Roe V Wade overturned……wait for the explosion on the left.

The unlimited murder of the unborn has been tossed by SCOTUS and now we have the individual states making laws that reflect their beliefs and values…..How is this bad? It isn’t but don’t think the left will not tell you it is.

All I can say is that abortion should be the LAST OPTION and not the first. I realize that abortion is still legal and accept that. I think that using the termination of life of the unborn as birth control is abhorrent and an evil choice if that is how it is made. Being responsible is not hard and there are a host of ways to avoid pregnancy short of the murder of an unborn.

I know we will be faced with hysterical people screaming about their rights being infringed by this ruling and any state laws that inhibit abortion. All I can say about it is to offer this question to anyone who is pro-abortion at any time during pregnancy……

I have a 1 month old baby but I decided I really don’t want a baby right now so I am going to kill it.

Are you as a ‘Pro-abortion’ advocate OK with my choice and is it my right?

These people will dodge and evade answering this but to my way of thinking any abortion in the time after about 6 weeks is the same. MURDER…..No doubt about it.

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