The deaths in Kenosha and Portland….CWII has started

It has begun…….

The last few days have given proof that a shooting war has started in our nation.  A civil war between factions, not states.

The battle is over political philosophy and doctrine and not over a singular social issue.  There is a faction who  have decided they are unhappy with the system that brought us from 1776 to the present and they want to completely replace it with socialist based concepts that are truly foreign to our original system of government set forth by the founders.

One problem is that the socialists have done the same thing as Mao and Lenin by claiming that the system in place is patently unfair and that if they are given power they will ‘distribute’ the wealth of our nation out ‘fairly’.  They are the arbiters of what is fair or not and to a great extent this is a revenge based movement and not one dedicated to promoting a fruitful society.

Just as we have seen in Venezuela that the people voted their way into a system like this only to find that they are starving to death, we will inevitably see our nation follow the same path.  This is also what happened in Russia and China.  Once you slay the motivation of making your own way in life and earning as much as you can and replace it with government defined ‘equality’, you find people are not willing to put the effort forth if they cannot reap the benefits of their hard labor and creativity.  You cannot mandate people to excel solely for the benefit of others.

The socialists had to wait until the WWII generation as well as most of the Korean war generation were gone before they could take their movement to the mainstream.  It would not have been tolerated by those who remembered the brutal actions of governments supposedly dedicated to equality as were seen before and during WWII, and after in nations such as China, Cuba and various eastern European nations that were crushed under the Soviet thumb after WWII.

Problem is that even if we can stop the drive of the socialists this time around, as long as they are a viable political entity we will have to keep fighting them and they will up the ante seeking more and more violent confrontations so as to create martyrs to use as symbols of society’s unfairness.  This is even if these supposed ‘martyrs’ are criminals and had been engaging in criminal acts at the time they met their fate.

Our nation had the red scare and despite the awareness of the dangers of communism and socialism now we see them as a threat not just in our society but in our government leaders.   This presence in our government by people professing these beliefs that are antithetical to our founding actually is the threat is the end of our freedoms as we understand them.   You have to understand that to the left, freedom is unfair because they do not control it.  Only when everyone is equally imprisoned in a economic and socially controlling systems will they supposedly be free and equal.  I would add that they are they generally unable to fight their way out of the controls they find themselves in as well.  You see, disarmament is merely one aspect.  Curbs on free speech for some as well as the mandatory activities directed by the state are controls such as in our public schools  are used to maintain order in a socialist society.

Our founders would be spinning in their graves if they knew of the treachery afoot in our nation today including within our government.  Everything we are hearing from the BLM and ANTIFA and socialist representatives is in diametric opposition to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.   Those founding concepts and documents are the hindrances that the left seek to destroy.

We are in a shooting war now.  Blood has been spilled in socialist controlled cities with only the conservative (founding documents) based individual being held accountable.  This is the pattern we should expect to continue until these revolutionaries are pushed out of power and their followers either arrested, driven from the field or put down whatever way is necessary.  We can no longer sit back and expect others to pull our weight along with them in protecting and preserving our nation.  It is time to stand and be ready to do what is necessary to protect the republic.


Antifa, Disarmament and Socialism

Before the government of Japan took their nation into wars with other nations, they disarmed its Samuris. It took a military type of force to do this. Military forces can overwhelm groups of citizens and force them to comply with orders. WWII and the Holocaust are classic examples.

Antifa has the purpose of maintaining unrest and violence. Their hope is to incite a violent response not from law enforcement but from other citizens. This is the global strategy that the underlings of the Antifa do not understand or have not been told.

Once the right, conservative pro-Americans take to the streets that is when the democrat mayors and governors will use all the forces at their disposal to arrest and put down the violence. Not of Antifa but of the pro-Americans who are fighting to stop the destruction and violence that Antifa started.  I am sure in the process firearms will come into play and therefore create the cause of total disarmament of our nation otherwise known as the revocation of our Second Amendment rights.

The left is aching for an excuse to force us, the conservative pro-American, to comply with their edicts. They thought 8 years of the black messiah Obama would get us upset enough to act out in some way but we did not take that bait. Now, they have upped the ante with overt and focused attacks on our institutions and traditions including violence in the streets. This is bait and nothing else.

Insurrectionists use social unrest as a tool to drive a wedge between various portions of a nation in order to reduce and eventually remove any resistance to their take over of the government. They may state their goals at first but these are a smoke screen to what really will happen once they have control.

Need proof? Lenin talked of fairness and yet, millions starved and many were outright murdered as he solidified his power, all the while Lenin and his cronies were living a lifestyle none of his fellow Russians could.

Hitler convinced the German people that the Jews were the cause of their economic suffering. He finally secured control and then proceeded to murder and cause the deaths of 100,000,000 people across the world. Again, he and his leadership faithful all lived well while the masses suffered.

Mao promised to feed his nation and blamed the existing government for the woes the Chinese were suffering at the hands of the Japanese and government. He finally attained power and millions were left to starve as a result.

The moral to my story is that we are seeing the ‘sales pitch’ of the pro-socialists but the reality of what these people would do to our nation is not seen by most people nor would they suspect it. Gathering their paramilitary forces is just the start. If they attain power they will disarm the people. It is essential to their plans and historically, it was done in Russia, Germany and China once the socialists came into power and for the very same reason.

America has been secure in its borders from outside invasion but we are facing an insurrection that is using our own legal system as well as our media to convince the masses that socialism and their vision for our nation is the way to the future. We have lost this phase of the war and the longer we wait to react the smaller our numbers will become. It is only a question of time before we will not be able to reverse this march to our own demise.

We are coming to a point of no return where freedom will begin the long steady and unstoppable slide towards totalitarianism that socialism portends.  The pandemic we are in at present is just another weapon the left is using to force compliance and to make the idea of forcing people to behave in certain ways palatable to the masses.

The hypocrisy of the left is obvious to many but the power of the MSI and MSM is more than mere blogging and community activism can counter.  Only if we can continue the process we saw started when Trump was elected can we see the potential reversal of some of these very troubling trends.  Short of taking up arms, the political theater is the current war zone.  If the election goes against us, our choices will be very limited if we desire to keep our freedoms.


2020; OUR time of Choosing

Reagan said in 1964 in his famous speech referring to our being in a ‘time of Choosing’ indicating that the nation was facing choices that would have long term affects upon liberty and freedoms. Today, in 2020 we are most certainly in a time where our choices made in the near future will have long term affects on our nation. Further, if in our efforts to preserve the republic we are thwarted at the polls by what appears to be obviously nefarious means, we will have the choice to sit back and wait or to act as our forebears did to preserve freedom and liberty for all.

We are seeing a war upon our nation being fought foremost in the area of information and what is actually being allowed out to the public. As a conservative, I know enough to not rely on any ‘MSM’ or any of the big Internet sites such as facebook, twitter etal (MSI aka Main Stream Internet) . We are seeing the expert filtration of our news through all of these sources to promote the idea that Trump and all of society that supports him are fascists and that democrats/liberals/protestors are all good.

The problem is that there is a sizeable portion of our society (probably 20-25%) that is just too busy or too lazy to find the truth for themselves and they sit and digest this PAP from the left verbatim and assume it is correct and honest. This group is not a majority but is sizeable enough to sway the election even if they themselves would disapprove of the protests and violence. They never see it in context.  They only see and hear what the left wants them to.

We are approaching a turning point of which if we fail to continue the course of freedom and individual rights we will likely NEVER get them back. We are already seeing our rights being usurped by elected leaders who allow protests but ban religious assembly. We are not allowed to pursue our own economic interests due to an exaggerated response to a virus that is now approaching a hoax like epidemic status as most people see as being non-existent. Even red states are restricting the rights of its citizens illegally and for reasons that do not actually exist.

Again, all of this is due to the left and their control over information processing and delivery systems. Truth has no meaning when it cannot see the light of day. In the recent past (75 years) we have seen the perversion of truth and accepted values being used to control massive populations such as Germany in WWII and Communist Russia and China before and after WWII. Millions were exterminated all in the name of the state and the truth they, the controllers of the media purported to be true.

Unfortunately we have lost our free press and now have a instrument of information delivery controlled by forces bent on destroying our nation. Our form of government was set forth from the start with the existence of a free press to ensure that all sides of any issue would see the light of day and that the citizens could make their own determinations to what they felt was truth.  This was a check and balance built into our Bill of Rights.

There is little else that should be as important as keeping our nation as the republic it was founded to be and to preserve individual freedoms and liberty for our future generations. They, the socialism loving left, are fighting a war with us at present and will not stop. The war has moved from being solely in the world of politics and information into riots and violence in the streets of our cities and will carry on into the suburbs and rural regions if it is left unchecked.

Our parents and grandparents were confronted with the times of Reagan and the political choices at hand.  At present we are staring down the barrel of the juggernaut of the Soros funded, Islam sympathetic, socialism loving, totalitarianism sanctioning, forces including the democrat party, Antifa, Black Lives Matter all of whom are marching to tear down our society and they have said as much.  I maintain we are approaching the ‘Minute Man’ moment of our times where our response to aggression in our communities and across our nation will determine our future.

Be prepared.  Be forewarned that evil forces are at work to destroy our nation.  Keep informed and not by any MSM (Main Stream Media) or MSI (Main Stream Internet) sources.  Watch, listen, know what is going on both in your community and in the nation.  We may be called upon by our heritage to rise to protect our future.

Riots, occupations and oppression of the conservatives.

I am sure you both have noticed the elevated agitation that is the current state of affairs for the nation. There is more hatred ginned up at present than should be. While I cannot argue that the death of George Floyd is a travesty and unnecessary, I do believe the response of the din-du-nuffins is way beyond the circumstances. I have mentioned before that the pent up frustration of being cooped up at home is fueling some of this and I also believe that the left and Antifa are seeing an opportunity to disrupt society and are making the best of it. I would imagine the three of us could opine for a while on these issues.

My concern (beyond my own safety) is one that is more oriented towards the possible usurpation of our election process if this constant barrage of unrest and demonstrations carry on into November. If we, the right, lose this election you can expect that they left will follow through on their promises to ‘disarm’ the nation as it is necessary for their implementation of systemic socialistic policies that none of us will accept willingly. We can all make statements like from my cold dead fingers and the like but reality is that they (Soros funded and managed) politicians and activists are much farther ahead than we might want to admit.  They would welcome our holding fast to that proposition all the way to our gravesides if necessary.

The SCOTUS refusing to hear appeals of several anti gun regulations and laws is beyond troubling as it indicates that even with 2 new pics on the court by Trump, we are not represented as far as our ‘Original intent’ beliefs go in regards to the second amendment. The current ruling interpreting a law passed in 1964 to include new age ‘gender’ definitions as being ‘protected’ by the law maker’s original intent is a slap in the face as you compare the over reach in that case against the unwillingness to protect our rights under the Second Amendment. Both rulings are pure politics and have nothing to do with interpreting law by the words that were passed. It is frustrating.

To be honest, I thought it was the end of times when Obama came into office and while it seems impossible, it actually seems worse now. Before I feared Obama and his minions. Now, I see that we need to fear the rabble-rousers too as they seem to be immune from any legal liability if they torch stores or injure others. While I do not foresee a march through my home town of leftists wanting to take on those of us who are conservatives and libertarians, I see the impact of their activities elsewhere having effects here via the convenient rubber stamp of liberal lawmakers. They would love to ban all sorts of firearms if they could.  Anything that they can do to isolate and further suppress the rural conservatives is definitely on their agenda.

I lived through the summer of 68 and it was a tumultuous period in our history and it seems we are going to have another one worse than that. We can laugh at the inane statements of the leaders of ‘CHAZ’ or ‘CHOP’ or whatever that 6 block area in Seattle is called at this moment but the thing is that the people doing that have millions of allies in the 20 something to 40 something crowds who all are brainwashed and do not know or understand what this nation was, should be and could be. All they have been told is that anyone who is not like them are racists and that includes all of us. We are to be dealt with and not to be tolerated.

While my life style is not under assault I can see the writing on the wall if we give much more ground to the left. When the rights of individuals are sacrificed for the good of the whole you will have lost your freedom and your heritage.

When I was young, I took my freedom for granted. I did not consider the large scale effects of any actions of the government that I noticed and my point of view at the time was very small. Only after being in business interacting with various agencies and departments did I see the reality of what bigger government really means. Now, I see every new law, regulation and requirement as being an intrusion upon my freedoms and right to choose. A large scale example of our giving up our right to choose is this Covid19 scam that we are still enmeshed in. Mandatory masks. No gatherings. No events or concerts. Government mandating isolation for people who are simply exposed to a virus and not actually ill. We all accepted this without a complaint or at least an official one. Now our food supply is all messed up and will be for the foreseeable future and we are not done with government controls over us for Covid19. The CDC is threatening another round of infectious outbreaks which they can create with their faulty accounting of the people ill or who have died along with bogus studies to create higher degrees of panic. This is all very unacceptable to me to be quite honest and yet, I can do nothing to stop the insanity including being forced to wear a stupid noneffective mask if I want to buy food.

Sorry to rant. I just see bad things and no one is standing up to the left wing leaders and telling them they are wrong. Everyone is so ‘politically correct’ it makes me sick. I can see why some people do make a stand if only because they cannot take any more of this socialist meddling. Problem is we, as a society, punish those who do not conform. Elder people are warehoused after they are deemed incompetent even if they make more sense than any politician.

Red Versus Blue: Who is stoking the fires of hatred and intolerance?

As we approach 2020 and what will be the most important election of my life I see a political battlefield that is especially turbulent.  Political battles are nothing new and our nation has had plenty of them over the years and you can say that a vigorous political debate is good for the Republic.

These days there is a component of our political debate that is not something that can be ignored or explained away as simple fervor.  There is a palpable and especially vicious hatred within the debate.  This emotional force is not one that is confined to the topics at hand but permeates our society in many ways.  Hatred is an ugly word and an ugly sentiment and I use this word with the respect that is due if one is to toss an accusation into a discussion containing such an implication.

It is beyond apparent that the left and especially the activists for the left that they hold a disregard for the Conservative/Deplorable/Red State citizens that goes far outside of what would be called a conversation in the body politic.  The disdain is a hatred of all things emanating from the Red state nation.  There are uncountable examples of blue state/liberal/socialist activists aggressively attacking Red state citizens with threats and verbal language and assaults that are beyond firm evidence of this hatred and disrespect.   From the day after Trump beat Hillary, the rhetoric started and has risen in intensity ever since.  There was violence in the streets the day of Trump’s inauguration in DC with acts of destruction of private property recorded on film for the news at 11.

I would take a moment to reflect back upon the reaction of the red state people after the half black messiah was elected in 2008.  Obama was universally despised by the right for his policies and agenda as well as his disrespect for our heritage and nation.  Even so, I cannot recall violence in the streets.  I cannot recall any red state citizen destroying property.  Even with the rise of the TEA Party who opposed Obama and his tactics their rallies were peaceful and they cleaned up after themselves in ways none of the blue state citizens have done.  While the red state citizens were absolutely devoted to their beliefs, they never expressed blatant hatred of the blue state citizens.  The issue was the president in office at the time and it was confined to political activism and not directed personally towards any Obama supporters.

Today we are embroiled in a faux impeachment process that is illegal in its nature and operating behind closed doors which is contrary to the original intent of our founders.  We have blue state activists (Antifa) attacking citizens with whom they disagree with them and causing these people bodily injuries.   President Trump’s rally in Minnesota had blue state activists attack red state Trump supporters with several blue state activists attacking single individuals and causing injuries upon them.  None of this was provoked by any physical act.   The only provocation was the mere presence of people who support President Trump.

As we head to the 2020 election the activities of the left are obviously full of hatred for the right.  Not just the president but the people who support him as well.   The leadership of the left in congress have done nothing to reduce the violence nor have they said anything to condemn it.  The rhetoric from the democratic/blue state/left is fueling this violence and it will only get worse.  If things get really out of hand, people will end up being injured seriously or worse.

I have written of Civil War II and it seems more likely to come about than ever before as I consider the situation we are in.  The unbridled hatred of the left for their opponents and President Trump has spilled into our communities across the nation and I am quite sure it will only get worse.  All the while, the ones who are making this situation worse by acting in more and more aggressive ways including violence is the left/blue/liberals.  I cannot recall an incident where a conservative/red/deplorable did anything to deserve such violent and active hatred.

The left is tearing this nation apart.  They are willing to destroy the civil debate in order to silence their opposition.  Only a desperate and ruthless individual or group of individuals would consider this to be healthy or even permissible in a civil society.  I am left with the conclusion that in the very near future this hatred will spawn a battle between the opposing parties that will be without precedence in our history with the exception of the shelling of Fort Sumter in 1861.   That was an act of war without any question and if the left continues their violence and hatred, we will end up in the same place.  CWII.

Only a fool, or an evil genius would encourage open violence and warfare between political enemies and they would do it purely to manipulate the situation in an effort to use it to their advantage.  That I am even considering thoughts such as this reflects the awareness I have of the serious and deadly threat that continued violence by the left poses.  It is the likes of Antifa and others who are raising the level of discord and violence and not the red/deplorable/conservatives.  Where our nation goes from here through the next election is up to the left as far as whether it  will be more violence and hatred or not.  If deaths and massive damages occur as a result of their misplaced aggression, it is the democrats fault for not maintaining a civil and decent conversation.

The new public mental health problem is DTS….Democratic Tantrum Syndrome

While I recognize the public mental health problems caused by TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) I believe we have another less known but equally or perhaps more serious problem.

The problem I have identified is DTS. Yes, I realize the initials are similiar to the TDS  I just mentioned but this disorder is in my opinion far worse in its public impact.

DTS or Democrat Tantrum Syndrome is a mental disorder that seems to affect the typical modern democrat regardless of the particular portion of that party they inhabit.

It is the behavior these people exhibit when they do not get their way.  Much like a 2 year old who has his favorite toy taken away, these Democrats go into conniption fits of near or full rage if their agenda is not moved forward. Other stimuli include losing elections, hearing opinions that are not in agreement with theirs and worse yet, when an appeals court they packed is overruled.

Not just limited to the political class directly this syndrome affects news reporters and tv show anchors with very similar triggers and results.

We first saw this DTS rear its ugly head during Reagan’s presidency and it has risen from time to time since depending on the issues. Generally it is worse when an unexpected setback at the voting booth occurs. The 2001 and 2004 elections as well as the 2016 where President Trump won are good examples of this with the 2016 election results being particularly upsetting to the rank and file democrat.

Also affected are non-politican and non-media younger democrats who have begun reacting violently if they are confronted with any differing opinion.  This can happen on the street, in the public square or even at a private gathering where they barge in uninvited.  Those with the worst cases of DTS label themselves as Antifa who are known to inhabit their parent’s basements long after they should have moved on with their lives.  Another identifying trait is that most of these citizens commonly referred to as ‘Snowflakes’ all seem to have massive college debts incurred in their useless pursuit of their Arts or Gender Studies degrees.  If you encounter one of these younger sufferers of DTS keep a wide berth as this particular subset of the sufferers is very dangerous.

Be warned, when you confront a democrat in full blown DTS you must stay a safe distance away as there is the definite possibility of being struck by their flailing arms or by any object they can grab and throw that is nearby.

There is no cure for DTS. However you can support research to fight this crippler of weaker minded citizens by donating to your local or national Trump re-election campaign committees. Remember to give and give generously as we have a lot of work to do to eradicate this terrible disorder from our nation.

The Divided States of America

The disconnect between the red and blue states is something that the left has been promoting as they have sought to gain control over the nation via population growth in the coastal areas.  Various means are at work in this including immigration and a shift of population from the rural areas to the urban as well.  This and the continuous indoctrination via the democrat controlled media helps sway the tide.


The Urban drones are fully programmed and perform their function of voting democrat, regardless of any issue, perfectly.  The drones are so well programmed they even show passion for their socialist beliefs even if they are not sure what that all means or even know what the future will be in their supposed ‘utopia’.


It is frightening that our nation has arrived at a place where many of us concerned about the future see this huge gulf that exists between the main political philosophies.  I would say parties but the Rinos that occupy the republican party as just as bad as the democrats themselves.   No, this gulf is between citizens and it is not politically motivated.  It is one set of values set against another.  This is the crisis that the democrats have sought for 100 years.  Problem is that they may not like how it gets sorted out.


At present, the left will take the fight to the right citizens.  Organized mobs like Antifa and the riots in DC after the inaugural prove the left is willing to fight physically for their goals.  The right, on the other hand, presumes the fight is against the government which to a great extent it is but, the true believers in the left’s rank and file are more committed and more dangerous.  What has changed lately is that the right is beginning to see the light as far as what they are truly up against.


While novels about a 2 nation solution to this problem provide entertainment and levity perhaps in the face of true danger, we cannot forget the gruesome reality the left would impose on the entire nation and in a heartbeat if they could.  They would rule against the will of the red states and do it gleefully.   Such is their desire for this absolute control that we see the continuing attack upon Donald Trump and his administration due to the democrats losing the 2016 presidential election.  This symbolizes more than anything else how the left will go all in after their goal of domination.


As a red state person behind enemy lines in upstate New York I am reminded of this fact daily as we live with the edicts of Emperor Cuomo II (Andy, (my girlfriend owns our house.)  Son of Mario the Pious) .  We are subjects to be governed and not voting citizens to this current monarchy that exists in Albany in the great castle of government.  Witness the recent budget agreed upon by the democrats.  There are hundreds of tax increases and new restrictions that are included.  None of this is approved by a large portion of the state’s population.  New York is what the democrats want to do to the rest of the nation.


I am not alone as a red stater here in enemy territory.  Practically all of the people in my town, county and the surrounding counties are all basically red stater’s too.  There are pockets of democrat intolerant drones upstate, say in Hamilton where Colgate is as well as Ithaca and Cornell as well as the large cities that occupy the valley from Albany to Buffalo.  For the most part however, the region is solidly red state.  A divided NY has been floated as a way to resolve the lack of representation the red state people have in Albany.  This is a fantasy.  The democrats will not give up anything in the process of re-inventing America including NYS.


While the notion of a separate ‘nation’  for the red state people and one for the blue, the reality is that interspersed within both ‘zones’ are plenty of people who are not like those typically associated in their respective areas.  People as these including myself are in a quandary as to how to survive and not abandon either tradition and home and family and move to the area associated with my beliefs (red states) or to adopt the enemy’s mantra whichever one you are confronted with.


Wars have been fought for less differences than we are seeing in today’s society.  In many ways, the system of governance devised by the founders was far ahead of its day in the ability of government to accommodate many widely diverging views.  This is being taxed (good choice of words actually) to the limit by the polar opposites that the sides represent.


It is my hope that things will not come down to such drastic measures to keep the peace.  We live in perilous times and the choices made by the voters and the elected officials carry serious consequences.  I dearly pray that both sides learn to abide with the other in peace.  If we cannot live in peace together, I hope we can live in peace apart.

On the Second Amendment and Freedom

Our society has evolved from one of self reliance to one of government dependence.  As many have said, this increases the government’s power and control.  This is a situation that is not going away any time soon.

There is a huge conflict coming.  It may not be a shooting conflict but it will be intense enough to bring those of us who embrace the second amendment to a high degree of readiness and much higher than we have ever seen.   The forces of the left lined up against us are vast and they seek nothing less than banning guns.

One of the mistakes we have allowed to be perpetuated is that guns are only for sporting use.  Hunting and shooting sports.  Any notion of using a firearm for self protection is ridiculed by the left.

We know that guns are an extension of our belief in freedom.  We own firearms not because we fear or need to hunt to eat.  We own them because we are asserting our Second Amendment right knowingly and with forethought.  It is a statement of independence.  The left hates that.  It negates the need for the left and that cannot stand.  The issue of the Second Amendment is not solely about guns.  It is also about mindset.  It is about extinguishing the belief in personal freedom in the US just like they have in Europe.  A citizenry that can resist government is an impediment to the formation of a socialist society in our nation.

They, the left, as a whole believe ‘government’ will protect them.  We have seen too many times where the ‘protection’ the left envisions they have from their government does not show up or fails to act   If this were true we would not have open borders with and we would not allow anyone to migrate to the US without proper vetting.  No, we have violence in our cities.  We have criminals who are sneaking into our country.  We have illegal drugs entering our nation in vast quantities.  The left refuses to stop this onslaught.  In essence, they are adding danger to our society all in the name of compassion and inclusiveness.  This is the opposite of protecting society and exposes the duplicitous nature of the liberal movement.  They endeavor to fool our society into trusting government and at the same time destroying the very values that our nation was founded upon.

We on the right see the unfettered passage across our border as being a threat to our very existence as a nation.  We see the ongoing war against the Second Amendment as a war against our freedoms as defined by the Bill of Rights.  We see the violence by left wing organizations such as Antifa upon innocent people as a threat to our safety and security of our families and property.  To us, it is obvious that the left really wishes we would go away and that we are an anachronism in their view of our society and an obstacle to their conversion of America to a socialist state.

With all of the dissension and tension, will there be a war?  Not sure.  Depends on how you define it or how it would apply here.  I have heard from folks who are trapped in states like NY that they will fly the flag of Texas or the Gadsen Flag (Don’t Tread on Me) to demonstrate their refusal to accept the oligarchic rule of the liberals in their state.  On principle I agree but also realize actively flying that flag would simply be a target marker for the goons to come and subdue any expression of their individual rights and to isolate them and neutralize them as an opponent to their intentions.

In the long run, that is what this is about.  Not guns.  Not putting a cross in a government cemetery.  It is about the abolition of the Bill of Rights. We are demanding our rights be respected as defined by the constitution.  Guns are only a part of it.

The sooner this notion is brought into the public square for discussion the sooner we can get down to the issue as it really is.  We have a portion of society that has been incrementally working to take away our freedoms supposedly ‘for the good of society’.  Problem is the constitution was not written for the preservation of the good of society.  It was written and adopted as a protection of the rights of the individual.  This is the debate.  Everything else that is discussed dances around the real issue of personal freedom and to be free from government interference.

Better to battle over the issue of being free than to argue semantics regarding word usage in the Bill of rights.  As soon as you allow the discussion to be limited to terms of governmental good we have lost.

This is not something we should approach with a desire for hostility.  We should approach this from the standpoint of being resolute that we will not give in to the demands of the dependent liberal class of citizens in this nation who fail to see the virtues of personal freedom.  These liberals see government being involved in crafting their lifestyles and as such are indispensable.  This is the opposite of Liberty.

Stand your ground.  Resolute.  Firm.

Let the liberals throw the first blow.

We are the Deplorables, Dregs, and any other slanderous description you can think of.

The left has created their all inclusive universe where every person regardless of their sexual orientation, gender fluidity, ancestry are all equals in their eyes.  Any one who views these groups as being out of the main stream are bigots, racists, homophobes and the like.

This leaves the rest of us.  We are not equal.  We are essentially defective by character flaw.  We are every name they can call us that denotes we are not of the quality they are.  Remember that they are all equal so this makes us LESS THAN EQUAL in their eyes and subject to their scorn, disrespect, and ridicule and we are supposed to take these insults without comment because it is we who are less than equal.

The next time you have a ‘discussion’ with a liberal just remember that their view of us is that we are beneath them and not deserving a shred of respect.  This is why the demonstrations such as the Patriots in Portland were attacked.  Not because they disagree but because the left consider us to be the equivalent of pond scum.

Revolution? Civil War? Rebellion? Insurrection? Resistance? What’s in a name?

We are in perilous times with the political debate rising to levels unseen before in our history.  Left and right.  Democrat and Republican.  Things are not that simple.  Enter the conservative or libertarian.  These are not quite the same.  While they may share certain ideals we are seeing a different individual rising up.

The Patriot.

There is an increasing number of people, myself included, who consider themselves Patriots.  This is a person who considers themselves a patriot in the sense of what the original citizens considered themselves in the face of the British Army.  They were more than colonists.  Their lives were at stake.  Their livelihoods were at stake.  Their homes and hearth were at stake.  They had everything to lose and everything to win.  They were not part time soldiers.  They saw the battle for freedom (which is what our revolutionary war was about:  Freedom) as being more important than any other consideration.  These people were Patriots much as we need to be now.

As a Patriot I am offended by the attacks on my rights and the rights of my fellow citizens by forces in our government who are ruling against the will of the people.

As a Patriot I am offended by our government supporting citizens who could otherwise provide for themselves and this is against the will of the people.

As a Patriot I am offended by our government restricting the use of private lands by the land owner against the will of the people.

As a Patriot I am offended by our government and its ongoing desire to over regulate our society and by doing so will seize control over more and more of our industry and resources all of this against the will of the people.

As a Patriot I am offended by our government for the polarizing diatribe coming out of our houses of Congress that denigrates the will of the majority of the citizens who voted for and support our president in his efforts to destroy the deep state that governs against the will of the people.

Lastly, as a Patriot I am offended that any lawmaker would consider taking away any of my rights guaranteed in our Bill of Rights along with all the intent included in the Declaration of Independence and this all is being done against the will of the people.

It matters little what the coming conflict is called.  It will not resemble any of the types of conflicts listed above and it is entirely uncertain who will strike the first blow.  We see a new faction lined up against us who are supposedly against fascism but are in their form fascism typified.  The Antifa is an democratic party  aligned organization using violence to suppress peaceful people who seek to express their God given right of opinion in the public square.  These thugs rise up and strike at the people who identify with the nature of our nation in the same way I do. The Antifa are attacking Patriots in the public square.

Whatever conflict ultimately arises from this acrimony, the battle lines will not be drawn at state borders or regions.  It will be one of guerilla tactics and violence at a level unseen in our nation since the War Between the States.  The carnage will be the same.  It will be difficult to tell who is who because eventually there will be three factions.  The Antifa and their ilk.  The Patriots and their allies.  The government law enforcement forces who will at times make knowing which side they are on difficult if not impossible to determine.

This debate of the direction our nation is to take next and into the future is not going away and if somehow the left regains control, things will get worse for the Patriot.  The result of the left regaining control will be the opposite of the left’s plans for society and they will not take this lightly.

We stand in the crossroads in regards to our society.  As Patriots, our backs are to the walls.  Either we stand our ground and resist the destruction of our fundamental rights that are God given to us and protected by our nation at our founding or we surrender.  I known damn sure and well that I am not surrendering.

The unity of the various factions of Patriots will be of utmost importance if the conflict begins.  We need to be careful in how we present our beliefs and we must respect those who are on the fence and cannot decide, yet, as to which side they are on.  Our respect for our beliefs and for our fellow countrymen is the hallmark of our cause which is the continuation of the free nation of the United States unencumbered by forces who seek to replace our founding with a doctrine foreign to our own and a doctrine that destroys the freedoms of the American citizen.