A “True Public Health Crisis”?

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It is so difficult these days to separate the political dogma from fact in our society.  Any medical professional who postulates gun control is the answer to murders by firearm in our society has to deliberately ignore the monster in the room in order to say this.

The monster is a combination of policies that have shattered our urban poor families and made almost all populated areas in our nation crime zones.

The growth of single parent families in our urban slums in particular fatherless families has destroyed the hopes of a huge number of black families in the US.  This is due largely to the growth of welfare and social welfare programs that have essentially made ‘fatherhood’ obsolete.  A woman does not need a second earner in the family because Uncle Sam is more than eager to step in and make sure she can stay in cigarettes, crack, and any other things she wants all based on how many ‘chillun’ she has in her home.  The young men that grow up in these homes have no idea how a mentally healthy and successful male should act.  I would add, many of the young women in these homes do not have role models either.  These children all grow up more the product of the media they are exposed to than any parenting.  This is not solely a problem of the urban poor as it affects us as a nation across all racial and economic strata.

Gun violence is a manifestation of the rap culture we have been immersed in for the past 20 years or so.  When all these young people hear is how ‘tuff’ their favorite artist claims to be in his lyrics these kids all do what every other kid did time immortal.  They seek to emulate their heroes.  When I was a kid, many teenage boys I knew wanted to be like Mickey Mantle or some other sports star.  Back then things were less theatrical and more like life everywhere and this included our usually modest sports figures.  As the culture of discontent rose with the evolution of flower power into a pro-socialist agenda we saw the evolution of these heroes into other figures but in general there was little violence as a result.  Only as the Rap culture has flourished and been broadcast throughout our homes via videos have we seen the ‘gun’ become a form of expression of emotions instead of an item to be regarded as to be used only with caution and care.  MTV and the rise of the internet has taken the moral education away from the family and placed it firmly in the hands of the media stars and the establishment that promotes their product.

Compounding this is the current fashion by the liberal democrats of NO BAIL for charges of criminal offenses.  This has removed the last cause of reason from the minds of the petty criminal as well as the seasoned felon.  Getting caught used to mean spending time in jail, perhaps years, until freedom was regained.  This was a massive deterrent to committing many crimes and especially for violent offenses.  Used to be if you committed a felony you might not get bail or bail would be so high you could not afford it.  This had far more impact on the poor and urban criminals which is exactly where we see the current crime wave starting in.  Now, there are crime waves in rural counties in the states where these no bail laws have been adopted.  Shop lifting and petty thefts are commonplace and if you were to monitor the local police channels on a radio you would hear over and over the same types of crimes occurring in the same stores and the typical descriptions are all the same.   It is a crime wave designed and perpetrated by the democrats upon our society.

I will come to my last point.   Drugs are more rampant now than ever.  Why?  Dealers are not in jail when they are caught.  They benefit from the no bail laws and they are back on the streets in hours.  Accompanying this is the proliferation of overdoses.  Now, when someone ODs they are revived with Narcan and in literally moments they are able to sign off on the emt that comes to save them and they are not charged or otherwise held accountable for their overdose.  I have heard repeated calls the same address on the local emergency services frequencies over a period of weeks obviously for the same individual who keeps ODing.  Now, where do you suppose these people get the money to buy the drugs??????  Ahhhh petty crimes.  catch and release OD and release.   All of this cheapens the value of good virtues and makes being honest less enticing than getting high and stealing stuff.

You mix a lack of moral responsibility, a lack of a role model, no penalties for crimes and then insert a violent subculture into the entertainment stream and you have the perfect makings of a violent group of people in our society and this has spread beyond the youth into the fabric of our communities.

The doctor diagnosed the patient as being a victim of a gun but not why.  Other cultures with a prevalence to violence have high murder rates and in some guns are not the tools of the murderers.  It does not matter much when the values of a society place little importance on the lives of those around you.  Taking a weapon out of the hands of a murderer will not stop their desire to kill someone.  It only forces them to find a different means of accomplishing their goal of killing that person.

I find great fault with the pro-violence nature of our media in our times.  I find fault with the lack of consequences for committing crimes on our communities.  I find fault with the destruction of the family unit in our nation.   Lastly, I find fault with the movement to drive Christian values out of our society.

These faults all lay primarily at the feet of the democrats.  If you want to stop crime and murders and unneeded deaths, vote a democrat out of office.  Go to church. Stay home and do things with your kids and don’t let them spend all their time watching videos and playing violent games.

The answers to our society’s problems are in our past.  They are in our heritage if we choose to learn and abide with them.  At one time our nation was mostly peaceful with gang and mob violence being the source of practically all gun related deaths in our borders.  Now we see that people have been numbed to the notion of death, killing and harming others.  Look to why that is and you will find the smoking gun as it were.  There is the reason for all of this.  No where else.

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