The Main Enemy….

Post from Sept. 11th, 2021

The 9/11 Attacks Ultimately Proved A Lesser Threat To America Than The Totalitarian Left

Twenty years after the attacks of September 11, 2001, it’s safe to say they did not herald the defining, all-consuming civilizational struggle we had anticipated. The thing we most feared, Islamic terrorism, did not prove to be our worst enemy or the greatest threat to our republic. The real enemy, it turns out, came from within.

In the 20 years since the attacks, America’s own totalitarian left has proven to be a far more dangerous and committed enemy of the United States than any distant jihadists, harboring as much hatred for our heritage of freedom and chaotic way of life as Osama bin Laden ever did.

Christopher Hitchens famously described bin Laden’s animating ideology as, “fascism with an Islamic face,” later adopting the apt term, “Islamofascism.” Hitchens thought the fascist……………………..

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My thoughts on this excellent discussion:

The Islamists object to non-conformance to their customs which are in effect their controls on their society. They want all people to obey their ‘customs’ which are the chains they put on their societal members metaphorically.

The democrats want us to obey their rules. They first put them forth as ‘suggestions’ then claiming they would like voluntary submission to their dictates. When a sizeable portion of society makes it clear they will not ‘conform’ to the requests they then up the ante and make them mandatory.

In both cases the leadership issues the demands and then punishes severely those who refuse to comply. I will add that also in both cases, the purpose of the group is not to follow a divine creed or other virtuous pursuit but to amass as much power and influence as possible. There is no idealism present in either.

The naked version of both reveals an ugly power hungry elite who use any and all means to increase that power and protect their positions at all costs.

The word Fascism is very appropriately applied to any entity that uses absolute control to maintain its authority. You can look at the Islamo-Fascist states in the world where there are no levels of tolerance and then to the United States and those political entities, be they states or cities, that are using all means at their disposal to increase their strangehold on the people they supposedly represent.

Little did we know on September 11th, 2001 that we were about to embark on a path of destruction of our own citizen’s rights and freedoms while we pursued an enemy abroad. The advent of the Homeland Security Administration fostered new levels of government intrusions into our lives and did so with the blind obedience of a citizenry that thought they were doing the right thing. The one thing that was un-foreseen was the willingness of power hungry politicians to abuse these new found controls and further suppress the freedoms that made our nation great.

Ultimately, the enemy of both Islam and The oppressive political state is freedom itself. This freedom was never supposed to exist and had we not gone through the religious reformation we would not be enjoying it today. Only by identifying the source of intolerance in our own governing entities both the Church and the monarch, did we then understand that to be free we must be rid of both as the dictators of our rights as citizens. By embracing the strength of our own existences did we find true Liberty. Our passions and compassion and the power that these embody allowed man to elevate more of his fellow people to happiness and a better life than any church or government could.

Life and human behavior do run in cycles. There are repetitive evolutions where we seem to repeat the same mistakes over and over. This is because the real weakness of man is not his desire to be free. It is his desire to control the environment around him including other people. This is our greatest failing in that we do not place our trust in virtue but instead we place our trust in fears and then act to allay them.

The lessons of 9-11 are not in how we were surprised by people who sought to hurt us. They are that we could not see how that could happen here and practically without our noticing. The Islamists who attacked us fear our freedom. The politicians who oppress us fear the same.

The people who died on 9-11 and since were all proclaiming freedom from oppression and the love of fellow people who believe the same. This is the silver lining we should never forget. If we are to persevere in our pursuit of freedom we cannot let those who wish to stop us from doing so.

Virginia, 2020, the Second Amendment and a time of choosing

The current controversy in Virginia created by the governor and his cronies all democrats has occupied the news cycle for a while now.  The crux of the battle is preserving and protecting our rights as protected by the Second Amendment.  Massive rallies have taken place in Virginia and elsewhere in support of the rights of gun ownership and against the latest proposed restrictions that have been the topic of discussion and dissension.

What is at stake in Virginia is the freedom we are endowed with by our creator to defend and protect ourselves free of any restrictions from government.  Trust me when I say that if anything that is proposed by the anti-gun crowd in Virginia is upheld it will be a harbinger of laws of a similar bent all over the nation.

There is massive opposition to the new regulations from the NRA and the pro gun community.  This opposition is all over the nation and it is also a harbinger of what could be.

It is time that the end of gun control and the removal of all illogical and unfair gun regulations become a national movement.  This should be a platform issue for the upcoming Trump campaign.  This needs to be the issue that all patriotic and freedom loving Americans rally behind with the goal of removing all gun regulations that are obviously meant to disarm the American people.

I have written before of how unique our nation is as one founded in freedom having never had its lands carved up as a monarchy with the appurtenant caste system.  This does not mean we have not had discrimination in our history but it is the strength of our founding documents that have allowed and promoted the freedom for all in our nation and to see any of our freedoms limited not only limits our rights specifically but also our freedom as a whole.

We need to take the fight in Virginia national.  We need to band together as a political force and demand that our rights not be infringed.  We need to remind those who are elected to not govern against the will of the people.  Virginia is one of many states who have enacted partial bans on Second Amendment rights and our abilities to use them.  We need to reverse these and all regulations meant to disarm the American people and render them as subjects to the state.

The Democrat’s approach to safety in Society or the parable of the pool noodle

Ever been to a pool with a bunch of kids in it???  I am sure you have.   Now, add a bunch of multi colored pool noodles.  You know, those foam tubes that you typically find at pools and such.  OK.  The stage is set.

The kids start bashing each other with the pool noodles.  As it would typically be, some start crying and complaining about being hit.  Others revel in the mayhem.  Others go along doing whatever everyone else is doing.  At some point, a ‘lifeguard’ decides that this has gone on far enough.  Now, mind you, no one asked the ‘lifeguard’ to do this from the pool, or at least only one or two out of a herd of kids.

So, what can the ‘lifeguard’ do to stop the mayhem.  First is a set of rules about pool noodles and how they may be used.  No more hitting on the head or face.  You may not hit anyone who is not looking at you and if you break the rules you lose your pool noodle.  Life goes on at the pool and the mayhem or what appears to be mayhem carries on.

The ‘lifeguard’, not happy that a small number of kids are unhappy, decides to restrict pool noodles.  Now, you may only use one hand to hold the pool noodle when hitting another kid.  If a pool noodle breaks it is more likely to hurt a kid if you hit them with it because of the shorter length so these may not be used by kids who have hurt others and only can be used if the ‘lifeguard’ approves you having it.   Further, you may not take or use anyone else’s noodle if they leave the pool or let theirs go.  If you do you lose your pool noodle rights and if need be will be taken out of the pool.

Keep in mind, that the only one who sees the need to fix this is the ‘lifeguard’ or at least the person who assumes they are the ‘lifeguard’.   No one in the pool asked for a ‘lifeguard’.  Keep in mind also that all of the kids can swim and would not be there otherwise so is there really a need for a ‘lifeguard’???

Ultimately, the ‘lifeguard’ decides enough is enough and bans Pool Noodles.  Now, you have a bunch of kids in the pool who were doing just fine on their own until the ‘lifeguard’ decided to change things.  I will add that none of the ‘new rules’ are posted at the pool and the rules that are there are being complied with.   As a matter of fact, the rules also state that no one can take over the pool because it is everyone’s.

You see in this comparison that from the outset, everyone was doing what they wanted to and with the exception of a couple of kids who did not want to play with the pool noodles (and that is fine if that is what they wanted) everybody was getting along fine and complying with the pool rules.

As soon as one person decided to start making rules about the use of pool noodles they could not stop.  Ultimately, the person could not control the pool noodle use to their satisfaction and this person elected to ban the pool noodles.  This was without asking the kids if this was OK by them.  I will add that pool noodles have another use.  They are a flotation device so when a kid gets tired they can hold on to their pool noodle to stay safe.  Now there are no flotation devices to allow the kids that need them to float and rest.

The democrats approach the entire nation as if we are not capable of making our own decisions.  Much like the ‘lifeguard’ they make choices because they think they are needed even if society knows otherwise.  An otherwise small problem in our society gets blown out of all proportions by the democrats who fail to see the potential good that the equivalent of a pool noodle (firearm) provides society.

So when you hear some democrat spouting off about more gun control, just remember that A-hole ‘lifeguard’ from your youth who seemed to enjoy sucking the fun out of everything for reasons that no one could decipher.  Perhaps it was the fact that the power this individual had went to their heads.  Just like today and gun control, the democrats have convinced themselves that they alone are the only ones who should make any decisions regarding this and yet, this notion is all in their heads.  There is no need for any new laws or for most all the laws on the books already for guns.  High crime rates in urban areas and rare and random shootings do not justify any of the rules they have set forth and none of these rules have done anything to make things safer because there will always be a tiny fraction of a percentage of people in our national ‘POOL’ who will do something dangerous and harmful, special ‘pool’ rules or not.

The real enemy and opponent free Americans face

We are in unprecedented times.  The rift between what seems to be opposing parties has grown enough that the words ‘Civil War’ are being bounced around and this time it seems like it could come to pass.  On the one hand are the Deplorables, also known as Legacy Americans or perhaps better put, Authentic Americans.  I proudly count myself in that number.  We hold to traditional and long standing values that were the fundamental building blocks of our nation.  We see the value of work and of a secure border and that the founders put together 3 distinct documents that are the backbone and the roots of our nation.  These are the Declaration of Independence; The Constitution; and the Bill of Rights.  We believe in the original intent and that these documents are not subject to re-interpretation.

Our opponents are ostensibly the democrats or socialists or liberals or progressives and all of these apply to the most vocal and oppositional members of that party.  They believe in open borders, Medicare for all, no guns and severe controls on free speech and especially if a conservative point of view is raised.  They have aligned themselves with the deep state in a coup to try to oust President Donald Trump who won the 2016 election.  It is obvious that our opposition cannot stand that fact.  The current impeachment investigation is the equivalent of a Nazi closed door trial where the defendant cannot question the witnesses and is not allowed to present evidence.  There is no impartiality at all and the democrats have been at this since the day after Trump was elected in 2016 and have been actively aided by the FBI, CIA and Whitehouse staffers along with a myriad of members of the bureaucratic corps.

While it is easy to label this a republican versus democrat battle it is not really that at all.  As a matter of fact if you were to poll the republicans anonymously I would bet many of them are as against Trump as the democrats are.  In order to understand what really is going on here you have to ask yourself why are so many in DC up in arms and opposed to Trump?

Donald Trump is an outsider.  He is not a political person.  He does not owe nor does anyone owe him anything politically.  Trump is savvy enough to see the corruption and wastefulness of government and he ran to try to change things to hopefully reinvigorate our nation and bring back the traditional values that we love.  He is not a part of nor will he ever be a part of the deep state cabal.

Point of fact:  Trump did not steal the election nor did he have any unfair assistance of any kind.  If anything, Hillary had assistance from many quarters and yet, she still lost.  As I said this is unacceptable but to who?

I have come to the realization  that we are not fighting against the democrats.  As a matter of fact the democrats are not the primary opposition to President Trump.  The real opponent is the alliance of the bureaucratic portion of the federal government in all departments aligned with big business along with the democrats and republicans.  Those aligned against Trump all are connected to the corrupt economic system that revolves around the federal budget.  They all derive their fortunes from this system and game it to their advantage.  They are the quintessential corrupt politician or bureaucrat who regardless of which party is in power always makes out well financially, and especially when there is a downturn in the nation’s economy.  They are leveraged AGAINST an honest and fair economy and government.  This is the good ‘ole boys club on steroids.

These people hate us, deplorables/conservatives/patriots/Americans.  It is because we do not need them.  It is because we think they are wasteful and corrupt.  It is simply that we oppose them.  This is not political to them.  It is their survival and Trump and his supporters (us)  threaten that.

They thrive on government spending and the corrupt system that they have created and control.  They thrive on power and seek to destroy any threats to that.  Because we would rather see the spending stop which would stop the gravy train that these people are growing wealthy upon, we are the enemy in their eyes and we are not allowed to elect anybody to any high office who is not previously approved by them.  So, what does all this mean?  Well, we are aligned against the entire federal government including all agencies and law enforcement divisions.  While the rank and file of the law enforcement are like us, every upper level official and supervisor is a part of the deep state cabal and as I said, see us as a blatant threat.

This is not going to be resolved at the voting booth.  This is not going to be resolved by electing more republicans.  This is not going to be resolved if we put another Trump-like president in once Trump leaves office.  It took 243 years for this monster of a economically and politically corrupt entity to grow to this size and it is not going to simply go away because they and their preferred candidates lose elections.

The discussions of civil way reflect an awareness of the fact that it is not just a disagreement.  We are at ideological opposition with those who are resisting our President.  Whether or not we understand the implications of this is immaterial.  The sense of things being simply WRONG tells a person that this is no longer an issue that can be resolved by discussion.  This is why the words CIVIL WAR keep popping up more and more in the discussions on numerous blogs and on conservative news sites.   Something is wrong and many of us realize that life as we understand and know it is in peril and will be exterminated along with our lifestyles if we do not do something to stop this massive juggernaut that is the deep state and the democratic party.

So, when we envision a potential civil war, I would suggest that you think about how much the government will resist any attempt to deny its control and manipulation of policy and politics as we see them today.  It is not as simple as it was in 1861.  We are not states versus states.  This governmental corruption extends to pretty much every state government along with many county or regional governments such as big cities and heavily populated suburban counties.  They are as much a part of this cabal as the lead figures are in DC.  If any conflict arises, it will resemble a rebellion of citizens against the government and not against other citizens.  As a matter of fact I am quite sure the liberals know that their government will act to subdue any insurrection and that they will not have to do anything to stop us.  Yes, there will be direct conflict between party loyalists at first but it will rapidly descend into the federal government using the powers of the military and law enforcement to crush any resistance to their agenda.

This is a high stakes game of raw power against an entire population.  Even at that, only a portion of the population see this corruption and those that do not see it as a problem actually support it.  Geographically we are a majority in terms of land mass but we are a minority in terms of our numbers.  It is quite daunting to consider the prospect of a war breaking out in our nation and if this were to happen, it will make the Civil War seem rather small.  For one, our nation has almost ten times as many citizens as it did in 1861.  For two, those of us who are against this radical alliance of government and corrupt politicians and business make up a sizeable number of people and for the most part, we are armed and unwilling to be disarmed.  The democrats and the deep state fear us due to this resistance.  This is why Donald Trump must be impeached in their minds.  As I said, they cannot allow an outsider to be in control and by getting rid of Trump they hope to drive us underground and out of their way.

So, be sure that as you consider what the options are in the future that you are totally aware of what we are really up against.  It is not antifa or some radicals protesting the end of funding for abortion.  It is a huge conglomerate of corruption and greed that opposes us and they refuse to go quietly into the night.

Impeachment or, the democrats long game and how this affects Red State Deplorable Legacy Americans

We see the ongoing charade of Impeachment by Schiff and his merry band of anarchists.  Many of us are more than suspicious of their activities and we are as generally dubious of democrats and many republicans in general.  All of this is deserved and does not need explanation.

What my questions start with is what is their end game for their inquisition?  This inquiry will end at the end of this congressional session.  Depending on the results of the election it may be continued or not following November 2020.  So, are they trying to influence the 2020 election or is there another plan at work here?

My second question has more to do with the long term plans of the globalist/socialist/liberal factions who control the political narrative via their political and media assets?  This question is important as it has far more  impact on red state deplorable Legacy Americans than anything else.

I know that there are several strategies at work at present there is the direct frontal assault upon the government by the activist liberal socialist forces.  AOC, Bernie and the host of democratic candidates and activists all want to fundamentally change our nation to a socialist one.  This we see every day.

There is the middle distance threat of voter manipulation and rigged elections that hang over the future polls where the course of the nation could be ‘stolen’ from the majority via nefarious schemes.  This has happened before and will happen again as it is endemic with political power.

The long game.  First the reality.  Red State Deplorable Legacy Americans number in the millions.  We are a sizeable voting block.  We will not be swayed by the silver tongue orations of the socialist activists.  We are here to stay or at least for now.  We also see the truth about DC and the corruption and are sick of it.  We are determined to keep our values despite any attempts to change us.   Faced with our intransigence the powers in control of the movement to socialism must have a plan to defeat us if not in the short or middle term , then in the further along future.

My best guess is that they will wait us out.  We are potentially a dying breed.  Our children are educated in their socialist indoctrination centers called public schools.  They are bombarded with socialist messaging and are controlled by socialist media such as facebook and twitter and a host of other popular sites that young people frequent.

Our typical generation is 40 and older.  I use this reference not as an absolute but based on the lack of social media until about 25 years ago.  In 1994-5 the first vestiges of social community were starting on services such as AOL and within 10 years had exploded into the forerunners of today’s internet forms.  A person born in the late 70’s represents the last generation to get educated and to mature without the affects of the internet clouding their community roots and family traditions and beliefs.

I am not saying that there are no people under 40 who are of the same mindset as we are.  All I am saying is that it becomes far less likely to find someone who holds traditional and conservative views the younger you get from 40.   So, if we cannot be subdued in the short or middle term, the left will wait us out.  Let our lives play themselves out and then they will have total control without actually being challenged in any meaningful way.

With this knowledge, we are faced with a choice or two.  We can try to change the narratives and end the social indoctrination of the young in this nation but this is a difficult fight and especially if we are in the political minority.  Even if we educate our children and keep them in the fold of conservative traditional beliefs and values they are still bombarded with the socialism mantras of the left all day long just as we are.  The difference being that the youth are far more easily swayed in their opinions due to their search for conformity that their young age typically engenders.

Another possibility is that the eruption of CWII occurs and we find ourselves bearing arms to protect our beliefs.  There are many other sage individuals on the web who posit this as a definite possibility and I concur.  The divisions within our nation are so profound and so opposed that it is unlikely that there is any possibility of a negotiated settlement.  I say this because our opinions and values run diametrically opposed to those of the left.  Our nation came to a similar junction in the road in the mid 1800’s and the result was 600,000 dead from a bloody civil war that still divides this nation in many ways.  It is doubtful that our nation would survive a second conflict of this type and remain unified.  This is how fundamentally deep the values of the right run and how immovable we are from these.

Keep a weather eye upon the actions of the left both overt and what you may see as rumor or secondary movements.  The left is equally as determined to eliminate us as we are determined to survive.   I suppose that might also reveal the greatest difference between our positions.

I only wish to be left alone and allowed to live as I want to and raise my family as I want to.  I am sure most if not all who are of a like mind wish for nothing more themselves.

The left has conquest on their minds.  They seek control over not just themselves but everyone else.  Power is a corrupting influence and you cannot argue that the left does not wish to change everybody in our nation and the world in fact.

The future is as of yet unwritten and it is the future that we must always be concerned with.

So, why are so many republicans sitting back and letting this farce by the democrats go on??????

One might ask this question and expect an answer but you and I both know this is not going to be forthcoming.  The ‘reluctance’ of rank and file republicans to come out against this political lynching of President Trump has a simple and logical explanation as distasteful as it is.  Beyond the visceral hatred of Trump by most if not all inside the beltway politicians, there is a little secret that most people who do not pay as much attention to their elected officials as others do would never guess.

Very simply put, the republicans and democrats are on the same team.  Any ‘fighting’ between them is the equivalent of a scrimmage by a team practicing for the big game.  The big game is the election.  If the republicans truly start taking serious shots of logic and law against the democrats it is the equivalent of fratricide.   You do not shoot at your own team mates.

Yes, there are some republicans who are standing up to this ongoing farce and it is very hard to determine if they are being sincere or simply playing a part in the big theatrical production being done for consumption by the voters.  This is a hyper cynical comment on my part and to be honest in the face of the obvious lawlessness by our politicians I believe my cynicism is well earned.

Some say everything in Washington DC is a stage show.  I cannot dispute this and there is much in our history that bears this out.  This stage show is where campaign promises go to die.  There has to be a place where a politician can dump their promises made in order to be elected without any fault being placed on them.  When they blame their opponents they are in effect exonerating themselves from any lack of performance.  Oddly enough, change party for a district and the Kabuki theater flips sides and the same story repeats itself.  If anything , the congress resembles a Shakespearean farce more than anything else.  The 535 actors all vie for different roles and as the winds of the political mood of our nation sway back and forth these thespians change with them with amazing fluidity.

President Trump is not of the political theater.  He is a pragmatic businessman who has created much wealth and far more for others than himself despite the claims by socialists to the contrary.  He saw our nation being bled to death by the policies of our government and chose to run for president with the hope of being elected and doing what he believes is right.

The one aspect of President Trump that deserves the most respect for is that he cannot be coerced or forced or bought by the political system that exists in DC.  This one trait has put him squarely in the sights of the political class regardless of party.   The outsider gets no respect.

So, as this impeachment lynching goes on, you will notice that the republicans will not do anything that would potentially stop this farce.  They will posture and threaten but they will not act.  If you want a big part in the next major production your group is putting on you do not rock the boat while others are in the lead roles.

This perverted government we have has long ago left representation of the people at the curb in favor of patronage and lucrative post elected office jobs for lobbying concerns.  There are rules that are written governing the actions of the house and senate and then there are the unwritten rules that dictate what is done and when and by whom.

President Trump probably did not know or believe that this much corruption existed in our national government.  In over 2-1/2 years he has had an education in the nature of ultimate political power and he has survived not with the assistance of the republicans but with being uncannily able to predict and head off the cabal determined to replace him with an actor they approve of.

2020 will be an interesting year and by election day I bet we will all know far more about the true nature of our government than we ever thought possible.  Fasten your seat belts folks!

Russia Russia Russia part 2; Ukraine and the democrats

Gosh the latest news and the attacks against the president are as baseless and unsustainable as the ones about Russia.  Regardless, the democrats are in full court press in their obsession to get rid of ‘Orange Man Bad’ by any way possible.

The talk shows today on radio had the expected response to yet another unsubstantiated claim against the president.  One statement by Sean Hannity was not standard and outside the normal stream of verbiage.  He made the same remark I have made which struck me as being significant as far as the future goes.

Sean engaged a short debate with a liberal regarding the double standard of how Biden is being treated as opposed to President Trump being accused of malfeasance where we have audio proof by Biden himself that he used his office to benefit his son.  Trump has been deemed guilty even though the transcripts prove he did nothing.  After the debate Sean said:  “The nation is divided in two.  There is no middle ground anymore” or words to this effect.

Rush Limbaugh has described the ongoing situation that exists in Washington DC re: Trump and the democrats as our nation being in a ‘Cold Civil War’.  His description reflected the obvious war on Trump and his supporters (Deplorable Nation) by the democrats.

These remarks regarding the current divide echoes a lot of the blogs I read and my own opinions.  There is a hard line of decision we are facing which will at some time require us to either make the conscious choice to cross or not. This line is the decision to stop standing by while our nation is being dismantled.   The unknown in all of this is when we have to decide.

With the attacks upon the second amendment along with the attacks upon free speech as well as the rather obvious war being waged upon patriots we are seeing a faction of our bureaucracy and the politicians that empower them waging an undeclared civil war on us.  Add the big push for red flag laws and the abuses the enforcement of these laws can bring, we are not only being attacked at our civil rights level but also by means of the police state aggression that can be imposed arbitrarily by those who seek to stop our resistance to the agenda of the globalists.

If you tend to think this is all hyperbola, I ask you consider the rank and file of the democrats in the house.  They are almost in complete lockstep in their efforts to remove President Trump and force their agenda further into our lives.  You do not hear much in the line of we need to back off of this ongoing push against Trump.  In fact, you hear them doubling down.  Even the rinos are abetting the democrats by not coming to Trump’s defense.  This is a serious and for those who take their rights seriously, deadly situation.

I will repeat myself by saying as I have in previous posts that I in no way would condone or sanction any initiation of violence of any kind towards what seems to be governmental take over by these various bureaucratic and political actors.  I say this confidently knowing that, in time, they will take the first step down the steep decline into the anarchy of Civil War.   Let them start the conflict.

They have tested their techniques with the various red flag incidents that we are aware of.  They are well aware that they cannot take on the entire Deplorable Nation.  Even a blind person can see the political, social, and national minefield that would present if they were so foolish as to actually attempt such a thing.  For the time being they will continue with the frontal assault against our last hope, President Trump, and will continue ever onward in the event that he is re-elected.  They need to neutralize him as much as possible via the courts, investigations and through bureaucratic stalemates that can occur between agency heads and the rank and file.

We know that the current actions of the left towards a sitting president are unprecedented in our history.  Further, this could not and would not ever happen in the reverse: a.k.a. the Republicans doing the same to a democratic president.  We know this is true as the rinos sat back for 8 years while Obama literally dragged our nation into the gutter economically driving millions out of work and out of their homes into welfare and food stamps.

No, this phenomena of attacking President Trump is dedicated for one purpose which is to end the United States of America as founded in order to install a socialist system of top down controlled economy,  This type of society is one where it is virtually impossible for an individual to gain wealth and political power;  at least impossible unless they are a part of the governing cabal.   Those in control will be of a certain class of citizens which will consist of ‘approved’ people whose thinking and social credit score meets the standards they, the democrat (Globalist) overlords, set.  Otherwise, power and wealth  would be impossible for someone who is not on the ‘list’.

I mentioned that we would be required to make a choice and that we will probably not know exactly when this choice will be forced.  All we can do is wait;  be vigilant;  avoid conversations regarding politics and other issues regarding the division in the nation with strangers and people you do not know.  In fact keep your discussions regarding your views  to a minimum.  Our security now and in the future relies on our unity and conserving our resources and avoiding any losses if possible.  Any action on our part that could possibly be perceived as ‘offensive’ will result in severe difficulty for all of us and must be avoided.  We must bide our time for now but keep a weather eye on what is going on.

Stay in communication with your friends and fellow patriots of the Deplorable Nation.  We are most certainly the last bulwark protecting the original intent of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  As those who value these documents we are protecting the Legacy of America and thus we are ‘Legacy Americans’.  We are distinct from those  who wish to change these documents and our loyalty and fealty to these fundamental truths is what makes us strong and these will see us through these troubling times.

Democrat’s self loathing and their hatred of America

It occurred to me that the only way someone would act to destroy the very means of their lifestyle and existence would be as a result of pure self hatred and the belief that they do not deserve what they have.  Only this kind of negative self-loathing animus would be sufficient to commit an act equal of sinking your own life boat.  Worse yet, in shark infested waters.

When someone mentally enters into a self destructive rage it is almost impossible to reason with them.  This is the same nature as the Antifa movement as well as the present crop of democratic candidates for president.  It’s bad enough that they are intent on sinking the life boat that is the United States but they also want to drag the entire nation down with them.  They have openly stated their goal of ending the country as it was founded and creating a new full governmental control system they call socialism.  What they are ignoring is the history  of socialist nations and how they fall into tyranny rather quickly.

Just how determined are these liberals??  You have to wonder because some of them are willing to resort to violence in order to defeat the civil order and gain control.  I cannot recall a movement that advocated violence as it sole means of persuasion like Antifa does.  Maybe in the 60’s there were a few small groups but in Antifa we are looking at a nationwide movement abetted by the democratic party.  To me, this resembles insurrection but hey, I am only a conservative.  What do I know?

It would be very easy to liken the current political atmosphere with that of pre-communist Russia or pre-Nazi Germany.  A political party that is using intimidation and condemnation as tactics to move their agenda forward.  While the genocide that followed both of those movements does not seem to be in the offing, I am alarmed at how willingly the democrats have gone all in with the notion of condemning America the very nation that has provided for them and allowed them to pursue their own desires.

So, as well as looking at the present scenario in the nation be aware of the democrats wish to drag us down with them in the dissolution of the founding of our homeland.  How far will the democrats and their minions go I am not certain but I am quite sure we have not seen the worst they will do yet.

Revolutions started in the recent past in the same manner that we see our politics going in the present.  Some unrest and demonstrations followed by some civil disobedience (Antifa goes way beyond this already) and then direct attacks meant to destabilize the nation.  Coupled with a constant political diatribe of anti America propaganda we see the coordinated attack upon our home and source of our liberty and freedoms.

Always keep in mind that our futures are tied to those of these liberal miscreants and if they get their way we will suffer for sure under their ‘green new deal’ or whatever they call their new ‘utopia’.  Be vigilant and connected and we will see where or how far this goes.

The current democratic party – Living in an absolute world

We find ourselves still listening to the democrats carry on about collusion, corruption obstruction and any other ‘a-tion’ they can think of.  I am quite tired of the continuous noise myself as I am sure many of you are.  I compare this to my late teens and twenties where when you got a new ‘album’ from your favorite group you played it over and over and over and over until we knew the words by heart.  Oftentimes we would drive parents, neighbors and siblings out of their minds in the process.

The big difference is that it is pretty obvious that there are a few democrats that are ‘out of their minds’ as they carry on about ‘Orange hair man bad’; a.k.a. President Donald Trump.  Oh, I have to mention I enjoy typing that.  ‘President Donald J. Trump’.  Ah, that felt good.

So the democrats and in particular, the media, have been filling the echo chamber with more and more accusations that are no different than those they leveled 24 months ago.  Trump bad! Trump Bad!

Here is where the notion of ‘absolute’ comes into play.  If you have not noticed, there is no middle ground with the democrats as far as any policy initiatives goes and their continuous prophecy of the doom of impeachment rings along as well.

The democrats ‘absolutely’ refuse to accept the results of the 2016 election.

The democrats ‘absolutely’ refuse to act in any way to secure our borders.

The democrats ‘absolutely’ refuse to acknowledge the policy of genocide they advocate for with late term abortion.

The democrats ‘absolutely’ believe in man-made climate change and refuse to discuss any of the research or alternate policy agenda items regarding this topic.

The democrats ‘absolutely’ believe Trump cheated in some way in the election.

The democrats ‘absolutely’ refuse to recognize any illegal activities in the DOJ and FBI.

The democrats ‘absolutely’ reject any of the tremendously successful economic policies that are in place.

The democrats ‘absolutely’ insist on draconian gun controls with no evidence of any of them in the past having made any difference at all in gun violence.  If anything, they ignore the most highly restricted gun law communities in the country where the highest rates of gun violence exist and oh, by the way, they are all democratic strongholds.

How is it, the party of supposedly ‘enlightened thinking’ cannot compromise or even acknowledge any other policy positions other than their own???????

We are told over and over how ignorant and ‘deplorable’ we conservatives are.  The media and the democrats themselves all echo language that is consistent with Hillary’s bone headed remark in the 2016 election campaign.

All of these positions and situations are reflective of a locked and unmoveable mindset within the democratic party.  There is little doubt that we will not see any deviation from these policy positions in the future in fact, they are doubling down on environmental issues.

What can a reasonable person do when faced with a group that refuses to even discuss anything contrary to their established beliefs?????

To be honest, we can do nothing to change this aspect of our opponent politically.  They are resolute.

Our best bet is to support President Donald J. Trump and start the effort we need to that will re-elect him for a second term.  If you cannot change the mind of the democrats then move on and make America even Greater.

At Last!!! A Wall the democrats will approve!!!!

I finally figured it out.  The wall that is.  Yes, I know what wall the democrats will approve and where they will approve its being built.  Its easy if you think about it.

The democrats would all be on board building a wall around us deplorables to keep us out of ‘their’ country.

Where would they approve this wall????

Doesn’t matter as long as it is in some underpopulated red state a long ways away from DC.

The only security the democrats are for is policies that stop them from losing elections.