The Future…Things that I believe will come to pass

You would have to be oblivious to everything to not see the unrest in the nation both overt and unstated. We see active protests in various cities from the likes of BLM and ANTIFA who are merely the latest agents of the socialist left provocateurs. Their activists have had many names but their goal has remained as originally defined when the communists promised to bury us. They wish to destroy the US as founded and institute their version of socialist utopia which in reality is simply a new form of discrimination where the government chooses the winners and losers or rather, the leadership elite get to do this. We see these activities for what they are. I say ‘we’ referring to patriotic and founding loving Americans. While the left wishes to usurp our form of governance, I believe that when things get close to the left achieving their goal a great movement of patriotic Americans will rise up and thrash them royally. You cannot keep poking the bear that is our love of freedom and not get a reaction. As long as we are an armed citizenry the left cannot prevail and they know this.

My concerns are not about stopping the socialists. In actuality while the process of stopping them will be bloody it will be quick and direct and they will crumble once they meet the might of the patriotic Deplorable nation. You see, winning elections will not restore our nation to its founding roots. It will take a cleansing in order to root out the anarchists and the revolutionaries who want to see us become the United Socialist States of America. This cleansing will be one of intense violence as the forces that love our founding and freedoms root out the infiltrators and the traitors. We know about these people and what they want to do. We can fight them directly and eliminate them rather quickly. No, my concerns are about what comes after that.

Obviously there will be a sincere effort put forth to restore the full meaning and purpose of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. As simple in principle this sounds, the actual execution will be quite problematic and fraught with peril. Keep in mind that once the left is defeated and their soldiers on the field are routed, there will remain a huge colony within our population of left minded socialist wannabes who will be waiting to start yet anew in their efforts to conquer our nation from within using the tools of freedom and free governance against us.

Included in those left wing ranks will be the schemers and plotters of the socialist movement who have rarely been seen in the light of day. These people are chess masters who use others to accomplish their goals of attaining and holding power. History shows that the socialists have used the unrest and recent revolts in many nations to their advantage repeatedly in the past. Pretty much every ‘communist’ nation we know of arose out of the ashes of recent democratic revolt. They allow patriots to oust an illegitimate regime only to oust the patriots once the peace is secured and then they institute their version of socialism which in effect is totalitarianism.

The problem we face as citizens, even as patriotic citizens, is that while we most likely can be a viable and successful fighting force, few of us are the kind of strategists needed to ensure we survive the peace that follows such an event as a civil war or revolution. Having great intentions is not enough. Understanding the scenario and the risks as well as how to quickly and with fairness establish a viable and functioning republic without falling victim to either self imposed paranoia or outside threats is a task of a high order. To ensure that our nation is allowed to rebuild an impartial system of justice we will be faced with removing thousands of people from government who by their actions or lack of action have abetted the left in their current conquest of our nation. This will be emotional, tedious and difficult work that many will not have the stomach for. In this process we must be careful to not allow imposters to take positions of authority in pursuit of a ‘new nation’ who actually seek to infiltrate our government before it starts again with socialist communist sympathizers who will initiate the seeds of our future defeat while we rebuild. This process will be very tumultuous and as difficult as it was in 1783, imagine how it dramatic and fraught with controversy it will be today with the media we currently have along with the social platforms all pushing their own agendas.

As much as we may compare ourselves to the founders we are not made of the same material. These leaders after the revolution could have established a very powerful and centralized government benefiting themselves most of all and yet, they did not do this. Their aim was to create a central government that was powerful enough to protect the nation, preserve the peace and yet be just strong enough to do that and no more. These days, our technology and communications provide a fertile ground for despots in waiting who would leap at the chance to empower themselves and their cronies all supposedly for the public good but in reality more focused on their protection and preservation of their power. In essence I am saying we do not have the virtue our founders did and we need to be mindful of this.

So, the great risk we face is not the socialists at present. It is the time of uncertainty that would surely follow a period of great civil unrest and upheaval. As I view the future honestly I do not fear for my freedoms because I am one of millions who will not allow them to be taken away, nor will we tolerate any more erosion on them. We will stand and fight and drive the controlling socialists from our midst. It is in that unknown beyond that time that I see we being our time of real trial where our hopes and desires will be put to task. Those days will be the true test of our resolve to re-establish a truly free nation upon this earth and we will be challenged to do so in a way that has the permanence of our original founding.

Understanding where True American Patriots really stand in today’s nation

We have been referred to by many liberal politicians as anything but good Americans. We have been called ‘Bitter Clingers’ by Obama. ‘Deplorables’ by Hillary. ‘Bubbas’ by Senator Moynihan. ‘Racists’ by Biden and his cronies. I could go on but this list is not what is important here.

What we must understand is that we are not considered to be a part of the American people by the powers set to take over in DC. While we may scoff at this notion understand we just had our election stolen from us openly and brazenly and to be quite honest, the left does not care one bit as to what we think or how we feel about that.

What kind of citizenship do we really hold in today’s America? Are we equals? Are we respected at all? Do our opinions count? Well, you already know the answers to all of those questions and you are acutely aware of everything I have mentioned thus far.

Let me pose a question that we need to really think about.

What do you think they, the controlling left wing politicians, have in store for us?


Are you willing to take whatever policies and sanctions that they impose upon us?

You do not have to be a mind reader to know they are coming for our guns. They are going to drive our religious beliefs out of our communities as well as our cherished heritage. We are to be eliminated much like the Jews were targeted in Germany up to and during WWII. Need proof? Just compare the media, lapdogs of the democrats, and what is constantly said about us. The lies, exaggerations and misrepresentation of our beliefs and core values. The ridicule. We are accused of being the enemies of the left’s agenda. We are considered a burden on society.

Our leader has been vilified, lied about, and has had his reputation sullied all in their efforts to suppress any notion of American pride and our heritage as being noble and a strength. Donald Trump will be lucky if he is not brought up on charges for the incidents on the 6th even when it is becoming more and more apparent that Antifa were the ones leading that entire debacle at the Capitol Building. I think that it is 50-50 that Trump does not finish his term of which there are only 12 days left.

This is how much the left hates us. As Trump said and was so accurate when he referred to this; we citizens who believe in the goodness of America and our traditions as being the real targets of the left and that he is standing in their way.

This war upon our kind has been openly declared and now the left will dare us to respond to any of their attacks and actions that they will be imposing to try to drive us out of existence. They have already brainwashed our children in their socialist indoctrination centers we used to know as public schools. We are mocked openly by the media and by the very entertainment we see produced by the left wing media networks. If the left could, they would march us off to re-education camps just like the Chinese communists do in their country. This is how this socialist cabal want to deal with dissension.

When Obama was elected I thought we were headed to a fight but I was wrong. While he riled up many of us, Obama did his real damage to the actual government structure and the people who make up the civil servants in our various government agencies. By driving out anyone who resisted the socialist agenda, Obama altered the mindset of the government employees to one that supports the left wing agenda only. So much so that they willingly and brazenly engaged in illegal surveillance on American citizens, including Trump and his staff and his family.

This is how corrupt the government has become. We are not facing a political challenge any more. It is now one of survival.

Don’t think you can just hunker down and wait this one out. By the time the first two years of the Biden presidency is over they will have started the purge of our way of life from this nation. They will use their acolytes in state government as well to implement as many restrictions upon our rights as they think that they can get away with. Appealing to the Supreme Court will not do us any good. All of the institutions we were brought up to believe in as being righteous and as bulwarks of fairness in our nation are gone.

I will not say I think that we should initiate some sort of conflict to regain our nation. I cannot advocate for that as it is a decision to be made by a consensus of like minded citizens and not in any other way.

I will say we need to organize. We need to establish a new major national political party. I think that the ‘American Patriot’ party has a nice ring to it. If everyone who supported Trump and his agenda; all 75 million of us; were to sign on we would immediately become an organized serious political threat to the deep state politicians and this would be a great start. We could quickly put true patriots in office and start spreading the truth about American greatness and how the left is destroying our nation.

Our voices are being censored on the internet and we need a public forum where we cannot be ignored. A viable political party would force the media to cover us and our position statements.

Beyond all of this, be aware of what they, the socialists, intend to do. Prepare. Stock up. Be vigilant.

Know and understand the ultimate intentions of our enemy. The anti-American Socialists

Election 2020 the fix was in

We are seeing the election of 2020 and the fraud that it was being enshrined as legitimate by the media and the political class in DC including most republicans. The fix was in. The questions of fraudulent activities have mostly gone unacknowledged with the exception of a few brave people in Congress. Since the evidence to me is pretty compelling, I wonder why this has gained no traction.

I think the fix we are seeing now was started back during the Clinton crime era in Washington. (1992-2000) Consider this as a possibility as to why no one has allowed any court case or motion to move forward in this situation that could have threatened the election results.

Speaking of the Clinton era, remember Jeffrey Epstein?????

Jeffrey Epstein was someone who it is hard to determine how he made his money. He had a business in the Virgin Islands and we have all heard of his pedophile flights to his remote private island. Without a specific audit trail you have to wonder what he did to make his fortune? There is no consensus as to how exactly he made his fortune. That is puzzling to say the least.

As Epstein started cozying up with DC types he also cozied up with the Clintons. We all wonder how Hillary got the nomination in 2016 when she was not the clear favorite. The same could be said about Biden as well in 2020.

Suppose she and a few in the inner circle of power on the left and deep state got a hold of Epstein’s little black book regarding his pedophile flights and island including video tapes of various political bigwigs from both political parties as well as members of the present day judicial branch. If this was in their possession you could then understand the how in many of the present political capitulations to the corrupt election occurred. If this is true, this is why SCOTUS as well as every federal court passed on every fraud case regarding the election of 2020. It has been reported that Chief Justice Roberts was a visitor to pedophile island on at least one occasion. I am quite certain that there are many well known names in that book including a lot of prominent republicans sufficient to induce them all to not support any attempts to identify and correct any corruption in this election.

All of this I say because I think the republic has lost its mind. How else can you explain the complete disregard for due process and the value of evidence? In essence, there is no logic or honesty in play and no one seems to care except the deplorables who don’t count anyways. The seeming death grip that seems to be over the media and the political class as well as the deep state points to some sort of compelling control that these organizations and people cannot or will not resist.

The result is that truth and facts no longer matter when it comes to policy agendas and elections. You cannot rig elections without complicity of a sufficient number of people within government and the media or else you risk gaining unwanted scrutiny and that just has not been allowed to happen this election cycle. No, the FIX was and still is in.

People who wield such power over others do so because they have an agenda and that always includes consolidating power and control over as large a group as possible including the entire nation. Dissidence will not be tolerated. Non compliance will be punished. Authority cannot be questioned. Evidence: Dr. Fauci and the epidemic response and the shaming of anyone who questions their controls. You can add the push for the green agenda, Socialist policies and social conformance by all. Normally it is healthy to have a meaningful discussion of the merits of any policy agenda but not these days.

If this all is the case, or anything similar to this, keep in mind they are coming for us. Not specifically us as individuals just yet. They will come for our free speech; our kids’ educations; our access to unbiased news and information; and eventually, our guns. We deplorables are a serious threat to their plans. Trump was proof we are a force to be reckoned with. They will not allow us to grow in numbers and political strength.

In order for a socialist tyranny to get full control, the peasants must be subjugated. The democrats and those republicans under their control will not proceed in any what that makes them look like they are directly attacking or discriminating against us. They will do it with their lapdog media with publicity campaigns designed to make anyone who questions their intentions as being illiterate and disruptive to society. In other words they will make us out to be criminal in nature and anti society all while making their social planning look like nirvana. Truth will not matter.

I do not think that this will get very far before there is some considerable push back from deplorable nation. How far that push back proceeds from that point is unknown at present. I do think we have a pretty good idea of what we will face. The media is aligned against us and any claims of unfairness and discrimination from those on our side will fall upon completely deaf ears. The use of force against us will be justified and accepted as being our fault and have nothing to do with the usurpation of our rights.

If we fail to effect change within the system our only recourse is outside the system. The election and the aftermath are proof that our route within the system is blocked.

It is easy to call for a revolution or a civil war but when the real shit hits the fan then it is a bit more serious than many would like to see. Some claim to welcome such things but I think most would hope we could avoid it if possible. And yet, somehow, I feel that eventually it will come down to a fight. A free citizen who is aware of the worth of their freedom will not surrender it willingly. If we are pushed too far, there will be retribution.

The ball is proverbially in their court at present.

Meanwhile, keep up on current events. Find and use several sources and methods to exchange information and current events. Don’t rely on the MSM.

Keep your powder dry and your firearms well oiled. Stock up on provisions.

Keep your opinions to yourself when around strangers. The fifth column will become a bigger and bigger threat as time goes on as the deep state will try to infiltrate any suspected group of deplorables even if they are not really organized. We know that the deep state is our major enemy but never ignore the threat of infiltration. They would rather tear us apart piece by piece than to face us as an organized group.

Lastly, as Ole Remus always said, Avoid crowds.

We do not have a political party. The republicans have abandoned us.

Where did they go? The republicans? You know, the party from the Reagan era?

It is bad enough we are enduring this Kung Flu epidemic and then you add in the massive voter fraud of the 2020 election. Now, when the people who gathered and elected Trump and then re-elected President Trump only to see the election stolen right from under our noses, why hasn’t the republican party said a meaningful word about this?

It is patently obvious that our national political scene is as follows:

Democrats. We know who they are and they want socialism and hate guns and the flag. I could go on but anyone who is not a democrat knows exactly what I am talking about.

Republicans. These used to be conservative, NRA supporting, individual rights supporting people but now should be labelled instead: ‘Democrat Lite’.

We deplorables do not have a national party. I am talking about Trump supporters. We conservative Traditional Americans do not have a national representation anywhere other than our President. It is obvious that once the left (including the republicans) get rid of Trump, we are next. We are to be subjugated and forced to conform to their globalist agenda.

They are serious about getting rid of guns. They are serious about curbing free speech everywhere. They are serious about the new green deal and the massive changes and increased cost of living that will cause. They are serious about flooding this nation with illiterate refuges from all over the world. They are serious about banning any expressions of Christianity anywhere private or public.

The incoming leadership (if Trump cannot prevail) is determined to end our nation as it was founded and create a new socialist utopia where the government and its massive civil service cadre will rule this nation with an iron fist of complicated regulations and prohibitions.

We ‘Dirt People’ are under a serious and deadly attack. We will see our lives altered permanently and in ways that will suppress our faith and love of country and tradition. Our children will be force fed socialist dogma in propaganda sessions in what used to be free public schools where we learned about our heritage and founding. Our kids and grand-kids will be taught that freedom is bad and that they should always trust the government. The exact opposite of what we knew was the truth when we were young.

So, what are we to do? The notion of taking the republican party back seems unlikely due to the massive corruption of the members of the higher echelons who are as deeply in bed with the global elitists as all the democrats are.

We could form a new political party and this would be a way of reinforcing our beliefs and members but as a potent political force this is a non starter. Our history shows that third parties do not generally succeed and are marginalized rather quickly. Our political system used to exist of two parties divided on differing opinions over interpretations of the Constitution and our Bill of Rights. This is how it was in the past but these days we see that they differ more on how to milk the system and the people of more and more of their money. A third party has no way to compete economically in the national political arena.

I do know a few things that are for certain.

One, we are not going anywhere. We will not surrender our rights or our freedoms. We will not go quietly into the night as they would prefer we do. We will stand together and resist the draconian changes that are in store for us in the future. We will stand together to fight against the tyranny of the state and its massive power that by no reasonable thinking it should have. We will resist the will of socialists and their plans for our future.

We must remember that we are alone in this fight. President Trump, if he is not confirmed for a second term, will be ostracized and isolated by the press and the political parties. If he is seated for a second term we will still be on our own aside from his concerns for us. The system is aligned against us completely and no president can change that in one term.

Our nation was founded and sustained by people taking care of themselves and we must remember that. We must work to solve our own problems and the problems that the government creates.

We must be prepared to fight and defend our way of life and our freedom. We must keep in mind the four boxes of freedom as they pertain to our liberty.

The Soap box where our ideas and beliefs are offered in our discussions including politics.

The Ballot box where we can elect our choice for president.

The Jury box where those who act to usurp the rights of the people and the processes that exist to protect those rights.

Lastly, the Ammo box because when the first three are used and tyranny still exists, all that is left for a free people to defend themselves is the ammo box.

Violence is normally not the answer to solving problems but when tyrants co-opt the power of government to their own selfish purposes, rebellion and demonstrating our dissatisfaction with their actions and the state of the union is the only way to defeat them and restore the rule of law and the Constitution in our nation.

Many have written of the coming Civil War. I believe with the actions of the government and the global elitists that it has become inevitable and it is now a question of when and how it will start. As long as there are freedom loving patriots we must band together and be ready to fight to restore our nation to the long lost bastion of freedom that it was and should always be.

Hello fellow Dirt People

I use the term dirt people because as far as I can tell, this is what the left thinks of those of us who voted for Trump and supported his policies.  We are the red neck Bible toting, gun loving, American Flag loving, Veteran supporters, Christian, Anti socialism Citizens who despise the agenda that Biden and the rest of the prominent democrats endorse.  They call us Deplorables.  They call us Walmart people.  They describe us as ‘smelly’, illiterate, backwards, gun loving, violent, racist, homophobe, Confederacy loving, primitives who do not deserve any respect at all.  They go out of their way to find ways to demean our beliefs and way of life.  They seek to control our language and speech in public. They force us to tolerate social behaviors of some people due to their religion while openly suppressing ours. In other words the left despise us for who and what we are as well as our Christian place in our society as well as the documented Christian heritage of our nation.

If you look at a map of the nation with the color red for areas we live in and love you will see we occupy the huge majority of the land of this nation.  We are the people who do the work that these ‘Elite socialists’ don’t want to do.  We are the farmers, builders, manufacturers, drivers, garbage haulers, miners, mechanics, utility maintainers, and just about everything else that is done including business owners, entrepreneurs, and hard working people.  It is on our backs that the left controls the nation.

If we stopped working, the left would literally starve to death.  If we shut down transportation into the cities, the left would starve to death and if we shut down the utilities to these cities, the left would die of exposure.  They cannot do what we do.  They consider what we do to be ‘beneath them’.  We are supposed to kowtow to their agenda and never complain and just support them because they are the ‘politically correct’ Americans and we are deplorable.

We are witnessing the most obvious and blatant theft of an election in the history of the United States.     The left has such little respect for us that they are openly and defiantly committing fraud by stuffing the ballot box and gaming the systems to get their senile candidate in off. Once their candidate is in office their intent is to finish destroying what was the founding of our nation which they have openly said that they hate. They seek to irrevocably alter the fundamental nature of our society. They actually use those terms. They openly admit that they seek to change everything.

I am less concerned from here as to where we go as to when the war starts.  You cannot suppress the will of the producers of everything that is essential to a society without fomenting a confrontation.  It is not a question of will we tolerate this.  It is a question of when will we put our proverbial foot down and say enough is enough.  We will not be their servants.  We will not be their slaves.  We will not continue to do what we do that benefits them if all we receive is condemnation and ridicule.

We are conflicted in this because as we love our nation and our founding we also abhor the notion of defying our government as it is not the act of a civil society.  Even so, there will come a time when the left takes that one step too far; the straw that breaks the camel’s back so to speak. 

Will it be mandatory registration and massive ownership taxes for semi automatic weapons?  Will it be a ban on certain types of firearms? Will it be an outright gun registration and eventual ban?  Will it be mandatory inoculations?  Will it be the total re-write of our education system that deletes all mention of American greatness? (They are already well on the way to this one) Will it be a move to single payer government rationed healthcare?  Somewhere along the path that the left has laid out for our nation in their announced agenda we will come to a place where collectively we ‘dirt people’ will say ‘Enough is enough!’ and the lead will start to fly.

There is one immutable fact about mankind that the left refuses to acknowledge and admit it is suffering from.  This fatal flaw is that the human lust for power and control. This corrupts everything someone does.  Once the lust for power and control starts running unchecked tyranny follows automatically in line with it.  Power and control relies on uniformity and single mindedness of the citizenry. Ultimately, the consequences of such addictions are chaos and dissent.  This leads to economic recessions and depressions all at the hands of those who claimed would ‘fix it’.

Imagine having gasoline back to 5 dollars a gallon.  Imagine that our combined taxes rise to levels that we only see in the most restrictive nations in Europe where freedom is merely a ghost of the past.  Imagine that all gasoline automobiles are banned and our only resource would be electric cars or public transit of which neither exists in any quantity that would satisfy need?

Keep in mind, in my 65 years, I cannot recall a time during a democrat administration where our economy was robust.  JFK/LBJ led us into a recession as the war in Vietnam would down.  Carter was an absolute disaster.  Clinton may have balanced the budget but it was on the merits of a republican Congress and not due in any way to his skills.  The economy stumbled along during his 8 years.  I must add that both Bush presidencies weren’t picnics either as they lacked the fundamental basics of what we have seen in the last 4 years.  Both Bushes were deep state advocates who were as linked to the corruption as the democrats are.  Remember too, the RINOs in the republican party who have not lifted a finger to help Trump during his presidency or during this election.   They are as much a part of the problem as the democrats we are seeing who are orchestrating this farce that is an election count. Obama went out of his way to suppress our economy intentionally to force the memory of winning our of our mindsets. His 8 years demonstrated that we can be forced to lose if the government wants us too. The only people that won during his presidency were those on welfare and in the inner circle of influence who profited mightily during his years. This is what we face.

Trump was a blessing if only because he reminded the nation how good we can be at succeeding in everything.  He taught a lesson in American greatness that had been forgotten.  He encourage the nation to grow and prosper. As a result our economy flourished picking up every citizen of all races along the way. In fact, the entire world flourished. This is who we, as Americans, can be!!!!!!

 My fellow ‘dirt people’, we are facing this future and it is not an ‘If’.  It is a ‘WHEN’ will this arrive.  I had hoped that my grandchildren would not be forced to see the coming rebellion that will occur sooner now than I had hoped.

Perhaps it was wishful thinking on my part that I thought that maybe if we show the drones who support the democrats how good life could be with a thriving economy that maybe they would see the virtues and join in.  Sadly, no.  The drones will always be drones until they are forced by starvation and lack of a place to live into understand and fighting and working to support their needs.   No, we need a rebellion in order to weed out those who do not have loyalty to the promise that our forefathers gave us.  These tyrants are committing treason on a daily basis all so they can garner more control and power to alter and reshape our nation into a perversion of what it once was and still can be.

We dirt people hold the power.  It comes down to whether we are determined and brave enough to wield it in such a way that we assert the control over the rest of the nation so as to force them to respect our desires and our dreams for America too.  Our unity and determination can be used to demonstrate our ‘dissatisfaction’ with how our nation as well as how we are being treated. If they still choose to deride us we will have to resort to taking back our nation by force.  We don’t want to do this but, we are being given little choice  by the democrats and rinos and their actions to deny us any voice.  While I fear for my loved ones, I do not fear for my fellow like-minded citizens.  We will prevail.  It is just a question as to how and when it all starts.

We are hated by the Left!

While we look upon the political scene these days we hear a lot of what I would call socialist and/or radical anti freedom policies proposed by all sorts including presidential candidates as well as from certain members of congress and the various pundits.  We see ongoing threats to the second amendment that we can no longer ignore.  All of this points to a deep divide in this nation.

As a deplorable I have come to accept that the left hates our values and beliefs.  I know hate is a strong word and I rarely use it but I have in this case.  The left wants our guns gone.  The left wants our Christian values gone.  The left wants our traditions and family values gone.  They have been very open about this and they have not toned down the rhetoric.  If anything, they have ramped it up.

We, as deplorable, red state, conservative, Christian, flag waving, country loving Americans have to understand that the left truly and without any hesitation HATES US!!!

We are the stumbling block to their goal of socialism.  We are considered to be backwards.  Ignorant.  Uneducated.  Ungrateful hicks.  One California professor made a statement recently that we should all be forcefully relocated to urban areas because our rural areas lack the culture and social institutions that they have in the urban areas and that is why we believe what we do.

It used to be that democrats and republicans both believed in the freedoms of our nation and the rights of the people should not be infringed upon.  These days, I am beginning to believe that there is a huge cabal of democrats, republicans and the deep state that see our founding documents as a roadblock to their governance.

All of the gun control legislation is opposed by we deplorables and the left knows this and attempts to pass more and more restrictions and in many places they succeed.  All of this in spite of our disagreement with the laws and with the knowledge that these laws do not regulate criminals, but make criminals our of all of us who are deplorables.  In fact, this is their goal.

The sooner we wake up and readily admit that we are detested and hated by the left and the establishment politicians of both parties the sooner we can effectively mount a resistance to their ongoing agenda of altering this nation into a Europe like socialist government.  This is not a time where we can compromise at all.  We see a president we duly elected under attack on a daily basis and as president Trump said, he is under attack because he is standing between us and the liberal democrats and their socialist agenda.  This is very uncomfortably true.

The proper name for this is discrimination.  We are being discriminated against.  Our values and cultural traditions are being suppressed.  We being are forced to ‘convert’ to their definitions of society and their values.  We, the ones who mind our own business and are peaceful members of society.  Forget the violent illegal immigrants entering our country on a daily basis.  The left embraces them.  Meanwhile, they the left, hate us; law abiding citizens who work, pay taxes and serve in the military.  If you cannot see the hypocrisy of this well, there may not be hope for you.

We are falsely accused of being; i.e. Nazis fascists, neo-cons, and worse.  Meanwhile, the left’s minions are acting like Nazis, Fascists and anarchists and are far more destructive and a danger to society.  The elements of antifa along with the crimes committed by illegal immigrants dwarf any actions taken by members of deplorable nation: a.k.a. Legacy Americans.

Wake up!!!  We are directly under attack.  Our lifestyles and values are under attack.  They mean to destroy our way of life.  This has been coming a long time and the horizon is within sight.

We did not ask for this conflict.  We did nothing to cause it.  We would rather be left alone.  This is not how things are going.  They, the left-deepstate-rinos brought it to us.  We cannot allow them to take any more of our rights and freedoms away.


The real enemy and opponent free Americans face

We are in unprecedented times.  The rift between what seems to be opposing parties has grown enough that the words ‘Civil War’ are being bounced around and this time it seems like it could come to pass.  On the one hand are the Deplorables, also known as Legacy Americans or perhaps better put, Authentic Americans.  I proudly count myself in that number.  We hold to traditional and long standing values that were the fundamental building blocks of our nation.  We see the value of work and of a secure border and that the founders put together 3 distinct documents that are the backbone and the roots of our nation.  These are the Declaration of Independence; The Constitution; and the Bill of Rights.  We believe in the original intent and that these documents are not subject to re-interpretation.

Our opponents are ostensibly the democrats or socialists or liberals or progressives and all of these apply to the most vocal and oppositional members of that party.  They believe in open borders, Medicare for all, no guns and severe controls on free speech and especially if a conservative point of view is raised.  They have aligned themselves with the deep state in a coup to try to oust President Donald Trump who won the 2016 election.  It is obvious that our opposition cannot stand that fact.  The current impeachment investigation is the equivalent of a Nazi closed door trial where the defendant cannot question the witnesses and is not allowed to present evidence.  There is no impartiality at all and the democrats have been at this since the day after Trump was elected in 2016 and have been actively aided by the FBI, CIA and Whitehouse staffers along with a myriad of members of the bureaucratic corps.

While it is easy to label this a republican versus democrat battle it is not really that at all.  As a matter of fact if you were to poll the republicans anonymously I would bet many of them are as against Trump as the democrats are.  In order to understand what really is going on here you have to ask yourself why are so many in DC up in arms and opposed to Trump?

Donald Trump is an outsider.  He is not a political person.  He does not owe nor does anyone owe him anything politically.  Trump is savvy enough to see the corruption and wastefulness of government and he ran to try to change things to hopefully reinvigorate our nation and bring back the traditional values that we love.  He is not a part of nor will he ever be a part of the deep state cabal.

Point of fact:  Trump did not steal the election nor did he have any unfair assistance of any kind.  If anything, Hillary had assistance from many quarters and yet, she still lost.  As I said this is unacceptable but to who?

I have come to the realization  that we are not fighting against the democrats.  As a matter of fact the democrats are not the primary opposition to President Trump.  The real opponent is the alliance of the bureaucratic portion of the federal government in all departments aligned with big business along with the democrats and republicans.  Those aligned against Trump all are connected to the corrupt economic system that revolves around the federal budget.  They all derive their fortunes from this system and game it to their advantage.  They are the quintessential corrupt politician or bureaucrat who regardless of which party is in power always makes out well financially, and especially when there is a downturn in the nation’s economy.  They are leveraged AGAINST an honest and fair economy and government.  This is the good ‘ole boys club on steroids.

These people hate us, deplorables/conservatives/patriots/Americans.  It is because we do not need them.  It is because we think they are wasteful and corrupt.  It is simply that we oppose them.  This is not political to them.  It is their survival and Trump and his supporters (us)  threaten that.

They thrive on government spending and the corrupt system that they have created and control.  They thrive on power and seek to destroy any threats to that.  Because we would rather see the spending stop which would stop the gravy train that these people are growing wealthy upon, we are the enemy in their eyes and we are not allowed to elect anybody to any high office who is not previously approved by them.  So, what does all this mean?  Well, we are aligned against the entire federal government including all agencies and law enforcement divisions.  While the rank and file of the law enforcement are like us, every upper level official and supervisor is a part of the deep state cabal and as I said, see us as a blatant threat.

This is not going to be resolved at the voting booth.  This is not going to be resolved by electing more republicans.  This is not going to be resolved if we put another Trump-like president in once Trump leaves office.  It took 243 years for this monster of a economically and politically corrupt entity to grow to this size and it is not going to simply go away because they and their preferred candidates lose elections.

The discussions of civil way reflect an awareness of the fact that it is not just a disagreement.  We are at ideological opposition with those who are resisting our President.  Whether or not we understand the implications of this is immaterial.  The sense of things being simply WRONG tells a person that this is no longer an issue that can be resolved by discussion.  This is why the words CIVIL WAR keep popping up more and more in the discussions on numerous blogs and on conservative news sites.   Something is wrong and many of us realize that life as we understand and know it is in peril and will be exterminated along with our lifestyles if we do not do something to stop this massive juggernaut that is the deep state and the democratic party.

So, when we envision a potential civil war, I would suggest that you think about how much the government will resist any attempt to deny its control and manipulation of policy and politics as we see them today.  It is not as simple as it was in 1861.  We are not states versus states.  This governmental corruption extends to pretty much every state government along with many county or regional governments such as big cities and heavily populated suburban counties.  They are as much a part of this cabal as the lead figures are in DC.  If any conflict arises, it will resemble a rebellion of citizens against the government and not against other citizens.  As a matter of fact I am quite sure the liberals know that their government will act to subdue any insurrection and that they will not have to do anything to stop us.  Yes, there will be direct conflict between party loyalists at first but it will rapidly descend into the federal government using the powers of the military and law enforcement to crush any resistance to their agenda.

This is a high stakes game of raw power against an entire population.  Even at that, only a portion of the population see this corruption and those that do not see it as a problem actually support it.  Geographically we are a majority in terms of land mass but we are a minority in terms of our numbers.  It is quite daunting to consider the prospect of a war breaking out in our nation and if this were to happen, it will make the Civil War seem rather small.  For one, our nation has almost ten times as many citizens as it did in 1861.  For two, those of us who are against this radical alliance of government and corrupt politicians and business make up a sizeable number of people and for the most part, we are armed and unwilling to be disarmed.  The democrats and the deep state fear us due to this resistance.  This is why Donald Trump must be impeached in their minds.  As I said, they cannot allow an outsider to be in control and by getting rid of Trump they hope to drive us underground and out of their way.

So, be sure that as you consider what the options are in the future that you are totally aware of what we are really up against.  It is not antifa or some radicals protesting the end of funding for abortion.  It is a huge conglomerate of corruption and greed that opposes us and they refuse to go quietly into the night.

America needs to divorce….The battle of red state and blue state beliefs

It is more than obvious to anyone who pays the minimum amount of attention to the news that there is something very wrong right now in our nation politics and even locally.  We see two sides set against each other unwilling to bend or compromise.  It is my estimation that we are at a crossroads that we last approached during the failure of the Articles of Confederation that originally bound the 13 free states together.  The process that the states entered into resolve that state of discord is reflected in the ‘Federalist Papers’ and the ‘Anti-Federalist papers’.  These are viewpoints expressed by the differing opinions of the founders.  Eventually a compromise was worked out and our Bill of Rights are the result.  Those founders who were very hesitant to create such a powerful national government that we now have insisted on a set of rules that would preserve the people’s rights as granted them by their creator.

Fast forward 243 years and we are in a national uproar over many issues but one that has created a lot of animosity is the desire of some to weaken the rights of the citizens as described in the Second Amendment.  Consider for a moment that our nation’s federal government is huge and if the founders were to see what their vision of federal government has ballooned to they would be horrified.  The power vested in this central government goes so deeply into our lives that we literally cannot exist in this nation without complying at least in one way with some regulation or law in every aspect of our lives.  The founders feared being ruled by a government that would be tantamount to a sovereignty.  This to them was tyranny and what the Revolutionary War was fought to eliminate.  Facing down a Monarch and his armies were the people and their fight for their rights including to keep and bear arms.  The Second Amendment was important as they felt that there may come a time where the people faced with an overgrown and too powerful government will have to remove said government as it is and then start anew.

The entire notion of facing down the federal government is pretty mind boggling if you think about it.  Most deplorables, i.e. Red State citizens, cherish their rights and especially the Second Amendment.  Even so, the notion of taking up arms against what is considered to be a tyrannical government is still something that we may say brave things about but if push came to shove, things might actually be quite different in what one might actually do.

As we delve into what the founders felt was important, let us consider why this debate about the Second Amendment is such a hot issue.  The liberal or ‘Blue State’ point of view is that Guns are dangerous and should be restricted or banned depending on who you might talk to.  They cite the public good as justification for gun control legislation and yet, cannot point to one statistic that represents a saving of lives as a result of all the laws already in existence.  It seems that data and statistics are less important to the average liberal than feeling good about something they have done.  This is the big myth regarding the efficacy of Gun Control laws.

One question I have for any liberal is why do you fear us, the deplorables, as much as you do?  Your regard for us is equal to one of a gentry class as they view the peasants.  Believe me when I say that I see this.  Pretty much anyone who thinks like me sees this.  Every word we hear from your media (It sure as hell is not ours anymore) is negative about us and our beliefs as well as our representatives that we have put into office.  If anyone on the left is wondering why we are so damn irritated with them this is certainly near to the top of the list.  I will say that I do not hate anyone for their political beliefs or their social attitudes.  I do not hate the person but I do vehemently disagree with their proposed rules and society that they want to bring about.  I may not like or even respect them.  But, I still do not hate them.  I know confidently that I am not alone in this perception of our opponents politically.

Even while gun violence is not an issue for 99.999999% of the legal gun owners in the nation, the left still wants to limit all of our (100% of the safe gun owners) access and ability to own arms.  I think that they are missing the point as to what the real issue is.

It is sad to say that there are bad and evil people in the world.  These people do horrible and despicable things.  They act violently and without regard to the lives they destroy.  This element of man has existed eternally.  You can see that they will act and use whatever is at hand to commit their acts of violence.  If a gun is not available, a knife or machete will do.  If these are not available explosives will do.  It is not the weapon that is dangerous.  It is the antisocial person and these people hide and are among us many are not known to anyone as to being of this mindset.

As to gun control, the real effectiveness of any of the gun regulations in place in the nation is unknown.    You have to remember that criminals do not buy guns legally and they do not have to pass background checks.  The only people that are affected by any gun law are the ones who legally own them and statistics prove they are not the source of the problem that the liberals claim is the issue.

The battle that is going on is going to get much worse as people who are conscientious and safe gun owners do not want nor do they need any further regulations to keep the public safe from their firearms.  The ineffectiveness of the existing gun laws should be more than enough evidence to convince anyone that adding more regulations will not make a meaningful difference.

This brings me to the crux of my discussion.  What is the only recourse when a couple in a marriage just cannot make their relationship work any longer????  Divorce.  Each goes their separate ways and once the estate is settled they live independently of each other.

I do not think the left realizes how upset the deplorables are with their policy agenda.  This includes their ongoing push to allow unfettered immigration into our nation along with Medicare for all and other ‘social programs’.  I do not think that they realize how frustrated we are with what has been going on for quite a while.  We have sat back and bided our time waiting for an opportunity to elect someone we support and who supports us.  President Trump is this someone.

We see the attacks against the president as disrespectful and the illegal actions of the left in their efforts in trying to unseat him from his legally elected office is evidence of that.  We are more than aware that these attacks are not just aimed at President Trump and that they are also directly aimed at us:   Gun loving, deplorables, conservatives, and God loving Americans.  These attacks are  just one more straw on the camel’s back and there is already quite a load on their from what we have already endured from the left.

There is a lot of speculation on the possibility of a second civil war.  The differences of opinion between the sides at present rivals the animosity that was the state of the union in 1860 when Lincoln was elected.  The first state to secede was South Carolina and they did so before Lincoln was sworn in.  That is how polarized the nation was in 1861.

At present, the differences  in terms of personal freedoms from Blue states to Red states are pretty substantial.   From gun control to land use regulations to education to the right to work, there is a solid line between the two parties.  The real question is this:

Are the liberals willing to go to war?  I do not think that compromising our values and priority is on the table as a negotiable item.  Red state deplorables are very frustrated and have had about as much as they can tolerate in the social agenda as well as the notions regarding healthcare and further societal controls that are being bandied about by the current crop of Democratic presidential candidates.

So, do we retreat to our appropriate battle lines and at a point in time start the war?  Do we allow a secession of Red States into a separate nation?  As long as the left insists on growing the federal government in giving it more and more power we on the right will not agree to anything they propose.

So, like the movie ‘War of the Roses’ do we keep battling until we all die or do we get smart about it and do something that would avoid such a turn of events????

The time to decide is fast approaching.  2020 will be a battle and could become much more than just politics and policy.  In reality there is not much time left before it is going to get critical.


When or why is Nationalism a good thing???

We see people being accused of being nationalistic or deplorable because they are not happy with the importation of dissimilar people from other nations into our own. Libs argue the US is a nation of immigrants which is true but in the way we see it today.
In the past, immigrants came here to be Americans. In the 1800’s people from around the world marveled at the success and prosperity of the United States. They saw the US as being a place where freedom and opportunity could be had with hard work and perseverance. Those fortunate enough to emigrate here wanted more than anything to assimilate into the American society. They saw this as being essential in order to achieve the ‘American Dream’.  In current times, immigrants do not see this assimilation as being as important as keeping their own cultural traditions and practices contrary to nearly 200 years of immigration.  This prior to the current trends which started in the 60’s. That was when most of the restrictions on immigration were lifted and the path to obtain a vise for purposes of permanently relocating to the United States and becoming a citizen were removed.

At present we see the traditions and heritage of our society being erased or re-written to better suit the immigrants coming here so as not to ‘offend’ or ‘criticize’ them in any way. The banishment of the presence of a cross in the public spaces is just one example even though America was founded by Christians and built by Christians and fought for by Christians. No, because some liberal thinks we need to cater to the ‘new arrivals’ who do not share our beliefs and values, we traditional Americans must abandon ours.

As a result of trends as I referenced a large portion of the population is not very happy about this. Many see the traditions and heritage as being extremely important to our future. They see it as being important in guiding the coming generations through into the future. Traditional Americans see the removal and destruction of these things as being tantamount to an invasion of our nation by foreign nationals. This flies in the face of the traditional path for immigrants who were always expected to assimilate into the American culture instead of living outside of it or worse, our abiding with theirs.

There is a huge movement world wide for the free immigration of people from nation to nation. While this may sound all well and good try immigrating to Saudi Arabia and practicing Christianity in public. Many islamic nations have the death penalty for those who refuse to either hide their contrary religious beliefs or who refuse to convert to Islam. There are no such restrictions here in the USA. This unlevel playing field does nothing to enhance a sense of national pride or culture. Immigration is, to me, a dilution of the American dream. You can achieve. However, you must conform to societal expectations or at least that is what the liberals want.

Why would we be better off by diluting our heritage and culture. This American  uniqueness has been a vital part of the character of this nation from the start and has seen our citizens through very difficult times. This culture helps unify the population and allows us to accomplish amazing things together. While we have accepted immigrants in the past, these people knew that America was a unique place where our traditions were extremely important to us.

Why would not assimilating and not embracing our culture be a good thing? Other nations around the world do the exact opposite with expectations of assimilation and conformance to their customs and rituals with penalties for not doing so. Why is banning a cross from the public square a good thing? Why is removing references to past historical people and places bad? Our traditions, history and heritage are part of who we are as a nation and reflect the growth and survival of our nation through thick and thin. Now we are to banish our heritage because foreign people living here might be insulted or have hurt feelings if they are exposed to them.

At some point in time if this continues, the real American people of this nation will be no more. We will have become a multicultural collection of dis-unified people who all want to see their culture and their beliefs over the rest. In essence, we will see Islam fighting to take control from the ‘Classic American’ society and installing their own. I believe that there is a large portion of this nation who do not want that and will not tolerate that.

So, when is being a nationalist good? It is when you see those values you inherited being erased from our culture. It is when you see violence taking over our inner cities by people who claim their cultural beliefs allow them to be violent towards people. Think Honor Killings; wife beating and genital mutilation for girls.  It is when our schools are not teaching and allowing our Christian holidays and customs to exist in school and at the same time teach about Ramadan and other Islamic cultural practices.

Here is what I see as being vitally important at present. We can reassert the American ideal in our society and challenge those who have arrived here in the last 20 or 30 years to either assimilate or go back to where they came from. We have a right to expect peace and safety in our communities and excuses such as a cultural belief allowing or condoning violence are not acceptable. We have to decide whether we are going to become the refugee center of the world in the Western hemisphere or are we going to stay American and defend our values and borders.

Time is flying by and with the likes of AOC, Rashida Taliban and Ilhan Omar destroying our nation from within the halls of government we need to get busy. If we want to stop this without a war, we must act to assert our values and demand respect in the public square. While our soldiers are overseas protecting people like Omar and Taliban from violence and harm we are letting the same anti American movement destroy our nation here.

Those democrats that have sold out and are now preaching globalism and multiculturalism are traitors to their oaths and nation. There is no redemption for politicians who sell out for PAC money and membership in the globalist club. They do not see our values as holding any credence at all and to be quite honest, if they could round up those of us who are making the most noise and silence us, they would in a heartbeat.  We deplorables are now a target for these people.

So, we approach this time of choosing. I say this because once the time of reversing this trend politically is past our choices become very limited and the path to restoring this nation will be covered with blood. Such are the days we are living in.

Had you asked me 30 years ago that we would see the things that are going on today in our society I would have laughed. Had you asked me in 2001 that I would believe that what is going on now would happen I would have told you it is impossible. Now, after 8 years of a traitorous presidency of Obama we see this as reality.

We as deplorables need to accept that we will be vilified and yet we must do whatever it takes to take our nation back from these interlopers. If we lose another generation to the politically correct crowd via our schools it may be too late. The time is now. Our purpose is to vote out every liberal globalist we can. We have no choice but to do this because the choice that comes after will be brutal and costly.

At Last!!! A Wall the democrats will approve!!!!

I finally figured it out.  The wall that is.  Yes, I know what wall the democrats will approve and where they will approve its being built.  Its easy if you think about it.

The democrats would all be on board building a wall around us deplorables to keep us out of ‘their’ country.

Where would they approve this wall????

Doesn’t matter as long as it is in some underpopulated red state a long ways away from DC.

The only security the democrats are for is policies that stop them from losing elections.