The Demise of unfiltered information on the web.

Duck Duck Go has started filtering their search responses. As far as I know they were the last truly free source of information on the internet. I am not saying that the information is not out there. I am saying that you cannot search and find it. You have to know where it is. By controlling the search, you control what people see and learn. The powers that are controlling our internet are focused on one goal: Global socialism and controls.

There are very powerful and hugely wealthy financial forces at work here and sadly, we freedom loving and liberty seeking individuals and all the people who think like us are their mortal enemies and we will be discriminated against.  Ultimately, this will play out in open society and perhaps could escalate to conflicts that are regional and these could create difficulties and potentially end up with some violence.  A large portion of the world is aware of these forces and their insidious plans to create a global socialist cabal that believes it knows best for all of us. We are seeing this play out in real time in Ukraine where a despot ‘Putin’ wants to suppress another nation and put them under his control. He may say he wishes to restore Russia as it was under the USSR but in all honesty it is about greed and controlling the masses. The proof, no one under his control is any better off than they would be under a free and open government that is dedicated to preserving individual rights. No one.

 I realize that someone who is rich is not solely ‘lucky’ or ‘extremely talented’.  Not these days anyways.  In order to be rich today you have to be conniving and scheming and be willing to destroy others to increase your wealth and power.  Greed has always been one of mankind’s worst sins and has caused multitudes of wars and millions of deaths all to protect and increase the power of despots and these people are both in government and business. 

I am personally offended by the presumption of people like this that I am incapable of planning my future and that I, and people like me are better off being led by the morally bankrupt people such as Soros and Gates and the political cabal we have in DC.  While my intentions for my future are generally pure and decent, I have serious doubts about the moral values of these wannabe despots who are steering our futures by manipulating information and the news media all to advance their devious plans.

If their plans are legitimate and decent, why don’t they come out and tell us openly and admit they are steering our futures and in essence usurping our rights of free choice and liberty? 

The reason they cannot and will not do this is because  their plans for us will limit our rights and liberties.  They know we will resist if not refuse to comply if they were blatantly honest about what they are doing. 

This is why politics is used to pave the way for the future.  Politics is the process of convincing people that what a leader says we could do is a good idea even when they know we won’t like it. Look at what is going on in our nation right now and you can see a perfect example of ruling against the will of the people all the while the leaders and their representatives are telling us it is for the better and we cannot go back to the way things used to be.

The thing with tyrants is they realize that when enough of the people in their control say no, they lose their power.  The other thing about tyrants is that when one is toppled, there are a hundred standing in the shadows waiting to take the stage and start the process all over again. Greed and lust for power will always exist and we must always be on the lookout for such evil forces, even in America. Our founders warned us about these forces and tried to create a safe guard against them with our Bill of Rights.  We were created as a nation unique in the world as the people’s rights were protect from actions of the government with our founding documents. This is the freedom we were born into.

I have said before that America is a unique nation on this earth as we evolved as a free people, never having lived in America in a tiered monarchy or empire.  Our forefathers came here and created a free nation out of a wilderness and then fought the world’s largest super power (England) at that time to be rid of their controls and live as free peoples.  No other nation’s heritage on earth is derived purely from the pursuit and preservation of freedom but ours. 

Other peoples of the earth saw what true freedom from arbitrary rule was like and have fought to be free themselves.  This is the beacon on a hill that Reagan spoke so lovingly of. As a shining example of a free society to the rest of the world we must be stopped by the same greedy forces that kept people subservient to monarchs and despots all throughout history.  This is what the Soros and Gates and the politicians of the world represent.  Subservience of the masses to their will. 

Our politicians in DC are the very equal of the crown of England who we fought against for our liberty in 1776.  People who live in those orbits just believe they know better than their constituents (us).  They rule as they see fit without any concern for our opinions.  Even when we vote one out, another despot in training takes their place.  On the rare occasions where we actually elect an outsider who refuses to join the tyrant class, these people are ostracized and rendered ineffective as they are so outnumbered and boxed in they cannot really make much of a difference.

Losing an unbiased source of information is far more important than most people are aware of. We need to establish places on the web where we can share links and information that otherwise would be suppressed. Yes, this will lead to false reports and erroneous information but better to have the choice to believe or not to believe what we are seeing and hearing than to surrender to the globalists who want to regulate and limit our access.

We either fight and work to be free or by our lack of effort we become slaves to the globalist state. As we see yet again the march of oppression on the world as well as the suppression of our rights of free speech which also includes hearing things that some may disagree with or may despise. That is the price of freedom and if you agree to censorship of any kind you are signing the death warrant for our nation as a home for truly free people.

The Tyranny of ‘Consensus’

As of late we are seeing censorship of all manners of things from Dr. Seuss to Pepe Lepew.  All of this censorship is due to the ‘consensus’ that the content is ‘offensive’.  In all of this we see people’s perceptions and opinions as being justification for burning books metaphorically.  There is a problem with this and it traces itself back to 1776 and 1783.

This nation was founded with a very diverse populace from many walks of life and multiple ethnicities.  Knowing that leadership by crowds was undesirable, the founders decided to codify the rights of all individuals in the Bill of Rights protecting the declaration that people are born free.  This was their attempt to avoid mob rule as was witnessed in the French Revolution and the flagrant use of the guillotine to execute anyone whose very existence offended the gathered masses who were in revolt.

Today we see Disney and a host of other companies all marching to the drum beat of the ‘consensus’ that is the liberal movement in their efforts to remove any semblance of offence to anyone who claims to have one.  Forget that much of what is being axed is part of our heritage.  Forget that the rights of those who are not offended to view these works is being completely ignored.  Forget that these works were never intended (to my knowledge) to be offensive or discriminatory.  They merely reflected the social mores of their time.

References have been made by many to the steps of leading a nation into communism or socialism include erasing heritage and ostracizing people who do not conform with the coming agenda.  This is so true as the cry-bully culture is marching on with the support of the democrats in their destruction of our nation and its heritage and values.

So, fire up the guillotine and get a good seat in the public square as more and more grievances are brought to ‘justice’.  Watch your language and what you post.  You are being studied and graded on your ‘woke-ness’ as that is the quotient that is the determiner as to whether you are silenced forever or not.

Keep in mind, none of this was ever thought to be subjects for a government to enter into.  Never did the founders think that the government should make reparations for those offended by others.  The founders intended that issues such as public opinion over content and comments be left to public opinion to work out.  As long as the cry-bullies keep getting air time and support from the democrats we will continue to live in tyranny in that our First Amendment Rights have been usurped with the approval of our government. 

Plan, Prepare, Be Vigilant and ready as I do believe the left will take this too far and so far over the edge that we will be forced to water the Tree of Liberty.

Our grim reality in the face of Globalism

We are being besieged on many fronts at present all as parts of a plan to force the USA into the globalist socialist union.  The forces that are behind this are the same that have supported the European Union and their unfettered immigration from muslim countries.  All of that is to water down the cultures of the Europeans to a point where there is no definable national heritage left.

Here in the US it is a bit more difficult to achieve this due to our heritage of freedom.  So, in order to force a socialist collective upon us, our heritage must be destroyed or at least our faith and love of our heritage must be destroyed.  This is by necessity.

So, what are the tactics of this global cabal that has infested our politics and social lives here in the USA?

1)            The push for open borders.  The uncontrolled immigration of unknown people into our nation is both a security risk and a financial burden upon the citizens of this nation.  This rush of people abetted by foreign interests is straining our systems to overload.

2)            The push for national health care including single payer.  By giving the government control over a huge portion of our Gross National Product we also give the government control over the types of care we can receive and when.  Rationed healthcare is the result of socialized medicine and this concept runs afoul of our free enterprise system and is one more freedom we would sacrifice.

3)            The creation of a myriad of grievance groups all demanding rights beyond what would normally be held by anyone because they are ‘victims’.  This forces society to accept all manners of gender and sexual diversity which erodes the nuclear family and the value of marriage.

4)            Restrictions upon and the revision and control of our language.  This is to erase the meaning of the First Amendment.  Politically correct speech is thought control.  The use of media to condemn any who use ‘unapproved’ language is censorship of the highest order.  That the controlling power of this is not of the people is at its face corruption and globalism in its raw form.

5)            The attack on gun ownership and the increasing demand for regulations and restrictions upon gun ownership and gun owners.  Bans of semi-autos and Red Flag laws are just the start.  America has a long standing tradition of individual arms ownership and this must be destroyed to maintain controls on a society that does not want them.

6)            The condemnations of conservatives and the labeling of them as Nazis and Fascists as a means of removing these opinions from the public discussions.  By disenfranchising political beliefs the path is made clearer for the push to global socialism.

7)            The growth of the deep state which is a stealth government that answers to union controls and various blocs that endorse or support this behind the scenes control system of the citizens of the US.  The actions of the deep state in the 2016 election bear witness to the power that is wielded behind closed doors in DC.  The people may elect a candidate but the power is vested in the bureaucrats.

8)            The homogenization of both political parties who have been co-opted with PAC money and bought and paid for by these globalist factions that are manipulating the world.  This is why we do not see a strong republican  response to any of the outrageous acts committed by the deep state and the democrats.

10)          The destruction of an open media that is independent of policy positions and special interests.  By destroying the press we lose the truth into the morass of special interests controlled by the globalist blocs.  The media is no longer a friend to the people and is a tool used to influence them.

11)          The fractionalization of society separating races and ethnic groups and creating tensions and disharmony between them all serving to empower the federal government as referee and therefore arbiter of truth and right and wrong all of which is policy and not value based.

12)          The condemnation of the USA in the court of world opinion along with the misuse of our military as policemen and meals on wheels for the world instead of their protecting American interests.  By demoralizing the rank and file in the military we weaken our nation and our ability to act as a unified force in the world.

13)          The war on religion in particular Christianity.  The drive to remove any references to  Christianity in our society is aimed to weaken the values in our society and as the founders held when they created our nation and the laws that are supposed to protect the citizens from the government.  The forced inclusion of beliefs that are not present in our society in any real numbers is just one step in this process.

14)          The push for ‘eco-friendly’ policies at the expense of efficiency and mobility.  The green movement seeks to destroy our technical and material advantages in the world making us dependent on others abroad instead of utilizing our own resources and infrastructure.  The common aspect of the places in the world where socialism is prevalent is very little personal transport and government run mass transit.  By controlling how you travel, the government controls where you travel because you are encouraged by the limitations of the transit system to go where it goes and not where you would go if you could drive.

15)          The corruption and domination of education by the federal government serves as an indoctrination platform for the globalists in their quest for a global socialist state.  Our children are taught values that are contrary to those our nation was founded upon.  This is a step in the process of erasing the value of our heritage.

16)          The manipulation of our elective process with foreign PAC money used to influence and steer the debate and the policy agenda.  Never in our past as so much money from outside our nation been spent to usurp the selection of candidates and the races between parties.  It is bad enough that the republicans and democrats are really not all that different when it comes to what they do in congress but to have certain candidates gain economic advantages via foreign interests essentially removes the citizens from the process.

These are the major forces at work today in society.  While we want to reclaim our national heritage we are confronted with this multifaceted attack upon our freedoms and no candidate is able to stop this.  In order to stop this process we need to address each and every one of these issues.   Even if we win the house and senate we are still faced with the multifaceted prongs of this attack.  In other words, winning elections is not enough anymore.

The divisions that have been rent into our society are widening as the tactics of the globalists are succeeding.  The talk of a Civil War 2 is not unjustified in the face of the negative things that are happening in our nation.  No sane person wants conflict of a bloody kind.  To contemplate such is a serious matter and needs to be considered the last resort to maintaining freedoms.

I am  sure that others can think of additional aspects of our nation and our heritage that are under direct attack.  Please add them in the comments.

2019: Echoes of Orwell’s 1984 or is 1984 the new reality?

Let’s face a couple of facts head on.  First, the left is trying to redefine society and not just gender or immigrant versus natural born.  It goes from defining acceptable speech to destroy the notion of the ‘American Ideal’.  Second, they want reserve the right to decide who can be elected and who cannot.  This is evidenced by the coup attempt against Trump and the ‘ballot harvesting’ operations that are solely to swing the vote tally to the democrats.  You could call all of this typical democrat BS and in many ways you would be right.  However, there is a connection between the liberal democrats and a much higher world order that is truly worrisome.

The proof in my thinking is not what the democrats are doing alone.  It is how they are silencing their opposition.  As in 1984, the media is controlled by the state which makes the media ‘The State’ for all intents and purposes.  Once free speech and expression along with free association is effectively abolished what you are left with is a totalitarian state that is slowly crushing any opposition to the ‘master plan’.

You cannot deny that the conservative and republican voices are squelched by the likes of You Tube, Facebook and Twitter.  These organizations all led by idealistic left wingers have the power to define ‘acceptable’ speech and eliminate any content that they do not like.  In effect they are the present day version of ‘Big Brother’.  It has been reported that not only do they censor online content people post but they also ‘listen in’ on the citizens in their homes and on their smart phones.  It does not matter if this is illegal because the social networking giants effectively are the law on the internet.  Their influence is more powerful than any politician or jurist who dare disagree.

You will not find a democrat willing to resist the rapid slide our nation is making towards socialism and controlled speech.  They are actively participating in this world coup.  Big brother is alive and well.  He is the deep state.  He is Facebook.  He is Twitter. He is You Tube.  The amount of wealth and influence that manifests itself in this process can only be interpreted as a part of the plot to change ours and every other nation in the world to a brand of socialism that they, the deep state, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube define.

It is easy to laugh this off and say it is the ramblings of a conspiracy nut but I have to remind you that ten years ago, no one would dare censor anyone on the web.  Now it is common practice and it is not done for morals sake but for political efficacy.  Once our media becomes a tool for a political movement it is no different than the master planned society portrayed in 1984.  The similarities between the novel and today’s national debate and reality is undeniable.

It is extremely difficult to resist a power so concentrated in one movement.  Those who resist are ridiculed and ostracized from the debate if not destroyed financially as well.  Conformance is prized by the powers that be more than anything else.  You can see even rogue democrats are treated the same as the conservatives and republicans.  Resistance is to be punished so others will not do the same.

The indoctrination of our society is nearly complete.  A couple more generations and we will be the society that is portrayed in the novel 1984.  We will not have the ability to stop the powerful juggernaut that has been assembled by the wealthy and influential globalist elite.   Our school systems have been indoctrinating our children effectively to support the socialism that the deep state wants to implement across the world.

I first read 1984 in my junior year in high school nearly 50 years ago.  Had you suggested that our future as a nation was going to be that society in the novel  would have laughed in your face.  I thought our freedoms would be protected and that due to this, a consortium could never co-opt our society into such a state.  Now reflecting back, I see how foolish I was in thinking that we would keep our rights and freedoms without having to fight for them.  Now that time is upon us and the hourglass is emptying faster than anyone could have envisioned.

Trump is proof of the existence of this big brother state.  The controllers used any and all things at their disposal to try to stop his election and subsequently his administration.  Now we need to see if we have the stomach for the trials that need to take place to punish those conspirators who acted to thwart the will of the people.  If we shrink from this unpleasant task, we will be admitting we have lost.  There is not much else that can be said to explain this further.  It is the time of choosing.