We will never be vindicated!

I suggest we stop looking at the Biden debacle with any notion that justice will be served. It doesn’t matter how much evidence pops up showing Biden took money from foreign nations and organizations via Hunter. It does not matter how many crates of top secret materials are found that Biden stashed. It does not matter how senile he becomes. All of these things are true and we all know it but I also know that we will not get the satisfaction of seeing them bear out in the public square.

If Biden is caught dead to rights he will never face trial or even one question about it. There is a built in fail safe if the shit hits the fan. Biden will have some medical ‘emergency’ and resign. Bam. End of questions and end of any reason to pursue them. Yes, I know that Kamala is a joke and so do the powers that be that are running the show behind the scenes. Even so, the liberal smear show will go on.

It does not matter how many things the left has done to discriminate and harass us that are exposed. Video tape of Jan 6. Over reach by federal law enforcement. Outright discrimination against American citizens by the government. Fraudulent voting practices across the nation. None of this matters. We can show how awful all of this is and nothing will come of it. Our side being attacked is not going to change any minds or any elections in the future.

We all know Biden is not able to make the kinds of decisions that are flowing out of the Oval office. There is/are person(s) who are making the moves through him. Biden is a Trojan horse president who appeared to be that somewhat senile affable old man who was elected and yet, his administration has been one of the most divisive in our history. The overall intention of the executive orders and policy implementation is to intentionally tear our nation apart. They have set huge portions of society against the others and for what reason? To tear the fabric and heritage of our nation apart. To destroy any sense of a unified America. To have various factions of society at each other’s throats. Of this I am quite certain.

Does it matter that we find out who this is? We cannot defeat this movement dedicated to destroying us by singling out the perpetrator(s). That is a fools errand simply because this person(s) are merely the current leader of the movement to end us.

What should we concentrate on?

Bringing those values and beliefs that made our nation great and prosperous back into our communities and spreading this to every American without any judgement.

Why do they do this? Because we as Americans are very fortunate. Look at our history and look past the failings the left likes to harp on. We were and are the most part prosperous and productive nation on the planet. As a nation we have good work ethics and have striven in the past to excel and nurture our children and anyone who comes to our shores to do the same. As a result, we are wealthy as both a nation and as individual people. Other nations on earth look at us as a sign of hope for their own people.

There is a downside to our being a successful and prosperous nation. Money and success breeds jealousy and envy. There are people who see our greatness who then use the argument of socialism as a means of attaining great power, wealth and influence for themselves and their co-conspirators.

Look at the nations in the world that either have embraced socialism or communism both in the past and at present. I exclude the European nations that have socialist policies simply because they still are capitalist in their economies. I am referring to the USSR, China, NAZI Germany, Venezuela and a host of other nations across the globe that either ventured into a top down government control model or went whole hog into communism. All of them are perfect examples of how that system fails the people but enriches the leadership. They use propaganda to convince their citizens that they are doing the right thing for their people but history shows they were masking the truth.

This is why we are under attack. The wealth that can be had by tyrants is irresistible to people who have no morals at all.

We must react to this by being the best Americans we can be honoring our past, holding true to our values and beliefs and by rebuilding our communities and nation as a whole back into the remarkable shining city on the hill that President Reagan so eloquently referred to us as. There is no other way to drive these usurpers out other than making their arguments and contentions so ridiculous that they are laughed out of the public square.

It will not be easy. The media is completely owned by the very same foreign agents who are opposed to our success as America.

There are all too many politicians who are equally owned by foreign interests in one way or another and they are diametrically opposed to our success and heritage. Their hypocrisy needs to be placed front and center and we need to stop being too polite to mention their failings and suspect connections.

Only absolute honesty and a ruthless adherence to our heritage will weed these people out at the ballot box. People on the right who are truly deep state operatives need to be exposed and gotten rid of. Public exposure is the best antiseptic for corrupt politicians.

We are no longer hemmed in by the print and broadcast media. We are no longer hemmed in my liberal owned and operated online social networks. There are more and more opportunities and we need to exploit and develop them with great enthusiasm.

People on the left who oppose us at the polls (drones) do so simply because it is easier than facing unpleasant realities. They believe the lies spread by the media and politicians. We cannot compete with those sources so don’t try.

We need to shine as examples of good and prosperity for all. We need to do this so well that we make it so obvious that ignoring these successes and our inherent goodness is impossible.

We may not all agree ever on all policy issues but we have agreed as a nation in the past about right and wrong and what a dirty politician looked like. We need to make it so uncomfortable for some of these corrupt life long politicians to stay in office that they drop out and in the process we will win back a large chunk of the citizens who have shifted to the left out of false beliefs and erred presumptions.

It is not too late now and it will not be too late in the future. Freedom is a highly contagious concept and will sell itself if we show how our beliefs and hopes will provide more of it than our opposition. The left seeks to hem in and control every aspect of our lives and this needs to be exposed for the tyranny it represents.

To close I repeat my opening thoughts. Don’t wait for vindication of our beliefs and for the trespasses we have endured. These are false hopes that will be snatched away if we think we are close.

No, work for the future and live and embody the best that America was, is, and will continue to be.

Our future depends on it!!!

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