In the days up to the Inauguration of Biden

Been reading and hearing about the FBI reporting planned protests at state capitols and at the US Capitol. Scuttle butt like this is being reported all over.

I am more than certain this is a TROJAN HORSE operation to try to suck deplorables into an event that will be used to push the anti gun anti free speech agenda by the socialists and deep state.

DON’T GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t give these libtards the excuse they need to start rounding us up.

Look, we are in this for the long haul. At this point we are facing the beginning of a new administration and as Mark Steyn put it so eloquently the merger of the deep state and social media and the democrat party as a single unit. This is what we knew would happen when Biden was announced as the winner. I don’t like it and I am sure you do not either.

Here’s the deal. We do not have a plan. We are all upset but do not think for a minute that any of us can individually or as local groups can change anything.

All we would accomplish would be to reveal ourselves to the left and offer them the chance to ID us and potentially confiscate our arms and do or order who knows what to suppress us and keep us from ever protesting or resisting ever again.

We have to see how things are going to be in the next few weeks. No amount of demonstrating will change anything. We tried that already and it did not work. It will not work now either.

Keep your powder dry. Keep up on the news and the scuttlebutt but stay home. Wait and see who might be rising to the fore to lead a movement to push back.

Again, do not go to any protests at all. Not now. Stay home. Wait. Listen.