Cuomo, the Emperor, demands ventilators; or how you ask for something means a lot!! Part 2

One thing that I forgot in my previous post that is probably the most important is this:

Cuomo’s demanding ventilators and not asking for them denies Upstate New Yorkers any sense of ‘Belonging’ to the state as equals.  The very act of not asking is intended to inform those being ordered about that they do not matter nor do their feelings.  And by issuing an executive order to seize the ventilators, it removes any opportunity to upstate NYers to volunteer to help and the satisfaction and the bonds of citizenry that might develop between upstate and Metro NYC if upstate is allowed to assist voluntarily.

Cuomo actively disregards upstate with practically everything he does.  He makes appearances when absolutely necessary in order to satisfy party requirements but as a whole, he does not need upstate to continue his reign over the ‘Empire State’ and that name suits Cuomo to a ‘Tee’ because he is in essence the “Emperor” of New York.

I left this out of my original post perhaps because I wanted to express my anger in a more intellectual way when in fact the real thing that annoys me the most is being taken for granted and having any pride or sense of belonging denied to us repeatedly by Cuomo.

Cuomo, the Emperor, demands ventilators; or how you ask for something means a lot!!

Today, our Emperor, Generalissimo Cuomo, demanded ventilators from upstate hospitals to treat some of his ‘Peeps’ in the metro NYC area.  Demanded.  Ordered.  How ever you put it, he did not ASK for them.  He DEMANDED that they be used in NYC.  He is sending the National Guard to get them.  Totalitarian Hunta anyone??????

If there was anyone who needed further proof that we upstate New York residents do not count in the minds of Cuomo and his elite democrat leadership, well, here it is.  He did not ask for the ventilators.  He did not discuss the need hoping for upstate medical facilities to offer them.  He ORDERED that they be sent to NYC.

It is easy to say as a person who lives upstate that we do not count or that we count little in the overall scheme of things.  It is quite another to see in our governor’s own speech that we do not matter and that everything that we have here for our needs will go to New York without question or any resistance from us. We are the bastard step children of the state’s elite democratic leadership and we get scraps from the sumptuous table they serve themselves and their favorite New Yorkers in the metro NYC area.

It would have been nice to have been asked.  It would have been nice to have been given the respect of being asked to help instead of being ordered to give up our specialized medical equipment for use in Metro NYC where they have not shut down the subways or mass transit so the spread of the Covid19 has gone on unabated. Our economy is shut down.  Theirs not so much.

The Colonies revolted due to policies forced upon them by the crown.  What we are seeing is a repeat of the same scenario where a remote political entity is  controlling another without regard for those being controlled wanting these policies or not.  We fought a revolution in order to establish that we as Americans, would not live under such rule. You may argue that today we have an emergency and back in 1775 they had an emergency in England as well due to the ongoing war with France.  The Covid19 battle is in essence a war.

In life you can make friends and you can use people but you cannot use your friends because after a while, they do not want to be your friends any more.  Upstate NY has had it with being a colony for the city of New York.

Seeing our resources scavenged for use in New York City as well as our taxes and our health services is tantamount to being a colony back in 1775 and dealing with King George in the personage of Andrew Cuomo.  He acts the role of a monarch and is destroying the state for the sake of his being important and able to order people around.  This is a man who has never had to have humility or respect people and it is painfully obvious that he never will understand those concepts.

I will add that senators Schumer, Gillibrand and for that matter all of the democratic leadership in both the state of New York as well as Washington DC all have this autocratic attitude that we in fly over country owe them everything.  Truth is we do not and we are sick of their attitudes.

Coronavirus Hysteria…’s a real thing

I just heard that our Generalissimo CUOMO has decreed that all restaurants close effective tonight. There are bans on mass gatherings.  The schools are closed.  Retail stores are no longer 24/7 and there are some shortages depending on what you need and what people are hoarding.

My first question is ‘How does this eliminate Coronavirus?’  Yes, it slows down the spread but the virus remains.  It is not going anywhere and I am quite sure there are enough people who are carriers who will still be carriers a month from now to continue the spread.

Second:  ‘What if they MANDATE TESTING of all state residents here?’  Would you comply?  What would the state order you to do if you test positive?  What would they do to you if you refuse?

A virus is very difficult to kill.  They also mutate readily.  You can create a ‘Flu Vaccine’ to protect against a certain flu variety and before you can distribute this vaccine, the virus has mutated and is still rampant in society.  The fact is that even with annual ‘Flu Shots’ people still catch and many die from the seasonal flu.

I cannot be the only one who sees these facts and has these questions.  I am quite sure that any person who is in government knows these facts and realizes these issues will arise.  So, why is our Dictator Governor Cuomo (Silver spoon Andy) ordering the closure of literally hundreds of thousands of businesses and the closure of schools and the cancellation of mass events of all types?

If I had to guess I would say that the democrats are trying to tank the economy.  The media is generating mass hysteria.  The political leaders in democrat led states are ordering various actions all designed to suppress commerce and potentially bankrupt businesses if these go on long enough.  Add the parents who normally send their kids to school now having to find child care for their kids who will I am sure ultimately spend a significant portion of July in school this year if this carries on much longer.

The democrats have been on the hunt for a some sort of calamity to cripple the Trump administration and derail his re-election.  They could not gin up any dirt on him from their Russia hoax dossier and they have not found any chargeable offenses they can use to impeach him successfully.  Now, the only hope they have for 2020 is to tank the economy.  If the economy crashes, Trump will be vulnerable and they will do their damnedest to get Biden elected with a potential Hillary as a VP candidate dancing in the wings when Ole’ Gropey Joe’s mental faculties come into question.  This is their ONLY HOPE.

So, you can count on increasing levels of hysteria and additional executive orders from the likes of  Cuomo and his fellow democratic governors to further stifle commerce and push their senile candidate to the finish line.