The Tyranny of Covid laws; The lure of power; The redeeming virtue of Christian morals.

   Of late there have been many regulations and proposed laws regarding our current Covid epidemic that are draconian in their nature. I know that a good many of those are unconstitutional and will not stand if enacted.  That will take time and during the wait the Junta in control can do many things to the people that no one will like.

    I have studied the vaccines and for the life of me cannot find anything as to their ultimate good.  They may in the very short term affect how you react to the Covid virus but that aspect of their effect is somewhat short lived.  What is not known is what the long term aspects of fiddling with someones RNA does.  I do believe that this is known but no one is talking….

    Of late are proposed draconian like laws in New York regarding covid vaccinations and privileges for citizens not vaccinated. As to the actions of the communists in the Assembly and Senate of NY I can say that these types of actions are coming to a state near you as well.  Maybe not Florida or other red states but the creep of communism is like a cancer.  All of the politicians who are advocating laws like these are power hungry animals and they are attracted to positions of authority like moths to a flame. They are not virtuous in their actions despite their claims as such. They are acting to empower the government over individuals in ways that are contrary to our original concepts of personal freedom in our founding. 

    While we typically associate these kinds of laws with democrats, you can expect to start seeing republicans proposing laws like these as they succumb to the lure of perpetual power that the authoritarian communistic laws like these offer.  The fact is that the hardest thing a politician has to resist is the lure of gaining and holding more power and control over the citizens in the area that they are elected in.  This inherent and sinful nature of political activists affects all and only those who respect a higher authority (God) understand the poison that it poses and therefore they can resist.  This is why the left is trying to drive God out of our communities.  They know that any moral authority higher than their own is a threat to their ultimate control.

    What these power hungry elected officials fail to see is that once the communist agenda has full control and is centralized they will be forced to comply and live as everyone else and that their perks and power will be stripped from them because only the elite central leadership will be privileged and everyone else will be treated the same and will live the same minimal lifestyles.  All you need to do to verify this is to read the histories of any communist/socialist state and you will see that once in power only those in the closest inner circles have any real authority and privilege.

    Ultimately we are watching sinful man destroy himself which is in fact a repeat of every other time a powerful nation has existed on this earth.  Eventually the temptations of ever increasing power will ultimately cause the collapse and destruction of the nation and anarchy and other horrible events will follow.  No matter how strict the central control of any government is, the lure of power and the fallible nature of man will always lead to corruption and ultimately the end of the regime.  History bears this out.

    The only hope is to follow a moral code that prohibits such individual flights of egotism and even then it will take the self discipline of those in power as well as all of the citizens to avoid falling into this trap.  We need the moral code of Christianity imposed in a non-sectarian way within our society in order to survive.  You can be a non-Christian and accept the virtue of a decent moral code that guides a nation.  When you start fiddling with this you tempt the ultimate disaster of a failed nation that will be set upon itself like vultures on the carcass of a dead beast fighting to scraps and position in order to feed.

    The atheist actions of our politicians (all in the name of separation of Church and state) are eroding the ethos that originally built America.  They falsely claim it is how our founders intended things to be but that is the opposite of what they sought.  The founders were above all else believers in the idea that we all are obligated to live respectful lives to a moral and legal  code that was inalienable.    You can say this code emanated from a godhead or from a higher wisdom but no matter, the code was how we should live.

    In the last century we have drifted so far afield from our moral standards.  As we move forward the evil selfish nature of man living to his own individual code is rising up and is consuming us.  Only if we return to a way of life that places personal honor and respect of all ahead of personal ambition can we find our way back to our thriving society of our past.

    It is without a doubt that we have failed each other as citizens in the past.  It is also without a doubt is the fact that this code our nation was founded with also forced us to reconsider and change our ways.

  The issue of slavery is just one aspect of our past that we have dealt with and we were only able to because of our fundamental code set forth in our founding.  This is why it is wrong to condemn our founders and strike their impact upon our history as being bad because of mistakes that were made.  We must strive to learn that these men did understand that the sin of slavery did already exist at the time of our founding but that they knew in time it would be resolved by the efforts of the good citizens who followed them.  Had they not set on writing in our Constitution and Bill of Rights the means in which these changes could be made you could condemn them. However, they did put in these documents the ability for our virtue to shine in our efforts to better our society to provide an equal opportunity for all.

    As I look at today, I see the sins of the British leaders as they ruled our colonies is coming back to the fore again.  Our politicians exhibit the same lust for power and wealth cossetted in the mantle of virtue and compassion all of which all rings hollow when compared to the good our nation represented before these usurpers rose to their positions of authority. 

Keep in mind that once a citizen is convinced to look to the politician for their relief as opposed to looking to themselves and their own opportunities they are lost as freemen and have become in effect slaves to their masters.  This is the current state of our nation as we see the people seeking benefits from the government for themselves.

    Only by adhering to the Christian code of our founding can we find true lasting prosperity.  In following this code we must cast off those rules and laws of our government that were conceived by those who were in the pursuit of power and control. These are contrary to keeping to the values of our origins.  We must as people also be willing to admit we make mistakes and also suffer the consequences of our own bad choices.  You cannot ask society to make this atonement for you.  To do so is to ask for a privilege others cannot enjoy.  This is the essence of the power hungry politician and political activist.

    Lastly, we as a nation are coming to a crossroads.  There is a large contingent of our citizenry who seek the gifts of power and another larger contingent that want the return to the original compact of our nation’s origin and these two forces are direct opposites of the spectrum of our society.  It is highly unlikely that those who are in power who relish their power will yield to any individual or group thus, the inevitable conflict will occur.  I say this because if it does not, we are doomed as a nation of free people. 

If our nation is not restored to its original path, the controlling powers of a socialist and communistic nature will take over and only for a short time before they too are cast asunder. When absolute power is not vested in the people and a superior moral code the result will always be tyranny and eventually anarchy.

It has been said that those who disregard history will be condemned to repeat it….

I suggest that any who doubt this read a bit of history and they will see our ultimate doom if we do not do something to alter our course.

Hello fellow Dirt People

I use the term dirt people because as far as I can tell, this is what the left thinks of those of us who voted for Trump and supported his policies.  We are the red neck Bible toting, gun loving, American Flag loving, Veteran supporters, Christian, Anti socialism Citizens who despise the agenda that Biden and the rest of the prominent democrats endorse.  They call us Deplorables.  They call us Walmart people.  They describe us as ‘smelly’, illiterate, backwards, gun loving, violent, racist, homophobe, Confederacy loving, primitives who do not deserve any respect at all.  They go out of their way to find ways to demean our beliefs and way of life.  They seek to control our language and speech in public. They force us to tolerate social behaviors of some people due to their religion while openly suppressing ours. In other words the left despise us for who and what we are as well as our Christian place in our society as well as the documented Christian heritage of our nation.

If you look at a map of the nation with the color red for areas we live in and love you will see we occupy the huge majority of the land of this nation.  We are the people who do the work that these ‘Elite socialists’ don’t want to do.  We are the farmers, builders, manufacturers, drivers, garbage haulers, miners, mechanics, utility maintainers, and just about everything else that is done including business owners, entrepreneurs, and hard working people.  It is on our backs that the left controls the nation.

If we stopped working, the left would literally starve to death.  If we shut down transportation into the cities, the left would starve to death and if we shut down the utilities to these cities, the left would die of exposure.  They cannot do what we do.  They consider what we do to be ‘beneath them’.  We are supposed to kowtow to their agenda and never complain and just support them because they are the ‘politically correct’ Americans and we are deplorable.

We are witnessing the most obvious and blatant theft of an election in the history of the United States.     The left has such little respect for us that they are openly and defiantly committing fraud by stuffing the ballot box and gaming the systems to get their senile candidate in off. Once their candidate is in office their intent is to finish destroying what was the founding of our nation which they have openly said that they hate. They seek to irrevocably alter the fundamental nature of our society. They actually use those terms. They openly admit that they seek to change everything.

I am less concerned from here as to where we go as to when the war starts.  You cannot suppress the will of the producers of everything that is essential to a society without fomenting a confrontation.  It is not a question of will we tolerate this.  It is a question of when will we put our proverbial foot down and say enough is enough.  We will not be their servants.  We will not be their slaves.  We will not continue to do what we do that benefits them if all we receive is condemnation and ridicule.

We are conflicted in this because as we love our nation and our founding we also abhor the notion of defying our government as it is not the act of a civil society.  Even so, there will come a time when the left takes that one step too far; the straw that breaks the camel’s back so to speak. 

Will it be mandatory registration and massive ownership taxes for semi automatic weapons?  Will it be a ban on certain types of firearms? Will it be an outright gun registration and eventual ban?  Will it be mandatory inoculations?  Will it be the total re-write of our education system that deletes all mention of American greatness? (They are already well on the way to this one) Will it be a move to single payer government rationed healthcare?  Somewhere along the path that the left has laid out for our nation in their announced agenda we will come to a place where collectively we ‘dirt people’ will say ‘Enough is enough!’ and the lead will start to fly.

There is one immutable fact about mankind that the left refuses to acknowledge and admit it is suffering from.  This fatal flaw is that the human lust for power and control. This corrupts everything someone does.  Once the lust for power and control starts running unchecked tyranny follows automatically in line with it.  Power and control relies on uniformity and single mindedness of the citizenry. Ultimately, the consequences of such addictions are chaos and dissent.  This leads to economic recessions and depressions all at the hands of those who claimed would ‘fix it’.

Imagine having gasoline back to 5 dollars a gallon.  Imagine that our combined taxes rise to levels that we only see in the most restrictive nations in Europe where freedom is merely a ghost of the past.  Imagine that all gasoline automobiles are banned and our only resource would be electric cars or public transit of which neither exists in any quantity that would satisfy need?

Keep in mind, in my 65 years, I cannot recall a time during a democrat administration where our economy was robust.  JFK/LBJ led us into a recession as the war in Vietnam would down.  Carter was an absolute disaster.  Clinton may have balanced the budget but it was on the merits of a republican Congress and not due in any way to his skills.  The economy stumbled along during his 8 years.  I must add that both Bush presidencies weren’t picnics either as they lacked the fundamental basics of what we have seen in the last 4 years.  Both Bushes were deep state advocates who were as linked to the corruption as the democrats are.  Remember too, the RINOs in the republican party who have not lifted a finger to help Trump during his presidency or during this election.   They are as much a part of the problem as the democrats we are seeing who are orchestrating this farce that is an election count. Obama went out of his way to suppress our economy intentionally to force the memory of winning our of our mindsets. His 8 years demonstrated that we can be forced to lose if the government wants us too. The only people that won during his presidency were those on welfare and in the inner circle of influence who profited mightily during his years. This is what we face.

Trump was a blessing if only because he reminded the nation how good we can be at succeeding in everything.  He taught a lesson in American greatness that had been forgotten.  He encourage the nation to grow and prosper. As a result our economy flourished picking up every citizen of all races along the way. In fact, the entire world flourished. This is who we, as Americans, can be!!!!!!

 My fellow ‘dirt people’, we are facing this future and it is not an ‘If’.  It is a ‘WHEN’ will this arrive.  I had hoped that my grandchildren would not be forced to see the coming rebellion that will occur sooner now than I had hoped.

Perhaps it was wishful thinking on my part that I thought that maybe if we show the drones who support the democrats how good life could be with a thriving economy that maybe they would see the virtues and join in.  Sadly, no.  The drones will always be drones until they are forced by starvation and lack of a place to live into understand and fighting and working to support their needs.   No, we need a rebellion in order to weed out those who do not have loyalty to the promise that our forefathers gave us.  These tyrants are committing treason on a daily basis all so they can garner more control and power to alter and reshape our nation into a perversion of what it once was and still can be.

We dirt people hold the power.  It comes down to whether we are determined and brave enough to wield it in such a way that we assert the control over the rest of the nation so as to force them to respect our desires and our dreams for America too.  Our unity and determination can be used to demonstrate our ‘dissatisfaction’ with how our nation as well as how we are being treated. If they still choose to deride us we will have to resort to taking back our nation by force.  We don’t want to do this but, we are being given little choice  by the democrats and rinos and their actions to deny us any voice.  While I fear for my loved ones, I do not fear for my fellow like-minded citizens.  We will prevail.  It is just a question as to how and when it all starts.

Why the 2nd Amendment is vital to our future as a Free Society

While the politicians spew sound bites regarding disarming the population “For our own good” I cannot help but ponder why they fixate on an issue that is not as ‘prominent’ as they make it out to be. Then I extend my curiosity to the real motivation as to why the left wants to disarm us.

Perhaps it is a ‘woke’ notion of egalitarian nobleness that they hold? The idea that ‘intelligent’ societies do not have weapons as they are not necessary. Yea, a few of them believe this.

Perhaps it is a desire to honestly end gun violence by simply getting rid of all guns? Maybe, but it will be impossible to truly eliminate guns from society. A lot of other countries have earnestly tried and it does not work. Innocent people still die.

Perhaps it is out of a fear of guns? A couple of generations ago I would have laughed at this idea but with the brain washing that we see in schools and media, this one has some merit.

The previous notions reflect an emotional logic that I can understand even though I vehemently disagree with the basic premises.

Sometimes we need to consult recorded patterns of societal behavior from history in order to understand behavior we see in the present.

Venezuela banned guns. Venezuela is starving despite having a huge oil reserve that could be tapped to support their society. Why did Venezuela ban guns? To stop the citizens of that country from overthrowing the ‘Dictatorial regime’ that is starving their nation with ‘Socialism’.

WWII. Hitler disarmed the population of every country they occupied including Germany. Once disarmed the citizens could not resist the orders of the leadership that led to the murder of over 10 million people and this is outside of the casualties that arose from the combat that was waged as a result of the aggression of the German leadership.

Russia and the resulting USSR. Lenin inspired the populace to revolt and they ousted the monarchy and also eliminated an entire class of citizenry perceived to be ‘upper class’. Once government domination was achieved, firearms were outlawed with a very few exceptions. Once disarmed the population faced the point of a bayonet at the end of a rifle controlled by the state and this proved deadly for many million Russian citizens who during Stalin’s purges disappeared into Siberia never to be seen again;.

In China following the revolution, gun ownership was restricted to ‘party approved’ organizations which basically limited firearms ownership to people who the party could control. The history of socialist China is fraught with famines and up until the 70’s isolation from the rest of the world. Their society is a very tightly run nation with conformance to the norms essentially mandatory. The concept of a population in China actually rebelling is far from any notion of reality.

In 3 of the 4 previous examples, firearms were used to secure power but once domination was achieved the ownership of firearms became either impossible or only by state sanctioned groups. In Venezuela, the socialist government was elected to power and after a few years outlawed firearms and now the nation is embroiled in starvation and shortages along with absolute control of society by the military controlled by the government.

My point is that banning guns is the equivalent of disenfranchising the people. When the ballot box fails to remove a undesirable element ruling the nation the only option left to the people is revolt and reset the government.  This is only possible by a people being armed comparably to the state.   The state will quickly lose its respect for the people once the people cannot confront the state with their grievances and that the people must have the means to overthrow government if the need arises.

The founders knew that any government has the propensity to abuse its power. Our government is intended to be a support and protector of the people but in time it has become an entity unto itself and the preservation of the concentration of its power and influence has moved its agenda to one where the people are less important than the system of government itself.   This ‘deep state’ is the tyranny that our founders feared would rise up in our nation.

We are faced in today’s political arena of discussion the idea that the people should be disarmed or at least severely restricted in firearms ownership.  One politician goes so far as to say that gun ownership of smooth bore muskets should be the only allowed weaponry.  This is based on an antiquated view of not only the Second Amendment but the entire notion of citizen’s rights in general.

Since there is no argument that has any merit that argues that eliminating firearms in society will end gun violence then the only logical assumption is that eliminating firearms from society serves to protect those in power.  This in effect prevents any uprising if the government rules against the will of the people.  Simply put, the government fears the armed citizen.  This is as it should be.

Our problem is that the government via its socialist political activists all are trying to convince the people to disarm.  Looking at Venezuela I am not really all that enthusiastic about giving the government full control over society and my safety and well being.

History proves that disarmed people are subjects and not citizens.  Subjects are a class of people who are in essence, subject to the whims of the the controlling group in society.  My advice to any who care at all about their future and the future of their progeny is to not surrender any weapons willingly and to put the leadership on notice that we stand armed and will defend the Constitution with force in order to preserve our rights.

This is as the Founders intended things to be.  The time they arose from was full of tyranny and dictatorial governance and they sought to ensure America would remain a nation of free citizens.  They invested their hope in framing our Constitution and Bill of Rights in such a way that the citizens that followed would be free.

We owe it to our ancestors as well as our future generations that we hold our ground on this issue.