The erosion of the notion of God given rights and how the left is doing this.

The left has convinced a large part of the population that there is a need for laws, policies and regulations that are specifically oriented to provide protection to a very small subset of our population.  There is a huge problem that we are now seeing as a result of their agenda and it is constitutional in nature.

Our Constitution was created along with the Bill of Rights with the intent of protecting the rights of all citizens.  You can assert that this is not true because slavery was retained as a part of these documents but I would point out that it is because of the essential core values of freedom embedded in these documents that eventually led to slavery being repealed.  A creed that enshrines freedom will eventually free all people.  This is the common core belief that our founders held and their vision is underappreciated in our times.

Since our rights are inherent, we as individuals do not need to have them specifically outlined and protected separately from our founding documents.  We have seen actions of government and government like agencies that protect distinct groups, either racial, ethnic or by some other social aspect and set them apart from the whole and present their rights as being uniquely distinct from the rest of the population.  On the face of it, this is wrong.  It enshrines a subset of people as being more deserving of government protection than everyone else.  This is effectively discrimination on the face of it AGAINST the majority and is a violation of the core beliefs of the founders and their written legacy of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

I am including the intrusion of government into the schools and their curriculums as well as into the advocacy of various agencies for specific subset groups in our society along sexual orientation lines.  All of these actions are outside of the purview of any government element including Congress, State Legislatures, and any of their component agencies and officials.

When President Bush pushed the No Child Left Behind legislation the goal was the performance of students at various grade levels with the intent of insuring that our children are being educated in a functional and useful manner.  Unfortunately the deep state along with their teacher’s union allies saw this as a chance to inject their social agenda into our schools via the ‘official curriculum’.  While the initial notion of making sure kids get a useful education is noble, the follow on is in and of itself unconstitutional and evil as it has become the indoctrination tool of the left and had given them rights as administrators of this program that the rest of the population has no access to.  In essence, we, the majority, are being denied rights as parents and concerned citizens so a minute minority can have their agenda and desires advanced in an unfair and discriminatory way.  This is the reverse of the intent of our founding that all people are equal in our society.

We are seeing the advocacy of the LGBTQ etc consortium being advanced now as a part of this education cabal which is the same degree of discrimination against the majority that the original consolidation of education under the federal government has become.  We are seeing our schools being forced to indoctrinate our children with notions and beliefs that are only held by a minute fraction of our society.  They are not teaching that people cannot discriminate against all others in regards to what are legal behaviors.   No, instead they are indoctrinating our children that these behaviors are normal which by definition of normal would mean common and ordinary. 

I doubt seriously that most Americans see gay lifestyles and transgenderism as being the norm.  Statistics indicate that these particular choices of people represent 7 percent in our recent census and I am certain that this number is highly inflated.  How is it ‘EQUAL’ in terms of rights to set this subset of our population apart and above reproach in our society and yet ridicule and condemn and use legal means if necessary against the majority of they do not believe and endorse the same??????   This is in and of itself Unconstitutional in its design and implementation.

Our rights as American citizens are ultimately to be able to live free and unencumbered as citizens in our nation provided we are living within the law.  In my lifetime I have seen numerous actions in court cases and in the repeal of local laws and state laws that outlaw behaviors of various kinds and this serves to protect the masses and their freedoms.  This is how slavery was eliminated as well as the bans on Gay marriage.  It is not the right of the government in any level to determine what rights the people have and what they do not unless they are all treated equally.  The abolition of these laws and regulations that were contrary to our being a free people is a just a proper use of government authority and I can find no problem in my mind with this. Government actions that provide equal rights and eliminate discrimination across the spectrum are proper and just use or power. We may disagree with other’s moral decisions but provided they do not demand we endorse them and or participate with them we must agree to live and let live. We have gone far from living and letting others live as we have been the victims of overreach by our government in its efforts to curtail the rights of some to enhance the rights of others.

Sadly, with the excessive growth of the bureaucracy has led to them being referred to as the 7th estate consisting of the hordes of government officials and agencies all designed to implement their own version of ‘fairness’ and to supposedly protect our rights as citizens.  What has happened since the growth of the power of the federal government is that this massive unelected portion of our society who comprise the members of these agencies have been co-opted by social activists and political activists with the intent of using this all powerful arm of government to steer society and the conversations in their preferred directions. 

This is the ultimate evil we face as free citizens of our nation.  These agencies choose what to teach our children.  They choose how to enforce the laws and what regulations should be in place to support the actions of the legislature.  The bureaucracy of our nation’s government has written all of our environmental law and regulatory laws for every and all industries with out any supervision or ratification. This has led to the decline of the very industrial heart of our nation that has made us fruitful and blessed as a society. In addition, the executive branch has assumed a much larger amount of control in our government and as such has removed the process that creates the bureaucracy from the Congress. Almost all of this power runs unchecked and without restraint against the very principles of our founding. So, to bring it full circle, the actions of the bureaucracy in many ways are violating our rights as citizens so they can anoint their selected few with power and privileges that we must tolerate at a minimum and support economically as well as endorse tacitly as a population.

This is unconstitutional and a complete violation of our rights as they were originally conceived by the actions of our founders,.  Nowhere does it say in the Constitution and Bill of Rights that a small portion of the population will have the right to tell the rest what to do, how to live and work and how they must accept the behaviors of others and grant them special rights that they, the majority, do not enjoy. This is a restriction upon our freedoms if nothing else.

I have written before about the minority (and a small one at that) is effectively controlling the rest of society.  I will include the social media giants in the mix as they are the so-called 6th estate but keep in mind that when one group or collection of activists control both the 4th estate (press), the 6th estate (social media) and the 7th estate (government bureaucracy) they no longer are isolated and separate aspects of our society and all have become a font of corruption and anti-majority activity and as a result they lose their legitimacy in our society. (5th Estate are the independent bloggers and writers)

People have said that FaceBook and Twitter are a platform of free speech but as soon as they develop an agenda and that their agenda is aligned with activist political and social organizations, they lose that immunity and become subject to the regulation of their behaviors because their actions are not that of a independent and unaligned entity and therefore they become no different than any other corporation whose behaviors are regulated so as to not harm the environment. 

You cannot tell me that either of these entities is not harming some aspect of our society with their policies. It may be speech on the face of it but when only some speech is allowed they then assume the position of advancing an agenda and then they are no different than any other media organization. By removing any protections from legal penalties from Twitter and Facebook they would then become equal to any other corporation entity and their actions could be rebuked in court when it is necessary. (See Nick Sandman and CNN)

Freedom is a right that we will only be able to enjoy if we are vigilant in how we allow incursions against them.  We have sat back and watched as activists have altered our society and our education system as well as our community safety all as they advance their agenda. 

It is time we asserted our God given rights and demand our rights be unfettered by any action of government or government like entity such as FaceBook and Twitter.

It is time that real American Patriots take a stand and rise up against tyranny.

The tyranny of excessive government regulation.

The tyranny of the government take over of our schools.

The tyranny of powerful corporate organizations taking freedom out of the public square to serve their own agenda.

The tyranny of empowering a few with rights and freedoms that others are prevented from expressing and enjoying.

Lastly, the tyranny of an ever bloating government bureaucracy that answers to no one except the private interests that bribes and connives its way towards enacting an agenda not voted on nor approved by the people.

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