Americans cannot serve two masters:  The coming choice we all will be forced to make

America was founded on the principle of freedom of the individual to live and do as they choose.  We fought a revolution to win our freedom.  We fought  a civil war to ensure that ALL Americans have freedom.  We fought on within our society for freedoms for all and for the right to live peaceably as we choose.  Now we are faced with a megalith of government and social doctrines that are contrary to our traditional values and beliefs.

The ‘woke enlightened anointed elites among us demand we bow to the altar of their agenda ‘for the good of society’ at the expense of sacrificing our freedoms.  They have yet to demand formerly we surrender our cherished freedoms but they are ever so constantly ratcheting up the regulations upon the individual so as to force compliance. 

The Cake shop case is a perfect example of where the dictatorial nature of the socialist cabal demands that an individual surrender his personal freedom to believe as he chooses for the sake of the aggrieved fractional minority person who ‘demands’ that the shop owner comply with their requests.  This case is a lightning rod for the 1st Amendment debate and depending on what court you find yourself in, a judge will rule for or against depending on how ‘woke’ their interpretation of the Bill of Rights is.  There is an inherent problem that lies within these discussions that is brewing a response from a large portion of the population and this potential response is not lost on the ruling elites who are trying top steer our nation into ‘Euro-socialism’.

The left who comprise the majority of those who seek the adoption of ‘Euro-socialism’ are more than aware of the level of resistance within the portion of the population who outright refuse to submit to their demands.  The left knows without a doubt that this portion of the population is getting more and more fed up with the policies and issues the left advocates.  The left knows that in order to complete their goal of instituting ‘Euro-socialism’ they will have to subdue the resistance by one means or another.

So, the biggest threat those who oppose of socialism have is that they are armed, well armed, and capable of resisting with force and holding out against an enforcement for as long as necessary.  As Japanese Admiral Yamamoto said after the sneak attack upon Pearl Harbor when he was asked about invading America: ‘There will be a rifle behind every blade of grass’ inferring that Americans are armed and will not sit idly by and allow an invasion to succeed.  In the same vein, the left know that in order to force their desired system of governance upon our nation they would encounter that very same resistance that deterred Yamamoto 80 years ago.   This is the reason that the left seeks to end the Second Amendment as we know it.  Keep in mind, none of the European socialist nations have any freedom to bear arms to the same extent that America does.  Because their citizens are used to complying with the rule of the government they have gradually and continually increased the amount of societal control that the bureaucracies have over the people.  Bear in mind that none of Europe was ever conceived solely in freedom as America was.  This is the defining nature of the patriotic American and why we must be eliminated in the eyes of the left. Our ability to resist their governmental force with force is something that must be eliminated. It is the major impediment to their jamming their agenda and controls down our throats all at once.

To take the title of my post into consideration, we free Americans are being forced to choose.  We can choose to remain free, obstinate in our refusal to surrender our freedoms, or we can accept the ever increasing restrictions upon our rights for whatever reasons the left offers as an explanation as to why.  The next question that follows is about whether we will choose to remain steadfast in our beliefs and values:

How far are we willing to go to make our point? To hold the line? To Stop the takeover of our society?

In the last 5 or 6 years we have seen expressions of patriotism and love of our country for its freedoms expressed by millions in the support of Donald Trump who has echoed our values.  We have been castigated as illiterates, rubes, rabble, smelly WalMart people and other denigrations all designed to label us as being unsuitable for a civil society by the left.  The reaction of the left and deep staters to the January 6th protests has been more than indicative of their abject fear of us as a mass entity.  They literally cowered in their chambers when a few hundred unarmed people entered the Capitol on that day and since then the left has moved to suppress any notion that we are allowed to ever protest anywhere near their seat of power again.  The people arrested for the trespass of the Capitol lie rotting in jail in inhuman conditions all to serve a sign so as to warn others to never do that again.  Stalin had a similar policy where he relocated undesirables to Siberia; without trial, I might add.  I am sure the left would love to do the same to the people they can identify as part of the patriotic movement who cling to the traditions of our nation.  We are to be subjugated, isolated and removed from the public square in any way possible.

Understand, we scared them. We showed them that we are unified and of one mindset. We are not going to let them have their way with our nation without doing something about it.

This brings me to our next problem.

The left has started assembling the inventory list of all firearms in America and who has them and what ammo they have purchased.  There is absolutely no reason to do this short of confiscation and imprisonment or death for those who resist.  There can be no other purpose for such a database.  They can argue that they are trying to prevent mass shootings but the facts are that most mass shootings are not committed by typical gun owners and the people who perpetrate such heinous acts are mentally unstable and should not be in society as a free people.  The left would rather lock up every gun owner before they would choose to limit the freedoms of mentally unstable people, not because they love mentally ill people but because they can use the premise of gun violence to take away our guns.  It is all a shell game.  We are going to lose if we rely on the courts and our republican politicians to protect us. We might have a majority in terms of party politics at some point, but never forget that every politician in DC who stays there is a part of this globalist cabal who wants to change our nation.

Every last one.

So, to summarize, we are facing a choice.

Do we surrender our rights a piece at a time and submit to our socialist masters???????


Do we stand fast, resist with vigor and if necessary force, in order to force these forces of socialism back and across the Atlantic to where they originated?

No man can serve two masters.  You cannot have allegiance to the government that promotes taking away your freedoms and still believe and profess that you support the founding principles that our nation was created with. 

I will add, we cannot win this conflict in the voting booth.  The left has infiltrated too many levels of our government installing their toadies who all push for more and more regulations in order to stifle our freedoms one rule at a time.  That possibility of voting our way out was lost many, many years ago.

  Now, we are in the end times.  It is a time of Choosing.  A time to decide what it is you are willing to stand up for.  A time to take on the responsibility that our founders did when they announced to the world, America was a free and independent nation.

Are we to go quiet into the night by submitting piecemeal to the encroaching socialism of our elite leaders?

 Or are we to stand, demand and attain the guarantee of our freedoms for today and for generations to come?

You cannot do both.  To sit by and accept any incursion upon our freedoms is to surrender to the oncoming tyranny that ‘Euro-socialism’ represents. I can see no other choices that can be made.  The time is nigh that we decide what we want to be the course our nation takes next.

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