Davos and the world economic forum

We have heard plenty from the snobs that have gathered in Davos over the last few days. All of it scolding us for our energy loving ways. Chiding us to go green and use electric cars and eat bugs. All of this coming from group of people who in my opinion, have no idea what the lives of the average person are like.

Let me add that I don’t envy or dislike rich people. I do not condemn anyone for living well as long as they pay their own way. However,

I hate people who lecture me and especially rich people who think they are smarter or better than me and all the rest of us who are more or less just like me.

I hate them.

They are the pompous asses that royalty and despots become once they are ensconced in power. They are loathsome creatures whose self awareness has run amok of their senses to such an extent that they are the truly ignoramuses of our world. For all the intelligence they have, their egos lust for power exceed that.

People like John, I served in Viet Nam, Kerry think that they know better how we should live, all the while themselves are living in the lap of luxury flying in their private jets all over the world to chide us for our carbon footprints ignoring their own.


They are all hypocrites.

So, as far as I am concerned, they can pound sand. Especially Klaus Schwab who sounds more like a tyrant explaining why his subjects must die. He sounds like pure evil in the form of a rich snob. Hitler-esque in my opinion.

Then, I look at our elected elites in DC. They are just like this ignorant morons in Davos. They live lives completely isolated and above ours. They are pampered and privileged whose lives are nothing like our own.

As I said, I do not envy people of privilege or wealth.

I do hate the ones trying to tell me what to do.

This includes the likes of Schumer, Pelosi, McConnell, Gavin Newsom, Kathy ‘study hall monitor‘ Hochul and any of our ex-presidents who preach the same crap and assume they are smarter therefore better than we are. They are all isolated elites who think they are better and smarter than us and therefore have the right to tell us what to do.

In the French revolution a lot of elites like these met the guillotine because they partnered with arrogant rulers and even if they may have been decent people they chose the side of control and dictatorships over the rights of the masses and did so when it counted the most to the people.

In much the same bent, these elites of today are doing the same thing and it is getting exponentially worse in the recent years.

People are fed up not because of a lack of basic needs but because they believe they have basic rights and these snobs are telling us they are going to take them away and the reason stated is:

“For our own good”

what BS.

The revolution is coming and coming a lot faster than I thought just a couple of years ago. Back then it looked as if that prospect was probably after I had passed from this world. That was because Trump had been elected and reset some of the problems to a place where I thought things would take a while to build up to that level of dissent and distrust. Now with the Alzheimer affected groper in chief in the White House and his cadre of new green dealers we are far ahead of where we were in 2016. Davos just seals the deal as far as proving beyond a doubt that the time to remove the career bureaucrats is now upon us.

No society can last when its leaders exist in a world unrelated and unaffected by the policies and agendas they promote. Just as an army cannot be led by a person who cannot understand and appreciate sincerely what they are asking of their soldiers, no leader in any government can lead a nation if they themselves are truly not a resident of that same nation in the same manner as their fellow citizens.

These leaders do not live in our world. They do not experience any of the problems or aggravations we do. They do not even experience the lives they want us to live.

They live in a bubble of their own making and they can perpetuate that bubble due to the power they have amassed at the expense of the people.

This must end.

It can end peacefully with the elites simply resigning their power and returning to living their lives without controlling ours as a society. If it does not transition in this manner the other course is not so pretty and not very peaceful.

In the past revolutionaries used the anger of the people for the elites as a means of seizing power for themselves and then they assumed the same position that they had just used the masses to depose. That led to my oppression and frustrations of the people until these ‘revolutionaries’ were deposed themselves.

I believe we need not a revolution, but a reset of our nation and our government back to the form it was envisioned as by our founders. A citizen government where people serve a term or two and then return to normal everyday life. A government not bloated with various agencies and bureaucracies that rule the citizens by lifetime civil servants who have no accountability to the masses they essentially rule over.

The time of this coming upheaval is rapidly approaching as the elites seem to think they have the approval of the masses. They do not.

Be prepared. Be vigilant. Look to the founding as our blueprint for our future and not some new deal pie in the sky new age government system or people’s republic. That is just elitism masked as plurality.

We are better than the people we are being led by. We are grounded in moral and Christian values and respect the heritage we were brought up on.

That is more than our current leaders have.

Never forget that.

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