Epidemics and Vaccines or is it something else?

We have been faced with this Covid19 epidemic since January of 2020. It is not a natural phenomena. The virus was created in a Chinese lab and intentionally released into the public. This much is not deniable or debatable.

What is deniable or at least debatable is the actual severity of the virus when it infects a host. Covid19 is a variation of a flu/cold virus. It is not nearly as virulent as the Spanish Flu of 1918. The numbers of Covid19 are a quarter of those from 1918.

First fact is flu viruses kill some people. Those who are ill in general with old age issues or some other health problems often are overcome by a virulent flu that in essence overwhelms their immune systems. As much as we would like the flu to not kill people it is inevitable that every year or at least every time a substantial flu virus comes around, people die. This is historically a constant and has been for a very long time.

Covid19 is, as a percentage of those affected, not a whole lot more deadly than our usual seasonal flu. The real unbiased percentages of deaths due to covid are not really any higher than they are for our typical annual flu season. There are many who will argue differently but to be honest if you review the death statistics that have been re-assessed to reflect only those who died directly of Covid therefore leaving out those who were already on Hospice care; those who already had terminal cancer or other medical conditions and diagnoses; you find that the actual death rate due to covid is about the same as we normally experience every winter season.

So, what is the reasoning behind the government promoting the hysteria instead of trying to get the situation under control? Why would anyone promote hysteria in a population? Why the mask orders when it is proven they are useless? Further, Why would the government mandate a vaccine that is unproven, untested, which does have potentially life altering and lethal side effects?

First rule: Follow the money!!!!

Big Pharma is making billions in profits from government funding as they dole out their concoctions that they themselves are not held liable for if any bad things happen. Our political class is heavily invested as shareholders in Big Pharma and therefore making a mint from the ongoing pandemic and the booster jabs just keep the money piling in. I am sure that many of our supposed elite scientists and doctors who are all advocating the jab are also well invested in Big Pharma as well. The problem with politics is that it is a game of money and control and covid has given the generally most corrupt class of citizens in any society: POLITICIANS; both of these in abundance.

Second Rule: Who is getting more political power and control?

The government entities world wide are all enacting strict controls and mandates in order to ‘fight’ this epidemic and keep the citizens ‘safe’. This includes entire nations such as Australia as well as the US and also to smaller political entities such as states and even cities who have all instituted various requirements and also the existence of ‘Covid Passes’. They have never had such a high degree of control of the world population and I imagine this is truly intoxicating to those who have globalist intentions of controls and social engineering.

Worst yet, there are always tyrants who lurk behind the scenes waiting for events such as a world wide pandemic to launch their conquest plans to take over and subvert normal governments and replace them with authoritarian rule. Covid is a perfect excuse to implement many of the goals of such sociopaths.

We will be hard pressed to stop this tyranny as long as we are willing to submit in any way to their rules and requirements. This Covid19 epidemic is the perfect storm that many globalists have been waiting for the start their final conquests of free nation so on the earth. Events such as this play to the worst in people who are willing to do anything to be more wealthy and powerful. We will hear excuses that sound virtuous but in the end the price is always a loss of freedom and liberty for a presumed safety and health but sadly that is an illusion.

Had we as a people been willing to simply hunker down on our own and let this epidemic run its course as we usually did in the past we would be well past this ongoing crisis and on to the next ‘problem du jour’ as a nation. Sadly, the meek minded in our society have caved to the pressures of the social architects (my best descriptor of a power hungry politician type) and surrendered their freedoms for masks and accepted potentially poisonous jabs of unknown contents in their false hopes of being ‘saved’.

This entire Covid19 epidemic is worse than the Jonestown massacre in Guiana and we will suffer continuously in the future for surrendering our free will to these Svengalis of our governments who keep telling us to follow their orders. Only if we rise up and tell them NO can we hope to achieve a measure of freedom again. Otherwise they government will continue to pick us off; we the resisters who do not believe in their false promises; one at a time until we are just a footnote in history described as a bunch of radicals and extremists who interfered with the heroic efforts of the government. At least that is how a communist history book would describe it……..

Power Grab ..

And creating 2nd class citizens….

This is a power-grab by the federal government, and the virus just happens to be a convenient excuse. https://t.co/Xx1UwPuDt8

— Convention of States (@COSProject) September 9, 2021

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My Thoughts………..

This power grab has been in motion for a very long time and the forces that are behind it are playing a very extensive strategy in order to implement their goals of changing our nation into a socialist one. This has been in process for a very long time and since about 1980 and with the appearance of the ‘Moral Majority’ the left’s agenda in response has become more and more obvious. This coalition of Christians and conservative citizens managed to take control of the nation and steer its course for 12 years. The left had been active up to this time but lacked a unified front to rally its followers behind. The unification of the right provided the nudge that the left needed to become more overt and bolder in their efforts to push their belief system upon our nation.

With the Clinton years we saw the notion of ‘Political Correctness’ come along providing a banner for the supposedly aggrieved to rally behind. This was one of the first actions that really started to coalesce the left and its power as a force in our politics and nation. With the politics of pandering to aggrieved citizens the left also co-opted the media giving them a vehicle to use to spout their agenda and create ridicule and disapproval against those who disagree with them.

Add to the this current activities, you can go back starting over 100 years prior where the left had been infiltrating the academic halls including public schools and local institutions. As time went on the left gradually occupied more and more local government agencies and elected bodies always pushing their agenda within these institutions with the aim of changing how citizens looked at their government and also how they viewed their individual rights.

The Obama years gave rise to the notion of institutional racism became a rallying cry for those who perceive themselves as being discriminated against. This contrived racism was used to drive wedges into our society labeling people as either being righteous and good citizens or to be demonized as being horrible people who did not deserve the live in our society as free people with the rights that were endowed upon them and all of us by our founding.

Fast forward to the past couple of years and this insidious scheme of the socialists has started to bear some serious results. This so called epidemic (99.999% survival rate is not an epidemic) was the perfect excuse to implement the most aggressive steps taken to date by the left in their efforts to divide our society and get even more control. This came following the period of the greatest amount of personal equality our nation had ever had under President Trump. Minorities had enjoyed the greatest economic and social freedoms since the end of the Civil War in 1865. This epidemic was ‘perfectly timed’ to destroy this period of success and prosperity and take our nation apart socially.

Government agencies promoting the notion of mandatory vaccines and mandatory masking and isolation as well as shutting down the economy was the perfect excuse to apply pressure to the citizenry to separate into factions that either followed blindly the recommendations of the government and to force those who know that these tactics are not effective who will not readily comply with these mandates to be viewed as being selfish and harming others. By isolating them they can be accused of being anti-safety and anti-society and even insurrectionists. Once they assign such labels to a large portion of the nation they can then act to deny them rights and freedoms that we were endowed with at the founding of this nation. These policies have created economic hardship for those who are independent business owners and operators while the portion of society that looks to government suffered far less due to directed economic policies that reward the people who complied with their agenda directives all while punishing those who could not qualify or afford to follow such a path without suffering catastrophic economic harm. This ‘coincidental epidemic’ along with the actions of the government resulted in tipping the election towards the democrats putting a senile old man in the office of the president with the result that the federal government has acted with little restraint since.

Now we are seeing governmental actions that border on authoritarian and dictatorial by various states and agencies. The federal government has mandated various policies and compliance requirements upon every aspect of our nation they can including the military, governmental employees and agencies as well as healthcare and human services. This has created a reaction of resistance by many who do not believe that these policies and actions will do any appreciable good and that these violate our rights as free citizens.

I am uncertain if we can stop this process and return to our original values and beliefs and do this within the political arena. It has been implemented outside of this process and by merely changing the people we elect we still are faced with millions of obedient programmed agents of the left who occupy legitimate positions in all levels of government and our society. Keep in mind that even if we were fortunate enough to oust every liberal and socialist in our governments in one election cycle we would still be fighting the ‘true believers’ who are the brainwashed citizens who see the American experience as being flawed from the start and who are unwilling to accept anything but the socialist utopian ideals that have been implanted in their heads over the years.

We see a power grab at present and only by recognizing that it is not just the actions of today that are in question but that this has been an ongoing process can we begin to comprehend the depth of this corruption and understand the gauntlet we face in order to restore our nation to the promises of liberty and freedoms that we were born into as Americans.


Freedom Is Just Another Word...

And creating 2nd class citizens….

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We are at War with the Deep State

I was inspired to put these words together in response to a post on Maddmedic’s blog (https://maddmedic.wordpress.com/)  which was a reblog of the source.


The issue is the obvious lying and obfuscation of truth by Dr. Fauci in regards to the Covid19 epidemic.

There is little doubt that this ‘epidemic’ is being carefully managed to get the most mileage out of it. The same could be said for the justice department’s handling of the Steele Dossier and how they managed to extend that known pack of lies into an Impeachment proceeding.

We are at war. The people of this nation are at war. Not with each other per se but with the deep state. The government. The powers that be.

There is a controlling group of leadership bureaucrats who are calling the shots. They control congress. They control the courts. They control the executive branch. Whether by direct orders or by skewing and shaping a narrative these deep state leaders are effectively in charge of our nation.

Elections used to have consequences. Ever since Bush 41 elected to not request the resignation of all appointed employees of government, we have seen the creep of socialism and in effect a totalitarian attitude festering in the top leadership ranks of all departments in our federal bureaucracy.

In the last 40 years we have had 6 Republican administrations of the ten terms therein and yet, the deep state is full of democrats who have ensconced themselves in our administrative echelons and altered the fundamental purpose of our federal government from serving the people to serving themselves and expanding their power and control over our nation and our economy.

Donald Trump and his supporters present the biggest threat to this concentration of socialist democrat power since Reagan. As such Trump and all of use who support him must be destroyed. Since they cannot literally shoot us, as much as they would like to, they must take away our individual rights sufficiently to prevent us from being able to threaten their control in any way.

The actions of the democrat politicians are in concert with this deep state cabal of conspirators.  They are an insurgency that must be eradicated from our government once and for all.  No political party should be under the control of the government.  This is the moral equivalent of a dictatorship at the worst, or a ruling Hun-ta at the minimum.

DO NOT make the mistake in thinking the democrats control the government.  It is more than apparent that the actions of the individual democrats as well as those who actually come to power are the choices of the deep state.  How many well intentioned elected congress people find they cannot get their ideas into the discussions of the bodies they are elected to and after a few terms they leave office.  This is the deep state working through the legislative aids and workers to steer the agenda towards the goals they, the deep state conspirators have set.

It is not too late to intervene and start to reverse this trend in our government.  Elections mean things and have consequences and this one is the most important one in my lifetime.   Be sure to vote this November and make sure anyone you know does as well.  This may well be our LAST CHANCE to avoid a socialist government that sees the rights of the governing to be more important than the governed.

Andrew Cuomo, merchant of death

I think of Cuomo as Charon, the ferryman across the river Styx to Hades. He is grim. He is ruthless. He is pitiless. He is difficult to look upon without feeling a level of revulsion.

In this current tragedy that Cuomo turned the Covid19 epidemic into, he has overseen the ferrying of thousands to their deaths amid claims of great compassion and ability that are false and hollow. In my opinion, he never really thought about actually saving lives of the people as much as he did his own. Gutless and spineless he is nothing like his father. He is a silver spoon fed rich kid who never had to account for anything of any real importance who was given control of a situation so far beyond his pay grade that it probably scared him more than anything else.

People like Nipsy, Andrew the ineffective, Cuomo do not ever get held to account. They are programmed at birth that they are above all of that and that he owes the peasants nothing. Any investigation into his decisions and executive orders will result in dissembling and other avoidance’s on his part and will prove ineffective in the end.

This covid19 epidemic has a silver lining. It has given society a glimpse of a few years into our potential future and the people have seen how desperately the socialists in our government want to subdue us and take away our freedoms. It has taken weeks for the truly disastrous results of the ill conceived shutdown to come to light and now we see the horrendous damage that this policy has caused in so many places in our nation. The resentment and frustration of the working people is something that the lib socialists did not anticipate and they had expected people to simply stay home and take whatever the government threw their way as manna from heaven. Instead people yearn to be free and able to earn their own way unfettered by government. They see the shutdown for the destruction it has caused and have had enough.

Politicians like Cuomo tend to survive on tradition and not on accomplishment. Perhaps, this epidemic will be his undoing in the next election along with a host of other officials all pretty much democrats who have breached the compact of trust with their citizens that they protect their civil rights too. Trump should latch onto this movement of discontent and run with it. He cannot lose any votes and may gain many more if he does.

The ‘Other Epidemic’

If you are of the mind that Covid19 is the only epidemic we are facing I want to educate you that we are dealing with yet another that is far worse.  This epidemic is insidious and has been going on for decades and it has gotten far worse in the last few years.

Our additional epidemic is the gradual stranglehold that the deep state/socialist cabal have over our information services.  As this Covid19 epidemic has developed we are seeing this linkage between the deep state as represented by various government doctors and ‘experts’ who are taking part in these daily press conferences and the reporters who are there to essentially take dictation from these folks and ridicule and embarrass elected officials who are not from their mutual club; a.k.a. Socialism.  Some politicians are members of this socialist club and those that are not are treated with disdain at a minimum and out and out ridicule if and whenever possible.

I have met people in the last week or so who are truly terrified of this Covid19 virus and yet, based on their apparent profile of age and condition should have no concerns at all even if they did contract the virus.  Most all these people who are terrified are more concerned about themselves than the potentially at risk people they interact with on a daily basis.  This selfishness is driven out of these people having been barraged for years with the notion that they are to be cared for by the government if not directly, by a community that is worried about their individual well being.  Very rarely does the message of taking care of oneself and of those at risk outweigh the emphasis on the self being the ‘child’ of government.

All these people who are panicked do not expose themselves to alternate media and alternate news sources that might offer points of view that would differ from the vast majority of the news they receive.  They have fallen victim to the monopoly that the socialists have attained over the bureaucracy and the journalism industry and the carefully crafted message that is the result of an ongoing strategic plan to drive this nation to socialism despite the resistance of deplorables who see and understand what is going on.

As a deplorable I can see that the masses who live in these urban rat mazes are simply drones who march to the orders of their masters in the government and media.  Those of us who live in fly over country are being outnumbered by the masses of rats living in these ever increasingly more densely populated areas and it is only a question of time before we will ultimately be ruled by the votes and the socialists these rats elect to our government along with the socialists already there in the deep state.

The push for socialism is a world wide phenomena and is driven largely by billionaires and millionaires.  They seem to believe that they can force us into socialism and still keep their power and wealth.  If that is true, then they will be the dictators of the socialist paradise they would create.  No paradise has a dictator.  They are selling an illusion and using the media to market this to the masses.

As to how to counter this I can think of no specific solution except to continue living free and doing our best to extol the virtues of freedom and self reliance.  We need to make our lifestyles be the envy of those who live in the rat mazes that are our urban centers.  We need to demand our rights and keep God in our hearts and families and as an active part of our lives.

The ‘Kung Flu Hustle’

Life as we know it has ended while the government is ‘fighting’ the Covid19 epidemic.  Life ended because government has pretty much ordered everyone to stay home and for businesses to close.

I smell a rat.  If you were to only listen to network news you would swear people are lying in the streets dying and that this epidemic is killing thousands a day.  Thing is, this is not really the case.  Even so, people are literally panicking and hoarding as if the world is coming to an end or the proverbial TEOTWAWKI SHTF scenario.

There have been reports of the CDC telling medical establishments to list all deaths occurring during this shutdown as Covid19 fatalities even if patients had other issues that made their ability to survive the flu difficult.  There have been reports that have been made indicating that 94% of the deaths during this crisis are patients with underlying causes that led to their dying due to the flu.  Cancer, immune disorders, and old age are all primary factors in those who are dying of Covid19.  This is not being reported widely in the press.

We hear various democratic politicians all calling for more medical equipment or confiscating ventilators from hospitals in areas nearby where the virus has not had a big impact.  Oddly enough much of the medical supplies and equipment sent by the feds has been ‘misplaced’ embarrassingly pointed out by President Trump regarding New York State and various medical supplies.

The media has started to stop covering Trump’s daily briefings and instead play dreary and doom saying 24/7 reports and interview various political actors who all accuse the president of not responding to the crisis even though he was first to react to the pending epidemic and got withering criticism by the press and democrats for having done so.

Funny thing is that videos are starting to circulate that contradict the crowded emergency room trope that the media is pushing as well as the empty testing tents set up in urban areas where the press is showing film of lines and crowds that do not apparently exist.  Anecdotal evidence indicates that Hydro Chloraquine is literally the miracle drug that is saving people who are deathly ill with the virus literally on death’s door.  Knowing this from many sources, you have to wonder why some governors are banning the use of the drug unless it is administered in a hospital.  This is contrary to the common use of this drug for Lupus and other maladies and the drug has a 65 year record of safe usage under the supervision of a doctor of course.  So why the stall?

Something smells afoul in all of this.  Our economy is in a predictable nose dive and the longer we sit the longer and the more it will cost to bring it back to where it was in early January.  The death toll is not such that would warrant such drastic actions as we have taken.  There is no reason for the entire nation to be shut down.  There is no reason for upstate New York to be shut down.  Like many rural areas in states under lock down, there is not an epidemic in these outlying areas and a shut down is not indicated.  Logic would have said to quarantine the areas where the virus was spreading and not shut down everything.   Logic would have put all the people at risk in quarantine BEFORE they got sick and isolated them so they could survive.  We did the exact opposite.  We quarantine the sick while those at risk are not protected at all since the virus is loose in society to begin with.

What is going on in my opinion is the left’s last gasp attempt to derail Trump’s re-election and to help the democrats hold the house in the fall elections.  The deep state coupled with the democrat party are conspiring to sway the election by tainting the president and you can bet there will be a proctological type of congressional ‘investigation’ by the house into Trump’s response to the virus starting soon with the democrats hoping to find some action or lack of action that they can flog President Trump with all the way to November and election day.

I will add the illegal executive orders shutting down gun and ammo sales is a trial balloon to see how the actions of these governors hold up against a court challenge and I am sure these actions will be repeated in the future if they are not overturned.  Our second amendment is under attack in all of this.  Remember what Rahm Emmanuel Obama’s Chief of staff said when he, ‘Barack the magic negro’, was inaugurated.  Don’t let a crisis go to waste. He was talking about the banking collapse that happened in late 2008 and the depression it started in our nation.   The democrats are doing the same thing with the Covid19 epidemic.  They are exploiting this epidemic in order to fatten the budget and secure more power for the government.

It is time to get back to work folks.  If you live where the virus is still spreading in your area then you can stay at home.  If you are in an at risk group, you can also stay at home.  The rest of us need to get our economy going again and end this siege on our businesses sector by the government.

Coronavirus, who is actually afraid?

I just spent a few minutes with my son who is a manager of a local retail store.  He has about 10 employees.  His company has ordered them to shut down as of Tomorrow per the commands of Cuomo the ‘Magnificient’ Generalissimo of New York State.

His staff run in ages from 21 to 63.  Guess who is ‘scared’ of the Coronavirus?????

The Generation ‘Z’ or late Millenial the 21 year old.  She is literally in a panic about the virus.

The older staffers some of whom are at risk due to respiratory issues basically are unimpressed with the ‘epidemic’ and would rather keep working.

I am quite sure the same is true of all of the same age same generation folks in the deep state in both Washington DC and in Albany.  They are panicked.  They are fearful for their lives.  They have never faced a real danger nor has their parents so the ‘We can make it together’ attitude does not exist in their mindsets.

I fear the long term effects of the shut down orders upon the economy will be very negative mostly in how the government will grow in size and power in response to this pseudo ‘disaster’ that in actuality does not exist.  Ultimately the fallout from this virus and its impact upon our nation will be the increased degree of control the government will have over us.

There will be deaths from this outbreak but as evidenced in China, it will not be catastrophic and will ultimately go down as being not as bad as the swine flu of 2009 and 2010.  The government will trumpet how their actions ‘Saved Us’ but if you understand how the liberals use disaster to their advantage.  Growing government ONLY BENEFITS the Liberal/socialists.


Big Brother is running things now.

Short of absolute travel bans we are under a sort of martial law. Currently, government has cancelled all schools and events gatherings and meeting places either directly or through influence and we are being told to maintain a ‘social distance’. There is an awful lot of fear circulating in society and the government is doing little to soothe the fears and in many ways is actually driving them.

We know that the statistics of this outbreak are not the kind of numbers that should strike fear in one’s heart. They are comparable to the flu or perhaps a half a percent worse. So far this year almost 20,000 people have died of the seasonal flu and we have seen little in the news or from the government to indicate that the seasonal flu is an epidemic. I wonder if the numbers for the Coronavirus will be as large.

I have had several thoughts about the origin of the Coronavirus. Some say it is a weaponized virus released by the Chinese government. I wonder if in fact it is, they did so just to gauge the reactions of the various major nations of the world to a relatively mild contagion. The Chinese are more than happy to see thousands of their citizens die as they are reaching an overpopulated condition in their society at this point so less people is good for them. So, release a bug into the world to see how well the other nations cope: Strategic planning and research experiment.


What if the government knows that this is not the equivalent of the Black Plague but they are playing it up to secure more controls in society and to encourage more people to ‘rely’ on the government. This would be to the advantage of the deep state and would serve to support any claims they make of their being ‘vital’ to national security and safety.


What if the government and all of the talking heads we are hearing are just stupid and so partisan that they will panic the people to score points against Trump and free enterprise in the form of private medical businesses of all types. If your goal is socialism then this is one way to improve your chances of getting our nation to that point.


While probably all of my thoughts hold some validity we out here in the wilds are left with the problem of surviving this epidemic and making sure our loved ones do as well. Protecting the elderly and those at risk is more important than hoarding water and toilet paper.

I firmly believe that we are powerless to stop the spread of this virus any more than we can stop the common cold or the seasonal flu. Our best bet is to create strategies to preserve and protect that which we know are most at risk; avoid panic and panic based activities such as hoarding and literally stopping all activities in society.

With the closures of schools and social institutions along with cancelling sports and delaying seasons from starting has put a big clamp on our economic engine that is our nation. While I could understand this when 9-11 happened for a week or so while we sorted out what had happened and what we needed to do in the short term, keeping these closures going more than a week or maybe two at the most is going to really slow down if not stop the economic boom we have been in. Perhaps this is the goal of these actions to be honest.   Until I see the statistics more than double as far as fatalities I am not going to consider this a life changing event and I am eager to get back to normal as quickly as possible for all our sake.

I doubt the numbers as a percentage of those who have the flu and die will change from the 1% that they have been. This is our barometer. Forget other nations and their stats as their health systems operate entirely differently than ours especially when it comes to the elderly and how much care they will receive if they fall ill. Focus on our numbers. Be grateful Trump shut down most of the entries into the nation for the short term.

Wait and watch.  Ole’ Remus advice of staying away from crowds applies now more than ever.

Coronavirus; they Hype and the reality

I saw this on Facebook and it speaks very directly on what we really should be concerned with regarding the Coronavirus……

Regarding the Coronavirus. I will agree that it will spread throughout the nation and is a health hazard. However, I disagree as to how we as a nation should react.

Truth is that the vast majority of us could ‘catch’ the virus and survive the exposure with no effect. The statistics support this and the overall mortality rate is 1% of those who come down with the Influenza that this virus causes. This statistic is also the same as the mortality rate of the seasonal influenza outbreak we are experiencing already. So far this winter, 16,000 Americans have died as a result of this flu and yet, I see no panic in the streets regarding this ‘old’ flu bug.

At present, people are literally panicking at the prospect of actually being exposed and catching this influenza virus. People are buying and hoarding toilet paper, hand sanitizer and bottled water all in anticipation of a nationwide epidemic of death. The facts do not support this and yet our media and political leaders are doing nothing to present the facts as they are for the vast majority of people.

According to the statistics that have been recorded from the actual results of this virus, the bulk of the fatalities due to this viral infection are among those over 50 and some younger: the very small portion of society who are ‘at risk’ due to medical conditions they already have. The most recent death of a victim in NYC was an 80 year old emphysema sufferer who was one of those who came into contact with the lawyer or people he associated with that lives in Westchester county. She was hospitalized on the 3rd of March and died today. She was over 50 and at risk.

Our best efforts should not be to avoid contact with the virus as it will be pretty much impossible to do so. You cannot avoid the common cold; at least and live a normal life. This virus will spread through our communities regardless of shutting schools, cancelling sports events and banning mass gatherings. We should endeavor to protect our loved ones who are at risk. This cannot be done by these aforementioned methods.

We should not fear the virus but whether we do or do not come down with the flu we should do the following.

Stay away from the elderly. Nursing homes and loved ones.

Stay away from people who are medically at risk.

Stay at home if you are sick until you are cleared to go back out into society.

In time as the weather warms and the virus runs its course we will see the infection rates drop to nearly zero and then life can resume normal status.

Lastly, do not Fear this virus. It is from all appearances no more deadly than the seasonal flu we are already exposed to.

Buying all the toilet paper and sanitizer and bottled water and hoarding only causes hardships on those who may really need to gather extra supplies and isolate themselves from society because they are at risk.

Panic is an ugly behavior that is selfish and does nothing but make working together more difficult.