NY-er????    Welcome to the new dictatorship Comrade

Here in New York we have Die Fuhrer Hochul ordering we be masked starting Monday for the ‘Covid outbreak’.  Mind you, I am not seeing an outbreak and I doubt others are either.

Lately the Omnicron version of Covid is apparently attacking vaccinated folks so they are pushing the vax even more…. I wonder why?  Could it be that once vaxxed you will forever need a ‘booster’ which in other terms is a cash cow for Big Pharma…..?? 

I remain unvaxxed and will stay this way.  I have yet to get a vax advocate to engage in an honest conversation regarding the jab.  If I did the conversation would be me asking questions and while I would hope to get honest answers I know they will not be forth coming because the general public including the local public health people really do not know or will not admit the truth.

First question:

Does the vaccination PREVENT Covid????? 

We all know the answer is NO.  However I have yet to get a pro vax person admit it.


Since the vax does not prevent Covid, WHY SHOULD  I GET IT? 

This question would lead to a bunch of equivocating and dissembling of words and the only possible truthful answer could be that having the vax will lessen the impact of Covid if I get it. Funny, that is not what the pro-vaxxers talk about.


How about the VAERS (CDC Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System)reports of serious side effects of the vaccine including DEATH?  Why don’t you address this serious issue?

How can you recommend a vaccine that kills people?   The incidents of side effects due to the covid vaccines is higher than any other vaccine we currently offer and yet, no one wants to talk about it and the manufacturer is held immune for any possible legal actions due to any damages caused.  Sounds like a trap.


Why all the boosters and what real good do they do? 

A vaccine is supposed to prevent a disease or flu.  Since this one does not why get another shot?

Beyond the lack of honesty and transparency from the pro-vaxxers I have taken the time to read some and I admit only some, of the patent for one of the vaccines. The patent is over 100 pages long and the part I read referenced the inclusion  of Bioluminescent compounds in the vaccine.  Why on earth would you include such compounds that have no organic benefit in the vaccine?  This last issue will obviously be above the pay grade of practically any person you ask short of the lab scientist who worked on inventing these cocktails of unknown and unadvertised materials…….The indoctrinated pro-vaxxer will not be bothered with these details and call them mis-information even though they are factual and from the Big Pharma website.

Ultimately we are seeing a nation being ordered about by a little Hitleresque dwarf named Anthony Fauci who as a doctor has probably not done any patient care since his internship forty years ago. He has no real concept of the human factor of any of what he does or else he would not have funded gain of function research in Wuhan.  This man is a sociopath  pretending to be a caring person.  He has used his power to assist the democrats and oust a very popular president simply by flip flopping and lying and terrorizing the population as much as he could in the past 18 months or so.

The politicians, including Gov. Hochul and a bunch of the rest of the democrat governors along with President in name only Joe Biden have all seized this opportunity to assert massive controls over the people, all the while they are making huge dividends on their Big Pharma stocks they all bought just before the epidemic.  The stench of corruption and socialist agenda reeks from these people.

The politicians and the government agencies supposed to deal with facts and data have elected  to ignore any  information gathered from the field that does not support their agenda. They are pretending that their mask mandate actually prevents infections and we have seen many places that did not follow this path prove that masks do not work.  Those states within our country that do no mask are healthier and more prosperous than any of the democratic strongholds that are toeing the party line from DC.

I live in Upstate NY which is nothing like the democrat rat hole enclave which controls this state.  This area extends from  from 2 counties north of NYC along with the 5 boroughs of New York City and includes Long Island.  We who live in what is some of the prettiest country in the east who are not in this enclave of democrat corruption  are outvoted by their numbers and guess what???  The democrat cabal rules and runs this state with no concern of how we who do not live in their supposed ‘utopian urban area’.  As an example of ongoing constant corruption as a cottage industry, NYC just voted to allow non-citizens to vote in local elections which is fine but you can guess how much illegal voting will take place in state and federal elections that these non-citizens are not allowed to vote in…..Typical rule against the will of the people.

I have said repeatedly that we deplorables are at war with the establishment and this is absolutely true.  How soon will it shift from a social struggle to an all out shooting battle is yet to be seen but I can say with certainty that these people in Albany and DC do not represent the will of the majority of the people and their arrogance will cause this coming conflict.  The people have the right to say no and demand that their wishes be adhered to.

Keep it up you socialist jerks…..I can’t vote you out but I can keep you out of my home and life.

Power Grab ..

And creating 2nd class citizens….

This is a power-grab by the federal government, and the virus just happens to be a convenient excuse. https://t.co/Xx1UwPuDt8

— Convention of States (@COSProject) September 9, 2021

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My Thoughts………..

This power grab has been in motion for a very long time and the forces that are behind it are playing a very extensive strategy in order to implement their goals of changing our nation into a socialist one. This has been in process for a very long time and since about 1980 and with the appearance of the ‘Moral Majority’ the left’s agenda in response has become more and more obvious. This coalition of Christians and conservative citizens managed to take control of the nation and steer its course for 12 years. The left had been active up to this time but lacked a unified front to rally its followers behind. The unification of the right provided the nudge that the left needed to become more overt and bolder in their efforts to push their belief system upon our nation.

With the Clinton years we saw the notion of ‘Political Correctness’ come along providing a banner for the supposedly aggrieved to rally behind. This was one of the first actions that really started to coalesce the left and its power as a force in our politics and nation. With the politics of pandering to aggrieved citizens the left also co-opted the media giving them a vehicle to use to spout their agenda and create ridicule and disapproval against those who disagree with them.

Add to the this current activities, you can go back starting over 100 years prior where the left had been infiltrating the academic halls including public schools and local institutions. As time went on the left gradually occupied more and more local government agencies and elected bodies always pushing their agenda within these institutions with the aim of changing how citizens looked at their government and also how they viewed their individual rights.

The Obama years gave rise to the notion of institutional racism became a rallying cry for those who perceive themselves as being discriminated against. This contrived racism was used to drive wedges into our society labeling people as either being righteous and good citizens or to be demonized as being horrible people who did not deserve the live in our society as free people with the rights that were endowed upon them and all of us by our founding.

Fast forward to the past couple of years and this insidious scheme of the socialists has started to bear some serious results. This so called epidemic (99.999% survival rate is not an epidemic) was the perfect excuse to implement the most aggressive steps taken to date by the left in their efforts to divide our society and get even more control. This came following the period of the greatest amount of personal equality our nation had ever had under President Trump. Minorities had enjoyed the greatest economic and social freedoms since the end of the Civil War in 1865. This epidemic was ‘perfectly timed’ to destroy this period of success and prosperity and take our nation apart socially.

Government agencies promoting the notion of mandatory vaccines and mandatory masking and isolation as well as shutting down the economy was the perfect excuse to apply pressure to the citizenry to separate into factions that either followed blindly the recommendations of the government and to force those who know that these tactics are not effective who will not readily comply with these mandates to be viewed as being selfish and harming others. By isolating them they can be accused of being anti-safety and anti-society and even insurrectionists. Once they assign such labels to a large portion of the nation they can then act to deny them rights and freedoms that we were endowed with at the founding of this nation. These policies have created economic hardship for those who are independent business owners and operators while the portion of society that looks to government suffered far less due to directed economic policies that reward the people who complied with their agenda directives all while punishing those who could not qualify or afford to follow such a path without suffering catastrophic economic harm. This ‘coincidental epidemic’ along with the actions of the government resulted in tipping the election towards the democrats putting a senile old man in the office of the president with the result that the federal government has acted with little restraint since.

Now we are seeing governmental actions that border on authoritarian and dictatorial by various states and agencies. The federal government has mandated various policies and compliance requirements upon every aspect of our nation they can including the military, governmental employees and agencies as well as healthcare and human services. This has created a reaction of resistance by many who do not believe that these policies and actions will do any appreciable good and that these violate our rights as free citizens.

I am uncertain if we can stop this process and return to our original values and beliefs and do this within the political arena. It has been implemented outside of this process and by merely changing the people we elect we still are faced with millions of obedient programmed agents of the left who occupy legitimate positions in all levels of government and our society. Keep in mind that even if we were fortunate enough to oust every liberal and socialist in our governments in one election cycle we would still be fighting the ‘true believers’ who are the brainwashed citizens who see the American experience as being flawed from the start and who are unwilling to accept anything but the socialist utopian ideals that have been implanted in their heads over the years.

We see a power grab at present and only by recognizing that it is not just the actions of today that are in question but that this has been an ongoing process can we begin to comprehend the depth of this corruption and understand the gauntlet we face in order to restore our nation to the promises of liberty and freedoms that we were born into as Americans.


Freedom Is Just Another Word...

And creating 2nd class citizens….

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Understanding human behavior and how socialism is incompatible with it!!

While socialism has been a relatively new idea of perhaps 300-500 years what has been a constant throughout mankind’s history is the tendency of organized man to create monarchies and tyranny.

Consider that prior to the establishment of the American Nation there had been no nation, or organized group of mankind that had ever considered that the rights of man are bestowed upon the citizens by their creator or at birth if you prefer.  In all the history of man, limits were always placed on opportunities and freedoms of the vast majority of the citizenry based on the desires of the leader of their community.  In a monarchy you lived at the pleasure of the monarch.  If you were a noble man you have far more rights than the servant or lower classes.  For instance, a field worker could not decide to quit tending the fields and start a business because businesses were the sole province of the higher classes.  Likewise, you would never be able to move up the social stratum no matter how capable or resourceful you were.  Your fate was decided at your birthright based on the community, nation, tribe or otherwise you lived in.  It does not matter if you were in a tribe or a kingdom.  Before our revolution and freedom from England, no nation had ever embraced freedom so completely and to the purpose of reducing government power over the citizens within that nation.

The notion of shared assets and shared resources was novel and in all honesty flies in the face of basic human instinct.  People naturally seek to collect and protect their own property and resources and do not wish to share them based on any decisions other than their own.  To establish a governmental system of socialism may sound well and good but despite the great sales pitch the self centered nature of man will still exist and people will when the opportunity allows act for their selfish interests to the detriment of the socialist system.  In this way no socialist system has actually succeeded that has been tried no matter how determined or how idealistic the leadership was.

The leadership classes no matter what system is in place whether it is monarchy, tribal, totalitarian, or otherwise all seek to protect their power and control thus preventing upward mobility of the masses. In the process these leaders also claim an unfair portion of the pie in terms of resources and the bounty of the labors of the lower classes.  The government sees itself as being more important than the citizen and this is the core of our present problem here in the United States.  In the past prior to our revolution this was universally true. Those that control a government go to great pains to see to it they will always control the government. That seems especially true today with the current democrat party in DC as well as all of the deep state and too many of the republican party.

Historically, our Declaration of Independence was not just a statement of freedom but also a declaration of war. It served as well as the death warrant for all that signed the document and also all who fought to win our freedom.  Our timing was very critical in our success in winning our freedom. France was at war with England and had the majority of the British military tied up in the prosecution of that war.  Had we declared independence at a time when this was not the case it is more than likely we would have lost our bid for independence and we would remain today a satellite of the British Empire. I wonder if the founders who have dared such a dangerous act had this not been the case but that is a subject for another time.

After we won the war our founders set forth to create a government unlike any that had been on the earth previously.  They set forth to enshrine in our founding documents the guarantee of individual liberty from the government and any potential interference from the leaders and legislative bodies.  They knew of the corrupt nature of men in power and sought to create a system where these greedy people in power could not enslave the citizens of the United States of America by decree.  Quite obviously we have seen this notion be put to a severe test and especially so as of late.

The problem that our founders feared is real and they knew that if a greedy corrupt politician, bureaucrat or leader could they would do all they can to create a system in our nation where the powerful get more and more power and the average citizen in more and more in servitude to the government which is the opposite of what was intended.  Despite their best efforts we have fallen in the very trap they knew could befall us if our freedoms from excessive government controls were infringed.

Today we see people who use the phrases socialism and justice to rationalize the gradual stripping away of our rights as citizens of this nation as they were intended to be at the outset of our founding.  These politicians are corrupt, career types who will stop at nothing to ensure they remain in power and cannot be held in check by the people.  The latest election thievery is proof of their having accomplished their goals.  We are now facing the loss of our freedom of expression, and our freedom to keep and bear arms as well as the constant erosion of the security of our borders and the appurtenant risks to our health and safety within our own communities due to the lack of control over immigration and the illegal drug trade flourishing in the void of where our borders are not secure.

We are fast approaching a time where we will be forced to choose to defend our rights with whatever force and determination is required or to surrender them once and for all to the government thereby ending the unique and special nature that our nation had at its founding.  If we choose to fight we will see great opposition from the establishment founded by the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats in our capitals.  They stand to lose everything that they have illicitly gained by corrupting our system of governance.  This is the real problem we face because if it comes to a scenario where we will be facing the forces of the government aligned to stop us from being free Americans we will be required to not only subdue the armed forces aligned against us but also to deal with the corrupt individuals who have perverted our nation into what it has become today.  I say we will be forced to physically confront the government because even if we elect 10 Trumps in a row these power hungry weasels will still be lurking. You cannot leave a socialism loving politician to act freely within our nation and not expect that they will simply do what they did to us at present all over again.  This is testament to the corrupt nature of many and the greed that accompanies that. Sadly, we are well past that point of a political resolution of our problems. The deep state bureaucracy and the corrupt politicians are just too vast and there are too many of them to overcome in order to reset our nation to what it was intended to be.

Socialism has been proven to not work.  It may see as if it is a noble, fair, and caring way to run a society but in the end the ones who reap the benefits without doing their fair share of the work are the ones who support it the most.  This is why it is so easy to sell the notion of socialism to a bunch of people who for whatever reason feel that it is not fair to have to work for your own future and for people to be responsible for their decisions good or bad in their past.

In reality, the freedom to create and make for oneself a future that is better than it is at present is the great motivator that created the most prosperous nation in the world that our nation was up until recently.  People will not work as diligently or as efficiently if they are expected to give up a major portion of their earning solely so others who do not work as hard can have the same benefits and lifestyle.  That flies against human nature which is to do and act to improve your lot in life.  In contrast, a capitalistic system allows for upward mobility based on abilities and dedication of an individual as well as self fulfillment in the process.

Having been an employer at one time in my life I learned that people are inherently self centered and that if they do not have a need to produce they will not endeavor to do so.  They will seek acceptance of excuses in lieu of their performing their tasks fully and yet still expecting their salary.  This is more than enough for me to know that a socialist system will attempt to spread the wealth but will only succeed in increasing the number of people who for one reason or another did not produce as well as reducing normally productive people’s desire to produce. 

Ultimately, we cannot hope for an idealistic system to work that is predicated on people acting against inbred self centered human characteristics.  People will not act with a virtuous nature if their reward is to not be what they believe their efforts deserve.  In a socialist system you are not allowed to set your price for your labors and worse yet, you are expected to contribute to support others who do not produce as much value (if any at all)  per work period as you do. Eventually the system will collapse under its own weight of non-productiveness and bureaucracy.

Ultimately the only way to accept the basic human behaviors and allow for people to succeed and have freedom is to use a system that we already have but has been completely perverted by the left and the deep state.  You cannot expect people to surrender their freedoms, their fruits of their labors and their rights to free speech and self protection and create a society that will be successful.  It may seem that it is at the outset but eventually there will be an uprising.  This is because people know the difference between being a subject who is held accountable by the government system and a free person who holds their government accountable to them.  The government may try to purge every mention of freedom and the founding from our kids educations but truly freedom loving people will always make sure their descendants know of the special nature of our nation’s founding and why it was unique and a bright and shining light to all.

A quick historical note:  After the American Revolution and our success, the French staged a revolution and the people took over and held the bureaucracy and royalty as well as the aristocracy responsible for their centuries old subjugation and  proceeded to fire up the Guillotine in the center of Paris and kept it busy for quite some time.  They saw that the American people were free and they wanted to be free themselves.  They also wanted to ensure that the bureaucracy could not return.  Our leadership class might better take notes as they are creating a similar potential situation as occurred in the late 1700’s in France.

Our unique founding was a blessing created by men of vision who saw that the corrupt nature of leadership required limits and that a free people could be the happiest people and that any suppression of the people would create unfairness.  Even in light of this some people say our founding was flawed because it did not outright ban slavery but you have to recognize that our enshrined freedoms that people recognized and cherished were the motivations that led to the Civil War and the emancipation of all slaves.  Had our founders not been so determined to create a set of documents that would promote freedom over all else this would likely not have happened.  You can condemn the thinking of men almost 250 years ago but you have to admire their ability to see that the idea of a free people is a contagious one and it has spread not only throughout our nation but throughout the world as a result. Prior to the creation of our nation and our founding documents the idea of absolute personal freedom in a nation did not exist.

We are coming to a crossroads  and soon we will be forced to choose.  Will we remain the beacon of freedom for the rest of the world or will we surrender to the monarchical system that a highly controlling government presents?  I myself prefer freedom over that and as Patrick Henry so eloquently stated, ‘Give me Freedom or give me death!!!’.  I cannot agree more with that notion.

HR127 and what this really means to free Americans

The latest salvo in the left’s ongoing war on the Second Amendment is a serious threat against one of our cherished rights. It is symbolic of a struggle we have been in for decades and yet, we are facing a Goliath of an opponent who is using our own values and beliefs against us in their march towards their goals for our Republic. As a result, the reality is that we are an endangered species. Not because of our lack of numbers. It is because we believe in law and order and our opponents do not.

The left will continue to press and push and drive their agenda home because they know we will not rise en masse’ to stop them. We will carp and complain. We will elect people who promise to stop this encroachment on our rights only to see them fail over and over. We will march, politely, over and over all the while they will continue to move their agenda forward.

We are not fighting against a political idea. That fight could be fought and won in a government meeting room. No, we are fighting against against a corrupt and power hungry monolith of elected and appointed people who only seek complete control over our nation and our way of life solely to ensure their continued wealth and luxurious way of life. This is why the rules of fairness do not apply to them. This cabal controls the processes of government and the media as well as the media and can paint our cause as being archaic and simpleminded and homophobic and racist at will and there is literally nothing we can do to alter the widespread opinions of our fellow citizens to the contrary.

Actions such as this proposed bill are merely the steps they are taking to eliminate free choice and free thought in our society. Orwell was prophetic in his novel 1984 in that what he saw as a possible future way back in 1949 was so close to what we see today. It was because he understood the corruption of power better than we do.

Our government has gotten too powerful and centralized too much of the management of our daily lives. They have destroyed home rule and we have only one recourse left to seize it back. Unfortunately the route to restoring our Republic is one fraught with violence and heartache and it will take a level of resolve that I am unsure we as a portion of our nation are willing to put forth.

It is one thing to talk about resistance and it is quite another to actually take the steps required to mount an effective and successful campaign to win back the freedoms we were born to that are enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. Thomas Paine famously wrote “These are the times that try Men’s souls” in his pamphlet “:The American Crisis” and it is as apt a statement now as it was back in 1776. Are we brave enough and determined enough to see this through to victory or defeat?

It is obvious we are rapidly approaching a time where we will either choose to conform to any and all new regulations or to say enough is enough and draw a line in the sand that we are not willing to allow anyone, government or individual, to cross.

Election 2020 the fix was in

We are seeing the election of 2020 and the fraud that it was being enshrined as legitimate by the media and the political class in DC including most republicans. The fix was in. The questions of fraudulent activities have mostly gone unacknowledged with the exception of a few brave people in Congress. Since the evidence to me is pretty compelling, I wonder why this has gained no traction.

I think the fix we are seeing now was started back during the Clinton crime era in Washington. (1992-2000) Consider this as a possibility as to why no one has allowed any court case or motion to move forward in this situation that could have threatened the election results.

Speaking of the Clinton era, remember Jeffrey Epstein?????

Jeffrey Epstein was someone who it is hard to determine how he made his money. He had a business in the Virgin Islands and we have all heard of his pedophile flights to his remote private island. Without a specific audit trail you have to wonder what he did to make his fortune? There is no consensus as to how exactly he made his fortune. That is puzzling to say the least.

As Epstein started cozying up with DC types he also cozied up with the Clintons. We all wonder how Hillary got the nomination in 2016 when she was not the clear favorite. The same could be said about Biden as well in 2020.

Suppose she and a few in the inner circle of power on the left and deep state got a hold of Epstein’s little black book regarding his pedophile flights and island including video tapes of various political bigwigs from both political parties as well as members of the present day judicial branch. If this was in their possession you could then understand the how in many of the present political capitulations to the corrupt election occurred. If this is true, this is why SCOTUS as well as every federal court passed on every fraud case regarding the election of 2020. It has been reported that Chief Justice Roberts was a visitor to pedophile island on at least one occasion. I am quite certain that there are many well known names in that book including a lot of prominent republicans sufficient to induce them all to not support any attempts to identify and correct any corruption in this election.

All of this I say because I think the republic has lost its mind. How else can you explain the complete disregard for due process and the value of evidence? In essence, there is no logic or honesty in play and no one seems to care except the deplorables who don’t count anyways. The seeming death grip that seems to be over the media and the political class as well as the deep state points to some sort of compelling control that these organizations and people cannot or will not resist.

The result is that truth and facts no longer matter when it comes to policy agendas and elections. You cannot rig elections without complicity of a sufficient number of people within government and the media or else you risk gaining unwanted scrutiny and that just has not been allowed to happen this election cycle. No, the FIX was and still is in.

People who wield such power over others do so because they have an agenda and that always includes consolidating power and control over as large a group as possible including the entire nation. Dissidence will not be tolerated. Non compliance will be punished. Authority cannot be questioned. Evidence: Dr. Fauci and the epidemic response and the shaming of anyone who questions their controls. You can add the push for the green agenda, Socialist policies and social conformance by all. Normally it is healthy to have a meaningful discussion of the merits of any policy agenda but not these days.

If this all is the case, or anything similar to this, keep in mind they are coming for us. Not specifically us as individuals just yet. They will come for our free speech; our kids’ educations; our access to unbiased news and information; and eventually, our guns. We deplorables are a serious threat to their plans. Trump was proof we are a force to be reckoned with. They will not allow us to grow in numbers and political strength.

In order for a socialist tyranny to get full control, the peasants must be subjugated. The democrats and those republicans under their control will not proceed in any what that makes them look like they are directly attacking or discriminating against us. They will do it with their lapdog media with publicity campaigns designed to make anyone who questions their intentions as being illiterate and disruptive to society. In other words they will make us out to be criminal in nature and anti society all while making their social planning look like nirvana. Truth will not matter.

I do not think that this will get very far before there is some considerable push back from deplorable nation. How far that push back proceeds from that point is unknown at present. I do think we have a pretty good idea of what we will face. The media is aligned against us and any claims of unfairness and discrimination from those on our side will fall upon completely deaf ears. The use of force against us will be justified and accepted as being our fault and have nothing to do with the usurpation of our rights.

If we fail to effect change within the system our only recourse is outside the system. The election and the aftermath are proof that our route within the system is blocked.

It is easy to call for a revolution or a civil war but when the real shit hits the fan then it is a bit more serious than many would like to see. Some claim to welcome such things but I think most would hope we could avoid it if possible. And yet, somehow, I feel that eventually it will come down to a fight. A free citizen who is aware of the worth of their freedom will not surrender it willingly. If we are pushed too far, there will be retribution.

The ball is proverbially in their court at present.

Meanwhile, keep up on current events. Find and use several sources and methods to exchange information and current events. Don’t rely on the MSM.

Keep your powder dry and your firearms well oiled. Stock up on provisions.

Keep your opinions to yourself when around strangers. The fifth column will become a bigger and bigger threat as time goes on as the deep state will try to infiltrate any suspected group of deplorables even if they are not really organized. We know that the deep state is our major enemy but never ignore the threat of infiltration. They would rather tear us apart piece by piece than to face us as an organized group.

Lastly, as Ole Remus always said, Avoid crowds.

We’re being played against ourselves!!!

Hey fellow dirt people!

We all can see the obvious cheating by the democrats and that our president is fighting them in court as he can.  Anyone political or in government who rallies to Trump’s defense will be a non-person afterwards as they will never ever seen any opportunities in government again.  This is how deep the left is within our bureaucracy.  I am sure everyone is aware of all this.

My point is this:  Consider if the circumstances were reversed? 

Remember 2016?

 Pussy hat riots?

 Vandalism on the night of the inaugural? 

Cars burning in the streets of DC?

This was the leftists protesting what was a legitimate election.  Imagine if there was obvious cheating on our part in the vote count that denied their favorite candidate the office of the presidency?

There would be blood.  There would be unrest like you have never seen before.  All sponsored, organized and executed by the democrats who see their destiny is something that elections are not allowed to interfere with.

So in relating to my title, one this is obviously apparent.

While the left knows we are very angry.  They also know that we will not destroy property or act violently because unlike their followers, we cherish the law of the land and the Constitution and we will not act in a way that compromises our beliefs.

They effectively have boxed us in a corner with our own beliefs.

These beliefs are the same ones that allow our ‘people’;  ‘The Deplorables’ or as I like to think of us: ‘Dirt People’ this allow us to safely and legally own Millions of firearms and billions of rounds of ammo and yet, we don’t shoot the town up every night like they do in Chicago or any other urban disaster managed by a democrat. 

We are self policing and self managing unlike the disrespectful drones of the left.  We care about not just each other but all citizens of our nation.  It is this act of self management that gives the left the nerve to flaunt their voter fraud in our faces without any fear that anything violent would happen to them being perpetrated by us.

We believe in the civil society and the value of living by a code.  Our code is a combination of Christian ethics and morals along with the traditions of our nation and its founding.  Understand that our opponent believes in none of this.  They are using our own character against us.

This is why they can float gun control arguments and no matter how much they lie and exaggerate and falsely portray guns and our use of them we will not retaliate other than writing letters to our congress members which to be honest, hit the trash as soon as they see who we are and what our opinions are.

This entire situation is very much ironic in that all the while we are demonstrating levels of decency within our nation with a profound lack of civil violence on our parts we at the same time are projecting what is one of the most feared militaries in the world.  We are known for being lethal on the battle field.  Yet, our political enemies do not fear us at all, except and only if we finally lose it and go rouge. 

Be assured that Civil War 2 will not go well for the democrats as long as we are still armed and able to use them to contest such a war. Remember too that a large percentage of battle hardened veterans are among our cadre who swore an oath offering their lives in order to protect our freedom.  My sons both served and still take their oaths seriously even after leaving active duty. I am quite certain that all veterans do.

So, if you are wondering how the democrats think that they can get away with their shenanigans it is because they know without any doubt that we will not act in any way that actually would cause them any reason to stop.  In essence, the democrats are bullies.  Bullies who know the kid they just stole their lunch from cannot or will not do anything.  Face it gang, we are the dirt people.  We get pushed around for being who we are and we do nothing when it really matters.   Sure, we can do boat parades and gather for rallies but when the time comes and the votes are being counted and mis-counted we are all standing back grumbling and that is all we will do.

I am not saying we need to start a violent campaign or anything like that.  I am simply trying to illustrate that our nation is not that fair playing ground when it comes to the government.  We have allowed people who we thought we could trust (democrats) a chance to infiltrate the bureaucracy and in the process take our supposedly impartial government away from us leaving us a huge juggernaut of massive proportions that has far more control  over our lives than any of our founders ever could have envisioned. 

If you wonder what will be the cause of a potential second civil war it will be the abuse of this massive power that the left will go finally too far.  Only then will we be stirred up to take up arms to defend the nation we were born in all to try to bring it back to where it should rightfully be in our society.  Not a tool for politicians to abuse in order to gain wealth and power.

Thomas Jefferson wrote to the son in law of John Adams and in this letter of 1787 he was discussing the new Constitution.  This quote was made in reference to the difficulties in keep liberty.  I have included the preceding sentences to try to illustrate not just the simple essence but also the context of what it was made:

“……What country before ever existed a century and half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve it’s  liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure…….”

Here is a link to the entire letter. https://www.monticello.org/site/research-and-collections/tree-liberty-quotation#:~:text=In%20a%201787%20letter%20to%20William%20Stephens%20Smith%2C,leave%20through%20you%20to%20place%20them%20where%20due.

 Jefferson was more than aware that governments by their very nature beget tyranny.  His awareness as well as the rest of our founders was such that the Second Amendment was included in our Bill of Rights not with the government’s consent for us to bear arms but that it will be a fact that we will be armed and should be considered capable of a rebellion if the government gets out of hand.  Our being armed was intended to stop an unruly and unjust government from trampling our rights.

Fellow Dirt People, I present to you the evidence that we are rapidly approaching a point where either we will consent to give away our liberty by not acting to resist this obvious effort of both the democratic party and the government to disenfranchise us, or we will be forced by their actions to take the initiative to force this corrupt practice and poisonous cabal to cease and be gone from our society.

Hello fellow Dirt People

I use the term dirt people because as far as I can tell, this is what the left thinks of those of us who voted for Trump and supported his policies.  We are the red neck Bible toting, gun loving, American Flag loving, Veteran supporters, Christian, Anti socialism Citizens who despise the agenda that Biden and the rest of the prominent democrats endorse.  They call us Deplorables.  They call us Walmart people.  They describe us as ‘smelly’, illiterate, backwards, gun loving, violent, racist, homophobe, Confederacy loving, primitives who do not deserve any respect at all.  They go out of their way to find ways to demean our beliefs and way of life.  They seek to control our language and speech in public. They force us to tolerate social behaviors of some people due to their religion while openly suppressing ours. In other words the left despise us for who and what we are as well as our Christian place in our society as well as the documented Christian heritage of our nation.

If you look at a map of the nation with the color red for areas we live in and love you will see we occupy the huge majority of the land of this nation.  We are the people who do the work that these ‘Elite socialists’ don’t want to do.  We are the farmers, builders, manufacturers, drivers, garbage haulers, miners, mechanics, utility maintainers, and just about everything else that is done including business owners, entrepreneurs, and hard working people.  It is on our backs that the left controls the nation.

If we stopped working, the left would literally starve to death.  If we shut down transportation into the cities, the left would starve to death and if we shut down the utilities to these cities, the left would die of exposure.  They cannot do what we do.  They consider what we do to be ‘beneath them’.  We are supposed to kowtow to their agenda and never complain and just support them because they are the ‘politically correct’ Americans and we are deplorable.

We are witnessing the most obvious and blatant theft of an election in the history of the United States.     The left has such little respect for us that they are openly and defiantly committing fraud by stuffing the ballot box and gaming the systems to get their senile candidate in off. Once their candidate is in office their intent is to finish destroying what was the founding of our nation which they have openly said that they hate. They seek to irrevocably alter the fundamental nature of our society. They actually use those terms. They openly admit that they seek to change everything.

I am less concerned from here as to where we go as to when the war starts.  You cannot suppress the will of the producers of everything that is essential to a society without fomenting a confrontation.  It is not a question of will we tolerate this.  It is a question of when will we put our proverbial foot down and say enough is enough.  We will not be their servants.  We will not be their slaves.  We will not continue to do what we do that benefits them if all we receive is condemnation and ridicule.

We are conflicted in this because as we love our nation and our founding we also abhor the notion of defying our government as it is not the act of a civil society.  Even so, there will come a time when the left takes that one step too far; the straw that breaks the camel’s back so to speak. 

Will it be mandatory registration and massive ownership taxes for semi automatic weapons?  Will it be a ban on certain types of firearms? Will it be an outright gun registration and eventual ban?  Will it be mandatory inoculations?  Will it be the total re-write of our education system that deletes all mention of American greatness? (They are already well on the way to this one) Will it be a move to single payer government rationed healthcare?  Somewhere along the path that the left has laid out for our nation in their announced agenda we will come to a place where collectively we ‘dirt people’ will say ‘Enough is enough!’ and the lead will start to fly.

There is one immutable fact about mankind that the left refuses to acknowledge and admit it is suffering from.  This fatal flaw is that the human lust for power and control. This corrupts everything someone does.  Once the lust for power and control starts running unchecked tyranny follows automatically in line with it.  Power and control relies on uniformity and single mindedness of the citizenry. Ultimately, the consequences of such addictions are chaos and dissent.  This leads to economic recessions and depressions all at the hands of those who claimed would ‘fix it’.

Imagine having gasoline back to 5 dollars a gallon.  Imagine that our combined taxes rise to levels that we only see in the most restrictive nations in Europe where freedom is merely a ghost of the past.  Imagine that all gasoline automobiles are banned and our only resource would be electric cars or public transit of which neither exists in any quantity that would satisfy need?

Keep in mind, in my 65 years, I cannot recall a time during a democrat administration where our economy was robust.  JFK/LBJ led us into a recession as the war in Vietnam would down.  Carter was an absolute disaster.  Clinton may have balanced the budget but it was on the merits of a republican Congress and not due in any way to his skills.  The economy stumbled along during his 8 years.  I must add that both Bush presidencies weren’t picnics either as they lacked the fundamental basics of what we have seen in the last 4 years.  Both Bushes were deep state advocates who were as linked to the corruption as the democrats are.  Remember too, the RINOs in the republican party who have not lifted a finger to help Trump during his presidency or during this election.   They are as much a part of the problem as the democrats we are seeing who are orchestrating this farce that is an election count. Obama went out of his way to suppress our economy intentionally to force the memory of winning our of our mindsets. His 8 years demonstrated that we can be forced to lose if the government wants us too. The only people that won during his presidency were those on welfare and in the inner circle of influence who profited mightily during his years. This is what we face.

Trump was a blessing if only because he reminded the nation how good we can be at succeeding in everything.  He taught a lesson in American greatness that had been forgotten.  He encourage the nation to grow and prosper. As a result our economy flourished picking up every citizen of all races along the way. In fact, the entire world flourished. This is who we, as Americans, can be!!!!!!

 My fellow ‘dirt people’, we are facing this future and it is not an ‘If’.  It is a ‘WHEN’ will this arrive.  I had hoped that my grandchildren would not be forced to see the coming rebellion that will occur sooner now than I had hoped.

Perhaps it was wishful thinking on my part that I thought that maybe if we show the drones who support the democrats how good life could be with a thriving economy that maybe they would see the virtues and join in.  Sadly, no.  The drones will always be drones until they are forced by starvation and lack of a place to live into understand and fighting and working to support their needs.   No, we need a rebellion in order to weed out those who do not have loyalty to the promise that our forefathers gave us.  These tyrants are committing treason on a daily basis all so they can garner more control and power to alter and reshape our nation into a perversion of what it once was and still can be.

We dirt people hold the power.  It comes down to whether we are determined and brave enough to wield it in such a way that we assert the control over the rest of the nation so as to force them to respect our desires and our dreams for America too.  Our unity and determination can be used to demonstrate our ‘dissatisfaction’ with how our nation as well as how we are being treated. If they still choose to deride us we will have to resort to taking back our nation by force.  We don’t want to do this but, we are being given little choice  by the democrats and rinos and their actions to deny us any voice.  While I fear for my loved ones, I do not fear for my fellow like-minded citizens.  We will prevail.  It is just a question as to how and when it all starts.

What I really Fear Nov 3 and beyond.


    We are heading into very uncertain times.  You know of what I speak.  The divide between the left and right in this country is farther apart than I have ever seen it.  Where when we were kids the idea of a socialist sympathizer running openly for the presidency or any of the members of congress leaning in such a way would have been a cause for their ouster in the next election.  Now we have people who have openly vowed to end our republic and replace it with a socialist democracy where if history is any indicator we will see the leadership elite rewarded and every one else penalized and their lifestyles degraded to such an extent that Venezuela may look like a picnic in a few years.  As I mentioned, you are fully aware of all of this.

    What do I fear??????   The answer is far simpler than it might seem.

    I fear big government.

    I fear the tyranny of the majority when it comes to the rights of the minority.  Despite the claims of the left for the need for equality somehow our futures as freedom loving and founding loving Americans are the things that the left needs to eradicate.  We are a serious threat to them because we will not go quietly into the night and we will fight against their usurpation of the founding of this nation with all our might.

    In the future if we lose, the likes of AOC, Bernie, and the rest of the pseudo communists will see to it that our kind will rapidly become extinct.  Just as the ‘opposition’ vanished after the ascension of Lenin, Mussolini, Hitler, Mao, Castro and all the other tyrants of the 20th century the ability of the citizens of all those nations to resist the unreasonable mandates of their consolidated socialist governments was destroyed and thus, so were their freedoms.  These peoples were both the cause and victims really.  Victims of the snake oil peddlers who sought to obtain and consolidate total control over their societies.  These people believed that the words of these tyrants that their lives would be far better under their governmental control only to find out that once they willingly surrendered their votes and actions to these leaders they also surrendered their freedoms and in time, their prosperity.

    This is the enemy we face in this election and all those elections that are coming in our future.  The socialist movement will not stop because it is fueled by the corruption of those people who lead it.  They thrive and flourish by feeding on dissension that they create and nourish.  This dissension is what they utilize to widen the divide between those of us who cherish freedom and opportunity and those who want the government to be their caretakers and providers.  The fool those who want the government to be the big daddy for them into believing that if elected they will do that.  Little do these people know what lies in their future if their leaders come to power. These snake oil peddlers want control more than anything else. Control which will provide them luxurious lifestyles while their fellow citizens starve.

    I fear the government because it is the tool of these wannabe tyrants who see me and all those like me as obstacles in their quest and lust for absolute power.  The power of government with their accomplices in the media can be used to destroy anyone or anything who stands in their way.  Their use of the bully pulpit along with punitive actions of their agencies can remove obstacles in their way including people and Amendments like the 1st and 2nd in our Bill of Rights.

The people we see rioting and causing all the destruction are pawns in this game and the real enemy is the actions of the government and the forces it can exploit and control.  Little do they know that the things we fear are intended for them as well once we are out of the way.

    My final thought is we need to vote and encourage every patriot you know to vote and vote against the rise of tyranny.

    In the days following the election we will see more violence and our vigilance will be our greatest asset.

    As Ol’ Remus always said, be alert and stay away from crowds.

Obamagate and how to Cement it into the History Books

As we have learned of late there is definite proof of Obama’s meddling in the 2016 election and that he, Biden and a host of others in administrative posts all participated, lied under oath and did other activities that are nothing short of Treason.

For those of us who loathed Obama from the beginning none of this is outside of what we expected from him and his administration.  Some of my mindset would love to see Obama in an orange jumpsuit but, we know this will never happen and AG Barr went as far to say it will never be brought into a court of law due to the impossibility of getting a quick verdict and also that it will make Obama a hero to his small faithful adherents.

I have come up with a plan to ensure that Obama will be remembered throughout history for his heinous actions in office along with his VP Biden.


Trump should act to Pardon both Obama and Biden as soon as possible.  Here is why I think this should happen.

  1.  It will forever put Obama in the history book as the SECOND PRESIDENT TO BE PARDONED!!!  This will read in bold letters and years from now will be the only thing he is remembered for.  Obamagate, its crimes and violations and his Pardon for his actions.
  2. It will forever stain everything he did or does in the future.  He will not be able to avoid it and if he tries to refute the accusations or deny he needs a pardon, he just digs his own hole deeper.
  3. Biden would be pardoned on the notion that this would help ‘clear the air’ so he can campaign without fear of indictment  or further investigation.  I would add, it would do the same for Biden’s long term historical references as it would for Obama.

When your enemy has stepped in dog shit, you don’t let them ignore it.  This preemptive strike would put a permanent stain on every aspect of Obama and his legacy along with every actor in his cabinet and administration.

Why not set in solid black and white in the national records that Obama was Pardoned?

I can think of little else that would make sure his corruption will never be forgotten.

The real enemy and opponent free Americans face

We are in unprecedented times.  The rift between what seems to be opposing parties has grown enough that the words ‘Civil War’ are being bounced around and this time it seems like it could come to pass.  On the one hand are the Deplorables, also known as Legacy Americans or perhaps better put, Authentic Americans.  I proudly count myself in that number.  We hold to traditional and long standing values that were the fundamental building blocks of our nation.  We see the value of work and of a secure border and that the founders put together 3 distinct documents that are the backbone and the roots of our nation.  These are the Declaration of Independence; The Constitution; and the Bill of Rights.  We believe in the original intent and that these documents are not subject to re-interpretation.

Our opponents are ostensibly the democrats or socialists or liberals or progressives and all of these apply to the most vocal and oppositional members of that party.  They believe in open borders, Medicare for all, no guns and severe controls on free speech and especially if a conservative point of view is raised.  They have aligned themselves with the deep state in a coup to try to oust President Donald Trump who won the 2016 election.  It is obvious that our opposition cannot stand that fact.  The current impeachment investigation is the equivalent of a Nazi closed door trial where the defendant cannot question the witnesses and is not allowed to present evidence.  There is no impartiality at all and the democrats have been at this since the day after Trump was elected in 2016 and have been actively aided by the FBI, CIA and Whitehouse staffers along with a myriad of members of the bureaucratic corps.

While it is easy to label this a republican versus democrat battle it is not really that at all.  As a matter of fact if you were to poll the republicans anonymously I would bet many of them are as against Trump as the democrats are.  In order to understand what really is going on here you have to ask yourself why are so many in DC up in arms and opposed to Trump?

Donald Trump is an outsider.  He is not a political person.  He does not owe nor does anyone owe him anything politically.  Trump is savvy enough to see the corruption and wastefulness of government and he ran to try to change things to hopefully reinvigorate our nation and bring back the traditional values that we love.  He is not a part of nor will he ever be a part of the deep state cabal.

Point of fact:  Trump did not steal the election nor did he have any unfair assistance of any kind.  If anything, Hillary had assistance from many quarters and yet, she still lost.  As I said this is unacceptable but to who?

I have come to the realization  that we are not fighting against the democrats.  As a matter of fact the democrats are not the primary opposition to President Trump.  The real opponent is the alliance of the bureaucratic portion of the federal government in all departments aligned with big business along with the democrats and republicans.  Those aligned against Trump all are connected to the corrupt economic system that revolves around the federal budget.  They all derive their fortunes from this system and game it to their advantage.  They are the quintessential corrupt politician or bureaucrat who regardless of which party is in power always makes out well financially, and especially when there is a downturn in the nation’s economy.  They are leveraged AGAINST an honest and fair economy and government.  This is the good ‘ole boys club on steroids.

These people hate us, deplorables/conservatives/patriots/Americans.  It is because we do not need them.  It is because we think they are wasteful and corrupt.  It is simply that we oppose them.  This is not political to them.  It is their survival and Trump and his supporters (us)  threaten that.

They thrive on government spending and the corrupt system that they have created and control.  They thrive on power and seek to destroy any threats to that.  Because we would rather see the spending stop which would stop the gravy train that these people are growing wealthy upon, we are the enemy in their eyes and we are not allowed to elect anybody to any high office who is not previously approved by them.  So, what does all this mean?  Well, we are aligned against the entire federal government including all agencies and law enforcement divisions.  While the rank and file of the law enforcement are like us, every upper level official and supervisor is a part of the deep state cabal and as I said, see us as a blatant threat.

This is not going to be resolved at the voting booth.  This is not going to be resolved by electing more republicans.  This is not going to be resolved if we put another Trump-like president in once Trump leaves office.  It took 243 years for this monster of a economically and politically corrupt entity to grow to this size and it is not going to simply go away because they and their preferred candidates lose elections.

The discussions of civil way reflect an awareness of the fact that it is not just a disagreement.  We are at ideological opposition with those who are resisting our President.  Whether or not we understand the implications of this is immaterial.  The sense of things being simply WRONG tells a person that this is no longer an issue that can be resolved by discussion.  This is why the words CIVIL WAR keep popping up more and more in the discussions on numerous blogs and on conservative news sites.   Something is wrong and many of us realize that life as we understand and know it is in peril and will be exterminated along with our lifestyles if we do not do something to stop this massive juggernaut that is the deep state and the democratic party.

So, when we envision a potential civil war, I would suggest that you think about how much the government will resist any attempt to deny its control and manipulation of policy and politics as we see them today.  It is not as simple as it was in 1861.  We are not states versus states.  This governmental corruption extends to pretty much every state government along with many county or regional governments such as big cities and heavily populated suburban counties.  They are as much a part of this cabal as the lead figures are in DC.  If any conflict arises, it will resemble a rebellion of citizens against the government and not against other citizens.  As a matter of fact I am quite sure the liberals know that their government will act to subdue any insurrection and that they will not have to do anything to stop us.  Yes, there will be direct conflict between party loyalists at first but it will rapidly descend into the federal government using the powers of the military and law enforcement to crush any resistance to their agenda.

This is a high stakes game of raw power against an entire population.  Even at that, only a portion of the population see this corruption and those that do not see it as a problem actually support it.  Geographically we are a majority in terms of land mass but we are a minority in terms of our numbers.  It is quite daunting to consider the prospect of a war breaking out in our nation and if this were to happen, it will make the Civil War seem rather small.  For one, our nation has almost ten times as many citizens as it did in 1861.  For two, those of us who are against this radical alliance of government and corrupt politicians and business make up a sizeable number of people and for the most part, we are armed and unwilling to be disarmed.  The democrats and the deep state fear us due to this resistance.  This is why Donald Trump must be impeached in their minds.  As I said, they cannot allow an outsider to be in control and by getting rid of Trump they hope to drive us underground and out of their way.

So, be sure that as you consider what the options are in the future that you are totally aware of what we are really up against.  It is not antifa or some radicals protesting the end of funding for abortion.  It is a huge conglomerate of corruption and greed that opposes us and they refuse to go quietly into the night.