“Will there be some bloodshed?

My comments regarding a blog post on ‘Freedom is just another word’  https://maddmedic.wordpress.com/2022/06/09/will-there-be-some-bloodshed/#comments

This is not the first time the college activists have called for revolution. As a matter of fact it is a recurring theme since about the 60’s or so with a few groups resorting to terrible violence as a result.

The abortion issue is the current call to arms for the quasi militants on campus. Young skulls for of mush is what Rush used to call them. He also identified the college campus as an indoctrination center for socialism. The older I get the truer his words become.

The left is always on the ‘moral outrage’ side of practically every issue while at the same time, any conservative that rises to such a level of upset is labeled a nazi, fascist or worse.

Our present situation finds that we have lost any fair representation in the media. We have no say on any of the major internet social media sites where any comment or remark by a conservative is labeled false by the ‘mods’. We are suppressed in or local school board meetings and we are considered enemies by our law enforcement officials at at least the state and federal levels. Yes there are exceptions but for the most part our point of view is being driven out of the public square. Taking our place are tiny groups of activists who get inordinate amounts of air time and repetition on any social web site.

As a founding loving conservative, I see a future where we will either rise up and demand to be accorded the same level of respect and an equal amount of time to explain our grievances and our positions on issues or else we will in another generation become virtually extinct. It will not matter if pockets of citizens that believe as we do at present still exist in 25 years. What the annals of history will show is that we were the radicals and insurrectionists who had to be eliminated ‘for the good of the nation’.

If we rise up, we need to be prepared to do whatever it takes to perpetuate our values and beliefs in the face of tremendous opposition from the federal government and the state governments of many if not most of the states in the country. Prior to anything we do it must be understood we are ‘persona non grata’ to the deeply entrenched bureaucracy and it is not the politicians we must deal with. It is the deep state itself.

The leadership of this nation is more complicated than just the elected officials we see. While elections do have consequences, so do the ever burgeoning civil service union membership rolls. These people owe their livelihoods to the power that the bureaucracy has in perpetuating the power of government over the people and their ability to create taxes and fees to be implemented by their lackeys who they help to get elected. This massive cabal is the true enemy we face.

Any attempt to reshape and remodel the government back to a simpler form and one that is designed to more resemble the original intent of the founders is a direct threat on the millions of employees of federal and state governments as well as many local communities as they see their position and power as not to be challenged or questioned. These agencies all have in the last couple of decades created their own police forces. Why would the SSA have a swat team? Good question. Practically every federal agency has done just that, created paramilitary enforcement teams. Just who do you think they are looking at as the reason to need such forces? You got it. US.

Ultimately we will either die a death by a thousand paper cuts from ever increasing regulations and restrictions that will make our positions so difficult to maintain or we will stand up and be ready to do what ever it takes to press our agenda forward. The left is playing the long game and has been eroding our lives and our beliefs in every arena they can. We are now a minority and in the history of societies minorities are rarely the victors nor do they long survive when the majority in power turn against them. Keep in mind numbers of citizens are not as important as who controls the policy agenda and the press. I say we are a minority because we have been de-platformed and driven from the public square by the socialist elites who have been planning this for a century or so.

If you question my thinking, I suggest you replace the protestors demanding a revolution because of abortion with people from our side demanding a revolution to restore our rights under the Bill of Rights, We would be arrested and charged with treason in a heart beat. Don’t believe me, ask the people rotting away in jail from the January 6th protests. They dared to openly challenge the authority of the deep state. That is what the government will do, only worse, if we dare stand up to them and their authority. So, be aware, we face annihilation if we rise and fail in our efforts to return our nation to its original path.

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

 Certainly.” Students at Syracuse University call for bloody revolution

Look out! The Soi Bois and Latte Girls, I’m assuming they are, but ..

Are getting upset!!

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