America is at an Awkward stage……

America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards. On the road to tyranny, we've gone so far that polite political action is about as useless as a miniskirt in a convent. ... Something's eventually going to happen. Government will bloat until it chokes us to death, or one more tyrannical power grab will turn out to be one too many. ... Maybe it'll be one more round of

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My thoughts…….

As we plummet towards our national oblivion the divide between sides is getting clearer and more obvious.  Even so, the conservative, patriotic America is reluctant to rise up and resist actively.

Will this reticence to act in the offense be our undoing?

Why are we waiting to take the fight to our enemies?

What will it take for patriots to take up arms and fight for our freedoms?

Our founders most likely went through the same phases as subjects of the crown.  Their tolerance for governmental meddling compared to our present tolerance makes us look like pikers for not having done anything already.  They declared independence and fought a revolution over 2 or 3 percent tax on some goods. 

Yes, there were other issues that do not get much written about them such as industrial restrictions and mandatory purchases of manufactured things from English sources thus guaranteeing the home country a healthy income from the burgeoning colonies.   There were rules and other restrictions that were also factors but the main issues were the duties and fees imposed by the crown without the consent of the colonies.

Today, we wait.  For what I am uncertain.  For all of our military might in our past we are essentially a peaceful people who have been raised and educated to trust the government to protect and perpetuate the nation as founded.

What is not discussed in any popular and mainstream manner is the invasion of our nation by foreign philosophy of governance and policies.  Our spirit of freedom and liberty has been watered down and polluted by these alien values and beliefs weakening our backbones ever so gradually. As this enemy infiltrates and occupies our schools and government agencies as well as the media, they all use these various forums to promote the socialist mindset and to condemn the past we used to cherish so deeply.

So, when will we pull the trigger?  More importantly, when will we unify and prepare to engage what will be the total military might of our government if we elect to refuse to participate in this socialist take over any longer?

If we do not organize and prepare we will be swept from the field rapidly and with great prejudice by the very government we have loyally followed and supported all our lives.  Our futures as individuals is going to be short if we continue to be individual islands in the stream.  Our future as an allied group; unified and prepared to stand our ground can be long and productive.  We need to consider the immense consequences of any actions we contemplate and prepare properly if we are to succeed in any worthwhile manner.

It is one thing to complain and be politically active. It is quite something else to consider acting in any way outside of politics and the public forum. Actions in these theaters are far more serious and the consequences are life changing and very negatively if they go poorly.

How deeply do you feel about your freedoms and personal liberty?

This is a question that we are being forced to face by these invading socialist activists who know just as we do how dangerous our responses can be.

Christianity and Liberty

‘It is not an accident that our liberty as human beings is linked to our Christian heritage’

If we look at history we can see the lack of consistent rights of the citizens in their respective kingdoms  or tribes until the development of the vast empires in the centuries before the presence of Christ on this earth.  With the growth of these empires we saw the development of government coincided which was necessary for the development of large societies. This was the result of the fact that citizens had to be protected and provided avenues of endeavor by the overseeing government in order to maintain a productive economy and to keep an air of legitimacy. This was essential to continue ruling over these peoples.  As is evidenced by the rise and declines of many early empires the behavior of the governments did not always behave in moral and decent ways towards their citizens and most definitely caste systems did exist throughout these times and on-wards.

All of these empires had value systems and varied levels of individual rights based on the attitudes and natures of those in charge.  Religion was often a part of the governing systems with the leader of that government either the godhead of that nation or else they were the ‘selected individual’ who interpreted their religion for the nation.  From the Pharaohs of Egypt to the Greek and Roman empires, these leaders were considered holy individuals whose reigns were beyond criticism or debate.

With the ascension of Christianity we saw the adoption of a set of morals and standards for adherents that were based on a set of ‘Commandments’ that dictated acceptable behaviors along with the teachings of Christ that advocated the care and love of your fellow man and respect for all.  This Christian belief system existed alongside the governments of the day with the teachings of Christ not advocating that they replace the government but that Christians and their beliefs exist within these empires.

As Christianity and its popularity grew the Roman empire was threatened as it saw the ‘laws’ that were a part of the belief as a threat to its own authority.  Only after the ever increasing growth of the Christian religion especially throughout the western Asia and European continents did the empires adopt the religion and embrace it.  One of the aspects of Christianity that was attractive was the moral system that it embraced reinforcing a civil society and in the long run creating a more harmonious society.

This moral value system included an appreciation and acknowledgement of the basic tenet if individual liberty and that all people were entitled to this.  Obviously during what we refer to as the dark ages following the fall of the Roman Empire we saw the rise of a government within the Catholic Church known as the Church of Rome where the Pope held incredible power over the citizens and the kingdoms within the Holy Roman Empire.  Individual rights were really caste based and the upper classes held higher degrees of freedom and liberty than the lower classes. The Catholic church wielded immense authority and wealth during these times.

It was the advent of Protestantism that brought the issue of the corruption of governments and of the church to the fore and then challenged the status quo and the powers of the monarchies and rulers in the face of the people’s direct worship of God and the prescience of the  teachings of Christ.  The 95 Theses of Martin Luther in 1517 initiated a revolution within the Christian community and included in this was the right to worship as an individual wished to without interference from the government.  This set the stage for the evolution of the concept of Liberty that led directly to the eventual colonization of the New World and the eventual independence of the United States of America.

I go through all of this to establish that our heritage as a Christian nation from our founding has been essential to our constant pursuit of liberty and freedom for all.  Had we not had these essential beliefs we would not have survived the settling of the continent, the establishment of a free and independent nation then to fight a civil war to end slavery and establish that our founding documents and promises were meant for ALL AMERICANS. Throughout all of our history our Christian values and beliefs have been a bedrock for our people and a unifying factor for the nation.

Today we see our traditions and values under assault by an ever increasingly dictatorial government. The Covid debate is a direct attack upon our liberty which is linked inseparably with our Christian values of our founding. I will admit, our founders would accept that the use of a vaccine would be advisable as these existed even back in the 1770’s. Yet, they also knew that it was the right of the people to refuse if they so desired. Granted, until the most recent times effective vaccines have been seen as life savers and very worth the risks associated with using them.

The debate of the current Covid vaccine is a perfect example of the wishes of a select few being forced upon a large percentage of the population regardless of their desire to participate.  No respect is being given to those who refuse despite the heritage of our liberty stating that this is patently wrong.    This is the re-institution of a caste system that we left so long ago to create the American Nation and is a step backwards in our freedoms and liberty.

The recent advent of the new the new technology of  MRna modifying injections have we seen a strong resistance to these vaccines develop.  I would venture that the fact that these vaccines have been approved without any long term studies on the effects and side effects as being one of the largest factors that give people a strong reluctance to accept the injections.  There are enough questions about the actual viability of these injections as well as many reports of serious side effects along with the fact that we do not know what the long term side effects are to make the idea of mandating that all citizens receive the injections a legitimately debatable thing. Prior to the times we find ourselves in this public question of viability and actual effectiveness would have been sufficient to allow those who have these questions the right to not participate.

The debate over the vaccines, our immigration policies and a myriad of other issues we are divided on all can be traced back to the debate over the state being the ultimate authority over man or that God and the individual has the right to decide how they will live and how their communities will function.  As the left drives God out of our public square they replace his authority with their own and then begin to dictate of how we are supposed to interact in our society.

As of late we see both the founding of our nation itself as well as the associated Christian values coming under direct attack by forces who seek to restore the system of governmental controls over all citizens in our nation with the decisions of what people can and cannot do being determined by a caste of bureaucrats and politicians who would, of course, live outside of the masses themselves. Our heritage of individual freedom is now on the chopping block and the left is seeking to end it and establish the ever increasing control of the central government over all aspects of the citizens lives.

Traditionally, our rights as citizens of a Godly society would automatically include a respect for the teachings and beliefs of our faith and would establish that our responsibilities are to live a Christian life.  As the left takes over our government and our local councils we see the acceptance of belief systems and customs we would reject and all of this is being forced upon us to the detriment of our nation.  The mainstreaming of Islamic tenets and Satanism as well as fringe social behaviors is but a few examples of the actions of the left to erode if not destroy the Christian values that have brought us thus far as a nation.

In closing, I believe that the farther we get from our founding and our Christian heritage the more and more our freedoms are being destroyed for the sake of ‘fairness’ and socialist values all of which are not congruent to our better ways embodied in our heritage.  Christianity set our ancestors free from the rule of monarchs and despots and provided the moral compass that gave them the strength to establish the first truly free nation upon the earth.  I hope and pray that we can stop this decay and re-establish the nation we grew up in and renew our heritage and drive the foreign and despotic elements from our shores. Otherwise our ‘progressive’ politicians will be shoving us all back into the despotic lifestyles of our forebears back during the dark ages.

Power Grab ..

And creating 2nd class citizens….

This is a power-grab by the federal government, and the virus just happens to be a convenient excuse.

— Convention of States (@COSProject) September 9, 2021

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My Thoughts………..

This power grab has been in motion for a very long time and the forces that are behind it are playing a very extensive strategy in order to implement their goals of changing our nation into a socialist one. This has been in process for a very long time and since about 1980 and with the appearance of the ‘Moral Majority’ the left’s agenda in response has become more and more obvious. This coalition of Christians and conservative citizens managed to take control of the nation and steer its course for 12 years. The left had been active up to this time but lacked a unified front to rally its followers behind. The unification of the right provided the nudge that the left needed to become more overt and bolder in their efforts to push their belief system upon our nation.

With the Clinton years we saw the notion of ‘Political Correctness’ come along providing a banner for the supposedly aggrieved to rally behind. This was one of the first actions that really started to coalesce the left and its power as a force in our politics and nation. With the politics of pandering to aggrieved citizens the left also co-opted the media giving them a vehicle to use to spout their agenda and create ridicule and disapproval against those who disagree with them.

Add to the this current activities, you can go back starting over 100 years prior where the left had been infiltrating the academic halls including public schools and local institutions. As time went on the left gradually occupied more and more local government agencies and elected bodies always pushing their agenda within these institutions with the aim of changing how citizens looked at their government and also how they viewed their individual rights.

The Obama years gave rise to the notion of institutional racism became a rallying cry for those who perceive themselves as being discriminated against. This contrived racism was used to drive wedges into our society labeling people as either being righteous and good citizens or to be demonized as being horrible people who did not deserve the live in our society as free people with the rights that were endowed upon them and all of us by our founding.

Fast forward to the past couple of years and this insidious scheme of the socialists has started to bear some serious results. This so called epidemic (99.999% survival rate is not an epidemic) was the perfect excuse to implement the most aggressive steps taken to date by the left in their efforts to divide our society and get even more control. This came following the period of the greatest amount of personal equality our nation had ever had under President Trump. Minorities had enjoyed the greatest economic and social freedoms since the end of the Civil War in 1865. This epidemic was ‘perfectly timed’ to destroy this period of success and prosperity and take our nation apart socially.

Government agencies promoting the notion of mandatory vaccines and mandatory masking and isolation as well as shutting down the economy was the perfect excuse to apply pressure to the citizenry to separate into factions that either followed blindly the recommendations of the government and to force those who know that these tactics are not effective who will not readily comply with these mandates to be viewed as being selfish and harming others. By isolating them they can be accused of being anti-safety and anti-society and even insurrectionists. Once they assign such labels to a large portion of the nation they can then act to deny them rights and freedoms that we were endowed with at the founding of this nation. These policies have created economic hardship for those who are independent business owners and operators while the portion of society that looks to government suffered far less due to directed economic policies that reward the people who complied with their agenda directives all while punishing those who could not qualify or afford to follow such a path without suffering catastrophic economic harm. This ‘coincidental epidemic’ along with the actions of the government resulted in tipping the election towards the democrats putting a senile old man in the office of the president with the result that the federal government has acted with little restraint since.

Now we are seeing governmental actions that border on authoritarian and dictatorial by various states and agencies. The federal government has mandated various policies and compliance requirements upon every aspect of our nation they can including the military, governmental employees and agencies as well as healthcare and human services. This has created a reaction of resistance by many who do not believe that these policies and actions will do any appreciable good and that these violate our rights as free citizens.

I am uncertain if we can stop this process and return to our original values and beliefs and do this within the political arena. It has been implemented outside of this process and by merely changing the people we elect we still are faced with millions of obedient programmed agents of the left who occupy legitimate positions in all levels of government and our society. Keep in mind that even if we were fortunate enough to oust every liberal and socialist in our governments in one election cycle we would still be fighting the ‘true believers’ who are the brainwashed citizens who see the American experience as being flawed from the start and who are unwilling to accept anything but the socialist utopian ideals that have been implanted in their heads over the years.

We see a power grab at present and only by recognizing that it is not just the actions of today that are in question but that this has been an ongoing process can we begin to comprehend the depth of this corruption and understand the gauntlet we face in order to restore our nation to the promises of liberty and freedoms that we were born into as Americans.


Freedom Is Just Another Word...

And creating 2nd class citizens….

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The US has been under attack since 1991

Our Culture has been under attack since the end of WWII and probably longer than that. What has changed is that while previously we were being attacked in a decentralized way, the efforts now are far more focused and much larger in scale.

The media along with academia are leading the charge to completely erase our unique culture. Our culture is based on freedom of the individual from the government and government controls. There is no other nation on earth that had embraced such personal liberties as the United States of America did from our founding.

Historically the rest of the world is built on former monarchies and dictatorships of one sort or another. They may have ‘adopted’ civil rights and a popularly elected government but their foundations are all in fiefdoms of power and control.

What do you think happens when the monarchy falls or is displaced by a ‘democratic’ government? Do you think these vassals and underlings of the ruler simply are erased or disappear? The answer is no.

These movers and shakers of influence and corruption simply find new niches to crawl into to continue their activities under the new governing system. As a result, these societies who thought they had embraced democracy actually have embraced a new more refined form of controls and limitations. It just takes a few years for the new/old system to resurface. The elites of these nations are the academics and the corporate leaders along with the government approved media outlets.

What threatens the status quo in these old world nations is the upstart United States of America where there never was a monarchy that was the godhead of the land prior to the creation of that nation. There were tribal entities across the continent but they were not unified in any way and fought among themselves for territory and control of resources. As the American nation grew these disparate groups were either absorbed or swept aside as they were the primitive tribes which in most all the world have been made extinct by evolution of man and his social systems.

With the US founded as a free society all other citizens of the world who are aware of the controls and limitations put upon them by their own governments see that a nation can flourish without the despotism and tyranny of excessive rule. This, in the eyes of the elites in the old world, must be stopped. Since it has been proven that destroying your own citizenry does not work in suppressing this belief, (the end of USSR is but one example) there had to be another way to maintain control of their societies.

The solution was to infiltrate and destroy the freedoms of Americans by destroying the culture that embraces them. To this end I have seen the increasing indoctrination of students in the academic realm along with the media being totally co-opted by foreign interests with their emphasis being moved away from an America centric message to one of globalism and the old world mindset being the more ‘refined’ way of thinking. The academic avenue or the media avenue would not work on their own., Only by using both at the same time can any meaningful movement towards the old world socialism can be accomplished.

I trace this latest hard push towards socialism to the end of the USSR and the fall of the iron curtain. While the politburos and various governments all were superseded with quasi-democratic forms the political actors who were the key players in the past before this transformation still exist within the new governments. Putin was an active agent of the state before the fall of the USSR and he is now premier of Russia and is likely as powerful as any former USSR leader was in the past. These elites do not surrender their power when systems change. They merely find new ways to manipulate and operate within the new system.

So, today we see our culture and our freedoms which are an essential part of our heritage under direct assault with the sole purpose being to eliminate them from our ethos. I trace back this movement to the onset of ‘political correctness’ in the 1990s and the active implementation of a take over plan of our society by the socialist elites who seek to attain and keep high positions of authority and power within our nation.

You can see the changes starting actively during the Clinton administration with the press being one of the first targets as political correctness is enforced by the press. Subsequently the press acted as the point of the movement throughout the Bush years and when Obama came to office he became the titular head of the new socialist United States. The left thought they had won until Trump beat Hillary and shocked them to their core. With the ascent of Trump a movement back to original founding values was underway and this is when the elites who are seeking to destroy us decided to go all in with their assault on our American traditions and values. The coordinated theft of the 2020 election was the culmination of this accelerated activity on the left.

Now, we are living under a president who by all definitions is a senile old man who is being manipulated and controlled to fast track the agenda of destroying America as quickly as possible. Bear in mind that they know they cannot co-opt the majority of the citizens over 40 so instead of trying to convert us and our way of thinking to the new ‘enlightened’ socialist system they espouse they have decided to marginalize us and destroy us in any way possible. Don’t think for a minute that Covid was not aimed at eliminating the older generations who are more susceptible to its affects. All of the posturing by Fauci and the governors was to create the us versus them mindset in the people in an effort to further isolate and ostracize the patriotic freedom loving Americans who would not submit to edicts that they believed violated their rights.

Recently we have seen the claims that white Americans are the new terrorist group that needs to be eradicated. This is just another salvo by the elitists who have seized control of our media and government in their effort to erase the Bill of Rights, our heritage and our traditions. All of the minority activism is a smokescreen and Trojan horse being used to try to suppress the Patriotic American who believes in freedom; that the election was stolen in 2020 and that Trump has been the greatest president in our generation.

This war will continue. It is a war of American uniqueness and American culture versus the global cabal of socialist elites who otherwise control the rest of the world and cannot have an upstart nation such as the USA standing as a beacon of freedom and hope for the rest of the world.

Our only hope is to win back control of the government and then eradicate the globalist agenda from our nation starting with Education and on through the bureaucracies of our federal and state governments. Only when we know we are teaching the next generation of freedom loving Americans the truth about our founding and our gifts of freedom that we fought for and won; who hear of the goodness of our nation in the news and in our media; only then we can relax and know we will carry on at least for a few decades more until the globalists try again. They will NEVER STOP TRYING…

The Future…Things that I believe will come to pass

You would have to be oblivious to everything to not see the unrest in the nation both overt and unstated. We see active protests in various cities from the likes of BLM and ANTIFA who are merely the latest agents of the socialist left provocateurs. Their activists have had many names but their goal has remained as originally defined when the communists promised to bury us. They wish to destroy the US as founded and institute their version of socialist utopia which in reality is simply a new form of discrimination where the government chooses the winners and losers or rather, the leadership elite get to do this. We see these activities for what they are. I say ‘we’ referring to patriotic and founding loving Americans. While the left wishes to usurp our form of governance, I believe that when things get close to the left achieving their goal a great movement of patriotic Americans will rise up and thrash them royally. You cannot keep poking the bear that is our love of freedom and not get a reaction. As long as we are an armed citizenry the left cannot prevail and they know this.

My concerns are not about stopping the socialists. In actuality while the process of stopping them will be bloody it will be quick and direct and they will crumble once they meet the might of the patriotic Deplorable nation. You see, winning elections will not restore our nation to its founding roots. It will take a cleansing in order to root out the anarchists and the revolutionaries who want to see us become the United Socialist States of America. This cleansing will be one of intense violence as the forces that love our founding and freedoms root out the infiltrators and the traitors. We know about these people and what they want to do. We can fight them directly and eliminate them rather quickly. No, my concerns are about what comes after that.

Obviously there will be a sincere effort put forth to restore the full meaning and purpose of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. As simple in principle this sounds, the actual execution will be quite problematic and fraught with peril. Keep in mind that once the left is defeated and their soldiers on the field are routed, there will remain a huge colony within our population of left minded socialist wannabes who will be waiting to start yet anew in their efforts to conquer our nation from within using the tools of freedom and free governance against us.

Included in those left wing ranks will be the schemers and plotters of the socialist movement who have rarely been seen in the light of day. These people are chess masters who use others to accomplish their goals of attaining and holding power. History shows that the socialists have used the unrest and recent revolts in many nations to their advantage repeatedly in the past. Pretty much every ‘communist’ nation we know of arose out of the ashes of recent democratic revolt. They allow patriots to oust an illegitimate regime only to oust the patriots once the peace is secured and then they institute their version of socialism which in effect is totalitarianism.

The problem we face as citizens, even as patriotic citizens, is that while we most likely can be a viable and successful fighting force, few of us are the kind of strategists needed to ensure we survive the peace that follows such an event as a civil war or revolution. Having great intentions is not enough. Understanding the scenario and the risks as well as how to quickly and with fairness establish a viable and functioning republic without falling victim to either self imposed paranoia or outside threats is a task of a high order. To ensure that our nation is allowed to rebuild an impartial system of justice we will be faced with removing thousands of people from government who by their actions or lack of action have abetted the left in their current conquest of our nation. This will be emotional, tedious and difficult work that many will not have the stomach for. In this process we must be careful to not allow imposters to take positions of authority in pursuit of a ‘new nation’ who actually seek to infiltrate our government before it starts again with socialist communist sympathizers who will initiate the seeds of our future defeat while we rebuild. This process will be very tumultuous and as difficult as it was in 1783, imagine how it dramatic and fraught with controversy it will be today with the media we currently have along with the social platforms all pushing their own agendas.

As much as we may compare ourselves to the founders we are not made of the same material. These leaders after the revolution could have established a very powerful and centralized government benefiting themselves most of all and yet, they did not do this. Their aim was to create a central government that was powerful enough to protect the nation, preserve the peace and yet be just strong enough to do that and no more. These days, our technology and communications provide a fertile ground for despots in waiting who would leap at the chance to empower themselves and their cronies all supposedly for the public good but in reality more focused on their protection and preservation of their power. In essence I am saying we do not have the virtue our founders did and we need to be mindful of this.

So, the great risk we face is not the socialists at present. It is the time of uncertainty that would surely follow a period of great civil unrest and upheaval. As I view the future honestly I do not fear for my freedoms because I am one of millions who will not allow them to be taken away, nor will we tolerate any more erosion on them. We will stand and fight and drive the controlling socialists from our midst. It is in that unknown beyond that time that I see we being our time of real trial where our hopes and desires will be put to task. Those days will be the true test of our resolve to re-establish a truly free nation upon this earth and we will be challenged to do so in a way that has the permanence of our original founding.

The Fundamental Divide….. Why Conservatives cannot bargain with socialists

We see politics play out year after year and election cycle after election cycle and yet even when we ‘win’ we seem to lose in the end.  We support candidates that promise to change things and yet in the end when the opposition comes back into power we are farther back down the road than we were after all that effort and our hopes and dreams being dashed yet again on the rocks.  It seems futile and to a large extent it is.  People who believe in freedom need to learn what the differences are between us and the socialists beyond the party descriptions.

As a conservative I am one who believes in the founding and freedoms we inherently have just from being born in this nation and as a human being.  I loathe big government and abhor government overreach like pretty much everyone who thinks of themselves as conservative, libertarian or simply just free Americans.

Our dreams are of a free nation unencumbered from onerous government regulations and that our fellow citizens all enjoy the prosperity and self determination we do in a safe and peaceful society.  We want our nation to be the ‘Beacon on the Hill’ that it has aptly been described as in the past.  ‘Land of the Free’ and ‘Home of the Brave’.  We want to see term limits and the purge of career politicians from our Congress and the thinning of the bureaucracy to the bare minimum needed to maintain the peace and to keep our borders safe and closed to any illegal migration and trade.  To us these are simple and comprehensive ideals that ought be easily put in place if our elected officials had the guts and determination to.  We know who we are.  Our beliefs are elemental and beautifully simple.  We understand this.

Who or perhaps more importantly What is our enemy?

Our enemy comes with the party name of Democrat but that is a name and not their purpose.  Our enemy is socialism and beyond that, tyranny.  Tyranny of bloated government and tyranny of leadership that does not answer to the people.  The democrats of late use the term socialism and we need to understand what that means.  It is more than sharing wealth.

Socialism is the system coined by a fellow named Thomas Moore back in the early 1500’s.  Moore described a ‘Utopian’ society that would include all the notions of socialism and none of the drawbacks of greed and envy.  People were to be altruistic and work for the common good.  This was expounded upon by Karl Marx in the 1800’s who offered an alternative version called communism.  All of this, whether it is socialism or communism looks great in print but leaves the essential human behavior characteristics out.  It is the failings of man that create the corruption and misery that humankind has endured for ages.  Greed.  Envy.  Nefarious plots and plans.  Wars and suffering all emanate from the pursuits of power and property by the state.

Our current crop of democrats preach socialism and forget to mention the failings of that system.    If you look at the current leadership in DC you see a bunch of democratic and republican politicians who have decades of time in office each all clamoring to stay in office and hold onto their power and influence. 

Ever wonder why no newcomer outside of Trump has ever made it to the presidency????  It is this cabal of power hungry politicians who will tell you anything to stay in power.  Just because we change the name of our type of government or society this has no effect upon the true collection of elites who hold the reins over our society.  These leaders claim to be acting in the public good but in fact, they are acting to protect their power and controls.  See the fences and razor wire in DC?  That is a perfect example of what I am talking about. That all serves to keep the common citizens away and so the elites all are safe as they plot and scheme to keep their power and all the while expand it.

Prior to the creation of the United States of America there had never been a ‘free’ society on earth.  Never had there been a society where the government was forbidden to usurp the rights of the citizens.  Prior to our inception nations were monarchies and despotic regimes or tribal societies which are in essence monarchies.  They all shared traits of leadership controlling the masses and therefore perpetuating their hold on power.  These leaderships could be somewhat benign or ruthless.  The people had little choice but to survive as they could within the framework of their nation-state.

America was founded as a free nation but yet today we see the erosion of our rights and the ever increasing size of the governing class who rule over us.  The notion of the government serving us is long gone these days.  We serve them by supporting their economic plans and paying taxes for programs and actions we disapprove of and yet, even when we win elections we cannot stop them completely.

Our enemy, therefore, is not the democrats but the constant growth of government and the lack of accountability of the elected classes to the people.  As I mentioned in my previous essay, we are fighting against greed and the hunger for power and our only hope of achieving our goals is to eliminate the corruption that exists in DC and our state capitals as well as even in our cities, towns and villages if need be.  How this would take place is a very good and yet, difficult to answer question.

You can add to this list of elites all the brainwashed true believers (citizens) who embrace socialism all the while saying, ‘It will be different this time’, ‘Our leaders will do it right this time’ while ignoring the human factors of greed, lust and envy that permeates our history and all of the leaders you can read about.  You cannot convince these drones that the failings will remain and they refuse to believe that an armed citizen is the best insurance against totalitarianism.  These drones are themselves as dangerous as the elites because they willingly surrender their rights that could otherwise protect them from an unjust government.

It is more than doubtful that any of the leadership in DC will allow a meaningful term limits legislation to be passed and all that would do is slow them down.  They, the socialists, are too well organized and funded to go quietly into the night and all this would accomplish if term limits were imposed is that they would run carbon copy candidates one after another to replace the last all with the same agenda goals in mind which are to disarm the populace so as to maintain complete control over society without ever the threat of being overthrown in a revolution.  They have read of the French Revolution inspired by America’s new found independence and the frequent use of the guillotine by the peasants as they exacted their revenge upon the higher classes for hundreds of years of economic and societal abuse.

If you understand that the enemy is not a political party  and that it is the hunger and quest for power and wealth by the political elite you then begin to understand why it is so damn difficult to advance a freedom loving agenda in our nation.  They have gone to great lengths to erode our freedom and are now in the process of trying to take our last means of resisting them away from us.  I am referring to the neutering of the Second Amendment and our freedom to keep and bear arms.

If this last essential freedom is rendered moot we are fairly well done for as a free nation.  They will crow about a safer and better place to be but in the end when the only ones holding a lethal weapon are the government in the form of its soldiers and law enforcement, you are not free.  You are a prisoner.

Once a person understands that we are fighting the oligarchs just as the founders fought the crown of England you begin  to see the reasons why bargaining and reasoning with the political class in DC is pointless.  We could not negotiate with the crown in 1775 just as we cannot change anything in 4 years of Trump because we are fighting not just the 535 elected representatives but also the entire bloated carcass of government agencies and officials in DC as well as our state capitals and our local communities.  At some time we will be forced to decide whether we stand as a united group of citizens who oppose any further erosion of our rights in any location within our nation regardless of what has already been enacted to suppress our rights or we will surrender our remaining freedoms piecemeal to an ever burgeoning corrupt leadership class that honestly cares more about staying in power than anything else. We need to restore our nations founding beliefs and reset the government to what it was intended to be: A citizen politician who serves one or two terms and goes home. We must end this class of political elites who have taken our rights away from us a piece at a time.

It is getting to the times when we will be asked to stand and defend the founding of our nation as it was intended.  Little else we will be able to do will make any more of a difference than our readiness to resist these oligarchs in DC who are ruling outside of the intent of the founders and who are conspiring to end the United States of America as it was founded, once and for all.

Understanding human behavior and how socialism is incompatible with it!!

While socialism has been a relatively new idea of perhaps 300-500 years what has been a constant throughout mankind’s history is the tendency of organized man to create monarchies and tyranny.

Consider that prior to the establishment of the American Nation there had been no nation, or organized group of mankind that had ever considered that the rights of man are bestowed upon the citizens by their creator or at birth if you prefer.  In all the history of man, limits were always placed on opportunities and freedoms of the vast majority of the citizenry based on the desires of the leader of their community.  In a monarchy you lived at the pleasure of the monarch.  If you were a noble man you have far more rights than the servant or lower classes.  For instance, a field worker could not decide to quit tending the fields and start a business because businesses were the sole province of the higher classes.  Likewise, you would never be able to move up the social stratum no matter how capable or resourceful you were.  Your fate was decided at your birthright based on the community, nation, tribe or otherwise you lived in.  It does not matter if you were in a tribe or a kingdom.  Before our revolution and freedom from England, no nation had ever embraced freedom so completely and to the purpose of reducing government power over the citizens within that nation.

The notion of shared assets and shared resources was novel and in all honesty flies in the face of basic human instinct.  People naturally seek to collect and protect their own property and resources and do not wish to share them based on any decisions other than their own.  To establish a governmental system of socialism may sound well and good but despite the great sales pitch the self centered nature of man will still exist and people will when the opportunity allows act for their selfish interests to the detriment of the socialist system.  In this way no socialist system has actually succeeded that has been tried no matter how determined or how idealistic the leadership was.

The leadership classes no matter what system is in place whether it is monarchy, tribal, totalitarian, or otherwise all seek to protect their power and control thus preventing upward mobility of the masses. In the process these leaders also claim an unfair portion of the pie in terms of resources and the bounty of the labors of the lower classes.  The government sees itself as being more important than the citizen and this is the core of our present problem here in the United States.  In the past prior to our revolution this was universally true. Those that control a government go to great pains to see to it they will always control the government. That seems especially true today with the current democrat party in DC as well as all of the deep state and too many of the republican party.

Historically, our Declaration of Independence was not just a statement of freedom but also a declaration of war. It served as well as the death warrant for all that signed the document and also all who fought to win our freedom.  Our timing was very critical in our success in winning our freedom. France was at war with England and had the majority of the British military tied up in the prosecution of that war.  Had we declared independence at a time when this was not the case it is more than likely we would have lost our bid for independence and we would remain today a satellite of the British Empire. I wonder if the founders who have dared such a dangerous act had this not been the case but that is a subject for another time.

After we won the war our founders set forth to create a government unlike any that had been on the earth previously.  They set forth to enshrine in our founding documents the guarantee of individual liberty from the government and any potential interference from the leaders and legislative bodies.  They knew of the corrupt nature of men in power and sought to create a system where these greedy people in power could not enslave the citizens of the United States of America by decree.  Quite obviously we have seen this notion be put to a severe test and especially so as of late.

The problem that our founders feared is real and they knew that if a greedy corrupt politician, bureaucrat or leader could they would do all they can to create a system in our nation where the powerful get more and more power and the average citizen in more and more in servitude to the government which is the opposite of what was intended.  Despite their best efforts we have fallen in the very trap they knew could befall us if our freedoms from excessive government controls were infringed.

Today we see people who use the phrases socialism and justice to rationalize the gradual stripping away of our rights as citizens of this nation as they were intended to be at the outset of our founding.  These politicians are corrupt, career types who will stop at nothing to ensure they remain in power and cannot be held in check by the people.  The latest election thievery is proof of their having accomplished their goals.  We are now facing the loss of our freedom of expression, and our freedom to keep and bear arms as well as the constant erosion of the security of our borders and the appurtenant risks to our health and safety within our own communities due to the lack of control over immigration and the illegal drug trade flourishing in the void of where our borders are not secure.

We are fast approaching a time where we will be forced to choose to defend our rights with whatever force and determination is required or to surrender them once and for all to the government thereby ending the unique and special nature that our nation had at its founding.  If we choose to fight we will see great opposition from the establishment founded by the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats in our capitals.  They stand to lose everything that they have illicitly gained by corrupting our system of governance.  This is the real problem we face because if it comes to a scenario where we will be facing the forces of the government aligned to stop us from being free Americans we will be required to not only subdue the armed forces aligned against us but also to deal with the corrupt individuals who have perverted our nation into what it has become today.  I say we will be forced to physically confront the government because even if we elect 10 Trumps in a row these power hungry weasels will still be lurking. You cannot leave a socialism loving politician to act freely within our nation and not expect that they will simply do what they did to us at present all over again.  This is testament to the corrupt nature of many and the greed that accompanies that. Sadly, we are well past that point of a political resolution of our problems. The deep state bureaucracy and the corrupt politicians are just too vast and there are too many of them to overcome in order to reset our nation to what it was intended to be.

Socialism has been proven to not work.  It may see as if it is a noble, fair, and caring way to run a society but in the end the ones who reap the benefits without doing their fair share of the work are the ones who support it the most.  This is why it is so easy to sell the notion of socialism to a bunch of people who for whatever reason feel that it is not fair to have to work for your own future and for people to be responsible for their decisions good or bad in their past.

In reality, the freedom to create and make for oneself a future that is better than it is at present is the great motivator that created the most prosperous nation in the world that our nation was up until recently.  People will not work as diligently or as efficiently if they are expected to give up a major portion of their earning solely so others who do not work as hard can have the same benefits and lifestyle.  That flies against human nature which is to do and act to improve your lot in life.  In contrast, a capitalistic system allows for upward mobility based on abilities and dedication of an individual as well as self fulfillment in the process.

Having been an employer at one time in my life I learned that people are inherently self centered and that if they do not have a need to produce they will not endeavor to do so.  They will seek acceptance of excuses in lieu of their performing their tasks fully and yet still expecting their salary.  This is more than enough for me to know that a socialist system will attempt to spread the wealth but will only succeed in increasing the number of people who for one reason or another did not produce as well as reducing normally productive people’s desire to produce. 

Ultimately, we cannot hope for an idealistic system to work that is predicated on people acting against inbred self centered human characteristics.  People will not act with a virtuous nature if their reward is to not be what they believe their efforts deserve.  In a socialist system you are not allowed to set your price for your labors and worse yet, you are expected to contribute to support others who do not produce as much value (if any at all)  per work period as you do. Eventually the system will collapse under its own weight of non-productiveness and bureaucracy.

Ultimately the only way to accept the basic human behaviors and allow for people to succeed and have freedom is to use a system that we already have but has been completely perverted by the left and the deep state.  You cannot expect people to surrender their freedoms, their fruits of their labors and their rights to free speech and self protection and create a society that will be successful.  It may seem that it is at the outset but eventually there will be an uprising.  This is because people know the difference between being a subject who is held accountable by the government system and a free person who holds their government accountable to them.  The government may try to purge every mention of freedom and the founding from our kids educations but truly freedom loving people will always make sure their descendants know of the special nature of our nation’s founding and why it was unique and a bright and shining light to all.

A quick historical note:  After the American Revolution and our success, the French staged a revolution and the people took over and held the bureaucracy and royalty as well as the aristocracy responsible for their centuries old subjugation and  proceeded to fire up the Guillotine in the center of Paris and kept it busy for quite some time.  They saw that the American people were free and they wanted to be free themselves.  They also wanted to ensure that the bureaucracy could not return.  Our leadership class might better take notes as they are creating a similar potential situation as occurred in the late 1700’s in France.

Our unique founding was a blessing created by men of vision who saw that the corrupt nature of leadership required limits and that a free people could be the happiest people and that any suppression of the people would create unfairness.  Even in light of this some people say our founding was flawed because it did not outright ban slavery but you have to recognize that our enshrined freedoms that people recognized and cherished were the motivations that led to the Civil War and the emancipation of all slaves.  Had our founders not been so determined to create a set of documents that would promote freedom over all else this would likely not have happened.  You can condemn the thinking of men almost 250 years ago but you have to admire their ability to see that the idea of a free people is a contagious one and it has spread not only throughout our nation but throughout the world as a result. Prior to the creation of our nation and our founding documents the idea of absolute personal freedom in a nation did not exist.

We are coming to a crossroads  and soon we will be forced to choose.  Will we remain the beacon of freedom for the rest of the world or will we surrender to the monarchical system that a highly controlling government presents?  I myself prefer freedom over that and as Patrick Henry so eloquently stated, ‘Give me Freedom or give me death!!!’.  I cannot agree more with that notion.

Getting down to the core of the issues facing Free Americans

The current debate in DC over the various actions of the government and individuals stemming from the election and aftermath are political theater but I feel most people do not comprehend the real battle that is going on.  In order to better prepare ourselves in our efforts to be ready to protect our beliefs I believe one must understand the bigger picture.  Knowing the depth of the conflict one can understand what we need to do or rather, what we will need to be prepared to do, to fight off the threats.

First, you have to abandon the issues that are at stake and get down to the purposes of those who propose any changes to our lives.  It is not complicated but it is not simple either. 

Consider the left as a religion as opposed to a political movement.   Religions require conformity to doctrine.  Conformity is also a form of control.  What really is the motivation for control in a religion?

 You could argue that it is for the good of the congregation.  In some lofty idealistic ways this is true. 

Sadly, you will find throughout  history where religion is used to control people not for their good but for the protection and perpetuation of the organizers of the religion itself.

Taking this to the socialist movement, what is really their goal?  No, it is not to protect people or communities.  It is to protect the leadership and organizers of the movement.  Nations built on socialism all demonstrate a stratification of citizens to layers that are obvious to all to see.  The leadership sits on top living in comfort and free from any threat and they demand  loyalty and conformance by the citizenry who live regimented and controlled lives usually lacking in many things.  By comparison, the leaders live opulent lives and are at standards that their citizens can only dream of.  Yet, due to brainwashing done in their education systems the populace will fight to the death to protect what is a fraudulent society model where there is no real equality; only the privileged and the suppressed masses.

In the debates in our nation at present you have to ask yourself what is really at stake for us?  We adhere to founding beliefs that our forebears enshrined in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution and Bill of Rights.  These all hold the notion of individual freedom of beliefs, speech and actions and to be ensured that the citizens would be free from interference from the government in these practices.  We see these rights being trampled on by the actions of our leaders in DC and our various states as well as the courts who have allowed these infringements to go forward instead of protecting us.  These are our area of concerns.

The left is marching towards us as a nation towards an orthodoxy of conformance to their expectations.  They will champion this cause and that all for the stated purpose of protecting rights when in fact they are seeking our complete conformance to their controls.  These controls are masked as being for the good of society but in fact, are simply more and more layers of restrictions and infringements upon our basic rights and freedoms. All of this is to protect the leadership’s reign over us and not anything to do with ensuring real freedom.

In essence, we are in a holy war.  Our beliefs are that a man is free to do as they please with the proviso that it not limit another person’s freedom in the process.  The left’s creed is social conformance.  With the latest actions of social media platforms in banning people and beliefs that disagree with the left’s agenda it is plain to see the enforcement of conformance at work.  These are the actions of totalitarian leaderships of tyrannies and not the actions of a freedom loving belief system.

In the end, we will be faced with the reality that either we make a stand on our beliefs insisting that our inalienable rights are protected and unfettered or we continue to surrender to this globalist cabal of conformance mandating socialists who ultimately seek our conversion to their ethos or religion.  Much like Islam, we will be faced with the choice of conversion to their ‘religion’ or extermination.  In essence, we will be forced to defend our beliefs or surrender them.

 Trump was a champion of freedom and he had made his fortune acting as a free businessman and entrepreneur.  He understands that principle of freedom and the threats that the left and their socialist restrictions and policies pose to freedom.  Even with control of the presidency, the House and Senate we saw this vision dashed as they would not carry forward the movement to return us to our freedom based roots.  Why?

Because the deep state and the majority of the political agents are all on board with the socialist agenda of control and conformance.  They are a part of the elite leadership class who are essentially unaffected by the rules we are expected to live under.  Our compliance with their social planning is insurance to them that they will never live the kinds of lives we are expected to.  To protect themselves they seek to limit our ability to stop them with rules regarding guns and free speech all in  order to prevent an uprising that might unseat them from their positions of privilege.

This is not a battle that can be won politically. We have seen repeatedly in the last 30 years where every gain we have achieved politically with the hopes of arresting this ongoing encroachment on our founding beliefs has been erased or compromised by people supposedly elected to protect us.

Faced with this reality, we have few choices as to how to respond.  If we are to survive, we must be respected and allowed to live and act in ways that conform to our beliefs in our inherent freedoms.  I seriously doubt we will see that.  Being labeled deplorables and bitter clingers is just an indication of how non-existent any degree of respect is held for us by the left.   The current panic in the democrats in DC is because they realize that we ‘deplorables’ and ‘bitter clingers’ could actually storm the capitol and take over and that we are so very  opposed to their agenda that we might actually do this. 

Certainly we should continue to be active politically but beyond this we need to make a decision as to what will be our line in the sand that we will not allow them to cross.   If we are disarmed and not allowed to freely communicate our ability to resist this organized and constant threat to our freedoms will be reduced to such levels the agenda of the left will become difficult to stop.  So, I ask anyone who reads my words:

“Do you believe in the founding and the inherent freedoms that were enshrined therein?”

“What is your idea of an un-crossable line in the sand that you are willing to say cannot be broached by any law or government?”

And lastly:

“What are you willing to do to protect them?”

The time to answer these questions  is NOW…….

HR127 and what this really means to free Americans

The latest salvo in the left’s ongoing war on the Second Amendment is a serious threat against one of our cherished rights. It is symbolic of a struggle we have been in for decades and yet, we are facing a Goliath of an opponent who is using our own values and beliefs against us in their march towards their goals for our Republic. As a result, the reality is that we are an endangered species. Not because of our lack of numbers. It is because we believe in law and order and our opponents do not.

The left will continue to press and push and drive their agenda home because they know we will not rise en masse’ to stop them. We will carp and complain. We will elect people who promise to stop this encroachment on our rights only to see them fail over and over. We will march, politely, over and over all the while they will continue to move their agenda forward.

We are not fighting against a political idea. That fight could be fought and won in a government meeting room. No, we are fighting against against a corrupt and power hungry monolith of elected and appointed people who only seek complete control over our nation and our way of life solely to ensure their continued wealth and luxurious way of life. This is why the rules of fairness do not apply to them. This cabal controls the processes of government and the media as well as the media and can paint our cause as being archaic and simpleminded and homophobic and racist at will and there is literally nothing we can do to alter the widespread opinions of our fellow citizens to the contrary.

Actions such as this proposed bill are merely the steps they are taking to eliminate free choice and free thought in our society. Orwell was prophetic in his novel 1984 in that what he saw as a possible future way back in 1949 was so close to what we see today. It was because he understood the corruption of power better than we do.

Our government has gotten too powerful and centralized too much of the management of our daily lives. They have destroyed home rule and we have only one recourse left to seize it back. Unfortunately the route to restoring our Republic is one fraught with violence and heartache and it will take a level of resolve that I am unsure we as a portion of our nation are willing to put forth.

It is one thing to talk about resistance and it is quite another to actually take the steps required to mount an effective and successful campaign to win back the freedoms we were born to that are enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. Thomas Paine famously wrote “These are the times that try Men’s souls” in his pamphlet “:The American Crisis” and it is as apt a statement now as it was back in 1776. Are we brave enough and determined enough to see this through to victory or defeat?

It is obvious we are rapidly approaching a time where we will either choose to conform to any and all new regulations or to say enough is enough and draw a line in the sand that we are not willing to allow anyone, government or individual, to cross.

The Current state of Affairs January 7th, 2021

Based on the events of not only yesterday, January 6th 2021 but also including the events of the last 4 years I have to assume the following are true.

Due process means nothing.

Evidence means nothing

The rule of law is now subjective and not based on facts and evidence.

Justice is now meted out by the power elite and is devoid of impartiality.

A huge portion of the nation’s citizens have been disenfranchised.

The media is no longer an independent organization from the political process.

The Bill of Rights is dead.  They are no longer considered binding by our government.

Our Republic as founded has been eliminated by corrupt politicians who have established a tyranny of control over every aspect of our lives.

Our Choices?????

Are we ready to fight for our beliefs?

How much do you love freedom?

Is it time to form a new nation of patriots?

Have the first shots of the second civil war been fired?

My Thoughts????

We either resolve to continue our movement to restore a lawful and honorable government rid of corrupt career politicians or we surrender to the fact that our future as a nation of truly free people is gone.  How this fight is conducted is largely up to the corrupt government we are confronted with.  What is not up to them is our level of resolve to continue and persevere this fight for honor and freedom.  It is what our forefathers fought for throughout our nation’s history.

As I said, you have to consider where your heart is in all of this.  Whether you are willing to do what it takes no matter what that may be to protect and preserve our freedoms and our heritage as American Patriots. We either make the conscious choice to take up the cause and pursue it with all our vigor accepting the consequences of our actions what ever that may be or we surrender our principles and conform to the expectations of the government and its political actors.

We have seen this future coming for many many years. It is now upon us. What we do next will determine our fates.