The deaths in Kenosha and Portland….CWII has started

It has begun…….

The last few days have given proof that a shooting war has started in our nation.  A civil war between factions, not states.

The battle is over political philosophy and doctrine and not over a singular social issue.  There is a faction who  have decided they are unhappy with the system that brought us from 1776 to the present and they want to completely replace it with socialist based concepts that are truly foreign to our original system of government set forth by the founders.

One problem is that the socialists have done the same thing as Mao and Lenin by claiming that the system in place is patently unfair and that if they are given power they will ‘distribute’ the wealth of our nation out ‘fairly’.  They are the arbiters of what is fair or not and to a great extent this is a revenge based movement and not one dedicated to promoting a fruitful society.

Just as we have seen in Venezuela that the people voted their way into a system like this only to find that they are starving to death, we will inevitably see our nation follow the same path.  This is also what happened in Russia and China.  Once you slay the motivation of making your own way in life and earning as much as you can and replace it with government defined ‘equality’, you find people are not willing to put the effort forth if they cannot reap the benefits of their hard labor and creativity.  You cannot mandate people to excel solely for the benefit of others.

The socialists had to wait until the WWII generation as well as most of the Korean war generation were gone before they could take their movement to the mainstream.  It would not have been tolerated by those who remembered the brutal actions of governments supposedly dedicated to equality as were seen before and during WWII, and after in nations such as China, Cuba and various eastern European nations that were crushed under the Soviet thumb after WWII.

Problem is that even if we can stop the drive of the socialists this time around, as long as they are a viable political entity we will have to keep fighting them and they will up the ante seeking more and more violent confrontations so as to create martyrs to use as symbols of society’s unfairness.  This is even if these supposed ‘martyrs’ are criminals and had been engaging in criminal acts at the time they met their fate.

Our nation had the red scare and despite the awareness of the dangers of communism and socialism now we see them as a threat not just in our society but in our government leaders.   This presence in our government by people professing these beliefs that are antithetical to our founding actually is the threat is the end of our freedoms as we understand them.   You have to understand that to the left, freedom is unfair because they do not control it.  Only when everyone is equally imprisoned in a economic and socially controlling systems will they supposedly be free and equal.  I would add that they are they generally unable to fight their way out of the controls they find themselves in as well.  You see, disarmament is merely one aspect.  Curbs on free speech for some as well as the mandatory activities directed by the state are controls such as in our public schools  are used to maintain order in a socialist society.

Our founders would be spinning in their graves if they knew of the treachery afoot in our nation today including within our government.  Everything we are hearing from the BLM and ANTIFA and socialist representatives is in diametric opposition to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.   Those founding concepts and documents are the hindrances that the left seek to destroy.

We are in a shooting war now.  Blood has been spilled in socialist controlled cities with only the conservative (founding documents) based individual being held accountable.  This is the pattern we should expect to continue until these revolutionaries are pushed out of power and their followers either arrested, driven from the field or put down whatever way is necessary.  We can no longer sit back and expect others to pull our weight along with them in protecting and preserving our nation.  It is time to stand and be ready to do what is necessary to protect the republic.


Virginia, 2020, the Second Amendment and a time of choosing

The current controversy in Virginia created by the governor and his cronies all democrats has occupied the news cycle for a while now.  The crux of the battle is preserving and protecting our rights as protected by the Second Amendment.  Massive rallies have taken place in Virginia and elsewhere in support of the rights of gun ownership and against the latest proposed restrictions that have been the topic of discussion and dissension.

What is at stake in Virginia is the freedom we are endowed with by our creator to defend and protect ourselves free of any restrictions from government.  Trust me when I say that if anything that is proposed by the anti-gun crowd in Virginia is upheld it will be a harbinger of laws of a similar bent all over the nation.

There is massive opposition to the new regulations from the NRA and the pro gun community.  This opposition is all over the nation and it is also a harbinger of what could be.

It is time that the end of gun control and the removal of all illogical and unfair gun regulations become a national movement.  This should be a platform issue for the upcoming Trump campaign.  This needs to be the issue that all patriotic and freedom loving Americans rally behind with the goal of removing all gun regulations that are obviously meant to disarm the American people.

I have written before of how unique our nation is as one founded in freedom having never had its lands carved up as a monarchy with the appurtenant caste system.  This does not mean we have not had discrimination in our history but it is the strength of our founding documents that have allowed and promoted the freedom for all in our nation and to see any of our freedoms limited not only limits our rights specifically but also our freedom as a whole.

We need to take the fight in Virginia national.  We need to band together as a political force and demand that our rights not be infringed.  We need to remind those who are elected to not govern against the will of the people.  Virginia is one of many states who have enacted partial bans on Second Amendment rights and our abilities to use them.  We need to reverse these and all regulations meant to disarm the American people and render them as subjects to the state.

Our grim reality in the face of Globalism

We are being besieged on many fronts at present all as parts of a plan to force the USA into the globalist socialist union.  The forces that are behind this are the same that have supported the European Union and their unfettered immigration from muslim countries.  All of that is to water down the cultures of the Europeans to a point where there is no definable national heritage left.

Here in the US it is a bit more difficult to achieve this due to our heritage of freedom.  So, in order to force a socialist collective upon us, our heritage must be destroyed or at least our faith and love of our heritage must be destroyed.  This is by necessity.

So, what are the tactics of this global cabal that has infested our politics and social lives here in the USA?

1)            The push for open borders.  The uncontrolled immigration of unknown people into our nation is both a security risk and a financial burden upon the citizens of this nation.  This rush of people abetted by foreign interests is straining our systems to overload.

2)            The push for national health care including single payer.  By giving the government control over a huge portion of our Gross National Product we also give the government control over the types of care we can receive and when.  Rationed healthcare is the result of socialized medicine and this concept runs afoul of our free enterprise system and is one more freedom we would sacrifice.

3)            The creation of a myriad of grievance groups all demanding rights beyond what would normally be held by anyone because they are ‘victims’.  This forces society to accept all manners of gender and sexual diversity which erodes the nuclear family and the value of marriage.

4)            Restrictions upon and the revision and control of our language.  This is to erase the meaning of the First Amendment.  Politically correct speech is thought control.  The use of media to condemn any who use ‘unapproved’ language is censorship of the highest order.  That the controlling power of this is not of the people is at its face corruption and globalism in its raw form.

5)            The attack on gun ownership and the increasing demand for regulations and restrictions upon gun ownership and gun owners.  Bans of semi-autos and Red Flag laws are just the start.  America has a long standing tradition of individual arms ownership and this must be destroyed to maintain controls on a society that does not want them.

6)            The condemnations of conservatives and the labeling of them as Nazis and Fascists as a means of removing these opinions from the public discussions.  By disenfranchising political beliefs the path is made clearer for the push to global socialism.

7)            The growth of the deep state which is a stealth government that answers to union controls and various blocs that endorse or support this behind the scenes control system of the citizens of the US.  The actions of the deep state in the 2016 election bear witness to the power that is wielded behind closed doors in DC.  The people may elect a candidate but the power is vested in the bureaucrats.

8)            The homogenization of both political parties who have been co-opted with PAC money and bought and paid for by these globalist factions that are manipulating the world.  This is why we do not see a strong republican  response to any of the outrageous acts committed by the deep state and the democrats.

10)          The destruction of an open media that is independent of policy positions and special interests.  By destroying the press we lose the truth into the morass of special interests controlled by the globalist blocs.  The media is no longer a friend to the people and is a tool used to influence them.

11)          The fractionalization of society separating races and ethnic groups and creating tensions and disharmony between them all serving to empower the federal government as referee and therefore arbiter of truth and right and wrong all of which is policy and not value based.

12)          The condemnation of the USA in the court of world opinion along with the misuse of our military as policemen and meals on wheels for the world instead of their protecting American interests.  By demoralizing the rank and file in the military we weaken our nation and our ability to act as a unified force in the world.

13)          The war on religion in particular Christianity.  The drive to remove any references to  Christianity in our society is aimed to weaken the values in our society and as the founders held when they created our nation and the laws that are supposed to protect the citizens from the government.  The forced inclusion of beliefs that are not present in our society in any real numbers is just one step in this process.

14)          The push for ‘eco-friendly’ policies at the expense of efficiency and mobility.  The green movement seeks to destroy our technical and material advantages in the world making us dependent on others abroad instead of utilizing our own resources and infrastructure.  The common aspect of the places in the world where socialism is prevalent is very little personal transport and government run mass transit.  By controlling how you travel, the government controls where you travel because you are encouraged by the limitations of the transit system to go where it goes and not where you would go if you could drive.

15)          The corruption and domination of education by the federal government serves as an indoctrination platform for the globalists in their quest for a global socialist state.  Our children are taught values that are contrary to those our nation was founded upon.  This is a step in the process of erasing the value of our heritage.

16)          The manipulation of our elective process with foreign PAC money used to influence and steer the debate and the policy agenda.  Never in our past as so much money from outside our nation been spent to usurp the selection of candidates and the races between parties.  It is bad enough that the republicans and democrats are really not all that different when it comes to what they do in congress but to have certain candidates gain economic advantages via foreign interests essentially removes the citizens from the process.

These are the major forces at work today in society.  While we want to reclaim our national heritage we are confronted with this multifaceted attack upon our freedoms and no candidate is able to stop this.  In order to stop this process we need to address each and every one of these issues.   Even if we win the house and senate we are still faced with the multifaceted prongs of this attack.  In other words, winning elections is not enough anymore.

The divisions that have been rent into our society are widening as the tactics of the globalists are succeeding.  The talk of a Civil War 2 is not unjustified in the face of the negative things that are happening in our nation.  No sane person wants conflict of a bloody kind.  To contemplate such is a serious matter and needs to be considered the last resort to maintaining freedoms.

I am  sure that others can think of additional aspects of our nation and our heritage that are under direct attack.  Please add them in the comments.

I am a Legacy American

I am a Legacy American because I see the legacy of the founders as being the most  important feature of our nation and that our future depends on our always respecting and preserving this.

All too often people redefine absolute statements to suit their own purposes.  This is no different as it applies to the liberals trying to usurp the Second Amendment.  They parse wording and meanings to remove the absolute definitions and to create a new narrative that supports their desire to disarm the American citizens.

We have choices that we must make and make soon.  I believe that freedom is worth fighting for if necessary.  Our choices as to whether we accept any further restrictions on gun ownership will have absolute bearing on the future of America as a free nation or as a socialist one as in a socialist dictatorship.

Conservatives may or may not be Legacy Americans.

Libertarians may or may not be Legacy Americans.

Others including republicans and democrats may or may not be Legacy Americans.

What determines someone’s qualifications as a Legacy American is whether or not they wish to preserve the freedoms as defined in the Bill of Rights or not.  A freedom is not a freedom if it has qualifications and limits.  A Legacy American sees reinterpretation of law by the courts where they ‘re-define’ a citizen’s rights as being an abhorrent act upon the land.  Judges are not legislators and should remember that in their adjudications.

Our society is heading to a crossroad where choices will need to be made on a personal level.  Whether we continue as a nation that is comprised of a free people or as a nation that is ruled by the government who demands compliance and seizes assets without any possible repercussions.  Our founders knew that government would grow in power and that politicians would also relish power and act to increase their own without regard to the desires of the people nor would they consider written law a limit.  This is reflected in their words and the Bill of Rights.

If the need arose where the government overstepped its bounds the one remedy the founders did not want to ever be removed was the ability of the people to enforce their rights of freedom.  The Second Amendment along with the First were the bulwarks against a tyrannical government.  This is the legacy we are given to protect.  All Americans who agree with this notion are Legacy Americans.  Little else matters beyond this.

Violence is a last resort.  Government needs to respect its citizens and that there are limits on the government as to its actions regarding the citizens.  I cannot say at what point could or would any reaction be justified.  It is not something that one person or small group of people (not unlike congress) has the right to decide.  However, actions that constitute excessive restrictions upon the  citizens by government are legitimate cause for the citizens to consider a reaction.

Until such a time our recourse is to ally ourselves with people who are of a like mind.  people who cherish freedom.  people who hold the founding of this nation as being the true definition of American and America.  Our voices united will carry much more weight than they will alone.

Lastly, those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.  We took on tyranny before.  Let us hope that we do not need to do so again.

The gifts of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and how Socialism destroys them

We live in the most prosperous nation in the world.  We enjoy more freedom and wealth than any other nation in the world.  Our rights are not given by the state but are endowed by our creator and unalienable.  We have founding documents that prohibit the government from abridging these rights.


When a government makes social engineering more important than the individual.

When a government by force of law confiscates one person’s assets to give to another.

When a government by force of law limits your endowed rights in any way.

Socialism is the current buzz word being bandied about by all the liberal politicians as they try to buy loyalty and votes from specific groups in society.  What the word socialism represents is tyranny.  What socialism represents is an all powerful central government that endows itself with more power and rights than its citizens themselves possess.

I hear the notion of equality mentioned and how society is not equal.  Equality in the minds of the founders was equality of opportunity, not results.  Not wealth.  Not housing.  It was the freedom to try and attempt to achieve that which you want to and are capable of.  Note that this is tempered by someone’s abilities and not their skin color or ethnicity.

Since the 60’s the federal government has spent trillions trying to end poverty.  To date, the poverty rate is still the same as it was back then.  Quite obviously throwing money at a problem is not a cure or we would have ended poverty.

The current crop of uber liberal democrats who want to run for president all speak of equality and they promise to bring equality to our nation.  How?  By taxing and spending yet more trillions of dollars all while promising to be more fair.

What the people who buy into this rhetoric fail to grasp is that all of the democrats, not a one of them, can do anything about people’s ability to create their own prosperity or their willingness to put forth the effort to attain personal prosperity.  Instead it is much more like an argument in a family between siblings where the issue of fairness is decided by the parents; aka the government.  However, the government is not nor should it ever be considered a parental entity.

How many people are disadvantaged by their own bad choices?  How many people have squandered their education by not taking the knowledge and putting it to use?  How many people could be living better lives if they faced the need to take care of themselves instead of filing for welfare?

We hear all the altruistic statements about turning lives around and making a difference except that the actual percentage of people on public support who do this and actually climb out of the gutter they find themselves in and make a good life for themselves is very small.  This is despite trillions of dollars spent in social programs and college grants and community programs.  All of this to produce such a few in number who accomplish  what these programs were supposedly intended to do.

Today we hear more and more about this ‘fairness’ and ‘equality’ and the new system to correct it: Socialism.  There is no doubt that socialism does level playing fields.  However, the playing field that socialism creates is far lower as far as freedom and opportunity goes.  It is better to consider that socialism spreads misery equally.  Ask any former resident of the USSR, China, Venezuela and a host of other oppressive socialist nations about ‘equality’.

One of the constants that our founders knew would try to come about is the corruption of the government official.  People elected to office tend to serve their own interests and desires and the longer they are in office, the worse it gets.  Government exists not at the pleasure of the people but to preserve its own existence.  Knowing this and knowing that a system of governance will do whatever it needs to in order to sustain itself the founders felt that the citizens of the nation needed to be equipped so they could resist and if necessary restrain government back to the form that it was before the corruption and self serving politicians took hold.

Freedom of the press was supposed to help protect the citizen’s rights but as of late, the press is as more a part of governmental corruption and politics than anything else.  Since the press has an agenda, the citizens do not have an open forum to report the various ideals being discussed.

We are left with few choices.  As free citizens we are the only bulwark against the tyranny of collectivism and socialism.  The government has no respect for our wishes and desires .  The popularity contest of elections has empowered a portion of the government who are more than willing to do whatever it takes to force their will upon the rest of us.  If we resist we are labeled racists and worse.  If we do not resist, we will become subjects and in the long run no better than the citizens of the crown ruled by a monarch that we were at the outset of the revolutionary war.

It is most unfortunate that our fellow citizens have been coerced into supporting policies and agendas that will ultimately result in their losing freedom themselves.  If they are successful at forcing a socialist government upon us these poor brainwashed souls will find out the error in their ways but it will be long after anything can be done about it.

We as a nation have lost sight of the original freedoms that were enshrined and protected by the Bill of Rights.  Now we are losing what is left when tyrants can cajole and manipulate voters into surrendering their self sovereignty to the government.

Socialism is a mental disorder.  It is the false belief that what is someone else’s is actually yours.  This is insanity and if you compare the words of the politicians today with the ideas and the statements of our founders you would see this too.   No person’s freedom should be measured or affected by the perceived lack of equality of another.

Why I am a Conservative-Libertarian-Constitutionalist; and the value of FREEDOM

I have found that the older I get the more I am sure of my convictions that I am honestly conservative and hold many libertarian beliefs and that I am a solid constitutionalist.  I will add that I have always been conservative but that can mean many things besides what I know it means now.  My accumulated life’s experiences and my ongoing assessment of the opposition has reinforced my beliefs.

I think it is essential for me to explain what I see as being the defining values of what I believe.

I believe in self determination.  I believe in being responsible for yourself and your loved ones.

I believe that the family is the most important support structure we have in our lives.

I believe our churches and the congregations therein are the next most important support network we  have followed by our community.

I believe that Christian values have been a huge factor in our nation’s success and to turn away from Christianity is betraying the roots of our national culture.

I believe that a person should be able to defend themselves their family and property without prejudice or penalty.

I believe that the Bill of Rights were correctly written and interpreted 236 years ago and that these rights are not open for re-interpretation.

I believe in a system of governance that does not meddle in your daily affairs nor does it take people’s money to give to someone who does not deserve it; who refuses to work; who made bad choices in life and is looking for the government to bail them out.

I believe in the value of small communities that control their own schools and neighborhoods and that the only form of direct democracy our nation should have is at the local and state levels.  National elections should not be the result of a national popularity contest at the polls.

I do not believe that state and federal government officials should have the right to meddle in our personal lives and community.  The idea that some intellectual is better at taking care of me than myself is abhorrent  and flies in the face of the Revolutionary War that was fought for our individual freedoms.

I believe that our society should reward those who strive to achieve and attain success and not make decisions regarding placements  based on any other criteria.

I believe we as a nation are spending way too much money and time on foreign nations utilizing our precious resources including the blood of patriots.  Our primary interest should be directed towards our own communities and problems.

I believe that high school students should be encouraged to pursue the types of careers they are good at and not just automatically send every one of them to college.  People can find fulfilling and well paying careers in vocational pursuits and that there is nothing about that type of living that should be disrespected or considered to be of a lesser value to society.

I believe in a restricted immigration system that targets people to be allowed to immigrate who would be an asset to our nation and not just an expression of diversity.  Immigration should be merit based with people whose skills and abilities along with  personal beliefs that as close in common with our national character.  People who wish to immigrate here with these attributes should be put to the head of the line.  People who enter our country without permission and without an explanation that would adhere to these beliefs should be summarily ejected from our territory.  This was how immigration was managed until the 1960’s and since then it has become an out of control problem.

I believe it is none of my business what a person does in private; how they conduct their personal affairs; as long as my values are not attacked in public.  Respect and decency of character and behavior can make a society peaceful and cooperative.  Any actions that belie this only serve to fracture our communities and do nothing to enhance anyone’s lives.

I believe in being bluntly honest as an individual and I do not believe that people should ever be excused for poor behavior, legal or illegal, simply because of a reason that others in that very same condition have overcome.  Contrition and atonement can do wonders for yourself respect when you have breached societal norms and laws.

I believe that politicians and political activists who advocate social welfare programs and giveaway programs are seriously misunderstanding the founding reason of this nation’s existence and that if they prefer to see themselves in a society where that form of government programs exists, that perhaps they should move to where these do and not try to change our nation into something it was never intended to be 236 years ago.

As I close this post I will tell you that my life has been anything but easy and yet, I would not have it any other way.  What I have done or are doing is a validation of my being a free person, not encumbered by arbitrary social judgments and that my freedom of speech is not determined by where I have hurt someone’s feelings.  We have the responsibility of conducting our lives as we see fit and if I am offended by your speech my solution is to stay away from you and others like you.  What defines our freedoms is not open to social interpretation.  They are absolute and irrevocable gifts from our creator and no man has the right to regulate or otherwise limit them.  Those who seek to do so are not Americans.  They are socialists who are intent on destroying our nation.

Lastly, in order for the United States of America to survive and flourish we need to do everything in our power to maintain the original values and practices our founders lived to as they created the most marvelous and prosperous nation on earth and who are we to believe we can do it better.



Freedom-Opportunity-Equality: 1776 versus 2019

Our forefathers fought a revolution to rid the colonies of a foreign rule where they had no say in government.   Among the things they fought for were Liberty, Opportunity and Equality.  These values were enshrined in the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Somehow, the meaning of these values has been altered and in many ways to the detriment of the people.

When the founders used the term Liberty they meant that they could live and prosper in a community where their government did not interfere with the day to day lives of the citizens.  This government would be responsible to the people via the legislative process.

When the founders thought of Opportunity they were referring to their ability to adapt, move or otherwise avail themselves of the abilities and assets they could attain in order to make their way in life.  Freedom to acquire land and resources without a government’s consent.

When the founders thought of equality they did not think of the notion that every member of their society would be taken care of by the government.  They felt that equality was the virtue of each person have the Opportunity and the Liberty to pursue their own destiny; to take care of themselves.  At no time did these concepts ever be thought of as a mandate for the government doling out the assets of others to those who chose not to find their own means of support.  The revolution was fought and won to stop government from taking money from the people for uses the people did not approve of.

One of the human frailties that the founders accepted without question is the reality that some people are more able to achieve than others due solely to their personal abilities and intelligence.  Not everyone was destined to be business leaders of the best craftsman.  Knowing this, the founders still put a high value on the work ethic and that a person could support themselves if they desired to.  For the infirm and the for those who had a profound lack of abilities and who could not do this, family and the church were the resources that would act to provide for this small group within society.

In modern times we find that these three values have been perverted into all manners of definitions in order to justify the re-distribution of wealth within society.  You have to ask yourself why this should be a priority in our society and government today.  Especially since we have left the concept of freedom so far behind us.

In many ways society is not rewarding those who are truly skilled and capable; in fact, the government is penalizing these people for their success using the justification that their wealth is unfair to those who cannot achieve as well.  The founders would be absolutely aghast at the concept of welfare and the social services system we have today.

There were ‘wealthy’ landowners in revolutionary times as there are now.  There were the most highly skilled and therefore high earning professionals in the revolutionary era as there are now.   Life is inherently NOT FAIR.  Let me repeat.  Life is not always fair!

What we see in society today is that the government is in the business of rewarding those who choose do not to work and taxing the rest to support them.  All of this is under the concept of making things ‘FAIR’.  I would like someone to explain to me how choosing to not work is justification for the rest of the people being taxed to support them?  All of the concepts that the founders had fought for are being destroyed by these programs of doling out money and food stuffs along with lodging to those who do not work.

You cannot help but accept that the entire notion of the government playing Robin Hood is politically motivated.  Most of those who receive the largess of government vote. Knowing this the politician who does not respect of value of the founding concepts can use the ‘DOLE’ to buy votes.  In the interest of maintaining an election advantage keeping the economy on the skids serves to reward the party and politicians who advocate and lobby for doling out even more to the unemployed and the supposedly ‘unemployable’.  IF you need proof, look at the 8 years we lived under president obama and how weak the employment market was and how much the social programs grew.  He even told us that our best days as a nation were behind us.  Looking at the flourishing economy under President Trump my suspicion that obama was wrong has been proven to be correct.

We have strayed so far from where our nation started and now we see the push to remove firearms from the hands of the citizens.  The one thing that the founders wanted the government to always be aware of was that the people had the power to take their government back if for some reason those who served in the government were failing to do as the people desired.  By disarming the people, we will all become SUBJECTS who are controlled by the elite and then we cannot do anything to stop the government from running roughshod over those who they tax.

Our runaway deep state government bureaucracy is  strangling our freedoms and I can say with some confidence are ruling against the will of the people.  The vast majority of this cabal are appointed and cannot be removed without evidence of illegal or improper behavior.  This means that once a person makes it into the federal government workforce they are in effect on the dole for the rest of their lives.  I will admit there are valuable members of the bureaucracy but they are far outweighed by the chaff and waste that is the majority of the government.

We need to assert our rights and demand that they not be revoked or impaired by any governmental action or legislation.  Our nation depends on the concepts that we were founded upon and the farther we drift from those due to legislative manipulation the worse our society will get.  If the welfare state is allowed to continue to grow unabated we are doomed.  It is just a question of time until the revolution will start.

As it has been said by many notable and far better versed than I, The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.  The liberals do not want to discuss this particular problem that exists with their giveaway policies.  I strongly suggest that they be forced to deal with this now and not later.



Why the 2nd Amendment is vital to our future as a Free Society

While the politicians spew sound bites regarding disarming the population “For our own good” I cannot help but ponder why they fixate on an issue that is not as ‘prominent’ as they make it out to be. Then I extend my curiosity to the real motivation as to why the left wants to disarm us.

Perhaps it is a ‘woke’ notion of egalitarian nobleness that they hold? The idea that ‘intelligent’ societies do not have weapons as they are not necessary. Yea, a few of them believe this.

Perhaps it is a desire to honestly end gun violence by simply getting rid of all guns? Maybe, but it will be impossible to truly eliminate guns from society. A lot of other countries have earnestly tried and it does not work. Innocent people still die.

Perhaps it is out of a fear of guns? A couple of generations ago I would have laughed at this idea but with the brain washing that we see in schools and media, this one has some merit.

The previous notions reflect an emotional logic that I can understand even though I vehemently disagree with the basic premises.

Sometimes we need to consult recorded patterns of societal behavior from history in order to understand behavior we see in the present.

Venezuela banned guns. Venezuela is starving despite having a huge oil reserve that could be tapped to support their society. Why did Venezuela ban guns? To stop the citizens of that country from overthrowing the ‘Dictatorial regime’ that is starving their nation with ‘Socialism’.

WWII. Hitler disarmed the population of every country they occupied including Germany. Once disarmed the citizens could not resist the orders of the leadership that led to the murder of over 10 million people and this is outside of the casualties that arose from the combat that was waged as a result of the aggression of the German leadership.

Russia and the resulting USSR. Lenin inspired the populace to revolt and they ousted the monarchy and also eliminated an entire class of citizenry perceived to be ‘upper class’. Once government domination was achieved, firearms were outlawed with a very few exceptions. Once disarmed the population faced the point of a bayonet at the end of a rifle controlled by the state and this proved deadly for many million Russian citizens who during Stalin’s purges disappeared into Siberia never to be seen again;.

In China following the revolution, gun ownership was restricted to ‘party approved’ organizations which basically limited firearms ownership to people who the party could control. The history of socialist China is fraught with famines and up until the 70’s isolation from the rest of the world. Their society is a very tightly run nation with conformance to the norms essentially mandatory. The concept of a population in China actually rebelling is far from any notion of reality.

In 3 of the 4 previous examples, firearms were used to secure power but once domination was achieved the ownership of firearms became either impossible or only by state sanctioned groups. In Venezuela, the socialist government was elected to power and after a few years outlawed firearms and now the nation is embroiled in starvation and shortages along with absolute control of society by the military controlled by the government.

My point is that banning guns is the equivalent of disenfranchising the people. When the ballot box fails to remove a undesirable element ruling the nation the only option left to the people is revolt and reset the government.  This is only possible by a people being armed comparably to the state.   The state will quickly lose its respect for the people once the people cannot confront the state with their grievances and that the people must have the means to overthrow government if the need arises.

The founders knew that any government has the propensity to abuse its power. Our government is intended to be a support and protector of the people but in time it has become an entity unto itself and the preservation of the concentration of its power and influence has moved its agenda to one where the people are less important than the system of government itself.   This ‘deep state’ is the tyranny that our founders feared would rise up in our nation.

We are faced in today’s political arena of discussion the idea that the people should be disarmed or at least severely restricted in firearms ownership.  One politician goes so far as to say that gun ownership of smooth bore muskets should be the only allowed weaponry.  This is based on an antiquated view of not only the Second Amendment but the entire notion of citizen’s rights in general.

Since there is no argument that has any merit that argues that eliminating firearms in society will end gun violence then the only logical assumption is that eliminating firearms from society serves to protect those in power.  This in effect prevents any uprising if the government rules against the will of the people.  Simply put, the government fears the armed citizen.  This is as it should be.

Our problem is that the government via its socialist political activists all are trying to convince the people to disarm.  Looking at Venezuela I am not really all that enthusiastic about giving the government full control over society and my safety and well being.

History proves that disarmed people are subjects and not citizens.  Subjects are a class of people who are in essence, subject to the whims of the the controlling group in society.  My advice to any who care at all about their future and the future of their progeny is to not surrender any weapons willingly and to put the leadership on notice that we stand armed and will defend the Constitution with force in order to preserve our rights.

This is as the Founders intended things to be.  The time they arose from was full of tyranny and dictatorial governance and they sought to ensure America would remain a nation of free citizens.  They invested their hope in framing our Constitution and Bill of Rights in such a way that the citizens that followed would be free.

We owe it to our ancestors as well as our future generations that we hold our ground on this issue.


The Divided States of America

The disconnect between the red and blue states is something that the left has been promoting as they have sought to gain control over the nation via population growth in the coastal areas.  Various means are at work in this including immigration and a shift of population from the rural areas to the urban as well.  This and the continuous indoctrination via the democrat controlled media helps sway the tide.


The Urban drones are fully programmed and perform their function of voting democrat, regardless of any issue, perfectly.  The drones are so well programmed they even show passion for their socialist beliefs even if they are not sure what that all means or even know what the future will be in their supposed ‘utopia’.


It is frightening that our nation has arrived at a place where many of us concerned about the future see this huge gulf that exists between the main political philosophies.  I would say parties but the Rinos that occupy the republican party as just as bad as the democrats themselves.   No, this gulf is between citizens and it is not politically motivated.  It is one set of values set against another.  This is the crisis that the democrats have sought for 100 years.  Problem is that they may not like how it gets sorted out.


At present, the left will take the fight to the right citizens.  Organized mobs like Antifa and the riots in DC after the inaugural prove the left is willing to fight physically for their goals.  The right, on the other hand, presumes the fight is against the government which to a great extent it is but, the true believers in the left’s rank and file are more committed and more dangerous.  What has changed lately is that the right is beginning to see the light as far as what they are truly up against.


While novels about a 2 nation solution to this problem provide entertainment and levity perhaps in the face of true danger, we cannot forget the gruesome reality the left would impose on the entire nation and in a heartbeat if they could.  They would rule against the will of the red states and do it gleefully.   Such is their desire for this absolute control that we see the continuing attack upon Donald Trump and his administration due to the democrats losing the 2016 presidential election.  This symbolizes more than anything else how the left will go all in after their goal of domination.


As a red state person behind enemy lines in upstate New York I am reminded of this fact daily as we live with the edicts of Emperor Cuomo II (Andy, (my girlfriend owns our house.)  Son of Mario the Pious) .  We are subjects to be governed and not voting citizens to this current monarchy that exists in Albany in the great castle of government.  Witness the recent budget agreed upon by the democrats.  There are hundreds of tax increases and new restrictions that are included.  None of this is approved by a large portion of the state’s population.  New York is what the democrats want to do to the rest of the nation.


I am not alone as a red stater here in enemy territory.  Practically all of the people in my town, county and the surrounding counties are all basically red stater’s too.  There are pockets of democrat intolerant drones upstate, say in Hamilton where Colgate is as well as Ithaca and Cornell as well as the large cities that occupy the valley from Albany to Buffalo.  For the most part however, the region is solidly red state.  A divided NY has been floated as a way to resolve the lack of representation the red state people have in Albany.  This is a fantasy.  The democrats will not give up anything in the process of re-inventing America including NYS.


While the notion of a separate ‘nation’  for the red state people and one for the blue, the reality is that interspersed within both ‘zones’ are plenty of people who are not like those typically associated in their respective areas.  People as these including myself are in a quandary as to how to survive and not abandon either tradition and home and family and move to the area associated with my beliefs (red states) or to adopt the enemy’s mantra whichever one you are confronted with.


Wars have been fought for less differences than we are seeing in today’s society.  In many ways, the system of governance devised by the founders was far ahead of its day in the ability of government to accommodate many widely diverging views.  This is being taxed (good choice of words actually) to the limit by the polar opposites that the sides represent.


It is my hope that things will not come down to such drastic measures to keep the peace.  We live in perilous times and the choices made by the voters and the elected officials carry serious consequences.  I dearly pray that both sides learn to abide with the other in peace.  If we cannot live in peace together, I hope we can live in peace apart.

Founding Values: The Second Amendment

When a person, or a nation for that fact, is facing a challenge the best bet is to return to their founding values.  It is best to avoid the entangling of bargains and compromise.  It is best to keep to the simplest and fundamental beliefs you have.

Any debate about your core beliefs immediately compromises them  because you now have to explain them.  As soon as your opponent succeeds in forcing you to enter into a discussion regarding your values, they have already stripped you of the premise of unassailable belief.  In other words, they have broken the bond and trust you have with your core beliefs.

Our nation was conceived in the notion of Liberty.  This battle started in order to preserve Freedom of Enterprise as well as Freedom for individuals.  The protests started over tax policies by the crown as well as the forced billeting of soldiers in the colonist’s homes.  When the Revolutionary War was won, the Continental Congress then set out to design a government for the colonies that would protect these inalienable rights.

The final result is the United States Constitution along with the Bill of Rights.  The Constitution would not have been ratified without the Bill of Rights being included and ratified as well.  So important were the concepts of personal and economic freedom that the founders proposed both at the same time.

All of the original 13 colonies which became the first States in the nation ratified these documents.  Thus, our nation was set in motion based on pure and simple core beliefs that were set forth in our founding documents including the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

We must pledge our loyalty to this founding.  We must insist upon respect for the original intent.  We must insist on these principles being honored by all citizens.

We who support the Second Amendment Right to bear arms are modern day Founders.  We carry on the mantle of freedom and responsibility that our forebears granted us.  Let no man presume to deny us our rights and claim to be a loyal American.  It is in insisting on the rights of all citizens to be upheld that we gain our strength and purpose as Americans.

These values are not such that they can be altered or otherwise amended to suit the desires of any without the consent of all Americans.  To cede any portion of our rights is to start the contamination and ultimate decay of our nation into a state where there is no true law over the land.

Our rights require a responsibility for our conduct as well as a responsibility for all citizens to act to preserve and protect all rights for all citizens.  We must stand resolute in our determination of maintaining our rights despite any attempt of a minority to take them away from us.