The Three Traits of Tyranny …..

The post from referencing the three traits of tyranny is a summary of the status of our current national situation. We are, as a free people, under direct attack by corrupt and power hungry forces who are acting to gain an irrevocable amount of control over our society. Control is the operating word here as when people lose their rights to free will and self protection as well as free expression, we become subjects as opposed to being equal and free citizens.

This is the crux of our current state of affairs in our nation. We are seeing the advent and further implementation of the rule of will as opposed to the rule of laws. Further we are seeing the concept of rewarding the public for the private advantage that the loyalties created by such actions providing guaranteed blocks of voters for the democrats and deep state. Lastly, the moves by both the federal and state governments as of late are being done to create loyalty of fringe groups at the expense of individual rights such as freedom of speech and the right to bear arms.

Our government and its leaders have made a conscious choice to leave the traditional values and aspirations of individual freedoms in the pursuit of group think oriented goals of unifying a perpetual block of voters whose allegiance to the power in government that elevated their status is unwavering. Ignored throughout this activity are the legal ramifications of such actions that discriminate against those who have been suppressed by their policies. This is choreographed ‘mob rule’ by the despots in power.

While we still hold elections the true value of these is more and more suspect as we abandon fair and open forms of the exchange of political and policy ideas as we jerry mander districts and coordinate smear campaigns with a willing media. Too many candidates avoid debate running closet or basement campaigns relying solely on the corrupted voting districts as well as the intentional bias of the press to ensure their election. There will never be a repeat of the classic ‘Lincoln Douglas debates’ as we had seen in our history as the candidates for the despots in power cannot legitimately argue in favor of their policies without proving beyond doubt the illegality of those policies.

We are seeing an example of Ayn Rand’s ‘Power of Pull’ being played out in our society today. Those in power who are aligned with the deep state use their enhanced connections to influence the voting public in various regions to re-elect and elect new candidates who echo the party/deep state mantras who will act as rubber stamp votes on any new laws or regulations that the cabal in power seeks to implement. The deeper into this corruption we find ourselves the harder it becomes to attempt to reverse the course and restore the rights of those who have been shoved aside for the sake of guaranteeing power into perpetuity for those already holding the reins of government.

This is far more than the debate of have and have-nots in the public square. We have long ago left any sense of the debate of ideas and entered into the world of tyrants and corruption. When the media has been co-0pted into not reporting on the events ad debates of the day and instead has become the echoing mouthpiece for the power holders all hope of an open political system has been left behind. It is very difficult for the average citizen to determine fact from policy objective from the reporting we see in today’s newscasts. You must be far more informed of the legal ramifications of the actions they are taking to understand how they impact your rights present and the future. Couple this with an educations system now designed to regurgitate deep state advocates as opposed to free thinkers and you set the stage for ongoing dictatorship by voluntary submission of the masses.

In many ways this echoes the rise of Hitler pre-WWII as he was greeted enthusiastically by the masses who had no idea of the evil activities and intentions he harbored or was already implementing. What is eerily similar is the way the media in Germany echoed the government policy agenda with no hint of criticism or any information that might detract or weaken the degree of public support for the government.

We are in very dangerous times. the growing tyranny of our nation and its governmental heavy hand across our society is rapidly expanding while at the same time dissidents are being isolated and removed from society if not physically, they are literally isolated and their impact upon others is negated. The war on contrary opinion is the war we are in at present. It is a fairly bloodless war so it garners little notice in society. This is the active hand of tyranny culling our society and steadily removing any shred of resistance both verbal as well as potentially militia oriented. Our ability to resist the rule of the state has been greatly eroded in the past few decades. This includes the will of the people to stand on Constitutional principles in defiance of governmental policies.

The only reason this is not labelled tyranny is because the government controls any means of introducing and echoing such claims. Our schools turn out mind numbed robots who are the pawns of the state in promoting the agenda of the chosen few who actually hold the reins of power. There is a deep and sinister plan afoot in our society and this has been in motion for a very long time. Starting back well over a century ago we started eroding the American ideal by introducing elements of European socialism/statism that have gradually infiltrated every institution of our nation. The people have been indoctrinated slowly but surely into accepting this agenda as being just and legitimate even as it violates every pretense of our founding and governing laws in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. You do not make such changes quickly. These must be introduced and spread gradually like a cancer invading a host. Such is the depth of the corruption of our tyrannical government.

Tyranny does not exist as an individual person. It is the actions of one or a coordinated few all in the pursuit of ever increasing power and control solely for the sake of those who wield it. You cannot argue that the benefits being doled out by the government outweigh the losses to the individual in terms of the right of free will. These tyrants demand the surrender of rights which are essentially the limitation of the actions of the individuals in order for the individual to receive the benefits promised. Many of these promises made are of abstract or value based policies that actually have little benefit to society in a real sense and only appeal to the emotional beliefs of the people.

Issues of gay rights, discrimination and other special interests have little positive effect on the ability of the individual to achieve and the opportunities available. If anything, these policies reduce said opportunities for the sake of group values. A perfect example is the proliferation of people getting politically correct college degrees at the expense of huge debt amounts who then find out they cannot attain gainful employment that would allow them to retire their debt. The problem is people refuse to recognize that our colleges are engaging in deceptive practices by even offering these degrees. Of what use is a gender studies degree as it applies to a job market? I would argue none as there is no relevant skill or knowledge in that degree that would be applicable to a working business or organization that I can think of. Yet the tyrants in DC want to support this entire thought process by forgiving the student loans of people who decided with the guidance of their college provided counselor to pursue such an illogical field. This is a reinforcement of the tyranny we see being propagated in our education system by the people who seek to control us forever.

The government is now promoting the illusion that it knows what is best for our people as opposed to the people themselves. This is a manifestation of tyranny at its most elemental and brutal form. When a people lose their right of independence and must live in a society where only permitted actions will be allowed they have then reversed the difficult and painful process of liberation that had come from our revolt from such tyranny nearly 25o years ago. What is very doubtful in my mind is if anyone will ever be willing to rise up and stand against such a formidable foe that our government as become. Compared to Great Britain in 1776, we are confronted with a juggernaut of massive proportions who wields much greater power than the King of England had ever imagined.

Tyranny is the result of a man desiring things he has no right to. Power over others is a sin of envy and greed and should be detested in any reasonable society. Sadly, today it is the norm and the sheep that make up a large portion of our population just cannot see the wrong that is inherent in the government we have today.

I pray we are strong enough to resist this in the future to come.

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1 thought on “The Three Traits of Tyranny …..”

  1. Thank you for the post. I always keep an eye out for your byline.
    The only answer I have for the evil times we live in is: Irish Democracy.


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