The inconvenient history of slavery in mankind

If you listen today you would think that the Americans founded slavery and promoted it all around the world.  So much so that we cannot claim any rights in this nation due to our past.  Our only route forward is to atone for the sins of our forefathers and adopt new ways of thinking and being that meet the requirements of those who were enslaved.

There is a problem with this.  For one, slavery is as old as mankind.  Further, far more people we enslaved who were of the exact sale racial and ethnic makeup as their enslavers.  Additionally, races  such as Caucasians, Asians and myriads of indigenous peoples were enslaved at rates that are thousands of times more than those of African heritage.

The concepts of Liberty in the American colonies and the practice of Liberty was new to the world when it grew to the fore in the late 1700s.  Nowhere else in the world was the idea of man being inherently free accepted or considered valid.  America was the first nation to grant freedom to all its citizens and we fought a civil war to ensure it pertained to all.  This is not to say that system discrimination did not exist before or after the civil war but I would point out that the architecture of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, established at our Founding, was sufficient to provide the basis of eliminating these practices.  To condemn the founding is to condemn the wisdom of those who created our cherished national documents.

The leadership of America led to nations all over the world eventually ending the practices of slavery with notable exceptions still in the Islamic nations as well as continental Africa.  The words of our founders inspired others to pursue the freedoms we had enshrined.    Those who claim our nation was founded on a flawed premise might better look at world history and consider that had we not created our nation in the manner it was you might still see slavery of all kinds predominant even today.  

The Cancel culture is trying to re-write our heritage under the guise of fairness and to not offend people whose ancestors were slaves.  Mind you, twice as many white people were slaves in Colonial American than blacks.  You don’t see the Irish claiming offense for past practices of our society.  People of eastern Europe the same.  The fact is that no nation can be considered perfect in the eyes of generations to come.  There will always be aspects and concepts that will evolve and the society, if it has a form foundation in the forms of a Constitution and Bill of Rights, can shape its policies and laws to ensure freedoms for all.

None of this means you will never be offended by a person or action of people.  The beauty of our nation is you can ignore them and in some cases sue them for damages if you can prove your case.  Just because you take offense does not mean you win.  This is because a nation of diverse people will always include people with diverse opinions and thinking.  If anything, if a person uses their being offended to limit or discriminate against others they may actually be more offensive than the original offense they complained about.

Slavery is an abuse of the slave’s rights.  This is not to say that a freed slave’s ancestors can claim offense.  We will not see slavery in our society again at least not until the government allows some people to control the lives, learning and thinking of others.  If that comes to pass, we will have turned the tables completely and gone back to the pre-emancipation days of our past.

Those who are using the issue of being offended to force changes on others should take a long and serious look at the consequences of their actions…they are enslaving others to suit their purposes and to usurp their rights.