The Tyranny of ‘Consensus’

As of late we are seeing censorship of all manners of things from Dr. Seuss to Pepe Lepew.  All of this censorship is due to the ‘consensus’ that the content is ‘offensive’.  In all of this we see people’s perceptions and opinions as being justification for burning books metaphorically.  There is a problem with this and it traces itself back to 1776 and 1783.

This nation was founded with a very diverse populace from many walks of life and multiple ethnicities.  Knowing that leadership by crowds was undesirable, the founders decided to codify the rights of all individuals in the Bill of Rights protecting the declaration that people are born free.  This was their attempt to avoid mob rule as was witnessed in the French Revolution and the flagrant use of the guillotine to execute anyone whose very existence offended the gathered masses who were in revolt.

Today we see Disney and a host of other companies all marching to the drum beat of the ‘consensus’ that is the liberal movement in their efforts to remove any semblance of offence to anyone who claims to have one.  Forget that much of what is being axed is part of our heritage.  Forget that the rights of those who are not offended to view these works is being completely ignored.  Forget that these works were never intended (to my knowledge) to be offensive or discriminatory.  They merely reflected the social mores of their time.

References have been made by many to the steps of leading a nation into communism or socialism include erasing heritage and ostracizing people who do not conform with the coming agenda.  This is so true as the cry-bully culture is marching on with the support of the democrats in their destruction of our nation and its heritage and values.

So, fire up the guillotine and get a good seat in the public square as more and more grievances are brought to ‘justice’.  Watch your language and what you post.  You are being studied and graded on your ‘woke-ness’ as that is the quotient that is the determiner as to whether you are silenced forever or not.

Keep in mind, none of this was ever thought to be subjects for a government to enter into.  Never did the founders think that the government should make reparations for those offended by others.  The founders intended that issues such as public opinion over content and comments be left to public opinion to work out.  As long as the cry-bullies keep getting air time and support from the democrats we will continue to live in tyranny in that our First Amendment Rights have been usurped with the approval of our government. 

Plan, Prepare, Be Vigilant and ready as I do believe the left will take this too far and so far over the edge that we will be forced to water the Tree of Liberty.