7 Percent…probably less.  That is how big the group is that is running everything

We are being inundated with a gay/transgendered/lesbian/bi-sexual etc agenda constantly these days.  As my title notes, according to the Census bureau, people who self describe as being part of the ‘minority’ total to 7 percent of our population.  SEVEN PERCENT!!!

So, I would ask anyone who reads my thoughts to tell me why we are now seeing this massive push to ‘include’ people who make up this small percentage of our society in every production, series, movie or special event we see in our media and our government?

I am not one who has had my head under a rock all my life.  I am aware of the existence of people who are different than the 93 percent of the rest of us who do not identify in any of those descriptions.  These people have existed probably since time began. I will add, that kind of life style would not be viable when we were subsistence cultures as the greatest importance in those days were not just family units but communities that could support each other.  Those who did not procreate were not blessed with children to help out on the farm or whatever trade or occupation the family was in.  So, the rise of the alternate lifestyle is directly coupled with the rise of the no child families and the industrial age we are in. 

Part of our heritage that allowed the growth and development of our species is the strong family unit.  The dedication of adults to their children and to their elders.  This latest trend socially has single adults living with their parents up to and beyond their thirties with their parents supporting them at least in part.  Further, families are now much smaller having one or two kids as opposed to the 5 or more from only 50 years ago.  Tell me please, how does the erosion of our traditional family structure strengthen our society??

It doesn’t.

We are being force fed a diet of alternate lifestyles by the 7 percent.  They act as if they are entitled to this.  I cannot see how.  We are letting them do this.  What they are doing is not by public demand.  It is solely  because they are activists who are courting activists. No matter how you add up their numbers, people like Pete Buttgieg are in the 7 percent and not a percentage more and probably less.

I am a live and let live person.  If you treat me with a modicum of respect and you respect my values I will treat you with respect in the same way.  This is a live and let live policy we have pretty much always held as a Christian people.  It has never been necessary to approve of another’s lifestyle.  All that was necessary was to not interfere with each other.

Now, our schools are indoctrinating our children and our media sources are bombarding us with alternate lifestyle content and if we say a word to complain we are racists, homophobes, anti trans and every other accusation in the book.  Just because as a member of the 97 percent we would appreciate not having alternate lifestyles being shown as being the norm when they are ONLY  the 7 percent.

Keep in mind, the 7 percent thing is much more than the alternate lifestyle issue.  It is a numerical expression that appears in other ways in our society.

For example:

We are being led by a few wacko liberals in the Senate and House into a super liberal state with policies that are tearing our nation’s economy apart and setting us back in the world as a lead nation.  We are seeing our futures and the futures of our children and grandchildren being ruined by the democrats running the printing presses of government as if there is no tomorrow.  All of the money they are printing and spending is weakening our dollar and our futures. 

I know that in reality, it is about 7 percent of the population who are actively pushing this agenda.  It is not now nor has it ever been  majority that advocates and wants things like the green new deal or ending the use of petroleum and gas products.  These policies are being pushed by a tiny minority.

Consider our nation as a voting group.  When it is election time, perhaps 20 percent will vote demo-rat regardless of the candidates.  30 percent or so are republican or conservative and will vote against the demo-rats.  The remaining 45-50 percent are the so called undecided middle.  These people do not hold firm convictions.  They vote emotionally.

The 7 percent of the liberals have learned how to motivate and urge the undecided middle to vote for their agendas by damning and ridiculing the values and agendas of the conservative side.  It is never about issues and data.  If it were the liberals would lose every time. 

No, it is about emotions and how these middle voters ‘feel’ about a candidate.  Add the lies and constant ridicule of any noted conservative and how can you expect to see them elected or re-elected?

The 2020 election was stolen as much by misinformation and lies passed as propaganda by the left as it was by their bogus absentee voting operations that they used to stuff ballot boxes.  It was the Orange Man bad mantra and the constant sniping such as Russia Russia  Russia that swayed a group who, had they simply looked at the numbers of the economy and the best unemployment numbers we have seen in my lifetime, they would have voted to reelect and it would have been a lock for Trump to be re-elected.

It is really amazing how the 7 percent have locked up the deep state in DC, the media  and now our entertainment industry and all despite the fact that they only represent 7 measly percent of our population.  The ‘power of pull’ was described by Ayn Rand who identified it over 60 years ago as being the true commodity of politics:  aka  influence.  We are seeing her predictions play out in our society albeit in a manner that more matches our times than her predictions of our world in the future. Even so, the results and the corruption are the same.

If we  as the 30-40 percent of more traditional Americans  were  to act as a body to reject the future and the content that the 7 percent are offering we could alter the dynamics.  We could force  change in the reality we are being fed.  It would take our being willing to do without if we stop using those services and stop spending our money with  companies that do not reflect our values and beliefs.  I say do without because at first there will not be much else to take the place of some of this that we consume either as media and entertainment or literally as food and merchandise.  Despite the lack of alternate sources, we need to decide if we truly do want to change things and make our society reflect our values.

If we are not willing to stand our ground in the market place now, eventually we will probably end up standing our ground on the battle field because our nation will not survive as it was founded if we allow this hijacking of our government to go on too much longer.

It has been said that the squeaky wheel gets the grease.  It is more than apparent that the 7 percent have been making the most noise and getting far more than their share of attention in the marketplace and entertainment industry. This seven percent is not acting without a plan or a purpose.  Ultimately it is about power and control over the rest of us in perpetuity. 

I for one have no desire to submit to their plans nor will I surrender my rights because they demand it.

Wake up people.  We are the majority and it is time we started acting like it.

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