Could it be CWII has already started?????

The Covid issue has elevated into a war like conditions between democrats and those who resist their intentions. The recent decision of the feds to not mandate testing or vaccinations of the thousands of immigrants crossing our border into our nation all the while demanding that all Americans get the jab is very revealing.

The democrats look upon immigrants as automatic supporters for their agenda. That is why they are not even concerning themselves with them regarding covid. However, they look upon those of us who resist their mandates and agenda as their mortal enemies. Not political but literally physical enemies. You can expect the democrats and their lackeys in the government to ramp up the pressure to force us to get the jab and to obey other mandates surrounding the Covid debacle.

Their goal is to identify and isolate those of us who refuse to comply from the rest of the population. This is a war upon us as individuals as well as a war upon our values and beliefs in freedom and liberty. These values are what are to be eliminated in our nation if the democrats are to succeed in converting our nation into a socialist one. The goal of the left is submission of the population to their edicts without questions or any resistance.

In essence, the Civil War II has started in earnest as they are now preparing to dis-enfranchise a substantial portion of the population and use the might of the government to remove us from our society. Our future, including health and prosperity along with our freedoms are under direct attack.

If you need an example of what is to come if the democrats get their way and pull this off, look to Australia and the internment camps there. The recent violence in that country should stand as a stark warning to those of us who cherish our freedoms and liberty.

I had thought in the past that when CWII kicked off it would be over something that was political in origin. Some kind of action by the government that went too far. Now we see that they are using this ginned up epidemic as the lever to pry our nation firmly to the left and keep it there and ostracize and remove those who resist them from the rest of society.

This entire discussion does not even address the potential long term effects of MRna vaccines and the possibilities of negatively affected immune systems in the years to come and the need for life long ‘boosters’ just to stay alive and not die from the common cold. While this may sound ‘out there’ I have to remind that MRna technology is completely untested and unproven in terms of long term efficacy and safety. We may be seeing the tip of a catastrophic man made health crisis that will ultimately doom those who have had the jab.

At my age I am a complete skeptic as far as ‘miracles’ go and this vaccine can be considered a miracle for having been developed in just a few months. Somehow, this is all just too convenient to me and especially when you consider that the virus was man-made and released on purpose.

This entire issue from the first days it arose to now is the equivalent of ‘The Perfect Storm’ and a godsend to the power hungry politicians. I am not a conspiracy theorist per se but I have to acknowledge that this entire Covid19 epidemic has too many coincidences to ignore.

Covid………the ongoing debate The coming conflict ‘CWII’ We are on our own

The Covid pandemic is ongoing and will be for as long as the left can keep it there.  The new ‘Delta variant’ outbreak was and is predictable as we have not deployed a true ‘Vaccine’ as the various injections offered do not create antibodies in the person injected. 

The so called vaccines create spike proteins that supposedly ramp up our immune response to the virus but do not kill it directly.  This is all but forgotten in the hubbub of the CDC and the Executive branch as well as their willing accomplices in the media. This fact that the Vaccine is not truly a vaccine means that both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated still pose a risk to each other as neither have any resistance to the virus itself. This is true unless they have had Covid and recovered and in the process developed natural antigens to the virus. 

Don’t forget it is a cold virus so it lives and transmits through pretty much all organisms it comes in contact with. Because this virus can exist in species other than humans, this virus will NEVER be truly eradicated from our society. This makes the notion of deploying a vaccine that does not develop antigens in the people vaccinated the equal of a fool’s errand. Physiologically the only way to eradicate the virus as a factor in the community is to build antigens in the majority of the citizens and unfortunately the only way we can do this at present is for people to contract the virus and defeat it organically in their immune systems. 

The intended result of the vaccine is to better empower the body to fight the Covid virus if becomes infected. It would be just as effective to promote vitamin D and Zinc for people at risk and use HCQ and Ivermectin in those who have been infected along with the Vitamin D and Zinc supplements. These have been proven internationally as being effective in reducing if not eliminating the worst effects of Covid19. As we have seen any protocols other than a vaccine and ventilation have been discouraged if not outright banned by the government.

This government sponsored pro-vaccine discussion is totally devoid of any mention of the complications and deaths from the vaccine. These are not even being considered which makes me wonder if the people who are in charge of all this are simply pushing a narrative that is devoid of facts on purpose.  You have to wonder how much influence do the major pharma companies have over our policies and the government itself? I think this is a valid question that needs to be answered. As for me, I am not vaccinated myself and until a vaccine is developed that actually creates antigens in my body I will remain un-vaccinated. 

There is a new video of a doctor explaining the dynamics of the Covid virus and how we are not really protecting anyone with either the vaccine or the masks we are being asked or forced to wear and it is worth watching.   Here is a link

Civil War II

The conflict between the socialist elements of our society who control the government and those who are what I would call ‘American Patriots’ is coming whether we want it to or not.  I am talking about  a conflict that goes way beyond the polls or arguing with liberal drones on the internet.  I am referring directly to an armed situation where violence will be the common denominator. It is inevitable because those of us who are patriots will not surrender to the will of the left and give up our firearms and our rights when they demand we do. 

Bear in mind that when this time comes, we will not face the likes of Antifa and BLM.  These groups are no match for the American Patriot when it comes to sporty times. They will fold like paper rather quickly once the ground is covered with their blood.

No, it will be the paramilitary law enforcement and then the military itself.  The leadership on the left has no plans of defending their agenda and power lust themselves physically.  They will use proxies as in history the tyrants of the left always have done. If you look at who fought and won the battles for Lenin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao Tse Tung you see the organized military and paramilitary with the elites of the movements safely away from the battles themselves.

Whether the rank and file of the law enforcement community stands with the left and their agenda or defects to the cause of the patriots is to be seen.  The same can be said for the military members who will find themselves on the same fence. 

Any ‘defectors’ from either organization will be branded traitors as we ‘American Patriots’ will be when we refuse to turn in our ARs and ammo when it is demanded by the tyrannical government all in the supposed purpose of quelling the rising levels of violence in our society. Trust me that historically this is how tyrants take over.  Reread your histories of the Russia and Germany, China, Cuba and Cambodia if you need a refresher. In order for the socialist left to attain total control, the general population must be disarmed.

So when the battles finally start it will be very deadly and costly especially for the patriots as we will be initially very disorganized when things go hot and those who remain with the military and law enforcement who are under the control of the left are trained and prepared to wage combat in a coordinated and more effective way. They also have access to much more deadly weaponry than the average citizen does.

Does this mean we should give up?  Heavens no!!!  Should we organize?  I am not sure how we can do this beforehand without subversive federal and state infiltrators in the ranks which may cost more lives as a result.  We have seen the FBI as instigators in many notable events in the last year instead of actually preventing violence.

We should prepare as we have been doing for the past years.  Gather ammo, food and necessary support equipment and supplies  and keep your weapons well oiled and keep your skills up to date and effective.  I know that many who are patriots are ex-military and I hope when the time comes they can coalesce as a core that can help train and manage the amateurs that a very large number of us are to help make our efforts more effective and less costly.

I see no way to vote our way out of this coming conflict as much as I wish that were an option.  The left has been waging this war upon our nation and its founding for over 70 years perhaps longer and they are way ahead of us as far as contaminating and altering the basic societal foundations of our nation. 

If we are truly determined to keep the nation as it was founded we will as Thomas Jefferson most eloquently said:  “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. “   Here is the context it was pulled from:     The entire contents of the letter from Jefferson to William Stephens Smith. Son in law of John Adams is well worth the time it takes to read it and it reflects directly on the times we are in today.

We are truly Alone!!!!

Lastly, I need to reinforce to all that we are on our own.  The political people on our side in DC cannot help us because the system they are trying to change is so corrupt and so polluted with socialist and radical left leaning bureaucrats that it cannot be swayed from the course they have put this nation upon without a radical change occurring in our nation and especially in the apparatus of government itself.. 

You can remember that Trump tried to shift the center of the government to the right and we can see how well that worked out.  Two impeachments, constant ridicule in the press and on social media, and constant harassment via the courts and any democrat state legislatures. Keep in mind that the cabal that is the left is global in nature and has infiltrated every aspect of our lives, our children’s lives and the very systems we rely on to carry on our daily affairs. 

You see censorship marching forward with the consent of the government who have essentially empowered private entities with the powers of a utility and yet without any need to answer to the general public.  This insulates the social media companies from any legal action driven by those who have been silenced unjustly.

 This is the plan and has been the plan for many years.  You can put in this power elite cabal all of the major technology companies, social media conglomerates as well as online retailers.  The left took over the corporations first and then went for the government.  The likes of AOC and the squad along with the current push towards a truly socialist society would not have occurred without this takeover having been accomplished first.  You must understand that this push is international against us and when the time comes to fight it for real in the streets we will face a worldwide resistance.  The socialist elites of the likes of Soros and Zuckerman as well as Gates and Bezos all know that if they are to remain in charge they must be the ones who control and steer the movement towards socialism because if they were not they would be consumed by the movement otherwise.  This is why they are all in with the socialist aggression in our nation we see today.

Nobody in their right minds would want a violent conflict to occur if it could be avoided.  Ask yourself if you think the likes of AOC, Schumer, Pelosi, and the rest of the leftist cabal will surrender their power willingly?  How about the socialist titans of the corporate world?  How about the socialist verging on communist academic establishment?

Face it, none of these are going to simply quit and go home.  There is real power and control at stake and these people will fight to the death or send people to fight to the death to protect them and their empires. Power does corrupt and especially those who can wield it to control others.

We are alone.  We are merely citizens.  We are citizens who are upset and fed up with the changes we see that violate the intent and the words of the Bill of Rights and Constitution as well as the Declaration of Independence.   We either choose to fight to preserve these documents and the promises they have for all Americans or we surrender and they are run through the socialist shredder and are gone forever.

The time for all good citizens who believe in America to stand and face this force aligned to destroy our homes is rapidly coming upon us.

Gov. Cuomo’s ‘Mein Kampf’

It is pretty certain you have heard of Andy Cuomo’s plan to write a book about his experiences in his handling of the Covid19 crisis.  I am sure he will do double back flips patting himself on his back complimenting his conduct of New York’s Official response to the epidemic.  He will assign blame to  President Trump for every death we had in our state.  Problem is none of this is true.

Hitler wrote ‘Mein Kampf’ excoriating the Jews as being the reason post WWI Germany was in such a recession.  Never mind that Germany started WWI and this resulted in millions of deaths in all quarters of Europe.  Never mind that the Weimar republic was at best inept and at worse counter productive to the betterment of the German economy.  Never mind that ‘Mein Kampf’ was the prelude to the goal of exterminating an entire ethnic population solely because of the delusions of Hitler.

So, Andy ‘Death Camp’ Cuomo is going to write about his ‘challenging’ experiences.  Consider that our death numbers in NY are as massive as they are due, in large part, to his, Governor Cuomo’s, inept policies including mandating Nursing homes accept Covid19 positive patients essentially turning them into ‘Death Camps’.  Add that no visitors were allowed and residents really could not leave meaning that introducing the flu virus into these homes was the same as gassing Jews in the death camps of Germany.  They knew the virus was dangerous if not fatal if they caught it and could not leave or do anything about it.

I know it sounds severe if not ghoulish to refer to Cuomo and use terms like ‘Death Camp’  and make direct references to WWII and Hitler.  Problem is that it is essentially the same scenario.  You have a confined group of people and you introduce a deadly pathogen in their environment.  No one who cares about these residents would have ever suggested doing this.  Despite the complete lack of logic in the notion of sending Covid patients to nursing homes, Cuomo ordered it and they could not refuse.  This was massive and negligent endangerment  of  our senior citizens.   If anything, Cuomo should be charged with Manslaughter.

Worse yet Cuomo, by banning visitors to these facilities, denied family members opportunities to identify dangers and perhaps protect their loved ones who could not protect themselves.  Instead we had senior citizens dying without any loved ones at their sides thousands of times over.  If this is not an execution in reality and by design, I do not know what else it could be.

Add that early on, when it could have made a huge difference, Cuomo did not quarantine the regions that were immediately affected by Covid in Westchester and in the city. Cuomo could have also stemmed the spread of the virus by banning travel out of that area. Cuomo could have closed the airports. Cuomo could have shut down mass transit for a week, and  shut down the business activity in the quarantine area and possibly have stopped the massive spread of the virus in its tracks.

Instead, it was business as usual until it was too late and NY residents had unknowingly  spread the virus throughout the city and across the nation.  Then (finally), Cuomo shut down businesses but not mass transit in NYC.  This is after the disease had spread across the state and across the nation.  This is all on Cuomo’s shoulders.  This is not good management of a emergency situation.

So, as Cuomo writes his version of ‘Mein Kampf’ just keep in mind that his opinions and recollections of a ‘struggle’ that he was faced with was largely of his own making and a result of decisions he made that killed THOUSANDS in New York and across the nation!!!!

The man is delusional if he thinks he made things better.  It is beyond obvious that he made things worse for the entire nation.  It is this level of self delusion that puts Andy Cuomo in the same league as Adolf Hitler.  Another delusional figure that  caused the deaths of 100 million people.




Riots, occupations and oppression of the conservatives.

I am sure you both have noticed the elevated agitation that is the current state of affairs for the nation. There is more hatred ginned up at present than should be. While I cannot argue that the death of George Floyd is a travesty and unnecessary, I do believe the response of the din-du-nuffins is way beyond the circumstances. I have mentioned before that the pent up frustration of being cooped up at home is fueling some of this and I also believe that the left and Antifa are seeing an opportunity to disrupt society and are making the best of it. I would imagine the three of us could opine for a while on these issues.

My concern (beyond my own safety) is one that is more oriented towards the possible usurpation of our election process if this constant barrage of unrest and demonstrations carry on into November. If we, the right, lose this election you can expect that they left will follow through on their promises to ‘disarm’ the nation as it is necessary for their implementation of systemic socialistic policies that none of us will accept willingly. We can all make statements like from my cold dead fingers and the like but reality is that they (Soros funded and managed) politicians and activists are much farther ahead than we might want to admit.  They would welcome our holding fast to that proposition all the way to our gravesides if necessary.

The SCOTUS refusing to hear appeals of several anti gun regulations and laws is beyond troubling as it indicates that even with 2 new pics on the court by Trump, we are not represented as far as our ‘Original intent’ beliefs go in regards to the second amendment. The current ruling interpreting a law passed in 1964 to include new age ‘gender’ definitions as being ‘protected’ by the law maker’s original intent is a slap in the face as you compare the over reach in that case against the unwillingness to protect our rights under the Second Amendment. Both rulings are pure politics and have nothing to do with interpreting law by the words that were passed. It is frustrating.

To be honest, I thought it was the end of times when Obama came into office and while it seems impossible, it actually seems worse now. Before I feared Obama and his minions. Now, I see that we need to fear the rabble-rousers too as they seem to be immune from any legal liability if they torch stores or injure others. While I do not foresee a march through my home town of leftists wanting to take on those of us who are conservatives and libertarians, I see the impact of their activities elsewhere having effects here via the convenient rubber stamp of liberal lawmakers. They would love to ban all sorts of firearms if they could.  Anything that they can do to isolate and further suppress the rural conservatives is definitely on their agenda.

I lived through the summer of 68 and it was a tumultuous period in our history and it seems we are going to have another one worse than that. We can laugh at the inane statements of the leaders of ‘CHAZ’ or ‘CHOP’ or whatever that 6 block area in Seattle is called at this moment but the thing is that the people doing that have millions of allies in the 20 something to 40 something crowds who all are brainwashed and do not know or understand what this nation was, should be and could be. All they have been told is that anyone who is not like them are racists and that includes all of us. We are to be dealt with and not to be tolerated.

While my life style is not under assault I can see the writing on the wall if we give much more ground to the left. When the rights of individuals are sacrificed for the good of the whole you will have lost your freedom and your heritage.

When I was young, I took my freedom for granted. I did not consider the large scale effects of any actions of the government that I noticed and my point of view at the time was very small. Only after being in business interacting with various agencies and departments did I see the reality of what bigger government really means. Now, I see every new law, regulation and requirement as being an intrusion upon my freedoms and right to choose. A large scale example of our giving up our right to choose is this Covid19 scam that we are still enmeshed in. Mandatory masks. No gatherings. No events or concerts. Government mandating isolation for people who are simply exposed to a virus and not actually ill. We all accepted this without a complaint or at least an official one. Now our food supply is all messed up and will be for the foreseeable future and we are not done with government controls over us for Covid19. The CDC is threatening another round of infectious outbreaks which they can create with their faulty accounting of the people ill or who have died along with bogus studies to create higher degrees of panic. This is all very unacceptable to me to be quite honest and yet, I can do nothing to stop the insanity including being forced to wear a stupid noneffective mask if I want to buy food.

Sorry to rant. I just see bad things and no one is standing up to the left wing leaders and telling them they are wrong. Everyone is so ‘politically correct’ it makes me sick. I can see why some people do make a stand if only because they cannot take any more of this socialist meddling. Problem is we, as a society, punish those who do not conform. Elder people are warehoused after they are deemed incompetent even if they make more sense than any politician.

The Silver Lining that is the Covid19 epidemic!

My title may sound a bit ludicrous or cynical but I think if you consider how I am looking at it, that statement makes ultimate sense.  Here we go.

Since the beginning of the Covid19 epidemic (panic) we have seen our economy shut down and a varied response to the threat depending on what state you live in and what party is in charge.  The longer this has gone on, the more polarized the leadership and media has become over the reactions to the ongoing viral epidemic.   There are definitely two opposing camps at this point in this nation and they are resolute.  As time is going on, people are learning more for themselves as to how government is  reacting in response to this epidemic and how that affects their lives directly.

I saw with great interest Elon Mush saying ‘Take the red pill’ and the furor that erupted among the woke who worship the ground he walks on; (or maybe they used to).  He was reacting to the situation no differently than the average citizen who has seen their jobs and businesses suffer with the additional fact that he is losing millions a day with the shut downs of his corporations.  Elon voiced the doubt that so many are seeing in the policies of those advocating continued shut downs based on the actual results of those policies.

This disparity between the reactions to the virus by governments of the states is a portrayal of two distinct mindsets that are the bedrocks of the opposing political movements in the nation.  While these typically follow party lines they are not restricted to one or the other.

There is the belief that the shutdowns have been over reactions to the situation and that they serve no practical purpose at this time.  Perhaps they made a short term difference while the education process played out in the general population but after a couple of weeks citizens were more than aware of how and what to do to protect themselves and their loved ones including those who are at risk.   A lot of people see the continued shutdowns as a punitive measure at this point that is serving only political purposes.  Lesson learned.  Let’s move on please.

Still, there are those who claim we need to stay hunkered down in our homes quaking in the fear of Covid19 and that it is essential we stay this way.    They cling to their socialist agenda and support those politicians who are preaching staying shut down until fall.  This is the blessing in disguise.

We can speak about freedom and about opportunity til we are blue in the face but this government mandated shut down has been an object lesson in real time for the entire nation.  The citizens are seeing the effects of a hyper controlling government and how these policies are being used in an attempt to change fiscal priorities in government along with changing various long standing institutions such as voting and government control.  Never before in my lifetime have I seen the polarity of a situation played out in such obvious and devious ways in government by both elected and non elected officials.  Even Vietnam did not create the gulf of differences in as short a period of time as this has.

The object lesson for many is that government is too controlling to the point of suffocating freedoms and that there are drones who support this type of nanny state even if it means giving up most if not all of your freedoms as defined in the Bill of Rights.  Those in support of these controls by government say it is for our own good and yet, cannot point to a specific fact or policy that has actually been effective in controlling the virus spread.   In fact many actions that have been taken have made things worse.

If anything, some of the broadsword like actions of governors in NY NJ and MI as well as OR WA and CA have been negative to the point of being disastrous in some places.  All of this has been on open display in the daily news and commentary with the interactions of citizens demonstrating for their rights being arrested on the evening news and a huge number of websites.  Government overreach is on full display for all to see.

None of us who cherish freedom could get this much air time or as many prime time opportunities to educate people on the real nature of socialism and its inherent controls as we have seen in the last two months.  While there will always be a portion of the left who, as drones, obey their masters regardless the independents have seen the left for what it is and are not amused.

If I were to predict the immediate future, I suspect there will be a huge movement to open the US for business and to get these shutdowns behind us asap.  The longer we wait, the more damage and negative publicity will be caused by the shutdowns and the harder it will be for the left to sell their brand of socialism and government controls.  That is the silver lining in the Covid19 epidemic.  The liberals are on full display with their agenda causing damage and little else.

I am hoping for a quick restart of our economy however while it is the worst thing for our businesses and citizens, the best thing I can think of in regards to the fall elections is the democrats keep insisting that we continue to stay shut down.  Just remember Nancy Pelosi standing in front of her $20,000 freezers full of designer ice cream and imagine how that will play in November.  Add in the statistics of seniors dying in NY due to Cuomo’s malfeasance and a the litany of businesses that have been financially destroyed by the prolonged shutdown.  Add in the business owners desperate to salvage their businesses before it is too late being arrested and fined for opening their doors.  This is nothing but bad press for the democrats.

If the recent special elections are any indicator we will see an opportunity for the right to take back a huge portion of both houses of Congress strengthening the majority in the Senate and taking back the House.   The democrats and their insistence to stay shut down keep driving the point home that if you want to be free, don’t elect them.  You cannot buy advertising that makes this point and the longer the democrats keep beating that drum, the worse it will be for them in Novemeber 2020.

Andrew Cuomo, merchant of death

I think of Cuomo as Charon, the ferryman across the river Styx to Hades. He is grim. He is ruthless. He is pitiless. He is difficult to look upon without feeling a level of revulsion.

In this current tragedy that Cuomo turned the Covid19 epidemic into, he has overseen the ferrying of thousands to their deaths amid claims of great compassion and ability that are false and hollow. In my opinion, he never really thought about actually saving lives of the people as much as he did his own. Gutless and spineless he is nothing like his father. He is a silver spoon fed rich kid who never had to account for anything of any real importance who was given control of a situation so far beyond his pay grade that it probably scared him more than anything else.

People like Nipsy, Andrew the ineffective, Cuomo do not ever get held to account. They are programmed at birth that they are above all of that and that he owes the peasants nothing. Any investigation into his decisions and executive orders will result in dissembling and other avoidance’s on his part and will prove ineffective in the end.

This covid19 epidemic has a silver lining. It has given society a glimpse of a few years into our potential future and the people have seen how desperately the socialists in our government want to subdue us and take away our freedoms. It has taken weeks for the truly disastrous results of the ill conceived shutdown to come to light and now we see the horrendous damage that this policy has caused in so many places in our nation. The resentment and frustration of the working people is something that the lib socialists did not anticipate and they had expected people to simply stay home and take whatever the government threw their way as manna from heaven. Instead people yearn to be free and able to earn their own way unfettered by government. They see the shutdown for the destruction it has caused and have had enough.

Politicians like Cuomo tend to survive on tradition and not on accomplishment. Perhaps, this epidemic will be his undoing in the next election along with a host of other officials all pretty much democrats who have breached the compact of trust with their citizens that they protect their civil rights too. Trump should latch onto this movement of discontent and run with it. He cannot lose any votes and may gain many more if he does.

Andrew Cuomo: Mass Murderer

New York has not done well in this Covid19 epidemic despite the fawning of the media over Governor (Generalissimo) Andrew Cuomo.  Our death total is at this writing is over 20 thousand and is about 30 percent of the national total.  Add that 94 percent of the deaths are for people either over 45, having co morbidity problems or both.  Additionally it kills 20 percent more men than women.

Cuomo ordered Nursing homes to take Covid19 active patients by executive order with no refusals.  4813 people have died in Nursing homes and Assisted living homes due to Covid19 which is nearly 25% of the total for the state which in and of itself is tragic and how many are dead due to Cuomo’s policies?

With all that Cuomo has claimed to have done to ‘protect’ New Yorkers, I found out today that they finally shut down the subways to actually sanitize them.  Today.  May 7th and this pandemic has been going on for almost 3 months.  Of further note is the fact that almost all of the cases that have spread across the country are due to people traveling from New York to states in the interior of the nation.

Meanwhile, the entire state of New York is shut down, well, except for ‘essential’ businesses who Cuomo gets to choose winners and losers.  In the news this week are the announcements of national retail chains filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy due to the collapse of sales during the shutdowns across the nation.   Never mind that it was concluded by the CDC that 65% of those diagnosed of Covid19 most recently are shut ins who are sheltering in place due to government orders in their states.

Where I reside in New York is predominantly conservative self reliant people who have little use for Cuomo to begin with but the impact of his prolonged shut down will be damaging enough to close many close held businesses and the types that employ many people.  The employees are taken care of but the owners still have standing debt, loan payments and insurances and other fees to pay despite having no revenue to make these payments.  This will leave a lasting mark on this region.

Cuomo botched the response from the start by not shutting down the germ factories that are the Subways and mass transit in NYC.  This explains the massive death toll in that region of the state.  14 thousand of the over 20 thousand deaths in New York are in the Metro NYC area.  This is all blood on Cuomo’s hands.

Just imagine if the city of New York was shut down for real when this started?  Imagine that the region was quarantined and people were stopped from leaving which would have prevented out breaks in most other areas of the nation not already having infections?

Cuomo should be held accountable for his miserable management of this crisis.  He is not the golden boy that the liberal lying media make him out to be.  For goodness sake, his stupid brother Chris didn’t obey orders to stay quarantined and went out a week early and then threatened the citizen who saw him and wondered aloud why he wasn’t at home like he was supposed to be.  This attitude of both of the Cuomo boys is reprehensible and arrogant typical of the silver spoon gentry that they were children of.  Despite what they may think of the citizens, they both owe explanations and apologies for their miserable conduct during this crisis.

Lastly, if a republican had the same numbers of fatalities as Cuomo it would be headline news with calls for impeachment and trial for malfeasance and dereliction of duty for having allowed them to happen.  Instead we are fed the same crap every day about how ‘wonderful’ Andy is and how awful Trump is even though it was Trump who saved Governor Andy’s bacon.

There is a rising swell of visceral discontent in America due to these draconian shut downs that are long past their effectiveness at this point.  If the liberals are trying to foment change, they may not like it if they keep this up because the people who are getting upset are not going to stop at civil disobedience if the heavy hand of government tries to slap them down.  As seen in Texas already as well as Michigan, people are fed up.  The pressure that is building is much worse than when Obama was on his world apology tour or during some of Obama’s stupid programs and actions that pissed people off.

We have seen what this nation can be and do with the Presidency of Donald Trump and woe be it to the politician who stands in the way of American determination and enterprise.  Things have to change dramatically and soon.

Where’s the big Wave??????

Here we are hunkered down under government orders waiting out this Coronavirus epidemic.  It has been long enough that people are getting impatient.  After all, we were told to expect to see rising death tolls and people getting morbidly sick all over the country.   We were told this shut down is for our own good and for our health.  We were told that in order to be safe we need to wear masks in public even though most all masks people are wearing are not virus proof.  We took this all in good faith as Americans and have been trying to cooperate.  Trying to be community minded.

Well, Where is it?  You know, the massive wave of death and misery that was supposed to be what we are all hiding at home from.  Where is this wave of bad infections and overloaded hospitals?  From where I sit, I see layoffs at health care facilities and actual hospitalization rates that are infinitesimal as compared to the predictions?

Despite the shut downs and the stay at home orders people are still out and about.  Yet, the epidemic has not developed as was predicted.  Not at all.

So, I ask again to Dr. Fauci and Birx….Where the hell is my wave?????

Comrade DeBlasio and Emperor Cuomo….Where the hell is my wave?????

What is the point (outside of the obvious political impact on Trump) that this shut down is supposed to accomplish?  There is anecdotal instances of the spread of the virus DESPITE THE SHUT DOWNS along with scientific studies indicating that the virus has spread far more than anyone had anticipated except that almost everyone who has tested positive for the virus never got sick and recovered without even knowing they had it.  Numbers indicate that the virus is 1/50th as deadly as they thought; perhaps even less lethal.  Amazing.  And this virus was supposed to be deadly.  Apparently not nearly as fatal as the precious ‘models’ predicted.

This shut down has to end.  The shutdown is predicated on bad modeling and bad statistics and as such the reasoning for the shut down is invalid.

It will be peasants carrying the equivalent of pitchforks and torches if this goes on much longer.  Real people are losing their livelihoods as a result of their not being able to run their small businesses.  They do not have deep pockets and the reserves and equity to cover their losses during the shutdown and even when things start up again, they will not just immediately bounce back.  What took them years and years to create may be gone forever and will take years to replace.

Any SBA loans to cover payroll will not help the business owner who still has operating debts to deal with for physical overhead and maintenance.  Just like car insurance, these keep going on even if the business is not actually operating.  There are no programs that are helping with this type of losses.

And yet, they are giving money to massive corporations and over endowed ivy league colleges and universities….It pays to have politicians and bureaucrats in your pockets if you can afford it I guess.

President Trump is right to want to get back to business as usual.  He is being universally condemned for advocating this by the media and liberal pin heads.  They, these opposition folks, have their interests arranged in such a way that they are not hurt by the shutdown and the farther this nation falls down the sewer hole, the better it is for them as far as getting more power and control over everything.

Enough is enough.  Time to work.  Time to be free Americans and tell these power hungry wannabe dictators to go to hell.

The Coronavirus Pressure Cooker…..when will it be ‘Done’?

We are in a lock down here in upstate NY and no one is particularly happy about it.  Doesn’t matter to the Emperor in Albany as his fixation is on Metro NYC exclusively.  Nothing new here.

The rest of the nation is under some degree of shutdown with some rogue states opening up their economies at this point.  There is a palpable sense of frustration and distrust of the media/government stooges over their statistics and continued demands for stay at home and social distancing and wearing masks, none of which will really make any difference in the long run.  This frustration coupled with the decline of many businesses both small and local and national if not international is leading us to a tipping point.  I refer to this as the pressure cooker and yes, it is about to blow.

Now, the patriot in me would love to say that the ‘Independent Citizen’ will rise up and take back their rights as free people and this will get things going.  Problem is that unless a huge portion of our population follows this lead this effort will be labeled cranks and conservative racist hotheads.  No, this is not the factor alone that will get us going again.

Consider this.  Oil is at an almost all time low in prices for crude.  Major corporations are staring down bankruptcy as their revenues fall to a trickle.  This is true with international corporations that see the US as their main marketplace.  While foodstuffs and essentials are still selling, the corporate business marketplace is dead.   Business to business services are dead.  The government has not solved this with any bailouts and I do not see any coming bailouts being able to address the crisis that is developing.  Wall Street is down and while those who are buying cheap are happy, those who are seeing portfolios crashing and burning are not and they outnumber the buyers by a long shot.  The pressure we are feeling at home is amplified 100 fold for the corporate world or even more.

If this shutdown is not lifted in the next week to ten days you will see big business start putting pressure on politicians to open the economy.  Pressure is the threat of no political donations at all.  No jobs for favorite sons (Joe Biden’s kid ring a bell?) and no more juicy insider information or other financially gainful stuff that only the elite get to know.  This will increase along with a shifting support to those politicians who do support re-engaging the economy and I bet before May 15th, life will be pretty much back to normal.  I will add that there will be an attempt by the governments (Federal and States) to add all sorts of ‘precautionary’ measures to ‘ensure’ public health but as I am pretty sure we can do little to stop this virus, the same is true in regards to the need for businesses to get back to work and make money.

Never before in our history have we acted to intentionally shoot ourselves in the foot as we have with this virus.  Even during the gas shortage in the 70’s we saw curtailments of activity but we did not act as a government to shut down the economy.  Government policy may have contributed but it was mostly environmental policy along with the end of the boom associated with the Vietnam war that led us into the void.  Prior national ‘disasters’ man made or otherwise may have led people to alter their patterns of activity and might have in a small way resembled our present situation but people acted willingly due to patriotism and not by government fiat.

So, look for all of this to be moving into our rear view mirror by the middle of May.  If it doesn’t, things could get ugly.  Really Ugly!!!!  You can push free minded people around only so much and for so long before they start pushing back!!!!!  Of this I can absolutely guarantee you is the truth!!!!

The ‘Kung Flu Hustle’

Life as we know it has ended while the government is ‘fighting’ the Covid19 epidemic.  Life ended because government has pretty much ordered everyone to stay home and for businesses to close.

I smell a rat.  If you were to only listen to network news you would swear people are lying in the streets dying and that this epidemic is killing thousands a day.  Thing is, this is not really the case.  Even so, people are literally panicking and hoarding as if the world is coming to an end or the proverbial TEOTWAWKI SHTF scenario.

There have been reports of the CDC telling medical establishments to list all deaths occurring during this shutdown as Covid19 fatalities even if patients had other issues that made their ability to survive the flu difficult.  There have been reports that have been made indicating that 94% of the deaths during this crisis are patients with underlying causes that led to their dying due to the flu.  Cancer, immune disorders, and old age are all primary factors in those who are dying of Covid19.  This is not being reported widely in the press.

We hear various democratic politicians all calling for more medical equipment or confiscating ventilators from hospitals in areas nearby where the virus has not had a big impact.  Oddly enough much of the medical supplies and equipment sent by the feds has been ‘misplaced’ embarrassingly pointed out by President Trump regarding New York State and various medical supplies.

The media has started to stop covering Trump’s daily briefings and instead play dreary and doom saying 24/7 reports and interview various political actors who all accuse the president of not responding to the crisis even though he was first to react to the pending epidemic and got withering criticism by the press and democrats for having done so.

Funny thing is that videos are starting to circulate that contradict the crowded emergency room trope that the media is pushing as well as the empty testing tents set up in urban areas where the press is showing film of lines and crowds that do not apparently exist.  Anecdotal evidence indicates that Hydro Chloraquine is literally the miracle drug that is saving people who are deathly ill with the virus literally on death’s door.  Knowing this from many sources, you have to wonder why some governors are banning the use of the drug unless it is administered in a hospital.  This is contrary to the common use of this drug for Lupus and other maladies and the drug has a 65 year record of safe usage under the supervision of a doctor of course.  So why the stall?

Something smells afoul in all of this.  Our economy is in a predictable nose dive and the longer we sit the longer and the more it will cost to bring it back to where it was in early January.  The death toll is not such that would warrant such drastic actions as we have taken.  There is no reason for the entire nation to be shut down.  There is no reason for upstate New York to be shut down.  Like many rural areas in states under lock down, there is not an epidemic in these outlying areas and a shut down is not indicated.  Logic would have said to quarantine the areas where the virus was spreading and not shut down everything.   Logic would have put all the people at risk in quarantine BEFORE they got sick and isolated them so they could survive.  We did the exact opposite.  We quarantine the sick while those at risk are not protected at all since the virus is loose in society to begin with.

What is going on in my opinion is the left’s last gasp attempt to derail Trump’s re-election and to help the democrats hold the house in the fall elections.  The deep state coupled with the democrat party are conspiring to sway the election by tainting the president and you can bet there will be a proctological type of congressional ‘investigation’ by the house into Trump’s response to the virus starting soon with the democrats hoping to find some action or lack of action that they can flog President Trump with all the way to November and election day.

I will add the illegal executive orders shutting down gun and ammo sales is a trial balloon to see how the actions of these governors hold up against a court challenge and I am sure these actions will be repeated in the future if they are not overturned.  Our second amendment is under attack in all of this.  Remember what Rahm Emmanuel Obama’s Chief of staff said when he, ‘Barack the magic negro’, was inaugurated.  Don’t let a crisis go to waste. He was talking about the banking collapse that happened in late 2008 and the depression it started in our nation.   The democrats are doing the same thing with the Covid19 epidemic.  They are exploiting this epidemic in order to fatten the budget and secure more power for the government.

It is time to get back to work folks.  If you live where the virus is still spreading in your area then you can stay at home.  If you are in an at risk group, you can also stay at home.  The rest of us need to get our economy going again and end this siege on our businesses sector by the government.