Could it be CWII has already started?????

The Covid issue has elevated into a war like conditions between democrats and those who resist their intentions. The recent decision of the feds to not mandate testing or vaccinations of the thousands of immigrants crossing our border into our nation all the while demanding that all Americans get the jab is very revealing.

The democrats look upon immigrants as automatic supporters for their agenda. That is why they are not even concerning themselves with them regarding covid. However, they look upon those of us who resist their mandates and agenda as their mortal enemies. Not political but literally physical enemies. You can expect the democrats and their lackeys in the government to ramp up the pressure to force us to get the jab and to obey other mandates surrounding the Covid debacle.

Their goal is to identify and isolate those of us who refuse to comply from the rest of the population. This is a war upon us as individuals as well as a war upon our values and beliefs in freedom and liberty. These values are what are to be eliminated in our nation if the democrats are to succeed in converting our nation into a socialist one. The goal of the left is submission of the population to their edicts without questions or any resistance.

In essence, the Civil War II has started in earnest as they are now preparing to dis-enfranchise a substantial portion of the population and use the might of the government to remove us from our society. Our future, including health and prosperity along with our freedoms are under direct attack.

If you need an example of what is to come if the democrats get their way and pull this off, look to Australia and the internment camps there. The recent violence in that country should stand as a stark warning to those of us who cherish our freedoms and liberty.

I had thought in the past that when CWII kicked off it would be over something that was political in origin. Some kind of action by the government that went too far. Now we see that they are using this ginned up epidemic as the lever to pry our nation firmly to the left and keep it there and ostracize and remove those who resist them from the rest of society.

This entire discussion does not even address the potential long term effects of MRna vaccines and the possibilities of negatively affected immune systems in the years to come and the need for life long ‘boosters’ just to stay alive and not die from the common cold. While this may sound ‘out there’ I have to remind that MRna technology is completely untested and unproven in terms of long term efficacy and safety. We may be seeing the tip of a catastrophic man made health crisis that will ultimately doom those who have had the jab.

At my age I am a complete skeptic as far as ‘miracles’ go and this vaccine can be considered a miracle for having been developed in just a few months. Somehow, this is all just too convenient to me and especially when you consider that the virus was man-made and released on purpose.

This entire issue from the first days it arose to now is the equivalent of ‘The Perfect Storm’ and a godsend to the power hungry politicians. I am not a conspiracy theorist per se but I have to acknowledge that this entire Covid19 epidemic has too many coincidences to ignore.

2 thoughts on “Could it be CWII has already started?????”

  1. IIRC at least one of the mRNA gene therapies was developed over a weekend. It just took a few months of testing on humans before it was considered “safe” enough to release on the population on an emergency basis.

    Considering that one of the “vaccines” has been given the FDA stamp of approval, I’m curious how the others are still being distributed on an “emergency” basis. It was my understanding that an emergency use authorization was only valid for as long as there wasn’t an otherwise FDA approved treatment.


  2. The inoculations approval from the head of National Institute Of Health was easy.
    The head-bureaucrat is the spouse of fauci.
    Sounds legit.


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