian belief system existed alongside the governments of the day with the teachings of Christ not advocating that they replace the government but that Christians and their beliefs exist within these empires.

As Christianity and its popularity grew the Roman empire was threatened as it saw the ‘laws’ that were a part of the belief as a threat to its own authority.  Only after the ever increasing growth of the Christian religion especially throughout the western Asia and European continents did the empires adopt the religion and embrace it.  One of the aspects of Christianity that was attractive was the moral system that it embraced reinforcing a civil society and in the long run creating a more harmonious society.

This moral value system included an appreciation and acknowledgement of the basic tenet if individual liberty and that all people were entitled to this.  Obviously during what we refer to as the dark ages following the fall of the Roman Empire we saw the rise of a government within the Catholic Church known as the Church of Rome where the Pope held incredible power over the citizens and the kingdoms within the Holy Roman Empire.  Individual rights were really caste based and the upper classes held higher degrees of freedom and liberty than the lower classes. The Catholic church wielded immense authority and wealth during these times.

It was the advent of Protestantism that brought the issue of the corruption of governments and of the church to the fore and then challenged the status quo and the powers of the monarchies and rulers in the face of the people’s direct worship of God and the prescience of the  teachings of Christ.  The 95 Theses of Martin Luther in 1517 initiated a revolution within the Christian community and included in this was the right to worship as an individual wished to without interference from the government.  This set the stage for the evolution of the concept of Liberty that led directly to the eventual colonization of the New World and the eventual independence of the United States of America.

I go through all of this to establish that our heritage as a Christian nation from our founding has been essential to our constant pursuit of liberty and freedom for all.  Had we not had these essential beliefs we would not have survived the settling of the continent, the establishment of a free and independent nation then to fight a civil war to end slavery and establish that our founding documents and promises were meant for ALL AMERICANS. Throughout all of our history our Christian values and beliefs have been a bedrock for our people and a unifying factor for the nation.

Today we see our traditions and values under assault by an ever increasingly dictatorial government. The Covid debate is a direct attack upon our liberty which is linked inseparably with our Christian values of our founding. I will admit, our founders would accept that the use of a vaccine would be advisable as these existed even back in the 1770’s. Yet, they also knew that it was the right of the people to refuse if they so desired. Granted, until the most recent times effective vaccines have been seen as life savers and very worth the risks associated with using them.

The debate of the current Covid vaccine is a perfect example of the wishes of a select few being forced upon a large percentage of the population regardless of their desire to participate.  No respect is being given to those who refuse despite the heritage of our liberty stating that this is patently wrong.    This is the re-institution of a caste system that we left so long ago to create the American Nation and is a step backwards in our freedoms and liberty.

The recent advent of the new the new technology of  MRna modifying injections have we seen a strong resistance to these vaccines develop.  I would venture that the fact that these vaccines have been approved without any long term studies on the effects and side effects as being one of the largest factors that give people a strong reluctance to accept the injections.  There are enough questions about the actual viability of these injections as well as many reports of serious side effects along with the fact that we do not know what the long term side effects are to make the idea of mandating that all citizens receive the injections a legitimately debatable thing. Prior to the times we find ourselves in this public question of viability and actual effectiveness would have been sufficient to allow those who have these questions the right to not participate.

The debate over the vaccines, our immigration policies and a myriad of other issues we are divided on all can be traced back to the debate over the state being the ultimate authority over man or that God and the individual has the right to decide how they will live and how their communities will function.  As the left drives God out of our public square they replace his authority with their own and then begin to dictate of how we are supposed to interact in our society.

As of late we see both the founding of our nation itself as well as the associated Christian values coming under direct attack by forces who seek to restore the system of governmental controls over all citizens in our nation with the decisions of what people can and cannot do being determined by a caste of bureaucrats and politicians who would, of course, live outside of the masses themselves. Our heritage of individual freedom is now on the chopping block and the left is seeking to end it and establish the ever increasing control of the central government over all aspects of the citizens lives.

Traditionally, our rights as citizens of a Godly society would automatically include a respect for the teachings and beliefs of our faith and would establish that our responsibilities are to live a Christian life.  As the left takes over our government and our local councils we see the acceptance of belief systems and customs we would reject and all of this is being forced upon us to the detriment of our nation.  The mainstreaming of Islamic tenets and Satanism as well as fringe social behaviors is but a few examples of the actions of the left to erode if not destroy the Christian values that have brought us thus far as a nation.

In closing, I believe that the farther we get from our founding and our Christian heritage the more and more our freedoms are being destroyed for the sake of ‘fairness’ and socialist values all of which are not congruent to our better ways embodied in our heritage.  Christianity set our ancestors free from the rule of monarchs and despots and provided the moral compass that gave them the strength to establish the first truly free nation upon the earth.  I hope and pray that we can stop this decay and re-establish the nation we grew up in and renew our heritage and drive the foreign and despotic elements from our shores. Otherwise our ‘progressive’ politicians will be shoving us all back into the despotic lifestyles of our forebears back during the dark ages.

Power Grab ..

And creating 2nd class citizens….

This is a power-grab by the federal government, and the virus just happens to be a convenient excuse.

— Convention of States (@COSProject) September 9, 2021

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My Thoughts………..

This power grab has been in motion for a very long time and the forces that are behind it are playing a very extensive strategy in order to implement their goals of changing our nation into a socialist one. This has been in process for a very long time and since about 1980 and with the appearance of the ‘Moral Majority’ the left’s agenda in response has become more and more obvious. This coalition of Christians and conservative citizens managed to take control of the nation and steer its course for 12 years. The left had been active up to this time but lacked a unified front to rally its followers behind. The unification of the right provided the nudge that the left needed to become more overt and bolder in their efforts to push their belief system upon our nation.

With the Clinton years we saw the notion of ‘Political Correctness’ come along providing a banner for the supposedly aggrieved to rally behind. This was one of the first actions that really started to coalesce the left and its power as a force in our politics and nation. With the politics of pandering to aggrieved citizens the left also co-opted the media giving them a vehicle to use to spout their agenda and create ridicule and disapproval against those who disagree with them.

Add to the this current activities, you can go back starting over 100 years prior where the left had been infiltrating the academic halls including public schools and local institutions. As time went on the left gradually occupied more and more local government agencies and elected bodies always pushing their agenda within these institutions with the aim of changing how citizens looked at their government and also how they viewed their individual rights.

The Obama years gave rise to the notion of institutional racism became a rallying cry for those who perceive themselves as being discriminated against. This contrived racism was used to drive wedges into our society labeling people as either being righteous and good citizens or to be demonized as being horrible people who did not deserve the live in our society as free people with the rights that were endowed upon them and all of us by our founding.

Fast forward to the past couple of years and this insidious scheme of the socialists has started to bear some serious results. This so called epidemic (99.999% survival rate is not an epidemic) was the perfect excuse to implement the most aggressive steps taken to date by the left in their efforts to divide our society and get even more control. This came following the period of the greatest amount of personal equality our nation had ever had under President Trump. Minorities had enjoyed the greatest economic and social freedoms since the end of the Civil War in 1865. This epidemic was ‘perfectly timed’ to destroy this period of success and prosperity and take our nation apart socially.

Government agencies promoting the notion of mandatory vaccines and mandatory masking and isolation as well as shutting down the economy was the perfect excuse to apply pressure to the citizenry to separate into factions that either followed blindly the recommendations of the government and to force those who know that these tactics are not effective who will not readily comply with these mandates to be viewed as being selfish and harming others. By isolating them they can be accused of being anti-safety and anti-society and even insurrectionists. Once they assign such labels to a large portion of the nation they can then act to deny them rights and freedoms that we were endowed with at the founding of this nation. These policies have created economic hardship for those who are independent business owners and operators while the portion of society that looks to government suffered far less due to directed economic policies that reward the people who complied with their agenda directives all while punishing those who could not qualify or afford to follow such a path without suffering catastrophic economic harm. This ‘coincidental epidemic’ along with the actions of the government resulted in tipping the election towards the democrats putting a senile old man in the office of the president with the result that the federal government has acted with little restraint since.

Now we are seeing governmental actions that border on authoritarian and dictatorial by various states and agencies. The federal government has mandated various policies and compliance requirements upon every aspect of our nation they can including the military, governmental employees and agencies as well as healthcare and human services. This has created a reaction of resistance by many who do not believe that these policies and actions will do any appreciable good and that these violate our rights as free citizens.

I am uncertain if we can stop this process and return to our original values and beliefs and do this within the political arena. It has been implemented outside of this process and by merely changing the people we elect we still are faced with millions of obedient programmed agents of the left who occupy legitimate positions in all levels of government and our society. Keep in mind that even if we were fortunate enough to oust every liberal and socialist in our governments in one election cycle we would still be fighting the ‘true believers’ who are the brainwashed citizens who see the American experience as being flawed from the start and who are unwilling to accept anything but the socialist utopian ideals that have been implanted in their heads over the years.

We see a power grab at present and only by recognizing that it is not just the actions of today that are in question but that this has been an ongoing process can we begin to comprehend the depth of this corruption and understand the gauntlet we face in order to restore our nation to the promises of liberty and freedoms that we were born into as Americans.


Freedom Is Just Another Word...

And creating 2nd class citizens….

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2020; OUR time of Choosing

Reagan said in 1964 in his famous speech referring to our being in a ‘time of Choosing’ indicating that the nation was facing choices that would have long term affects upon liberty and freedoms. Today, in 2020 we are most certainly in a time where our choices made in the near future will have long term affects on our nation. Further, if in our efforts to preserve the republic we are thwarted at the polls by what appears to be obviously nefarious means, we will have the choice to sit back and wait or to act as our forebears did to preserve freedom and liberty for all.

We are seeing a war upon our nation being fought foremost in the area of information and what is actually being allowed out to the public. As a conservative, I know enough to not rely on any ‘MSM’ or any of the big Internet sites such as facebook, twitter etal (MSI aka Main Stream Internet) . We are seeing the expert filtration of our news through all of these sources to promote the idea that Trump and all of society that supports him are fascists and that democrats/liberals/protestors are all good.

The problem is that there is a sizeable portion of our society (probably 20-25%) that is just too busy or too lazy to find the truth for themselves and they sit and digest this PAP from the left verbatim and assume it is correct and honest. This group is not a majority but is sizeable enough to sway the election even if they themselves would disapprove of the protests and violence. They never see it in context.  They only see and hear what the left wants them to.

We are approaching a turning point of which if we fail to continue the course of freedom and individual rights we will likely NEVER get them back. We are already seeing our rights being usurped by elected leaders who allow protests but ban religious assembly. We are not allowed to pursue our own economic interests due to an exaggerated response to a virus that is now approaching a hoax like epidemic status as most people see as being non-existent. Even red states are restricting the rights of its citizens illegally and for reasons that do not actually exist.

Again, all of this is due to the left and their control over information processing and delivery systems. Truth has no meaning when it cannot see the light of day. In the recent past (75 years) we have seen the perversion of truth and accepted values being used to control massive populations such as Germany in WWII and Communist Russia and China before and after WWII. Millions were exterminated all in the name of the state and the truth they, the controllers of the media purported to be true.

Unfortunately we have lost our free press and now have a instrument of information delivery controlled by forces bent on destroying our nation. Our form of government was set forth from the start with the existence of a free press to ensure that all sides of any issue would see the light of day and that the citizens could make their own determinations to what they felt was truth.  This was a check and balance built into our Bill of Rights.

There is little else that should be as important as keeping our nation as the republic it was founded to be and to preserve individual freedoms and liberty for our future generations. They, the socialism loving left, are fighting a war with us at present and will not stop. The war has moved from being solely in the world of politics and information into riots and violence in the streets of our cities and will carry on into the suburbs and rural regions if it is left unchecked.

Our parents and grandparents were confronted with the times of Reagan and the political choices at hand.  At present we are staring down the barrel of the juggernaut of the Soros funded, Islam sympathetic, socialism loving, totalitarianism sanctioning, forces including the democrat party, Antifa, Black Lives Matter all of whom are marching to tear down our society and they have said as much.  I maintain we are approaching the ‘Minute Man’ moment of our times where our response to aggression in our communities and across our nation will determine our future.

Be prepared.  Be forewarned that evil forces are at work to destroy our nation.  Keep informed and not by any MSM (Main Stream Media) or MSI (Main Stream Internet) sources.  Watch, listen, know what is going on both in your community and in the nation.  We may be called upon by our heritage to rise to protect our future.

Be careful liberals lest ye bring about the Wrath of Patriots

We live our lives quietly and without comment. We are polite and keep to ourselves. We practice what we preach and are assets to our communities. Our children are raised with our respect instilled in them along with our values of hard work and caring for others.

We are the silent Second Amendment adhering patriots who have been the backbone of this nation since its inception.

We are facing a foe that is remarkably similar to the British at the outset of the American Revolution. The British sought to disarm us. They sought to tax us and penalize us for breaking arbitrary rules. They seek to control our lives and how we can pursue commerce and our own fortunes.

‘Americans’ have existed from the moment that our forefathers set foot on this continent which was occupied by semi-nomadic aboriginal tribes who had a primitive culture. Our survival relied on our strength of character and our perseverance. The self fulfilling American and the American Dream were born at the same time.  America grew from our vision and determination from the wilderness.

Now we are faced with a force made up of fellow citizens who have abandoned the American Dream and are now obsessed with the globalist agenda of foreign interests. The concepts and ideas brought into their discussions are not American in origin and are the exact opposites of the American Dream. These people speak of collective ideas for the whole and penalize anyone for their success by making them share the fruit of their labors. These citizens seek to squelch the fires of our industry and put a halt to our development of our own resources. They seek to completely re-write our Constitution and take away many of our guaranteed rights that were protected by the Bill of Rights in 1783.

Even in the face of what could legitimately be called a rebellion, we have maintained our calm and resisted any provocation to violence. Now we are being challenged on many fronts and it is painfully obvious that the time to rise and protect our homes, our livelihoods and our liberty is soon to be upon us.

When this next phase of our nation begins; a phase that rivals the period of the War between the States; is really up to our foes. We are here to defend the rights of the American people and not interested in starting any conflict. By the same token, we will not sit back if any of our fellow Americans are attacked.  We are those Americans who believe in the legacy of the founding of our nation.

I can only deliver the warning to those who prefer a globalist society that we will not go quietly into the night. Rhetoric will not deter our fervent love of our nation and our rights and liberties. Making threats against our God given Rights will not deter our faith in who we are and our heritage. We stand resolute in our purpose and determined to hold our ground.

The next move is up to you, globalists and socialistic liberals. Think carefully about what you are about to cause if you pursue your anti-American agenda. You will be the cause of the next inner conflict of our nation if you do not heed the warnings.  These warnings reflect a determined group of Patriots who will resist your tyranny.

America and Socialism are incompatible. Here is why:

America was founded with the principles of freedom and liberty to pursue and accomplish as you’re capable and what you desire.  Citizens were from the beginning all entrepreneurs and self starters.  People who did not work did not eat.  There was no safety net other than the family and church.  Government’s job was to provide a safe nation and otherwise was to stay out of the way.

Contrast this with socialism which is a top down hierarchy of controls and involuntary redistribution.  I say involuntary because taxing someone is not a voluntary act on the part of the person being taxed.  They are taxed regardless of their opinions of being taxed and of what the taxes are used for and why.

So, socialism advocates cry out about ‘unfairness’ as being why we need to take in all these illegals and provide for them.  They intend on taking working Americans’ money and giving it to people who are both not citizens and not doing anything to provide for themselves.  Add that they break the law by their existence within our borders without permission.  Essentially we are rewarding lawbreakers.

The spirit of America is hard work and compassion for those who need a break.  Not those who are taking a break on purpose.  Our social programs have run amok and are overfilled with unemployed and never to be employed people who will, as long as the tap is flowing with benefits and money, stay sitting on their backsides while hard working Americans are paying their way.

The pro-socialism movement has proposed paying all college debts off and taxing the financial industry for the money to do this.  Who do they think provides the money to the financial industry to pay these new taxes???   You got it.  Hard working Americans.

The pro-socialism movement wants to allow as many people into our nation as want to come.  None of these people have any money or any skills that would translate into a job that they could use to support themselves.  So, the million dollar question is who will provide food, medical care and shelter to these people????  Social services of course!  They are the official Santa Claus for pro-socialism advocates.  Where does the money come from????  Not money trees….these don’t exist just like the fact that unicorns don’t exist.  No, the money will come from that favorite group of citizens; hard working Americans.

Do you recognize a theme here?  On the one side is a group who wants to give away things to people without any regard to their status as citizens, as criminals, or as drug dealers.  They want to provide for these people and also for college students who will have their loans paid for them.  As an aside, will I be reimbursed for my college loans?  Just thought I would throw that one in there.

The other part of this theme is that anyone who works will pay more.  It does not matter which income group the  tax increases are targeted at, all the people end up paying for it just like increases to the minimum wage.  Money has to come from somewhere and the only people allowed to print money are the federal government as we saw during the  emperor Obama years where the national debt doubled.  No, all increases in the cost of living are paid by the working class at all levels.

American values are incompatible to socialist values.  Socialism requires conformance to rules and government control of an ever increasing portion of the gross national product which includes earnings and savings.  Americans do not like this idea.  I say this referring to patriotic Constitution and Bill of Rights loving Americans.  The socialist that claims they are American is really saying they hate America as founded and want to change it within the system.

If the system had not been gamed by the liberals for the past 100 years we would not be having this conversation.  But, since the liberals have managed to add a new law giver to our society namely the courts who can supersede the Congress and the Executive branch.  We have seen the steady march of the likes of Karl Marx and Mao Tse Tung represented by liberal democrats as they destroy this nation one piece of our founding heritage at a time.

There is a problem, however, with the current situation.  The right despite the efforts of a bunch of RINOs managed to get Donald Trump elected as president.  By doing so they have created a situation where the liberals are not able to hide their agenda anymore and red state conservatives are not all that happy with the idea of reward people for breaking the law, crossing the border or simply not working.  Whatever comes to pass in the coming years, it will be far more difficult for the liberals to force their agenda upon the America people.

The conflict over this has already started and it remains to be seen how it will play out in the long run.  I do know that red state people are not going to cave to the liberal/socialist/communists.  There will be resistance and how that takes form will depend on how the game is played.  Since the left has managed to take control of how the game is played via their dutiful servants in the media, the next play is up to them.  The 2020 election will be a turning point regardless of who wins the presidency.  Red state citizens are not going anywhere.,  We are aware and concerned and will not tolerate any nefarious actions of the left.

Patriots love this nation and how it was founded.  They love their founding documents and the wisdom of the founders themselves which was the basis of these documents.  Anyone who presumes to think their way of running things is better has a fight on their hands.  Socialists, you are warned.

Founding Values: The Second Amendment

When a person, or a nation for that fact, is facing a challenge the best bet is to return to their founding values.  It is best to avoid the entangling of bargains and compromise.  It is best to keep to the simplest and fundamental beliefs you have.

Any debate about your core beliefs immediately compromises them  because you now have to explain them.  As soon as your opponent succeeds in forcing you to enter into a discussion regarding your values, they have already stripped you of the premise of unassailable belief.  In other words, they have broken the bond and trust you have with your core beliefs.

Our nation was conceived in the notion of Liberty.  This battle started in order to preserve Freedom of Enterprise as well as Freedom for individuals.  The protests started over tax policies by the crown as well as the forced billeting of soldiers in the colonist’s homes.  When the Revolutionary War was won, the Continental Congress then set out to design a government for the colonies that would protect these inalienable rights.

The final result is the United States Constitution along with the Bill of Rights.  The Constitution would not have been ratified without the Bill of Rights being included and ratified as well.  So important were the concepts of personal and economic freedom that the founders proposed both at the same time.

All of the original 13 colonies which became the first States in the nation ratified these documents.  Thus, our nation was set in motion based on pure and simple core beliefs that were set forth in our founding documents including the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

We must pledge our loyalty to this founding.  We must insist upon respect for the original intent.  We must insist on these principles being honored by all citizens.

We who support the Second Amendment Right to bear arms are modern day Founders.  We carry on the mantle of freedom and responsibility that our forebears granted us.  Let no man presume to deny us our rights and claim to be a loyal American.  It is in insisting on the rights of all citizens to be upheld that we gain our strength and purpose as Americans.

These values are not such that they can be altered or otherwise amended to suit the desires of any without the consent of all Americans.  To cede any portion of our rights is to start the contamination and ultimate decay of our nation into a state where there is no true law over the land.

Our rights require a responsibility for our conduct as well as a responsibility for all citizens to act to preserve and protect all rights for all citizens.  We must stand resolute in our determination of maintaining our rights despite any attempt of a minority to take them away from us.