The Tyranny of Covid laws; The lure of power; The redeeming virtue of Christian morals.

   Of late there have been many regulations and proposed laws regarding our current Covid epidemic that are draconian in their nature. I know that a good many of those are unconstitutional and will not stand if enacted.  That will take time and during the wait the Junta in control can do many things to the people that no one will like.

    I have studied the vaccines and for the life of me cannot find anything as to their ultimate good.  They may in the very short term affect how you react to the Covid virus but that aspect of their effect is somewhat short lived.  What is not known is what the long term aspects of fiddling with someones RNA does.  I do believe that this is known but no one is talking….

    Of late are proposed draconian like laws in New York regarding covid vaccinations and privileges for citizens not vaccinated. As to the actions of the communists in the Assembly and Senate of NY I can say that these types of actions are coming to a state near you as well.  Maybe not Florida or other red states but the creep of communism is like a cancer.  All of the politicians who are advocating laws like these are power hungry animals and they are attracted to positions of authority like moths to a flame. They are not virtuous in their actions despite their claims as such. They are acting to empower the government over individuals in ways that are contrary to our original concepts of personal freedom in our founding. 

    While we typically associate these kinds of laws with democrats, you can expect to start seeing republicans proposing laws like these as they succumb to the lure of perpetual power that the authoritarian communistic laws like these offer.  The fact is that the hardest thing a politician has to resist is the lure of gaining and holding more power and control over the citizens in the area that they are elected in.  This inherent and sinful nature of political activists affects all and only those who respect a higher authority (God) understand the poison that it poses and therefore they can resist.  This is why the left is trying to drive God out of our communities.  They know that any moral authority higher than their own is a threat to their ultimate control.

    What these power hungry elected officials fail to see is that once the communist agenda has full control and is centralized they will be forced to comply and live as everyone else and that their perks and power will be stripped from them because only the elite central leadership will be privileged and everyone else will be treated the same and will live the same minimal lifestyles.  All you need to do to verify this is to read the histories of any communist/socialist state and you will see that once in power only those in the closest inner circles have any real authority and privilege.

    Ultimately we are watching sinful man destroy himself which is in fact a repeat of every other time a powerful nation has existed on this earth.  Eventually the temptations of ever increasing power will ultimately cause the collapse and destruction of the nation and anarchy and other horrible events will follow.  No matter how strict the central control of any government is, the lure of power and the fallible nature of man will always lead to corruption and ultimately the end of the regime.  History bears this out.

    The only hope is to follow a moral code that prohibits such individual flights of egotism and even then it will take the self discipline of those in power as well as all of the citizens to avoid falling into this trap.  We need the moral code of Christianity imposed in a non-sectarian way within our society in order to survive.  You can be a non-Christian and accept the virtue of a decent moral code that guides a nation.  When you start fiddling with this you tempt the ultimate disaster of a failed nation that will be set upon itself like vultures on the carcass of a dead beast fighting to scraps and position in order to feed.

    The atheist actions of our politicians (all in the name of separation of Church and state) are eroding the ethos that originally built America.  They falsely claim it is how our founders intended things to be but that is the opposite of what they sought.  The founders were above all else believers in the idea that we all are obligated to live respectful lives to a moral and legal  code that was inalienable.    You can say this code emanated from a godhead or from a higher wisdom but no matter, the code was how we should live.

    In the last century we have drifted so far afield from our moral standards.  As we move forward the evil selfish nature of man living to his own individual code is rising up and is consuming us.  Only if we return to a way of life that places personal honor and respect of all ahead of personal ambition can we find our way back to our thriving society of our past.

    It is without a doubt that we have failed each other as citizens in the past.  It is also without a doubt is the fact that this code our nation was founded with also forced us to reconsider and change our ways.

  The issue of slavery is just one aspect of our past that we have dealt with and we were only able to because of our fundamental code set forth in our founding.  This is why it is wrong to condemn our founders and strike their impact upon our history as being bad because of mistakes that were made.  We must strive to learn that these men did understand that the sin of slavery did already exist at the time of our founding but that they knew in time it would be resolved by the efforts of the good citizens who followed them.  Had they not set on writing in our Constitution and Bill of Rights the means in which these changes could be made you could condemn them. However, they did put in these documents the ability for our virtue to shine in our efforts to better our society to provide an equal opportunity for all.

    As I look at today, I see the sins of the British leaders as they ruled our colonies is coming back to the fore again.  Our politicians exhibit the same lust for power and wealth cossetted in the mantle of virtue and compassion all of which all rings hollow when compared to the good our nation represented before these usurpers rose to their positions of authority. 

Keep in mind that once a citizen is convinced to look to the politician for their relief as opposed to looking to themselves and their own opportunities they are lost as freemen and have become in effect slaves to their masters.  This is the current state of our nation as we see the people seeking benefits from the government for themselves.

    Only by adhering to the Christian code of our founding can we find true lasting prosperity.  In following this code we must cast off those rules and laws of our government that were conceived by those who were in the pursuit of power and control. These are contrary to keeping to the values of our origins.  We must as people also be willing to admit we make mistakes and also suffer the consequences of our own bad choices.  You cannot ask society to make this atonement for you.  To do so is to ask for a privilege others cannot enjoy.  This is the essence of the power hungry politician and political activist.

    Lastly, we as a nation are coming to a crossroads.  There is a large contingent of our citizenry who seek the gifts of power and another larger contingent that want the return to the original compact of our nation’s origin and these two forces are direct opposites of the spectrum of our society.  It is highly unlikely that those who are in power who relish their power will yield to any individual or group thus, the inevitable conflict will occur.  I say this because if it does not, we are doomed as a nation of free people. 

If our nation is not restored to its original path, the controlling powers of a socialist and communistic nature will take over and only for a short time before they too are cast asunder. When absolute power is not vested in the people and a superior moral code the result will always be tyranny and eventually anarchy.

It has been said that those who disregard history will be condemned to repeat it….

I suggest that any who doubt this read a bit of history and they will see our ultimate doom if we do not do something to alter our course.

Our Republic died yesterday !!

We have entered the Dark Times.  Our Republic has died.  What has emerged is nothing that resembles our founding and our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

They are coming for us.  We, the believers in inherent human rights.  Believers in the rights of the individual over the rights of the collective.  If they cannot subdue us with their laws and regulations they will resort to the sword.

Our last line of defense (within the framework of a civil society), the Supreme Court, has decided that the citizens of the nation cannot have a hearing regarding the corruption and malfeasance of those who conducted the recent election.  They would not allow a discussion on the obvious cheating having taken place which has put the veracity of the election completely in question.  Apparently, politics has infiltrated the highest court in the land rendering it to be the equivalent of a kangaroo court more likely to be found in some banana republic than in our once great nation.

The left has started the process of reversing the Trump economy and taking us to the worst of the Obama years in one fell swoop.  It is obvious that our economy will go into a massive recession within weeks of Lyin’ Biden’s inauguration.   This will make the collapse in 2008 look like a minor bump in the road.  The left wants this.  They want people looking to the government for rescue.  Then they will hold all the cards.

Ultimately this is not about policy; it is about control.  In order to create their utopian socialist state they must gain control over the population.  They will do so with coercion and propaganda.  This has been started in our schools and has gone on for over 20 years now so it is well underway.  They also realize that there is a large contingent of citizens who will not comply.  They have planned for this.

They are coming for our guns…believe it!!! 

If we are armed, we are dangerous.  If we are armed we can deny them control over our lives.  If we are armed we can potentially overturn their regime.  We are more dangerous to them than any other nation on earth.  Disarming us ‘For the good of society’ is their only way of getting universal control over our society. 

Once we are disarmed, we will be dealt with based on our level of cooperation, much like the Chinese and how they deal with dissidents.  Those who persist in critiquing the government and society will be ‘relocated’ to a ‘safe’ area in order to protect them from the rest of the citizens.  Yeah; right.  Need proof, look at the Uighurs in China who have been treated poorly, isolated, ostracized and starved and worked to death in ‘re-education camps’.

What is the best way to create a rebellion that restores the Constitution and Bill of Rights?  I do believe that a regional approach will have the quickest and most successful path.  Pockets of resistance will be isolated and eliminated with great prejudice.  Only by unifying in large areas and by creating an organized force can our values and beliefs be kept safe from the globalists.  Secession is definitely on the table.

I pose the final and ultimate question to all true patriots.

If you live in an area that is blue controlled and there was a rising and developing red state movement to free the nation of socialist tyranny, would you relocate to that area to support and fight for freedom? 

As I said, it will be tantamount to suicide to stay in areas such as upstate NY if the proverbial SHTF.  The socialists will either come and kill every resistor or isolate and starve them out by denying food, power, and any medical or technology from getting to that area of resistance.  They will encroach gradually on the area until a pitched battle erupts and then the military will be called in to destroy the rest.  Don’t believe for a minute that our military will not strike against US citizens.  The left has purged as many conservative officers as they can and to the enlisted holding the axe of food and housing over a soldier’s family is a big threat.  Keep in mind, Officers make up most of the pilot contingent.

So, barring a miracle, we will see the nation accelerate towards the eventual socialist crap hole we fear with the attendant discrimination and expectations of conformity.  Even if by miracle Trump serves a second term, this process is still ongoing.  The goals of the left are plain and will not be altered by the presence of the bad orange hair man.

Whether this battle starts soon like shortly after a Biden inaugural or later it is still upon us. We will decide when it starts.

Virginia is poised to take another step towards servitude to the state: SENATE BILL NO. 64

The state of Virginia has initiated the next step on the left wing agenda for taking over America which is to disarm us. i.e.:

VA Senate Bill 64

Every proposed law has the potential to add more ‘rules’ to the law to make it more comprehensive. How long until shooting at human shaped targets is illegal???

You have to look at the intent of the law to understand the implications. Why would a government seek to prevent anyone from learning how to properly handle their firearm and especially in a theoretical combat scenario? You and I know the answer to this. In order for the left to convert our nation by mandatory means to a socialist form of governance and society they must subdue any resistance and by methodically and step by step elimination of the intent of the Second Amendment they will achieve this goal.

Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Mao….they all confiscated firearms in their take overs of the nations they led. Their track record is dismal as far as preserving the rights of their citizens, even though their excuse to confiscating the weapons was for ‘Public Safety’. Our leftist, progressive democrats along with their deep state allies are following this path that has been blazed before them.

We, deplorables, conservatives, libertarians, who identify and cherish the Bill of Rights as being a sacred boundary between government acts and the people’s God given rights are an impediment to their plans. We are to be subjugated or eradicated. Whichever comes first.

The left is threatened by our existence and they HATE US!! We are to be eliminated. We are the last line of defense for the Bill of Rights, The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and by the policy goals they have already issued they seek to alter these sacred contracts with the people of this nation. They use propaganda and indoctrination via public schools to convince the illiterate masses that freedom is the problem and that by surrendering their rights under the law they, the sheep, will be taken care of.

100 years ago, what we are seeing would be opposed as it would be deemed sedition by those proposing these laws. So far we have come since the germs that are socialism were planted back in the late 1800’s onward.

The United States is unique in the world in one respect. We did not evolve out of the feudal system of Europe. We were created into a nation of equals without the caste system that continued to pervade regions of Europe for another 125 years. We are a free people. Our founding was based on that underlying principle.

Everyone should be aware of the critical import of any new gun laws.  Things are bad enough now that we see Second Amendment Sanctuary counties and States.  This is not a paranoid claim of there being an ongoing war upon the Second Amendment but is in reality, PROOF that such a war exists.  Do not be surprised to see replicas of these regulations being proposed in other anti-second amendment states such as MA, NY or NJ.

There is a time of reckoning coming and it is not due to our wanting it.  The left is forcing us to make a choice.  I dearly hope that we are up to the challenge if the left keeps this up.

Why I am a Conservative-Libertarian-Constitutionalist; and the value of FREEDOM

I have found that the older I get the more I am sure of my convictions that I am honestly conservative and hold many libertarian beliefs and that I am a solid constitutionalist.  I will add that I have always been conservative but that can mean many things besides what I know it means now.  My accumulated life’s experiences and my ongoing assessment of the opposition has reinforced my beliefs.

I think it is essential for me to explain what I see as being the defining values of what I believe.

I believe in self determination.  I believe in being responsible for yourself and your loved ones.

I believe that the family is the most important support structure we have in our lives.

I believe our churches and the congregations therein are the next most important support network we  have followed by our community.

I believe that Christian values have been a huge factor in our nation’s success and to turn away from Christianity is betraying the roots of our national culture.

I believe that a person should be able to defend themselves their family and property without prejudice or penalty.

I believe that the Bill of Rights were correctly written and interpreted 236 years ago and that these rights are not open for re-interpretation.

I believe in a system of governance that does not meddle in your daily affairs nor does it take people’s money to give to someone who does not deserve it; who refuses to work; who made bad choices in life and is looking for the government to bail them out.

I believe in the value of small communities that control their own schools and neighborhoods and that the only form of direct democracy our nation should have is at the local and state levels.  National elections should not be the result of a national popularity contest at the polls.

I do not believe that state and federal government officials should have the right to meddle in our personal lives and community.  The idea that some intellectual is better at taking care of me than myself is abhorrent  and flies in the face of the Revolutionary War that was fought for our individual freedoms.

I believe that our society should reward those who strive to achieve and attain success and not make decisions regarding placements  based on any other criteria.

I believe we as a nation are spending way too much money and time on foreign nations utilizing our precious resources including the blood of patriots.  Our primary interest should be directed towards our own communities and problems.

I believe that high school students should be encouraged to pursue the types of careers they are good at and not just automatically send every one of them to college.  People can find fulfilling and well paying careers in vocational pursuits and that there is nothing about that type of living that should be disrespected or considered to be of a lesser value to society.

I believe in a restricted immigration system that targets people to be allowed to immigrate who would be an asset to our nation and not just an expression of diversity.  Immigration should be merit based with people whose skills and abilities along with  personal beliefs that as close in common with our national character.  People who wish to immigrate here with these attributes should be put to the head of the line.  People who enter our country without permission and without an explanation that would adhere to these beliefs should be summarily ejected from our territory.  This was how immigration was managed until the 1960’s and since then it has become an out of control problem.

I believe it is none of my business what a person does in private; how they conduct their personal affairs; as long as my values are not attacked in public.  Respect and decency of character and behavior can make a society peaceful and cooperative.  Any actions that belie this only serve to fracture our communities and do nothing to enhance anyone’s lives.

I believe in being bluntly honest as an individual and I do not believe that people should ever be excused for poor behavior, legal or illegal, simply because of a reason that others in that very same condition have overcome.  Contrition and atonement can do wonders for yourself respect when you have breached societal norms and laws.

I believe that politicians and political activists who advocate social welfare programs and giveaway programs are seriously misunderstanding the founding reason of this nation’s existence and that if they prefer to see themselves in a society where that form of government programs exists, that perhaps they should move to where these do and not try to change our nation into something it was never intended to be 236 years ago.

As I close this post I will tell you that my life has been anything but easy and yet, I would not have it any other way.  What I have done or are doing is a validation of my being a free person, not encumbered by arbitrary social judgments and that my freedom of speech is not determined by where I have hurt someone’s feelings.  We have the responsibility of conducting our lives as we see fit and if I am offended by your speech my solution is to stay away from you and others like you.  What defines our freedoms is not open to social interpretation.  They are absolute and irrevocable gifts from our creator and no man has the right to regulate or otherwise limit them.  Those who seek to do so are not Americans.  They are socialists who are intent on destroying our nation.

Lastly, in order for the United States of America to survive and flourish we need to do everything in our power to maintain the original values and practices our founders lived to as they created the most marvelous and prosperous nation on earth and who are we to believe we can do it better.



America and Socialism are incompatible. Here is why:

America was founded with the principles of freedom and liberty to pursue and accomplish as you’re capable and what you desire.  Citizens were from the beginning all entrepreneurs and self starters.  People who did not work did not eat.  There was no safety net other than the family and church.  Government’s job was to provide a safe nation and otherwise was to stay out of the way.

Contrast this with socialism which is a top down hierarchy of controls and involuntary redistribution.  I say involuntary because taxing someone is not a voluntary act on the part of the person being taxed.  They are taxed regardless of their opinions of being taxed and of what the taxes are used for and why.

So, socialism advocates cry out about ‘unfairness’ as being why we need to take in all these illegals and provide for them.  They intend on taking working Americans’ money and giving it to people who are both not citizens and not doing anything to provide for themselves.  Add that they break the law by their existence within our borders without permission.  Essentially we are rewarding lawbreakers.

The spirit of America is hard work and compassion for those who need a break.  Not those who are taking a break on purpose.  Our social programs have run amok and are overfilled with unemployed and never to be employed people who will, as long as the tap is flowing with benefits and money, stay sitting on their backsides while hard working Americans are paying their way.

The pro-socialism movement has proposed paying all college debts off and taxing the financial industry for the money to do this.  Who do they think provides the money to the financial industry to pay these new taxes???   You got it.  Hard working Americans.

The pro-socialism movement wants to allow as many people into our nation as want to come.  None of these people have any money or any skills that would translate into a job that they could use to support themselves.  So, the million dollar question is who will provide food, medical care and shelter to these people????  Social services of course!  They are the official Santa Claus for pro-socialism advocates.  Where does the money come from????  Not money trees….these don’t exist just like the fact that unicorns don’t exist.  No, the money will come from that favorite group of citizens; hard working Americans.

Do you recognize a theme here?  On the one side is a group who wants to give away things to people without any regard to their status as citizens, as criminals, or as drug dealers.  They want to provide for these people and also for college students who will have their loans paid for them.  As an aside, will I be reimbursed for my college loans?  Just thought I would throw that one in there.

The other part of this theme is that anyone who works will pay more.  It does not matter which income group the  tax increases are targeted at, all the people end up paying for it just like increases to the minimum wage.  Money has to come from somewhere and the only people allowed to print money are the federal government as we saw during the  emperor Obama years where the national debt doubled.  No, all increases in the cost of living are paid by the working class at all levels.

American values are incompatible to socialist values.  Socialism requires conformance to rules and government control of an ever increasing portion of the gross national product which includes earnings and savings.  Americans do not like this idea.  I say this referring to patriotic Constitution and Bill of Rights loving Americans.  The socialist that claims they are American is really saying they hate America as founded and want to change it within the system.

If the system had not been gamed by the liberals for the past 100 years we would not be having this conversation.  But, since the liberals have managed to add a new law giver to our society namely the courts who can supersede the Congress and the Executive branch.  We have seen the steady march of the likes of Karl Marx and Mao Tse Tung represented by liberal democrats as they destroy this nation one piece of our founding heritage at a time.

There is a problem, however, with the current situation.  The right despite the efforts of a bunch of RINOs managed to get Donald Trump elected as president.  By doing so they have created a situation where the liberals are not able to hide their agenda anymore and red state conservatives are not all that happy with the idea of reward people for breaking the law, crossing the border or simply not working.  Whatever comes to pass in the coming years, it will be far more difficult for the liberals to force their agenda upon the America people.

The conflict over this has already started and it remains to be seen how it will play out in the long run.  I do know that red state people are not going to cave to the liberal/socialist/communists.  There will be resistance and how that takes form will depend on how the game is played.  Since the left has managed to take control of how the game is played via their dutiful servants in the media, the next play is up to them.  The 2020 election will be a turning point regardless of who wins the presidency.  Red state citizens are not going anywhere.,  We are aware and concerned and will not tolerate any nefarious actions of the left.

Patriots love this nation and how it was founded.  They love their founding documents and the wisdom of the founders themselves which was the basis of these documents.  Anyone who presumes to think their way of running things is better has a fight on their hands.  Socialists, you are warned.

Founding Values: The Second Amendment

When a person, or a nation for that fact, is facing a challenge the best bet is to return to their founding values.  It is best to avoid the entangling of bargains and compromise.  It is best to keep to the simplest and fundamental beliefs you have.

Any debate about your core beliefs immediately compromises them  because you now have to explain them.  As soon as your opponent succeeds in forcing you to enter into a discussion regarding your values, they have already stripped you of the premise of unassailable belief.  In other words, they have broken the bond and trust you have with your core beliefs.

Our nation was conceived in the notion of Liberty.  This battle started in order to preserve Freedom of Enterprise as well as Freedom for individuals.  The protests started over tax policies by the crown as well as the forced billeting of soldiers in the colonist’s homes.  When the Revolutionary War was won, the Continental Congress then set out to design a government for the colonies that would protect these inalienable rights.

The final result is the United States Constitution along with the Bill of Rights.  The Constitution would not have been ratified without the Bill of Rights being included and ratified as well.  So important were the concepts of personal and economic freedom that the founders proposed both at the same time.

All of the original 13 colonies which became the first States in the nation ratified these documents.  Thus, our nation was set in motion based on pure and simple core beliefs that were set forth in our founding documents including the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

We must pledge our loyalty to this founding.  We must insist upon respect for the original intent.  We must insist on these principles being honored by all citizens.

We who support the Second Amendment Right to bear arms are modern day Founders.  We carry on the mantle of freedom and responsibility that our forebears granted us.  Let no man presume to deny us our rights and claim to be a loyal American.  It is in insisting on the rights of all citizens to be upheld that we gain our strength and purpose as Americans.

These values are not such that they can be altered or otherwise amended to suit the desires of any without the consent of all Americans.  To cede any portion of our rights is to start the contamination and ultimate decay of our nation into a state where there is no true law over the land.

Our rights require a responsibility for our conduct as well as a responsibility for all citizens to act to preserve and protect all rights for all citizens.  We must stand resolute in our determination of maintaining our rights despite any attempt of a minority to take them away from us.

The Need for Term Limits

The failings of the European nations prior to the establishment of our independent nation was due to the leadership of those nations losing their need to answer to the people. By this I am saying that monarchs and their vassals need not worry about their popularity much as they are given lifetime appointments to their prestigious positions.  There was no means of summary redress by the people upon their rulers.

We set forth in the founding of this nation to establish a system of governance that would persevere and preserve the rights of its citizens.

87 years later Lincoln would summarize in his Address at Gettysburg the real purpose of our government here is a portion of his speech:

— that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the
people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.:


Lincoln saw clearly that the government owed its duty and purpose to the citizens of this nation and to no one else.


Today we find ourselves on a path careening towards a second Civil War.  It is a debate of government control versus a free society where the rights of the individual hold sway over all.


One distinct trend we see in the government of today is the career legislator.  Along with this group of individuals we see also a career bureaucracy that threatens to choke out our liberty.  It is to these evils we must address our efforts.


For if our nation is to be truly a nation dedicated to the preservation of the rights of the individual we must therefore ensure that citizens lead this nation and not the fatted professional politician who owes his soul to his financial supporters and not to the people.   Further, the roles of those who serve to administrate the will of this nation should also consist of average everyday citizens and not professional civil servants whose allegiance is to their comrades in employment and nowhere else.


We need to enact across this land term limits where the citizenry are protected as those elected to office shall serve for a limited set of terms in government as a representative.


Further, that the body of civilians in service to the government of this nation shall also be limited to how long they serve until they return to the society to resume their roles as productive citizens of this nation.


The eternal doctrine embodies the concept of man living such that the corrupt ideas that stem from collecting too much power for the individual do not happen.  We cannot allow power to be vested too deeply in any one or any group of men.


It is imperative that no individual nor group of individuals should ever act as rulers over the remainder of society.  To do so would be to return to that form of government our forefathers crossed an ocean to get away from.


Our founders believed that no one would wish to serve as an elected citizen as a career.  This belief perhaps is the one failing of our Constitution.  Had they included limits upon the number of terms an individual may serve, we would not have found ourselves where we are at present.


I hope and pray that the wisdom of the average citizen can prevail over the corruption of the government.  That the citizen can demand a limit to the number of terms to be served by an individual for the government in all capacities.  It is vital to our nation that this come to pass.


Our survival as a nation depends upon it.