The Gauntlet has been thrown down….The Rebellion has started. We are the Resistance.

The rebellion has begun.  It was not started by those of us on the red side.  We were happy as things were with Trump and how the nation was fairing.  What started this was the actions of the left in stealing the 2020 presidential election.

We have seen this type of behavior by the socialists before.  Never have we seen it with such massive proportions.  It is one thing to steal votes to become dog catcher.  That affects local people and everyone knows who did it and eventually the perpetrator will pay price as ALL CHEATERS DO!!!!  Dishonesty has a way of coming back to haunt the person or people who act in such a devious manner.

It is entirely another to steal a national election.  It takes brass balls for one and a willingness to be despised and hated by a large number of citizens who abhor such treachery.  The democrats have made it clear that they are willing to challenge and confront us in their quest to destroy our nation. As Trump said, we are in their way.

The gauntlet has been thrown down my fellow DIRT PEOPLE.  We have been directly challenged by the left who are sitting back counting on the fact that our respect for law and order will stop us from acting out like the left’s drones in Antifa and BLM are destroying our cities.  Deplorables don’t do that.  We love our country.  The left counts on our allegiance to the law and the orderly operation of our society. They know we will not rise up and start destroying other people’s things and property.

So, what are we to do?

Well, maybe it is time that all 70 million of us who cannot ignore the actions of the left go on strike.  Shut the nation down for a week.  No trucks move.  No trains.  No planes.  NOTHING gets made or repaired.  Businesses that are on our side, shut down.  Let’s bring this society to a standstill and let the pampered elite find out what it is like when they cannot get their food, gas, or any other thing that they normally expect every day.  I am sure the antifa wannabe will not be happy when they cannot get their double triple latte mocha whatever when the supplies stop coming to make it.

We are the rebellion.  We have power.  We must use it to demonstrate how unhappy we are with how our candidate was treated.  We can force people to acknowledge that we are important and valuable to society and not throw away people as Hillary and Obama and the rest of the democrats think of us. We are the bedrock of this nation. We built it; we operate it; we maintain it; we are far more essential than some petty functionary in an office that wants that socialist utopia that honestly can never exist.

Face it folks, we do not want the kind of society that essentially sentences the elderly to death because the money is better spent on the young when it comes to providing health care services.  I am 65 and I demand my place at the table and my right to receive treatment is as absolute as my right to live as my forebears destined. The government has no right to tell me or anyone to take a pill and wait to die like Obama said it does.

If we do not stand up and force these people to reckon with us, it is a question of time before we will be forced to do it with far more lethal means.  Better we unify and start making noise now then to wait and have circumstances force us to get very aggressive as far as demanding attention. The sooner we start asserting ourselves en masse’ the sooner we can start the momentum to shove this filthy cabal of liberal socialist scum back and out of our nation. Socialism has no place in a free society.

If we do not pick up the mantel of freedom now and do whatever it takes to force the government to respect and leave the rights of the people alone, we will become drones ourselves with little recourse in the face of an ever burgeoning leviathan that the federal bureaucracy has become. 

The socialists use bureaucracy to isolate themselves from the masses.  We are as far removed from their lives as they can get us.  Our presence to the left elites is alarming and to them, disgusting because we are essentially ‘Dirt People’ who cling to Bibles, Guns, the Bill of Rights, Christianity, Tradition and the flag.  We are loathed and despised for who and what we are.  The thicker the layer of government between us and the leadership elite, the less impact we have.

We need to use the tools we have at our disposal to demonstrate our determination to replace this socialist; for the good of all over the individual; society with one founded on freedom and liberty.  As I said, we have had the gauntlet thrown at us.  Now is the time to organize and start the resistance.

Virginia is poised to take another step towards servitude to the state: SENATE BILL NO. 64

The state of Virginia has initiated the next step on the left wing agenda for taking over America which is to disarm us. i.e.:

VA Senate Bill 64

Every proposed law has the potential to add more ‘rules’ to the law to make it more comprehensive. How long until shooting at human shaped targets is illegal???

You have to look at the intent of the law to understand the implications. Why would a government seek to prevent anyone from learning how to properly handle their firearm and especially in a theoretical combat scenario? You and I know the answer to this. In order for the left to convert our nation by mandatory means to a socialist form of governance and society they must subdue any resistance and by methodically and step by step elimination of the intent of the Second Amendment they will achieve this goal.

Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Mao….they all confiscated firearms in their take overs of the nations they led. Their track record is dismal as far as preserving the rights of their citizens, even though their excuse to confiscating the weapons was for ‘Public Safety’. Our leftist, progressive democrats along with their deep state allies are following this path that has been blazed before them.

We, deplorables, conservatives, libertarians, who identify and cherish the Bill of Rights as being a sacred boundary between government acts and the people’s God given rights are an impediment to their plans. We are to be subjugated or eradicated. Whichever comes first.

The left is threatened by our existence and they HATE US!! We are to be eliminated. We are the last line of defense for the Bill of Rights, The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and by the policy goals they have already issued they seek to alter these sacred contracts with the people of this nation. They use propaganda and indoctrination via public schools to convince the illiterate masses that freedom is the problem and that by surrendering their rights under the law they, the sheep, will be taken care of.

100 years ago, what we are seeing would be opposed as it would be deemed sedition by those proposing these laws. So far we have come since the germs that are socialism were planted back in the late 1800’s onward.

The United States is unique in the world in one respect. We did not evolve out of the feudal system of Europe. We were created into a nation of equals without the caste system that continued to pervade regions of Europe for another 125 years. We are a free people. Our founding was based on that underlying principle.

Everyone should be aware of the critical import of any new gun laws.  Things are bad enough now that we see Second Amendment Sanctuary counties and States.  This is not a paranoid claim of there being an ongoing war upon the Second Amendment but is in reality, PROOF that such a war exists.  Do not be surprised to see replicas of these regulations being proposed in other anti-second amendment states such as MA, NY or NJ.

There is a time of reckoning coming and it is not due to our wanting it.  The left is forcing us to make a choice.  I dearly hope that we are up to the challenge if the left keeps this up.

Red Versus Blue: Who is stoking the fires of hatred and intolerance?

As we approach 2020 and what will be the most important election of my life I see a political battlefield that is especially turbulent.  Political battles are nothing new and our nation has had plenty of them over the years and you can say that a vigorous political debate is good for the Republic.

These days there is a component of our political debate that is not something that can be ignored or explained away as simple fervor.  There is a palpable and especially vicious hatred within the debate.  This emotional force is not one that is confined to the topics at hand but permeates our society in many ways.  Hatred is an ugly word and an ugly sentiment and I use this word with the respect that is due if one is to toss an accusation into a discussion containing such an implication.

It is beyond apparent that the left and especially the activists for the left that they hold a disregard for the Conservative/Deplorable/Red State citizens that goes far outside of what would be called a conversation in the body politic.  The disdain is a hatred of all things emanating from the Red state nation.  There are uncountable examples of blue state/liberal/socialist activists aggressively attacking Red state citizens with threats and verbal language and assaults that are beyond firm evidence of this hatred and disrespect.   From the day after Trump beat Hillary, the rhetoric started and has risen in intensity ever since.  There was violence in the streets the day of Trump’s inauguration in DC with acts of destruction of private property recorded on film for the news at 11.

I would take a moment to reflect back upon the reaction of the red state people after the half black messiah was elected in 2008.  Obama was universally despised by the right for his policies and agenda as well as his disrespect for our heritage and nation.  Even so, I cannot recall violence in the streets.  I cannot recall any red state citizen destroying property.  Even with the rise of the TEA Party who opposed Obama and his tactics their rallies were peaceful and they cleaned up after themselves in ways none of the blue state citizens have done.  While the red state citizens were absolutely devoted to their beliefs, they never expressed blatant hatred of the blue state citizens.  The issue was the president in office at the time and it was confined to political activism and not directed personally towards any Obama supporters.

Today we are embroiled in a faux impeachment process that is illegal in its nature and operating behind closed doors which is contrary to the original intent of our founders.  We have blue state activists (Antifa) attacking citizens with whom they disagree with them and causing these people bodily injuries.   President Trump’s rally in Minnesota had blue state activists attack red state Trump supporters with several blue state activists attacking single individuals and causing injuries upon them.  None of this was provoked by any physical act.   The only provocation was the mere presence of people who support President Trump.

As we head to the 2020 election the activities of the left are obviously full of hatred for the right.  Not just the president but the people who support him as well.   The leadership of the left in congress have done nothing to reduce the violence nor have they said anything to condemn it.  The rhetoric from the democratic/blue state/left is fueling this violence and it will only get worse.  If things get really out of hand, people will end up being injured seriously or worse.

I have written of Civil War II and it seems more likely to come about than ever before as I consider the situation we are in.  The unbridled hatred of the left for their opponents and President Trump has spilled into our communities across the nation and I am quite sure it will only get worse.  All the while, the ones who are making this situation worse by acting in more and more aggressive ways including violence is the left/blue/liberals.  I cannot recall an incident where a conservative/red/deplorable did anything to deserve such violent and active hatred.

The left is tearing this nation apart.  They are willing to destroy the civil debate in order to silence their opposition.  Only a desperate and ruthless individual or group of individuals would consider this to be healthy or even permissible in a civil society.  I am left with the conclusion that in the very near future this hatred will spawn a battle between the opposing parties that will be without precedence in our history with the exception of the shelling of Fort Sumter in 1861.   That was an act of war without any question and if the left continues their violence and hatred, we will end up in the same place.  CWII.

Only a fool, or an evil genius would encourage open violence and warfare between political enemies and they would do it purely to manipulate the situation in an effort to use it to their advantage.  That I am even considering thoughts such as this reflects the awareness I have of the serious and deadly threat that continued violence by the left poses.  It is the likes of Antifa and others who are raising the level of discord and violence and not the red/deplorable/conservatives.  Where our nation goes from here through the next election is up to the left as far as whether it  will be more violence and hatred or not.  If deaths and massive damages occur as a result of their misplaced aggression, it is the democrats fault for not maintaining a civil and decent conversation.

Impeachment or, the democrats long game and how this affects Red State Deplorable Legacy Americans

We see the ongoing charade of Impeachment by Schiff and his merry band of anarchists.  Many of us are more than suspicious of their activities and we are as generally dubious of democrats and many republicans in general.  All of this is deserved and does not need explanation.

What my questions start with is what is their end game for their inquisition?  This inquiry will end at the end of this congressional session.  Depending on the results of the election it may be continued or not following November 2020.  So, are they trying to influence the 2020 election or is there another plan at work here?

My second question has more to do with the long term plans of the globalist/socialist/liberal factions who control the political narrative via their political and media assets?  This question is important as it has far more  impact on red state deplorable Legacy Americans than anything else.

I know that there are several strategies at work at present there is the direct frontal assault upon the government by the activist liberal socialist forces.  AOC, Bernie and the host of democratic candidates and activists all want to fundamentally change our nation to a socialist one.  This we see every day.

There is the middle distance threat of voter manipulation and rigged elections that hang over the future polls where the course of the nation could be ‘stolen’ from the majority via nefarious schemes.  This has happened before and will happen again as it is endemic with political power.

The long game.  First the reality.  Red State Deplorable Legacy Americans number in the millions.  We are a sizeable voting block.  We will not be swayed by the silver tongue orations of the socialist activists.  We are here to stay or at least for now.  We also see the truth about DC and the corruption and are sick of it.  We are determined to keep our values despite any attempts to change us.   Faced with our intransigence the powers in control of the movement to socialism must have a plan to defeat us if not in the short or middle term , then in the further along future.

My best guess is that they will wait us out.  We are potentially a dying breed.  Our children are educated in their socialist indoctrination centers called public schools.  They are bombarded with socialist messaging and are controlled by socialist media such as facebook and twitter and a host of other popular sites that young people frequent.

Our typical generation is 40 and older.  I use this reference not as an absolute but based on the lack of social media until about 25 years ago.  In 1994-5 the first vestiges of social community were starting on services such as AOL and within 10 years had exploded into the forerunners of today’s internet forms.  A person born in the late 70’s represents the last generation to get educated and to mature without the affects of the internet clouding their community roots and family traditions and beliefs.

I am not saying that there are no people under 40 who are of the same mindset as we are.  All I am saying is that it becomes far less likely to find someone who holds traditional and conservative views the younger you get from 40.   So, if we cannot be subdued in the short or middle term, the left will wait us out.  Let our lives play themselves out and then they will have total control without actually being challenged in any meaningful way.

With this knowledge, we are faced with a choice or two.  We can try to change the narratives and end the social indoctrination of the young in this nation but this is a difficult fight and especially if we are in the political minority.  Even if we educate our children and keep them in the fold of conservative traditional beliefs and values they are still bombarded with the socialism mantras of the left all day long just as we are.  The difference being that the youth are far more easily swayed in their opinions due to their search for conformity that their young age typically engenders.

Another possibility is that the eruption of CWII occurs and we find ourselves bearing arms to protect our beliefs.  There are many other sage individuals on the web who posit this as a definite possibility and I concur.  The divisions within our nation are so profound and so opposed that it is unlikely that there is any possibility of a negotiated settlement.  I say this because our opinions and values run diametrically opposed to those of the left.  Our nation came to a similar junction in the road in the mid 1800’s and the result was 600,000 dead from a bloody civil war that still divides this nation in many ways.  It is doubtful that our nation would survive a second conflict of this type and remain unified.  This is how fundamentally deep the values of the right run and how immovable we are from these.

Keep a weather eye upon the actions of the left both overt and what you may see as rumor or secondary movements.  The left is equally as determined to eliminate us as we are determined to survive.   I suppose that might also reveal the greatest difference between our positions.

I only wish to be left alone and allowed to live as I want to and raise my family as I want to.  I am sure most if not all who are of a like mind wish for nothing more themselves.

The left has conquest on their minds.  They seek control over not just themselves but everyone else.  Power is a corrupting influence and you cannot argue that the left does not wish to change everybody in our nation and the world in fact.

The future is as of yet unwritten and it is the future that we must always be concerned with.

the United States of America and the socialist horde trying to take it away from US

America is Unique in the world of the first world nations in that our land was never ruled by the monarchy, vassal and serf system. Our ancestors could dream and reach as far as they dared in their desires and hopes led them and our nation into the most successful nation in terms of personal freedom that has ever existed.

Barack Obama said he wanted to ‘fundamentally change’ our nation as he preached his messianic prose of hope and change. The phrase ‘fundamentally change’ is code for re-train and re-model our society to one based on the marxist/socialist model. Obama was not the first Saul Alinsky trained anarchist that has held positions of power in our nation. The most recent one that I can think of that preceded him and also succeeded him is Hillary Clinton who shares the same radical set of societal values.

Ever since the USA started flexing our muscles world wide we have been the target of the socialists who want to gain control of our nations vast resources. If you need to ascertain a reason it is pure jealousy and the quest for power. Any politician who advocates socialism has never nor will they ever live the lives they are advocating for the people. They portray themselves as being in league with the common man and trust me, the truth is far, far different than that.  None of them have worked for a living where every day; every paycheck; every choice and every result were as important as they are to the working people of this nation.

If you look at most all the politicians who advocate for socialism, they are either academics, political activists, or political leaders who are trying to stay in power. Woodrow Wilson was the president of Princeton before entering the political world. You can identify him as being the first socialist that attained high office in our nation. People like Bernie Sanders have an academic past before he became a political agent climbing the rungs of power. Hillary Clinton and Bill are both ivy league alumni who advocated the socialist tenets that were prevalent during the late 60’s and early 70’s. Always aggressive Hillary was one of the attorneys for the democrats in the work up they were doing to impeach Nixon. She was fired for lying. To her, the goal of destroying the opponent was more important than any truth. Trust me, she has not changed from this at all.

The damage that Bush II did to our nation is only partially coming to light and there is much more to unravel as time goes on. Common Core is one of his accomplishments which in effect turned the education system over the the bureaucrats in DC. Further, his open borders policy did nothing to help us gain control over our southern border and the massive drug problem that exists as a result of smuggling. Bush was really Clinton, LIGHT in that he really was not that different than Bill as far as his being a part of the deep state bureaucratic elite. The people who populate this class of citizen are far more concerned with the stability of government and its ability to control the population than anything else.

Trump is saddled with the task of beating all of this back and he is really on his own as far as the national political stage goes. He has some allies but remember that anyone who is a part of the political or bureaucratic elite is not going to do anything to harm their power and financial security. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.  The resistance he is getting to the people from the business world he appoints to any position should be a big clue as to what he is fighting.

The bureaucracy we see in today’s society is no different than the monarchy we fought in 1776. England was at that time a nation with a class system where you could not rise above the level you were born to. In much the same way we see the descendants of previous politicians and bureaucrats all entering ‘the family business’. George W. Bush; Andrew Cuomo; Al Gore; and a host of others are all using the patronage of their parents and relations to attain vast power whether they deserve it or not.  People can rise into their ranks, if they toe the line as far as preserving and protecting the elite goes.  Any outliers are sidelined and banished by the political parties or the bureaucracy.

In much the same way we see the perpetuation of the control of Washington over the nation being no different than the English monarchy. We are gradually becoming subjects again as opposed to free citizens.

Donald Trump offered a new idea and a hope to break this pattern of leadership and policy in our government. He has been met with fierce resistance and illegal tactics in an effort to usurp the vote of the people. He faces a media whose bread is buttered by the political and bureaucratic elite and they give no quarter to him and ridicule and spread misinformation with impunity. As the ‘Deplorables’ champion he is very likely the last hope we have for a peaceful correction to our nation’s course to steer it away from socialism.  If we do not take this opportunity to keep pushing back, we will end up fighting a much more deadly and difficult fight in order to regain our freedoms.

The most recent education policy changes he has made will do a lot to help the local citizenry regain control over their schools. Even so, if the next election does not re-elect him you can expect a rapid unraveling of the changes Trump has made and a doubling down on forcing socialism upon the nation.

To say we are at the precipice of disaster as far as the situation goes regarding our nation’s adherence to the precepts of our founding is a huge understatement. We are leaning hard to the left and serfdom under the socialistic overlords we hear in the news daily. They are licking their chops in anticipation of their regaining power and we, the deplorables, will pay dearly for our sin of electing Trump. If they get their way, the second amendment will be gone. The first will be severely curtailed, and many other aspects of our lives will be micromanaged by the political/bureaucratic deep state.

I will offer this now before it is made illegal to pray in any public way.

God, please help us find the strength to continue our fight against these unholy anti-Christian forces.

Red vs. Blue: The Ayn Rand strategy

We deplorables are more than aware of the push by the democrats to weaken if not remove our ability to influence elections.  The call for the popular vote for President in just an example.

We in fly over country have gun laws shoved down our throats and burdensome environmental regulations all designed to either annoy or dis-empower us.  These are passed against our wishes and without concern for the economic impact they cause on the rural citizens.

New York is a classic example.  We have a governor who won without a vote from upstate and even if upstate voted against him 100% he would still win with the vote from below the Tappan Zee bridge.

Cuomo is the symptom of what is going to happen everywhere else in the nation so that the coasts and in particular the cities along the coasts plus the metro areas  as islands in the interior will select our leadership in Washington.  Don’t discount this.  I am not alone in my concerns.

How to fight this?  I propose the “Ayn Rand” method.

The ‘deplorables’ need to go on strike.  Not for a day.  Not just a week.  I figure two weeks would get the blue elitists attention.

No truck deliveries.  No sales of crops.  No food.  Nothing will be sent  into any of the deep blue areas of our nation.  No fuel.  Cut the electricity.  Isolate them like they are planning to isolate us.

Now, I am realistic and am more than aware that this notion is not practical.  It is important to remember that we stand to lose our franchise (vote) if the blue coasts and elite get their way.  If we wait until it is fact it is too late.

We are the Deplorables, Dregs, and any other slanderous description you can think of.

The left has created their all inclusive universe where every person regardless of their sexual orientation, gender fluidity, ancestry are all equals in their eyes.  Any one who views these groups as being out of the main stream are bigots, racists, homophobes and the like.

This leaves the rest of us.  We are not equal.  We are essentially defective by character flaw.  We are every name they can call us that denotes we are not of the quality they are.  Remember that they are all equal so this makes us LESS THAN EQUAL in their eyes and subject to their scorn, disrespect, and ridicule and we are supposed to take these insults without comment because it is we who are less than equal.

The next time you have a ‘discussion’ with a liberal just remember that their view of us is that we are beneath them and not deserving a shred of respect.  This is why the demonstrations such as the Patriots in Portland were attacked.  Not because they disagree but because the left consider us to be the equivalent of pond scum.

Turn the news off. I SAID…. TURN THE NEWS OFF!!!!!!

I have a confession.  I do not watch or listen to any broadcast news.  None.  Nada.  Nichts.  Not even videos online.  Nothing.

Rush Limbaugh had recommended this to his listeners a while back and it is a good idea.  Allow me to explain why it is best.

Mental health is a balance between stress and accomplishment along with plans and a few other things.  If you listen to the Mainstream News you will be tearing you hair out after a few minutes of their constant Trump bashing (Trump Derangement Syndrome).  They do not report the facts and they take the point of view that is the worst possible for Trump and we Deplorables.   You watch too much of this and you will be in a depressed state of mind.

The success of the movement to save our country is dependent on our enthusiasm and ability to spread the word.  If you take any of the MSM to heart you will feel like we have lost and the election has not even happened yet.  Do yourself a favor.  Turn cable news off.  Turn local news off.  Turn any MSM source of news off.  You can be better informed by perusing blogs and local reporting on events like Hurricane Florence where you can get the raw data without the Libtard spin.

We are so close to toppling the left from their throne.  It is now time to put the pressure on and keep winning elections.  If you listen to their latest accusations and absurd claims you see an enemy who is grasping at straws in an effort to stay on top.  Some of the ludicrous positions that they support are so untenable and it will be so easy to drive them out of the public square because they are so ridiculous.

The left and their attempts to control the discussion on social networking is a desperate move to try to keep reality away from their fragile little drones.  The antifa is a desperation move to try to silence contrary thought.  We need to be in the public square telling the truth about our great nation and the opportunities that are there for anyone who is willing to work for it.

This election is the culmination of an opportunity of a lifetime.  We saw the nation grow and flourish under Reagan only to see Bush 1 and 2 do everything possible to push us faster into this world wide socialism that we are now hearing about .  Clinton and Obama obviously were doing the same as the Bush family and probably  a lot more we have not yet learned of.

This is the chance we have to get our nation back towards its founding principles.  If we let this one slip by, it may be too late to try again.  Trump is an outsider who managed to be elected president.  We need to win the election to end this Mueller BS and get the garbage out of the FBI and DOJ.

So, turn the news off.  Spread the word to the masses.  True happiness and prosperity is possible if we keep moving back to our founding concepts.  Keep the pressure up.  The left is about to crack.

The Civil War II battleground

As I surveil the current political scene you hear calls for ‘resistance’ by democrats against Trump and his administration.  Indirectly this also includes republicans as they are a part of the leadership.  There have been urges to get in people’s faces and to protest them in their homes.  As a thought, imagine if we did that to Obama?

The current state of affairs has been likened to a soft civil war.  There is a distinct divide between those who are liberals and the right.  Dialogue has broken down and all that remains is insults and protests.  Merriam Webster defines civil war as follows:

a war between opposing groups of citizens of the same country

By this definition we are at war.  War can be fought physically and also by suppressing opposing views to such an extent that violence can break out.  The left is upset at so many aspects of Trump’s agenda and policies it is hard to list them all without leaving anything out.  Suffice it to say that the left has started acting physically in their demonstrations of their dissatisfaction.

It has been since the 60’s that we have seen violence as a tool of rebellion in America.    At the time we had hundreds of soldiers dying every month in Vietnam and the untold death toll of the civilians in that country.  The left started burning buildings and bombing federal buildings.  There were deaths as a result of these actions.  There were several left wing groups who claimed responsibility for these acts.  Among the perpetrators are Bill Ayres and Bernadette Dorn both of whom are Obama’s neighbors in Chicago and the original sponsors to his run for the presidency.  These people are serious anti establishment.  Note the connection from the past violent leftists and today through Obama and his influence on the democrat party.

The difference now from the 60’s is that back then, people were dying due to the government’s war policy.  At present more people die due to the actions of the thousands of illegal immigrants in the country.  This has resulted in a push for a reduction in immigration by conservative elements which is probably the number one issue that the democrats and liberals are all pissed off about.

This is the scene we have for the growing ‘war’ between the sides.

Let’s take the mental leap and assume this goes to a place where there is a violent confrontation where both sides bring deadly force.  This event spurs others and the violence spreads across the nation.  Would this be a civil war??? Well, no, not in the classic sense.

Civil war generally involves territory in dispute or at least as a border line.  The problem in our age is that the political divide exists within states and not just between them.  You can see definite divides in states like California, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Illinois and practically every other state in the union.  The divide seems to coalesce between urban areas and rural areas.  There are exceptions but this is not worth dealing with in discussing this scenario.

If this political disagreement flowers into battle, what would the federal government do?  It would depend heavily on who holds the majority.  If the democrats were to attain a majority they would use the power of the federal government to subdue any resistance to their agenda.  If the republicans are in power as they are now, I am uncertain if there would be as quick a reaction to subdue one side of the disagreement.  The republicans always concerned about how they appear in the press would be very hesitant to step into the fray and especially on one side and one the MSM does not approve of.

There would be tremendous pressure from the deep state to side with the democrats and you can bet your boots that incidents that favor the cause of the liberals would be publicized far more than the conservative.  There would be substantial pressure to quell the violence with  no penalty to the liberals and by coincidence, a lot of penalties against the red-staters’ and/or Deplorables.

While I will state absolutely that I would not like to see a fighting conflict between the sides in our debate, I also see as inevitable an elevation of the tension and potentials for said violence occurring in the near future.

So, if a battle breaks out, I tend to believe that it will not be state on state but region on region.  These will likely be very intense skirmishes that will be breathlessly reported by the MSM and with the spin they are known to put on things.  I suggest that it will start as a protest like the one that occurred on inauguration day for Trump only it will not be the police that come to suppress it.  It will be Deplorables who will rally to defend their own.

From this point, everything is up in the air.  A lot will depend on what actually occurs.

The real issue at present is where do you come down on this????

I count myself as being a Deplorable.  Where do you come down on this?.

Trump and why he operates outside the system

The phenomena of Trump and his growing popularity is something of a mystery to many pundits and news figures.  They cannot figure out why he is so popular and how he manages to get the things done he has.

Trump is not ‘owned’ by any party or bureaucracy.  He is an independent.  He has broken every norm and tradition on his way to the presidency.  He does not need the GOP and in fact, they need him.  The deep state does not have any hold over Trump and cannot intimidate him and make him back down.  If anything, Trump is making the deep state step back.

The American people are more than aware of the fact that Trump is not a part of the system.  The average voter is more than aware of the corruption and deal making going on in DC and how the will of the people has been thwarted and ignored for many, many years.  This is what has endeared Trump to his supporters.

The uniqueness of Trump should not be lost on anyone paying attention to politics.  He is a phenomena and is likely not to be repeated anytime soon.  The deep state will make sure no billionaire ever tries to run for office ever again.  The lack of indebtedness of Trump to the establishment on all sides has made him invincible to their powers and a serious threat to their stranglehold on the government and the course of the nation.

If any proof is needed in confirming this, look to the actions of key leaders of the FBI and DOJ prior and after Trump being elected as well as Robert Mueller and his endless investigation into the nothing pit of Russian Collusion.  They  will dig and dig and plot and scheme for as long as Trump is in office.  You can bank on this.