Musings on a Sunday

BLM and ANTIFA RACISM Transgenderism in our society disrupting our lives WHY

I think that the dividing point from civil discussion and respected opposing viewpoints occurs when one side decides to nullify the other and then acts to castigate and ostracize them from society. It does not matter which opinion elects to take this path. Once chosen by a side it is the prelude to a societal war.

What we miss in getting lost in the issues of gender or other bias is that the purpose of the escalation is not the protect the view point of one side. It is to drive society into a crucible of violence that only firm government control and protections can stop. This is the socialist police state in waiting.

As a society we have tolerated many differing lifestyles with the caveat of ‘you can do whatever you want as long as I am not forced to participate’. This worked for over 200 years. Yes, there are moral objections to some behaviors and life choices but to deny people who object a platform to voice their opinions is as draconian an approach as it is to mandate 100% societal participation in what is being objected to.

The only reason we are being pushed into this conflict is to allow the true socialist activists, who almost always hide behind their issues based spokes people, a chance to grab the reins of power in a nation. Put he classes at war with each other and then take over. Look up the histories of Russia, Germany, Italy, China, Cuba and a host of other nations that have fallen to the iron fist of control that real socialism represents. The path to power is as plain as can be seen by those who can see past the issues to where we will end up.

Transgendered women in women’s sports….Olympics etc…..A solution to who can and who can’t play

This is a simpler issue to resolve than it seems. Here is the question that all transgender (Male to Female) athletes must answer ‘NO’ to in order to compete.

“Have you ever been under the influence of normal ‘male’ levels of testosterone???”

If the answer is ‘YES’ then it should be impossible for this athlete to compete in the woman’s events. After all, it is illegal for women to take testosterone and compete so why should it be legal for transgendered athletes who had testosterone in their systems at full levels for years (affecting irrevocably their body’s development) compete with women who have not?

Recounts…..will they really make any difference?????

We are witnessing a recount in Maricopa county that will likely overturn that county’s totals to Trump. There are other places getting ready to do forensic recounts in many other states. For those who believe the election was stolen by the democrats this is vindication of that belief and that an illegitimate president was sworn in on January 20th 2021. Suppose this all comes to pass and it becomes obvious to all that the election of 2020 was stolen. What would come of it?

Nothing. Or at least not what we want.

No, Donald Trump would not be sworn in. There is no method or legal procedure that would provide that as a conclusion to any recount. Once the Secretary of State of each state certifies the election results and the Electoral College votes the election is over.

That does not mean that indictments would not fly and people would be carted off to jail and otherwise banished from their elected positions if such an individual is found to be complicit in election thievery. I am sure that there would be some ceremonial convictions if and when this all comes to be. The election of 2020 is over and we must not get lost in reliving that event instead of looking forward at where we are going. 2022 and 2024 are close at hand and are more important than ever to out nation’s future as it was founded.

Andy Cuomo….soon to be ‘pariah’ for the democrats

While his sexual predator activities do not disqualify him for office the combination of the Nursing home scandal and the 10 accusations of groping and suggestive behavior combined will render the ‘Enforcer’ for Maria Cuomo’s campaigns a has been washed up and un-electable hack.

Does this mean he will never be involved in government again????? Oh hell no!!!! Andy will do the penance dance, like Clinton, Gore and a host of other politicians, and then return in some capacity or another for the democrats most likely at the federal level. That is about all he can do because the families of the grandparents he killed with his orders during the first year of Covid will not let the memory of his cruelty go without notice if he dare stick his hat into any political contest in NY.

The Loud Mouth bully from NYC is done. 3 terms and out, just like daddy Cuomo…..

(P) Resident Biden…..will he last for 2 years let alone 4?????

Our Sniffer in Chief is quite obviously suffering diminished capacity of this I am sure there is no doubt. However, he is still manageable as a human being (puppet like for the most part) and therefore will continue in office as it is convenient to the plotters behind him to have a man in the oval office that cannot answer questions honestly or any questions for that matter. As long as they can keep the fences up around Biden keeping him from being grilled in the same fashion Trump was, the illusion of him being president will continue.

It is more and more apparent that Kamala Harris is not president material despite her barbs and jabs during the debates back when. An accomplished actress Harris can read a script as well as the best of them but she gets stage fright when she is confronted with real issues and pressures to actually perform. Consider her laughing at questions as proof of her stage fright…..

Her history in the Senate is fairly indicative of someone who was there solely based on elect-ability and not on any real leadership ability. She is not a leader in the sense that she cannot control the cabal of power hungry jackals that is the democrat party leadership. Always a bit player she is not ready for prime time and this will not change.

What we need to keep in mind is not the office of the president at the moment. We need to keep our eyes on the committee of socialist anarchists that are pulling the strings that manipulate him. Nothing goes on the teleprompter without their approval and none of the executive orders that have been signed came from anyone but these weasels. You have Obama, Val Jarrett, and a laundry list of activists who all want to see the US become the United Socialist States or the USS. This is a dream come true for them as Hillary was never going to be a pushover like ‘Lyin’ Joe Biden’ has been. While Trump may have derailed Hillary, his departure opened the door for some real radicals and we are seeing the results of their manipulations.

It’s the Economy Stupid….

We will soon start down the rabbit hole of high inflation and real economic stress towards the end of the summer. When the numbers from the second quarter do not indicate much growth if any at all, the interest rates for lending will start to climb and the prices already rising will zoom up as our dollar becomes virtually worthless on the international market. This is keeping with China’s stated intent of ridding the world of the US dollar as a standard. They made this known during Obama’s reign of error and it is now coming to pass due to the intended destruction of our national economy and our rising unemployment numbers which by fall will be more than obvious.

I suggest that people start cutting back and setting aside food and other staples that are essential as we head towards winter of 21-22. Things are going to get bumpy within 3 or 4 months.

Civil War II will it come to pass?

We have left the original republic we were founded as behind as we are moving ahead. Any notion that the citizen’s rights are sacred and unalterable are gone with the ascension of the state in this Covid crisis. Stupid as it is the man-made virus from China has given the bureaucrats the power they needed to implement all sorts of controls and behavioral limits that they need to further deny us our rights.

As a result of what has happened we are facing a choice as red state, free Americans. Do we knuckle under and continue to surrender our freedoms or do we make a stand and bear the cost of doing so?

The jury is out in my mind. The decision to fight back is a huge one and cannot be made by one man or woman or even one state. It is a decision that must be collectively made. Once made it initiates an irrevocable path of potential violence that once started must be taken to its logical end.

As we stand today, keep in mind we have no organization as a group of upset Americans.

We have no leaders who are willing and able to take us into a battle for our rights and freedoms no matter how that battle plays out either in Congress, the courts or in the fields.

We have no Plan of how to get from here to there as far as fighting off the socialist barbarians and driving them from our halls of government and our institutions of government.

We are upset for sure and we all see the problems. The worst thing we can do to advance our opinions and beliefs is to charge off without a clear path to victory. I don’t care if it is political or otherwise. If we are not united and organized we will be consumed by the bureaucracy that is the socialist state and they will use any and all means at their disposal to pick us off one or two at a time if at all possible knowing that in an all out confrontation they cannot win. This is the insidious nature of creeping socialism. It is like germ warfare. Infect one part of the whole and then spread.

Keep your ears open and pay attention to the news. Not the mainstream media. News from all sources besides the MSM. Avoid social media. Avoid any organization or internet source that filters or monitors what you say or read. Some of that is unavoidable but consider the internet as being ‘bugged’ and avoid using it for information exchange and keep that face to face if at all possible.

I close by offering that today is Mother’s day and not ‘Birthing person’ day. It is an American tradition and we need to promote our heritage and avoid any attempt to rename or relabel any tradition by the left.