The Current state of Affairs January 7th, 2021

Based on the events of not only yesterday, January 6th 2021 but also including the events of the last 4 years I have to assume the following are true.

Due process means nothing.

Evidence means nothing

The rule of law is now subjective and not based on facts and evidence.

Justice is now meted out by the power elite and is devoid of impartiality.

A huge portion of the nation’s citizens have been disenfranchised.

The media is no longer an independent organization from the political process.

The Bill of Rights is dead.  They are no longer considered binding by our government.

Our Republic as founded has been eliminated by corrupt politicians who have established a tyranny of control over every aspect of our lives.

Our Choices?????

Are we ready to fight for our beliefs?

How much do you love freedom?

Is it time to form a new nation of patriots?

Have the first shots of the second civil war been fired?

My Thoughts????

We either resolve to continue our movement to restore a lawful and honorable government rid of corrupt career politicians or we surrender to the fact that our future as a nation of truly free people is gone.  How this fight is conducted is largely up to the corrupt government we are confronted with.  What is not up to them is our level of resolve to continue and persevere this fight for honor and freedom.  It is what our forefathers fought for throughout our nation’s history.

As I said, you have to consider where your heart is in all of this.  Whether you are willing to do what it takes no matter what that may be to protect and preserve our freedoms and our heritage as American Patriots. We either make the conscious choice to take up the cause and pursue it with all our vigor accepting the consequences of our actions what ever that may be or we surrender our principles and conform to the expectations of the government and its political actors.

We have seen this future coming for many many years. It is now upon us. What we do next will determine our fates.