NY-er????    Welcome to the new dictatorship Comrade

Here in New York we have Die Fuhrer Hochul ordering we be masked starting Monday for the ‘Covid outbreak’.  Mind you, I am not seeing an outbreak and I doubt others are either.

Lately the Omnicron version of Covid is apparently attacking vaccinated folks so they are pushing the vax even more…. I wonder why?  Could it be that once vaxxed you will forever need a ‘booster’ which in other terms is a cash cow for Big Pharma…..?? 

I remain unvaxxed and will stay this way.  I have yet to get a vax advocate to engage in an honest conversation regarding the jab.  If I did the conversation would be me asking questions and while I would hope to get honest answers I know they will not be forth coming because the general public including the local public health people really do not know or will not admit the truth.

First question:

Does the vaccination PREVENT Covid????? 

We all know the answer is NO.  However I have yet to get a pro vax person admit it.


Since the vax does not prevent Covid, WHY SHOULD  I GET IT? 

This question would lead to a bunch of equivocating and dissembling of words and the only possible truthful answer could be that having the vax will lessen the impact of Covid if I get it. Funny, that is not what the pro-vaxxers talk about.


How about the VAERS (CDC Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System)reports of serious side effects of the vaccine including DEATH?  Why don’t you address this serious issue?

How can you recommend a vaccine that kills people?   The incidents of side effects due to the covid vaccines is higher than any other vaccine we currently offer and yet, no one wants to talk about it and the manufacturer is held immune for any possible legal actions due to any damages caused.  Sounds like a trap.


Why all the boosters and what real good do they do? 

A vaccine is supposed to prevent a disease or flu.  Since this one does not why get another shot?

Beyond the lack of honesty and transparency from the pro-vaxxers I have taken the time to read some and I admit only some, of the patent for one of the vaccines. The patent is over 100 pages long and the part I read referenced the inclusion  of Bioluminescent compounds in the vaccine.  Why on earth would you include such compounds that have no organic benefit in the vaccine?  This last issue will obviously be above the pay grade of practically any person you ask short of the lab scientist who worked on inventing these cocktails of unknown and unadvertised materials…….The indoctrinated pro-vaxxer will not be bothered with these details and call them mis-information even though they are factual and from the Big Pharma website.

Ultimately we are seeing a nation being ordered about by a little Hitleresque dwarf named Anthony Fauci who as a doctor has probably not done any patient care since his internship forty years ago. He has no real concept of the human factor of any of what he does or else he would not have funded gain of function research in Wuhan.  This man is a sociopath  pretending to be a caring person.  He has used his power to assist the democrats and oust a very popular president simply by flip flopping and lying and terrorizing the population as much as he could in the past 18 months or so.

The politicians, including Gov. Hochul and a bunch of the rest of the democrat governors along with President in name only Joe Biden have all seized this opportunity to assert massive controls over the people, all the while they are making huge dividends on their Big Pharma stocks they all bought just before the epidemic.  The stench of corruption and socialist agenda reeks from these people.

The politicians and the government agencies supposed to deal with facts and data have elected  to ignore any  information gathered from the field that does not support their agenda. They are pretending that their mask mandate actually prevents infections and we have seen many places that did not follow this path prove that masks do not work.  Those states within our country that do no mask are healthier and more prosperous than any of the democratic strongholds that are toeing the party line from DC.

I live in Upstate NY which is nothing like the democrat rat hole enclave which controls this state.  This area extends from  from 2 counties north of NYC along with the 5 boroughs of New York City and includes Long Island.  We who live in what is some of the prettiest country in the east who are not in this enclave of democrat corruption  are outvoted by their numbers and guess what???  The democrat cabal rules and runs this state with no concern of how we who do not live in their supposed ‘utopian urban area’.  As an example of ongoing constant corruption as a cottage industry, NYC just voted to allow non-citizens to vote in local elections which is fine but you can guess how much illegal voting will take place in state and federal elections that these non-citizens are not allowed to vote in…..Typical rule against the will of the people.

I have said repeatedly that we deplorables are at war with the establishment and this is absolutely true.  How soon will it shift from a social struggle to an all out shooting battle is yet to be seen but I can say with certainty that these people in Albany and DC do not represent the will of the majority of the people and their arrogance will cause this coming conflict.  The people have the right to say no and demand that their wishes be adhered to.

Keep it up you socialist jerks…..I can’t vote you out but I can keep you out of my home and life.

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