I am calling for a A National Congress of Free Americans!

What is going on in our society today is an example of a parallel set of standards that are being applied.  One set is reserved for those that the left wing, socialist establishment deep state supports and the others are for those they wish to see gone; namely We freedom loving Americans.

I am talking about a Left who supports violence and destruction in our streets and against their fellow citizens.  As an example all the actions of the BLM and ANTIFA have been abetted and excused by the left.  Violence, destruction of millions if not now BILLIONS of dollars of real estate and earning potential.  All of this has been supported by the left.   Those people arrested in the commission of these acts have been bailed out of jail by the left and or had charges dropped by left wing judges.  Further, the left has opened our borders wide to the illegal immigration of people from all over the world without any questions are to the safety or wisdom of allowing anyone into our nation at present. The danger of undocumented illegal entrants into our society is well known and presents a risk to all citizens. I can also say that having millions of illiterate and dependent people in our society is a burden financially we cannot afford.

On the side of law and order and respect for our nation, millions who have rallied to support President Trump and our cause have been called racists, insurrectionists and accused of TREASON.  It is hard to imagine a group of citizens who cherish the founding of this nation and only wish to see it continue be labeled ‘Treasonous’ and ‘Traitors’.    This double standard is intended to deny us our rights and freedoms all in the left’s pursuit of a socialist society. 

What is at work here are the actions of  the socialist cabal that is the media and the democratic party along with the deep state and various corporate actors.  They consider any opposition to their intended plans to turn our nation into Europe West as treason.  We freedom and America loving patriots are in their way and if we do not act to protect ourselves and our beliefs we will eventually be eliminated one way or another.

In my mind, those on the left are the real traitors.  They are committing treason daily by abandoning the core values and laws of our land as it was founded. No where does it say these rights and laws are ‘Not Absolute’. These founding documents created the freest nation on earth, that is until the left has decided to unmake them as we have seen in the past 40 years.

They, the left democrats and socialists, are the ones who are committing treasonous acts.    I see that the actions they endorse beyond protesting peacefully are a violation of the rights and sovereignty of the rights of the community and a breach of the peace with intent.  In another word, Treason by fomenting insurrection.

I have written before that we are not going to fix this chasm between our side and the left with elections.  They have rigged the system and brazenly cheat and do so with a smile on their faces all the while accusing us of either cheating or suppressing voters rights.  That strikes me as odd when you consider that flooding the ballot box with illegitimate votes is suppressing voter’s rights but to the left winning at all costs is more important than the truth.  Again Treason.

We are faced with a no win scenario. Fundamentally we are at a cross roads where those of us who disagree with this cabal must make a choice. We are either going to embrace our being ‘Traitors’ and take the conflict to whatever level the left is willing to go (or forces us to go to or), or we will surrender our beliefs and our faith in the founding and submit to their demands of compliance to their grand utopian dreams of a socialist empire.

Just like you cannot argue with a deranged mind you cannot argue with a zealot and that is what the left has become: Zealots.  The history of socialism is full of Zealots who used force to ensure that no one got in their way. The lives of millions of innocent men, women and children have been destroyed in the pursuit of achieving socialist nations. You can look at the histories of the USSR, China, Cuba, Venezuela, Vietnam, Cambodia, and a host of other nations that have suffered under the banner of socialism if you need proof.

You have to realize that at this time we cannot gain the upper hand and drive this treasonous poison out of our nation by voting and demanding changes.  It is too late for that. The left has entrenched itself in every aspect of our government and this prevents our voting our way out. We would be overwhelmed by sheer (and illegitimate) numbers in every election where the counting process is what they control.  Stalin said that it was not how many votes he got that mattered. It was who controls the counting of the votes that does. The left is doing what every insurgent socialist movement has done in the past which is to seize the elective process to advance their cause. Fair and impartial elections are now a thing in our past.

We are currently in a state of insurrection in our nation.  The left is openly waging a war upon our long held values and founding beliefs. They are now in the open in their declarations of their intent to end our nation as it was founded and institute a socialist one in its place. What will come of this situation depends of what you are willing to do to stop them from doing so.  

Time is a wasting.   Every day, the left gets a little stronger and they pick off a few more people and force them into their conformity.  The longer we wait, the harder it will be to stop them and begin the process of returning our nation to what it was meant to be.

We could stage a revolt to re-establish a constitutional republic and while I do believe we would persevere in the long run, it would be messy and have lingering aftereffects that most likely would simply allow this process of globalism and socialism start over again in a few years.  The cost in terms of lives and animosity would be great and this path is not one to be entered into lightly.

We could secede several states from the present USA and institute a new republic as the USA used to be many years ago.  This would cost less in terms of blood and hardship initially but in the end I wonder if the socialist left wing democrats could stand us not being a part of their vision of a new ‘amerika’.  I believe they would endeavor to try to force us back into their fold if we were to declare a separate nation of states. China is doing exactly this by trying to force Taiwan back into the nation of China some 70 years after the revolution. You have to understand that socialists demand conformance and in our case the left could not stand to see a part of the nation broken away and independent while they are standardizing and homogenizing the nation they do control.  They cannot allow freedom and independent thought to exist in America. This must be destroyed in the socialist’s minds. Ultimately this would lead to great bloodshed.

We have more than enough cause to want to rid ourselves of the burdens and restrictions of a socialist future that we are being forced into. How we determine what to do next is of the utmost importance.It is time to call a “National Congress of Free Americans” open to all who believe we are as a nation going away from the principles and concepts that our nation was founded upon.  Only those who support the Bill of Rights and the Constitution as written should attend.  This is the standard that we must adhere to in order to be a unified group.

This Congress would be dedicated to deciding what to do to protect our founding principles, our cherished founding documents and their proper authority within our society.  Only a group of citizens who are of like mind and who have the support of their fellow Americans have the right to make such decisions as to what to do about the insurrection and treason we are facing today from those bent on installing socialism in our nation as a government and rule of law. Only a representative Congress will have the proper authority to determine our path forward.

This is a serious and life altering decision that we face. I would add that this is not an issue to be decided lightly. The choice to be made will be as dangerous and potentially destructive as the choice our founders made in 1776. They did not enter into the revolution lightly and when they made their decision to revolt it was made as a group of free men assembled to determine the future of the colonies. They did so knowing it would be costly to not only themselves but to their fellow Americans.

Our decision should be made with the same retrospection as no individual or small group of individuals have the right to put their fellow citizens at risk without consent. To make a choice to fight is to commit an act of treason ourselves if we are not the victors in the end.While this would be akin to establishing a political party it is fundamentally acting outside of the political process that we see in our daily lives. This process is tainted and polluted with special interests and agendas that are not aligned with our founding principles. Our Congress needs to avoid the entanglements of such political wranglings. It must be aligned as closely as possible to the people it represents and nothing else.

The sooner we join together and debate this matter as a group of unified citizens the sooner we can begin whatever process we determine is our best choice to go forward in an effort to preserve our rights and freedoms. Only by acting as a unified block can we achieve anything long lasting and worthwhile.