The Demise of unfiltered information on the web.

Duck Duck Go has started filtering their search responses. As far as I know they were the last truly free source of information on the internet. I am not saying that the information is not out there. I am saying that you cannot search and find it. You have to know where it is. By controlling the search, you control what people see and learn. The powers that are controlling our internet are focused on one goal: Global socialism and controls.

There are very powerful and hugely wealthy financial forces at work here and sadly, we freedom loving and liberty seeking individuals and all the people who think like us are their mortal enemies and we will be discriminated against.  Ultimately, this will play out in open society and perhaps could escalate to conflicts that are regional and these could create difficulties and potentially end up with some violence.  A large portion of the world is aware of these forces and their insidious plans to create a global socialist cabal that believes it knows best for all of us. We are seeing this play out in real time in Ukraine where a despot ‘Putin’ wants to suppress another nation and put them under his control. He may say he wishes to restore Russia as it was under the USSR but in all honesty it is about greed and controlling the masses. The proof, no one under his control is any better off than they would be under a free and open government that is dedicated to preserving individual rights. No one.

 I realize that someone who is rich is not solely ‘lucky’ or ‘extremely talented’.  Not these days anyways.  In order to be rich today you have to be conniving and scheming and be willing to destroy others to increase your wealth and power.  Greed has always been one of mankind’s worst sins and has caused multitudes of wars and millions of deaths all to protect and increase the power of despots and these people are both in government and business. 

I am personally offended by the presumption of people like this that I am incapable of planning my future and that I, and people like me are better off being led by the morally bankrupt people such as Soros and Gates and the political cabal we have in DC.  While my intentions for my future are generally pure and decent, I have serious doubts about the moral values of these wannabe despots who are steering our futures by manipulating information and the news media all to advance their devious plans.

If their plans are legitimate and decent, why don’t they come out and tell us openly and admit they are steering our futures and in essence usurping our rights of free choice and liberty? 

The reason they cannot and will not do this is because  their plans for us will limit our rights and liberties.  They know we will resist if not refuse to comply if they were blatantly honest about what they are doing. 

This is why politics is used to pave the way for the future.  Politics is the process of convincing people that what a leader says we could do is a good idea even when they know we won’t like it. Look at what is going on in our nation right now and you can see a perfect example of ruling against the will of the people all the while the leaders and their representatives are telling us it is for the better and we cannot go back to the way things used to be.

The thing with tyrants is they realize that when enough of the people in their control say no, they lose their power.  The other thing about tyrants is that when one is toppled, there are a hundred standing in the shadows waiting to take the stage and start the process all over again. Greed and lust for power will always exist and we must always be on the lookout for such evil forces, even in America. Our founders warned us about these forces and tried to create a safe guard against them with our Bill of Rights.  We were created as a nation unique in the world as the people’s rights were protect from actions of the government with our founding documents. This is the freedom we were born into.

I have said before that America is a unique nation on this earth as we evolved as a free people, never having lived in America in a tiered monarchy or empire.  Our forefathers came here and created a free nation out of a wilderness and then fought the world’s largest super power (England) at that time to be rid of their controls and live as free peoples.  No other nation’s heritage on earth is derived purely from the pursuit and preservation of freedom but ours. 

Other peoples of the earth saw what true freedom from arbitrary rule was like and have fought to be free themselves.  This is the beacon on a hill that Reagan spoke so lovingly of. As a shining example of a free society to the rest of the world we must be stopped by the same greedy forces that kept people subservient to monarchs and despots all throughout history.  This is what the Soros and Gates and the politicians of the world represent.  Subservience of the masses to their will. 

Our politicians in DC are the very equal of the crown of England who we fought against for our liberty in 1776.  People who live in those orbits just believe they know better than their constituents (us).  They rule as they see fit without any concern for our opinions.  Even when we vote one out, another despot in training takes their place.  On the rare occasions where we actually elect an outsider who refuses to join the tyrant class, these people are ostracized and rendered ineffective as they are so outnumbered and boxed in they cannot really make much of a difference.

Losing an unbiased source of information is far more important than most people are aware of. We need to establish places on the web where we can share links and information that otherwise would be suppressed. Yes, this will lead to false reports and erroneous information but better to have the choice to believe or not to believe what we are seeing and hearing than to surrender to the globalists who want to regulate and limit our access.

We either fight and work to be free or by our lack of effort we become slaves to the globalist state. As we see yet again the march of oppression on the world as well as the suppression of our rights of free speech which also includes hearing things that some may disagree with or may despise. That is the price of freedom and if you agree to censorship of any kind you are signing the death warrant for our nation as a home for truly free people.

Epidemics and Vaccines or is it something else?

We have been faced with this Covid19 epidemic since January of 2020. It is not a natural phenomena. The virus was created in a Chinese lab and intentionally released into the public. This much is not deniable or debatable.

What is deniable or at least debatable is the actual severity of the virus when it infects a host. Covid19 is a variation of a flu/cold virus. It is not nearly as virulent as the Spanish Flu of 1918. The numbers of Covid19 are a quarter of those from 1918.

First fact is flu viruses kill some people. Those who are ill in general with old age issues or some other health problems often are overcome by a virulent flu that in essence overwhelms their immune systems. As much as we would like the flu to not kill people it is inevitable that every year or at least every time a substantial flu virus comes around, people die. This is historically a constant and has been for a very long time.

Covid19 is, as a percentage of those affected, not a whole lot more deadly than our usual seasonal flu. The real unbiased percentages of deaths due to covid are not really any higher than they are for our typical annual flu season. There are many who will argue differently but to be honest if you review the death statistics that have been re-assessed to reflect only those who died directly of Covid therefore leaving out those who were already on Hospice care; those who already had terminal cancer or other medical conditions and diagnoses; you find that the actual death rate due to covid is about the same as we normally experience every winter season.

So, what is the reasoning behind the government promoting the hysteria instead of trying to get the situation under control? Why would anyone promote hysteria in a population? Why the mask orders when it is proven they are useless? Further, Why would the government mandate a vaccine that is unproven, untested, which does have potentially life altering and lethal side effects?

First rule: Follow the money!!!!

Big Pharma is making billions in profits from government funding as they dole out their concoctions that they themselves are not held liable for if any bad things happen. Our political class is heavily invested as shareholders in Big Pharma and therefore making a mint from the ongoing pandemic and the booster jabs just keep the money piling in. I am sure that many of our supposed elite scientists and doctors who are all advocating the jab are also well invested in Big Pharma as well. The problem with politics is that it is a game of money and control and covid has given the generally most corrupt class of citizens in any society: POLITICIANS; both of these in abundance.

Second Rule: Who is getting more political power and control?

The government entities world wide are all enacting strict controls and mandates in order to ‘fight’ this epidemic and keep the citizens ‘safe’. This includes entire nations such as Australia as well as the US and also to smaller political entities such as states and even cities who have all instituted various requirements and also the existence of ‘Covid Passes’. They have never had such a high degree of control of the world population and I imagine this is truly intoxicating to those who have globalist intentions of controls and social engineering.

Worst yet, there are always tyrants who lurk behind the scenes waiting for events such as a world wide pandemic to launch their conquest plans to take over and subvert normal governments and replace them with authoritarian rule. Covid is a perfect excuse to implement many of the goals of such sociopaths.

We will be hard pressed to stop this tyranny as long as we are willing to submit in any way to their rules and requirements. This Covid19 epidemic is the perfect storm that many globalists have been waiting for the start their final conquests of free nation so on the earth. Events such as this play to the worst in people who are willing to do anything to be more wealthy and powerful. We will hear excuses that sound virtuous but in the end the price is always a loss of freedom and liberty for a presumed safety and health but sadly that is an illusion.

Had we as a people been willing to simply hunker down on our own and let this epidemic run its course as we usually did in the past we would be well past this ongoing crisis and on to the next ‘problem du jour’ as a nation. Sadly, the meek minded in our society have caved to the pressures of the social architects (my best descriptor of a power hungry politician type) and surrendered their freedoms for masks and accepted potentially poisonous jabs of unknown contents in their false hopes of being ‘saved’.

This entire Covid19 epidemic is worse than the Jonestown massacre in Guiana and we will suffer continuously in the future for surrendering our free will to these Svengalis of our governments who keep telling us to follow their orders. Only if we rise up and tell them NO can we hope to achieve a measure of freedom again. Otherwise they government will continue to pick us off; we the resisters who do not believe in their false promises; one at a time until we are just a footnote in history described as a bunch of radicals and extremists who interfered with the heroic efforts of the government. At least that is how a communist history book would describe it……..

The US has been under attack since 1991

Our Culture has been under attack since the end of WWII and probably longer than that. What has changed is that while previously we were being attacked in a decentralized way, the efforts now are far more focused and much larger in scale.

The media along with academia are leading the charge to completely erase our unique culture. Our culture is based on freedom of the individual from the government and government controls. There is no other nation on earth that had embraced such personal liberties as the United States of America did from our founding.

Historically the rest of the world is built on former monarchies and dictatorships of one sort or another. They may have ‘adopted’ civil rights and a popularly elected government but their foundations are all in fiefdoms of power and control.

What do you think happens when the monarchy falls or is displaced by a ‘democratic’ government? Do you think these vassals and underlings of the ruler simply are erased or disappear? The answer is no.

These movers and shakers of influence and corruption simply find new niches to crawl into to continue their activities under the new governing system. As a result, these societies who thought they had embraced democracy actually have embraced a new more refined form of controls and limitations. It just takes a few years for the new/old system to resurface. The elites of these nations are the academics and the corporate leaders along with the government approved media outlets.

What threatens the status quo in these old world nations is the upstart United States of America where there never was a monarchy that was the godhead of the land prior to the creation of that nation. There were tribal entities across the continent but they were not unified in any way and fought among themselves for territory and control of resources. As the American nation grew these disparate groups were either absorbed or swept aside as they were the primitive tribes which in most all the world have been made extinct by evolution of man and his social systems.

With the US founded as a free society all other citizens of the world who are aware of the controls and limitations put upon them by their own governments see that a nation can flourish without the despotism and tyranny of excessive rule. This, in the eyes of the elites in the old world, must be stopped. Since it has been proven that destroying your own citizenry does not work in suppressing this belief, (the end of USSR is but one example) there had to be another way to maintain control of their societies.

The solution was to infiltrate and destroy the freedoms of Americans by destroying the culture that embraces them. To this end I have seen the increasing indoctrination of students in the academic realm along with the media being totally co-opted by foreign interests with their emphasis being moved away from an America centric message to one of globalism and the old world mindset being the more ‘refined’ way of thinking. The academic avenue or the media avenue would not work on their own., Only by using both at the same time can any meaningful movement towards the old world socialism can be accomplished.

I trace this latest hard push towards socialism to the end of the USSR and the fall of the iron curtain. While the politburos and various governments all were superseded with quasi-democratic forms the political actors who were the key players in the past before this transformation still exist within the new governments. Putin was an active agent of the state before the fall of the USSR and he is now premier of Russia and is likely as powerful as any former USSR leader was in the past. These elites do not surrender their power when systems change. They merely find new ways to manipulate and operate within the new system.

So, today we see our culture and our freedoms which are an essential part of our heritage under direct assault with the sole purpose being to eliminate them from our ethos. I trace back this movement to the onset of ‘political correctness’ in the 1990s and the active implementation of a take over plan of our society by the socialist elites who seek to attain and keep high positions of authority and power within our nation.

You can see the changes starting actively during the Clinton administration with the press being one of the first targets as political correctness is enforced by the press. Subsequently the press acted as the point of the movement throughout the Bush years and when Obama came to office he became the titular head of the new socialist United States. The left thought they had won until Trump beat Hillary and shocked them to their core. With the ascent of Trump a movement back to original founding values was underway and this is when the elites who are seeking to destroy us decided to go all in with their assault on our American traditions and values. The coordinated theft of the 2020 election was the culmination of this accelerated activity on the left.

Now, we are living under a president who by all definitions is a senile old man who is being manipulated and controlled to fast track the agenda of destroying America as quickly as possible. Bear in mind that they know they cannot co-opt the majority of the citizens over 40 so instead of trying to convert us and our way of thinking to the new ‘enlightened’ socialist system they espouse they have decided to marginalize us and destroy us in any way possible. Don’t think for a minute that Covid was not aimed at eliminating the older generations who are more susceptible to its affects. All of the posturing by Fauci and the governors was to create the us versus them mindset in the people in an effort to further isolate and ostracize the patriotic freedom loving Americans who would not submit to edicts that they believed violated their rights.

Recently we have seen the claims that white Americans are the new terrorist group that needs to be eradicated. This is just another salvo by the elitists who have seized control of our media and government in their effort to erase the Bill of Rights, our heritage and our traditions. All of the minority activism is a smokescreen and Trojan horse being used to try to suppress the Patriotic American who believes in freedom; that the election was stolen in 2020 and that Trump has been the greatest president in our generation.

This war will continue. It is a war of American uniqueness and American culture versus the global cabal of socialist elites who otherwise control the rest of the world and cannot have an upstart nation such as the USA standing as a beacon of freedom and hope for the rest of the world.

Our only hope is to win back control of the government and then eradicate the globalist agenda from our nation starting with Education and on through the bureaucracies of our federal and state governments. Only when we know we are teaching the next generation of freedom loving Americans the truth about our founding and our gifts of freedom that we fought for and won; who hear of the goodness of our nation in the news and in our media; only then we can relax and know we will carry on at least for a few decades more until the globalists try again. They will NEVER STOP TRYING…

The US Government relies on the cooperation of the masses.

The federal government is one bad executive order or legislation act away from open revolt.

They know it.

They know that a huge and very well armed portion of the population is not happy at all with the status quo and the deep state rule. 75 million voters that translates into about 150 million people counting non voting family of those voters.

The only power they state holds over us is that we Willingly cooperate.

In order for their power to exist, we are to cooperate and only if we do can they govern. This is a vital piece of information that we must not forget. They can only rule over us if we allow them to. Only if we cooperate can their policies move forward. If we en masse’ refuse to participate in some new program or policy they are powerless to stop us.

Yes, they can force small groups to abide with unpopular orders but if a group of citizens the size of which went to DC on the 6th of January had any desire to physically remove the government they could and there is nothing that could be done to stop them short of the powers that be ordering thousands of troops to fire upon them. I would add that in saying government I am talking about the corrupt politicians, A group of 200,000 Americans who are armed and unwilling to cooperate is an army…not a bunch of insurrectionists.

The divide in the nation at present makes the divide during the Vietnam war look like a child’s game. The differences in the situation are vast. Back in the 60’s if someone did not want to go to war they could refuse. They could go to Canada. They could do many things to avoid compliance.

Our government has gone from one that serves at the consent of the people to one that is a huge bureaucracy of bloated departments of civil servants who are more concerned about control and avoiding dealing with the average citizen who they despise. It is self serving and therefore unconcerned about our cooperation at least up until recently.

In our present time, the government is not waging an illegal or unreasonable war upon an enemy state. They are waging a war upon the people that disagree with them with the stated intent of forcing them to either conform or be eliminated. Don’t believe me just look at the statements about re-education camps and feeding MAGA children into wood chippers. Do a search these will come up all too often spoken by government supporters and other left wing radicals.

No, the result of Donald Trump being elected in 2016 and the subsequent actions that they made to try to depose him is that the dividing line in our society has been made glaringly clear. You are either a supporter of government socialism and globalism (deep state) or you are an ‘insurrectionist’.

In the past it was a political argument over policies. Not anymore. Now it is about accepting and following government orders and policies without question. Anyone who does not comply is to be punished. Anyone who criticizes the government is to be punished. Worse yet, anyone who exposes the government corruption is to be destroyed. Censorship, loss of employment and social privileges. Banishment if possible with public humiliation as one of the major tools of enforcement.

As a proud insurrectionist I say I will not comply. I will not go quietly into that dark night. I am more than capable or refusing and with force if need be. I also know I am not alone in my beliefs and I am speaking both nationally and also locally. I have allies in my immediate area that would rally to my aid if the government decided to make an example of me, and the same is true for anyone i know and trust. Don’t even try it.

So, To make my answer crystal clear…. I will not follow the diktats of a corrupt and unjust government set to deny me my rights and freedoms.

Bring it on if you dare

It is not a Political Struggle any longer…….

HR127 is a symptom of a larger problem and it is not a political one. It is the opening salvo of a long range plan on the part of the socialists to complete the takeover of our nation and the complete subjugation of the population.

Those of us who are advocates of the Second Amendment and unfettered rights emanating from all of the Bill of Rights and our laws are unified and represent a substantial block in our nation. We are 75 million voters who in actuality represent at least 150 million people including ourselves. As such, we are despised as citizens by the socialist left. Our values and beliefs are ridiculed. Our love of our nation is mocked. Our religious beliefs are also mocked. Our embrace of patriotism is laughed at. In short we are not respected AT ALL!!!!

We are no longer engaged in a political battle. A political battle requires a modicum of respect for the opposition. There is no respect for us by any of the politicians in DC for the most part. This includes many of the republicans there who are deep state members of the swamp. No, this battle is now one of survival.

The left means to destroy us. If they cannot change our mindsets they will endeavor to marginalize our way of life and our values until we are not considered citizens deserving any respect or representation. This is because our very existence threatens their plans to supplant our founding documents and traditions with a globalist manifesto of tyrannical socialism. We are in their way and must be dealt with.

Any law they propose that would restrict our Second Amendment rights is not designed to control firearms but is actually an attempt to goad us into a reaction that they can use to justify locking us up. Taking our kids away. Denying us any civil liberties.

We are called Deplorables and a host of other negative stereotypes. We are Bitter Clingers. We are red neck, racists, homo-phobes, and a myriad of other negative descriptors all intended to denote our being a lessor form of life and not deserving any respect or rights. This is exactly what Hitler did to the Jews in the 1930’s. He denigrated them and then denied their rights and ultimately tried to extinguish them. The way is being prepared to do the same to us.

While I see no imminent plans on the part of the left to act with violence to suppress us it is as plain as the nose on your face that we are to be ostracized and demonized as much as possible to negate our impact as a political force in our nation. We are called insurrectionists because we believe the election was not on the up and up. We are considered to be prone to violence even though we have not carried on in any manner that would deserve such a reputation.

We are no longer fighting over policy or procedural issues pertaining to government. We are fighting now to preserve our way of life and our values. The time is rapidly approaching where we will be forced to choose a path. One will be submission to the will of the globalist agenda and the other will be to resist and otherwise refuse to comply with any edicts coming from Washington DC or even our state capitols in some cases.

We hear of talk of a second civil war and to be quite honest, we are being forced into such a mindset by the discrimination we are suffering at the hands of those who claim to be for everyone’s rights…well, everyone except us. We are supposedly the problem. We and our love of our heritage and our love of our country. All we ever wanted then and now is to be left alone. To be respected and accepted for who we are. We are following the traditions of our forebears and as such express the ideal of a free people who will respect anyone who respects us and all we ask is to be left alone. Sadly, the globalist/socialist/democrat deep state will not allow this.

At this point I am waiting for the next shoe to drop. Waiting for the left to reach too far. To push a little too hard. I am waiting for the left to start the war.

No sane person would ever seek violence but by the same token, they should always be ready because sometimes aggressive and pushy people bring violence to you. Rather than sit there are claim foul and demand special protections (which is what every special protected group does that the left supports) we should be prepared to respond in kind. This is because we are marked to be eliminated by the deep state socialist cabal and the sooner we understand and accept that our only way to survive is to stop them, the better off we will be.

I am not calling for anyone to act in an aggressive manner nor should we initiate any conflict. That is not who we are. The left will continue to follow the path of tyranny and just like the socialists did in Russia, Germany, Italy, China, Cuba and Venezuela, they will eventually come for us. Their patterns have repeated themselves historically and no doubt they will eventually follow their plans of domination and control which will bring them to our doors. The left represents the corruption that evolves from power being vested in too few for too long. Once the elite find out that they can enrich themselves and stay in power they are loathe to give it up ever.

We need to do as we have been for the last many years.

Have patience.. Prepare…..Stay informed…..Keep your mouths shut…..Only trust those people you know.

These are trying times and we need to keep our heads about us. We are far better prepared to protect ourselves than the left would like. Lets keep it this way.

Understanding where True American Patriots really stand in today’s nation

We have been referred to by many liberal politicians as anything but good Americans. We have been called ‘Bitter Clingers’ by Obama. ‘Deplorables’ by Hillary. ‘Bubbas’ by Senator Moynihan. ‘Racists’ by Biden and his cronies. I could go on but this list is not what is important here.

What we must understand is that we are not considered to be a part of the American people by the powers set to take over in DC. While we may scoff at this notion understand we just had our election stolen from us openly and brazenly and to be quite honest, the left does not care one bit as to what we think or how we feel about that.

What kind of citizenship do we really hold in today’s America? Are we equals? Are we respected at all? Do our opinions count? Well, you already know the answers to all of those questions and you are acutely aware of everything I have mentioned thus far.

Let me pose a question that we need to really think about.

What do you think they, the controlling left wing politicians, have in store for us?


Are you willing to take whatever policies and sanctions that they impose upon us?

You do not have to be a mind reader to know they are coming for our guns. They are going to drive our religious beliefs out of our communities as well as our cherished heritage. We are to be eliminated much like the Jews were targeted in Germany up to and during WWII. Need proof? Just compare the media, lapdogs of the democrats, and what is constantly said about us. The lies, exaggerations and misrepresentation of our beliefs and core values. The ridicule. We are accused of being the enemies of the left’s agenda. We are considered a burden on society.

Our leader has been vilified, lied about, and has had his reputation sullied all in their efforts to suppress any notion of American pride and our heritage as being noble and a strength. Donald Trump will be lucky if he is not brought up on charges for the incidents on the 6th even when it is becoming more and more apparent that Antifa were the ones leading that entire debacle at the Capitol Building. I think that it is 50-50 that Trump does not finish his term of which there are only 12 days left.

This is how much the left hates us. As Trump said and was so accurate when he referred to this; we citizens who believe in the goodness of America and our traditions as being the real targets of the left and that he is standing in their way.

This war upon our kind has been openly declared and now the left will dare us to respond to any of their attacks and actions that they will be imposing to try to drive us out of existence. They have already brainwashed our children in their socialist indoctrination centers we used to know as public schools. We are mocked openly by the media and by the very entertainment we see produced by the left wing media networks. If the left could, they would march us off to re-education camps just like the Chinese communists do in their country. This is how this socialist cabal want to deal with dissension.

When Obama was elected I thought we were headed to a fight but I was wrong. While he riled up many of us, Obama did his real damage to the actual government structure and the people who make up the civil servants in our various government agencies. By driving out anyone who resisted the socialist agenda, Obama altered the mindset of the government employees to one that supports the left wing agenda only. So much so that they willingly and brazenly engaged in illegal surveillance on American citizens, including Trump and his staff and his family.

This is how corrupt the government has become. We are not facing a political challenge any more. It is now one of survival.

Don’t think you can just hunker down and wait this one out. By the time the first two years of the Biden presidency is over they will have started the purge of our way of life from this nation. They will use their acolytes in state government as well to implement as many restrictions upon our rights as they think that they can get away with. Appealing to the Supreme Court will not do us any good. All of the institutions we were brought up to believe in as being righteous and as bulwarks of fairness in our nation are gone.

I will not say I think that we should initiate some sort of conflict to regain our nation. I cannot advocate for that as it is a decision to be made by a consensus of like minded citizens and not in any other way.

I will say we need to organize. We need to establish a new major national political party. I think that the ‘American Patriot’ party has a nice ring to it. If everyone who supported Trump and his agenda; all 75 million of us; were to sign on we would immediately become an organized serious political threat to the deep state politicians and this would be a great start. We could quickly put true patriots in office and start spreading the truth about American greatness and how the left is destroying our nation.

Our voices are being censored on the internet and we need a public forum where we cannot be ignored. A viable political party would force the media to cover us and our position statements.

Beyond all of this, be aware of what they, the socialists, intend to do. Prepare. Stock up. Be vigilant.

Know and understand the ultimate intentions of our enemy. The anti-American Socialists

Politics Scam-demic The Road ahead Secession?????

We are heading into the main part of the holidays and the new year.  Political conditions are not good.  We are hated by the left.  No longer is there any respect for those who oppose the socialist agenda.  This includes attitudes and actions by both democrats and republicans who have signed onto the globalist scheme.

The scam-demic will continue if only because the left loves to control people.  The mask mandate nationally is a likelihood if slow Joe gets into office.  So are new taxes and restrictions on ‘assault weapons’ even though a rock or a Molotov cocktail is as deadly and more likely to be used than any lawfully owned firearm.  (More people die of hammer attacks in a year than firearms).  Further, legally owned firearms are highly unlikely to be used in assaults unless you charge victims who defend themselves…. 

Societal control is one of the major objectives of the left so they can solidify their grip on everything and not face any real resistance.  For references see Russia 1917, Germany 1939 and Communist China 1951. (there are many other tyrannies that follow the same pattern)  The same game plan was in use including the scapegoating of societies woes on specific groups much like the democrats are blaming republicans and more specifically deplorable nation for every discrimination and ‘racism’ incident we see today or in our past.

In the days ahead our people and our lifestyles will become endangered.  It is obvious that they are willing to provoke a sizeable group of red state deplorable citizens in order to justify confiscation of firearms and anything else they deem to be a ‘danger’ to society.  This would include children of people who disagree with them.  All of this will be legally done; of course.  They are experts at shaping judicial opinions to suit their agenda.  Witness the refusal of SCOTUS to hear the case from Texas regarding the voter fraud. That decision was more due to the possibility of mass riots than anything else and you know who fomented the riots……

Trump may yet prevail and I do hope he does but regardless of that situation, we are target number one.  Trump is our symbol and a symbol of freedom loving Americans but make no mistake about it;  Deplorable nation is on the kill list.  If Trump manages to overturn the phony election he will suffer ten times the number of attacks, personal, political and probably physical.  One cannot help but hear the venom in the words of those on the left from the political and the journalistic sides as well as the average lefty citizens.  They have been goaded into not only disagreeing with Trump but also they have been convinced that Trump and people who support him are why whatever is wrong in the nation.  As a result, we are target one.  We must be eliminated and if that is not possible we must be neutralized as a political and social force.

I have spent a good deal of time pondering the ramifications of a portion of the nation seceding from the Republic.  One reality I see would set the tone of any situation that arose from any serious movement to this regard.

The coastal areas and the inland metropolitan areas cannot survive without red state nation.  There are several reasons for this.

Power and fuels.  The power that feeds the coastal areas is generated for the most part at sites that are far away.  The transmission lines crisscross red state America.  In the same way, so do the transportation corridors including rail, highway and waterway.  All of these arteries pass through red state nation. Also, the mines and petroleum production are for the most part located in red state areas. Don’t forget hydro power production sites are largely within the hinterlands far from the coasts and elite enclaves.

In the same bent, a lot of the food that is produced and distributed to the coastal areas is grown and processed in red state nation.  Crops and  livestock are all raised in areas far removed from the leftist enclaves and if red state nation were to part ways with the rest we would control these commodities as far as their production or transit.  All imported products either food, industrial and manufactured pass through red state territory. In very simple terms, the coastal elites cannot survive without our production and transportation industries.

All of this having been said, I would offer that any attempt for red state nation to secede would be met with furious resistance.  Keep in mind that while a lot of the defense resources of our republic are located in our regions, the buttons that launch the weapons are securely based in DC.  I would add that the officer corps are largely in control of the aircraft and tactical decision making and they are not as universally aligned with the conservative, founder loving principles as we are.  Obama went to great lengths to eradicate the conservatives from the higher echelons of the military and if you recall the massive number of somewhat early retirements during Obama’s reign of error you will agree.  So, we cannot count on the military to defend our rights or our principles nor is it likely they will stand by and refuse to fire upon any organized group who are committed on seceding from the nation.

If the decision is made to try to secede, there is a nagging issue for those of use stuck behind enemy lines.  For instance, I reside in fly over NY.  That is the part of the state upstate that is largely forgotten by the leadership as we are outvoted by the metro areas.  People here, and in other similar areas of the nation would be faced with a dilemma if a movement, a serious movement, to secede came to pass. It would be unlikely that upstate could successfully secede from the downstate region without a serious battle.

Would you stay and suffer the wrath of the left as they solidified their controls as they sought to end any notion of secession or would you sever  irrevocably your life and connections to move to an area within the red state enclave?  I would add that there are lots of people who live in the elite areas who are also of deplorable nation who would along with anyone who decides to relocate lose all connections and economic support with the departure from their present situations.  This is not a trivial situation to consider.

As I said, the climate we are heading into will be very stormy and the socialists are going to still be on the march regardless of who is in the Whitehouse.  Batten down the hatches and clean your weapons and check you equipment.  I do not think that things will develop quickly as much as it will be a steady encroachment on our way of life as they attempt to either destroy us or force us to comply with their agenda.

As Ole’ Remus used to say…..stay away from crowds….

Who is running our nation? The real CENTRAL COMMITTEE of the United States

The latest adventure into partisan politics bordering upon treason has brought to light that there is a shadow government that is running this country.  This shadow government is tantamount to the notorious ‘Central Committees’ of the USSR and other socialist and totalitarian regimes.

You know that many organizations besides nations operate with central committees and they are far more prevalent than would seem.  Both political parties have ‘Central Committees’ and you know this is true in the democratic party due to Hillary’s getting the nomination in 2016 for president when Bernie had obviously taken the popular vote.  The republican party is somewhat less apparent but it exists as we got McCain in 2008 who was a poor candidate at best and a useless foil against Obama.  Romney, Bob Dole, and you can go back to Barry Goldwater as far as identifying candidates selected to be nominees to sacrifice to the democrats.

The purpose of any central committee is to perpetuate power, to ensure the survival of the committee and the organization that it is in charge of.  Thus, central committees will not sacrifice the organization to anything and the only way to defeat a committee like this is to not only expose it but to destroy the supporting structure of people and agencies as well.

While it is simple to say in trying to find the purpose or goals of anything to follow the money, in this case, money is not the only coin of the realm.  Power.  Personal security in that an individual or small group will be safely protected and isolated from any negative reactions.  Ultimately, the people within this group are rewarded for their loyalty and not just the fruits of their labor alone.  All members of this group wield some degree of personal influence in some particular aspect of our society and to stay at the top of the heap of their respective groups is of the utmost importance to these people.  They maintain this power not with the vote of their constituents but with the power and influence they have.   In other words, these are the  movers and shakers behind the scenes.

Chances are that while we may know of a few who choose to have a public profile, there are many more lurking behind the scenes in all facets of life who commit their acts to bolster the central committee in concert with their fellow committee members.  It is corruption and greed and to a degree envy that drives these people.  Any thought of utopian ideals is merely expressed for the consumption of the masses.

I bring this up to address the fact that it is rather obvious that there are treasonous actors working in the administration and you wonder how they survive their acts of what seems to an attack upon the current administration.  Further, who is really running this clown show that is supposed to be an impeachment investigation?

When we refer to treasonous acts we generally refer to individuals.  People who by their actions subvert or destroy the policies and properties of our nation.  In the case of a central committee the actions of this group are so spread out that these acts do not individually have a large impact.  It is the collected affects of the actions of this group, who exist outside the limelight and without the people’s consent, that steer our nation to whatever end that they seek.

Getting to the core of this treasonous central committee is like peeling an onion and it will take a lot of effort to unravel the intricacies of this cabal.  Even then, it may make no difference because like dealing with weeds, eliminate one and another takes its place.  There will always be people who will ignore their morals and values in order to gain and protect their positions of power.  If we remove one character others will rise up to take their place.

Central committees use the various components of the organizations they govern as chess pieces on the board to be manipulated as needed to create the results they want.  During Bush 43 we saw the military taken to task for all sorts of things all to promote an opposing Bush’s agenda by the democrats.  Contrarily, all of the misadventures of Obama’s foreign policy and the military actions committed to support that were immune from any criticism as well as in many cases they operated to aid the agenda of the enemy ultimately.  Our adventures in Libya, Syria, and in various nations in Africa all point to meddling and no real results were achieved nor was any criticism aimed at the military or Obama.

While we all identify the globalist movement towards socialism, the globalists cannot directly control any nation from without.  There have to be co-conspirators within the nation that they seek to manipulate.  I am not talking about having people who are sympathetic to the globalists.  I am referring directly to the fact that there is a group of people who are acting above the law and elections, who are in effect running a huge portion of our national administration and affecting all policies foreign and domestic.  I ask, who is on this committee?  Who selects the people who are on this committee?  Lastly, who determines what the policy agenda of this committee will be?

Now we see these assets of the central committee from within and without the administration being used to attack a sitting president.  It is more than apparent that while President Trump was elected with a duly and legally conducted campaign and a fair vote, the ‘deep state’, democratic party and the various social organizations all want him gone.  Their choice: Hillary, lost this election despite their (central committee) best efforts to defeat him.  So, the inquisition is upon Trump and his administration or at least those members of his administration that are truly loyal to him.

So, as you watch this treasonous farce that is supposed to be an impeachment investigation, ask yourself who is really behind all of this?  You know and I know that these people who make these accusations could simply wait 4 years and make sure Trump is not re-elected but they are taking action now.  By going on overt offense this central committee risks being exposed so, there must be a powerful reasoning for taking this route.  It is not purely vendetta driven for the 2016 election.  For the committee to act as it is doing, there must be a higher issue at stake.

Perhaps it is the solidification of the right a.k.a. Deplorables, Conservatives, Libertarians who have become a large enough of a threat to the long term plans of this central committee that Trump must be eradicated.  You can add that they are attacking the Deplorables, Conservatives, Libertarians  as well with the constant calls for ending the second amendment rights, integration of all sorts of sexually biased groups into the mainstream, and the removal of Christianity from our public square and our ethos.  They seek to attain such control in our nation via regulations and social education that their reign in this central committee will never be in doubt.

This conspiracy is the insidious power of a collective bent on running this country despite any wishes of the people.  Such is the sad state of affairs we are in.  Bureaucracies once large enough become cancerous if only due to their very existence.  The citizens of this nation serve the state and not the other way around.  It is a sad fact we must confront.


Our grim reality in the face of Globalism

We are being besieged on many fronts at present all as parts of a plan to force the USA into the globalist socialist union.  The forces that are behind this are the same that have supported the European Union and their unfettered immigration from muslim countries.  All of that is to water down the cultures of the Europeans to a point where there is no definable national heritage left.

Here in the US it is a bit more difficult to achieve this due to our heritage of freedom.  So, in order to force a socialist collective upon us, our heritage must be destroyed or at least our faith and love of our heritage must be destroyed.  This is by necessity.

So, what are the tactics of this global cabal that has infested our politics and social lives here in the USA?

1)            The push for open borders.  The uncontrolled immigration of unknown people into our nation is both a security risk and a financial burden upon the citizens of this nation.  This rush of people abetted by foreign interests is straining our systems to overload.

2)            The push for national health care including single payer.  By giving the government control over a huge portion of our Gross National Product we also give the government control over the types of care we can receive and when.  Rationed healthcare is the result of socialized medicine and this concept runs afoul of our free enterprise system and is one more freedom we would sacrifice.

3)            The creation of a myriad of grievance groups all demanding rights beyond what would normally be held by anyone because they are ‘victims’.  This forces society to accept all manners of gender and sexual diversity which erodes the nuclear family and the value of marriage.

4)            Restrictions upon and the revision and control of our language.  This is to erase the meaning of the First Amendment.  Politically correct speech is thought control.  The use of media to condemn any who use ‘unapproved’ language is censorship of the highest order.  That the controlling power of this is not of the people is at its face corruption and globalism in its raw form.

5)            The attack on gun ownership and the increasing demand for regulations and restrictions upon gun ownership and gun owners.  Bans of semi-autos and Red Flag laws are just the start.  America has a long standing tradition of individual arms ownership and this must be destroyed to maintain controls on a society that does not want them.

6)            The condemnations of conservatives and the labeling of them as Nazis and Fascists as a means of removing these opinions from the public discussions.  By disenfranchising political beliefs the path is made clearer for the push to global socialism.

7)            The growth of the deep state which is a stealth government that answers to union controls and various blocs that endorse or support this behind the scenes control system of the citizens of the US.  The actions of the deep state in the 2016 election bear witness to the power that is wielded behind closed doors in DC.  The people may elect a candidate but the power is vested in the bureaucrats.

8)            The homogenization of both political parties who have been co-opted with PAC money and bought and paid for by these globalist factions that are manipulating the world.  This is why we do not see a strong republican  response to any of the outrageous acts committed by the deep state and the democrats.

10)          The destruction of an open media that is independent of policy positions and special interests.  By destroying the press we lose the truth into the morass of special interests controlled by the globalist blocs.  The media is no longer a friend to the people and is a tool used to influence them.

11)          The fractionalization of society separating races and ethnic groups and creating tensions and disharmony between them all serving to empower the federal government as referee and therefore arbiter of truth and right and wrong all of which is policy and not value based.

12)          The condemnation of the USA in the court of world opinion along with the misuse of our military as policemen and meals on wheels for the world instead of their protecting American interests.  By demoralizing the rank and file in the military we weaken our nation and our ability to act as a unified force in the world.

13)          The war on religion in particular Christianity.  The drive to remove any references to  Christianity in our society is aimed to weaken the values in our society and as the founders held when they created our nation and the laws that are supposed to protect the citizens from the government.  The forced inclusion of beliefs that are not present in our society in any real numbers is just one step in this process.

14)          The push for ‘eco-friendly’ policies at the expense of efficiency and mobility.  The green movement seeks to destroy our technical and material advantages in the world making us dependent on others abroad instead of utilizing our own resources and infrastructure.  The common aspect of the places in the world where socialism is prevalent is very little personal transport and government run mass transit.  By controlling how you travel, the government controls where you travel because you are encouraged by the limitations of the transit system to go where it goes and not where you would go if you could drive.

15)          The corruption and domination of education by the federal government serves as an indoctrination platform for the globalists in their quest for a global socialist state.  Our children are taught values that are contrary to those our nation was founded upon.  This is a step in the process of erasing the value of our heritage.

16)          The manipulation of our elective process with foreign PAC money used to influence and steer the debate and the policy agenda.  Never in our past as so much money from outside our nation been spent to usurp the selection of candidates and the races between parties.  It is bad enough that the republicans and democrats are really not all that different when it comes to what they do in congress but to have certain candidates gain economic advantages via foreign interests essentially removes the citizens from the process.

These are the major forces at work today in society.  While we want to reclaim our national heritage we are confronted with this multifaceted attack upon our freedoms and no candidate is able to stop this.  In order to stop this process we need to address each and every one of these issues.   Even if we win the house and senate we are still faced with the multifaceted prongs of this attack.  In other words, winning elections is not enough anymore.

The divisions that have been rent into our society are widening as the tactics of the globalists are succeeding.  The talk of a Civil War 2 is not unjustified in the face of the negative things that are happening in our nation.  No sane person wants conflict of a bloody kind.  To contemplate such is a serious matter and needs to be considered the last resort to maintaining freedoms.

I am  sure that others can think of additional aspects of our nation and our heritage that are under direct attack.  Please add them in the comments.

Be careful liberals lest ye bring about the Wrath of Patriots

We live our lives quietly and without comment. We are polite and keep to ourselves. We practice what we preach and are assets to our communities. Our children are raised with our respect instilled in them along with our values of hard work and caring for others.

We are the silent Second Amendment adhering patriots who have been the backbone of this nation since its inception.

We are facing a foe that is remarkably similar to the British at the outset of the American Revolution. The British sought to disarm us. They sought to tax us and penalize us for breaking arbitrary rules. They seek to control our lives and how we can pursue commerce and our own fortunes.

‘Americans’ have existed from the moment that our forefathers set foot on this continent which was occupied by semi-nomadic aboriginal tribes who had a primitive culture. Our survival relied on our strength of character and our perseverance. The self fulfilling American and the American Dream were born at the same time.  America grew from our vision and determination from the wilderness.

Now we are faced with a force made up of fellow citizens who have abandoned the American Dream and are now obsessed with the globalist agenda of foreign interests. The concepts and ideas brought into their discussions are not American in origin and are the exact opposites of the American Dream. These people speak of collective ideas for the whole and penalize anyone for their success by making them share the fruit of their labors. These citizens seek to squelch the fires of our industry and put a halt to our development of our own resources. They seek to completely re-write our Constitution and take away many of our guaranteed rights that were protected by the Bill of Rights in 1783.

Even in the face of what could legitimately be called a rebellion, we have maintained our calm and resisted any provocation to violence. Now we are being challenged on many fronts and it is painfully obvious that the time to rise and protect our homes, our livelihoods and our liberty is soon to be upon us.

When this next phase of our nation begins; a phase that rivals the period of the War between the States; is really up to our foes. We are here to defend the rights of the American people and not interested in starting any conflict. By the same token, we will not sit back if any of our fellow Americans are attacked.  We are those Americans who believe in the legacy of the founding of our nation.

I can only deliver the warning to those who prefer a globalist society that we will not go quietly into the night. Rhetoric will not deter our fervent love of our nation and our rights and liberties. Making threats against our God given Rights will not deter our faith in who we are and our heritage. We stand resolute in our purpose and determined to hold our ground.

The next move is up to you, globalists and socialistic liberals. Think carefully about what you are about to cause if you pursue your anti-American agenda. You will be the cause of the next inner conflict of our nation if you do not heed the warnings.  These warnings reflect a determined group of Patriots who will resist your tyranny.